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T1IU ENTERPRISE- -"Sacmsfu!.--- ' - '
n ' . L rr: ' '';,r'y 'u 'he fall we proposed to end
SffCtvater,Thur..J;ij-, Dec 21, 1S71. ,ho K"" "'. one year to tl.o farmer
- -' ' . . who would brinif us a half bushel of the
m" ii
8. M. PBTTEJIUlLLtCO.,.17 Park Kow.N.V. 1
nu unntM a uurra, Hiiltiaiore, i tl.,
Ar tho-solt uvtenii lor the Hweetwatcr Ei.te.i-
prise iu thu oitirs.nuj. are autlioi iicd tucomrnci
foe inserting .iTcriUeuicuU tor us at our lowest
cash rates. Advertise! ai requested to leuvo
meir lavors im either ol the above u.mbtu.
No Paper Next Week.
Ncx . week is Christinas, and socordin j
tn custom, there will be jo paper issued
fr mi tli id cilice.
Special Term.
According to a special ct of the Legis
latnre, there will be steoiul term of our
('banner Court, the first Monday in
March. 1
New Advertisements.
Attention is directed to the advertise
niont of Win. Norman, the Iudiau Doctor,
iu this issue.
'J lie Legislature adjourned last Satur
day. Hon. J. C. Vaughn, arrived hero
ou Monday luoruin, and will leave this
week fur Georgia, to bo ubseut a short
To Houselieepers.
Enoeli Morgan's .Sons S.ipolio, for lale
at Ui'gurd & .Mayes' Drug Store. It is
cheap Two cakes for 23 ceuio otie for
1 j cents. Try it. tf
For Sunday Schools.
'Christinas Uuiuiu-," a slietion of
le.iulilul iinisic lor Sunday Sellouts dur
in,; the boliiJays, for bale ut Howard &
Mayes' Drug Store. if
On Tu-sduy last at tho residence of C.
li. Wii.nl ward, by Hcv. J. 15. Lee, Dr. W.
M. 'ia isr and Miss A. C. oouw ,nu.
All of S.veetwater. The bride ami groom
lett on tiiu evening train for Culliouti,
A number one boot and shoo maker, can
find steady employ Jiieut, at good wages,
by applying to tho umlcis:glicd itniue.il
alely. W. HttLtll.
Sa'U 31 water, Dee, 1st, 1871.
Christinas Presents.
lii, it Miller, ii .y street, Kiioxville,
'reiiiiis-i-e, have a gland display id the
ii. um beuutilul t'hiisiu.as l'le.-eiit-, in the
way nf Jewelry, ilver Ware, etc.,' we
have ever seen iu I lie city Their .stuck
U eouipleie nhd nf the purest material,
tend lo t Ii -in lor u nice present to give to
yi.ur suretlicai t.
Settle Up.
Mr. Wiili.iin Taylor, wlinwu- iu my
employ, .is a S. bile .ilid it itness linker
having disappeared, and no pr..-pcct id'
him ever retuiniii, u 1 1 pcr.-otis iudebied
tu I lie simp, tu e reijuesteil tociuue I'nrw ai'd
mi l ,-etilu up. Kiunk A IIaMsF.V,
Dec. 21-t. ls'l. Sweet water, 'J'cnil.
Sfventy (.'rains ol Coin.
i cstitiii'teil t b;it u j:l.iss of whi-'ny i
iiiiiimt'acluied In. m seventy grains of iinu.
1c sells ! twenty cents. Acenriliiig lo
this estimate ..lie ear nf coin makes live
diinl.s a bii.-liel iu the liquid state, thus
telling lor thii ty ibdlars.
!o Ti:Ii!!s.
Mr, V illiinii Fry, arid Mr. Frank A-l!;iin-ey,
who went on tint bout of Mr
William Taylor, who go tnisterioiisl y dis
appeared from her nn Tufsday of last
week, returned on Monday. They could
fret no neiva of hitu whatever, since he
left Lenoirs.
Mechanics Strike.
On Monday riinriiinp the Mechanics in
the E. T. V. & J. It. U., simp at Kiiox
ville, suspended work ou account of smue
disagreement or miunderstaiiding between
the company and themselves. A linn t
twenty-five hands are idle, and the con
dition of things must bring considerable
loss to both employers and employes.
To Subscribers.
We desire that all our subscribers
fdinuld commence their subscriptions to
the l''sTK:iri'.lE the first week in January,
especially thoso whoso time commenced
in March. In order to accomplish this
we propose to send the paper to all who
v ill renew their subscription by the first
week in January, for the year , 1S72, at
one dollar and fifty cents. This arrange
ment will be no loss to cither party.
lluf n few days remain to procure tick
ets in the South Carolina Land and inmi
cration Association. $300,000 in prizes.
Tickets $.) e-ich. It is positively deter
mined that the drawinz will t ike place
January 8, 1S72. Send your oi.lers with
out delay, as nn tickets will he sold after
5th Janua'y, 1872. See advertisement
in another column.
Wonder if They Will.
During tlie year 1871, we have indulg
ed certain parties with credit for subscrip
tion and advertising, and they promised,
when the credit was given, to pay us very
nou. Wotider if they will do it We
hope lhy will not delay this matter lon
ger. Come iu and settle.1 Don't force
us to mi unpleasant ex'reuiity. And the
Cost of suit loo think of that.
An exchange pertinently remarks that
there are men in every community wbo
tiever do anything tnasist public improve
ment, and always protest1 'that such and
.filch institutions don't profit them a cent,
but wc take notice that every time a town
fecurns a public improvement of any im
portance these sell-satiie men put up their
land five dollars ou the ucre. ' A commu
nity composed entirely of tbit class of in
dividuals would be about as lively as
a graveyard !
Kew Boons, New Books.
Gulden A H C, nicely bound; A. L. O.
K.'i Picture Story Book; Hirdsand Flow
ers, by W. II. Howitt; The Child's Home
Library; Southern Voices; I'ojnis by
llolciuiihe : The Funny Philosophers, by
flen. Yellott ; Old Saws, new set ; llobt.
. liueliantin s I'ueuis : Gems of hnglisu Ar'i
eautifnlly illustrated ; Frank Leslie's and
Almanacs for 1872, with many oth-
nooks and choice f repents, at U.
h i CVs., llouk Store, Kiioxville,
kCups, cheup, ut Hope & Miller's,
ksiurc, Uay bticet, iiuuxville,
largest sweet potatoes, retina Smith, was
Lthe successful competitor. Ha brought
' ti. ............ . a i 1 . ui. -i.
in vn pumwian wtjllllll 34 pvnuuil w II .oil
just Oiled ii half bushel inejmira. Cm-
setuenily we no nd him die .itekVrj.
una year.
Christmas Tree.
Wo learn that tbe Union Sunday
Sehn.d art) to have u Christum 'I'reo on
Monday iiichl next ni the Hre-byteiiati
Church. All who desire to contribute
anything to the tree Are ut liberty to Jo
mi, as wc learn from tho-a wbo are man
aging the affair. .May it prove a .success.'
Christmas Presents.
Young goitl. men should remember that
tlio custi ut of making Christmas presents;
affords the in nit opportunity ol paying a
graceful coin jilimeiitto sweet-hearts rind
what is more graceful than a pre.iont nl'uti
elegantly bouuil bonk of I'nrtry, such as
lnay be huil at the K. T. H House, Kimx
ville. Picture books for children in great
variety, Don't fjrj:ct tho littln fellow.
Musiu boxes from ?3.U'J to ? I.UQO. Pho
tograph anil Auttgraph Albums to suit
i every taste and person.
! If ynu want a nice s't of Knives and
Forks, Mild to Hope & Miller, Kiioxville,
I Te mi.
Fire Wwrks.
Stncy& Anpel, of Knoxvllle, Trnn., have just
receivi'iju lurjre ns.-ioitmeut rtf tirewnrks fur the
h'.liiliivs, eonsintiuDl 'No. I fhc-LTucl;eis, at
tu.sj per liox ot'torty p.icl.H. Sky-I'iwkrts, Ru
mall'i'aiidlert, Torpedoes, Wiieiln i.n. ier.iilt
just as lew in pi'iee. hend to tiieia lin n Malleoli
ami have a pleasing exhibition fur the children.
Muraliauta will consult tl.oir iutarvat by sen.l
iii'j them nplers. We still have on hand a sup
pl.. ol tine sporting ri He-., double and iinleiiiis,
and everything in tho sportiii line that call Ite
calle-l for. Our goods are of line quality and
low inpri.e. STACY & AiNCilib.
Novjil Ut.
Hall's Mountain Dew Hitters.
Dr. Fjdwin Hall, nf Hopewell Springs,
Tenn., sent to this i flice on Saturday, a
bottle o lii'te.s, iiiniiuftictured by him
self. Those whn tried them pronounced
them pure and unadulterated. Mountain
Dew liitlers. Tht.se who ate ulllicted with
the diseases mentioned on tho 'label,
would probably be benefitted by ii.-inir
them. Send to Dr. Hall, aud get a buttle
i. lid if ynu do not priitinuuce them pure,
we will pay for the bottle. ;
Lciiton High School.
'I he Male and Female High School, at
le'iiton under chart:.) of I'mf. W II
Crawford, closed its first session on Turn.--day
nicht last, vvirh speeches, composi
tions, e'o. There was u largo attendance
during the session, and the examitialieii
of the Minimi's, proved conelu-ively that
Prof. Cruwiord, and his assistants. Miss
Cllarl.lt II! PinliersOII, aud Miss Mattle
( lawfonl, spaied no pains in iiistiuclit g
their students, iu the dillctent studies
which they bad chosen. Tlia next session
will h. gin very Soon, and the prospect for
a much larger st linnl, we team is verv fl it
teiitig. Wo hope the Professor, utid Ids
ii-si-t, nits, will iu. et vviih that encniiiage
iiient Irniu the people, and ti e sit.-ce.-.-which
thoy so jitstlv nnrit lis te; cburs.
Toys, Christ inns tucks, etc., at Bo
gard .V Mayes' 1'iug Store.
Justices Court.
Ou last V.ouday inniiiing t:ilo nu
amusing trial was hud before Tims. G.
IS.iy.l, l'.s.., who it seeins had issued a
wai rant, and had brought before him by
Deputy Sheriff Urowder, George Wilson,
a man of color. George had been very
obstreporoiis the nislit hi l'.ne, and was
ciirsini! and sneuiiiit: lo the atiui y .nee of
I he goisl citizens of Sweetwater generally.
While the tri I was pmgr-ssing, especially
the examination of Martha Johnson, Col
ored, she becamo so enraged that she flew
at George with the fire-tongs to niassacree
him, and bad it not been for the timely
interposition of Sheriff Urowder and K-ip
Jinyd ill behalf et Georg, Martha would
certainly have peeled him ou the iiogiu
This negro quarrelling and drinking of
Sunday's ought to bo stopped. It has
been going ou long enough. George is not
tbe only guilty one. Let them all be
dealt with as ;he law .directs and peace
ill re'fiii among them.
The Uank of Tennessee Plates.
The N,.-hville lSo nuer learns from
Judge Wilson, Trustee of the Dank of
Tchncsse.i!, that tho twenty-three plates
destroyed the other day wetc the only
plates of that Hank in existence, arid bad
been for several years in the posse-si.ui
of the American Sunk Note Company.
Tho supposition that there wcro other
plates nut, and that they were at New Or
leans, doubtless nriuinnted f' otn tho fact,
as we are informed by persons formerly
connected with the liaiik, that the shin
plasters issued during the war were prin
ted from tpc, at New Orleans, no plates
having ever been made fur I hem.
Quite a novelty iu tho shape of" new
style Patent Stem Winding Watch, that
is hunting case or open face combined,
has been brought nut by Steumht.' Gka
iiam & Co., Jewelers, C Whitehall Street,
New York, which thoy sell at the wonder
ful low pr.ee of 12. Read ' their advert,
tiscmeni and purchase one if you want a
really good Watch. "Christian Weekly
cmiarses their reliability in every way."
decil '71 Gm
To Emniigrauts.
Dr. N I. Mayes, of Stweetwater, i Km
migrant Ticket Agent, and can furnish ail
persons desiring to go West, with tickets,
to any part of the Western World.
Dec-14 tf .
East Tennessee Hook House.
Now that the erent rush l'r school hooks has
loiaewhat ahiited, .Messrs. Will'ams, Stnrges&
Co .nl'thc Kust Tennessee Book Mouse, Kiioxville,
oiler as new attliictioiu in tne way of i'ictuies,
Climnius, .Musical Instrunieuts, ic, with a spc
cinl emphasis on W ill Papers, of which they
claim the largest, most varied mid elegant stock
ot latest styles ever ottered for sale in Kaat 'len
nessee, and all at the most reasonable prices,
fend si.e and liht of our renins, with ijuality
ol paper, and they guarantee satiafactioa. It
For House cleaning, washing - dishes-,
floors, oil cloths, tables, cUaning windows,
paint, knives and polishing tin, brass and
all metals, use Enoch Morgan's Sons' Sti
pnlio. It is cheaper and better than soap.
Get it froin your grocer," or at 21 1 Wash
ington at., NY4D 13w .
Goddiird & Co., want dried fruit, apples
and peaches. Also, butter, eggs, and all
kinds of Jiroduce, for which they wiH pay
the highest luarkcf price." Uring them in
at once. .. , .... . . sepStf
The Spendthrift sou of the Sultan of
Turkey hntu "muoh offeuded Lis f:ithcr,"
in this, tlilit he uud itifully ran awtiy to
Tunis recently, aud refutmd to return to
Conn tan tiuuplo uu'.il his father had
promised to jy Lis tlobts. .
' I'knktraTISu tvtii source of diseaso la tlx
accretion a ni thveiiculuiion, rtuUting tvery
orpan, and bracing every Dent aud 6 tire or the
lsly, Dr. Walker's Viuiirur Itiltcrs are etfitt
In ;he must aeionishlD)( chrea of lud'neotlorij
billiousnesH, nervoua wpukneM, rheumutisui,
scrofulous disorders au curoaiu faiuirpiMiuu
mat iniwnrMnii nflrjwiinBifwi
t Uaol'r ft THK 11-O.hiriferdlii
that lha wnrld h 'erwltae.-edi I i
t Uaol'r ft THK j.'!ll-J0liriferii,Sio.lool,
renders' the month cnrlfMittniz, toffiroeed of
rare, antiseptic herbs, it ironst'ia wiiitvnass t'i
the teeth, a delicioui Sower like aroma to'llie"
brcnlh, and peeoeiea intact, from youth longe
(he tcctl.-x
"Who wll.t. siFr'R?" It ts now 21 yenr
oince Dr., Told .' Venetian Uaitnenl us f-ut
beime t!: puUic, Kirranii;.g 8 to cine Uirn
ie Kheiunatisni, lle.id.u l.e, cut, hui u.-, liruises-,
old sores paina in tne limbs, Imk aud chest;
and it h..a never tailed.' toll by lirugjinU.
llepot 10 Pari f'lacc, .Now York.
Pkait's AsnuL Oil Not tho Cheap
est, but Safest and bc.,1 illuuiitia.tiiig Oil
for family use ever made. Hums in the
ordinary kerosene Liup. Does Hot take
firo, and explode if the lamp is upset and
lioii. . SeutLforeirculnr, Otl-llou-e. of
Charles Pratt established 1770, N. Y.
Ki-i.tv's LisiMEKT Of Arnica, II -ps,
Carbolic Acid, nets as a universal exter
nal cure-all, acting on 'be nerves connect'
ed with the skin. It promptly relieves
Xeurulgia, Pains, Cleanses aud cure -old
o os and ulcers, H-h wounds, bums,
bruises, sprain &o. Si. Id everywhere at
50 cents. Morgan ti llisley, Wholesale
Druggists, New York, General Agents.
J.aiiids Ploom o- Youth A mo-t
delightful toilet preparation lr beautify
ing the skin, has been established over
ten years; during that time over one mil
lion ladies have used it; in every ii stanc
it has given entire satisfaction; it removes
all imperfections, tans, freckles and sun
burns, giving the skin a yoiiihful appeal
mice. Sold at all Druggists and Fancy
Good.-Stores. Depot J Gold Street, N.
Y. ...'...
Thanks to the Timely Due very ol
M.-s. Winsh.vv's Smithing ftyrup. I lie
hearts of many parents have been made
glad by witnessing tho beneficial effects,
which this remedy never fails to produce
during the critical period id' teething.
Caiibolic Salve Nothing like it ever
known before. Cures cuts, burns, sores,
wounds &c, like inaoic. Physicians
speak of it in terms of highest praise.
l'i ice 23 cents per box. John F. ll. nty
sole Proprietor, 8 College Place, New
York. ' '
Physicians who have prescribed Syap
nil. or Purified Opium uso no other foim
o' Opium in their practice.
huistaooro's IIaiii Pye If all his
hair were livo-, Othello said, "iny great
revenge bath stomach for them all." Jm
huii that's grey or sandy, white or red. lb.
Indies haV ! no smtniifili for at all. I
Chi istadoro's Dye uinl tin' evil is remedied.
Manufactory, 8 Maiden La n , N w Ymk.
'I it k Pi-it est and Swr.i.n.sr Con l.iv
i ll (1L in the world is II. i. id & Caswell's
iiitnleiiii the Sen shine, from fi-e-h, select
ed livers, by i : v . I Hazard & Co., New
York. It is absolutely pun nd sweet.
Patients who have once taken it piel'er it
to all others. Physicians have deeideil it
superior to any of tiiO other oils iu the
JorviN'slNonoRous Kin Gi.ove Clean
eh res' ores ii.-.l glove- iMi..il to now.
For sal by DruugiMs and Fancy GonU
He. del- l'i ice 23 cents per bottle. F.
C. Well - & Co., New Y.uk.
liov y
Wc know that for cleaning paint, window-,
china uud glass ware; for polisldn,
knives, tin, iron, brass and copper war. -,
it ii 1 for reuinvinti stains Irom marble and
lioieelaiii, and lusi from machinery, Lunch
Morgan's Sons' Sap olio is the best thing
in use. 1J 13w
Numbers 2, 4, 12.13, -19, 2?, 23, 27
and o7 o; volume 1, of the Kntorprise.
Any person having these numbers will
confer a favor by sending them In us, as
wo need them to complete our file of thv
fourth volume.
Atlanta Markets-
Repented liy S 1 12 1 1 1 KNS & 1'lANN, Oen
eral (.'oinaiissiou Merchnnts, Foreyth dlrcet,
Ail.iutn, tin.
t'i'BX While, V bushel !2n
Wheat 'I'ciiii. White, "(J bush intlnZUd
Tean. lied, " IT.'inl'JJ
1'tk, V bushel, nominal 12.'m
IIais, 'j;! Iiiisliel BHiiTO
Fl.ol 11, f 11)11 lbs 3! 'iiolMI
Bacon Shoulders lb s2a
Clear Itib Sides V lb !bt
Clear sides Hi lh (la
flams lb.- Kln!5
LaW) In 'liefces I la
In Cans Hull'.,
Hi tter. t lb 2'aS:."
Kilos, "j! do?. i!7ii28
Hay 'I. nn. V H'h lbs S'Ula
Western Timothy, Y 1"U lbs o.SO.i
PllTATOKS V bill.. :tl'llt'IO
(IXINS p) 1)1.1 :i.r.l):i4IIO
Stock I'kas "j! , bush 11 H i 1 1 i
Kkatiieiis New jj lb...;.. ...... .... (tf(7
Old lb lillaOO
VinoiNiA Salt, V sack 200
I.ivsjteooi, salt. V sack tintiaiKiO
V. L.vxji I'lastek, i ton...... Se'u.iUU
Domestk'H Aiipistn Sheeting 4-4"y yd.12.la
Aimusta Shirting 7-8 y.t.!0fa
Cnrrnv Yarns. Tfi hunch ...Ht.'inUO
CHIN Whiskey l'roof i' nal 15im
Below I'l-onf V (tal 12 al25
Va. Ai'i'i.K TtRAMir, V gnl. 20';a
a. l'Eii ii IliiAxnY, V Kill 20t)a2jO
Uci.K MiiAT Shoulders .!)
iiyr. cox e BUG.,
General fmduce & Comuiixitiuii Me.rclin'tn
Fnrsytli Street,
AtU'ta,.'.'; Cleorjjia.
Corn White, per bushel P.taO'l
Yellow " " t0.i5
Wheat Teun. White per bushel 17'mi173
-" V lied, " .... HDalAU
Cn. Ked, "
Rye. per bushel. 12.ini 2.0
Hiirley, per bushel.. a lal iO
tints, per bushel., C -i u ( ;
Flour Fancy, per sucli i'lhVM
Family .'i.'iO ,-l in
Kxtrn.. . . AI la.'tjtl
Superfine ................. iiaUaolli)
In bbls sanio proportion as sacks.
Uncou Shoulders.. ". "'.'.aR'.;
Hams Hall!.
Canvassed .' It'mM
' ' - Clear Sides i .'.liallij
Meal, per l.iwliet ...-..' ...... ;.i Wj.jir."
Dressed Turkeys.. 1. .. . lli ilS,
Hay Tennessee per 100 lhs IJUulGO
Western, per 100 lhs
Lard In bids, per lb lO.ill '
Cans 1 mi II'
Butter, per lb ;, 4 . , . 2().i2.
16 j.er dozen., t.i. ..!i:)u35
Vftc.viux ..v ,
Iiiiious per lull - 3 IU.325
Field I'cus lied per hue hel. . . ... Ililfci
' ' ' ' White per bushel l3 laUl
Irish Potatoes per bid 2alh.:tU I '
r'rathoi-s, lievv ler lb.'.:..,, .. ;liiiai'5
Virginia tall, pet sack vf '-.... .'J . U.OUIltl
Dry Hides, per lb liula
4-4 Shcetintte, per yunl. ... ....12'.;
7- tthirtiiii:, per yard.. lt)i.,aU
Cotton Yarns, jer hunch 140a I
Ipples Green, per bid MWnlWO ,
Live llo;'s Cn mo ..lltltl
Bcei' (Jioco . . . v, . DUO
Corn hIhmt, fair stockuA Wheat,
Oats and D.ule dull. Flour, ill (liiuiand. ,
B.i con anil Lard very dull. Butter soils
slowly, stocks good. KVgs scarce uni ,ac- -ti've
duuijilid. , Ouloas d"ull., I'otato wfuii -deinund,
l'otihrv, 'fuilieys, 14 to 1 jc
Chickens, 2d to 12n.
' ' II. T. Cox A B.to. '
. . Atlanta, Gtt.,.reo. IGilr, b7U
- r -DONTLBT TUB - - - -GOLDfJi
rosrriXFi w-yinq
GJ.1T Conceit
te- yi.wj. Uua
i'd lul.i jUie wl.hot.t fajU hc day app-luted:
SEcusi: xouitTiuiiirrs at once i
ICJMU Oudera EiricHy.'.X'onfidciitint.j
2415 Cifta, aiuuuntlDg to K5()0,O00.
The chances Are .inusuany co-.d one ticket1
111 ever, i.ty-tunv isstuv la driw a prii.'.
Orduw tor I'ickets received up In tne Mb of 1
January, a.lcr wuich time no uioi'e Tickets i.L 1
be old. ' . ' i 1 '
SIXGLi: T!';KtT3 S'j EACH.
CovtviissioN! rs ami Scrmvisotts ok Duawisu :
General A. K. WK1CIIT, ofdeorhi.
tiencrnl UltA l M'Y f. l lllN-llS, of Virginia.
Colonel I!. II. KU l l.l'.l) ii:, nf Soiirii Carolina.
Hun. liOOKil A. I'KVUit, of Xcw ork.
flre.t inlucenieut and rcdiuttuii in price of
Ticket - to Clu'-s.
It. iiiittuuce.- can be nnide to us, and the tickets
w ill be scut by return ui.il hy
Charleston, 8. C, ot our Agents.
General M. C. Hitler. .7. nx Cuahwki.
Gonci-al M. V. Garv.
J. 11. Milium, et. vs. Muses lbim) hreys,
et.nl. . j
Innliedieiic to tin order of the County Court
of Mnnruc county, Tenn., in.tde at the October
Term, rcvice I an I modiiie I at the Ue.-einher
Term, f said Court. . 1 will oiler lor mlc, at the
court 1 ..use in AbolisonviUc, on tl.e '.i th oav ni
lie. einler Is. I , to tue nil.e.'t aie1 l est Id ldcr,
all the iiht, title and inii-iest that the I ells ot
Nathau el 1. lluiuplne,.s, decea.-.d, have in in I
ton certain tract of land sit. laied in the liitii
Civil. District ol Monroe tounly, Tenn., lih
Ionise bast, .'ird i in; ;i"t. il lonslii., s,i,
.-eciiou, uud lite f-oalli-wcl uiti'.uroi .iid .-uiii-ti.iii,
lliwn.vce Diilrnt. lint -icnih o; s i I lands
will tiil t.e o'.ie.cd lor .-a!c, a- lithinn to the
esiate of Policy lliiriipioe.s, decease. i, uud liieu
the 1 1 n. ai ni uj. nim;ie)liis. l i.cii.-.iit Ian-Is uie
to lie soci iilioeiiier, anil liie inol-.' o:' -uie :i ioi
tcd which biiugs tl.e Ii jsl.v.-l an I best ;iiii,
vi:riM - uF s.u.r:.
Ten i cr ceni. ol tlie purchase money will he
riquued lo l e ai I in i.und on the day ol sale.
And lor tiie ri-iii'i iinler of the purchase mone..
notes vvilli appioved scL-ulit,. will be ..iiiii't-d
li-oiit the purchaser.' One hull uue in t.veive
inoutlis uii i the leui tinder in t..entc-,oiir
iiioetls. und a lieu ivt one I u; in the iau i uulil
the purciiuse luoiiUj is p.iid.
ile. . I I It A. T. Illt'l.v, Clerk.
S'acriir Sales.
l!y virtue of an older id' sale issued
from the ''in-uit Cntr.Jj.t' Monrne county,
renn., at He.ileiiii.cr t'-rin 1 Si 1 , and tn
inn diiected. 1 will 'iut; s.ilo to l.c
. io,e-t tmlder lot i-usn in .in.nii, tit tlie
roiii'tho'.se iu M..i!is 'iiv tile, leiiii., on
Moiidav tin' III. ol I .leccm her next, all
t he I doli!. lit Iu anil iliH'l i st that. J. J.
l':iton li;-s in and to onu hiludrcd and
tvvent V acres of l.nid, nioio oj' loss, lyinjr
iu tl'H 8'li civil disiriet ol Mutinm eniintv,
r.'iiii.. joioino the hinds of V. .1. Cardeii.
I!, ll. I'mdi'ii and others, hevieii on and
-old us tlie pvo"'itV i, tho -aid J. J. Tip
ton to satisfy a juifp'tnert mid Costs of suit
i tied uoaiust ihe saitl Tip on in favor id
J ickson liru'nh. J. K. IlUL'rfTUN, Sh'll'.
By A. Hawkins, I). S.
iiovi)-Iti l
- Byirtu (if. an. order of -ale is'iieii
from the Circuit Court ul .Monroe uoiinty.
1'enn., at JSeiteinher term, 1.S71, and to
uie directed, 1 will iiHer lor sale to the
hitest liidder,nt the court Ijouso in M.id-i.-niiville,
lor ca-h in hand, oil Monday the
Mi ol' Itcccintier, next, ail the ri-lit, title
and interest Unit 'l iewit Kiiwai lis lies in
and to forty aerns of lund, nioin or le.-s,
ly ing in the i)th civil district of Monroe
enmity, lenn., a.ljoining Uie lamls or
James, Tilly, I bos, ijoopcr ami others, on
Coker Creek, known us the Martin Dud-
sou lot. Levied on as tun property J rcw-
it Edwards, to satisfy a judgment and
costs of stilt, issued iu Isvor John Cacsun,
auaiurttbo bald 1 rewit Kd wards.
J; K. HOUSTON, Sh'ff.1
3y A. Hawkins, D. S.
uovO 4tj;$t , .
Lr. Crook's Wine of Tar.
Public Test
'lias prored
To bare more
merit than any
similar pi opara
tion ovor oilercil
tho piililic.
Tt is riah In the molioiiinJ qnal-
Ilil'S ol' 1'iir. n nd uiiequaled I'nr tlivtM
cm ol (he TlOfpal nnl Lungs, per-
fonniru the n.nnt reinnrkahle cures.
CongliH, Cold. Chronic Conghfl.
It et'eclually cures theui all.
Asthma and RronchMis.
- Jlaa cnreil so many cases
it has been pronounced a
specific lor the6 complaint.
For pains in IircasK Kiileorl-ack,
(iravi'l or Kidney Disease,
Diseases of the I'riiiary Organs,
Jauntliceorauy Liver Complaint,
It lias no equal.
It is also a superior Tonic,
llestores the Appetite,
Strengthens tlie System, .
ltcstorcs the Weak and
-a , - -. ,. . DuhiliuitcJ,
Cdrises the Food to Digegt, .n
., , , Jlojuoves DysjM'psia and
, - . Indigestion,
frcYcn.ts Malarious Fevers,
Oives tone to your Nystern.
' Guv-sg ttho IS t ... Hi ... est
in onr townl,4VV"a know His . Kl.i -u,.-lei1,
knives', 'ch 'in,'' wirirtr) '.. pnin', 'oil
clutus,' tables aa I floors, $ni .' ijt'.i. her
tin, brass and o puer wares v h Ko e
Morgan's Hona' ianulio. ' A-k for
it. It
in a goodtbiug. . . . 4i)-l3w
- Ayers Cathartic Pills,-
'or U the porpoM of a Laxatiro
s.- - T rerniiMioneni
fji ciuo LM Ulll. .!.
ru'imrd by e.'.
--I y bo,l j acallun
r liny bo
fora miuvi sully
bit mitt, in
tiiiJtiiiJ tiitcJieieul
Tincu .tiw p:yf. 'i t.
rtx ihAti(uaworereli.
""" ilfl ami for more et
fwtutl reuiejM tiijii any at her. Thoao wlia tuva
UMkI-m, luiuw 'Ui.U it L-it.eil Uimo ; iWe wiiu have
n'L Sajsw thMi it cuies uicir netibois aiut lYieutld ;
u 4 aU kiior Wat wh.tl it dooj oiico it Oimis
wjs Ui-U U tttjve. I'.4ils ihnmU any l.uill n oe,
Kivtxf iuoiiiuphtLu. o h ive UtuUiauib itioa
Ui'tu-tui4orciiiUcate4 of Uicir retuaikublticuiva
of ta luiinivin cutikiilatuti, bui nuch cure uvq
kiuua in tw(y uciiimiliuoil.tuiU we uttd uu
pittilU lK-u A Lii'iutl loaU-r-iuiKluuiiiiiLidua
In nil ciita UsU ; CoaLu.ii.i; ujiitior caltMiiel uui naf
ilclctut iuiu iit u, Uuy ni;ty bo Uikcu witii caluiy
ever lnj li,:tuii makc-t iticiu ;lo.wuil to Utku, wltila
beni inircly vet:tatjrt, ut ikirui am iuuO hotft
Uu-ir utf in tiny iii:ititi(y.
Tlu o4Hr;Uo by timir powerful Inflnenooon tho
intuitu! fivki to pnn the btooil and bUmttlutu
it into Kultfjy mcIi.iu ruioofo the oiistnu iioiii
of ihe -itft.n.u fit liotvcla, Itvm-.tiutlotiioroiiiiH of
tho tot I y, ruatriufc Uttftiiri-vMlaracuonbihuiUtli,
ainl by cunwUnrf, wliottivu- iiu-y exi-l, audi Ut
ralik'i'niL'nU n- ilttf Uio Urst origin ol ilint:;u0.
Minute lii'i'lifiitH n,4 gilt ii iu ihu wniiiiier on
thv di.t, lur tlie t'olluwitijcoiuiiLuuLi, vilu Lhasa
1'itt ruputlv cuid:
tVor lvPl or f nillcratlon, lMMteaa
Lunvuoraiul Lum of .iiiKtii;tUoy
ahotil'l be taken uiO'lt'iMt'-ly lo.tiuiul.itu tliu bloiu
m li, an-1 1 e -i.il it- ti mUh time ami nvUiuu.
tout, Hiliuu Iliailcla, HJrk ltul
a -It, .l.iuiiilir of OrtMMi Mickiifiut, UiU
Ion J'Jit uml lilliotiM IVvtn, lliev njimilil
be jitiiini.'t-ly tuk n tor eacti ca-e, to coi-reut tho
U:.Mj:i.-.tUa;UvJU 01 tuuiovg Uio ouUuciiouo wUicti
C:ltlC It.
hop lyrafrr or Ilrrbae, but ooo
iniM tlv-e xu':illy roiuiretl,
For Ithvum.iria'ui, Uoult Oravrl, PnU
1iadon of tUi llurit I'tttu tu thm
Mid, li.icU auU nlu, tiiev bluxiltl be coutin
lu-u-'ry t tkeii, n vtt-nuie'1, to chnne ihw ilineaat
anion ot Uie ry-iem. Wuu aucii cluuige foaootj
toiiti'laiiitii itMuiny ir.
For IkroiMr ami Iroplcul Aw?11inira
they shouKl be Uikeu iu laru unit iVecpitut Uaej
to (troilin'O the eject of a tli iislie iniiue.
tor Miiii'falan a Liifre bie mhouM be
titkeii tl iwUce Uitt Ucuati cllot by eym
patliy. An a Dinner Pitt, tnke one or two Pills to
promote Uip'iMiim ami relieve the stoiitnch.
An o'CifiLnnl doaj stimulate Hi tomadinil(l
bourli into lieulihy ntiu, restores Hie avi'ttitet
an. I inviiTHnitus the nystein. Ileiuu it U often t
Tint;ieoiH where no eriuti ilenincinenlexinttt.
One who WU tleinlly well, nil en lU that 4
Uose ni'tliee t'ilt uiaken him feel deeideilly bet
ter, from rtieir eli'iuiintr aud ruiovub-tf lcot oa
tiw UiywUve- iii'Uaratus. -; . r
lr. J. C. A 't n X C O., Practical ChemUtSt
LOHLLL. XJ.SS., U. 5. A.
rffVj-5i" a
Every year inerenscs the populaii
ty of this vuluablo Hair Preparation
which is duu to merit alone. Wo
can assure our old patrons that it is;
kept fully up to its high standard;
and it is the only reliable and perfect
ed preparation for restoring Gray
on 1''adi:d Haik to its youthful color,
making it soft, lustrous, and silken.
The scalp, by its use, becomes white
ami clean. It removes all eruptions
ninl dandruff, and, by its tonic prop,
erties, prevents the hair fiom fulling
out, as it stimulates and nourishes
the hair-glands. By its use, the hair
grows thic&r and -(stronger. In
baldness, it restores the capillary
glands to their normal vigor, a,nd
will create a new growth, except in
extreme old age. It is the most eco
nomical Hah; Dressing ever used,
S-.3 it requires fewer Applications,
and fives tho hair a splendid, gloss"
appearance. A. A. Hayes, M.D.,
Siato Assurer of Massachusetts, says, :
"Tho const itueuts are pure, and care
fully selected for excellent tptality;
and 1 consider it the J.kst I'iikpa
katiox for itslntoiuled purposes."
SM by ull DrujgM: " Tlmlirt in SltdMntt. -Viiuo
Ona Dollar.
' i S' ' '. i
Buckingham's Dyo.
As our Renewer in many ca?e3 !
requires too long, a time, and too,
milch c;u-e, to reitoro gray or laded
Whiskers, we have prcparud . this
dye, in one preparation ; which will
quickly anil effectually accomplish
thLs. result. It is easily applied, -and
produces a color which will
neither rub nor wash off. Sold by
,i all Druggists. Price Fifty .Cents.
Manufactured by R. P. HALL, i CO.,
, ... ( HASilvTA. H.
For'stile ly ' ' ' '' ' ' -
It. lVScnujjs, Rweafvrater, and
Prupsla tn d Dealers generally. K. .1.
ald'ord &' Co., Knoxvillo, M"1iole.iivle
Agents. Sept. 21, 1871 ly.
rrincipal Olllcc 101 W. Fifth ut., Cincinnati).
'rheuiilycliubU! (Jilt llistrilution iu thecQiintry!
Ii,' D. 'Bin'S'S ..
To he drawn .Vondny, Janaarj 1st, lbiJ.
$2 00,000 00
' Two Grand CapitWai'mos !' ; '.'
$10,000 IN AJll'ItiCAX' OOf.!
$10,0000 IN A31LRICAX SILVEi!):
FivelVhes l,nfl0 :
Ten rrizesJjOO
One sunn of J7.itcl.ed Hnmes. mitli ,'familtf Car
riage and .Sliver-.Mounteb liancs,uiii 41S(;I1?
1' ivc iluises and i'uiiyie-. with Silvcr-uiounled
' ' ' Harness,- M.I1! each I
S Fine tuned llosewnod I'innn, wurtli $.100.
in Kaii.il. t'ewint; Miuhiiis, wintlivUeacli
2:illil Hold and Silver t.rver ' Hunting Watc .t
(iu nil) nin th Iron. 4211 lo (.Urn each.
Ladies Hold l.enn'.ii.e Chains, licnts jroid v-i
chains "tjiilid audduiilde i latedsilver table and
tuil-spoons, phot.ijjri.h Alhinus, Jewelry &c,
&. . - '. ' .' . ,-. s. - I' . ;.
hole nnnihcr Gifts, 2j,00'l. Tickets lindted to
JIIII.IHM. .-.,-
Afi'KNTH WAVTfin To sn.V, f icthiii, to whom
I.il.r.il Premiums Will lie paid, i . .-
ci.M.bK in-Ki.Tso:; mix luuets ;.); imivc
licl.cts tSuj 1 weiityliye lickeut S10.
Ciieulnid eonliiiniii' a full list' nfiirizes. a ilea
1 million ot the 'manner of drnvviiiL', tin ) other
liiiiiruMitiou in rerereuee tothe liistiibiition.viill
, be en Jn any vu oidei'iitr then.. All letters
i nitlHf iwaifrirssKil to L. I). MM!, Box Mi.
: nncr, lul W. 5ii. tfi., tiiK-innati, O.
sej a-;n2tl . . .
; To the Latfics.
C jUrs. Mlltry has on hnnd a select Stneli
of lints Arid Uifnhets of tliu latest -stvlo.
' which she will sv as low as they can be
honght anywhere, i She inviti's the ladies
; to call and exunune. " Slt in nl.-o prepared
. . . ... I ' I T . . II, 1 . , .
i" ic.uouei on ti..isniiu bonnets. Jjuuics
who wish their dresHeS lnudii in ,tl$ ""latest
r)'tT-with the MareMret PoloiiuiPe Over
skirt, would do well to favor hor with a
call. - ' i i :.
Job Printhsar
Neatly itcue at the cilice of the Sweet1'
water Euterpiise. , .
Kiioxville, Tcnn.'Jv
. .... T , vi -. 1'.. . s.1 il
- -'I .- ' - -' 1 1' v ' " l"1 I
HAVE hpw,iopen lor lispprtion
-T f ' . . Afr'i". l
... . I . 1
and ' ready qr sale., the largest, hit
at! ": If
most complete nnd 'Varied -urfsort-t
ment of
-I'. i ;
- i - Ji . n
- n, .
."n . k i r:-.
. t
.rsr-Ti tr ii mwuT . iiieTvl
W V.lUr VlhMWPfr
to be. foitttd ,'iri nny establishmelit
" ' .... . . J-..J
. .. ' .'.I ... - -t ' I .-Hi
xoTir OR. SOUTH. ,
The atlditioniil room nffordi'd
by their new,' spacious . anil ele-
'. U .1.: . , . i
h;is enabled them lo materially in
crease their
S T OX1 K ,
ind present to the trade, full and
complete lines of '
Wry G oo d s,
$ 0 T I 0:1 S
To which they invite thc.spe
cinl uttcntlcn of , ;
l r. i
throughout tho Southern Sutes.
t - .
. ' J ..V'. s. VV
;,-: . , v - -A
Fifteen Volumes ofltoicc Pianc
Shinurf Li Jits, . A uol: colUtua a; I Wiu'l-.
T l'nl Saere Ami. Uf. f. ),'"', r i I
Heart a and .il nne, Fireside E -h e,J
and ti.'SVt Sounds.' ' Tlirr A olunw vl 1
ea.-y Sons hy Wrbater, I ertlej, etc. lb
lioldia IaAwaJ Volumes
twu volumes contain allof W ill. S. Hays' Jj
Kong. ., . ,,, , Q T
Pncch-as Gcvia. A collcclhui of l.eautifi.1
llaild bj.)Uucc, TUv,uia, Ke'gi-,, -p .'
Tnslmminril V. iinloio) "l- ' -i 1 "'
1 1
- ........ . .v..vi . II
' - .! J 1
Kairy Finders, MsIa Circle, aad'M
outi' l'omi.t. Tiiree votu-miia very 1 ' '
easy music. Pearl 1'iopa lad: Musieaio-f
hecreatlvns. L:.nd Mm.-..! 'L'u... ..i...-
as ot uileratidi;iculty. . '
.... 1 ' i'' .i
lensatit Memories.' A coltcetion'hf fcvitiifu
uvn ny n nil. in, .flnCJT,' HI easier, 'etc.
inl.ien Oliim.w..iA oollejtioa oelrilHicnt Bar- '
Mll-ie L l.'l,.,a k i..L'l r
l.ilUnui 'A"..a. A .!en'ii.j'!iIW-liiu, By "
ll l-e. il.rl. I'aclior. Knk.l .. '
-i P.
I'.he 2.5l! per vuluuie, etantly bound in
el., tli.
, "nil Kill iur; in BlaiB(!t0thf.7fi in
Is. Addre.u. J- I- I'Pi'i-nu r.in r.. . .
'. ew i ark.
' We wont I nl.o e:il1 MtoMtinn f..T . -
lrt.e. ell.-oV ,er onV ImudrXT . '
"w m tiu.i. nn i nut. Trade trice.
i -
f Enatitutc. Tl..
Trcf. V . A. C. lliownriinclliai'
The Trustees ol'this InatitulioD, which achiev
t) great celebrity a lew venra ao under th
iann(.'cn.ent ot I'r. fcssors Gufurth aud Ilrgwn,
avethe plnssure ol iii.u.nineiiir that it is umv
laced unin its lornier footiug, under lha chaise
I the sum) (teiitlemen. i . .'
Tle lacililieA iii-o hinn npiniiw i i...
. h.wi iuvicnas'1 or
tho roctmu of imiaguiliecat uew bnil'iin 7(is -
. . ,.,tt piunia nign, 10 08 eOHllJlllod UU
linn the present year.
i i'u.eor W'own la ik,w hert, and ail) Imve
laree of tl.o Midi,, nl wilt. ,,.....
.-i i, .. . .'v.-i.-ea.jf .USflL-iaUIS.
until i'mtes-ur liu.'m tli arrives.
1 tic exeiuscs will ojicu tl.e 21st day of August. '
TtRjii rtn Session o.-Tive JIowtih:
First tins j S10 00
:''J " i!J0J ',
'.'"f-1, " 13 oil . .
ourth rlUu
Pllltlld Will l.a l.np,.,..l .' .1. -a
, i - - ,-w' .wm uit oi cntrunco
to the close oftlie sts.ii.n. t , ...
I lie iel-lii)iilis aro these used In the first In
stitutions of tho country. : - -i ,
I lie grand end and aim of education, is the do
elm ment mid iliri,,it.liiiu i- ii.u .'......i.:.. .i
. . . . . 1 ",7 I'Huuivn Ol Ilia
iinnd, iu trainiiigtolial.iisiirin lcuendcntthink
ni uud ransonius. Ours is a School for mental
culture, and hut ihe tiia.o ai,, tli.. . ..r .
. ' -.M.,,". u. IUD IIICIll-
ory witu unconnected facts of science. ' Funda-
I pies aie in every lindane sou d.t
lor and applied. " '
We are determined 'o estnhll.di a school wh'ono
standard ol scholarship ehull nut be boldlv'd'.at f
ol the l.i.-t nil llm iiiti..... i
of the best on the i nntii, ji.t.
Pnnrd can he fuini.-he.i al 2 to
Uicvi i.i.t:, Tknx.. July Silth, K
! per Kfi'i.
1 1
j . ii. s i .'; oio;t ti ;j,
i'lC. Iliard ,! i'm-leca.
J'.f'1. h. MCKISNKi', Sec y. . , .
Co ii fee tioiic ry
(Market Tlaeifc West Side,)
: : TE.VJJ
n.WI.Vr. Mitdft cxteiiiive prcpafations for th
Manuf.icture and Sale of
AND . -..
Of every kind, the iindctsiued nnnouuees that
no can luruish anything iu lus line, iu any
quantity, ut the . "
Lowest Wholesale Rates.
Dealers thmnrlinnt T'iihI Tnn,miiunn ...
tii'ul irlv invited tt enuniine his stock tutor
puictiasiii iu other cuius, ilts
iladiuier' ami Conftrtloiiers
Ave llisi-clnsj), mid he van ottar article iu hi
uue as jinm ana cheap as they can te found
any where. ... . ,.. .. -
' ...-
. Call and examine aud ha convinced.' "
, . I'KTIiR KElty, .
" (Wwt-Hide Markat Place,)
'jvC'71-ly ' KsoxvilleV TrsjI,
Attaclimcjit Notice,. -
W. C. Julian vs. j. P. Chuiiilea. .VktUciT'
nifciit suit now pending before J. li. featn
a J ustice f tho Peace for London CoUc-
It appearing tfiut suf.f ijefo'tiiiant; (!hnm
lea is a uou-reiidetit, or asso .abscouded
that personal service cannot be made, 'and
attachment havintr been issued iigainst
the prriperty1 of- dot'enduflt, and levied on
lie snid1 defendant's 'property to 'satisfy
tli debt of the plaintiff in this ease, th
iluintill' having maili oath au'd piven bond
i tha law requires in attachment Cases, it
is therefore ordered that publication b
made for four consecutive tc eks ' in th
.SwcqtvvitcrEiiterpiie,pibl,i.-lie'l jii Swee
Water, Tennessee, naily,inj; said defend
ant to appear before said said J, II. Sams,
on lie 3d Monduy in December, 1871, and
defend said suit er bo.will be proceeded
against eje purto. . J. II. SAMS, J.P., .
nov9 4tpl?G ; ;
' '-.Attachment "Notice.
S'. T. Lla'ir, Sec.,' vs J. P. Chuinlca.
Attach incut suit n ,w pending before J.
II. y.iins, a Justice 'of tbe Pcuco fur Lou
dun county.. -.!) 1.- ,..., i.:
It appearing that said defendant, Chum
lea,, ii a n.Hi-resiilent, or has so absconded
that personal perviee cannot be made and
attach ment having been issued ugainst the
propeny of said defend'aut,1 and levied oa
suiii (lefeiiilniits property, . to ialhsfy tli
dtiht ot the, plaintiff hi ibis 1 cavse,: the
piairuitf 'linviiijr made oath and eivmi.bond
as. 'the Itivr reijuinis iu attaehnient rases, it
is tlit-refnre ordemd that .' publicatiuA he
made fur four consecutive weeks, in C:o
Sweet wmer j Knterprise, pttbiislied " in
Sweetwater, Tenn., notifying said defend
ant to appear before said J. II., Satan . oo
tho 3d Monday Iu December, 1871 J' atid
defend said. suit or be will be proceeded
against ex parte. J U. SA5IS J. .
, nov9 4tpf$6. ; . -
" . " Attachment Notice. ;
s. KwtTts bho,.' ' . ; -.. ; . ,
'p.:ih,B'aiiwjt.co;!', .-J-f.';'".
IN this cause it appears from affidavit that lha
defendants, F. .VI, Brown and John E. Colo,
lale, p.in tiers, trading iinder the linn name and
it,v Is of F,.M, liriWu k Co., are in-tchio-I tq th
iilnintilf, and lire iiou-rcsidauls ot ihe State of
Tennessee; and that, altachiuejitabave been sued
out attackiu;; certain itcbli and demaads dua
the said Colu. t ip tliyiclbr Ojj.Vred thnt pnb
licaiionbe made in it ,iwetinlar. Enterprise
for four:onccttiiv4'e,s,,rciiuiriiis tho said
John K. Colu lo appear ut aiy ulli. e in Swcet
waternn the.UiU dajt of April, 1872, and, make
lefeiu-o tu said suiLajainst him, ,or the sum a
will he tried e psi'to.:. Jacun Mi Niks, -Oct.
ID, : Justice ol' tho Peac.
... t

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