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Tcher of English Bible In th Moody
Blbl Inntltule of Chicago.)
llll, WnUm Newspaper Cnlon.)
LESSON TEXT-I Cor. : 19, 20; 1:24-27;
Gal. :7. 8.
JOLUEN TEXT Every man that atriv
eth for the mastery la temperate In all
things. I Cor. :S6. "
t-36; lsa. 28:1-8; Gal. 6:19-21.
PRIMARY TOPIC Taking Care of Our
JUNIOR TOPIC-Growlng Strong.
-The Value of Health.
-Public Health Problems.
'like teachings of this lesson have an
Important bearing upon physical
health, but the primary reference is
moral. The sin with which Paul was
tlealiug was fornication, not matters of
hygiene. That physical health may be
included we tlo not question, but sad
sod serious will be the blunder if that
vnly is taught.
I. Glorifying God in Your Body (I
Cor. 6:19, 20.
It should be noted that the last
clause of verse 20 is omitted in the R
vised Version and the best manu
scripts. The conclusion of Paul's argu
ment is, "therefore glorify God In your
1. The Christian's body is the temple
of the Holy Ghost (v. 19). God's
dwelling place on earth is now the re
deemed human body Instead of the
temple at Jerusalem. If the sinless
Spirit is to dwell in the body it must
be kept clean. To defile or abuse the
body in any way is to insult the Spirit
nd commit the most awful sacrilege.
This truth apprehended solves forever
the problem of licentiousness, gluttony,
use of tobacco, the abuse or neglect of
the body in any way whatsoever.
2. The Christian's body is God's
property (v. 19). Being God's temple,
the proprietary right is in God and not
bum. P.elng the property of the Lord,
the Christian's motto is, "Whether
berefore ye eat or drink, or whatso-
ver ye do, do all to the glory of God
I Cor. 10:31). "Holiness unto the
ord" ought to be written over our
3. The Christian's body has been
ought (v. 20). The price paid to re-
em the body, was the precleus blood
mate things hy what Jhey cost When
we estimate our bodies in that light
we will be very jealous of their purity.
Guarding our health is part of our re
ligion. II. Keeping the Body Under Con.
trol (I Cor. 9 : 24-27).
The Christian's life is more than
mere existence, there is something to
lo to be accomplished.
1. It is a race (vv. 24, 25). In order
to win a prize there must be self-denial
and definite exertion. The Chris
tian obtains life by contact with Jesus
Oirist through faith (John 3:16; 3:30;
5:24). This he possesses before he can
legin the race. While he gets salva
tion (life) at the beginning, God places
before him definite rewards as incent
ives to exertion. The Christian be
lieves to get life, but works for re
wards. In the Olympian games only
tne could hope to get the prize, but in
the Chrlstiun race there Is a reward
waiting for every one who disciplines
liimself and runs. As the racer in these
games mastered Ids desires and ab
stained from everything which might
hinder him to win the prize, so the
Christian will make any sacrifice to
win. The prize in the Grecian games
was corruptible, but the prize of the
Christian is incorruptible. ' If the
heathen would practice such self-de-nial
regardless of its paiu for a gar
land of pine leaves, shall not the Chris
tian turn from bodily indulgences of
wery kind so as to obtain the crown
of righteousness which fadeth not
2. It is a fight (vv. 20, 27). The
Christian's efforts are not mere beat
ings of the air. He has a real antag
onist. His fight is not a sham conflict,
lie should exert himself with all his
energy, and strike to hit his enemy. In
order to win success the body must be
kept under. In this case the antagonist
Is the body. It should be so dealt
with as to bring it under subjection.
All the evil propensities of his nature
should be brought under control.
III. Reaping What You Sow (Gal.
God has established a law in the
world that whatsoever a man sows that
shall he also reap. To go on sowing
with the expectation of not reaping is
to mock God. The world Is full of ex
amples of those who thus mocked Him.
Tliis text has primary reference to
giving to the support of ministers of
the gospel ; its real bearing is upon the
leliever for his stinginess, rather than
upon the sinner for his meanness, but
It has a bearing on all that we do.
Condensed News Items
News of the death of Cardinal Gib
bons was received In Washington with
universal sadness. Officials from Presi
dent Harding down expressed sorrow
at the death of the primate of the
American Catholic hierarchy and paid
tribute to him.
The story of a pathetic failure Ed
ward Tuck French, son of Amos Tuck
French, banker was told In the sur
rogate's court at New York in a suit
brought against trie father of John J.
Walsh, a lwayer. Walsh seeks to re
cover $200 In payment for the care he
bestowed on the young man.
Denial that Japan is "mobilizing for
war" In the Pacific by fortifying Yap
or any of her mandate islands, was
made to the United States by Baton
Shidehara, Japanese ambassador.
The giant transatlantic liner Imper-"
ator, recently purchased by the Cunard
line from the British government, has
been renamed the "Berengarla."
Joe Zimmer, 8 years old, was in
stantly killed ; his father, Tels Zimmer,
sustained a fractured leg, and the
latter's brother, Will Zimmer, and a
neighbor, Herman Steen, were serious
ly injured by the explosion of a trac
tion engine at the Zimmer home, near
San Jose, Cal.
A bitter attack upon William Ran
dolph Hearst Is made by Samuel Gom
pers, president of the American Fed
eration of Labor, in an editorial en
titled "Ileurt's Animus," which is pub
lished in the April Issue of the Ameri
can Federationist, the official organ of
the American Federation of Labor.
The Illinois Central Railroad an
nounced at Bloomington, 111., that a
new scale of wages approximating a
reduction of 2.") per cent would be
come effective April -17, to include all
section and roundhouse labor and
freight handlers, truckers, watchmen
and janitors, minimum to be 23 cents
an hour.
Former Patrolman Cornelius J.
Flood was sentenced by Judge Nott in
general sessions at New York to three
to seven yeari In the state prison.
Flood wn s !dicted for first degree
a-rder f o?" the killing of James Cush
lhg, 15, on'an apartment house roof in
1918 while the boy was flying pigeons.
Traced by wireless, Franz Xavier
Euesch, who is alleged to have fled with
$7,000 belonging to a Chicago hotel,
has been arrested In Carona, Spain, ac
cording to cablegrams received at Chi
cago. The police have been seeking
him for several weeks.
Two masked bandits boarded the
Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad's
"Texas Special" at Denison, Tex., and
robbed every passenger In three sleep
ers, escaping at McAIester in a wait
ing automobile. The loot was esti
mated at more than $3,000, all In cash.
Because their precious liquor Is leak
ing and evaporating at the rate of two
or more gallons every year in a gov
ernment bonded warehouse, Charles
Cornell and George J. Ghlo, both of
St. Louis, begged the United States
supreme court to set their case for
argument April 23.
The use of the word "cigarette". on
a tocabbo container will be unlawful
In Utah after June 8, according to an
opinion by the Attorney General of
that state.
The Allied Amusement Industries of
California, composed of representa
tives of motion picture theaters, is on
record as opposing the appearance in
films of Clara Smith Haraou, recently
acquitted of the killing of Jake L.
Hamon in Ardmore, Okla.
Neither Chief Justice White nor any
Associate Justice of the United States
Supreme Court contemplates retire
ment at this time. No eligible mem
ber of the tribunal has suggested any
future date as being the possible limit
of his service, says a Washington re
port. President Harding favors passage
of a "brief, concise" emergency tariff
bill, applicable only to a small number
of farm products," Senator Willis, Re
publican, of Ohio, declared after a 4.1
ininute conference with the President.
An unidentified man, who shot and
killed himself on a lumber pile at Sau
Francisco, Cal., after calling a small
crowd to witness his death, left a rec
ipe for "Jackass Brandy," which the
coroner's office made public.
Figures compiled by the registrar's
office In the University of Illinois
show that twenty-eight foreign na
tions are represented by students at
the state institution, China leading
with 78, followed by India with 31
and Japan with 19.
A campaign by the Women's Chris
tian Temperance Union for strict Sun
day observance and against tobacco
was announced at Chicago by Miss
Anna M. Gordon, national president, to
start April 3. "That week," the an
nouncement said, "will be made a week
of prayer for the success of the cam
paign, and Sunday, April 10, is desig
nated as antitobacco Sunday.
A permit to manufacture wine out
of strawberries for nonbeverage pur
poses was issued at Washington to
the Strawberry Growers' Association
of Louisiana by the bureau of internal
revenue. The permit specifies that
no sugar shall be added to increase
the alcoholic content of the product.
Matewan, W. Va., called a holiday to
greet the 16 mountaineers, defendants
in the Matewan battle trial, who were
found not guilty by a circuit court jury
at Williamson.
Mrs. Stoughton A. B'letcher and her
mother, Mrs. Eva Henley, committed
suicide at the Fletcher estate north of
Indianapolis, Ind., according to a cor
oner's verdict. Stoughton A. Fletcher,
the husband Is a prominent capitalist
and horseman.
John Williams a white farmer of
Jasper county, 'was Indicted by the
Newton county grand jury at Coving
ton, Ga., charged with murder In con
nection with the deaths of three ne
groes recently found In a river there,
and, according to Deputy Sheriff John
son, a negro employe of Williams, has
confessed that 11 negroes in all had
been killed. ,
John Brown, negro, was shot to
death with a hairpin at Memphis, Tenn.
Physicians found the hairpin after the
bullet was removed. They believe the
pin was lodged in the barrel of the re
volver at the time the shot was tired.
Former President Wilson was said
to be recovering satisfactorily from
an acute attack of indigestion which
he suffered at his home in Washington.
Admiral Cary T. Grayson, the former
President's physician, said it probably
would be a few days lefore Wilson
could be considered as entirely r
covered. President Harding has accepted an
Invitation . to attenjl ceremonies to be
held April lOthf jp?T York in con
nection with t Jetting of a statue
to Simon Bollml?, Tiie Venezuelan pa
triot. Dwlght Davis, of St. Louis, Mo., was
given a recess appointment by Presi
dent Harding as a director of the War
Finance Corporation.
Pretty 15-year-old Dorothy Miller,
of Trenton, N. J., who wrote to the
papers offering to marry any man who
would give $1,000 for an operation to
save her mother's life, is beginning to
lose her faith In the, power of the
press. She said that not a single
suitor ' had called and that her only
male, visitors were reporters.
Clara Smith Hamon has signed a
contract with the Oklahoma Motion
Picture Company, with headquarters
at Oklahoma City, Okla., and studios
at Los Angeles, Cal., to produce pic
tures for the next two years, she said
in an interview at Ardmore, Okla.
Rev. Maurice Bodine, 52, Chicago,
the so-called dream husband of Mrs.
Ida Glasshagen Bodine, 49, an Aurora
dressmaker, was held to the grand jury
at Aurora, 111., In bail of $3,000 on
charges of theft and marrying in Illi
nois In less than a year after he had
been divorced. Mrs. Bodine did not
appear against the clergyman and he
waived examination.
Queen Amelie of Portugal has de
cided to desert England and live in
Paris henceforth. A deal was closed
whereby the Queen became the owner
of the Chateau de Bellevue, formerly
the home of M. Iligault, president of
the lion Marche department stores.
Important discoveries of .ruins of a
highly developed Greco-Roman civil
ization have been made at Palmyre,
about 93 miles east of Horns, by the'
high commissioner's archeologicul
service, says a Beirut (Syria) report.
Amina Niazy, native Egyptian wom
an, wants facilities for educating Egyp
tian women. She has asked permission
for native women to attend the month-
ly lectures at the Egyptian University,
says a Cairo, Egypt, report.
Communist disorders in Central
Germany are increasing and large (Sec
tions of industrial regions are actually
in the hands of the insurgents, says
an Exchange Telegraph Company dis
patch from Amsterdam to London.
Once the chief producerfcjf radium,
Germany now has barely enough to
meet the medical needs of the great
universities. There is only one gram
of radium in all Berlin, und propor
tionately 'even less at Heidelberg and'
other university cities.
Gathered from All Cor
ners, of the State and
Told in Briefest Form
Knoxville. Surroundings are ex
pected to be made more attractive at
the old tailor shop of Andrew Jack
son, former president of the United
States, in Greenville, Tenn., as a re
sult of the property being acquired by
the state. The building is located on
East Depot street. The old board
fence which was originally around the
shop has been torn awav and a wire
fence has befn put in its stead, but
aside from this there has been no no
ticeable, change. A little sign with
the words, "A Jackson, Tailor," ia
still over the door of the old tailor
McMinnville. This town was great
ly shocked over the tragic death ol
James Hamilton. Mr. Hamilton was
building a new home on his farm in
West Riverside, and had come to town
for a load of Bhingles. As he was re
turning home he had to cross the
bridge at Walling's mill, and just as
he-was driving off the bridge, the team
became frightened by some shingles
falling from the wagon," and gave a
quick plunge, throwing Mr. Hamilton
off the wagon. .His skull was crushed
and the wagon ran over his neck and
Knoxville. Maurice Mays, the ne
gro convicted here of the murder of
Mrs. Bertie Lindsey, in August, 1919,
which crime brought on the race riots
and storming of the Knov. county jail,
was brought here from. Nashville,
where he has been confined since his
first trial. The supreme court grant
ed a new trial on the grounds that the
trial Judge failed to charge the jury
to fix the punishment in the event of
finding the defendant guilty, of, first
degree murder.
Clarksville. Among the true bills
found by the Montgomery county
grand jury, four are against Silas and
Bennie Finney, three on housebreak
ing and -larceny charges and one on
the charge of breaking jail. J. T.
North, who escaped from the county
jail with the Finneys, was also indict
ed on charges of public drunkenness
and Wreaking Jail. All three of.' the
men are still at large and practically
all trace of them has been lost.
Chattanooga. The excitement caus
ed by the run on the CitlzenB' Bank of
Fort Payne seems to have, subsided
without involving any other banks in
that section of the state. In anticipa
tion of probable trouble all the other
banks prepared themselves to stand
firm. One bank, the First National,
had arranged to have a large sum of
money brought to Fort Payne by air
plane should an attempt be made to
run on the bank.
Benton. M. V. Davis, member of
the Polk county court, his brother, E.
L. Davis, postmaster, and prominent
merchant of Conasauga; Bob and Ed
McCamy, charged with the killing of
Deputy Sheriff Tidker Headrick after
an affray over the transportation of
liquor a few months ago, were acquit
ted by A jury here following a trial
lasting several days.
Hartsville. Dr. Byron W. King,
president of the Kipg School of Ora
tory, Pittsburg, has been here lectur
ing under auspices of the local hlgn
school. The first entertainment of the
series was a lecture-sermon delivered
at the Methodist church, this being fol
lowed by other features and readings
three times daily at the church and
the school building.
Winchester. The Twentieth Cen
tury club celebrated its seventeenth
anniversary with a birthday party at
the home of Mrs. B. G. Slaughter sec
ond, vice-president. The following
members were joint hostesses with
Mrs. Slaughter: Mrs. J. Robert Par
sons, Mrs. W. M. porter, Mrs. J. B.
Calhoun. Misses Ola V. Andertcn and
Irene Shook.
Memphis. Held at bay by drawn
pistols in the haifds of Police Sergeant
Cleary and Detective Sergeants Will
Griffin and D. E. McClenahan, a moo
of approximately 400 negroes in South
Memphis failed to take John Powell,
another negro, whom the police had
arrested for the murder c his wife.
Union City. Street building plans
approximating a quarter of a million
dollars for Union City, Tenn.; have
been placed in the hands of Weather
ford & Harris, Memphis engineers.
Knoxville. Ninety - three candles
were In the birthday cake of Mrs.
Saraphine Baxter at a celebration held
at her home at Washington college,
Johnson City. -
Read Mrs.CorIey's Letter and
Benefit by Her Experience
Edmund, S.C.-"I was run down with
nervousness and female trouble and suf-
ierea every moouu.
I was not able to do
any work and tried a
lot of medicine, bat
got no relief. I saw
your medicine adver
tised in a little book
that was thrown in
my door, and I had
not taken two Dotues
of Lvdia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetable
Compound beiore i
cnnld see it was heh
inor mo i tm iceemncr nouse now ana
am able to do all of my work. I cannot
say enough for your medicine. It has
done more for me than any doctor. I
have not paper enough to tell you how ,
much it has done for me and for my
friends. You may print this letter If
you wish." Elizabeth C. Corlet,
care of A. P. Corley, Edmund, S. G
Ability to stand the strain of work M
tka nrivilocrA nf thp ntroncr and healthv.
but now our hearts ache for the weak
and sickly Women struggling with their
daily rounds oi nousenoia auues, wiia
backaches, headaches, nervousness and
almost every movement brings a new
pain. Why will not the mass of letters
from women all over this country, which
we have been publishing, convince such
women that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound will help them just as
surely as it did Mrs. Corley ?
; l
The Fashions.
Lady Duff-Gordon said at a lunch
eon :
"The fashions are gradually becom
ing more modest. They are nothing
like so shocking as they were last
year. :
"A young woman went .into a very
smart shop one day last year and
said to the saleswoman: . i
"'I want to buy an afternoon gown
of the very latest fashion.'
M'Yes, madam,' said the saleswom
an. 'And does madam prefer a gown
that Is altogether too short or one
that Is altogether too transparent!
We stock both. kinds.'"
Insects Worse Than Fire.
Of the 10,700,000 feet of yellow pise
in Klamath and Lake counties, Oregon,
fully 8 per cent has been killed during
the past five or six years, or is now
Infested by beetles, says a report to
the American Forestry association at
Washington., The average annual loss
has been abpnt 150,000,000 board feet
worth at leAst $250,000, or Sttt
o kiiuv.ii ci'j i i . u v uu auuuai ami v i
loss In the two counties.
One of the favorite reminiscences
of the elderly well-to-do is of t
times they "went hungry."
On the whole, It would seem that
an overdose of dignity Is preferable
to entire absence of It.
It surprises a man the first time
his wife loses her temper. After that
he is surprised when she doesn't t
Tint Step in Treatment Is a Brisk
Purgative With Calotabs, tht
Purified and Kefined Calomel
Tablets that are Nausea
less, Safe and Sure.
Doc ms lave found by experieae
that no medicine for cold and infln
nza can be depended npoa for full ef
fectiveness until the liver is made thor
oughly active. That is why the first
step ia the treatment is the new, nausea
less colomel tablets ' called Calotabs,
which are free from the sickening and
weakening effects of the old style calo
mel Doctors also point out the fact
that an active liver may go a long way
towards preventing influenza and is on
of the most important factors in en
abling the patient to successfully with
stand an attack and ward off pneu
monia. One Calotab a'the tongue at bed
tune with a swallow of water that's
all No salts, no nausea nor the slight
est interference with your eating, pleas
ure or work. Next morning your cold
hda vanished, your liver is active, your
system is purified, and you are feeling
fine, wii;h a hearty appetite for break
last. Druggists sell Calotabs only in
original sealed packages, price thirty,
flvfl cents. Your money will be cheer-"
fully refunded if you do not find than
delightful (Adv.).
Cuticura Soap
For the Hands
Sop 2Sc, Ointment 25 and 50c, Ttlcum ae.
ilk is

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