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TUB KXTEKPK1SK. 1 k't'...
- ... ..v - lurlilciiUolTiaM.
Nww'twaUT, Thursday, Nov. 2, IS? i. Mb. Kmtuh 1 Living tiikmi a tr p
"" Wi-htw.-uil, it iu.iv imt li ciitm lv'iiiiiu
TIih legislature. tTrsiinj,' tiivmir raiders o note" a f. w
w ' ' it i incitliuitN l.s. rvetl in mv tr.ivt-K l-nnn
lue nnualo wm. lint lu huhshmi Satnr-i , . .,, ,, " , 1
,i,. ,1,. . .I it i uiv rnvid lit t hatUiiitmun, I wan very
. i , , , . . ... T '
Vt4lTM 444,Villil ill tu .ihl l..4i.ir.i I.int iu
. . iniimi. wii.i i., uiid ti 4I1U 4M1IIH-
?. . . T"" Wt!"'1vt."I.Kr;ll.!...iHri.l,.w f tl.e ritv.i
ilililinl to tlio xpodul x. v . i . .i -.i
. ,. .. .. 1 N. 14. limnn, wliii, liKt'tlirr with my
II till tO IIIVCltl'Mtll t !!(, I M. v f 4 V 1 II It !
Hint llitrriit werr
COIHUtiltu)! Ill'llllilltCll
.itnuumiii, Jiwitt null linn in riuilliilil t
i.i if i -II . i i
lamd. it. ii!i lull to c!i:iiil' tlio iiumIu
f ...... I.. !.... I I 1
of xlM-tiitj tlio l'uldio Triutur wiut lublud.
A rurioliitiuu wiw uiluptrd providing for
hh in(iiiry mi tn win-tlmr tlinTruxu-u of
tlio ltjuk uf Tuuui'-! U ruiuiiviii"; jnyr
Ixith mi Tiu.sUiu und President of tn.it
institution. Tub tlx qucstiou in likely
t (iime up iu the L''islutiire thin witk.
Tlmt the rf.mt rato of taxation w ill be
rKililutxl there in it lttlo iloiild, hut what
figure will Ihi ilmdt! on would lie h.izird-oii-i
t gnttsx, tliui'o in mich a diversity of
opiuion ou the Niilijrrt.
Net urn Ins (iiH)il For Kvll.
Tim ('hnrli'Htiiu 'Sew in ixrinittcd to
jmliliHli tlio following - i1iiniudi, mint
from Augusta, Oil., Hovt-r.d d iys (:
Ah'UmU. (in., Oct 15, 171. To the
Hon. Mayor of tlio City of l!iirno:
l'lniiHii dm on u for one thousand dol
lar and dintriliute it unions your iilllict-
(Hi lHIOpltl. HlllNl H, ISoNS iV CO.
It u hUUI that Mij. T. 1'. Branch,
tUn ' nubscriliu nieiiiUir and loading
hpirit of the firm, wan a gallant ollicer in
a prominent Virginia Cunfeilrrutu rej,'i
limnt, und a.t a prisoner of war wum
drawn hh a liosta'c, uud finally, with
in. my othi-M, waH plaiitod in range of the
j,'iiiih of Fort Suuipter.
Tim It huh ((l.i.) ('ouimereinl nt.-itcs
(hat in lMGIi a pMitli'iuau wrntn from
(J.iir'ia to a liiiniHler in Chicago, reiui's
tinf liiii lutsiKtauctt in xotieiting fumls
in that r.ity to rebuild oiiu of the (ieor
ji; ulinrrheK, Imnit by Slierinaii'N van
daK and received the following in rt
HpoiiHo: "I am at tliin timn a miiuHtcr iu tin
Old School l'lcsUvturiun (,'liureh, and
D Hfiit iiieyour petition that I might try
to gotKoiuetiiiiig for your aid iu rebuild
iugyourehiircli. lint I had no heart to
(bmnvtlliiig wi'h it. I fear the people
would rather reburu you than to aid
you. Small, wnlly Niuall, in the Christ ian
eli irity in thiH p..rt of the world. Iu
iiitiinmn Hecina to reign and riot, while
h.ktred aud luurderoiM timlien would
hold Ktill their bloody carnival."
Stokes and Camp In Life United
mid in Death Not Separated.
The telegraph inform us, niiyn the
Pro and Herald of Tuehday, that in
consecrieiie i of his unfortunate eompli
eafion.s with the 'Tinker Dave I'.eaty
Swindle," On. W. li. Stokes the "JJald
E igle" that was lias been suspended
from bis olliee of Commissioner ol Inter
nal Hevenue, for the State of Tennessee.
Hn protests his innocence neverthelesK,
jiotwitliHtiiuding olio despatch from
Washington says tlie matter has a "dark
and ugly look." It looks a little hard,
from a "loyal" stand-point, tl at Stokes
should bo thus HUiinn rily turned out in
the cold, while. Murphy and his thieving
gang are warmly pr used to the Exoeu
tive boH mi;
Still nirer homo, another notorious
official is said to bo in a state of KUspeud-
ed animation. The understanding is,
that Eld.ul Cicero Camp, w ho was the
c immauder of Stokes' left wing, iu the
hourofliisgie.it disaster, liasi received
uot:ce of his suspension from the office
of United States District Attorney for
the District of East Tennessee. This
event has been expecte I for some time,
aud we presume it is an accomplished
fact. What his special "complications"
may bo, we are not officially informed,
though the powers that be, could hard
ly have missed a "complication" had
they tired "promiscuously at the lump."
Without presuming who or what man
lier of man is to be his successor, or for
how long a time he is to remain elevated,
we have only to observe that there seems
to bo a remarkable unanimity in the ex
pressions of hope that his suspension
may he perpetual. In this behalf, he
has certianly done much to merit the
prayers of the much afflicted peoplo of
the District,
We have hoard tlio names of both
Ooorge Andrews and A. H. Pettibone,
Esq., suggested in connection with the
office. The former, we vji, will prove
the lucky individual.
How The Sua Eats England.
Piobably few persons (says the Pall
Mall Oazet.te) are aware of the extent of
the epcroachiiieuLi made by the sea up
on the east coast of Yorkshire. We have
already mentioned in the Commercial
that the Rev. F. 0. Morris has calculated
that there is an average loss of two or
three yards of land every year, and that
iu round numliers uliout thirty-nine
acres disappear annually between Spurn
Point aud Flamboroiigh Head uloue.
Iliveuspiirn wan once an important
seaport, sod returned n member to the
Parliaments of Edward I, but wheu Bo
lingbroke landed there in 120!), it v as
little more than a name, aud by the end
of the last century had ivholly disappear
ed.. Auburn, Hartburn and Hyde are
village which exist only in old maps
and documents; and Kilusea, which lost
its church, iu 182(1, seems likely soon to
follow the fate of its neighbors. Mr. Mor
ris states his belief that a sea wall laid
on an angle of about thirty-five degrees
Would arrest the progress "of encroach
meut llie result of the Texas Congressional
election is of greater consequence than
many imagine. It will have considerable
effect on the election for a new Lc'isla
tnre on the 22d of December next. The
State has just revealed a Democratic
majority of about fifteen thousand, after
a canvass in which tne ruling parly did
all that cunning proscription could do,
to secure a majority on the other side.
If this should be repeated in December,
the IHlical party will, it is predicted, be
ennpletely overthrown, and the State
p iss into the hands of its real people,
with a prospect of an impeachment of
(v. Davis, and the trial of those officials
who have been gnijty of corruption and
oppression iu office.
One of our exchanges praises an egg
which it savs, "was laid on our table by
the Itov. Mr. Smith." Mr. Smith seems
to be u lay-man as well as a minister.
' ' '
Advertise in the Enterprise.
lnditilv meiviil liv one of tlio t'entli-
1 .
iiii-ii'i .hi. niin-iin m urn .Minn uiu ii.
l a 1 . l a I I l 1 f
IC. tvlivriiiih (inii-u, nail rt'iiili rt I ine t f-
.. , . '.. i ii
liclonl service in a way luulilv iihiirt-
rudeil by me, which I shall not forget. I
.llier laKing my seal in tlie .iu"Uviilu
car, we were somnwiiat ilisturU it by a
uhild of Klin, who had imbibed too
niileli of the over joyful, but w:.s soon
relieved of him by the timely aid of a
poliocnmu. Soon after, I um, together
with two or three members of the. Leg
islature, invited into the lilies' car,
where I enjoyed a seat to iuH -if; it be
ing too short, for a bed or lounge, I con
tented myself iu n shape to smthe cir
rumstances, and was soon in dreamland,
where I remained undisturbed, except
iHc.ihionallv when some station was
called out by the sonorous voice of the
brakesman. In due time we arrived ut
Nashville, where, in conseiienci of our
bed having been too short, our cniniped
condition through the night reudeied
us incapable of successful locomotion.
We took a carriage to the Commercial,
where we met the polite nud gentleman
ly host, Mr. l,'iilghani. who extended the
hand of welcome, ami whose accommo
dations are too well known, to need
comment. After breakfast, I took a
stroll on College street, and called in
the W. U. Telegraph office, where I met
the worthy Superintendent, 0. W.
Tralue, who has the mark and qualifica
tions of a true gentleman. The Com
pany need have no fears of its success
while such men are at the helm. lie
means liiiiiiitriw ns w ill be seen by his se
lection of such a polite and accomplished
gentleman us Mr. JSoyle fur Manager.
Then go into the operating room, nud
theve is the notable chief operator Mr.
J. Pj. Morris, who is in every way litted
for the position, being a true gentleman
in every senseof the word. Intelligence,
attention to business ami social qualities,
being fully observable in the operators
of the room, shows that the worthy Su
perintendent has displayed good judg
ment in his selection of operators.
After partaking of n sumptuous dinner
at the Commercial, I started for the
Louisville depot, w here I met the (leu.
P. Si T. Agent, Maj. lirumsford, who is
ever ready to give miy information in
his power, or answer any civil ipiestion.
(And no one would think of asking him
an impertinent one, after seeing his ge
nial face.) lie is the right man in the
l'ilit. place. In the sitting-room I found
a wedding party waiting for the train;
they were going after the honey-moon
expected to find it. in 2'ew York, I be
lieve. Nothing occurred worthy of note
to me, until I arrived nt Indianapolis,
where the train I should have taken, bad
been gone half an hour, though I was
not so informed, but was ushered aboard
of the Vauilalia train, bound for St.
Louis, via Terre Haute, at which place
(upon arrival) I was infonred I would
have to change cars, tlio Conductor
showing me where to go to get to the
tliev train, about a fpnn tei' f a mile
j distant, then coming in sight, which I
was admonished if I would hurry, I
would reach in time. You ought to
have seen mo trying to run, then hobble,
limp first on one leg nud then favor tho
other, then mellow down into a walk;
alternating this gait, I finally reached
tho train very much overcome, took my
seat, and in just about half an hour from
that time, the train started for its desti
nation. I arrived at Charleston at 8:i)0,
where I found a carriage in waiting to
take passengers to hotels, or Van Meter's
Infirmary, I, with others, going thereto.
After our arrival, wo met the Doctor,
who extended tho hand of welcome his
face Warning with intelligence, nnd his
heart limiting with philanthropy, making
one feel easy nnd at home. The-Doctor
is certainly untiring in his efforts to re
lieve the diseased patients under his
care, and to render them comfortable
whilst at his Institution. Patients are
coming and going night and day, and
from every point of the compass. His
Institution is decidedly a success. There
lx'iug seven patients ahead of nie, I had
to wait my turn, which came in due time;
aud six hours after my arrival, I was
ready to take the homeward bound train,
which I did at 2 o'clock, p. in., arriving
at Indianapolis nt (i:,!0 p. in.; no train
leaving for Louisville- until 3:20 next
morning, I took lodging at the Sherman
House, which is a first-class hotel near
the Union Depot. When called by the
Porter next morning, I thought surely I
was good for another day's delay, as I
could hardly bear my weight upon my
feet and legs. Nevertheless, I nerved
every muscle to tho task and succeeded
iu getting to tho train iu time. Upon
arriving nt Louisville, we wore behind
time. Tho Nashville train having le
tnmed to the L. N. depot, I was com
pelled to take a Bus, the driver assuring
me he would get there in time. The
road was very rough, and you who have
read Artemus Ward's account of Horace
Greeley's overland route to California,
when the driver on the last division was
going on time, nnd Horace's head going
through tho top of the coach, can appre
ciate my position. I sat on my neat,
standing, leaning on my cane, expecting
every minute to bo shaken to pieces.
We arrived at the depot just in time to
see the train moving out about 100 yards
ahead of us. Knowing it to be useless
to pursue it or hail the Conductor, I took
a seat to wait four hours for the next
train to leave. I tilled up a portion of
the tune in reading train orders and It.
It advertisements; this being tho fast
est line, and this the shortest, and that,
time saved Sic. I believe I coidd repeat
every one of tho different cards hung up,
if I could only remember thein. I con
cluded to await future events which oc
curred at 12:15 p. in. by tho train start
ing for Nashville. After getting fully
under headway, a colored waiter came
through tho train, leaving a card noti
fying the passengers that Rnfer's Dining
Itoom (Jar was attached to the' train,
and that all who wished could get a reg
ular dinner, and the only chance until
we arrived at that place. I went iu,
and sure enough hnd a regular dinner,
consisting of three kinds of meat, fish,
Irish and sweet potatoes, tomatoes, cab
bnge, pickles, bread and butter, tea, cof
fee, pudding, Ac, ; price $t. Coming on
to Nashville, we made clo u connection
with the ChattaiiiM ga trai.i, in which 1
W a again fo. liiuate i-uoligli t i get a seat
to myself, where I enjoyed unbroken re- i
posu until our arrival iu Chattanooga, !
where I met om own train with its gen- .
tlemanly Conductor. I could Iu re, ids i,
make mention of nil our Conductors, as I
well as the head officers of the Kond, but ,
they are all too Well know n to lit ud j
comment from mr. S. '
Hu! yoVlexas;! j
Mu. EniToii Although I have but lit-'
tie experience in writing for the press, .
and it is with no little reluctance that I '
now venture, yet hoping that I may lieu-
elit some, ami injure no one, I will not
be deterred by false modesty. !
Immigration, and that to Waverlv,
Texas, and surrounding coiuitry, of
course, is my theme. I will first give a i
description of this country, and then I
can urge upon your readers the prnpri-!
ety of immigrating here.
Land is very rich here, producing in '
an ordinary year, a bale and upwards I
of cotton, and from thirty to sixty bush
els of corn per acre. Cotton is the pay- :
iug crop; though' other crops grow very
fine sftch as oats, potatoes, and all j
k nils of vegetables.
Laud is woith from one to ten dollars
per acre, according to the quality and
the improvements. Laud under a good i
state ot cul lvntioti can be rented at
from two to six dollars per acre, and for
one fourth of cotton, and one third of
corn. Renters are furnished w iih good :
houses, aud the loan of corn for twelve i
months. I
(1 .mil freestone water is in great .ibun-
datu o here. Although I was raised in
E. Teiui. w here a cool chrystul fountain
gurgles from almost every hillside; yet
I cannot raise any objections to the
water h"re.
I reckon your readers would believe
only their "own part" of it, if I were to
tell them that this is a healthier country
than E. Telin., yet it is just that way.
Sickness here docs not amount to as
much as it does in E. Teiin., though it
is of a different kind. Chills and fever
are almost the only diseases, and they
can be avoided by proper care. I have
been here three weeks, and although I
enjoyed linr health in E. Tuiin., yet, if
possible, T believe I am enjoying finer
health here.
Society here is as good, or better than
in E. Teiin., while the advantages of
cliurc'ies and schools are us good, if not
Having laid down these facts, and
knowing the embarrassing circumstances
under which a great, many of your read
ers labor, from one year's end to another,
and make nothing more than a respect
able living, 1 take the greater liberty to
urge them both to emigrate nnd immi
grate. I nm fully persuaded, that if a
great many of your readers were here,
they would get rich iii five years, where
as now, they can do nothing more than
live. Many a young, uud even middle
aged, man in old Monroe, would nuiku
their-marks if they bad it chance. Now,
gentlemen, here is a chance for you; but
it will not be hero always. This good
country will all be settled up iiitwo or
three years. Tho Houston and (treat
Northern It. It. is now being construct
ed right through this good country, and
it. will cause immigration from all quar
ters. I will take great pleasine in an
swering any questions addressed to me
on the subject of immigration, at Wa
verly, Texas. Yours truly,
E. J. McCiioskv.
Latest News.
Atlanta, Oct. 27. Burns, the Super
intendent uf the Brunswick nnd A 1 1. ail)'
liuiliiind, left to-day uiiliout not ire.
Kimball saul ho hail said (he iutcrext (if
Lyons Si Mcliindeu, Biuo & Co., Ilines Si
llablis und others for one hundred ami
titty thousand dollars. Gov. Bullock luis
had signed, .sealed uud delivered to him
self bonds n in o it li t i up to five millions, one
lunched uud eighty thousand dollars, the
full amount of the Brunswick und Albany
liiiilroud is entitled to when complete,
whilo the road is fur from being completed
ns it stands. Gov. Bullock did not use
the services of the superiutenduut of pub
lic works to examine und report upon the
condition of the road prelimiuury to the
endorsement of the bonds, but appointed
an engineer in the employ of the ruud.
Tho union nt uf bonds issued for this load
n ro twice the amount of the entire in
debtedness of the Stuto at the close of
the wur.
Gulveston, Oct. 27 The third district
returns, from different counties, give
Gidding 411 majority. The count nt
Austin, by throwing out Limestone and
Freestone counties, which iravo a Demo
cratic iimjofity of 1,G3U, leaves Cluft's
majority "J47.
A speciul dispatch to the. Bulletin says
Clurke has received a certificate of elec
tion. Connor is said to bo the only Democrat
that will receive a certificate of electiou.
Dcgeuer, Badicul, refuses to accept u
certificate of election, on the ground that
Hancock received u majority of the votes
cast. '
Chicago, Oct. 27. The City Treasurer's
safe has been opened ; ilia contents were
found undistinguishable.
1,'hur eston, Oct. 27. Advices from the
upper portion uf the Stale report uu in
creasing terror uud coufusion iu the pro
scribed counties, uu account of tho nu
merous ur rests made under the President's
The Grand Jury of Chester county,
composed of six whites und six negroes,
made a presentment, embodying the result
of (heir investigation ot the alleged lvu
Klux outrages there and concludes us fol
lows : '"We, the Gruud Jurors, upon our
oaths, are conipsllud to say, from the tes
timony which we have taken, and from
our knowledge of the different parts of
the country, luiit the allegations contain
ed in the proclamation of the President of
the tinted States, are without foundation
and must be the result of fabchood, com
municated to him by persons equally re
gardless of good order uud the peace of so
ciety." (Tho Yorkvillo Enquirer, received to
night, says: "The wholesale arrests made
by the military iu this county have had a
very depressing influence on business and
industrial pursuits generally, and presume
such will bo the case throughout the cn.
tiro section of the State embraced in the
proclamation of the President. Crops re
am in in the held uiiharrcsted, und uu no-
count of the general feeling of insecurity,
business is nearly ut a stand still, while a
large number of persons have left the
country rather than incur the unpleasant
und uncertain consequences of arrest.
The future of our section is now mure
gloomy than it has ever linen ut any
time since tho close uf the wur."
Or Julia f. Vaughu on the Joint Hes
olutioiis, l.i'iiusting Our Uepre
senlallves, ami liiitructing Our
.Senators in Congress, to Have tho
Pension Laws So Mmlitlcd as to Do
Justice (o all Nnhlicis, and Tlulr
Widows, of tho War ui" li.',
Ma, SlKM.i.u I did hope that these1
iVHohltioiiii would iiu.su wiiliout any ub- !
jcctioim from a Kindle member ui thin
body. It in nothing more than u re
(lcht of uur delegation ill Congress to
use their iiiltuciico to huvo tho I'em.iou j
Laws so umelideil iw to do justice. U nil
licn.iioni-is. and limn- widow of I In. i-i-'
of lSl'A The law, or tlie ruling of the '
iM.iis.ioli I'geut, doi-8 jri-nt injustice to i
muuo of tiioin. 'Why? Because, wlu-n j
uu old soldier nymiiutluzeu with the j
South,, he is denied tho lirivilcyo of;
drawing a pension as those no, who
were loyal to the United .States' Govern-'.
incut. Even tho old widows, who lived '
iu tho Seiith uud hud Hons in the Con
federate Army, and fed und clothed
them when they ciime home during the j
war, urn turned uwuy from the pension ;
dcpartiiieiit, by this magnanimous tiov-
eminent of ours, and told they are not
worthy. Again, Mr. iSiieuker, the old
willow who yet lives, ami did not marry
until after the close of the war of 1812
aud Tl, is rejected ; while tlu widow
who happened to ninny before the war,
draws lier pension, it sho was luinl. i
This is unjust, and works hard. I know
of such widows' lupins county, and iu
other counties of liast'lVim., who are very
needy. And there are many old sol
diers who uru exceedingly poor. There
in one in the poor-house of my county,
Amos Nickolson, who ri.-.kcd his life to
defend the Stars und Stripes of this
(lovernmeiit., whei our soil was invaded
by ;i foreign Inc. A'ili such pensioners
be denied their rigljUauy longer? That
is not all; old lncii'niid widows, who had
been grunted pensions before the late
unhappy war, mid l-ould hardly live on
l. I I .1 ir... ii i
iiiciu, naie oecu oioinieii mini me pen
sion rolls, because they dared to Iced
and clothe their sons during the bite
war. In my county lives one James '
Montgomery, some eighty mid years old,
who met tho invading uriny of England, !
was shot down, and now carries in his
body a bullet from n British nmski t.
Ho was drawing it pension before the
war, but is not loyal enough to draw now.
Sliaiuo on such a Government. The
South laiysiill tuxes levied by tho Gov-
ernment, but the poor old soldiers, who !
were so unfortunate ns to sympathize j
with the .South, lire not allowed to draw
the pitiful sum allowed to the soldier j
who lives North.
The opposition to these resolutions by J
thu Hon. Senator from Campbell, is be-1
cause hi! fears that it might bcnelitsome I
poor soldier who wis, or may be, a pen
sioner for services rendrred in the Mex
ican or Florida war. It's true, sir, that
men from our State and the South did
defend the Hag of this Government 011
the soil of Mexico, und have drawn pen
sions for it ; und it's true they were brave
and gallant, soldiers in the Confederate
Army; but if tho (hjvuriimoiit is not
magnanimous enough tolforgct the late
unhappy war, nnd reward such for for
mer services, they will hale to do with
out, and die in jlooJi4ii4.sjs and in pov-
'IM 1. il 1 .
xuonu nun ojimse inese lesoiu-
tiiuis, neevl Iiave 110 tears of Ki bel sol
diers ever asking this Government for 1
any pensions. 1, Mr. Speaker, would
be willing to seo every disabled, yes,
every soldier, and their widows, of the
late war, who lost their health in any
way, drawing 11 pension. No Govern
ment can ever stand which refuses to
be liberal towards her soldiers. Can the
North, or our Government, expect the
old soldiers of tho war of 1812, the Mex
ican und other wars, to love the Govern
ment which refuses them their just dues ?
No, they cannot; and their children uud
grandchildren cannot and will not, love
the Government which turns its buck
upon them, now when they are old and
worn out, just because they happened to
live in the South.
I do hope this body w ill pass theso
resolutions and do justice to the old vet
erans, and their widows, w ho yet sur
vive. I feel certain that this Govern
ment will not longer refuse them their
just dues. Pass the resolutions, and
show them that we arc their friends.
Outbreaks are prevalent in Mexico
against the government of President
Juarez. The pronuncindos aro in force
ut different points along the lino of tho
Bio Grand, and fit various places in the
interior telegraphs have been cut, nnd
the mails robbed of their contents, and
an engagement recently took place be
tween tho troops under Martinez nud a
body of government soldiers near Pjeuiia
Vista. Juarez's men were moving to the
of Cespnda, but the revolutionists suc
ceeded in cutting off their wagons and
doing them other injuries; Juarez will
assert his authority at last, but in the
meantime, the interests of the nation nud
people will snllei'.
A Glanc" at tlio Past.
"Wo transfer the following from tho
Baptist Religious Herald, published in
Bichmond, Va., by the Bev. Messrs, Ball
and Sands:
At a monthly church meeting of tho
members of the Second Baptist church,
in the city of Richmond, Va., held iu the
school-rooin connected with the church
on Thursday, 7 o'clock p. m. 21st of Feb
ruary, 18!lil, tho following Preumblo and
Resolution were adopted ;
Whereas, Tho members of the church
are fully satisfied that tho practice nf
drinking and vending ardent spirits is
productive of more evil in our country,
than all other causes whatsoever.
"And, Whereas, Many members of
our church regardless of tho criino and
misery they spread around them, still
continue to drink and to sell this most
pernicious of all poisons;
"Therefore, Resolved That in future
any member of this church, who shall
oiler it to his friends to drink, when sick
ness does not require it, or who shall
make a business of selling it to be drank
by persons in good health, shall be con
sidered guilty of immoral conduct, nnd
liable to be cited before this church."
. Resigned.
Gov. Bullock, of Georgia, has resigned
his oflico, and took his flight to New
York. Great excitement prevailed in
Atlanta on Monday. Benjamin Conlcy,
President nf the Seniito was installed as
Governor on the tfOth.
sim vuve nr.sr ruut ui..u.s Aw.inutu.l
Jul Til K li x l-l A NO,
Will. SSNABE & CO.,
.Man liuctureia ui
(illAN'l) .SQUARE U'lIKlUT
i a n o F o r t e s,
These I it in nie ics Imvc liei-n l-i-lore the iaih-
I .. 1 . : . i ... ' .
lie ni-ailv iliiriv Vein
ali'l ll.oll tlit-ll- i-v.-il-MtiiMiixliu.M'il
'elite ulnae atliiiacl an
ueiiue, whii'li iiroiiuinii-i-d tlu-iu uiK'-Uaicl, in
Jtt?All our H(iiuri I'iiuins luivo uiir New lin-
'I III III.K. I , f
ilf iVe wonU call sa-.-ial nttiiitinn In our 1 ite
I'liieiut-il liiiproMin, m jn i,i ii, 'i niiw and
Simn- tJ I.. li. , IViiiiiil in loi "i lo r I'iano, which
lii-injj i In- I'iauu nearer I'cniTtioii ilooi lias et
la-en iillailli-il.
kvmiv I'Umi n i.i.v w.iiiii.ivrr.n yk kivk vk.mis.
- r We are to- .!, iul .,1 ii.i.i i.i.. i t.
Iuiiii-Ii Parlor l),-:,as mcl Mi lolcons of tlie !
Heist ii-lelilated uuikf r. liolcunla-.iin.l Itctail I
at luvvc.-l i'ai-ti.rc l'licc.
lis II!
j liluslnite.l l'(ital..-nei. anil I'i ice l.i.-ts .niii.t
I ly 1 1 1 1 11 i -1 it-. I mi 1 . j.l 1 l':i t i 1 -1 1 ,11
; M. KX A UK x Hi., l!.i!tin,ore, M.,
Ill- any of oar rv-unir eotuldiLe.l usencics.
lust Iteceived
Sweetwater, Tumi.
lino Tobueco,
iu the
Crackers, und in fact overvtl
' J
Grocery Line,
Which will be sold Strictly for Cash
which will enable luu to givj bettor bar
gains than to sell "
What I keen shall bo lmoiI
aud 'sold
t low as possible, lrv 1110. I
1 am iiiakiiig arraiiL'eineuts to keen
Asn nice B.iimn and bard. Will keep 11
good supply of eatables constantly ou
Ir.md. H. L. FBI'.
octC 'Jin.
T)V virtue of 101 Kxccutioa issued from tlie
) hiincery I'nnrt nt Alliens, Tena., ami to
I me ilireeteil, I will oiler lor sale to llie highest
! ladder for cash in lnind, 011 the ).renii-es, ua llie
, H.'M (lay of .Noveinlier, IS71, nil the l ilit, title
mnl interest that Daniel Junes lias iu ami to the
! tract ot'lainl herein deserilied, tn-wit:
I A tract of lainl coiitiiinin lour hundred and
: fil'ly-two acres, more or less, lying on the a
tcrs of l'oad Creek, in the till" civil district of
M.iiirue comity Tctin., adjnihing the lands of
W. l il. Martin )'il'derl..icU-s heirs, llen-
i ry Scott and T. I,. I'plon, levied on as llie pi-o-;
eity nf the said lliiaiel Jones, his interest in
j the sniiie hein an undivided oin-nl'tli interest
j conveyed In liiui liy I'. II. Chirk.
! 'ol'l lo sulisly a judgment ha.t costs of the
5 suit, rendered at May term of said ('(.nit Is7 1,
la In vol- of !. C. Uciiidu.-s ii nil K. M. Cleveland
vs. the said June
s. J. l-l. IHll'STilN', Sheritf,
liv J. M. liuoivniat, I). 6.
P. Bo
X. I. Mavks
Druggists and Booksellers'
Stock of tinods, and have now fur sale
cheap for Cash,
Fancy Toilet Articles,
Iliyrlily pcrfumi-fl Soni.s,
&C, SiC.
Also, an assortment of ,
Consisting of all kinds of School,
' Literary and Misoellaneous.
VELOPES. Visiting Cards,
Tom Thumb Note rapciy
Initial Tflpor and Envelopes,
to surr ALL.
SiC, SiC.,
And, in fact, almost everything that is
kept in a Drug and Rook Store.
We can, we think, ofTur inducements to
buy goods from us. Give una trial an
tedt our prices.
Any Rook, or other artiolo in our line,
ordered we can furnish in 2-t bourn.
June 1 -if
KXIMIINKO anil prewrilied liy more- .
elite; I'limiriaux tlinil any other Tunic
now 111 use
" 1
Sl'RK I'ltKVr.NTlVM !
For Fever und Acm- Intermittent,, illousness , ,
1111. 1 nil ilisneli-r uiiMiig trom nciiai'inus causes.
re lic.-lily re.-..linneliile. n Ml Ami Hvs-
and in i-u-es of imliiri vtioa are iimillia- '
le. As 1111 nnseticr mnl leciiiieniat. mi l
es nt general th-l.iliiy, they liuve never, in a
""Hie Instance
Impl'V I'-miIi..
tieel 111 irn Inctii I hu moist
Tliey arc p u t icul 1 1 ly
tretlilli.-l.ili! tin- l.ottv. im ifni-:itii.. tin. mill,
nn. I Riving loc.e 1 elu.-ticity to the whole sis- !
11 I lie IIII.MI. Iilill.lt nie ,oni ouieli-l
with the irentet cine Kiel tin tunic nlininl.iiit
lois ever la-tnic been oU'ereil to tlio pal.lit- ho
lensaat In the tnste iliel at tlc e;one tlineenni
hining so iniiay reiii'-ili.d agents eninr?-ei I y l!io
iiK-.lii-.il fraternity i s the liei-l known to the
I'll ii !i.:i. o-ia. Il costs luil little to give them 11
fair trial, 'ml
Every I'liniilv Should II.,ve a Bottle.
Xn .rep initinii in the worl l ran proline so
mail v linoinilitieil etelnritc moat hv tilivriieiiiiiti
I nf llie very Inchest stiiinl'ti'i iu their iriifessinn.
r.ieloiseil nln liy the elcrjiy un.l tlie leailing
leiioininationnl paj crs.
L'xitkii Status Maiiink IIoshtai., )
St. I.iii is, Mm., Oetol,er , 1S7I1.
.tame? A. .lnek..oa K I'n, tieatleinen : An
ymi have eoiiiiMiinir.ited to the nie'lieil irol'es
id'iii the i-eeii'P of the "llotne Hitter," it can
not, therefore, he eoiwi'lere l a patent medicine, I
110 tuiteiit Ii;iviii:' iicea taken lor it. We have
(-Milium-1 the formula fur noikiie.' the "II e
i Hitters'' ami iiiiluvdt atinjdv mv the ctiitilaiia-
lion n one of rare i-vi-Urnce, all the arlirl
in les
, are the lient nf tlie ela-n to which
thi'V hi'loa.r
; In-ill-.: hihlv tunic, stimulant, Htonmcliie, ear- I
! inia.itivc, and Hlhhth- laxative, 'flip tie dc of I
I prei'iiriicj tlicm is strictly in iiceonlance with I
llie rines ot iiiiarlliilcv. Ilavi"'' iim"I tllem, seen
its effects in oar n ivute pnn tiee, we take plea
sure in rci-omnii'inlin tlieai to all pcrimn ilesi
roas of taking Hitters, as l ein the l est 'Ionic
and Stiiuc.hiat now iiltciTil to the piil'lic.
niAXK 11. im ::ti:h,
l'rof. Ohstetrics ami lliseases of Woioen. l'olle''e
of I'hviiiciaas, and late iiicinhur lluiird of
t,. (Ml. l!01SI.IIi;i;-:.
Prof, of nlistrtries and liiscax i of Women, St.
Louis .Meilical I'ollee.
MIAMI-: Mi DiiWn.l,, ji. 1)
I.ate Tresiitent Miesonri Meilical College.
K. A. CLAUU, ii. IL,
l'rof. Shinery Mo. Medical College, mcl Into v.
niileiit I'livsieiaii I'ity Hospital, Si. I.nuis Mu.
IlKltr.Kt'.T I'ltIMM,
rrof. rrnrtienl l'liaraiacv, St. I.nuis College of
I. . WIIITKIUI.r,, IM. Mcl. Archives.
Alfred llciicoek, M. l. Dr. '. V. K. l.ielwig.
I', (ii-ricke, jf. I). S. tl. Miwes, i ).
C. A. Ware, M. 1). Xi . A. Wilcox, M. 1).
K. I,, KI! AN K I.I X. M. ti.,
l'rof. Sariery IIoiiiie(..itliic Mc.lical College.
T. .1. Viistine, m. I). T. (!. i nMS'l'ia K, m. li.,
l'rof. of .Midwifery and Diseases of Women,
College ot lloiiiiepathiu I'liysieiaus and Sur
geons. iniiN' t. TCMrid-:, v. ;.,
l'rof. M.-iti'i'ia Me.li"a uud Theranpi'iitie, Ihaan
liatl.ic Medical Colli ge of Missouri.
.1. 0. I il.N".l. I'.MAN, M. 11.,
hectarer 1.11 I'iscaiuM id' Childiea, Ihnoiepathie
C'dlee of Missouri.
l'rof. of I'liJ-.l .togji llomu'pattiie Medical Col
lege of Mi.-soun.
1'rof. l'linic.,1 Mcliciiie, College llniiiu'jMitliiu
I'liysieiaus and Surgeons.
Tliey are sii.erioi' to all other Stomach Hit
ters. I'hino Simdei's, Analytical Chemist.
No Hiilerif in the world "can excel them. Si
mon 1 1 i 1 Hill , Analytical Chemist.
Eminent I'liysieiaus of Chicago.
Tin1 loriiii.l.i for the II. .me Hitters has heen
siiliiuilli d to us, and we h"liee them to he the
host tonic and slimuhitil lor general use now of
fered to the pulilie. II. Vdhary, m. 11 ; (i. A.
Mininer, Annlytical Chemist; Jiis. V. . Hlaa-
ey, M. I. ; I'rot. ot Chemistry Hush .Medical
College ; H. S. Ilalin, m. 11. ; It. MeViear, m. n. ,
Norman S. Humes, m. i. ; J. I!. Walker, M. n.;
T. S. Iloyne, M. n. ; It. lai.llain, 11. 11. ; Thomas
'I'. Kllis, m. 11. ; Jas. A. Cullins, 11. 1), ; J. A.
Iliilin. .11 . i. ;
Einiiii iit Physicians in Cincinnati.
Nearly all of whom ur I'rofessors in one or tho
other of the Medical Colleges.
Xn other Hitters have ever hern olfered tn the
jiuldic ciiiluaeiii!; so many v..hiahli! remedial
agents. .1. I,. Nattier, . il. n. ; C. 'I'. Simpson,
.11. n.; C. S. Masciuft, m. n. ; W. T. iallialerro,
M. I. ; J. II. Hiicknev, m. d.; (i. A. Duherty, M.
11. ; I'. H. Wuoilward, ii. ti. ; i. W . McCai'lhy,
.11. li. ; I!. II. Johnson, u. . ; ., James, m.h.;
S. I'. Hoiiiicr, m. ii, ; (!. W. iiieler, si. li. ; J.J.
I.'ninu. M. li. ; W. R. Woodward, n. n. ; It. S.
Wayne, Chemist ; (I. K. Taylor, n. li. ; 1'. F.
Maley, M. n. ; S. H. Toialiasoi'i, si. n.
Eiiiinent I'liysieiaus iu Memphis.
The Home Hitters arc an iiiv.ilnalde remedy
for indigestion and diseases arising from mala
rial eaa-es. li. II. Thornton, si. n., la charge
City Ho-iiital ; Alev. Krskiue, il, n. ; M. K. Ho
gers, M. I. ; J. Jl. I'lOgers, si. .; I'aal Utev, St.
n.; .M. A. Kdinnnds, si. n. ; H. W. I'arueil, si.
li. ; Sniiforil Hell, .11, . ; Jos. ' Lynch, si. I,
Eiiiinent I'liysieiaus iii Pittshurgli,
li.F. Duke, si. n.; W. II. Childs, si. n. ; 0.
Wath, Chemist ; Win. Clowes, it. li.; D. II. Wil
l.ird, si. j). ; .1. II. McClelland, si. n.
And lliiiidreds nf Others .
In all parts of the .North, West and South.
J. K. (iainer, si, ., Milwaiikln, '
Ci'i xi il. Hi.i'kks, March !I7, lf71.
James A. Jackson & Co, Having examined
the turunda of the " Home Stoinaeh Hitters," 1
have ireserihed iheni iu my praetiec for some
time, and pronounce them the hest Tonic lliitcra
now in use. 1'. II. Mc.MAIltiX. si. li.
5C7 I'or sale hv all (lragists and groceiH.
JA.MES A. .TA('KmN Si CO., l'nw.
Laboratory Hlj ami 1 07 X. Sceonil nt. St. Louis
m. ' ii .. .iji-'t-iy
Becds ! Seeds !
2H0 " tlrchard tlruss,
2at) " . Herds or lied Top,
211(1 , " .'Kentucky lllue (iniM,
Seed Wheat, Outs, Barley and l.'yc. Hlaiieliard
Churn. Farm Wagon, itm.
HuUUU & CIlL'llCII, Seedsmen,
'niig24m:i Knoxville. Tenn.
jnilN IV. Itnl'K.
Watchmakers a n d Jewelers
IValolies, Clock., Jrwrlr, and Sllrer Plntcil Ware,
"TtrE rtespectfiillv call the attention of the citi-
I t .ens of i'aist Tennessee tu our (Siienit itl
Stock of
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry,
Xuhlc Cutlery of the Finest Quality.
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry &c., Itepaircdon short
Xotii c on llicniiist !ennonahlo terian.
JCT Ad work done by Experienced Workmen
nnd Warranteil.Q3j
Don't fail to end and see u Then you visit the
U,y' II0I'E& MILLKlt,
OAV STIt El'.T, xkxt niioii ahove the entrance to
1st ilaptit Church,
Knoxville, Tennessee.
junc24 (i! tf
Nually glinted at tlio Ent-jijirisa Office
I). A. I'aio'i.m Mi, .l.um I.. It' ss.
KuoX I'ui.uty. .iiiiicrtou euaalv.
Biiown's lll.0CK (1av Stkef.t,
Wc tke thin nietho.l of iarorniia the mer
' chants of Kast Tcnnissce nn.l We.-trrn irtli
I ( nrnliini, Unit wo have opened 11 new and varied
j Htnek of all kiixls of
, ( 'uu .ri-inr fall linen of
('ollees, Tens, Sugar. Soaps,
1 1 1 ,.u 1 ; . . I-1 .. 'I'., I, ........ ....1
Sega rs.
r i;.. 1 i.. 1 1.'...:..
Dyes, Shot, I I, Bucket. Tubs,
Churns, Willow Ware Hope Sin.
v . . . t 1
. " "- " .' '"
bavin;; Iuhmi bought since the reduction in
the tariff, our
1 1 ('iinnnt be undersold by uny other linttsa
in the city .
coM.vissiox m :: a. xts.
Via U deal la
and Ciimtrv 1'rn.lnec Generally. Highest mar
ket price always given. Consignments solicited
and liberal cash advances made.
july27.I7.y Knoxvillo, Tenn.
Manhood-How Lost, How Kesloicd
Published, a new e litiou nf Dr.CL'l..
53 VKUHKId.'.S CKI.I'.illlATKl) F.SSA Y on
the radical jure (with. ail medicine) of
Spermatorrhea, orSi iuiHiil Weakness, iiivuliiii
t il I V Seinilial Losses. Iniuoti'iu v l....i,.l .,,,.1
i in. .... i... .
I "."""l "I"" ".'i iiopi-'iimeiits to .iliirriage,
laced by sell-indiilgcace or sexual extravagaiico
Jtyi'iice, in a sealed envelope ly licen
The eeleliraied uiithor, in this admirable (
say, eleirly item. iu.-trat.is from a thirty years'
successful praciiee, t'.al tiie alariuing eonsC
ipien cs of s.-lf-nliiise may be ra.lically cured
without the dangerous use, if internal iiicdiciiio
or the application of the kaile; pointing out a
mode of cure at once simple, cerluiii and etlre
tnal.by means ot svhich every sufferer, no mut
ter what Ins condition may be, may cure him
self cheaply, privately 1 radically.
b-ij" This lectin-- eh.iuld be id tiie hands of
every youth and every' man in the Intnl.
Sent under seal, in a plain eitvcloiic tn nnv
postpaid, ou receipt of six cents, or
two postage .-tamps.
Also, Dr. Culvcrwell's "Marghige (Snide,"
price 2.1 cents. Address the I'liblishers,
C1IAS. .1.1 . Kl.l.N K & CO.,
1J7 Howel'i', New York.
1'. 0. liox l.lsfi. ih-c'i '70 I v.
X B w r I 11 M I
(Cfllll(N Old StlllKl.)
TInving recently jmrchased tho exten
sive and well selected stuck (if guilds nf
.). .M. (irant Si Suns., tn which I mu
daily making liirge adilitidiia, I respeot
I'ully invite my friends, in the town uud
country, to call nud oxainino tlio same.
My stock consists uf
S T A P L E 1) 11 Y GOO I) S,
Ready-Made Clothing,
IlatH, Cnpn ami BonnctM,
IInrlwure, Queo n H -wa 'c,
Hosiery, Notions,
Ladies' Dress Trimmings, &c,
All of whitdi I propose to cxcliunge fur
cash or guild
Saleable Produce-
I pay the highest markot prico for
Hatter, Kitijs, C'hickonx, Wheat, Cnru aud
llauun. liiing your produce nlung.
W. 11. M;ICKLlIr V CO,
laiiiiUiclurers, U'liolr.nle k Itelnlt Orolrra In
Rough & Finished Leather,
Boots and Shoes,
A T II K N , T K N N E S S K K .
Uknky W. Di iiykk Jons L. Mi Faiuikn.
Henry W. Dnryee & Co
(Lute lvaiikin, Uuryce Si Co., Duryee,
Jaiues & Co.)
Cups, Straw Goods k Unilirellas.
X03. .1112 & .W4 IH'.OADWAV,
Opposite St. Xieholas Hotel, N. York.
Fall and Winter Importation 1871
Millinery and titraw Goods.
Bonnet Silks, Satins and Velvets,
Jllmiih, XrtH, CrajHV, Jltlclirx, Flotirrn,
FrriHnTi, Ornament,
Triinuied anil L'titriniincil.
S II A K E U HOODS, fie.,-
237 and 2o'J Baltimore Street,
Offer tho larzent (itock to be found in thin
' country, mid uiieiiiallcd in choiic variety and
cheapness, comprnnn;! mo laiem r.tiropean nnv-
Ordcra Bolici:cil and prompt attention
augl i.lin
Neatly printed nt tlio otlicc of the Sweet
water ljiturpriiio.

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