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Advertisements must have
merits or they will not be
accepted. Mrs. Grundy has
alaVge and increasing cir
culation. MRS. GKUNDV -A char
acter in Morton's Hcmidy.
"Speed the Flough'Sta
ard Dictionary.
MOTTp "O Liberties We Prize: Our Rishts we will Maintain.'
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Local Happenings.
Miss Myrtle Brogran has re
turned to her home in Fayette
ville after a pleasant visit to
' Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Ktter on 10th
street. '" " :
J, D.Fiilt? was in-Chattanooga
"w this week
Mrs. Sam' Werner and Mrs.
; Oarl Werner were in Sewanee
. -..Tuesday." V';, .'v . '
""'"" R. B. Roberts, ofMiufreesboro,
was here this week.
Dr. E, B. Finney who is now
of the County of Franklin, - and
practicing denistry at Win
chester was in our city Wed
nesday seeing old friends.
Esqs. W. J. Jo63i, W. , E. "Ar
.buckle T. B. Roddy and Jno. P, j
Wright attended County Court1
in Altamont Monday-
Trustee ' J. C. Henh
Sheriff Ike Sartain were in Alta
" mont Monday.
J, L. Winton, of Pelham, was
here Saturday. , ,
Geo. M. Thorogool of Wftr-
trace "was in our City last week.
t 'C ...... ; t ;'
If your paper fails to arrive
you will know ; that your sub
: 8cription has expired, s we 'al
ways stop the paper on expiration
unless notified.
Mrs;,.T. J. Crick was in Se
wanee Saturday ; k
iinrafi.-unanes wen1 io
ijCinnviiie iat weeK.
E.'CvNorvell was her, from
Nashville Sunday ' P
Mrs. D. B. Wilson, of Chatta-
nooga, was
visitingv relatives
here last week. ,
Messrs. John. W. Cheek, Cecil
H. Henley and . Robert Baggen-
a ;tt,nde(!a dance at Se-
wanee Friday night. .
Miss Bessie Mankin, of Mont-
esffle. was here last week. , !
M: Ann Tat'of ' Beewbeba
DpriH, wf"-'---- ,, .
' Mr. ITmnk Creishton ' has re-
j a i,. ,nmo nt RporsKpha
turned to hei home at neersneoa
c.-o .'r'. visit to friends
and relatives nerey , .
Miss Anne Brown has returned
to her borne at Breersheba
Springs, after a visit to her
sister, Mrs. Ida Cunningham.
Miss ; Florence .Street, of
Chattanoo-ra, spent the. week-
end with the family of' James
Mrs. 9oma Wright, a nd Mrs.
W. J. Jossi spent Monday t in
Altamont the guests of Mrs. J.
W: Marler. '
Miss Elizebeth Bobbins has
rpturned after very
I oonf
visit with Relatives in Nashville
'of "Newl
Stanley McCurdy,
York, is spending a.
.with his parents, Mr.
H. K. McCurdy
few . davs
and Mrs.
Monarchy Reigns
In Tennessee
Senator King Introduces
Some Bills.
It seems like from thel hills
which have recently; been in
troduced in the Senate of Tenn
essee that monarchy still reigns
in Tennessee and that the aver
age citizen has nothing to say
to its Senators and Represena
ti yes in regard ffo what the people
want. "A bill' was recently in
troduced and passed in the Seu
ate creating tle . office of
County JudgeLior .the County
of Grundy. Inhis bill it sets
6ut that "only.a lawyer" can fill
position, in Vother words
other citizen
the good
would be
County of Grundy
eligible to fill
this' office
The father
this bill is Senator T. J.- King,
who is also a lawyer, and ho
represented this County in
the Senate. This bill is' un
fair to -the .. good Citizens' of
Grundy and it would be border
ing on monarchy rule to specify
just what kind of a man would
be eligible to hold, this office.
Anyway . such a bill would he
unconstitutional anyway, as the
Constitution says "that , every
nvan ! entitle d to- hhL tfSc4 iif
he be eligible." We don't khov
wh v Senator King would want
iust a lawyer to hold- this ofEc
i as there are plenty of good husi
jneMmen in Grundy 'Countv
who could capably fill this
office just as well as a lawyer.
We have no fight on a 'lawyer
j and think they are a good thing
w nave du we leei uae any
Citizen in Grundy County whol
has an education could til) tins
office outside of a lawyer. We
1)ra- that Senator Kimr will
' amend this bill before the closing
of tha Legislature next week.
a n n' ..,! Wrai,.Sa,H Kelly an
, '- i . , .
returne(j to their home in Chatta-i
L.- n
Hie , ueusiuo 01 hjc uiui'iici ui wit
Boyd, who died Thursday.' Brad
Bovd, of Sparta, and Mrs. Mattie
Boyd, of Nashville, ,were here in
attendance to their mother.
They have also returned, Mrs.
j Ethel Spinck-snd children,
j remain with Mrs. hpmck s nroth-
:er; Mr. Geo. Boyd, tor awhile.
It. B. Kobertshas return
"ed: to her home in Murfreesboro
from Hot Springs, Ark., much
improved in health, Mrs. Lizzie
Oliver, Mr. and Mrs. , Everett
: Roberts and Isaac Roberts are in
Hlttrfroclm'(i tlll4 WPpk With
I - .
! 4-1. ail it'rttlioi
Much'plaiitiug is being, done
' and the festiye tater bug is i very
optimistic over the prospects of
I a prosperous summer.
School Set
Guests Of
Go tume Dance
Mr. and Mrs. E. L.
Hampton Are Hosts
, Friday Evening
, A very cliarming party was
given last night by AMr. and Mrs.
E. L. Hampton at'tweir home on
West End for. tliefr ' daughter,
Miss. Estelle Hampton, who . has
been spending the Easter holi
days at 'home from her school
Stuart Hall, Staunton, Va. ; The
dance, which . was the largest
given during thel week , for the
school element, was. fancy dress
afl'ajr and the' interesting
company of school boys and girls
attended gaily attired and
masked. The honor guest ap
peared as a pierrette and her
costu me was one of the most str i k
ing seen on the ball room floor.
Prizes were awarded : for the
cleverest costumes. . y;, "
The guets.; wt-re jreceiyed on
the drawing, room floor bv)-Mr
and Mrs. Haiuptoiiand Mr. and
Mrs. Stanley Hampton of Tracy
City who 'arrived yesterday
morning for" the event; ' , Vi
Dancing, watx'iSr ball 1 rooiii
ontirn nrnihu' icpu wen norvaA
Miss. Hampton leaves . Monday
night for her school. Tennessean
Miss Myers Entertains
Miss Carrie Myers entertained
a few friends aC her home n tbe
evening of . April 2 with an in
formal dance, bard games and
music' were enjoyed, inose
preHent were Missen Jessie aim
Gladys Ladd. Viola and Mildred
Foster and Jennie Dykes; Messrs.
I (im Campbell, Ewing Nprvell,
M ; Stanley Berry,
Charles (Jaldwell, Spencer Kirk,
Dewev Dotson,
the Jast named of the United
et , A - .
States Army. The affair was a
had a great tiim
j Mjss Helen Rvers left1 Friday
' for Murfree8boro for a visit with
. th(? f f M u Roberts.
; From there she will go to Nash-
ville and spend a few days with
her father, Capt. W. E. Byers,
who lives on West End Avenue.
f" ('ha lie , Shearer of South
Pittslmrg. was in the City with
friends last week.
l - Richard Imrrain of Manchester
is in our City. A motion was . made that
Mr! and Mrs. Stanlee Hampton ftion,be drawn condemn
returned from Nashville Monday. I f the action of Senator King
in passing a bill in the Senate
Mrs. Jno. A. Hall has returned
froni Chattancoga after a visit
to her daughter, Mrs. Geo.
How Our County
Money is Spent
County Court Held Short
Session. ,
. Countv Court met at Alla
inont last Monday it being' the
regular April term. Chairman
G. T. liyne presided and the
following Justices answered roll
call. Hicks Warren, J. H.
Hamby, l'ete Meeks, J. Q.
Brashaer, J. M. Givens, Polk
Givens, J. B. Nunley, H. 0.
Smartt, W. J. Jossi," W. E.
Arbuckle, and J. P. Wright.
The reading of the minutes of
the last term were read by
Clerk, 0. W. Smith and were
approved by the court.
The following appropriations
wer$ passed on by the court:
Jno. M. Sclulds motion for an
allowance of $10.90 for lumber
furnished for Vats at Gruetlii
This bill was dismissed.
J. A. Parti n motion for an
allowance of $50.00 for small pox
patients, rhis bill was ..dis
missed. . .
-Isaac Sartain'-motion for an
Lallowance of $75.03 for expenses
t Hartford, 'Ark., ' for a pris
aner. This was' alkwed. it
; New York Store notion for
an allowance for : s'lpp'j ,f ur
ttisli'ed' thejtyr;:TRT iJirl- waa
dismissed for lack of certification
1 0f
those who purchased the
McQuiddy Ptg Co., motion for
an allowance of $39.11 for print
ing supplies furnished the coun
ty. This bill was allowed.
Marshall &
Bnrce motion for
an allowance of $265 44 for ptg;
furnished the county. This bill
was allowed 1 - .
. E. W. Uolcomb motion for an
allowance for $68. 72 for goods for
small pox patients. This bill
was dismissed.
T. B. Roddy motion for an
? , , . . . Ml
r Til 1 nionafi T .A u i.v.m ... a .
iki U1.111CU liic jo.11. 1 nig wan
allowed. ,
;i James Posey motion for an
allowance of '$28.00 for Waiting
on small pox patient' This bill
was dismissed. :
J. K. P. Brown motion for an
allowance of $13 50 for boarding
prisoners. This hill was allowed.
L. F. Fults motion for an
allowance of $7.00 for supplies
furnished the County. This
bill . was., dismissed because it
Wasn't sworn to. ; '
Mr. Geo. Thaxto'n was elected
'notary public. Mrs. Ruth San
ders was allowed $10.00 a month
out of the pauper 'fundi
creating a judge ship for Grundy
County and specifying that it
should be nothing but a lawyer
eligible to ho'd this office. These
No. 14
resolutions jassed and same wort
sent to Senutor King to amend
said hill. A. J. Hobbs wa
elected constable in the 2nd
District, Ham McBee waa elected
(Nonstable in the 5th district.
A call session will bo held soon
to fix the tax Levy for this year.
Court adjourned Monday, even
ing only holding one (lay.
Will Meet
The ladies Memorial asso
ciation, will - meet with Mrs.
Martin 'Murugg next' Tuesday
afternoon at 2:J10 o'clock. Let
all be present.
Beersheba News
Miss Anna Tate was in Tracy
City Saturday.
Eddie Brown, who has been
very ill at his home here is im
proving fast.
Mrs, A. M. Harris made a trip
to Altamont last week.
Mrs. Frank Creighton who has
been visiting her sister arid
friends in Tracy City has re
turned home.
Jensie Li ill is of Goal mont is
here now visiting friends.
Mrv Herman Hobha of Tarlton f
is visitingr in Beersheba. j
' is"TOot -rrv ms an 111 uius crfeK
Satuida.v to attend the fungal
of friend Mrs. Eliza Paint er.
' Miss Anni Brown husreturn d
home after a v'sit to her sister
Mrs. Ida Cunningham' at Tract.
Emrenia Dykes of Tarlton
visited Georjria Brown last we.-'t.
' Jot? Johnson r.f Warren Co.
was here last Sunday.
Francis Tate is visitin a
Tarlton this week.
'Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Tat from
Palmer have moved their family
here where they expect to resi le
during the Summer months.
Mr. and Mrs. Odell Balls w 'lo
have been here about two mont hs
have returned to their home in
Nashville. ' -
Mr. Tom Northcut and H'iryey
Greeter, ' of Altamont, spent
Sunday here. "
Earnest Rubly and Banks
l t. ... I . ffMI. ... . i-v .:'
Thompson passed through our
town yesterday eu route to
Tarlton from Coalinbnt. .
Miss Verna Knight, of Tarlton,
u visiting her sister Mrs. Bernice
Knight here.
- ... ... .. ,, ,
Work on the new sidewalk
leading to the Methodist Church
is progressing favorably. Thsi
grade has been cut down on an
average of two feet, the drainage
enlarged and when the job is
completed a.gr?at improvement
will have been accomplished.

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