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At Two DollarM u Year,
VayaUle In Atlrnnco,
i)uere, 10 lines or lesa, one liucrttoa. . .61.00
For each subsequent insertion AO
The rut, for three month and upwards, will
la fuuii'l in the following table :
1 ver
3.1 .00
PtST Local Xatiica, !0
ccuta per liue each in-
Men-resident Notice (in advance.
Attachment " " "
Arsiit house,
SiTe.Tiii witbix a Ftw Stkw or Tits Vkiht.
A new and elegint Fiiet U Hotel, well fur
nished, awl having ererjr comfort anil cunveui
Patseagera on tht Traina F.aat & Went to get
Dinner. oct'tf
IHATB Leased the Hotel lately known as the
Btacay House, and will henceforth conduct
an the mint approved style.
Tf patronage uf the put.liu goncrally, and of
T all friends particularly, who have stnud by
ae ao truly in the pnat, ia respectfully solicited.
1 promise then a cordial reception and a coui
lei table home at the It alio House.
It will be aeen from the above that I lnvo
leased the Stacey House to General utile. In
retiring from the poattiuii which I h ive occupied
far aeveral year in thia city, I desire to tender
By thaaLa and kind wi..l; a to old friends, ami
t earnfetly entreat a continuation of their pat
ron.tge to my snccefanr, an one who will make
their alay with him ciiiufortahlr- in every re
a.tat. jyU-tf J. K. STACLY.
jjv;i;r' ila'cc: ViiiiKV,
Madisonville, Tcnn.
LOClJOS and adjoining counties. Prompt
attentio gives to the cnllertimi of all claims,
(ad the proarcutioa of suits rithcr in Circuit ur
Cham:ery Courts. fel ly
sTm'JJESS, FL l.VA' it- CO.,
General Commission Mcrchauts,
Fornh .Street,
Atlanta, e o r u 1 ti .
Consignment Solicited and return umjt
ly made.
1 1 1 n . i.i rs , c j jTn 11 :s & co.,
jrflf- Jnv C. VanniiK, at Swoctw iter, Ta nn
will make liberal advisees on all shipment .a.
lJ 1(1 DAY FOR ALL with Stencil Tools.
PlVi Address A. E. Guam, Springliel i, Vt.
87 Gar 8tii:kt, (nearly opposite. Kxprcse ofllio)
A Larpre A'-wirtniciit of Ladies' Furnish
ing (Joiid always nn linnil.
All Kinde of Bleaching Neatly Llune.
k. a. rhi'mbt. wai.i.tcc m'i'iiucsiin
Brumby & McPiierson,
Whiilosiile ntid lb'tuil
G Et O O 33 S S ,
No. 13 Whitehall Street,
CONSIGNMENTS of Butter, and Produce
generally, solicited. jy20'7l-ly
Benton Male and Female
I'n lcr the niipfrinteiiileiico of
Assisted hy
itml MisH MAiTM'. K. CKANVFOKl).
fcjFui pHvtii'ulHrH, .iiMri'H the I'lini-ipul Rt
liuuiou. 1'olk cu., Tea. i. hnI-Iy
S W E E T W A T K 1! , T K X X.,
"ILIi rlevoto his rntirn nttcntimi In
the practice of medicine in ita varinita
lcpaHoienta. nnvJO 'li7 9 tl'.
1869. K 1870
u S
17 Gold and Silyer Medals
Were awarded to I'HAS. M. STIEFF, Tnr the
licHt PIANOS over 14 diirercnt makera of New
York, Baltimore und Urwtun iiianul'ucturcre.
Office and New Ware-Rnnma, No, !) North Liber
ty Street, nhovc Ilaltimore Street,
Ua 1 i i more, Mil.
Contain nil the l.itcxt improvementa to be found
in a first-das I'iano, with additional imprnve
ment" of hia own invention, not to be found in
other inxtrmnontH. The tune, touch nnd tiuiah
of hia instrument) cannot be excelled by any
A large aaaortment of second hand l'ianoa al
wava en ban I, from $7.r to $300.
Parlor and Church Orpins, eome 20 different
atyles on hand, from 8"0 nnd upwards.
Send for Illustrated Catalogue, containing the
names of over 1,000 Southerner! (.'ilio of which
aro Virginiana,) who have bought the Stielf Pi
ano since the clone of ti(0 war. np2ly
Sweetwater, '
tT IEVOTES Ilia entire attention to the
practice of Dentistry.
IC7" lueurea satisfaction, and charges to suit
the dull liinca.
Da Hon, Georgia.
Dr. U. II. UltOAVIV, Prop r.
THIS HOUSE is located Immediate! on the
X aiileol the llailroad, at the Ninth end of
the i-aaaonger Depot. It ia kept in firrt-rnte
style, and warranted to give sutUfoction to the
uioai iaa iiuioiis. jan.ll-tl
Job Printing
.Neatly Joue ut the office of tho Sweet-
Water iiiterprig.
3 moa A time
One square ca.i'O Jk.ihi
Twe square ).I)U 13.00
Three square 1 1. 00 1B.H0
Four squares M.MD 211. Ill)
One-fourth column lK.eO i.VOO
One-hair column J5.00 4.0
Threo-fourtlie culuoin.. :n.UH 5'i.uo
Ono column 40.00 60.00
MHnHnBaaaVMIflaVIBKH' juiMmnMMiraw
F. Booaut.
X. L Mayes
Druggists and Booksellers
ti lt nf UowU, and have now for bale
cheap for C.ieh,
dyj: sir its;
Ton Area
A XI) SEGA lift
Fancy toilet ilrclcs,
I Uglily iorliinoti;SoniH,
1iaiu oils,
iiaxdkekciiii-f kxtracts,
&C, AC.
Also, an aaaortmcut of
Consisting of nil Limln of Scltoul,
Littjinry ami !.risril!;iiH".ms.
Visiting Cards,
Tom Thumb Nolo Y:yicr,
Initial Yr.wr and Envelopes,
sizes, A.w Pteri n e fiiames
AC, AC.,
Ami, in fiict, almost everything tliat is
k(!pt in u Piiij! ami Hunk JMme.
Wo cult, wo iliink, dll'T iiuliivuiiiciits to
liuy (jonils from ui. Give ua a trial un
tcSfdiir jiriucs.
Any Bmil:, or otlifr nrticln in rmr lino,
ordorod wo can fiirnUti in i-1 Imv't.
i.liU.ll.1 ! Jil.Ui..1,
Wo. lUJiiBS & (DO.,
Manifactnrcis of
1 1 ?1 fll W V t t (
M. a Mja ja. r m. v
Tliewc InctriiHiPiita hnve liecn before the puli
lic nearly Thirty Yvnrs, nnd iii"ii their exctl-lcii'-e
iilitiir tittiiini'd nnd niipiii'thnM'd ri'-cini-nencu,
whiidi pronounces tlicin un('iiuilcd, in
JCT'All our Sciinre l'iano.s have nur New Im-
ioed Ovi iiMiit xii rti Ai.K nnd the AiiltAKrK
Tl.'l III.K.
l 3"Vik would call aperinl nttentinn to our late
I'aiciitt d Iinproveiiii'iitH ill (iiaiitl 1'iaun.s and
.tinarc (iratidn, found in no other Piano, which
hrin the I'iano nearer rcrlccticn than haa ct
hci'ii nttaiiicd.
yifVic are hy pecial arrangement enalilcd to
1 ii riiij.1i i'arlor t.iiana iiihI Mrlodeona nf the
most celebrated makcri., Wholesale and lletail
at lowcHt Factory l'rire.
Illiirttrateil Cnlahiicy and Price Liets prompt
ly furiii-shi'd on application to
H .M. K.N A UK ,c CO., Ilaltimore, Jld.,
Or any of our regular cstahlinhcd iicncica.
THE KXEUCISKrtnf thia institution will lc;:in
its next scesion the I'iift Monday in Sep
tember, under 1'rof. Ii. II. I!nniey, win, had
hail chartre of the Female School for the poft live
yearn, l.atiti, liivili, the Sciences, ilijrtior
Mathematics, ISellea Letters and a thorniih
English Primary course will be taught. Entire
stitisl'action is assured (o all atrons, frnm tiie
succesH of Prof. Kamscy nnd his popularity as
an Instructor nnd Disciplinarian, liuard can
be obtained at the usual prices.
Primary, 5 Months,
Intermediate, 5 Montlii,
Atlvuuccu, 5 lUuntli.",
Dr. Joseph Upton,
Pres't. Board Trustees.
juiin w. nun:.
Watchmakers and Jewelers
Waicjes, Clocks, Jewelrr and Sllrtr riated Ware,
E Respcctfnllv call tiie attention of the citl
it lens of East Tennessee to our spiendid
Stock of
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry,
Table 1,'ntlery oltlio Finest Quality.
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry &c, Uepaired on elior
Notice on the most Itcasnnnhle terms;
IC7 All work done by Experienced Workmen
and Warranted ..jTj)
Don't fail to call and co us when you visit the
OAT STREET, kkxt dimir nboe the entrance to
lat Baptist Church,
Knozvilla, Tennessea.
nnc24 9 tf
mm i
HATING purchaaed thegoola faraaarly owned
by It. L. Fry, 1 oiler the same at original
eost. Those whe wish cheap (nods will find it
t their interest to call and eiamine for them
seltea before purrhaaing tlaiffiiere. Terns
ash at tb post eftice. T. S.J0IJ.
bfteastr 21, Ull-tt
Swnotwiitt'r.Tliiirsday.Jiin. 25, 1 s j 2.
Live nntl Uam.
Among old f.irniL-M, iihwcU nn nil otli.
oll jtcoplc, tlioro is a feeling oflii-itig too
olil to leurn. Some olijcct to rt-iuling
papors ntul books on improved modes of
Agriculture; thry refuso to try experi
ments in new things or old, because for
sooth they are two old to leant ; tlioy
givu no thought to tho lieht light of tho
age, to iniprovenicnts in crops, stock, im
plements, Loeauso they fancy tliry aro
too old to learn; they seem to tliinli it
is a task to Uain after one has seen the
sun of lifu at its zenith. Xow all this
sea-saw aliout lieiug too old to learn is
utero twaddle. AYhilo tho lamp holds
out to burn one should always strive to
learn. Learning should hu the business
of life, and nowhere more so than among
farmers. Some old men have had right
views of li ing and learning. Socrates,
when very old, learned to play ou Jultfl
cul instruments; Calo, at. eighty, learned
the Greek language; Plutarch, when
nearly eighty, commenced the btttdy of
Latin; lioccaceio, nt .thirty-live, com
menced the study of pohto literature;
Sir Henry Spelmnn commenced the stu
dy of tho sciences when nearly sixty;
Ludovieo, at lb"), wrote tho memories of
his own time; Ogilby, tho translator of
Homer Riid Virgil, was unactpiitititcd
v ith Latin and Greek till ho was past
fifty; Franklin did not commenco his
philosophical pursuits until he was about
fifty; Acccrso, tin eminent lawyer, being
asked why ho began the study of law so
late, answered that indeed ho began it
late, but therefore hu should master it
sooner; Dryden, at nearly seventy com
menced the tritUblalion of thellird, and
his most pleasing productions were writ
ten m his old iige; Milton wrote his
grandest work when tpiite old, and our
own Honton iii'tpiiretl his literary fume
after spending thirty Jeari in Congress,
and just tin tho eve uf his election to the
gie.it Congress above.
jiii.Uny is full of such instances, and
yoi, tl.u impression evi n where prevails
that what is learned must bo learned
when wo aro young. This is n mistake;
live and learn should be the motto of ev
ery ono, and mo; t especially so iu Ibis
learning ago. l'lithers and mothers
should set examples of learning to their
childrcu. YYo write now especially fo1'
farmers; they have need to live and
learn, and in order to loarn while, they
live, they should secure and read the
best papers and books on their profession
Agriculture is becoming a science as well
as un art; it is knowledge na well as 1.
bor; it requires mind as well us muscle,
to prosecute it. The farmer in times to
come ia to be the genius uf intelligent la
bor, by which the Ileitis are to wave their
golden harve. t, and human lifu be adorn
ed and huiMi'cd.
TIk JiilSy IIi;sl)ani.
Three Jolly husband by the name
Tim Wutsoii, Joe Drown, and Dill Valk.
or, ait lato ono evening drinking at the
village tavern, un1 il being pretty well
concerned, they agreed that eaeheone on
returning would do the first thing bis
wil'o told him, iu default of which, should
next morning pay the bill.
They then separated for tho night en
gaging to meet tho next morning and
give an honest account of themselves,
and their proceedings at homo, so far as
they related to their bill.
'The next morning "Walker nnd Drown
woro early at their posts, but it was suiuo
timebefore AVatson made bis appearance.
Yalker began tirst:
"You see I entered tlio house, tho can
dlo was out, and the tiro giving but a
glimmering light I tamo near walking
into a pot of batter that the pancakes
were to bo made of in tho morning, jly
wife who was dreadfully out of humor
at sitting up so late, said to me sarcasti
cally: "Bill do put your foot ill tho bat
tel." "Jjst as you say Maggie," said I. nnd
without the slightest hesitation I put
my foot i.i tliu pot of batter aud went
to bed."
Xext Joe Drown told bis story.
".My wife had retired to our
sleeping room, which adjoins the
en, and the door was ajar: not
ablo to navigate perfectly, I mado a
dreadful clatter among tho household
furniture, and my wife, iu no very pleas
ant tone bawled out:
"Do break the porridge pot."
"No sooner thau done. I seized bold
of the tail of the pot, and striking it
against tho chimney jam broko it iuto a
thousand pieces. After this expliot I re
tired to rest, and got n curtain lecture
all night for my pains."
It was Tim VVatson's turn to give an
account of himself, which waa as follows:
"My wifcgr.vo me tho moiit unlucky
command iu tho world; for I was blun
dering up stairs in the dark, when bhe
called out:
"Do broak your neck, Tim."
"I'll be cussed if I do, Kate," said I as
I picked myself up, "I will sooner pay
the bill; and so, landlord, here's the cash
for you, and this is the last time I will
risk five dollars on the command of my
The weather prophets predict ft cold
winter, bocauso the corn busks are so
thick, nnd nn old bachelor predicts nu
merous weddings, because there ore so
many cabbago heads.
A prand country wtddinp. Every
thing was in prejmration. Uuo week
from tiiiit day, mid Constance Pierre
point, the belle of the county, and the
only daughter of ono of tho weaHhicat
farmers in DeTonshire.wns to join hands
fur butter or worse, with younjr Adaiu
Ciiay, Suiro Cray's only son.
I'uiis'aiico vtis iasatnnntcly I'linl nf her
country lmuie, und the tlinulita uf leaving
it pained her more than ahe cured to have
these about her know; but tier parenls.
had protniseil to spend tlieprcnter part of
tiie winters with her, ami t-lie anil Adutu
were always to pass their su in itiers at tho
old houic, m tlint the reparation trouM
nut he ro very terrible after all; but,
strange to say, tlio niaiiluu'a eye were u!-.
ii vu rpurl V t. fi0ill.iur In utin.A nii-hlOs
J J " '
rnma manner. Ciiiittaiinn nuninioiicei tot"u" """, " cn.uii.rii ,
eel houicMck before leaving the i areutul:
roilf i
"if I didn't know how well you loved I
Adam Oriiv.tuy child, I ehould think to -.;' rrt' V"1 Uat do .,l"".k the UD
wniitod to back out ot tins bu!iic.-s, Mia
Mr. l'icrri'iont, druwing hia daneliter to
his knees, and attempting to look under
the uroopni lids.
Constance tried to smile, but broke
down completely.
"I am i'linlis'-, fiither, and don't pet me
any more. I wonder if every girl feels ao
sadly at leaving her homo. .Sometimes I
fancy it must be morn than that. Perliapa
it in u foreboding of evil. ,('oming events
cntt thuir shadows before,' thia may be one
of the shadows."
"Xonscnsc, Constance ! Xcver give way
to superstitious deliisioiirt. It would he
.strange if you were not thoughtful, and
even pad, in anticipation of this evcM.
You are about to take a man with u 1 1 his
failings remember that, Const mice i lie
tunny, you can form no iilcn, because it is
just ua true ns you live that a couple may
court a hundred years, and yet not become
acquainted with tho defects in the secret
springs that keep the atrange machinery
moving. Courting U deceitful business,
und it is, perhaps, wire that it is so. AJl.hi
never d.ivt you cry und pout because I
thought you had silk d reuses enough with
out the la t expensivo one you hud set
your heart upon buying. You never heard
Adam swear nt his tailor for a misfit, or
scold hecauso a button was missinc.
You'll find he's got failings you never
suspected, nnd he'll discover that li is lit
tle wifa is uot ua perfect ns hia fuuey
puintad her.
Coiistarce commenced to ob.
"I think you love one another very
fondly, iny child, and lnvo, which ia
boundless thurify, covers a multitude of
A few d.iya prnvions to the wedding day
"Aunt lietsy" hud arrived und assisted at
tho making of the cake, and while aim
was busy iu the production of the most
important piece of confectionery which is
offered to the wedding guests ou the
eventful breakfast, she observed to her
si.ter, Mrs. Pierrepont
"I have always heard it said that if the
bride wished for good luck during married
life, she. would hilp to stir her own cuke."
"Well, 1 don't know what under the
sun ia tho mutter with Constance," replied
Mrs. Pierrepont; "hut I eau't persuade
her to do anything,"
"Xow, tlmt's very strange, and not nt
all like Constiiiicn," responded Aunt li-.-t-
J5etween vou and uie, I don't bko
the wuv she nioi.eM. Xow, t hare's Pollv
Mi rtin, who' to he married to-morrow,
cl'.e's as bright us a cricket. Constance,
Constance, Constance," sho suddenly
screamed ussho caught sight of tho young
lady passing the doorway. "Xow I want
you to cmnu in hero und stir your owu
cuke. It's a very Lad sign to let some
body else mix it;" and Aunty placed in
her hands the dish containing the butter
nnd sugar. "I'll whip tho eggs as light as a
froth, while you keep ut that until it is
just tho consistency of creum," she cou
tiu ir.'d.
Constance gnvo the materials a few very
unseieutitiu turns; und then, without n
word, pushed the pan on one side, und
hastily left the room.
"Xow what do you mnke of such con.
duct ns that?" inquired her mother, in
evident distress.
"Lord a massy, I don't know; but it
don't moan any good, unyhnw."
"I think it's the going away from home
that tr n uliles tonstaiicu. 1 fancy that she
would La lively enough if it wasn't for
tlmt idea," returned Mrs. Pierrepont,
whipping the newly-laid' eggs until she
had formed hngo pyramids of snow foam,
und Auntv stirred away ut the cake brisk
ly, cxerci.iing her tongue in a similar man
ner ; and Ly aud by it was ready for the
big oven.
The day of the wedding arrived
bright, crisp, nnd clear one uf those
glorious until nm days just before the
leu vex, so beautifully colored, commence
to fall.
The evening preceding, Adam aud Con
stance had spent together, and both were
under a cloud. Ibi had a nervous head
ache, und consequent ly was not talkative ;
and she, with his bead in her hip, prea iug
both little hands against tho aching tem
ples, allowed many a silent tear to full.
"Don t be worried ulout this stupid
pain iu my head, darling," said Adain.no
ticing her distress. "I shall sleep it oil,"
and Constance bade her lover good night
for tho last time to morrow the husband,
and for the tirst time, in her lite she left
him sebbing.
Ah, that was a lovely picture the bri
dal toilet was faultless, but Constance's
roses had all paled. The lust exqusite
touch had been given to the orange-blossoms
and veil, nnd Adam was culled to
suluto Miss Constance for the last time.
He, too, was pale as death, and wulked
forward very slowly and with apparent
difficulty. Constance, with her head bow
ed, gavo hi m both of her little white-kidded
bands to press.
For a motueut they stood quietly, then,
in a tone so strango, so deep, so unearth
ly ns to c.iuio till present to gaze nt him
with astonishment, as he caught her in his
arms, pressing her tightly to his heart,
Adam said
"Kiss me, darling quickly ; I am dy
ing," and sank iuto a c.huir.
A moment more, nnd the loving heart
ceased to palpitate, aud the dreadful truth
overwhelmed the uuxious friuuds Adam
Gray waa doad,
There he lay, with a smile on his beau
tiful features, drefsed in his bridal clothes
uwniting now only the last sad funeral
rites. What a change ! Nothing could
induce Coiistntico to leave the room. She
would not listen to entreaty ur command.
The shades of night came on sguiu ; still
Constance kept her watch. Aunt lictsy
was sent to reason with her. Constance
always liked her aunt.
"Come away, Constance, darling, and
go to bed," she exclaimed, tearfully. "I
will remain here allnight, if you wish me.
You are making yourself ery ill."
"I shall remain 1"
That wu all.
"Weil no alialt I," aaid poor Aunty,
alarmed lest the intellect of Constance
waa permanently injured.
"Aunty," suddenly cried Constance,
with a strange excitement, "po down stairs
into the store closet and briiiguicu bottle
of brandy."
"Shall t five you some, Cuiiaance V the
aid, on returning.
"'f, make it part water. Quick,quiek,
Aunty. Xow eive iur a nnpkio.
." Aunty, horriliod, watched her making
prepnrationa to feed poor lifeless Adam.
"(rood heavens! Constance dear,'1 elm
cried, iu a time of amazement and fright.
''I can stand almost anything, hut pouting
brandy into a corpae in point; a little too
far, and I shall call your father."
"Aunty, Aunty," shrieked Conatance,
wildly, "nth hia hands ami feet wi'h
j eotnetliing hot, instantly ! Don't you see
"ilvn prcacrv. us, yea!" leplied
.Aiiiity, tremblitig with terror. "lon't
i l'0 k""w t!'at '"." r very wick-
(IKrtaker will rat to ninli behavior I
girl is raving distracted '."
And Aunty run to rail some one, ns alio
?uw Constance attempt to change bis posi
tion. "Constance, for Heaven's ak, what is
this Aunty is telling mel You must
have gone stark mad ! Puor child !" cried
Mr. Pierrepont, bursting into the room,
with tears streaming down his face.
"Will you come here, father, and see
for yourself 1 There is a cold perspiration
on my darling's face. Give me the brat
day, quick, Aunty !"
Aunty passed it mechanically.
"(jo for the doctor sotnebody.run quick
ly! I tell you he ia alive ! Adam, Adutn,
Adam ! Open your eyas, darling !"
To the utter astonishment of her father,
and the cousterualiou of poor trembling
Aunty, and to that of Mrs. Pierrepont,
who had now appeared on the scene, Adutn
slowly liftod up his eyelids, smiled faint
ly, und hy the time the doctor arrived, the
pulse, although feeble, was quite regular,
and lifa and consciousness hud entirely
The next day the wedding came off, but
in an entirely unexpected manner. Con
atnuce, rudiunt with sweet content, and
this time with a healthy color on cheek
nnd lip, stood by tho side of the couch,
and in thu presence of u few friends, vow
ed to love, lionor und cheerish him in
sickness und hcallh, until death did them
There was not a dry eye iu the room
Even the minister faltered.
Adam recovered rapidly, nnd there is
no happier conplo to-day in Kxcter city
thau Mr. nnd Mrs. Adam fjniy.
Josh L'i!higs oii;.liI(,
I want to say something.
I want to say something iu reference
to milk nz a fertilizer.
There are various kinds ov milk
sweot milk, sour milk, skim milk, butter
milk, cow milk, nnd the milk of human
kindlier,; but tho mostest best milk iz
the milk that haz'nt the most water in it
iJiittertuilk izzent the best milk for but
Milk iz spontaneous, nnd Jm done
more to encourage growth of Luman
folks than anv ntliop litwi.l
Milk iz lacteal; it is also nquatic.vvliile
under I'm patronage of milk venders.
:,IUk iz mysterious. Cokeniut Las
never boon solved yet.
Milk is aUo another name for liumau
Sometimes if milk is allowed to stand
too long, a scum rises to tho surface,
which is apt to share folks that live iu
cities, but it duzzont follow that tho
milk iz nnsfy; this scum iz called kremc
by fokes who inhabit tho country.
Kremo iz tho parent of butter, and
butter is 70 cents a pound.
Tho nioMt common milk in nse, with
out any doubt, iz skim milk. Skim
milk iz made by skimming the milk
which iz considered sharp practiss.
Milk is obtained fron cows, bogs.wood
chux, rats, squirrels and other animals
that have hair.
I forgot to state, in conclusion, that
cow milk, if well watered, brings ten
cents per quart.
Customs Worthy of Imitation.
In Gormany, the children all mike it
a rule to prepare Christmas presents for
their parents, and brothers and sisters.
Even the youngest contrive to oiler some
thing. For weeks beforo tho important
day arrives, they are as busy as little
bees, contriving aud making sue'u things
as they suppose will be most njreeablu.
The great object is to keep each oue
ignorant of tho present be or sho is to
receive, iu order to Hiirpri.su them when
tho offering is presented. A great doal
of whispering and innocent management
is resorted to, to effect this purpose; aud
their little minds are brimful of the hap
py business.
Thia is a most interesting and affec
tionate custom. We wish nil little girls
would exercise their ingenuity iu mak
ing boxes, baskets, neodlebooks, &c, for
tho same purpose, every yenr. Their
hoarts will be warmed with good feelings,
while thoir fingers are acquiring skill;
and ihey will find, as the Diblo tells
them, "tliat it is moro blessed to give
than to receive."
Neul Brown diod ut Raleigh, N. C.tbe
other day, nnd a local pnpor thus sums
up bis history: "When Andy Johnson
left this city, a poor tailor boy at old
Mr. Liehford's shop, Xenl Drown went
out with him for two or three miles, and
carried on his back, wrapped rip in an
old piece f carpet, all the worldly goods
that the poor tailor boy then possessed.
They shook hands under an old tree
three miles from here, and separated.
Andy became Governor, Senator, and
President Neal lived quietly and work
ed hard. Andy Johnson never went
back on his little hatter friend, even
when he was President"
The crpitol of Mexico is excited over
ft report that 10,000 American troops
aro concentrating on the Eio Grand.
What air does a voting mouse sing to
the oh mouse whtii biting his way
through the scenery at the opera? "Hire
me gnaw, ma." (Norma.)
The three stages of Darwinism aro now
said to be positive, tail; comparative,
tailor; superlative, tailless!
An aid lady writting to her son out
West tells him to beware of billions sa
loons aud bowel alleys.
A dandy in Broadway, wishing to be
witty, nreostsd an old man ns follows:
"Yon take ull sorts of trumpery in your
cart, don't you?" "Yes, jimj in, jump
A long island chicken tlref attempted
to ply his avocation in the vicinity of a
bull-dog. His apothecary's bill amount
to neavly $3yl.
Say, Jones! Whnts the matter with
ronr eyo? "Oh ! nothing, my wifo said
this morning," you'd better get up and
light tho lire, I told her to make it her
self, that's ull."
A wng out west who rend that dry cop
peras put into a bed of ants would cause
them to leave, put somo in his mother-in-law's
bed to see if she wouldn't go.
Ho says she was there at last accounts.
A Chicago man, quiotly viewing the
rapid destruction of his row of elegant
business houses, by the big fire, was ae-
costed by a friend, with, what are you
thinking about ? Oh ! I was only think
ing it is a little hot for the rats.
A chap from the country lately visit
ing Dehnonico's came to the word hali
but iu the list on his bill ol faro, and
thought he would try some, "llaveyou
any halibut," said ho. "Yes, sir." "Then
bring mo a couple."
Doctor's wife "Why do you not send
for my husband, dear, if you feel un
well?" Disgustingly-forward child "O,
pa, snys it's generally easier to get rid of
the disease than of the doctor, if you
once got him in tho houie."
An old farmer said to his sons: "B;yR,
don't you ever speekerlate, or wait for
aumniut to turn up. You might just na
well go nnd set down ou a stone in tho
middle of a meddler, with a pail twixt
your legs, and wait fur a cow to back up
to you to be milked.
A foolish old bachelor says, "Young
men, keep clear of calico, if you want to
do anything great. Calico is a batiefiq
institution. A pair pf sweet lips, a slim
waist, nnd the pressure of a delicate
band, will do as mneh to unhinge a man
as the measles and tho doctor's bill to
boot." ,
Little girl, (inquiringly) Mamma,
who aro you milking all those nice little
clothes for?" M.unma (feeling) "I
am making them for a poor littto baby,
who hasn't a rag to it's name" Little
girl (sympathetically) "Mumma, was
it burnt out in Chicago."
An orator, in a husky voice, said: In
short, ladies nnd gentlemen, I can ouly
wish I had n window in my bosom, that
you might see the emotions of my heart."
The newspapers nil printed the speech,
leaving the "u" out of window," Ho
was taken somewhat aback when he rend
Au Irishman fell from tho third story
of ft building in course of erection. A
friend ran to him expecting to find lifo
extinct, but instead the tough celt raised
up scratching his Load aud rubbing his
shoulders; his friond asked, "did the fall
hurt yu ?" when Tax replied, "no, ye
blasted fool, t'waa tho stopping so
A lady, well known in Washington as
a lobyist, always accosts a stranger with,
"I think I have seen you somewhere,"
which often leads to a clow for her find
ing out the history of the party. One
evening she played off her usual game ou
a gentleman that understood her char
acter, and who replied, "Most likely,
madam, for I sometimes go there."
An editor dowu euat thus speaks of a
contemporary: "He is too lazy to earn
a meal and too moan to enjoy ono. He
was never geuerous but once, nnd that
was when ho gavo t'.io itch to his ap
prentice. So much f ir tho goodness of
his heart. Of his industry, tiie public
may the better judgo when we statu that
tho only day he ever worked was the
day ho mistook castor-oil for honey."
A Lamed clergymen was accosted in
the following manner by an illiterate
preacher who despisad education: "Sir,
you have been to college, I suppose ?''
''Yes sir," was the reply. "I am thank
ful," rejoined the former, "that tho Lord
opened my mouth without any learning.''
"A similar event," retorted the clergy
man, "took place at isaluam s time; but
such things are of rare occurence ut tho
present day.
"I know what your beau's pretty white
horse's namo is," said a little Greenfield
boy to his sister, Monday morning, "it's
Daisye." "Hush, Eddie, that's a naughty
word." "Well, I don't care if 'tis; that's
his name, 'cos, last night I was standing
outside of the fence and heard him say
"Whoa, Daroye."
A revorend goutlomnn was addressing
a Sabbath-school concert at Boston
Highlands ono Sunday night, and was
trying to enforce the doctrine that the
hearts of the liitlo ouei were sinful, and
needed to be given to Christ. Taking
out his watch, and holding it np, he
said: "Now, here ia my watch, suppose
it don't keep good time; now goes too
fast, and now too slow; what Bhall I do
with it ?" "Sell it 1" shouted out u flax-cn-hcaded
m 9.
We ave received and want to sell
Complete Stock of Meri.hnndise, nt privas
to suit the times. You can buy uf us,
Flannels, nss'td colors,
J'reakfast Capes
Wo make a specialty of
H A 11 B W A 11 E,
And intend keeping on bund to suit Buy
eri ull kinds of
Mechanics' Tools,
Building Hardware,
Cutlery of all kinds
and everything in this lino, und will sell
them hs low us they can be bought aud
brought here.
We will buy 'your Wheat, your Torn
your Oats, liutter, Eggs, Chickens, Dried
Fruit, Teas, lie.
Emigrants and Travellers-
If you nre ynlnsloMrmrliis, Little Rock, Pine
Bluff, New Orleans, (iulvrstun, Toms, or any
point ou tliu MisMhuiiipi, Itnl or ArktuiPAii Hiv-
its, or to St. I.011U, Kiinsns City, Ut. Josi'pli,
Omalia.or any point West or Northwest, be cer
tain and buy your tickets via
St. Louta, Jloiiii'liis, Nashville and
through Lino.
Trains run thrni'gh from Chattanooga to Mem
phis, Tcnn,, and Columbus, Ky.,
Without Change of Cars.
Therefore ninhing
One Change HHvrvn Chatlancog
and SI. Louis,
This Is the short and quick route West and
iNorthwest, licini; troin
nn bvth any other route. And eiiual, if not bet
ter tliuii nnv Line to Texas, Arkansas and the
Mi.-ji.-ofiiiiii river.
Kinigrnuts by this mute will not he put in Box
Cars which have uo tires, seats or comforts nf
any kind; but will have excellent I'assenger
curs, thoroughly heated and well ventilated.
Ueiiienilier tins and give us a trial and see if we
do not do as we Li'nMisu.
ltntPH of Kmiirrunts nre ns follows :
Knoxvillo to Memphis, $13.90
Little Rock 21). t)
" bt. Louis, (Rail) 21.35
' " (River) 17..U
" Kansas City, (River) 27.35
" " " (Rail) 31.:t5
" 8t. Joseph, " 31.85
" (River) 27.35
' Omaha, " 33.35
' " (Rail) 37.35
" San Frauciscn, (Rail).. ..114.35
' " (River) 11(1.35
" Kansas City, all River,.... 21.K5
Pnssengers ami F.migrante hv this Lino from
Cliuttiitiooga hnve choice of 3 dilfcrent Routes to
the Went and Northwest, as follows : Via Union
City, llickinnn or Louisville, therefore giving ti
auperiur advantagra oterall other Routes.
Trnins run to and fitim Chattanooga,
ns follows :
3.10a.m. Sunday Excepted. 4.3Da. m
8.011 p.m. Daily, i.lup. m
All pussengera are entitled to 100 aovnds bag
gage, which will be handled with care free of
For further, Information nddrest Agents of thia
Line at the following places :
R. M. Iluok, Chattanooga, Teuneseee.
H. 0. Ruse, " "
L. L. Osment, Cleveland, "
II. W. Kcnlro, Loudon, "
W. J. Taylor, Morristown, "
O. M. rlnrrill, Knoxville, "
For Quick Time anil Sure Connec
tions don't forget to buy your Tickets
of tho
St. Louis, 3fi7nph XaiJivillc and Chalta-
novija Urrat Thniwh Line.
Ocu'l Superintendent
Gen! P. & T. Agent
Neatly priutod at the Enterprise Office
1: is, 1:
liutlwiiy'w lteuily TtulleT
Cures the worat pains
Nut One Hour irer rwuliiy thit wJteitite
inent nreil any one utfur ilb poiu.
ItADWAVS READT REM IP is twr for tvt
ry pain.
It war tht tint awt ia
(hat liNUnlly atoprli noil txcrsciuliug pniiu,
allnya iurianjoiatioiia, and curea conigealiont
whether of tht LuDpi, Stomach, Uowela, or xb
tr glaoda or orftaua, by ooe applkalioa.
In from ONE to TWENTY minutes,
no matter how victM or ticruciating tho paia
tho llheuinalia, Etd-riildeu, lnnrai, Cripph'Jr
NeMiiua, Neuralgic, or pru.lrnlt.il with ditcuo
may autfer,
will afonl initast tut.
Inflammation of tht kidneya,
loflaaiinatioa of tht Bladder,
Inflamoiatioa of tht Bo"ol.
CongnMoa of tht Lng'
S.Wt Throat, Diffleutt Breathing.
'alpiiitiion of tho nrt.
Hysteric, Croop, Dithtria.
Catarrh, Influcoia.
Ileudoclia, Toothache.
Nturaljia, Bhturaatlsm.
CnM Chills, A Rut Chilli.
Tht application of tht Ready Relief to the
part or parta whert tht fain or dihlculty txut
will anonl cnee anil contort.
Twenty dmpa in hulf a tuiahlrr of water will
in f momenta cart f runon, poioim, Sour
Mtotuaeh, Heartburn, Sk-k HeaUacht, Uiarrhea,
Ursvntrry, Cplie, wiad la tho bowele, aud all
iutern:il paint.
Truvrlert ahould alwayt rarrt a botllo of
Radwuy'a Btady Relief with them. A fow
diiipa in water will provtnt tiekniMs or aaina
from chunt af Water. 1) ia batter than i icocb
Uruudy vr Hitterb aa a atimulant.
Ferer nnd Agao ourad for SO cents. Thtra la
not a romflta.' agent ia thia world th:it will euro
Kerer and Ai;iit, and all o1hr MaUri'iim, Milli
on, Mcurlel, Typhoid, Yellow, an I uIIht tVters,
(aided ly R.idwaye Pill) ao quick aa Kadway'
I'.eady Relief, fifty ceuta por bottle.
Health ! lleasitv ! !
Stron? eod pure rich blood Inoreuso of florh
and weight Ch ar akin aud btauiii'ul complex
ion aecured to all.
lilt. KADWAY'3 garpri:iian Per.o'.TCht
has miidt tb aaoat aatouisbiug curca. bu quik,
o rapid are the (cliaatea Hit body undui'ore,
under tht influence of this truly wonderful me
dicine, that aitry day an inurtaae iu UciU aud
wtiirhl is eetn and felt .
drop of tht Sursnparillian Resolvvjt cmnmiiul
cntea through tholilnoe, awent, trine, an I otb
tr fluids and juices of tht system tho vi;or of
life, for it rapnira the wn.tia if Hie tif.lv witti
new und anund material, crnfcla, Syphilis,
Consumption, Olamlulur Iliicn.sf. Ulcere in
tlio tlirout and mouth, Ttnuora. Nodes in the
nUn'l and other parte tf the e.v.-itrm, .Srie
Uvea, StrumerouB eiachargee from tiie e:irs nl
tlio worst IV.rina of Skin disenses, K1111 linns. Vo
i r Sires, tk'l-l iUml, King Worm, Salt Klieiiui,
Krvoif chis, Acne, ltlack tipoln, Worms in thn
Flesh, Tuniora, Canctra ia the Womli, and all
weakening and painful di.'hnrri's, Nilit
Sural, l.iws of Sperm, and all vro'.n tf ilit
li'.'u priiu ii.lt, aro within the cumtive rnnzo of
this wonder of modern chemi&try, and 11 fev
dnys' use will proe to any pcrton using it for
either nf tlii'oC forms of diaentc, Us pitc:it pow
er tncuri' them.
If (lie patient, il.ii'.y becoming reduced by tho
naMiM, and decninHiaition that is continually
priiii.'Hiiiiv, encceedt In arresting these wastes,
and repairs the srime with m vr material made
Horn healthy blood anil this the Sarsuparilliaa
will nnl lines secure & euro is certain; for
wlii nuuretl.il remedy commences ite work of
pari Oration, and succeeds in dimii.ishiug the
Iii.koI wastes, its repaire will be rapid, and ev
ery duy the patient will feel himself growing
belter and stnmgi r, the food dinestin;; hotter,
uppotilti increasing and flesh and weight iu-
.Not only does the BarsnpariMisn l.esolvent ex
cel all known remedial nm nl in the cam uf
I'lil'oniti, Scrofulous, Constitutional and fkiti
dineai.es, hut it is tho only positive cure tcr KM
ney and Kindlier coniplniiits. Urinary und Womb
difi'iises, Gravel, Oiubetes, lnisy, Sinppngg of
Water, Incontinence of Urine, Uril-.t'e 1'ir.esse,
Albuminuria, and iu all caM-s when, there are
hrick-ilust deposits orthe water is thick, cloudy,
mixed with substances like the wuitu of an ej,
or thri'iide like while silk, or it. ere is u morbid,
ilurk, bilious nppearituoe, and white bone-dust
deposits, and wheu there is a pricking;, bnrninj
rendition when passing water, and puia ia the
mall of the buck and slung the lei oh.
Dr. lhidway's Perfect I'urparive I'illa
Perfectly tasteless, elegantly .'iited with eweet
iriim, purge, r ,'iil.ile, purify, cleanse and
strengthen. Kndway'a I'ilix, t'ir the cure of all
(liaordcra of the Stomiich, Liver, lionets, Kid
ueyH, Bladder, Nervous Men-ies, Hntlnche,
Constipation, Cnstiveness, Indigestion, Dyspep
sia, Killnusness, Bilious lrecrs, Innuuiautiuii of
the Bowels, Tiles, and ull (Icruiiiineuia of tlio
Internul Viscera. Warranted ! ell'ecl a posi
tive cure. I'ul'uly Vegetable, coiitaiuinj; uo
uiei'i'iin minerals or deleterious drus.
(fcyoliserre the follow in spin toins reeult
in: from liisnrdel'sof the Digestive lli'.in.i:
Consti pnlion, Inwmd Piles, Kulhiew uf tho
PWl in the Head, Acidity of tiie Stotnaca,
N unpen, Heartburn, Disgust of fowl, Knlluecd nr
Weight in the Stouiech,. Si.ur Krucialinii!, S'tuk
ing or Fluttering at the l'it of the Ktoiouch.
A few doses of Itadway'a i'ills will free the
system from nil the above named disordera
Price, 25 cents per Box. Hold by Druj:v!it.
Read " False and True." tiond oue letter
stump to Uudwuy & Co., No. h7 Maiden Lane,
New York. lulormutioa worth thoiisunds will
he aent you. jyli'7l-ly
it leads" to happiness
A. IIoou to tlir "Whole Ilnco
ol Womitu !
IVsaalo Regulator!
IT WILL bring on the Menses ; relieve all pain
at the monthly " Period ;" cure Rheuma
tism and Neuralgia of Back and Uterus ; Lcu
uorrhtea or " Whites," and partial Prolapsus
Uteri ; check excessive flow, and correct all ir
regularities peculiar to ladies.
It will remove all irritation of Kidneys ani
Bladder; relieve Costiveness ; purify tho lilond ;
give tone and strength to the whole system ;
rleur the skin, imparting a rony hue to tho
cheek and cheerfulness to the mind.
It is as sure a euro in all the above diseasea
aa Quinine is in Chills and Fever.
Ladies can cure themselves of all the al.ove
diseases without revealing tlieii' roiupliiints to
any one, which is always mortifying to their
pride and modesty
It is recommended by the best physicians ami
the clergy.
LatlBAMiR, G., Mprch ?3, IP'O.
Bnidfield A Co., Atlanta, On. Dear Mrs : I
take pleasure in stating that 1 have used fur tlio
hint twentv years the nudieine yon erenow pnt-
liiiS up, knoan as Or. .1. Brudtfcld'a Knina'a
Regulator, and consider It the best combination
ever gotten together for tho diseases for which
it is recommended. 1 hate been familiar wih.
the prescription both as a pnu'ticiouer of medi
cine and in domestic practice, and can honestly
snv that 1 consider it a wion to minVrmg fe
males, and can but hope that every lady in nur
bind, who maybe sulleriug in any way peculiar
In their sex, maybe able to procure a bottle, that
ihcir Biiflcriiigs may not only be relieved, hut
that they may be restorid to health and strength.
With luy kindest rvgants, very rcipcotiui-
ry, W. Ii. T.RRELL, M. I).
Nei Mitur.VTA, G4. March !!, 1870
Meesn. Wm. Root i Son. Oenr Sirs : Soma
mouths ago 1 bought a bottle of lirndfield's Fe
male Regulator from you, and have une.l it in
my tamily with the utmost sntiataction, una
have retOM mended it lothree other families, and
they have found it just what it ia recommended.
The feuialee who have used your REGULATOR.,
are in perfect health, aud aro able to attond to
theil household duties, and we cordially Tecum
mend it to the public. Yours rvspect fully.
We could add a thousand other certificate ;
but we consider the above amply aulBuient proof
uf ita virtue. All we ask is a trial.
For full particulars, history of diseasea and
certificates of ita wonderful curea, the render ia
referred to the wrapper nrnnnd th bottle.
.Manufactured and sold by
IS It A 1 iFIKLD fc OO.,
Price 91.50. ATLANTA, OA.
Sold by all Druggists.
For 1872.
The Fi rat Edition of Two Hundred Thousand
copieejuat published. . It ia elegantly printed
on fine tinted paper, la TwoColors, and Illus
trated witboverTbree Hundred Kugravinga of
Floweia and Vegetables, and
The moat beautiful and instructive Catalogue
ami Floral Ouide In the world 1 II pages, giv
ing thorwgh direction for the culture of Flow
er nnd Vegetables, raamenting grounds, mak
ing wnlki, o.
A Christmas present for my enitomera, hat
forwarded tn any who apply by mail, !r Tea
Cents, only one-qnarter '.'.a cost.
Addree, JAMLil VICii, Uochciter, X. V.

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