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s ur. W. M. TL)IINEI
ft A
.. .....
j. leiepiiotie, ixo. 144 j
-n9J3S 8 5 335 9 5 VS-59 3-33:3-3 9399 ,
leieniione. No. 144
tTnlon City Commsrclkl, eatabllnhel 1890. ) ,,.,. a,v , ,
We. Tniue Courier. MWblLtaed i. ConwlicUW September 1, 1897.
VOL. 12., NO. 27.
RE--33 YEA
. B. GREER & CO.
vil Bargains are always to be found at (S
our big furniture store.
Special inducements to newly married couples
and genuine bargains offered to all customers who
buy of us. We are receiving weekly up-to-date
Bed-Room Suites,
Rockers, Dining Chairs,
6$ Tables, Sideboards, Go-Carts,
Odd Dressers, Bookcases,
China Closets, etc.
In fact we carry nothing but new goods. We also
carry the biggest and best-selected stock
newest and prettiest designs of
in Union City.
The most complete and up-to-date
- Undertakers' Supplies
and have the services of the only
Secretary Gage is chafing under
the muzzle that has been put upon
him by the Administration, and
some predict that it may result in
his resignation. Since turning the
matter over to the diplomatic
branch of the Government, with
the hope of reaching a satisfactory
settlement of the tariff war with
Russia, into which the Secretary's
blundering construction -of law
plunged this country, Mr. McKin
big a blunder as that he made on
Russian sugar. The Italian Gov
ernment has officially informed
this Government that it does not
pay a bounty on sugar exported,
just as Russia did. Matters of
this sort are too important and far
reaching in their effect to be de
termined upon without absolute
knowledge of the facts.
Within a few days probably
next week the advisory head
quarters of the Ohio Republicans
will be established in the Canton
personage than Mr. McKinley
himself. Although there is no
national issue involved in the Ohio
campaign this year, unless the
election of a legislature that will
name Senator Foraker's successor
ley informed him that he must : home of Mr. McKinley, and the
cease talking for publication about adviser-in-chief will be no
the acts which led to the tarifl
war. This Mr. Gage is inclined
to regard as a double reflection on
his judgment, but whether he will
take it seriously enough to resign
is not yet apparent. Those best
informed express the opinion that can be considered as such, Mr,
the interests which placed Mr. McKinley is very anxious that the
Gage in charge of the financial Republicans shall win, not that he
branch of the Government will in- would grieve to see Foraker lose
tervene, if necessary, to prevent his seat in the Senate, but because
his resigning, as they do not wish of its moral effect on the congres-
to take any chances with a new sional campaign of next year. As
man. - a shrewd politician he recognizes
The Republican fight over the that unless the Republicans can
control of the Pension Bureau is retain control of Congress, many
growing sensational. Uommis- of his plans concerning the Philip
sioner Evans this week made a pines will be upset, as he has no
statement his first public resist- idea that all these plans can be put
ance to the demand for his remdv- into effect through legislation by
al that breathes defiance between the present congress.
the lines, and may be considered
a dare to Mr. McKinley to redeem
the written promise of the Repub- Atl.anta' acc1,dDS
Hear, National Committee to Gen. tutlon Poached a
GRADUATE of EMBALMING in Obion County.
QL XJUU l 10.1M. fcV gin. C4 tail iwi J - - O
we carry in any of our departments.
T. B. Greer & Co.
Ann oi4 n c erti en t
Having just reopened in the
Svdggart building, opposite the Com
mercial Bank, we are ready to
serve our patrons with
the best of everything in this line.
to merit even a larger patronage than that
enjoyed by us in the past.
Try us when you are hungry.
W. M. Warterfi eld
Chase & Sanborn Coffees
and Teas.
among tha various brands of flour
would undoubtedly result in a first
prize for the now famous Scnimink
VVhUe as ft lily, light as a thistle,
best as a bread baker, Sunshine
well deserves a good thing that can
be said about it. It has friends in
many ft family, and we would like
youra to make its acquaintance.
I)- nit; ixXxifr
DahnKe-Walker Milling Co.
The Rev. J. C. Woodward, of
to the Consti-
lican National Committee to Gen.
nn;l R. SmkW. dnrW th ram- lely to receive a great deal of
paign last year, that Evans would
i i k i ,i iu some
Pension Bureau during this Ad
miniutrntinn if Mr MfTCinlAir wna
it.i i i, as anyone in his flock. He does
CUtOU. XVttllO lULlIllULCa - ...... .
thA nAnrinn hark tti nnntml th rymose expression is a sign
work of the Pension Bureau, there 8anctitv that ft sm51in
n.rft KfinnhiifRn Tiolitipmnn who
wish a chance because they have Naturally, he leans to the belief
' I i. 1 ...i. -:i.L iL. 1 1
fiannn nf law. annoint.ment.s and 110 Blalls uub w,lu luo ,t"vv,
, rr .
nrnmntinna in thfi hnraan. Takfin euKe luey ale a"auy boom.
nil in all this stiitfimfint of Mr. BUU lual lue laaM- ls lu K1YO
F.vn. would he "hot stuff" in that feeline a ProPer direction.
mnrh colder weather than that Ile deplore the fact that friends
,h,Vh Wshinaton i now n'na do not know ach other thftt even
through, and his friends say that Pents and children march along
h ha nnHmHd ftnimnnition of lu W ; iuuui m c a
more of the same sort, and that Kua" V1 nuu uo " r1""
having become tired of being for mu?h the sourness and envy
abused for doing his duty and
0 " i . i.l 11. . 1 ir 11.,..
standing between the Government
and a ring of pension looters, he
will use it without regard as to
attention. Some praise as well as
criticism. Mr. Solomon
seems to think that a clergyman
uiisrht as well wear a smiling face
The man had been looking at
her, but now he turned his head
slowly towards the ballroom
and then, Dorothy, you broke
down and cried again, and 11
do you remember."
"Don't!" whispered the girl.
"And I have tried to be strong
and good. 1 have fought hard,
What are you looking at?" he and Go1 1)6 thanked, in the main
"Mr. Raymond."
"Because he is paying the de
voted to Miss Lovell the pretty
one. He is trying to make me
"And is he succeeding?"
"Well, yes, that is, I wish it
were the other Lovell girl, the ug
ly one, you know."
"Why don't you retaliate
him jealous?"
I have won. For there was al
ways your face, Dorothy the look
of you eyes, the touch of your
lips, the scent of the wild violets.
And now I have come back to tell
you all over again: I love you,
Dorothy, I love you."
There was no answer. She did
not move. She hardly breathed.
"I go away to-night, Dorothy.
It is useless for me to stay. I can
make nt live this life that you live. I
can't see you live it."
The ffirl laughed outrisrht. io, no, sne wnispered; "you
"Why, I shouldn't Inow how to musf not go."
vw ii l i-i i vv nvi
uaoin. - Kne reniiea. '
r 7 i
And you wish him to steer
clear of all Drettv women except
" i. . L.I li i .
vonrsftlf? T almost, believe von love wo, naa sumc io a wnisper "is
that man." there some hope for mo after all?
"Do try to bo original. You lhey are wrong who say that you
know vou can when vou try. Ev- nave no nearl Ior any one; tnat
''Because you must not."
erybody thinks 1 love him, even I
myself sometimes."
The man looked at ner curi
"Well, let's make him jealous,"
he suggested.
I don't know where to begin,
"Oh, I shall begin. You simply
have to hold your end up and try stay."
you live only for these silly con
quests. My God, Dorothy, say
that they are wrong!"
The color has faded away.
"No," she answered; "they are
quite right. It is my life."
'Then I leave to-night."
lNo," she cried defiantly; "you
to take the scowl off their faces
and the vinegar out of their
mouths and to laugh and romp.
who is hit if the fight against him ''Too many wives in Atlanta," said
is kept up. Democrats are play- he ."are the slaves of their hus-
bands, and Husbands are nated by
is kept up. Democrats are play
ing the role of interested specta
tors in this fight. Gen. Sickles,
who used to be a Democrat, and
who is a leader on the anti-Evans
side, was a McKinley stumper in
1896 and 1900, and "Corporal"
Tanner, who seems to be second
their slaves." And then:
"The church that makes 'Hark
from the tomb the doleful sounds,'
its keynote will drive the young
from its sanctuary. The devil has
more sense than us all. He pro-
in command, is a Republican who VK'e8
., i . i i ,. . .i rinss, ana Baioons me oreaining
was summarily kicked out of the ' ft
office of Pension Commissioner by
the late Benjamin Harrison for
doing the very thing that Evans is
being fought for not doing,
holes of hell for his followers,
and all these are social institutions.
Emasculate the social feauture from
a saloon and it is practically dead.
rj na fnotnh him liv lnutitntinor
The opinion is increasing among I - ,aa , n nnT vnnn(T
Democrats that the Republican talk .f for ht drinks
about revising tne tann so as to : - . li.,i ;
amusement, such as ball, checkers
and tennis. The young may, can
and must be saved; but to save
them we must not everlasting
Kt lioiint thorn with lonor.faiA niAtir
u ti . ; i 1 'J v r-
auionjf ipuuacuu u.. ku d crocodile tear8. Dont fling a
A .A I i I 4- Irnn w. thin iia(a I J
iruttuf. li 10 iu kevu imio ruio
hit 'trust-controlled articles is
nothing more than a vote-making
bluff. In many congressional dis
tricts in the West and middle
West there is a strong sentiment
from being lost to the party that
the tariff revision talk was started,
and it is expected that ft consid
erable number of Republican rep
resentatives from that section will
make speeches during the coming
session of Congress in favor of
taking the duty off trust-controlled
theology at a fellow every time
you cross his path. And some
time aribther subject will be more
attractive than hell. Be friendly;
prove yourself a friend, and you
will win your man. In a word do
not allow the devil to monopolize
the company of your young peo
ple. J-iet us provide them enter
articles, not because they expect tainment tn the name of Christ,
or TAB Uv oWirn anv legislation This is ft bright and cheerful
v .j j r--
speeches will masegoott campaign able if we banish pleasure
documents in next year's Congres- from our lives we simply banish
sional fight. those to whom it is necessary into
it Donmg that surotorir HflffA'a the arms of those who will fur-
" v"'" v" ' J I , ! t; ,v.u
order imposing a countervailing lomon ghJ,d retlirn to the
duty on Italian sugar, on tne sus- 8ub;wt. Jt is on a good line and
picion that Italy was paying an he" will be followed with interest
export bounty on sugar, was as j Chattanooga News.
to appoar interested, lie sees us
perfectly well. Now prepare
yourself; I am going to make love
to you."
'Give me your watch. You
have fifteen minutes. At eleven I
have an engagement with him.
So begin; I promise to hold up
my end."
She opened his watch and put it
in her lap.
"I was five years old when you
came into my life," he said. "The
other boys had gone fishing and I
sat alone on the fence, wishing that
I were dead. And then you came
Then you love me?"
I I want you here."
"Do you love?"
"Will you stay?"
"Say you love me."
"Your time is up." came the
quivering whisper. "It is eleven
o'clock. She looked up at him
trembling but triumphant.
There was a look on his face of
quiet determination, but he smiled
carelessly as he rose and stepped
forward to meet a man who was
coming towards them.
"Hello, Raymond, that you?"
"Goodby, Miss Cutlyf ; you have
to me-do you remember. Dor- ,vwu m a wwuwr nK
quarter oi an uour. uouu oy,
rru :-i fl.,, ,i ,i I Raymond, old man. I'm off at
oliVhtl as he snoke her name. He wuiuigiii, you h.uuw. vroou uy.
trkneed at the watch in her laD and PAT THE DOG TAX,
n ,
non tinned.
"A LMlAthina von were: with The following card appeared in
wide blue eyes. Your aresa wasl., . . ...
soiled and torn and one stocking le are intereBted we give it
was hanging down over your snoe bHcati 8a the Carroll
top. I County Democrat
"Iou3miled into my lace ana I wish, through your paper, to
asked if 1 was afraid of the cow. I reply to the many daily inquiries
Afraid. Boys don't get afraid, I made in regard to the recent dog
Miecanse if vou are ' vou went on. I law. I think it best for all owners
'I'll drive it awav.' lof doe to PaJ the tax
i i . tneir aoffs. f irst, it
j"" - t j
with you, and, half scornfully, I
got off the fence, and you took my
hand and guided me down by the
sprinff wnere tne vtoiets were.
or else kill
is the law,
and all good citizens should obey
the law, whether they approve of it
or not, until it is repealed. Next,
if they fail to obey it they are liable
to be indicted. If indicted the
to indict if they know the facts
themselves. No one knows which
of his neighbors will be on the next
grand juiy. Besides a man may
have some enemy who would de
light to report him to the grand
jury. It is only a dollar any way
And you made me sit down while I least possible cost would be $25.00.
you trimmed hats for me hats of I While the grand jury has no in
mulberry leaves Btuck together quisitonal power in the premises,
with pine needles and wild violets I "till it would be .their sworn duty
scattered over. Do you remem
ber, Dorothy."
"Yes," said the girl, "Yea, I
"And then, Dorthory, my birth
day party! I was sixteen. You
wore a blue dress, and was lovelier I on a dog or bitch for the life time
than a dream. I was half madol the dog, 95 cents of which goes
mith inv und lovi s.n.1 in blind into the county school fund,
ivion'a Knff ! r-nnirlit von und kissed I w'1'i if &U
umu a . vmmmv J " -
..mi 1. ! t-ail fii f ol'i ra n pniir
ruu-. J t I,,,. f rW ,t H
ips. Do you remember, "ro-l w ' T .huld the ,.w
it a I
iaJf I be declared unconstitutional
.it hi i . i
&D6 did not answer. I Therefore without exDresBinc an
"And you said I peeped and that I opinion as to the constitutionality
was a cheat, and that, you hated, lof the law, or as to whether I
hated, hated me! Yes Dorothy,! approve or disapprove of it, I be
did peep I was a cheat. j Here it best and right, tor the
44 4 .i .i m;, t I reasons above stated, to nay the
las. anu., w, i . j4ifiw,
pay their
that fund.
tax, greatly
Those who
was in the woods searching for the
first wild violets. And I took
them to you--some white and some
purple. You cried, but you for
gave me. I ou nave not iorgoc
ten, Dorothy?"
"No," -murmured the girl, "I
have not forgotten."
"And you told me to be strong
Atty, Gen. 12th Judicial Circuit.
"Do you know," said the West
End lady to her pastor "that the
man, in the pew behind ours de
stroys all my devotional feelings
when he tr;s to sing. Couldn't you
ask him to change his pew?"
Well, you see," was the reply,
T tiav a little delicacy in AcAnvr
: , . .
and good ana you wouia oe prouu that, especially if I have to explain
of me, for that night I was going the reason. But I might ask him
to leave home for collert- And I to join the choir." Montreal Star,
Gov. McMillin is buck from
Texas and found his new invas
ions oil right. Johnson City
McKinley and Bryan both hav
ing declined to run for a third
time, why not drop the Presiden
tial question and play ball? Com
mercial Appeal.
A college professor has been
discovered who uses a calendar
eleven days slow. He would make
a "corking" reporter for some
Knoxville newspaper. Chatta
nooga Times.
Gen. Shafter says that he did
not report that army clothing fraud
at San Francisco, localise it was
such ft little one. In that it differf
some what from Shaffer. Mem
phis Scimitar.
Families with a stock of unmar
ried daughters on hand ought to
add more fish to their menu. The
phosphorous in is these good for
making matches. South Pitts
burg Hustler.
An institution which has been
established in Knoxville for 53
years is the Tennessee school for
deaf and dumb. To borrow an old
joke "it makes little noise" but it
is nevertheless under the excellent
management doing a splendid
work. Knoxville Sentinel.
Tire Knoxville Sentinel demands
for East Tennessee, as a matter of
geography and right, the next
Democratic nominee for Governor.
Intimating very seriously that a
notice of dissolution will follow, if
henceforth, the hustlers on this
side of the mountain are not given
more elbow room at the pie coun
ter. Bristol News.
The nerviest man hails from
Kentucky. . A swarm of bees set
tied on the head of Philip Carey
at Fountain Ferry Park. He re
tained his presence of mind, and
after walking two blocks, be
shook the bees from his head in
to a keg, and after" seeing they
were safe in their new hive, he
carried them to his home. Clarks
ville Leaf-Chronicle.
The South's creed should bo
work. This brings success under
all conditions, and under the hap
py ones surrounding us the meas
ure will be full and running over.
We should listen not to the scoff
ers, the malingers, the idler, the
ne'er-do-wells. Let the dema
gogue tear the "air to tatters, but
heexl him not. Elevate the men
who work, who organize, who
plan, who keep intact the great
systems of industry on which our
commercial fabric rests. They
are the latter-day statesmen. They
are the man whose bands we should
uphold, to whom our thanks are
due. Nashville American.
An epidemic among crows has
prevailed in Northern Indiana dur
ing the past three months, al
though the great mortality noted
by farmers and others was sup
posed to be due to starvation dur
ing the long prevalence of deep
snow, it was noticed, however,
that tbe birds invariably gave indi
cation of blindness just before
death, some dropping while in flight
and ethers dashing aimlessly about
over the snow before succumbing.
R. J. Weith, Elkhart, observer
for the Indiana Audubon Society,
says lie is confident that jo.uuu
crows died within a radius of two
miles of that city." Mr. Weith also
says that at least ten species of mi
gratory Liu) uHually there at thi
time of ibe season h? e failed to
arrive. Tennessee tarmer. .
Lecture By William Jennings Bryan
Union City, July 11.
For the above occasion the Mo
bile & Ohio K. K. Co. will sell
tickets to Union City and return
from points between Cairo and Hen
derson at one and one third fare.
Night trains will make all stop
between above points on the morn-
ng o! the 12th of July.
K. C Oahth, Agent,

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