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hm. efValiV.
Tin; KNir.iiriusK.
rn.Lisiir.n eveuy timt.siay,
At T.wo lilliirw a Yt-nr,
1'ii,viIi in Ailviiiicc.
g 1 1 : -. "i a''V v. :
1 cAre, 1" liui" r le-, one iii'Ci!i'i!i. . .?l.no
l'or n. u iit '-letit iu-ertion ."
Tltc rates, fur three ironlhs nud upwards, trill
It b.unl in the lulltmi.'.jj l.ii-U' :
I eir
vs. mi
Oae SilMAre
1'W HllllVH
Three vi'iares
Four ai'iare.4
tine-loilrlh col 11 inn... .
lln.-ii tU culiunn
Thrre-fourliui column.. :ni.H'l A'l.DH 7;l.w
(., column I " i '"'" I """n
J- laical Notices, ! crui per liuc ciieli in-
Non-resident Nolicee i" alv:inc 4.""
Alls' hnieiit " J " ,m
AT 3X1 It II 0 IT S E ,
jamiw m:u., lHOIMC.
A n and flcaiil Firet !. Hotel, well fur
nished, aud having a'ery cuiiifurt m l coiiYcui-
Paxsonjere en the Traint Kat Si Wert to gel
Diintr. "x-'-'f
IIATE Leased tlio Hotel lately known as the
altaesy Heuse, ami Kill henceforth conduct
a tu eioat approved style,
t w paireoaga of Hi' public ccnirilly, nnd of
mt old frieuda particularly, li livc stood by
b se.truly In tl.t past, in 'respectfully anllc'iied.
I arewise them cordial reception un I a com
fortable bout I tlio Rattle llou.ic.
l will bo neon from llio above that I lmv'
la.ed tlx Sterey Homo to General nlllr. In
reiiiing from the position which I h ive ivi'iipinl
for vtrl Tti- in thin t ity, I "l"ire In tcii'ler
my thmln'ioU kinJ winl.tn to M frieinln, mul
to Mnvatly iiliont continimtion of llii'ir (.nl
rinn to my uetrxanr, "no wh iH luuke
Ihtir it with him eomforlulilo in every re
.port. jylJ-tr J.K.STACKY.
'"'t7 ii. ia. m t kok ky,
Madisonville, Tcnn.
If I.OUDONoii'U'ljoiniiieimiitiex. lriuit
kttoititl (i vr u to the enlle.-tion of oil ehiinm,
4 tho pro.' iitio of milts eillier ill t'ircuit or
Chtioery Couita. feliS ly
General Cora mission Merchunts,
f'orxylh Sh'ci't,
A.tluta (ioorcln.
Coiuignmenti Stiril'd and relurimpvomiil
ly mi'le.
rTrLi7rs7ciTAKLi:s a n
fifjp Jimv (',, VAUdn.v, nt Pwectwuter, To tin
rill in. ik- iibeml ndvHiitca ou nil hiniielit ,u.
-MM A AV TDR ALL with Stencil Tools.
$ i 1 A'ldiraa A. kl. Uhaiiam, SpringlieM, Vt.
9T Iat BmsT.T, (neni-ly opposiito l''.spi-e3 oiUcc)
kxoxvil'lh, tkxx.
A Luffs Awrtniniit of Ladies' Furnish
ing (joods nlwajs on hiintl.
All Kinii of Blenching Neatly Done,
Brumby & McPherson,
Wlmloilc mul lictail
G B. O G 23 Zl S3 ,
No. 13 Whitehall Street,
ATLANTA, 0 KOI 10 1 A.
(IoNSKiNMENTS of Iliitter, nml l'ru'liice
J geBer:i.s, an'.icitiM. jy2fl'7i-ly
Benton Male and Female
L'n ler tho superintendence of
An8istcd by
JrFor oarticulnrB, addroaa the Prineiiml at
Btatoa, Polk CO., Ten.i. niiRit-ly
""11 A X K BOGA11T, M.D.
S W E K T W A T E R , T E N N.,
WILL devote hia entire attention to
tbe practice of medicine in its viirioiiB
laptrtmante. nov.'lfl Mi7 9 tf.
17 Gold and Silyer Medals
Ware awirrde.l to CIIAfl. M. STIF.KF, for the
boat PI ANOS over H different makcra of New
York, Baltimore and Boston uiuniifiictiircra.
Office and New Worc-Rooms, No. ! North Liber
ty Street, above Baltimore Street,
IJul timoro, 3IcI.
Centain all tho latest improvements to lie found
io a (rat-class I'iuno, with additional improve
nast of his own invention, not to be found in
other instruments. The toao, touch and tiniah
of hit instruments cannot be excelled by any
A large assortment of second hand Pianos al
ways an hand, from ?7.r to ?.'I00.
Parlor and Cburch Organs, somo 20 different
tylat an hsnd, from 8fi0 and upwards.
Htni far Illustrated Catalojrue, containinfr the
natnti of over 1,001) Southerners (.'lill of which
are Virginians,) who havo bought the Stieff Pi
aoo lines tbe close of tqe war. ap21y
Dalton, Georgia.
Dr. H. B. UUOWN, Prop'r,
rpiIIB HOUSE is located immediately on the
X aide of the Railroad, nt the South end of
tbe r asasnger Depot. It is kept in nrirt-rate
atyla, and warranted to give satisfaction to the
meat fastidious. jun.ll-tt
19, 1. MAYES
tST DEVOTES hia entire attention to the
practice of Dentistry.
tZJ Insures satisfaction, and charges to auit
tbe dull times.
Job Printing
XmUj done at tho oiTico of the Siroet
water Enterprise.
fi' i, tin
$,',.1111 is.il'i
I I. nit i.;..m)
ii.iii i.n:i
lti.Mll 3.1.1111
2.1.11:1 t l.llll
fa..- sit1'
1'. IiuilAKT.
N. I. Mavm
ItlMaAUT A; 31.1 Yi:s,
Druggists and Booksellers
V Sna k or Uooils, aud have now for sale
clmnp fur Cash,
JlU Kips OF ,
Fancy Toilet Articles,
Highly i)orfiniiiMi;Hoii,
Also, an assortment of
Consisting of till kinds of Sellout,
Litrrary nud Jliscollitneous.
Yisitins; Curtis,
Tom Thumb Note rapcr,
Initial m' and Euvcloitcs,
AC, AC.,
And, In fact, nltnost evnrythinp that is
kept in a Drug and Rnok Store.
AVo win, wo think, offer inducements to
bti goods from ua. (iivo us a trial un
test our jiriees.
Any Uouk, or other nrticlo in our lino,
ordured v. a can t'urnisli in 2 1 hours.
3$Tr. Tin." r.ni-'AT
Manufacture of
Piano Fortes,
Baltimore, Md.
TlinMft Tnutrnmrnta liiivo been before the nnb-
t!r i.'Mirlu Thirtv Years, and iinnn their excel
lence nlmic attained and unpurchased pre-emi
nence, w mc n prouounuea ineia uucijuuicu, iu
rC7"All our Square Pianos have our New Im
proved OvKHSiiu'Nii Scaix and the Ai.uakkk
Tit nit. r.
ICWo would call specinl attention to our late
Patented Improvements in lirand Pianos nnd
Square Grands, found ill no other Piano, which
bring the Piano nearer Perfection than has jet
been attained.
Jia-Wc arc by special arrangement enabled to
lurnish Parlor Oipans nnd Melodcons of the
must celebrated makers, Wholesale and Retail
ut lowest Factory Prices.
Illustrated Catalogues and Trice Lists prompt
ly furnished on application to
WM. KNAItE & CO., Baltimore, Md.,
Or any of our regular established agencies.
rTUIE EXERCISES of this Institution will be-fln
X its next session tho First Monday in Sep
tember, under Prof. K. II. Rnnisey, who has
lind chcrire of tho Fcniulo School for the past five
years. Latin, (ireek, the Sciences, Higher
Mathematics, Belles Letters and a thorough
English Primary course will be taught. Enlire
satisfaction is assured to all patrons, from the
success of Prof. Ramsey nnd bis popularity as
an Instructor and Disciplinarian. Board can
be obtained at the usual prices.
Primary, 5 Months, ' $10.00
Intermediate, 5 Months, $12.50
Advanced, 5 Months, $15.00
Dr. Joseph TJiton,
Pros'L Board Trustees.
JOHN W. ItnrE. r. MILL
Watchmakers and Jewelers
Watones, Clacks, Jewelrr and Silver Plated Ware,
HfE Respectfully call the attention of the citl
VT sens of East Tennessee to our splendid
block or
Watones, Clocks and Jewelry,
Table Cutlery ofthe Finest Quality.
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry &c, Repaired on shor
Notice on the most Reasonable terms.
CJ All work done by Experienced Workmen
and Warranted. ,31
Dou't fail to call and see ua when you visit the
GAY 8TREET, nkxt doui above the entrance to
1st Baptiet Church,
Knoxyille, Tennessee.
unc24 9 tf
Business Cards,
Of any character, neatly executed at tho
E.vriRrRisE Office.
Nwcetwator. Thursday, Feb. 1 ., 1 S? 2.
i. i 'i ' i i
Charcoal lor Sick C'attlA.
A coi-reHpondont in tho Country Gen
tleinnu says that nearly all animals be
comes sick from improper rating. In
nine caeca out of ten, tho digestion ia
wrong. Charcoal is tho must efficient,
And rapid corrective. It will cure in a
tunjority of cases, if properly ailminiiiter
cd. An example of its tine tho hired
man camo in with tho intelligence that
one of the finest cows was very sick, and
a kind neighbor proposed the tiHual
drugs nnd poisons. The owner being
ill, and unalilo to examine tho cow, con
cluded that the trouble came from some
over-eating and ordered a teacup of pul
verized charcoal given in water. It was
mixed, placed in a junk bottlo, the bead
hold upwards, and tho water with its
charcoal poured downwards. In tiro
minutes an improvement wasviHiMe.nnd
in a few hours the animal wus in the
pasture entiug grass. Another instance
of utjual success occurrod with a young
heifer which became badly bloutod by
eating green apples after a hard wind.
Tho bloat was so severe that the bides
wore almost as hard as a barrot. The
old remody, Baloiratns, was tried for pur
pose of correcting the acidity. But the
attempt to put it down always caused
coughing, and it did little good. Half
a teacupful of fresh powdered cbarcoivl
was next given. In six hours all ap
pearance of bloat had gone, and tho
heifer was well.
Action ot Potash on Fruit Trees.
Dr. George 1J. Wood, in u communi
cation to tho American Philosophical
Society, in Philadelphia, prcKcnted the
result of certain experiments made by
him upon tho effect? of salts of potassa
when applied to grain and fruit produc
ing soils. In his view, the depreciation
of the productiveness of apple, peach
and quince orchards is due to the ex
haustion of potash from tho soil. Sev
eral of such orchards, formerly very val
uable, but which with a fow years, ceased
to bear much fruit, on being treated with
an application of wood ashes to the roots
of tho trees, becamo completely revived,
producing full crops tho following year.
A still more startling effect was seen in
tho second yoar, under a renowal of the
application. Ho cited several other in
stances where tho samo results followed;
in one cane where an applo orchard
planted on an old orchard's site, which
had never boro fruit, wus made to pro
duce a good crop by tho application of
Frppnroio Plant Irish Potatoes.
During tho present month of Febru
ary potutoes should bo planted for au
early crop. The proper timo for pre
paring tho ground is in this month.
Break up tho ground at loast a foot in
depth with the plow or spado. TIuh ex
posure of tho soil to the frosts of this
month will destroy the grub worms that
are ofton destructive to this crop in the
Spring. In February open furrows with
tho plow or spade at least ten inches
deep, into which put three of manure,
which may bo fresh from tho stables or
cow pen, if no other bo on hand. Put
two or three inches of soil on top of tho
manure, when the trenches will be ready
for the tubors. Fill tip the trenches and
make a low ridge on the top of the pota
toes, which wiU give seven or eignt in
ches of soil to protect them from frcez
ing. If the Early Rose be tho variety
planted, they will ripen from the first of
May to the middle of June, whon they
may be immediately planted for a second
The Model Farmer.
Governor Hoffman iu closing hit agri
cultural address at Watkins, New York,
gave his views of tho model farmer :
We hear much of model farming and
model farmers. Ho ie a man that is cheer
ful, hospitablo and kind to his neighbor,
and to all toon. He is kind to the dumb
brutes and seeks to promote their welfare;
he cherishes tho little bird that devour
the insects infesting his field, garden and
trees. He keeps his farm in a good state
of improvement so that it will yield an
abundant increase, ho ices that his farm
buildings are in goed repair and present
a good appearance and that his place of
abode generally shows neatness, thrift and
contentment. He is religious, exercising
a devout and reverent feeling towards
God as the author, and bostowcr of all
blessings. He is kind, indulgent to his
workmen, laboring to promote their hap
piness and securo their co-operation. He
is faithful to his engagements, and hones
ty, without grudging, to every man his
due. Cherishing his practices, he is hap
py in himself and beloved by all who are
capable of appreciating greatness or moral
Spreadiud Manure.
An exchange says : We think it a wrong
practice, when hauling out manure in the
fall or winter, to place it in heaps. It is
better to spread it at once. In the first
place labor is saved. Rut most important
of all is the fact that much of the manure
ia wasted when placed in heaps. If spread
at once, it ia more equally divided than it
can afterwards. We once hauled out ma
nure on a field, leaving it in heaps until
tbe hauling was completed. During; this
time some showers fell. The land was
sown to oats next spring, and on tbe spot
where the heap had been the grain lodged
and was spoiled. Tbe following crop was
wheat, and on those spots the wheat rusted
and yielded nothing, while the growth of
straw was remarkable a have never
since repeated the practice.
oun raiiKieriK.s wk i'hi.k, aisi
Jackson nml tho Rravo.
It was whlie he was Judgo that ho ar
rested the notorious desperado, Bean,
whom noliody else could urrest. Many
of Bean's doceml-tnts are still living, and
the place whero old Hickory's eyes
brought him down ;s still pointed out.
As tho story runs, Beau went away
and left his family for two years. 'When
ho returned, his wife celebrated the event
by presenting him with a new born bulm.
This was a new departure iu domestic
economy, nnd Bonn did not accept the
situation with very good grace. Ho do-
tnandod an explanation, nnd in the ab
sence of a satisfactory ouo, ho sharpened
his knife and deliberately cut off both
cars of the poor little baby, playfully re
marking, as he did so, that ho wanted
to distinguish it from his own. Homo
thought this was an innocent proceed
ing it practiclc jolco on tho baby, in fact,
while others considered it nu outrage,
and should bo punished. The Grand
Jury took that view of tho enso and in
dieted Bean ; Bean, as usual, brushed
up his horse pistols, and said that they
might indict, but they couldn't anost
him. The Sheriff tried it and was van
quished. Court came on, tho criminal
docket was called, and tho cleik repor
ted Bean "not taken."
"What's tho mattor?" asked Judge Jack
son of tho Sheriff.
"Nothing's themntter, only I can't ar
rest him," replied the official.
"Then, by tho Eternal ! summon tho
county to help yon, nnd bring him in
here," thundi rod the Judge.
Tho Sheriff gathered up some citizens,
and ndviuiccd on Bean. Tho latter
1 a -ked himself up against a house to
prevent a rear nttne!;, drew his pistols
and Md them to coi.ic on. lie was a
centre shot, and to have advanced would
havo been certain death to some. No
olio cared to sacrifice his lifo in giving
tho others a chance to make a Mart Tho
Sheriff reported to Jackson that Bean
could uot be taken without a sacrilico of
'By tho Eternal! summon tho Court!"
thundered the irate Judgo, and "the
Court" was summoned.
Jackson refused arms, and advanced
emty -handed and bearheaded upon Bonn,
His friends tried to restrain him, as ho
valued his life, but ho heeded to them
not. Ho kept his cold cyos fixedly upon
tho desperado, walked right up to him,
jorked tlio pistol nwiiy, took him by tho
collar and marched him off to jail.
Answer lo u Challenge.
The eccentric II. II. Breckinridge,
one of the Judges of the Supremo Court
of Ponnsj -lvaniu, whou a young man,
was challenged to light a duel by nu
English officer, whom ho unswored as
'I have two objections to Uio duel
matter tho one is lost I should but t
you, and tho other lest you should hurt
me. I do not see what good it would
Ijo to put a ball through your body. I
could make no use of you win n dead for
any ordinary purpose, us I would u rab
bit or a turkey. I am nocanibal to feed
on the llesh of men. "Why, then, shoot
down S human creature, of whom I could
mako no use? A buffalo would make bet
ter meat; for, though your ffesh might
bo young and tender, yet it wuuts tho
firmness and consistency which tuko nnd
retain suit At any rate it would not do
for a long sea voyage.
' You might make a good bavbacuo, it
is true, being of the nature of a raccoon or
oppossum; but people are not iu the hab
it of barbecueing anything that is human
now. As to your hido, it is not worth
taking off, being a little belter than a
two year-old culf.
"So much for you. As for myself, I
do not like to stand in tho way of any
thing that is hurtful. I am under the
impression that you might hurt uiu
This being the case, I think it tho most
advisable to stay ut a distance. If you
meant to try your pistols, take a tree or
a barn door, about my dimensions.
If you bit that, send mo word, and I
will acknowledge that, if I had been iu
the sumo place, you might have hit mo.-'
The Crows.
Henry Ward Beocher says of crows:
"Aside from the speciid questions of
profit and loss, wo havo a warm side to
ward the crow, bo is so much like one of
ourselves. He is lnzy, and that is humun ;
he takes advantage of those weaker than
himself, and that is manlike; ho is sly,
and hides for to-morrow what he can't
eat to-day, showing a reid human prov
idence; he learns tricks much faster than
ho does useful things, showing a true
boy-nature; ho likes his own color best,
and love to hear his voice, which are em
inent traits of lmnuinity: ho will never
work when he cau get another to work
for him, a genuine human trait; ho eats
whatever ho can got his claws upon, and
is less mischievous with a belly full than
when hungry, and that is liko man; he
s at war with all living things except
his own kind, and with them he has
nothing to do. No wonder, then, that
mon despise crorfs, they are too much
like men. Take off his wings, and put
him in breeches, crows would make fair
average men. Give men wings and re
duce their smartnoss a little, and many
of them wouid be good enough to be
An Irishman, in writing a letter to his
sweetheart, asking whether she would
accept of his lovo or not, writes thus: "If
you don't lovo mo, send back tho letter
without breaking the teal."
ouk kkwits avi: avii.i.. maintain.
Th e Mammoth Cave. Outdone.
The Kantuis City 'V'ne-. says seM-rtil
gentlemen recently explored a cava lato
ly discovered iu Southeastern Missouri.
The entrance io through a volcanic fis
sure, seen feet wido by twenty feet in
length, which at the distiir.ee of n hun
dred yards terminates in a room named
by the oxplorers "Tho But Room," from
the thousands of baU that swarmed
within its dark and hidden recesses; they
Hew about in swarms making a terri
ble noise in the arched roof abovo. This
room has three sides, each with an aper
ture opening into smaller caverus or side
rooms. Its dimensions are fifty by one
hundred and thirty feet, tho ceiling be
ing about twenty foot from tho tloor.
From this room u hull, four hundred
yards iu length, leads to a still Inrger
rp4 in the shape of a horso-shoo, which
tho explorers say nature must certainly
havo iuteuded for a church, siuce the
roof is arched in purely Gothic style,
with dome and columns, and, to finish
off and make it complete, a pulpit nenr
the centre.
Tho walls of this magnificent cavern
are ono bundled feet high, but one of
tho most remarkable features about it is
a fountain of pure water, four feet iu
diameter. Northward of this is a room
sixty feet wide, and almost filled with
glittering stalactites, which hang in cu
riously formed pendunts from the roof.
To tho South of this is another room
which should bo named the "bottomless
pit,'" since it apparently has neither bot
tom, sides, nor roof. Tho darkness with
in this place is appalling. Turning to
the East tho party walked a dibtance of
about a quarter of a mile, when they
camo to a llight of natural stops, forty
or fifty in number, terminating in a wide
platform, tho entrance to a mammoth
hall, supported by Corinthian pillars of
various thickness and eudlesj in num
ber, ail white as snow ami glisteuing as
though studded with millions of dia
monds. This hall is estimated to be
two hundred feet in w idth, and commu
nicates with a number of passages lead
ing off in various directions, iiono of
which have yot been explored.
Proceeding on their way tho explor
ers found a river of ruuning water, is
suing no one knows whence, and going,
no ono knows where. It is about fifty
feet wide and three feet deep. The par
ty fullowed its course down stream to
tho falls, where tho water goes roaring
over a precipice into tho darkness bo
low. Explorations on a lake showed that
the noiso was mudo by u huge waterfall,
where tho water falls a distunce of fifty
feet. Tho luko is circular in shape, and
has no vissible outlet for water. There
were eight or ten dark passages found
upon the banks of the hike, leading in
all directions, but the guide accompany
ing the exploring party lost his courugo
and refused to go further. The party
worothon about eight or ton miles from
their starling point. They were iu tie
cave forty-three hours.
Pad Habits.
Understand clearly tho reason, nnd all
the reasons, why tho habit is injurious.
Study tho subjoet until there is no ling
ering doubt in your mind. Avoid tho
placos, the persons, tho thoughts that
lead to temptation. Frequent the places,
associate with tho persons, indulge the
thoughts that load away from tempta
tion. Kcey busy. Idleness is tho
strength of bad habits. Do not give up
tho struggle when you havo broken your
resolution once, twice, ten times a thou"
sand times. That only shows how much
need there iB for you to strive. "When
yon havo broken resolutions, just think
tho matter over, and endeavor to under
stand why it was yon failed, so that you
may bo upon yoar guard against a re
currence of tho same circumstances. Do
uot think it a little or an easy thing that
you have undertaken. It is folly to ex
pect to break off a habit in a day, which
may havo been gathering strength in
you for years.
Truo Politeness.
A poor Arab going through the desert,
met with a sparkling spring. Accust nnod
to brackish water, a draught from this
sweet well in the wilderness seemed In his
simple mind, a present to offer to the
caliph. So ho filled his leathern bottle,
and, after a weary tramp, laid his humble
gift at his sovereign's feet. Tbe monarch,
with the magnanimity that may put many
a Christian to tho blush, called for a eup,
and filling it, drunk freely; and, with n
smilo, thanked the Arab and presented
hiin with a reward: The courtiers pressed
eagerly around for a draught of tho wou
dcrful water, which was regarded us wor
thy such a princely acknowledgment. To
their surprise the caliph forbado tho in to
touch a drop. Then, after the simple
hearted giver loft tho royal presence, with
a now spring of joy welling up iu his heart,
the monarch thus expluinedtho motive for
his prohibition.
"During this last journey, tbe water in
this leatheru bottle had become impure
and distasteful; but it was an offering of
love, and, as much, I accepted it with
pleasure. I feared, however, that if I
allowed another to taste it, he would not
conceal his disgust. Therefore it wa that
I forbade you to parfake, lest the heart of
the poor man should be wounded."
To bo always repining and complain
ing is unworthy of a man; but he who is
endued with virtue and satisfied with
hia lot,' is truly rich andrcully good.
Ton Columns in u Nut-Shell.
A New England merchant, doing a
largo business, requiring several clerks.a
short timo since tiiksed several articles
of value from Lis st.rre. Ho determined
to watch the habits of these young men,
to il.worfT, if possible, which one, if
either of llunu, was uutrustworthy.
There was ono of them who appeared
particularly active and faithful; his dress
was inferior to that of tho other clerks,
and ho was evidently not particularly
popular among them. Tho merchant
learned that this young man remiucd
for half an hour or more after the others
left, with tho door of tho store locked.
This awakened his suspicions, nnd he ar
ranged a plan to conceal himself iu tlio
store, so that he iright discover what
occurred when tho clerk supposed him
self to be uuoLsiarved.. Hivifg sent the
young man ou un errand just before the
hour of closing, ho entered his plao of
concealment. Tho door was locked as
usual, at the proper time. The clerk nt
mice begal to sweep and pnt the estal
lishmt nt iu order. Whilo waiting for
tho dust to sottlif, he w.ns seen to go be
hind the counter, and taking something
from beueath it, placo it in tho breast of
his coat. Tho merchant was now alive
to discover what had been taken, and
what w as to be done with it. The young
man went to tho window, and sat in si
lence a few moments, apparently exam
ining tho package which ho had taken
from his breast. Tho merchant was not
long left in doubt. His clerk soon fell
upon his knees. Ho saw that it was the
Bible he had been reading. And now
ho offered aloud a simple and touching
prayer for himself, his mother and sistor,
his employer, and particularly for n
brother clerk, who, ho feared, was yield
ing to temptation. After he had finish
ed ducting he left tho store, unconscious
of having had a human eye upon him.
It is easy to believo that the merchant
was deeply affected by what ho had seen
ftiul heard. Tho clerk's salary was in
creased several hundred dollars a year,
and ho was give:: tho position made va
cant by the discharge of another, whoso
criminal acts had been discovered.
Letters of Kacommendation.
A gentleman advertised for a boy to
assist him in his ol'ico, and nearly fifty
applicants presented themselves to him.
Out of tho whole number ho in a short
timo selected one and dismissed the
"I should like to know," said a friond,
"on what ground you selected that boy,
who had not a singlo recommendation."
"You nro mistaken," said tho gontle
mag; "ho had a great many. Ho wiped
his feet when he came in, and closed the
door after him, showing tlmt ho was
careful; ho gave up his seat instantly to
that lame old man, showing ho was kind
and thoughtful: ho took off his cap when
ho camo in, and answered my questions
promptly nnd respectfully, showing ho
was polite; ho picked up the book which
I had purposely laid upon tho tloor, nnd
replaced it on tho table, while nil the
rest stopped over it or shoved it asido;
and ho waited quietly for his turn, in
stead of pushing and crowding, shoeing
that bo was orderly. When I talked
with him. I noticed that hisclothes were
carefully brushed, his hair in nice order,
mid his tcoth brushod; and whon ho
wrote his name, I noticed that his finger
nails wore clean, instead of being tipped
with jet, liko that handsome little fellow's
in tho blue jacket. Don't yon call those
things letters of recommondation ? I do,
and I would givo more for what I can
tell about a boy by using my eyes ten
minutes, than all tho fine letters ho can
bring me."
How Warner Ciot His Nymp'j.
Wagnor, the great German Composer,
has great influence with the King. Tho
following incident is given to prove it:
The now opera of "lihoingold" was
performed for tho first time in Munich
on tho '27th of August, 18G'J. As in the
case of the "Master Singers" tho King
donated an extraordinary amount to do
fray tho expenso of preparation. Wag
ner conceived tho idea that his Rhino
should not be porsouated by rolling,
painted vanvass, but that a veritable
stream of water must flow across the
stago. Then came a dubious thought;
as tho scene requires a nymph to swim
from ono rocky shore to the other by
the light of a sotting sun, who was to do
it. Tho part was to bo takon by Fran
loin Mtllinger, nnd Wagner hit upon the
brilliant idea of causing tho King to or
der the lady to tuko swimming lessons.
Sore Eyes.
The following reoeipt for the oure of
inflamed eyes is given : "Take a potatoo,
and after quartering it, gtate tho heart as
fine as possible, and place tho gratings be
tween pieces of cambrio muslin. Place
the poultice over the eyes inflamed, and
keep it there 6 ft eon minutes. Continue
the operation three successive nights and
a perfect cure ensues." It ia worth try
ing by those afflicted with sore eyes.
Quite recently a coroner's jury in Con
necticut where deliberating over the body
of a man whose prcdeliction for strong
drink bad brought him to a quiescent
state, nnd thoy hud just concluded to bring
in a verdict of "dolirinm tremens," when
the supposed defunct roso to a semi-re
cumbent posture and playfully exclaim
ed, "Here's one of yer jury as votes 'No.' "
The light of friendship is like tho light
of phosphorus; most plainly seen when
all around is dark.
NO. 12.
Vie nv received and want to sell
Complete istck of .Mcrihainlis.-, ut prices
to suit tho times. Yuu can buy of us,
Satinet f s,
FlitniK'ls, ass'ttl colors,
Plank ots,
Jiiciikfast Capes
Wo mako a spcinlty of
II A 11 1) W A K E.
And inten l keeping on hand to suit Buy
cm all kinds of
Mcelianirs' Tools,
Puildimr 1 larrlware,
Cutlery of all kinds
and everything in this line, nud will sell
them ns low as they can bo bought aud
brought here.
We will buy your Wheat, your Corn
your Oats, liuttor, Eggs, Chickens, T'ricd
Fruit, Pe:w. ,'ic.
Emigrants and Travellers.
If yon nrc pninpto Memphis, I.jttlo fine!;, Pine
RltiH, New Orleans, tbilver'toii, Texas, or any
point on tlie Mis.-i.-sippi, lleil nr Ar!i:iiifsH Kiv
ers, or to St. Louis, Kainas City, St. Joseph,
Omaha, nr any piiint West or .Northwest, bo cer
tain and buy your tickets via
St. Louis, Memphis, Nashville and
Great hrocgii Line.
Trains run thronsh from Chattanooiu to Mem
phis, Tcun,,nnd Columbus, Ky.,
Without Change of Cars.
Therefore making
Only One Changr Jiilniin Clidllant.eg
and St. O his.
This is the short and quick route West and
Northwest, bein from
an b'th anv other route. And eoieil, il'not bet
tor than any Line to Texas, Arkansas and the
Mississippi river.
'.migrant hv this route will not he put in lint
Cars which have no tires, seats nr cumloi'ls of
any kind; but will havo excellent Piiseiuer
ears, thoroughly heated nnd well vrntiltted.
ricmctmier tins and give us a trial aud see if we
do nnt do as we m-onuse.
Bates of Emigrants are as follows :
Knoiville to Memphis, 913.90
' Little Hock, 20.00
" St. Louis, (Rail) 2 1 .35
" " (River) 17.:i."i
" Kansas City, (River) 'il.'.lj
" " " (Rail) 3 1 .:."
" St. Joseph, " :il.:i.-
" " (River) 27.3:
Omaha, " 33. 3j
' " (Rail) 8J.35
" Sail Francisco, (Rail) .. . . 1 1 l.U.i
" " ;i!icr) 110.35
" Kansas City, all River,.... 2I.S5
rassensors and Emigrants by this Line from
Chattanoota havo choice of 3 different Routes to
the West and Northwest, ns follows : Via Union
City, Hickman or Louisville, tucrefore thing ti
superior advantages overall other Routes.
Trains ruu to and from Chattanooga,
as follows :
3.10a.m. Sundays Eiccpted. 4.3ila. m
8.00 p.m. Daily, 7. HI p. m
All passengers are entitled to 100 povnds tmu;
ftiue, which will bo handled with caro free of
For further information address Agents of this
Line nt the following places :
R. M. Hook, Chattanooga, Tennessee.
II. C. Rose, "
L. L. Osmont, Cleveland, "
11. W. Renfro, Loudon, "
W. J.Tnvlor, Morristown, "
O. M.Hiiirill, Knoxvillc, "
For CJtiiek Timo and Sure Connec
tions dou't forgot to buy your Tickets
of the
Si. Louis, 3rmphin, Xaahville and Chatta
nooya Civut Thrumh Line,
Gelil Suoeriutcndcnt
Oen'l P. & T. Agent
. Lctter-llcails
Xently pvinW rt th Entarjiriso OffifO
R. K. IS.
KiKlwiiy'ai Ui-ixlv IfoIIof
'ere, the wert Jainj
!.'.' IT.i'M iiNK T') TV. KN IT .MIStTES
i ' in II ir af rr r-r.lm... U aiii,o
""'t !. i .n.y -. n.S .- wita a:a.
KAI V. AVa LL.VHY P.i:i.!;? I, a care farav
ry pain,
l! r.i the first an 1 is
t!: it ;i,.-iiitly ,t..pi (he mo-t axcrueiaiivf piles,
s'.luva in:! ii.un iiim:, ni l turn conjs.tion.
wh.-t icr of ti e Lnnt. Siiaiach, Hows!,, or alb
errands or urbane, by una ppliosiiua.
In f.i.i.t ONE to TWENTY minutes,
no m-.ttrr tow ifl'.,-nt or excrueialint; the yt
the Ll.eureitia, Lcd-riddeii, Infirm, l'riip:.d,
rv Neural jic, or prustrtltd with d.teai
mi' silver,
Will atford instant ease.
Inrlimmition ol the kidnevs,
Ir.i'imuutba of tie Raiser.
InlUmmatioa of the Rowela.
Conrntiee f the Lann.
Sore Throat, Difficult Rrosthin,;.
Palpitation ef tie Ueart.
Hysterics, Croup, Plitha. ia.
Catarrh, IaSaaaia.
Headache, Toothaclia.
Neuralgia, Bhauaatltai.
Cold chills, .Vu, Chills.
The application u! Ih Ready Pelief te taa
part or parts where the pain er "difficulty axiate
will arl.ird ease and comfort.
Twenty drops in hlf tumbler af water will
in a few momenta cure Crampe, ttpasmi, Soar
Siouineh, lleariiiurn, Sick llfadaehe, Diarrhea,
Dysentery, Colic, wml la the kewels, aad all
internal piu.
Travelers should alwajs oarry a battle ef
Radmiy's Re.idv Relief with tben. A law
dm' in water will jravent aieknesa ar eaiat
In. in change of wator. Ii ia beitar tbaa t raaua
Krauay or Risers sa a itiinulaut.
Fever and iiit cured for M cents. Thara la
Mil a remedial i.avnt in thi world that will cure
Fever an I .Apu, an I nil u'her Mal irioua, llilll
eiis. Snirlet, I'vpiinid, YcMnw, and otl:r fevers,
(siiled Ly K nd r; ays Tills) so uoick aa Kaiwaj'e
Ready Relief. 1 illy tents per toll! a.
Health ! Heauty ! !
Strong ui'l pure ri.-h blo.vt iucretut of floh
nii'l -ii!it i luir uU:i nu beautiful comlti
iuii urctiri"! to till.
1'K. KWiWAY'S vHitpariMiin FchoItaiiI
loin niii'U' th rwirt nntiiiMiiiu cures. u quick,
i-o liij H tun tin' Hi'tmiifirr tin ImW util-nt;oa,
nii'L't- t!ic intluuik't'of thUtrulj wundtu'l'ul uio
ilifinf, thiit cterv iUv ru iucrai iu ikab tud
Wvivfht M Ft'Ch ntuj felt.
in k ;ri:.t moon rciunr.a. irv
ilrnp of tlif S;irrtii:u i!li:m !o!Trnt eommiiuf
cutufl tlinuih the Uiu', swhutt. trine, ktv'1 tlh
rr llui'li nl juices erf tho rUsieni th. i,or of
ltfi1, Inr h rp:iil the WTtri , f r hmh witb
iiowuii'l m-unil luMcrinl. KcriifuU, S;'rhili,
t'ot.Mimpti.Hi, .iUtnliiliir I)iet8?t, Ulctrt in
the throiit url mouth. Tuwri, .NoJctt iu thr
gUii'H? ati'l otltcr pnrtA of tho MMtcm, 8oi
biB, StruuifMiirt pin.ili.iiM dvM the ar.i ti t
tiio wnr.-t t'l.ruii. uf Skin flintvinopt, F.ruplioiH, K
vcr Sun-, ScnM II.kuI, Kin? Worm, Kilt fUiciim.
Kn ipe'nr1, .Vm., k iSpittn, Worms in tlio
I'Icmi, Tuiiiorv, 1'unct'H In the Wutnli. ivuJ oil
wi-u!,ciiih nu 1 pniiitu, lii-.ehaifcpn, Niht
SwcitM, of Upci ui, mul all wi-..-tts of tuo
itV priiifij K', iu within tho rurMivo ran;;o of
th'iii wtiiiutT uf iint-le m chemistry, and a loir
Uvh' iti'i will pnur to any ;erou uniri it lei'
itl'i't- nt' iIh.-hu ftirms of (iuetuut. iitt patent pow
er t' run; them.
11 tho pHtit-tit, daily becoming reduced It tho
wiii-tt'n tuft d''mi minor, tlmt Is continually
pr-f'tTCHl'ie, rUTTei-tltf in urrciotinir thcuo wnoto.
un l ivtuiirn lli.' H'liuo i:h neir material mad a
ir-'irt lifaltiiy Mood nnd thin the atna prvrj I li nu
will itiid dni'n hfcure n euro is certain; lor
vtU'Ui mice this rvuti iiy e;uuitii'u its) work of
puriftriiti' ii, nnd hiKTcr-U in tJiiuitiiohtn the
lor-mif tvntti'i, itH rcpnim will ,t rapid, aud ot-
d'tv tho i-utlciit will I'tttr. hiiuif irrowinx
ht'ttt'i- nud !' iii.T'T, l!ui tW! diirHtini hottoj".
tippftitn inci turnup mil 11 en 1 1 mid irviht io-
eiTi.fi n.
Nut onlv ilf'r-Htlie S)ir8ni!iriHifn Uonolvent ex
cel ill known rr-nu'duil mri-utu in tho euro uf
Ohi'unic, SiTofulonH, CutMhtnttoiiiil and id kin,
disetuet'H, nut it is the only pitne euro top KlJ
n',r nnd iMul let- romplnints. I'tinary nud Womb
dhcilM's, Uftivi'l, iMiaU'ifM, iJiupsy, Slnppno of
Will it. liui.utiiii'n,o nf I'riiif, llnI.t's hif-paho,
AllMiuiiiiuri't. hu t in all vtMA win re there arw
hriek-tlutt ilrpn- in urtlio wtUir in thick, cloudy,
tni'fd with nuht:iiu:', l:k the white uf an ejr,
or IliiTudu like unite ilk, or there is morbid,
dnik, dillmiM tippcuraiuto, un l white bone-dim
di'powits utid when thfie ia a pricking, burning
fcitHtioii writ ii punning water, and puio lathe
01 null of the h ick :tnd tilting the loin.
)p. Had way's IVrlVct l'ltrgutiTO Pilli
IVitVt'tly ItwtelpHH. rli-gmtly .'intcd with sweet
Kiim, puiyo, Kvuhile, purify, clcunso aod '
tmi-thn. Ititdw;iy'n Pilis, for tlio cure of all
disorders of the Ftoniuch, Lifer, Iloweln, Kid
tU'VH, libiddfr, Ncivutirt liim'Ortes, lUadiiclm,
Coivtipuli'-n, .'oHtm-ncsH, Iridi;?eMinn, Ihrspep
Kin, itilloiir-ucHr), liillium I'ovt'is, Infl.unim.tion of
tho IIuwcN, I'ilfrt, and all dermienients of tho
Internal Viscera. Warranted lo elTft a posi
tive cure. Purely Vet;rltihle, containing no
mercury. Mineral or duk'tcriotiti druj;.
ft" OhHi rre the following pinptoniri roault
inn Irnrn Oihonler.-uf the Li;o&tive Organi:
t'o!itipnt ion, Inward Pili'H, FullnetH of t'.io
Hlood iu the Ilfnd, A fid ity of tho Stomach,
Nausea, Miartlmni, I'lHust of Fowl, FnllnesB or
Weight in lh Stmn.-ch, ii.ur Kructntiuus, Pink
ing r Fliitttiriui; at thu I'it of the Stomach.
A few do.sen uf Itudwuy's Pill will free the
system from ll ahore lnmicd disorders
Price, 'lb centH per Ilex. totd by Drupjietri.
Heml ' V:ha and Trm," .?cnd ouo letter
stamp to Railway X Co., No. 87 Maiden La no,
New Viitli. Inluruiatioa worth tliuunun'ls will
ho Ht nt you. jj ti'71ly
A. I!oou io tlii AVfiolo IIhoo
ol" Womtiu !
Fcnznl Regulator!
IT WIf.I, lirinp: on the Menses ; relieve all poin
st the monthly ' Perind ;'' core Riicuiua-tii-ni
and Neurul'iii of lluek sn:l L'ter'ts; I.eu
corrlura or ' Whites," and partial rrnla)isua
Tleri ; elicck exoesiie tlow, ani correct all ir
regularities peeulinr to ludlen.
It will remove nil irritutiou of Kidneys anl
Ithidarr ; relievo ( ostiveneos : purity I lie illuol ;
rive time and strength to the whole system;
clear tho skin, impiirtiii'; a rosv liue to the
cheek and cheerfulness to the niiiel.
It is ns sure a euro In all the nhovo diseases
as Quinine is in t.'hills and Fuver.
l.ii'liea etm cure tle-mr-elves of all the flhore
ilisenes without revealing their eotnpliiiiits to
any one, wLieh is always inortiiyiiig to their
pride me! mode.-ty
It is recommended by the best physiciana and
the clergy.
I,fln.N(;K,'GA., Mnreh 1?,, 1P70.
Ilnullield & Co., Atlanta, tin. Dear Sirs : I
take pleiiMire in slatini; tlmt I have used for the
ln-t twenty years the niedh ine you are now put
ting up, known as ir. .1. RradO'eld's Female
Regulator, and eiusider it the best comhiniitiogl
ever gotten together tor tho di.ieases for which,
it is recouimuieied. I have been fumiiiar with
the preeripli'in loth as a prai tLinner of nieiit
cinc and in doinestiu praetiee, and can honestly
siy that 1 con.-ider it a boon to HulFeriin; fa
males, and can but hope that every lady In our
land, who may be sntle riiif! in any way peculiar
to their sex, nisy be able to procure a bottle, tlmt
their sull'erinjs may not only be relieved, but
that they may be rextortdto health and strength.
With 111 y kindest rcMrdi, verv respectful
ly, W. It. FKRHELL, M. 1).
N Kn Mariftta, sarch 21, 1870
Messrs. Wm. Root Son. Hear Hirs: Some
months nirn 1 bcmtiht ii buttle of llradlield's Pe
neile Uriilatin Inini you, and havo iied it iu
my tamily with the utmost satisfaction, and
have recommended it to three other families, an I
they have found it just what it is reeninmrnded.
The females who have used your RHlib'LATOR
are in perfect health, aud are able to nttend to
theii household duties, and we cordially recom
mend it to the publio. Yours respectfully,
We could add a thousand other certificates ;
hut we consider the above amply sufficient proof
of its virtue. All wo ask is a trial.
For full particulars, history of diseases and
certificates of its wonderful cures, the reader ia
referred to the wrapper around th bottle.
Manufactured and sold by
Price 41.50. ATLANTA, UA.
Sold by all Druggists.
Sweetwater, Tenn.
WILL VRACTICF. in the Counties' of Monroe,
Loudon, Roane, MeMinn, Meiia, Rhea,
Rrndley and Polk, vi I in the U. 8. Court anl
Supreme Court nt Kuoxville, Tcnn.
dee'.'l '71-tf
N'eatly printed at thooiticeof tboSwek
VTtitor Enterprise.

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