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The Sweetwater enterprise. (Sweetwater, Tenn.) 1869-187?, March 21, 1872, Image 3

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Your Tlir.o if l"p.
!f li aes a cross n ark on tin mar;
of y.-ur paper, it U a tigo tint jour term
of ..it i i) ilon l.ai expired, and 'you are
reqiie-itcd to renew at one.. There- is a
i "ii !. i i i. f mh-cril ers on onr books who
have nut paid up fur tli e past year. All
a' reigni-xted to cnuie forward it Mice
and .ot t If.
Goods nt Cost.
We have a good lot of ready-made
clothing, coals and pants, which wo pro-
I n.na t.i a.itl mt .n.t fue .V.li Wm nlft
candidates for nftW thrn.izh this pa-j , , r 1 i-.
.;m I. - i . i i have a lot of ladies shoe, or eooil qnalitv,
J-ar i.l I. required (.i pay oi-h in ml- 1
'i(D f.,r ilia sane. Announcem-nta for ! "'''!l wi!1 "l d'-Parnml twer..
..tijr", $10; St it IT1. $10; r audi i tv-five centi per psir. Civo u a .-nil and
" ,'r,;i," Senator, county cm- J ,,,Ki, t , l.nrpain.
TKTjr.snAY. :."AP.on 21. is?3.
MMHt 1 1 1 n mm ie I
;' . ' 'I
h V rrrrcvou .?. ri.. ? tmw r. v. v.
awl orttryit k iioffan. p't'n..i,.Ye..
.r ti ..hi tcens fie sa 'HfrniM Fiit.j
t'Walatl.'swijiiea.aad aremitha.ifr.l me "nta.
ftf tanln iiT'i.'nat ! at our li.weaf
ei rw.". A.'-rt'rs rvi'Med tn leave
tValr hMn wild either ,.( tl.e afore lininea.
&l iTa N i "i )Tjj E K ' MA TTF.l'.S.
Parties d'li'inj to announce- them -wives
Join, i.
Tr ,h Voter of Monroe County.
I hereby announce 'myself as a candi
date fn- the uffit" of Trustee of Monro
fir.o. W. .Vavo.
I'.. I ! : f
To t'li' JYci!i of Tti;nPHHCf.
.:, r-p'.:n t the x.r'i i'i of a pnmi
J." (Jjwir, xtim.-ieiulv e.-noal u n'l i .
e-.'i-J tiicn'iol in v .i.-:i.n in i'tn mattpr,
I vim mir e ti;Hlt n rimldatfl fur
o'V'.'S "f ..'nd f 'In? Sii.rtm Cimrt, ,
.1 v:i 1 S lh ri-.it'iint:i'ii of Hon. I
T. A. K. N''!mui. Klcciion fimt '1'liiir.il.iv j
11 ViKMia', n.-it J. li. ("( M)KK. " j
t::iiiBnoii!. Man-h 1 lt. tf
Autliorlzpil A'pntx.
W. H. KilihlV A .Son, Iltf.n, 0a., lire
ml'hiiT lft to receive ami receipt for nub
Mr. .1. W. Clark U eroctinff a Carpen
ters !!inp on the vacant lt in front of Mr.
.1. W. (inilihini'a resilience.
IIiikIi I. Cry, ia Wildinp a machine
Imp, near the ereeV on Cid. I.onoir'a land
in 'rout of tho J're'hvtorian Church,
Our ri'i)iation.
The populniion of Sweetwater ii now
nearly one thou-md. We hear that a
nuniher of fuinilie are making prepara
iona to mov" liTe.
The MiH CulTina have purchased a lot
Hon. Eobt. IffcFarland.
We ?ee in the I'lf nod Herahl i f yc-
terilar, the annouceniei.t of the al.ove
n miAil f-ntlim:in a a rallil.ih.tn f.ir Sn
tireina Ju.Iijo. to SU the vami cv miimI ' Dt'atli of the Mui ili't cr ol Sir. Mason
hy the resiunalion cf Hon. T. A. H. NoU
son. tin not exactly iinu.-r.it:n I tin
move on the past of Mr. Mcf.irland. We
ware informed that before the Hon. J 1.
Cooke would content to become a candi.
tint he had the aurance thut Mr. .Mc- da niorniii!'. Clth mt.. and the find mi;
Farland ciid not deaire the poaitinn. of 't!io body of Mr. .Mamii in thu rm:i-,
I he I'resa and UerHU, in an d tonal, , ,vt, hren full repotted in our column.
THE tiltEK.NYIU.E TUAUEDV. j Married,
! ,i the J'ro-lnteri.-m Chnrcli it M.d'ion
A Sfcnnd Trazvtlrat rtlorrNJtuvn I villi-. n iKe (ei in
! In l:..v V W
I i .... ... i v: 1.' I'.. Ill ..it I'o it lmi''iti re I .
I l":l II llll'l . ' I.- 4"V 1 t A. .iV'.l. ..
J I'll .- i ut'l,u....
i " ' " . ,i l. ir I .
ia onrru ii .- ' , ra'icoe
p..- -f March I i):h. I Sl-i. I linuviu
Mi.ri!-on, Mr. A, A. ! Hull; Mvitn Ho round, prime..
His HyiiiK CnnTosiuii Fncts nu
tlll. IIP
I r h-
The burning of tho tnra Lon.-e of Mr. j
I. 1. Maori, in Ij renville, on Wedin-.a-
,. ,t tl... .
r.ev....i..:, : ;'. -I -.. V.-.T. V. I!va,
ot Aiiirii, and M:f .''. ,i;it iI'lhii,
M idi.-cuville. No "Mi di.
... :k
... 4i j
after referring to Mr. McFarlind'a an
nounceuient taya:
"We will take this accaiion, in pristine
to mtjioat tn those concerned that tho
postponement of the Kadical Cniirpntinn
... i ii . i i . i , i ...
tn una JMuie, nil tne i.itn ni ; minii-takuVdy ton n.ai pin:
not without a design, ar.d poiblr nena- y;,, ,. ,is the loiirih-n-r ot
the elcttcnient caiifed py the triiredv
has been very great aince tho morning on
which the affair occurred.
A Cnroner'.H j.iry wa-i a', onco einpan
nellcd an ! the evMencn elicited pointed
1 ;.,
" ronno.il
!' a V h
.ItiaiiN U')it:o Y tu!i
Tern n w ill tin enr V Lush......
I'l'iver eed V bnuli
t'ollee Itrr.ii!
In I. I A ide S II V boeli
" V. :: ei 22 Ihn V uni.culc l
ciliimtl I'.l.uuiliT 1.1.8 r..rM.ii!0tir.io l-e.'ti '! y and delivered
1 I r vii V ilo
();icrntirij lur'dy nil the list of Ktilmcri- i Ke.iiln-i?jl'rime
i . .1 i i ft Klaxre. l t.ithel
l)i rn ti) the ( iiictti u:it t i tkly iii(,s. 1 .,iir,..( y n,
Ktiio-ti fi'oin tho TiiiioH liv n former at- " ""
I...... u . .I
)'..: nil: CP lieou ilmiuotod tn j ,i,,v m,
A ineanor umii th iti tiu.-oiiu v!;n-.st jlo ,
tliu cuppors from iv iloud iis--i-r's ryi-s"
li n:i at Inst iliscovored. Th Cii - i
! lit)
.'. j
l oo
nr x
.O-'ja, . ; ... ,st:V;r'-
t H; 'yy
P.-incioa! t"r I. If T. ri:'th
- n. i i : if . ?! .i i
ior iirowii.ow i.i.n.-eii, was inn limy au- anA ,he fc, n l who, alter tin- ,-f Mocl j , , ;,- ; :,.;.. ... I !.,..,!,.
vised of tho rral pnrpo.' whun he issued I hi,J heen done, hud uppli I !: torch o! I 1 1 1 ' I!k fleim o
1 1 1 ; . o t . I, . L. i' . ... ; I- i,.-j ..r . "i.i'-o. 1 lil-s m.i-ui hi i o ' ui 'lie
hiii protest against to late a dav. Tl.
ea'er dchiL'ns of aotne men upon the Su
premo lo nth are not entirely abated by
uny means. It will hi; well tn cosider
the possibilities of the future, while it is
vet time."
. 4
os iii wliioli tho nT-;vT is n
i noisc tlmn tho tliii f.
the murder.
Tin: evidence ajoiinst Sim" w
direct that on Moiolnv, 1.-;, I i ti ; ... -
Sheriffs .liiniea Mercer and Jan i I)..-lij finvernnr Cm peiilrr, oft );i in, it is .said,
were authorized to effect his arre-t. They I wa imi'ieuratud in a Mlit of hoiorspnii.
I learned tbnt Simpson, apprehending :ir- ; mid d!ie;l t-d t!i- people w.th In i ff -.-
. t- i- i iiii io-.s r"'t lall'-d from tloi town, lid wan ; bility mi I uood wnw." The Cr-t impulse
rt. . on cm .va.,as oarcn i n,iu, followed and traced to Morris-own. ; , ,, r, tdioo this is to nsk for some noolili-
Simpson, it appears, arrived in Morris-1 ca'i-m of our lun wl.erohv liovemor Car-
town, iibout daik, on Monday, and alter j per'er miht bo Hissed uround from itate
Suit V Seek
busheld .
Mr. .lauies lean, UL'ed (jO vear.s.
This .ii'li'niiiii cauia to ns in the colo
ny thut left Sweetwater, Knit 7'cnnesee,
la.-t October. He wan a natife of Vir
ginia. His health had been bad for sev
eral years. For oina time after the ar
rival here bin frieuiU were fluttered with
the delusive hope of his reeoverv. Hut
poin into .several store", went lot
barber hhop and was shaved. IIn pursu
ers, passing by tho shop, noticed him ill
side, and Mopped outside. toa.:iil h's exit.
A.s Simpson stepped fro n tin door of
tilt. whin, li w i.rdnrrwl li, niirri..l.ir
.iiiriu Ol ciwii oil iiiu ni ivn'-i .iii iw.,-., j uiouit? ioi iiic woistt mini liter, ins 004 Uei-I
eoirni-iitii' tho litirsners. he t.tt.Min.tnil i.. .. t.l ........ I . il
1 1.. ..lnn... ...ni...l ! li.iins rf.l oroad. urn w itlioot u 01 11 rm 11 r op . 1 . . 1 . - . 1 '
ana are m nav a uon miHn. . ...: r ,,raw wu'ioii, i in" sun J 11 in s'a l-
lo Srat", t 1 spend a year or two with eaeh.
A io'.riir in homesy.tn, ';ilf.ible and
sensible." would never be lint of employ
ment "Tiie Vi ai.di rino I iovei nor'' would
be us reii.... n- i as th.. W . titl rif .lew,
and miulit ro'i.t'- in-' a- loiig without h'S-
o.. ii .. 1 t.o
I r-iij;:ir ot-iii.i iin;.i
: Tiill .w V II IU
Wheat White per biil.r1 Prime
lied Prime
Augusta Markets-
Corrected Weekly by Ct)X, JACK.
SON A CO.. Produco and Coininission
Men 'hunts, 3t,it liroiid S;reet.
Auumri. (5a , Mir h PU'i, H7J.
iolil Biiyiiii.', ll; selling. 111. C. t-
VKF1 P..NDRn iiul pi'rn ri'ie-l l.r i
leading rh!elin.s tl, ,n ui.;. ..tl.ir 1
nuw to use. They me
I For Frer and Afroe, Inierpiiftent. :7!roneis.
' mid all disiod-'i s u ri -i n- r.,ri msinrions ou'is-s.
' Tney are hiiMjr ree.i-iii. e. di d an Anti 1
feptir. and in canea f ;ndi.o'it;oii ure invuln i
ble. .s an aroeriier an l ri-ri.,-ruiit. inrl in
cases ofi-eneral del.iliiy, ther Imve never, in a ! 'V1
einsle inatance, fii!el 'in piibic:ii2 the iuoat 1 "
liuppv resiiln. They are particularly
?trrnthoi.inp th IhhIt, lnviifiTntinp th niiti1.
tor:, t, 20 C.iMt-n -miiIs Au-ruM.. jin l pivin tone inl vUhX'u itv to the u
I'heon'y re'iuh e Ijiti letrihotinit In thaaoM.-;
$100, 00 0 0 0
T aa oi.araiRv.Ta- t
37l sjlidl-ANM.AI.
Gift Ijiit'rpiis'.N
Tube drawn .lon ijr, J! ir I. U'tri, i-.72.
One Gran'J Capital Priso of
1 0,00 0 IN (j () L i.l .
ON E l'KIZE $5,000 IN SIl.VEi!.
five I'i i ira 1.l00 .
Hive IVm-a i . ul J GUBSNDAC.'CS : '.
IV u I'riu-a 1UJ
Two Family 0rri i ; in I Mutche I tin w ir:t i
S:li-i--iiiiinir.i-.t llm oe-i-, noi tli $ ,5n I ea.-ii !
i-es nn I nnirvteii.witU Milvei-uii'UiiU'd t i.r
s. worth ifiiuo
l'.ni Kiei'-o.tio 1 ttiii-v-wiHMl Piaiiii. iverih (t '
len FiiioUv Sewing Macldm s. mxlli ii I fi t t.l
Filteen hundred i'il I and .sitter l.i-i-r Huntte
WtiKlies, noith from 2-1 tn .'t"i .lotl iri iieli.
I ji-1 1 e.s ui. i-i i.ei.nt.iie l linliii. lien; .- ii .;J vr-t
eri1.t.ona...adverti.sinl;for tho Knter- . J. W. Clark has the eontraet, and the j J'f""' ; 1,0 -1P '""''--l;'"'"'''' ; inj. to away.
IVirtlcu'.itr Nollet.
In t.m ab-fi.e.i o( the K'ditor of this pa
I Mn. fl 11. Caktii'., our Foreman,
i'i H't-i d tn all busiunss coi.nocttd with
h- olKou.
r tin. ,,,, .ni I, .oh
'I... u I........ ,.;i ,i..i,;i.i. i i.. r . . : ... ...
1 bnililioe in tn I rntnnleted bv tioit fail. - ""-."""" ' " i et the depulv hherillH lln il i t In ill. Mil"
bulling is to ,PlJ1 1 circle nMr.end-, who had learned the t.o- ,' ,-U ,rf,.,.t. r, ,,, .,,,,
i tile .piaiitieaut in heart. . the lle-hv noitioi. of th.-tlil.rl. seven,,,.
Mr. Dean put his whole 'trust in tho , . f,.n,,.ritl i.rterv. The wound proved
Cant. C. Turner.
ii. i.i .t . . i . -. .. c n..n.:,... ,,n
lie at um pii-nsinii i-i in-.-...',; - . .
r lrii-tiil
-i-i .-uiiiiiiL's, iiiioiil nj.i ua., lUo; i " 1 1 i -i . on i r.n-i ai eiie..onnieu : ii.hius, Solid nnd Doulde-Pliiied .SiU,-, T ,l.,.
Shirtioos, .-)!( ,ds, l e- . 4 Sheetii,.', M.-Kl "ith the ercitest cure, nu t no tome mnnulunt ,iwl iv.isp.siiia . fhjto imph Albuma. Juwelrv,
. I. i-i' i u ii ', . i i,7. haa ever belote been oitereil to the puldio an r t... v. ,.
- - .-. i.-v- j v- i., i-o oirini so iniiny reno'Ml u Mjf.'lOH lllo-lsel yine Fillv TI'OUraild
I hirtin's, lUUd yds lie; 4-4 Sheeting, norti.-al friitei nit the be-t kniorii to the A'iF.NTM W A N I Kl Tn SKLl. TK K ETS
I ll:)il Tils I'll- 7 M llrill. lull eils It... rharniio.cvla. It coets but Utile to jiu them a : . , , , , ,, ... ,'
mi ripens to .slimmer J '."" J" ! ' " ) He; -,tir triI ri'i ! To wluuu liberul I'remr.uia will he paid.
..hiti .n of inineaeh- Ijlclimofu! Osiinl.iirj: Stripen, 8S.iyd.s lr.e; ' j siK:e Ticket. ?.': Six Ti keta 'U; Tive 1 hU-
; ( nunt;, I.r yds 1 -lu. l.oin, unxoil, Sifi; J-very i anniy ,-ikiuiii nave a ioti.p. us .'u; iweiu.i-nve li.keiH io.
H hit. '.IS in Jim lav snicks. W hi ut. v.. : i. .i. w...t.i .,.. i. .. i ir. iil is contain, n lull u-t oi piues, :i
nt , liners, noil on-rl ill Mia full . i .... .111 1 .
. .., ir. 1 ,., r ,i. . ; , 1 latul unu fiiuipson u en aiioiu. iniiinisiht.
v. '. .,. , v I irnimpii .r 1-i.itn. i lie writer eon.lucted , w ,,an, t,.,t ,,r,viUs to his death, ; actuij;
nrm 01 .ai.ry, 1 urni-r tx i., ini'.omi;.
He ia now engaged in the produce 1 usi
ne.n nod ia connected with the old, relia
ble firm of Barrett A 1 1 i trp i n, Augusta,
(ia. Capt. Turner is now in East Ten
nessee soliciting consignments of produce.
We commend him to dealers.
and that be shall stand at tho latter day
upon the earth :
"And thoii".li after my skin worms de
stroy this body, yet iu my flesh si. Ml I see
.od." .f. C. Post,
Pastor of the liaptist Church,
Fort Scott, Kansas.
Tho Mark.
iSuhsuribera wh 'e term of subscription
has expired will find a Cross M irk on the
margin of their paper. All audi are re-
iiierrtd to renew within one wees ov their
papers will be discontinued. Ileaiember TllP NotifOi
tint by retuittiur; two dollars, foi one Purporting to he from one of our sub
,-e.ra subscription to the Enterprise you cribers at Allien", lenn was sent loo ; , , u t m,NSi( ..
" ! inanpf inn lt tVitd luaita A I kill it ' "
,.t the Vmericai. Vrmer-i AdfocnU, free . , The local paper ia at. ahsnlut, ncccs-ity
for one year. tf j lhl, f rif ti1B j,in(j unieM tnB nan, 0f the to the county and community where it is
JYrsjOlial I au'lmf accompatues tho nntico. Therefore
. ' . , T . , I if the party will send us his name tho no
O ir old fnend ( apt. I?. J. Dav,., for. , b(, jn ouf ncxt pBper
tf ! of fiiinrgia, hut nuw of Chattanno-
.'.1, '!Vi:i . psid u tisit s few days ago. j Fop County Tmstof .
i pi I " " " j Ono. W. Mayo, is announced in thii ia-
We l 'rr that a man named Sheets was
Tl.e prin of i
in riiiriiho The
mcnl iigat!i-.t (i iM-riioi- lie.' I has passe
tl.e llou-' !' eprs,i,t,itives and has
b"C'i '' tit I i the Senate. Lieutenant .flov
crn if I'.iv liis taken tho oath of office ns
governor pi tiding the trial. Tho
iridiaus have reeetitlv d -covrieil nuitn
imtiortant stream which takes its rise
it the State treasury, and they nre nnx-
liscover where it filially empties
shnt ami killed by aome unknown party
in Louden eounty a few days sgo. No
furliier pailieulara of the ease reported
Thrt't Drinks of Whisky.
An exehanifii says that a Knoxvillo
oper bcitii; "hard up" for cvh took from
Ins 'niiM'h a set of artificial teeth sod
panned them for three drinks of whiskay.
Atlorncy Gcnornt.
Mt. Wm. Ty.. Wch ker. of Loudon, has
t e?n appointed by the (iovernor. At tor-
-v 'I'tieial for this tho Third Judicial
suo as a candidate for County Trustee.
Come up gentlemen with your names.
We have plenty of room in which to nn
nounce you as candidates for office. Ko
member that the people don't think nun h
of a man, who watita office, and fails to
make it known through the columns uf
his county paper.
The .Medical Fraternity
Of Tennessee, will hold a Convention in
Nuihville, on the 2d of April. Ainnng
j other interesting matters to come before
I the Association will be the. following ec
says, by l''a,t Tennessee physicians:
SnjirPlllr ClHSTt ' Samuel 1). Moi-es, M. I)., Knoxville
A special term of the Supremo Court, Di'plncemrnta of the CU'ius."
for ha purpose of perfecting the reeorja j F. K. Huily, M. I)., Knoxville "Med-
of the last term is now sitting iu Knox
i!le. Thf Frt rrslott Train.
'l ..' .- id tnirsion train for Colore-
,i li
iern yesterear, in
ica Topegtcphy of Kact Tcnnes-i-ee."
W. li. Sevier, M. I)., Juuesboro "Tho
Physician, his dutica and bis right.."
Ileal Estatt Am'nc.v.
l!v reference to another column maybe
H. Fllintt, tho Southern i found thi ear l of fioddard A Mayes,
V-ent o, I,- iwm i s l'ei!i,. Kailway Co. j both peutlemen rf ear toxin, who propnsn
.. , , j opubiiic i Hop i Eftate Office in Sweet-
' "''H!"'1''-'. I wut(,r) pr (u. kl,lf., purchase, renting. Ac,
v'om:' lady, very pi.ois, interrogated j l)f al ym,iH 0f rt ,,rt;lte. This will he
ll'"- little brother tuioe
"Toitnnv, who loves a!' men
To hr astonishment Tommy replied
'You d'i
Now Paoer.
We learn tint .Toe T Ivins and Col. T.
e!sn, aTe soon to start n new paper
;t Clf veh'Tnl, Ttin tn be issued in the
n'erest of th" ''New )psrtnrn'' party.
Capt. .lolm 1,. V- Kinnev, of llicevillo,
was in the oilv Tuesday. Capt. S'terl.
I! mn pripht, Heveniie Colleetor, nnd J.
M. .(ir.'i:r Assessor, was in the city ycnter
day. Shipntfiit of Cattlo.
I.at Monday there were whipped from
this depot two car Inada of cattle, the
average weieht being 12 hundred pounds.
They were raised by Rev. Robt. Sneed,
and are said to be the finest shipped from
here thii aeanon.
Yonns America
Comas to ns as fresh as the Spring
time. It is the most sparkling nnd ori
gins of the juvenile) publications just
wlia every child needs. $1,00 per year
irhsertption price, $1,,'0 with, a valuable
Demorrnt's Jlontlily.
For April is bright, nnd full of good
thiiifs as usual. Its fasninns are partiou
'arly full and interesting tn Indies, and its
literary matter varied, thoughtful, and
suggestive S11 w(5 , entertaining. It is
;.reeaiinentlv pra"tieal, and therefore
most useful -n n larnil v msgauine.
Sale of Hail roads.
The sale of the Statce ihlcrcit in the
Knoxville and Charleston, and Kndgers
Tille and Jefferson llailroadj, took place
at the Court House in Knoxville, jester
lisy. T. H. Butler, Secretary of State
and Ed. II. Ponncbakcr, Com ptrol'cr, at
tended the sale.
the funeral nhscHue, taking as a text the j Simpson eoiife-scl the crime with which I N'
2.)ih and SJGth veraea ot the 10th chapter ! ila .... ,.iri.d 7, .i..,11:1., r,f l,i J an ii
t' 'of. I ,1..;,... ui.,1 nt n...a 1W l(.ll..tvx .
fori Know tnai my t.eueemer nvetn, ''he i,lt M n.unler M:,so hd hue,. ' ' to .1
coiieoeted between Simpson, his sister, : i,HRlf-
and a nun named Win, Carter. On the
infill of the unird ir, Simpson went tn
Mason's store and was admi't'd, havini;
stir e l that he nauteil to buy some meat.
As Mason limned over a chest In get the
men! Simpson struck him over toe head
uit'.t it liiihin'T. Lil'tnir hi, n. Tliu slum
was ili.'U li.ed. S ; accounts state thut ! full.v appreciated by the public, whether
Simpson d cliieil t! n' his -,-r -md Oar-I a uhnleMile or retail pnnl;a-crs. We
tcr were present linriii.' tho murdnr an I eoi:i men 1 thein to everv class, but r-i,e-
publishea. All me city papers cannot robbery, t ithers ib.it fiey bad itidueed I j.j,. () those wuntiiiL' Seliool Hooks, Sta-
. .... 1.:.. ... - :. .1 - .1 1 I.... i i .' is
aur.ii v the Mace ot the home naner. that i cuiinuu i no o:i il went
.hould be tho first love of cverv man and I''" !,t !"" Th". n!,,ne-v n,,,;,i" (1
East Ti'iint ssco Hook Housi'.
The stock of this h.mso was never bo
fi.ro so full nnd complete ns at present,
and we are plcasrd ti learn thnt tho bu-i-'
lies eh-iraeter of tin oiit -rpiising linn is
xvhitr, 2.002. 10; Amber, l.j.,l!).,: K,.,. noi'nv iiu!sl,ed endoisement. be livsleiin. i !cripti..n ..I .he niuin er ,,r diawi r,.-. and ...1,-
.;-., 1.7.. Oats. 7"a7.-.c II , ' I --ilHl M-, "I tl.evervbiehest t,l n in their pr"IV"Hiou. i "r ''''"'" r.-ier.....-e to ,he ...tn mil..,,.
1 .IJ.'.I i . f I fll.-V. I' s) -"'Hi . t txj, I '-' J " U I I U It ll V IMIi Ol'sUI'ltli, I lit' III . let
Flour, superior, S.2.".: family, N 7.-.; extra , ",s. h' ' ' '' nd the leadnig , ,vr, lM ,,, , "
i . . .- . . ileniiuiinational pnners. . .. .. ,,
tni.tly. !...(!; f,,vy, 10.2.K M".-.l. Cty fs,T,.a M.m:s M.k.m: Hushti,., I "" , S1 I.. 0. M M Hux M
.Mills.l.tlSalatnander.nU. Lu rd.l Oja 1 . fx. I.fis, M..., (vtoher s. 1S70. ( 1 ' ,.i,..,Htu tl.
!ai'oii,s!ioulders,(;n7e; 0 II Sides.M ,js C
Sides, HoMje, Hams, !)aI2ij. liulk .Meats,
shoulders, ;.,Cc; Sides, 7.Ja7i-; Hams,
a . Tallmv, !e. Luttor, So. 1, 2"e:
Nn. 2Uc; No. 3, l..i. Kggs,2(lo. Feiith
ei, (i."a7l.ii;. Hides, (Jroen. rtjs,9c; llutell
er'.s Salt, !- a l:Sxr; Dry Fl"iut, ll iltie.
Peas, Clay, f.4."a I 50; Mixe.i, 1.2'hi 1 .2.").
Dosed Chickens, 1 1'r.i 17.',c. Hres.-ed Tur
keys. 22.i2.1o. Apples, 3.00a.1.,10.
Market more active nnd trade reviviii'?.
.lames A. .Iiickson .V I'o, t iirul l.-nipii : A.s
- you bine coiiiimiuicntcd I'i the medleil proles- .
-ion the rci-ipe of the '!.oiie Itilter-," it run- ;
n-'t, therefore, be considered a pntent medicine, !
no patent lriinz been taken lor it. e have '
examined the t'ormtihi for milking the "Home '
llillers," and uiihesitiitinl v my the eoinbiii i- i
: lion is one ol line exi-ilhiiee, all the iiili 'li--;
are the best of the clu-s to wliit-h thev belonir.
beiiiLf htlily l.ini,', stimuliint, Mnnnif lite, eui-
niinative, and slihllv bixritive. 'Jhe nr de oi
1 preparing iheiu is stritily in nccei -dance will,
I tl.e rub s of plial iiou y. Uuvi "L' lo e I 1'ieiii, seen
seems to h ive been divided annine; them.
tioiiary, Blank liooks, and Wail Pupers,
of which they have incoinfiarably the most
eh'gunt and cheapest stick ever brought
to Fust Tennessee. fob 22-tf
. , , . . . . . ; ,-iri,s iiiii hu it i ii i. I i nn;n tiuinil I IH III,
woman, for with tl.e paper is the luc.lily . W(,r(l fiiiii(, ,,, of s;,ni
identified. Tho paper gives the county A watch, which had belonged to Ir,
and town where printed much of their im- Mason, was a'so.
poiUnco in the world, and gives in detail Tho complicity of Simpson in the trag-
,,i , l ,. ' , i , . i edv was fust known by the lestiumliov of
the ljcal news, which cannot be gained ,,- ... .- , . , -,
. .dr. I'ver, of (neenville, who stated that
by auy other sourco. Every d,y h ksuo 'u ,, proposed to him to become
... ? . I l 1 I : I . 1 ' 1 . .
ol mo paper is so iu ucu mcai iiiaiury. anu a pui tv to t'.ie inuiUer, and when In; re-
tho rise, growth und development of tho fiisod, SiiiipHnii threatened tokilll.ini if i ,,..1, -,.-1 $ TJ",-
. ill he r'lii'iil'O'd tin, initler fter the tn in l .r I Vj( W l ta V i 3 i lVillti;-
town and countv can bo measured and re- " uuuieu tun iii.iik t. .ui r tne iiiiiki -r ; 7
llsi-OI'i'lH III I. Ill' ltriv:ile i."..fl,..t. I.iL.. i.lnu
Ilacou innviiig freely, with fair ileiiand. sure in reeniiiiiieiiilin liem to nil j er.. ns de-i-i
Coin i-eactiiiL' with fair demand. als ! ""is of taking llitt.-iv, ns I e n-; l est lono
doll. Wheat steady nt quotations. I in v
dull. Lard steady and firm. Peus off witii
liht donialid. Very llespt.,
Cox, Jacksox A Co.
Atlanta Markets
. T. cox i- ni;o.,
(irnrrat I'rmhtcmf' (.'iimmixninn Mrri ltii'tn
A. t linitu
vri"r-it i;v a. 'i' lvw
Sweetwater, Tenn.
rii.i. 1'itAC :t; '.'!: in ii.e i:um.
Loii-ioo, b.-inii. .M.-alinii. M
llradley an I I'olk, ni I iu the I'. S
Mipt-eine i 'oiirt at K u.ifc viilu, Teuii.
ie. 21 '71 If
,'!' Moll'oe
t.l'.ll't i. u.l
J . W. ol Iitl 1 llll.
town and county can bu measured nnd re
eoided only by tho local newspaper that I
constantly is gathering its itoms. '1'h r.n ,w,p.,r! .uii ry To
of Waon, Siuipsju was seen lurkinj
il'.ei s In nis;, endeiillv Miekuij
r' Vent hiin ti". . r:i dls-
rsiv-'t Hit t !, Teiiui'NMe o.
people do not properly appreciate their I eloin
home paper. They measure the value of I miso.
a papfir too much by the nuniher of col
umns it contains. The home paper at any
price is tho cheapest paper one enn take,
fur in it is found the information 1 1 ha ob
tained from no oilier source.
Another thing tube taken into eonsM-
;.t ho knew, by murdering him,
It is said l' at f'imi son'.i sislcr hn ! be ,
'kept" by .Mason, bu. (n.i rr I 112 with
him, had taken up with Carter, nnd hi'
a pcrs .r.al enmity had existed b tiv o
Ca 1 1 e r a nd M i-'i'i.
Tl:.' deputy sh'oi.Ts I 't .1 .' l is' I: t..
( ! rei n 4 ' ! 1. 11 ; h "a ', i : r. 00 '..--.5 -
eration. Every county has one or more j v.rl',7,; i,, ,vir , ,. u'
newspupt rs. Hence, tho circuliitiou of finemei t ii. 1 h r-m. ' il -i , . V'.i- hodi
each paper uitiat be limited. Thera is, 1 of Siinpsun uss nr to ' . 1 . i
tertlay rremnutl !. '- 1 ',
A'i:.!, m U. Ie im'. 1. in il., I II,
11- kindr.. i!io.-e '.vu;;li'. tn ,
li'.iiirsli-'l te eon; and s.-e ns. N.
1 .ill'e.
Pi-'.iiiip; .'. nor
'i a Jlxji'iisivf Kci
,,!,- ,.f all
r buy are
rub', n.i
M.'. . . .-.
-White, per bushel 92.i'l.1
Yellow " " !I0ii!I2
Tfun. While er bushel.. . . I lln I !i :
tla. lied, "
I've, per buHhel ,
K o ley, per bushel
ll-its. pep bu l.ci
I'l'iur I'ain v.per sack
l':iniil v
In bids s:i:ne pi-oportiini as i-url..
ilaeon Slinulders
therefore the grintest need of activity ;
nnd inti.Te.it on the pa.t of the penplo to!
give their own good paper vigorous and
tuhntantial support.
A 11 1 .s.
.Sill l,v ii.ii- e
e J !y sale a 11 I .-I.
lu-r at I rift' ti
ll :l III -1
I 'anvas-ed . . .
t'leiir Sides, . ,
Ol- ('(till' N1 "d.pcrlinshol
ir,':-.-e. lliliieys
I!iv Tennessee per I
V.. -tern, f or !
I.md In I. Ids. - - ...
II .tl-I-.-
A Sad FnliiiiK On I.
It is indued a 1 l'.i!iiiig out wliuu, al
ter year - of the eln-"st intitnacv, the hair
j&y.'vii.l for el 1..I- an .
Auticiiatt'(l Improvi'itifiit.
We are
paitiea ur
1' .1: ...:.i ,.t .1......
... ...I'' 1- . . r VllllUUHBl Willi II III:. "1 lllll'l. Hit l.ll-tl.
of great interest t tins immediate country , 1 r
by way of inducing tmiigrutiou here from j to -'0"'- l",r a"'l put i"t' operati m .1
odier points, and thereby bring capital in ! manufacturing establishment that will be
our midst. 7'hey invito all w bo have j WOrth thousands of dollais to our county
teal estate for nale to place it in their aD(J town w wcrp infnil(,j bv the
liiiliu", uiiu snuimi a alo inej eion.T
: ) arts eonipaiiy w ;t!i lhoh'vd. Fortiinafelv 1
We are gtatilicd to lean, that eeit ,in : tllc lameiitiilnn separation mnv be ea-ily
now iweoiistinowith N'oithern preienteu huh 1 no ivv.int more c n.
ir -n 1 . . .
tied Ulan ver by a ti Iy and -
use of I.v '.n's K.t'r:i.t.nnN, t e m. si po- , . .
tent invigorant of the hair and promoter j ., ,
of its growth ui d beauty known to 1110 b rn ' 1
viet.'s ti.e
r-il'KClAI. JNO'l Z l:
1 i;;)l i i ' i' 1.
and Stiinulant umv otV'.". -I r . ;iie 1 mM
r,;.vM, !. ru,; n, if,
I'rof. ( Ibstelrics nnd Oi.iea.- o.' 1. -i . ,,, ri.lleie
of I'hluiciuns, uu.l late iiieuil-er 1hilio n
Prof, of Obstetrics and Diseases of ..uieii, St.
Louis .Medical 1 'nllee. 1
Ml Alll. Mi DOW Pl.t., 11. D., 1
Late President Miesouri .Me 11. id I il:"'fe.
i:. A. fl. V It i; . 11 I)
-i,--irin. ! I'rof- Surgery Mo. Medieal l olb'e, mi l b.te i;,..
1 -1... . in .-I... 11... . 1. ..1 . . .
""11 III IIJSI1.,.II 1.111 I IllSf III II I , n,, tlOUlS l. I,
11 Hi; 11111:1' ni im m.
Prof. Piai ti al I'liurm.n'v , St. Louis ladlije of
Pliarniiii' ,-.
.1. W lllTllllll.t., lid. Med. Arehivas.
Alfred II eiie. .. k, v. D. I r. ('. V. K. I.e lwii;.
I . (iel iel.e, M. D. S. (i, Mo.es, M ll.
(J. A. tture, M. D. . A. Wihoi, m. Ii.
K. f . i'UANKl.l.X. . :.,
IVol'. Sill- .11-.- Ib.li tejialllie Me Ijeal t'o'lej-e.
T. .1. V.istine. M. I'. T. li. i'oMSTim'K, M. 1'..
Prof, of .Midwi.ery mid Diseases of tVu,neii,
t'oUeRe id llunia'p.ilhiis Pliy'sieiaiis and S.ir
JOHN T. THM i'i. 11, M. !..
Prof. Materia Medi 'ii and Tn, ran; ..! ., !,
piitl.ic .M-jilicill olli-ae t M-e-..ili 1.
.). i. ft i.N . 1.1 IN! A N . m. 1,.,
I.ei toper en Ids-iises of I 'In;. lieu, 11 naej nihle
College of Mi-. utiri.
1 :i AUI.I'.s VASTIMI, v. .,
Pi"f. of Physioloiry , Hoithi pathic M- ii,-.,! i.'ol
'u e of .Missouri .
.I11IIN IIAP.TM AX, u. n.,
I'l-ol'. t'linieiil Mediein.-. 1 ..lie;','.' II. .111 eia: hie
Pliy'-ieinu- nn 1 .Siiru'"'-,:-.
'I'hey are sii.eriop id' '.iln i-Sl ini-u-li loi
ters. Hill,., Sandei -i, A ii i; Ii. al ' lie mi. t.
'.11 Dirleis ill ihe w-old , .. n e el I u i; . Si
mon li II.-1I1, A 11:1 1. tii-n1 mis'.
Eminent I'liv si iaiis 01 t'hiea'.' i
Tiie formula to,' Hie Heme li.lt-r- hi. - !
s'llnelin d ro us, nnd ne believe tl:"ii; : .,
I illlilSII
. I.Mla 17.)
. l'U!lll2.'i
. !-''a'l
. . .. 11
. ..Ii;.-i,ii7."i
-. 1 1 1
!.' i2.i
. ..:2.il.t
. I .0 !
. i 10:, 1. Ill
.::'"i:r. 1
. . . : t :
'Hill 1
. . . . ; : 1 :i -2
.. I-' .n I
. :Jii
. . ' 1, '...'.'
best t"P'
1'i'l'ed t . I
Maril.i ,
' '.' . I .
nothing. Wc bupo theso gentlemen will
he liberally patroni.ed, and that the citi-
zeus will t-ou the advantages of such an
parties that if they succeed in getting a
sufficient amount of stock taken, and alo
the ground to locate tho building it will
eiiterprioo and give them their nss.stauce. 1 ,e put iIlt0 operation within tl.e present
year. To carry ou tho manufactory, after
The Custom House at liuoxrille.
Work upon this building is being push,
forward with great rapidity. When com
pleted it will be the finest and most mag
nificent piece of architecture in the State.
Tho Capitol building will not compuro
with it in uny respect. Sixty atone cut
ters and sixty-live quary-men are engaged
in the erection of the building.
The Masonic Temple whiuh will soon
be completed will also be a magnificent
structure. It will really be an ornament
to the city.
l'laster ! I'lastcr ! !
FarBiurs, your aupntion Is called to the fart
that Messrs. Iliglit A Scruggs have on hand a
larva hit of Ltad Plaster which they will sell you
in 'ii'tiitUieM of from one sack to a tan. We
knni o-iiiioth.'r linn in town who lias any of
'hii fertiliier on hand, thsref.irc, if you intend
iimii- ii 101 ynurlun.ls call on Might & Ucruggs
Midget a aupplr. . niuli7-4t
'I he American Farmer's Advocate for
March, has bef u sent out to subscribers.
This numb'ir is a decided improvement on
that of February. Renew your subscrip
tions to the Kuterprise al ui.ee, and get
this i.pirid.d Agrunhural paper, tree lur
one esr.
Dfiiil Hun tell uo Tales:
If (bey had, uuattionias against the de
pleting lancet, tliu diastio purge would
arise Iroiu every graveyard. The motto
of modem niedical( science ia "Preserve
and Regulate, nut destroy," and no reme
dy of our iay ia so entirely in harmony
with this philsntbrophio logic as r.
Walktr'a Vegetable Vinegar Bitter. In
(hi powerful, yet harmlcti restorative,
dyspepsia, bilious complaints, and all
laeuaea ul ihn stomach, livor, bowels and
aarvas, auoounter an irrcaintibk anlidot.
mar 7-4t?.
Loudon Items.
A eorrespoudent of the Press and Her
ald, writes that tho steamer R. C. Jack
son, has been making good use of the
high water. Tho boat has unloaded at
Loudon, within one neck, fifteen thous
and bushels of corn.
The publio square has become tho
main business point of the town. Tho
Messrs. Clark's, havo commenced opera.
tions on the new Court House, aud by
their skill and onergy have convinced the
people that the contract for buildiug it,
n as given to the right men.
Henrts Great Relief.
Mtiirs E. J, Sunjord Co:
(ientleineti: About twenty years ago 1
had my ankle mashed by the fall of my
horse. Since that time, until recently, I
have suffered very much from pain, sivt I
ling and weakness in it, which has ren
dered plowing and farm work by mo al.
most impossible. A few weeks sinoo T
was induced by a friend to try "Dr. Hart's
Great Relief," and by tho uho of it ten
days my ankle was made sound and well.
W.m. Mr. a m.
Clover Hill, Sixih District Blount Co.
it is started, will require about live hun
dred hands, a good portion of whom will
be brought on from tbo North who un
derstand the businces. The e haiidi will
all want houses to live in. Therefore we
ay to our citizens, the property owners,
as soon as the fact is ascertained that the
manufactory is certain to be established
we will then tell you what it is, and ou
can act U..011 it as you see proper. I.i
our opinion, and from the information we
have, the niatiufactury will certainly be
established here, if the parties can procure
the land.
However, we are not permitted to make
the facts known t the people until th-i
matter is finally decided. This is ju-t a
hint to our citizens, to put thum to thiuk-
pharmacy. It euirpleti.lv
dry and parched eoi.iiiti. n of the ro. ts ot
the ll ir, which is preliminary lu it- cue
ing nut, by supply ii.g the prcei-e degree
of uiio-tiire reqms;t" toils preservation in
a hea'thy state. It is 1 lit; only true dis.
solvent aud eva; arniit of dandruff and
other impiiriticHnf tho scalp, whose pres
ence is iijiirious to 1 he hair. Asa beau
tdier of the heed tho Kathairon has no
equal. It not only iiicieuses the quantity
of the hair, hut improves its quality im
mediately, imparting a lustrous appear
ance and silky texture whiuh are exceed
ing i:t-1 active.
Sutni'E Commuted, As the result
of an inaetiva state of liver and stomach,
producing headache, obtuse intellect, dull
nes, despondency, dementia, and finally
insanity, is no uiicoininon occurrence. All
these disagreeable symptoms, and bad
fealing ate most- certainly dispelled by
the use of l)r, Pieree's Golden Medical
Discovery. It m vitalizes. and builds up
n .
. 11 . -i .
. ot 0 a l-.e.i 1 : ii
1 Jit ill-! s llll o
i'2 lor tno hair,
en: an v ii iseases
doinoniac, lys-
iug about the future prospects of our the whole system. A little book
Mechnnics (joins Went-
Wo understand that a, number of car
penters and other mechanics, nre making
prepcratiotis to remove to tho West du
ring the spring and summer. We would
advise them to remain in Sweetwater.
During this year they can get just as
much work as they cau do, and at living
wages. This being tho ease we see no
cause for their leavint; here. We know of
tonio carpenters who tried the West, aud
found that they could do as well if not
better, boro than there. This is a healthy
loenlity, and when people oan stay here
and enjoy good health, and get fair wa
ge! for their labor, it is far better than go
ing west and risk tbe cutisequeuces.
You cannot erect too many buildings
on your vacant lots. Tliore will be a
heavy demand for them. If you cannot,
build yourself, give one lot to each iudi
viiiual who will put thereon a cotiDoi'tahle
residence, which will thereby enhance the
value of the lot you hold, to more than
tho value of both lots unimproved By
this means people would bu induced t
locate here, thereby building up our tjwn
in population, tha main thing that is need
ed. The more people we havo the more
money will be in circulation. The more
money there is, tho more uf I he ncc"s.sa
rios of life will be sold, thereby making
the quiet little town of Sweutwater, a
flourishing und thriving little city. Let
every man use his utmost endeavors to in
duce people to come here. It is one of the
uost do.sirablo locations iu the State.
Good water, and everything necessary to
make a people happy, abouud in the
Sweetwater Valley. The one thing need
ful on the part of our citizens, is to give
encouragement, to all things that wi.l
tend to promote tho interests of the place.
When permitted, wo will tell the peo
ple more about tho anticipated erection
of the above hinted at manufactory.
Don't ask us any questions about it, but
take this article as a gentlo hint ut the
future prospects of our growing little
Chronic Diseases sent free. Address R.
V. Pierce, M. D., Buffalo, N. Y. Golden
Medical Discovery sold by nil d'liggists.
1.1.. 1 ',.
: or .e.- 1 1
pesi.i is 1 ti" ut ; li.'ii, . It r .clisand tours
the system iiiie 11 ventab'e tieud, and ren
ders life a burden. Tiie inn licines of tho
ili-p' usury will 110' expel it. Cast it out
with Dp. Wall.er's V getablo Vinegar
liltlers. There is nn form of indigestion
or liver complaint tli.it cm withstand this
pntent tonic and alterative.
No Laiums Toii.kt Comi'I.f.te I nless
there In! the fiagrinir Sozoini t unto the
bieath sweet odors it imparls, tho gums a
ruby redness sum assumes, the teeth quick
rival alabaster tint, and .100111 as pearls
set in a coral vase.
$rl,,(jbU hii.i. bk Paid for any Remedy
which will cure Clironio Rheuma
tism Pains iu tho Limbs, Back and Chest,
Sore Throat, Insect S.iiijs, Croup, Dysen
tery, Colic, Sprains nnd Vomiting, quick
er than Dr. Tubas' Vcivitian Liniment,
established in 1847. Never falls. Sold by
the Druggists. Depot 10 Park Place,
New York.
Caiibomc Salve, reeonrtnsndid by the
leading Phvsic'.aiH and tho President uf
the New York Roatd of Health, us the
most wooderD.il Healing e unp mud ever
known. Gives instant relief to bin ns, cures
all kinds of sores, cuts and wounds ; a.ul
a must invaluable salve for all purposes
Sold everywhere at 2.1 cents. John F.
Henry, solo Proprietor, 8 Cullego Place,
-I -tinnd-tiil I'm- eneial .
; nhlie. II. VViiiidloir . , , .
"Ileal I heini-t ; ,1ns.
IV' ' 1.1 ' 'l.eiiiis r ID;
I'-.! :.. n. n. ; ll' M - ie
: . : -. -. n. : .1. I!. v.
t- : . . 1. 11 I' 01, 11. 11.
r. in
( 'in 1, aei u e,
ill market. Wall
J. A.
I - n ;
1 . 1 I
Dr. Crook's Wine of Tar.
-or A
Public Teat
Jim proved
To linro more
imrll tl;in uny
Miiniliir p'riir!
lion ever W.o- 1
tin- ptililic.
Tt i ri-h In 1 1 1- iii-sll'in:il qirnN
I Ho ul' 'I jii-. ii. I ti... . 1:1 1 . . I ii r li-i :!m
'n ol Hie 1 hrout mill I.ui:,o j '
lorinipu lite in. si ii'inarKiihli . i : t-i-.
C'otiKliM, Co!iN.'Mr:iiic'it:.CiM.
ll et'ei lualiv i-iii.-n tlielil alb
AmUiiiui and 5:i--ij-!:iil-.
ilas 1 aiel n many e-isea
11 llll. ls-l; priillolllieril n
fpisiii,.' lor iheso e,,uiil.iir'.
For pains in Hrt'iist, SIil.Mir l!nrlc,
i.'riiTel ir Kidney !isc.ise.
Diseases of tiie I'riiiary Ciruiis
Jauiuliceor uny Liver ("'ninjiluii.t,
It lias nuetmal.
It Ih also n suporior Tonic,
Hestores flto Apiot lio.
Strengthens the System,
l'estore.s the Wenk nnd
Dt Iiiiitatt.:,
Causes the Food to Uisest,
Iteuioves Dy-ijiepsiii n::il
Prevents Malarious Fevers,
'.Hves tone to jtiur Nys!eiii.
good ,1 -in 1
r lour ill reiiuest,
stocKS. nacoti ami I. a ril dull and ilruoji
inj. Putter soils if fresh and good.
II. T Cox iV Hlt'lTIIEK.
Atlanta, Ca., .March Kitli, H72.
Ileportcl by S'IKI'IlKNrt Kf.VXV. tien
ernl t.'oiiiiui..hinn Men-liants, Forsyt!i Street,
.Atlanta, (.a.
oi! While. V bushel
Win ir Ten 11. White, bush....
Tenn. He I, " ....
I!VK, f bu-hel. eoinimil
im rs, bushel
I'i 01 11. "fl Inn His
Uai-i-n Slinulders lb
I leal- Itih Hides y lb
Clear fides y Hi
Hams y lb
I.Anii III Tierces
In l.'iins
iii ttkh. 'ry ib
r.iji.s, "j- 'im
II jv Tenn. y I OU lbs
Western Timothy, 'ft 111',! lbs
1'ot.itoks V bid ".
Unions bid
. TOiiT.'i
. 7a7'
.hU.ix "
. ha
. 1-JnH
. 10'., a
. I .-,a'."2
. ; J . I ;t
. I -to,, Kill
. TniiTft
New York
:l discoverer of any scientific i SvaI'Ma i. "I'tum puritied of itssii'Ut-nin,'atid
.a-'ii--:: " ."-i-:i,s, "iiseovereii ov nr. liieiow,
I 10 t . 11
Btibleut, asks the co-operation of the learn
ud iu science, t test the merit an 1 trnih i A
lil t I .lit .1cdii ill l olle
i-lyne nnd s,K,liiin opiate.
Madisonvillo wants the Fair Ground
located there; Sweetwater wants it here.
2'be place taking tho most stock will get
the location.
I ni potted Dogs.
We understand that a citizen of our
town, has an Agency for the sale of New
Foundland and other dogi. tie has aUo
accepted a contract to foed Dve huudred
during the Summer.
Dogs are plentiful already in Swoet
wator, however, this Agent perhaps in
tends killing out tho flee and rat Terriers,
and introduce a bettei stock.
"Oh, Kiuinu, don't laugh so lott I,"
said n young sistT of fivo years; "you'll
break nblo-jj te:itncr."
of his discovery by severe to.sts and prac
tical results, and then ti indorse and
recoiniiiei.il it, it is fair to prcsmno it is
valuable for the purpose intended. Such
has been the course pursued by Messrs.
Hall & (hi., propi ielors of Hall's Vegetn
Sicilian Hair Rencwcr. Aud nil those
who havs tested it (among whom we may
mention Dr. A. A. IIiv.i and S. D.ma
Hay 1, Chemists, an.! Si-ii.-i Auyrs of
Massachusetts; Wait'T Il.mihaui, M. 1) ,
Prof, of Surgery iu Penn, University,
Philadelph.a; Geo Gray, M. D , Professor
of Anatomy and Physiology) assert it is
the best prepaiation in u-e f.r all cutane
ous diseases of the scalp. Restores gray
h-.ir to its original color, prevents the
hair from falling out, creates a new gronth.
It is certainly worthy of a trial.
The chances of public ufficnrs being
able to conceal thier misdemeanors grow
smaller every day. Tiie people have be
come thoroughly convinced that their bu
s ness is being generally mismanaged. i,' d
are det-rmincd to expose mid puiii-ti th ir
unfaithful servants. The eves of the lus ter
are every where, and wherever he loolrj
he see.- pleniv of work In be dona. Ilo is
disposed to make immediate amends for
his long inattention t' his estate. If he
had been 011 a long journey, things could
uot have been worse.
nt I
- s in Cincinnati.
Nearly oil oi' illi.nit nre IY.. lessors in one or the 1
ill her el the Mi'iii-.-il lollees. I
No other liilU'rs have ever been nitered to the ,
public emhi-.iciint so many v linible remedial
aeenls. .1. L. Naltiev, . 1,.; I'. T. Simpson, j
u n. ; I.'. S. Miisi'ial'i, 11. . ; W, T. Tnlliiiieri-.,, ;
i 1'.; J. II. Hm Kner, v. n. ; tl. A. lloln rtv, M. i
.1' I! 11 I I, ll- ,1 .'..,...
,i.i.. -. 001. .'. -i, .1. 1. , 1. n. .11a iinay, I aiinier
it. n. ; It. II. .lohiison, m. i). ; 1,. A. . lames. M.n.
!. 1'. Ibinin r, m. ii. ; li. W. liilei-, i. n. ; .1 . J
tjuinn. M. 11. ; W. H. Wni lw ii'i, M. 11.; II. is
Miiyne, b'beinist ; (1. K. Tn;, lor, M. 11. ; 1'. '
Maiey, . 11. ; S. II. '1 otnli ii-oii, m. ii.
A t'AUI)
From thelndiim Doctor to tho AN
WM. NOHMAS, the I'ln i-nliee Indian !i-'or,
has I. .rate-l nt .lolin Mnsiers' near .In'itl-oii'-i
Mill, Monroe canity. Tenn., with 11 vtev- ni ie
ueiini ni one vein or loneer, to treat 11 nd e'ire ail
I'nrniiie, Itisiiiieut, Veva i-t-' . ' '-'.-
in-'iis, Fruptive or I'riviiie. The n etersi':iie -itil
n ilis the public th.1t lot treats the fnll'inin;:
iliseasi'S. sneei-sfiilly, vir l.uli'.r. Tl.re.xt, i 1
and Heart D i-en-es. Liver, Kidnev tin I r
tari lial iid'eetiiins. (ira-. el, Strietm , Sy ph itts.
'H'.dot!ier uene, il 01 privule coin) l'lit.'s. Can
cel's, ri.'.'i's, H;-as;. 1 h ilis. or any cinnpltii-it eti,
ii'iaiin f'-eni a -e"i u'.-os Ibiiihecis, t'iiii's atrl
I'evers. ill-. X. treats n id cures n'l di-.-a.-.r-T
li .1 1 11 s-i 'ir,n .yins, ivenUenin di-ti-4nr.11-' 11 i-l
destrin live to t:,e lair si-x .,f the land. Ane
per.-nii.-bi-nii alllieted or dnen-ed in ativ way.
A youiitf physician ii, tiedulia, who
had wailed patiently three years for a
Jul, 11 FalT, ' m ti.ist, .New Volk.
Ciiiiist A iioiio s i I aii; Dik. K all his
liair wen! lives, Othello said, "my gieat
revenge hath stomach tor them all." lint
hail that's grey or sandv, white or rod. the
ladies have no sroinach for at all. I so
i'hri-tadoru's Dye and the evil is remedied.
Manufactory, (ir! Maiden Lane, New York.
.Pratt's Astr.il Oil Not the Cheap
est, but Safest and best illuminating Oil
fort. mill v use ever made. Hums in the
nrdin. ry kerosene lamp. Does Hot take
live, and explode 'lithe lamp is upset and
broken. Semi for circular. Oil House of
Charles Piatt established 1770, N. V.
'1 he Purest ami Sivektkst Cod Liv
er Oil in the world is ll.i.an! & Caswell's
made on tho Sea shore, Iruin I re-h, select
ed fivers, by Caswell. Hazard !i Co , New
York. It is uliMiluu'ly pun and sweet.
Patients who have once taken il prefer it
to all others. Physicians huvo decided it
snporior to any of tho other oils in the
' .Toovin's Inoiiorous Km Glove Clean
er restores soiled gloves equal to now.
For sale by Druggists and Fancy Goi'd
Dealers. Prico 25 cent per bottle. F.
C. Wells fi Co., New Yolk.
Hi I. i t's I'nii. tokkn is nn established, war
ri .ie l ie ,, ' iv ior I'ainl'nl Menstruation, nnd
eqa.diy eiiicienl as a nervnua Antidote in all
cs.-es of Nervous K.tcitemeiit, tltnuiiieli ami
MeeplesMinss in main or tennile. Sold fiery
where for i?l.nil 11 bottle. Morgan it Kisley"
l-lrtiLr-ii-is, New York, tleneral Aiients.
A Vim r ii if 1. Acer aiiam k and n lleoiitiful,
Clear rnmplexiou is Ihe desire of everyb.sly.
This I'H'eei is produced by using (i. W. I.nlrd's
"Ithsiin of Yuulh," a hsinilers henulilier of tho
skin. Will remove all Discoloration, Tun,
Freckles and Sunburns. The use of tills de
lightful tiolet preparation cannot be detected.
For site by all liriinnists and Fancy (Joods Deal
ers, Depot, ." tiold sirett. New York.
Mrs. Winsi.ow'sNo 11 him; rlvui p. It relieves
Ktih-k 1'i-;am '(1 hush
Fcatiieks New y II,
nld h
VinutxiA Salt, y sack
Liverpool Salt. V sack
Va. I.ixii I'lasteh. V ton
DoMK.srn s Augusta Sheeting 4-4" yd.14.1
Auuustii ehivting 7-8'v1 yd. la
Cotton Yauxh, y luineh lioalCI)
t'olis Wiiiskkv I'ronf iiul a
Ilelow Proof y itnl a
"a. Atpi.e TtnAxnr, "Jil gal a
Ha. I'eai 11 Dkaxiiv, "jit gnl a
lit l.K Meat Shoulders
( 'orn active, stocks light. Oats Rjarce,
".nod ilomand. Meat in good Mipplv.
inai k. t weak. Hay scare?, good demand
a: .ii.t.itions. I'.'gs ult, stnel-.s heavy.
Choice- limtcr in gnnd demand; cominoii
not nuntid. l!espcctiilly, e.,
Stlpiiens A Fi.v.nn
Atlanta, Ga., March lHth, 1872.
Knoch Morgan's Sons iSapolio, for nlo
at Hogard A Mtivos' Drug Store. It is
cheap Two cukes for 25 cents one for
15 cents. 1 ry it. tf
For House cleaning, washing dishes,
floors, oil cloths, tables, cleaning windows,
paint, knives and polishing tin, brass and
all metals, use Knoch Morgan's Sons' Sa
polio. It. is cheaper and bettor thun soup.
Gel it from yor grocer, or nt 211 Wash
ington t., N". Y. 49 13w
Fnuineiit Physicians in Memphis.
Tiie Home Hitters are .-.n iuialiml.le remedy
for indigestion and ill-ease arising limii mitlii
rial eiiuscs. (i. 11. Thornlnn, M. 11., iu ehary:.;
City llosiiital ; Alex. Leukine, , n. ; M. It. Ku
ans, M. P. : .1. M. Konel's. 11. 11. : 1'anl tltev. M.
11. ; M. A. Kilniiinds, .11. n. ; 11. 11 . I'tirnell, il. can ne cured il llievc is uny pohMinii: y ui a cure,
n. ; Saiifbrd Hell, il, n. ; Jus. 1-1. Lyneh, m . D, I persons di'sirnia a complete Her' .l tiv-it-I'iiiiinent
PliVsiciatis iu Pit Isburoji. i ment and ui e ea 11 I e ac.'.iii.inodate 1 I y calllnj
H.F. Dake. 11. n.: W. P.. Child,, u. . : II. "n "'" "r'V He i. is. 1. n-t. o prep.ir
Wnth, Chemist ; Win. Climes, u. 11.; D. 11. VV 11
la id, u. II. ; J. II. .MeClellalld, M. n.
And Hiiiidruds of Others
In all parts of the North, West and South.
J. K. Garner, 11. n., Milwankie,
Cni-xi'ii. 1'.i..'.-ks, Min-ch :t", 1H7I.
James A. Jiicknon .x: Co, Having exnmined
th formula of the " llnmo Stumach Hitters," I
have preseribi-d them in my prnctieu lot- some
time, nnd pronounce I hem the best ' I'o 1 1 i .; Hitlers
now in use. P. II. MeMAHtlN, m. n.
ICJ For snlo by all drumrisls and grocers.
Laboratory lui and 107 N. SttonJ at. i-l. Ixuiis
mo. l.t-ly
lint ine.lielni's ulin-n wl.i In- ke.t eotistiniily ou
t hin.d read lor co.ii on-, lin ne:oi-.iii;is te t'n-
reqiiireiiients ol'fin.'- d'si-',-''' tint may 1 oiae !o h's
I nntiee. Kroeeial not:.-e s-ve tn dis.--isea uf t .
KyeiindLur. The followniK are 1I11 mines ui
pers-itu who have been su'-i.-'! sr'ull .- tre,ind:
.lohii II. Jalinsnn, Il-iime in., Teaii., .luhn
t .Iiickson. Caottiln Slenlner L'-l Ch in- e; Joint
' Kit's, K.ian-'pi.: .1 . .1 . M ,11.-. SIh-.-I -f, rtii-iiie - " ;
Call. II. Aliis .11, Ste-xiai-r Ilecli VI in in; .l"h .
! Itilliniislv. Piini H.s'k Kerr , 'is.... Wm. I
i bin,,-, ,1. Lo nd, ni eo.. 'f'-i ,.; 1 . -.i'o. H'ii;-;Iit,
j M niioe e 1., T, nn., J 1-. Worthy. i"iii-,n "' .
! I'enii., Mi s. Stei;ali, Itilei 's I 'reek. ! he ..; , j
; only 11 few o; tiie rn any persons who h "i' :-e- tt
c-iirel. l.y aeln- r n tneui you cm nnn fui
whether my me liciii." ..-e what the .- mp r t
be. Address, WVI. Villi MAN,
The lii-liui l)o,t,,r, l-'our Mi!.; lii-iineh,
Jl-.lils '7-11 M.oll-oe i;o.. Ten".
!:': O. S. P!J(.lj:i ITT'H
cull, at lu:it found tho fnlloivino- cheer- ! liltl0 nvrei- fro 11 p.iin. curei Wind, C.li,
0 1 Regulates the Mluinuh and VJowels, Corrects
ful order on hlH slate: "Doctor, coino to , Acidity, mid iluriiiR the process id tietliiiiir it is
Jeaus," placed thereby .omo zealous j "lU:"v" iU
distiibutor of trncts. u.v2 ly
The Advocate.
Persons wishing to become subscribers
to the Knteipti.-e. can get a specimen co
py of the American Fanner's Advocate by
calling ut the office.
For tho Sweetwater Enterprise, ami
get tho American Farmer's Advocate free
for one year.
Mr. Joseph Gnoch, of Jacksou hurn
fihip, Linn county, with two small boys,
raised hist Benson 10,148 pounds of to
bucco. and void it in Chillicotho a few
weeks ajro for $8 per 100, bringing bitn
tho tii'iit little Bum of $811 41.
In Chancery at Madisonville.
Wm Dyer, Adm'r. of L M (.'it;r, dee'd., vs.
Julia Curler, et.al.
All persons having claims agi.l.ist Ihe estate
of I. M Curler, dau'd.are hereby notified to tile
tli idr evidence of debt with, ihe Clerk and Maa
ter, on nr before the 2 lit U day of April next, at
which time the account ordered by the court to
be taken i 1 this cause, will i.e closed.
fPAK Tenth Volume of Wood's Household Mag
azine begins with January '12. It ir edit
ed by (tail Hamilton, S. S. Wood nnd II. X. lis
biirne, and includes aniens its regular contribu
tors Horace t.lreeley. (.iuil liuniiltiiit, Tims. K.
Beecher, lr, Din Lewis, l)r. V. W. Hull, James
l'arton, lie. Harriett It, reher Mnwe, Bi-ii k
Pnmerny, John li. Sa.xe, M, j Gun. Kilp.-.trick,
Petroleum V. Njisbv.ete., write for it occasion
ally. Terms, One Dollar 11 Year. In clubbing,
three firsl-chiss period h-nls are given for tiie
price of one of them. The rooM liher.il Premium
liM ever published. Nn pt-riodicnl is more fre
ipientlv or favnraply rnenlioned by the press.
"Wood's lloiisehobl Mnaineis one of the nien
unients of btisiiie. t'liierprise whi.'h mark the
.,ge.''- .Metlnidist Home .bntrmil, Phil. Pa. "It
has been iinpro'.iuc; ever since we knew it 11
good criterion foe the future." Courier, New
Market, ChiiiuIh. " 1 1 is a marvel nf cheapness
and first class quality combined.' N. V. Times.
Specimea copy sent free to nny nddress.
15. 8. WOOD k Co.,
Ncwbure,h, Ji. Y.
I the Il.iweln in t.i.
Syftvm !rotn iu. . . . -t.
to cur t.ivrr Iix.ii.-c in ;:nv ( rut '.
KnliirHMm-nt, l)vrtMnin, I nl n.i : i" i
Af'ltctlte, N lHCiil, ."v-iir Sto!ii;irlif I'.i-ri
iM'ility, Low Shirit", ol-l Fcrt r ! 1 .
To-live'it's.", I.ia.th'ei': mm, Tulic, ..'ni'',.;.
j rr.en t'lif'Hiio x'hill.-. m ti I t-'tu'i-r.
tL",H t'l inii.Mih in htrirt nc or 1 t.
r!dllntl eiii'nitHiry unl ei-icniilic i ti'i
tliii uroly VwfHMi ihi iiin I Itr :. a.'t. r .
spy.! hM :M Ol'lwility t:i-H i:ui;h t H IK, '-r .
ntylO'l tl.r i: i';.t ilfhloi tti l vt aii-i iircit jifift i (
ly tin' fnliirhti'iicvi tMtintony " rii nn.lM m: ir?
it ; co hiirunKiioiiri'y mi iu-ti tin; :r h).n ti
I.i vr i n In- V Ul'ul i ,,tion; nv --r v, tin rt-n-i-tinim
sire ot'.-r.-vc I, lio i r i -i-s r' v;t:o itti ! .
pluniHlitner.t in liiiiu ". - 1 t-n " -illUTrUj.U'
Wy ti) ;t ii : i t . - r ...
the uMi-ia'eiiti ot ) -; ; '
et yuttr, w.tl.diit u
rhtii.iH hi 1'iPn.p i' i , ' ! , i :. ; ,
tfiilp tiUijifriiiiM n; nil i ntu r . . i r .
oan ho jsiTrn witli if i.iil Hiilvty rt.l n i . ' '
nm-ci'M to the Toung vliiM, luvaUti Int t.. .t.
AtrilllNEVKRtheNe I "PVERY No. of Pkti.ks
V ilua IMlra Glee- JjMuaicnl Monthly
ce.nl ai us four or live
Piano Songs, four or
Die Instrumental Pie
ces, besides Ymul Iu
eta, 4u,iitts, and lour
haul pieiHs in tact.
we guarantee everv
Hook lias been intro-
dii. cd, it has hueu pro-lioiilu-tf'l
superior to all
ot! erw-ori.s of its kind.
It ia the largest, latest,
finest, an 1 only coll.
tinn of new Hires anil
Quartets, nearly o ll of
wh.cli luxe Piano Ac-
icompnolmi Dt, nd lib.
8uraple copies mall
, ed, puei-n. id, 4l.:,il.
J. L. PKl'KltM,
036 ii road way, N. Y.
SrnsrrtinKn? tv
ters' Musical Month
lv are geftiB- nil the
latest anil best Music
for twn nnd there cents
ft piei-e. Hvery nnm
ber contnins at least
ti (will of new Mnaie
bv sued . authnni
yearly subscriber nt llays, Thnm is.iift mini
least 85U worib o f lrrsley. Abl. Kinkel,
chiiicc new Music. i Paehr..Ml.iiil.Siriiiss,
We offer four yearly I Kauat, etc. Single n
eories tor ?. i.ies nailed for 'Mc.
.siimjile enpiis mailed : rnce ifo per nuniini. rnn-iti- cpies
fnr)c., j iUwM Ni. I J . I.. I t. I r.ll, I p,.st-p:ii.. fn
lor !. J. b. I K Kits. ' r.;ui linauni.T
Broadway, S. Y I '-M3in
TUP. Son? Pr'in in
liiinti. i,v"r ii e
Inmdre 1 h on, i i-Song-,
Piiets an I l ie
ruse iich as In-iv. -from
Hot.. e, I. i 1 1 I
Mrmn Cbnreh, .T
r'hcr' fir- wing I'I !
u v I iltle Flow -lliiii,
on the ItouT, So
S ei ps in 'lie Valley
Wriie i.ie n I etn-r, e
I here is n,t a 1 n
piece in the -I .
Ilusines Cards,
, X. Y. J
Job Prmti.2
.100 Hi'
I . ii:t:-
incl,2l-t -pfl.
SPIIxtt, 'k M.
tOf ny charactor, neatly executed at ti e , " ce of tha
water EaterTjrica.

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