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merit or ther will not be accept
ed. Mrs. Grundy has a large
and increasing circulation. Ar
tistic designs in typography a
'I'ci im iraiure in our ads.
No. 47r
J . :
jOW that the Panama Canal treaty lias been ratified, and we
are preparing to hegin the digging, it is not amiss that we
should look again at the history of the transaction, and, if possible,
gather wisdom for our guidance in future. Since the breaking out
of the Spanish war in 1898, there has undoubtedly been a benumb
ing of our national conscience. Uncle Sam has encountered and
had to deal with several crises of greater or less importance since
that time, which were without the beaten path of precedent.
Fortunately, he has handled each of them well, and, as we believe,
in a manner calculated to result in the permanent advancement of
this country and the betterment of mankind. But it has been per
ceptible to a careful observer that there has been a growing tenden
cy on the part of the people to wink one eye of conscience at any
proposition which has for its object material gain or aggrandize
ment. We have said : Oh, well, from a highly ethical point of view
we doubt if the position of our Government is right, but "the end
justifies the means." A mighty dangerous argument for individual
or nation, and if too often resorted to it will inevitably still? con
science. The stilling of conscience as inevitibly presages decay.
The sentiment and conscience of the people make the government,
and if the people are without more lofty 'ideals than the dollar and
the doughnut, the government will be sordid and shortlived. It is
a mighty good time for us to halt and do a bit of reckoning: "Lest
we forget; Lest we forget!"
7E may be somewhat "previous" in passing judgment, but
from what we have seen of the evidence adduced in the Reed
Smoot investigation, we are of opinion, that it is about time for
that gentleman to do the Sliafroth act. We are of opinion that the
investigation will result in the expulsion of Mr. Smoot from the
United States Senate, and that It ought to. It is evident from the
testimony of those high in authority in the mormon church that
they still hold to' and justify polygamy, a practice strikingly at
variance with our institutions and serious in its effects upon
society. We do not think that any man holding to such tenets is
entitled to a place in the most august of our legislative bodies.
Ci OME of Mr. McMillin's friends are making it mighty warm for
Bob Taylor and his stirring "Remember Sliiloh" letter in sup
port of Senator Bate. The. trouble with Bob is that he has been
a candidate for congress in the First District where Federal soldiers
predominate, and later a candidate for United States Senator
against Senator Bate, and, naturally, in both attitudes he has made
a record by his utterances. A record, in a political sense, is of teir
a very embarrassing . thing to the fellow who mado it, and the Mc
Millin papers are digging up a whole lot of record which does not
jingle well with Bob Taylor's "Remember Shiloh',' letter.
'THERE seems a 'marked difference of opinion as to the regular
ity of recent democratic conventions in Warren county, if we
are to judge by the different points of view expressed by,the Mc
Minnville papers. Some recent party politics in neighboring
counties, growing out of the senatorial contest, remind us very
forcibly of the tactics of the Brownlow-Evans factions of the re
publican party only a few years back. Naturally one wonders
"upon what meat do these lentenants feed" that they are grown so
Let the Blame Rest Where it
There was a young man named Smoot,
Who gave his own horn a brave toot,
Then U. S. opened his eyes
Add the Senate looked wise,
And bade Smoot, the tooter, to( scoot.
'p HERE is a mighty lull in war news from the far east just now.
One suspects that it is the ominous calm before the storm.
T ET us have less Smoot and less soot in the Senate.
Stopped His Paper.
I'm stopped my paper, yes I have;
I didn't like to do it, '
But the editor he got to smart
An' I allow he'll rue it.
I am a man who pays his debts,
An' I won't be insulted,
So when the editor gets smirl,
I want to be consulted.
I took his paper eleven years, ""
An' helped him all I could, sir,
An' when it comes to dunnin' sir,
I didn't think he would, sir.
But that he did, aa' you can bet
It made me hot as thunder;
Says I, I'll stop that sheet, I will,
If the cussed thing goes under 1
I hunted up the measly whelp,
An' for his cunnin' capper,
I paid them eleven years and quit I
Yes, sir, I've stopped his paper."
Boy Kept His Word.
Charlie J Charlie!" clear and sweet
"us a note struck from a silver bell the
voice rippled over the common.
That's molhet! cried one of the
boya, ait'l he ingtanMy threw down
his bat nd he picked up his jacket
htid cap..
'Don't ir'oyetr "Ha 'i onl'"
"Finish the game!" ''Try it again!"
cried the players in "isy chorus,
"I roust go, right off this minute.
I told ber that I'd come whenever
she called.'' . .
But I wouldn't be such ti huhy as
to run the m'nute she called' said one,
"I dim't call it babyish
one'a word to li is mother. I
manly, ami the boy who doeen's keep
hia word to her will never kerp it to
anyone else you see if liu does
and be hurried away to bis cottage
Thirty years have passed since those
boys played on the common. Charlie
Gray is a prosperous business man in
a great city, and his mercantile friends
say of him that his "word is his bond,"
VV e asked uow no acquired such a
reputation, ills reply was: "1 never
broke my word when a boy, no matter
how grunt the temptation, and the
Inibits formed then have clung to me
through life." Baptist Chronicle.
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Ginseng, dry $.50
Wool, tub washed 28
Beeswax .........25
Feathers! 55
Pikk boot. 10
Goldes Seal........ ..40
In the recent campaign, the re
port was freely circulated, at
least on Ilobbs' Hill, that I hail
prevented an election from being
held last August in the 11th
School District so that I might
appoint the directors, and in do
ing so I had ignored the Hill Dis
trict or School altogether.
The facts are these : On the
first Monday in July last I went
before the County Court and
urged that body to see that elec
tions were held in each district
of the county and that good men
be elected in each district men
who would discharge the duties
of the office. I also called the at
tention of the court to (he fact
that the election commissioners
had not published a call for the
election, and later I called Mr. L,
V. Woodlee's attention to this
and he (beyig one of the com
missioners) had the call publised.
Of course this did not give thirty
days notice. It will be remem
bered by some, too, no doubt, that
I had published an article in Mrs.
Grundy urging the people to go
to the polls in August and elect
good men for school directors.
Before I left Altamont the first
Monday in July last, W. 1. Rob
erts came to mo and urged me not
to have the call tor an election
made, that it would not be legal
then (Will knows the law, you
see) and that I could appoint bet
ter men anyway than would be
elected ; that I could get t he place
(meaning the County Suporin
tendency) again if I wanted it,
etc., a very good speech, and I
thought I understood Will per
fectly, he was looking for a job.
The call was published in Mrs.
Grundy the following week.
P. Roberts came to me and urged
me to go to the sherifF and ex
plain to him that the call was not
;al and for him to pay no at
tention to it and not hold the
election and then went on with
lis little speech about me being
able to appoint better men than
the miners would elect. When I
told him that J-would not talk to
the sherifr as he had suggested
and that I did not want the re-
ponsibility and trouble of mak
ing the appointments, ho said he
would talk to the sheriff himself
and would get another person or
two, whoso names I do not re.
member, to do likewise. I under
stand that the sheriff says he
never made any such request of
him, and how could a man have
the cheek to ask a public officer
and a gentleman to disregard his
sworn duty? Will would have
another do what he dare not do
limself. But there was no elec
tion in the 11th District, just
why I do not know. Lack of in
terest contributing most no
doubt. I made the appointments
In doing so I adhered to the max
im that "The office should seek
the man," and appointed none
who sought the office though
there were others besides Will
I appointed one . man from the
Hill school and two from the town
school, to wit: J. K. Summers,
Jacob Lehr and J. C. bmith, and
I stand by my appointments.
But how did the news that
had prevented an election in
order to get to make the appoint
ments get out in this campaign?
Well, W. P. Roberts suggested it
to me and me only. I told one
man what Will was going to do
and 1 remember mm wen ana
will vouch for him that he did
not circulate the report. Need
less to say I did not. Then
close this article by asking again
who perverted this story and cir
culated it in the recent cam
paign? I do not know. But this
I do k.iow that it was a dirty
mean, and cowardly trick done
to injure me in the race for'State
Senator. Kespecttuiiy,
Jkfb D. Ftjlts.
T From Oof
IjA Mrs. Grundy say? ,
The train was here Saturday.
J. R. Bod.ly, Wiley Eller and Yertion
Lowe, of Tracy City, were : here Saturday.
Sim Ramsy, of Viola, was here last
week on businesa, I1
J. C. Morton, of Tarlton, was visiting
his sister Mrs. John Dykes f'aturdvy.
Joe Sanders Jr. of Tracy Cil,', wis heie
Friday. ,
Will Campbell has about completed his
new dwelling house.
Mrs. Kuch was here Inst Aveek.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B v Iiuchsingrr, of
Gruetli, were here last week.
W, If. Percy and charming daughter
Miss Minnie, of Backwoods were here Sat
John Dykes is visiting near Hewanee
this week.
Charley Kubley vUited home folks at
Tracy Fat'irday and Sunday, '
Alex Pattnn is on the sick lift this week.
J. D. Wiley went to Traey Saturday re
turning Monday.
Mrs. Lesia Campbell has returned from
au extended visit lo home folks at Provid
ence. . j,
Mrs. Cecil Walters was fn Tracy City
Fridty. iWiLn Hill
West Tract.
Let Mrs. Grundy sty:
Gardening tiijpjt is here and several have
all ready planted.
George Children wat here Sunday visit
ing friends and relatives,
Mr. Will Tate, of lieersheba, moved to
West Tracy last week. .
Missel Annie and Pearl lifers and Cora
Alley vhitcd friends in WestTracr Silur-
day. , . q -
Misses Minnie, Ka ie and" Lsna Street
were the guests of Miss B'rlie Summers
A Favorite Bemedy for Babies.
Its pleasant taste and prompt cures have
made Chamberlain'a tough Remedy
favorite with the mothers of small child.
ren. It quickly cures their coughs and
colds and prevents any danger of pneu.
monia or other serious consequences. For
sale by Dorris, Cheek & Co.
Jackson Cunningham, Mewtrs. Wootons
and W. A. Grwold, af Hubbards Cove,
Lossen Barnes and wife of Irving College.
A. A. Bradshsw, our efficient Trustee,
and son, of Monteagle.
T. A, Northcut, Chris Ilobbs aud Fred
Myers, of Northculs 'Jove,
Harrison llatuby, of Itiirroughs Cove.
J. K. 1', Pearson was hero bntwa called
away to Athens very suddenly on the an
nouncement by telegram of the dentil of
his sister Mrs. Dsvis,
M. J. Walker, County Surveyor, moved
a portion of his family to the Kochler plnee
near lieershebs Springs lal week,
Sam Ramsey, of Viola, spent Wednesday
night in the city.
Mr. J. 8. IH'khart spent Wednesday
night m Tracy City.
G, G. Griswohl spent a few days of last
week in Tracv Oitv.
Porter Tate, of Tex ts, is back home on a
visit and to see his best girl. Kninor has
it that he may and that he may not get
married. Indications favor the latter.
J. J. Winton Deputy sheriff goes lo
illins River today on offici.il business, you
ought to see him ride that new horse.
Miss Dora Cunningham after several
days spent here with her sister Mrs. Margie
Winton returned to her home in Htilibards
'ove Monday.
A little taste of spring weather is very
good and nice about now. R vrri.v.it.
m -
JiccrsJi eba Spy in gs.
Sunday evening.
The little son of Mr. and Mil. Will Tate
is very tick.
I want to say to Uncle Tom that If the
men would do their part there would be no
rag time homes, flow many poor broken
hearted and wrecked homes are there on
account of a drunken husband some of
them will drink and gamble every night
through the week and go in home Hunday
morning and if she hasn't washed erery
d;iy through the week to gel something to
prepare him a good breakfast with he gets
mad and perhaps whips her and the child
ren, then eoes back at his same old trade
while the poor woman has to bear not only
her husband mistreatment but in addition
the tongue lathing of tome others that pre
tend to be christian hearted men. We be
lieve in giving b ith justice. Fardner.
Let Mrs. Grundy say:
Mr, Willie Goodman and family spent
Sunday with Era. Purlin's family. Nice
day for visiting, Mary, come again.
Mr. J. F. Lszon seems to be improving
Miss Myrtle Hinton is now living with
her grandparents, Rev. G. D. Guinn and
wife. Myrtle's uncle, aunt and the boys
will miss her very much for she is alwajs
cheerful of life and trying to view the
bright side of everything.
Mrs. Gnnn, of Monteagle, visited the
families of Rev. G. D. Oulnn and Z. II
Levan last week.
Mrs, Annie Cannon is on the sick lis.
Our editor hints on some lines about spring
But our manv rhymes will not warm
weather bring,
Or cause the little, half frozen birds to sing
As with their sweetest songs they make the
woods ring,
Or make the grazing cows' bells go ting-o
Old winter seems still with ns, long he has
He baa sold miny a warm overcoat and
hood, ' '
And hustled the boys out to get coal and
But nevertheless perhaps lie's done good,
And I wouldn't send him away if I could
Though he's emptying the hay atack and
dwindling the fodder stack,
The farmers are afraid they'll lack.
But he is keeping the peachea back
Tc fill many a peddler's sack ;
Though he's sure to soon past away,
And then the birds will have their say,
Sweetly they'll sing from day to day,
And the farmers will make more hay.
Then we will all feel happy and gay,
And soon forget old winters long stay.
March 8, 1904. John
Tlie Eminent Eye Specialist
mid Inventor of tho Famous Dr. D. (larfintlc's Eye
Kemcdy, of Nashville, Tent)., will be at
and cun ho scon every .day from 8 a.m. to o p.m. from Monday, March
21, until, and inclusive, Monthly, March 28, l'.KH. If your eyes aro
weak, near sighted or fur sighted, or have granulated lids, soro eyes,
watering, itching, smnrtinu-, burning eyes, or have pterygiums, eatir
ncts, or see floating spots beforo you, or have a dull cyo sight or any
eye trouble, you will do well to see him. llest references and testi
monials given.
Uxa in illation Free to All.
Refe rencra:
We, the undersigned, have known Dr. 1). (larfuikle, of Nashville, for
several yours, do cheerfully recommend him to our friends and acquaintances
us in honest and honorable gentleman, and one fully competent in his line of
business and is wottliv of viur patronaire. It is a well known fact that lie is a
Specialist in curing diseased eyes and titling glasses:
' aimer, mavor, r. MeMinnville, l enn.
J. S. Harrison, M. ) " '
. K. l.mes, . 1'
A. II. Kanlkner, 1. M. . . ....
YV. V. Klkins, Merchant " "
W. 1 1, l'lcming, Druggist " "
W, A. Johnson, Real Kstate " "
R M. 'Reams, Kditor " "
W. W. Wallace, Clerk '
J. R. Parish, Farmer " '
J. V. Allison, Farmer " "
K. S. Rowan, Farmer " "
1'ilin Ruth due. Farmer Viola,
II. Mi:
N. I.
S. L.
M. I).
Itrown, Fanner .
llrown, Fanner
(iath, "
Yager, "
Lot Mr. Grundii mi.1
Spring is almost here ; tho people of
place are busy fixing to garden.
J. I!, and Ishvn I'rowa, nt Tracy City,
are visiting relatives and friends at this
Mrs. A, T. King is very ill at this writ
K'.bel llillis vUtted on the Hack Hone
C Joe Tate, of Turlton, was seen on our
streets yesterday.
J. C. Smith ami son Frank spent a few
days of last week visiting relatives t Tracy
City and Clause Hill.
Lithcr llrown and family and Will
Tate and family have moved fioni this
place to Tracy City where they will make
their future home.
Claud Coppinger was the guest of
Sterling C.igle Sunday,
Miss Nora Smith was I lie guest of Miss
Nora Brown the later pnrt of this weak.
13 Idte Brown anil Earnest Anglin, of
Cloue Hill, relumed home Monday after
a visit of several days with friends at this
Miss Ida Smith who has been vititing
hnr sister at Clowe Hill fur the past few
weeks has returned lo her home at this
Miss Luira Walker, of Gross Cove, was
the guest of the V'is-es Smiths Thursday
and Friday.
Mr. J. 8. L Walk' r, of Warren Cmin'y,
spent Saturday night with relatives a'.
Dan Schield made a Hying trip to lie
valley last Saturday.
II, W. Brown who has been sick fur the
last few days is out again.
We wish to say to Rattler that when he
gets to be Senator that we hope he wi 1
vote for the Brownluw Hill on improving
the roads, If there is not something dune
in a short time we will have l quit travel
ing the public roads and go the hog paths.
We hope he will do hw beat on the road
question. Dkw Drop.
that a llcshy woman can
wear with comfort, that will
fit the figure and at the same
time reduce and support the
abdomen are hard to find.
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Let Mrs. Grundy say:
Quorum term of Court today, Chairman
W. D, Bennett, of Monteagle. presiding
with his accustomed care and painntaking
in the administration of the county welfare.
In attendance upon the court we notice the
following people : Forest Parmley and
sister Mrs. Haynes and Claud llillis, of
Clouse Hill. James and Joe Ilobbs, J. A
I Cathcart and M. J. D. Woodlee, 0f Tarlton.
ffl 1 UTvSTTir.-),
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of a corset and kept looking
until we found the
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The New York S'ores
Tracy City, Tenn.
A. RAIlTPresident.
W. M. ROSS, Vice President,
Tullahoma, Tenn.
Paid-in Capital, $50,000. Surplus and Profit, 930,000.
Designated Depository of State Funds. United States Depository.
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