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Sick Half the Time.
In diseases of the kidneys and urinary organs men and women once strong,
hearty and vigorous are soon reduced to comparative helplessness, at times
they are able to get about and do odd jobs, at others prostrated completely.
This was the experience of thousands of persons who owe their present good
health to the great heaiing effect of ! PRICKLY ASH BITTERS. Why endure
all this distress when aj-emedy that has proved its power and effectiveness in
such ailments can be so easily obtained. PRICKLY ASH BITTERS is a kid
ney tonic, liver and stomach stimulant and bowel purifier combined, therefore
it exercises its cleansing and restorative influence uniformly in every part of
the body. For the weakening irregularities peculiar to women PRICKLY
ASH BITTERS bas obtained the very highest endorsement. It corrects
stomach and bowel disorders in children.
Here i a victim of neglect.
Bad digestion was the starting point. lie
ignored the warnings sent up by an over
loaded and suffering stomach, hence the dis
order spread until it has seriously weakened
the entire digestive apparatus, involving the
kidneys, liver, bowels. It is the beginning of a sick spell,
A person in this state of health finds work a burden.
Strength and energy are gone, he can't eat with relish, he
is tired, cross, nervous and dull a truly useless and ' disa
greeable person. The worst part about it is that such a
person is liable to take any dangerous disease that ma' be
about. Pneumonia, Consumption, Bright's Disease, Chol
era, Typhoid or Yellow Fever, Malaria, Smallpox would
find in him an easy mark because his system is weakened by impurities which are poisoning
his very life-blood. In this condition a powerful system cleanser and regulator is urgently
needed, and for such purpose what more effective remedy can be found than justly celebrated
PricKly Ash. Bitters
A Remedy that Has Proved Its Value For Blood, Kidney and Bowel Disorders
In a Brilliant Record of Cures Performed.
It is the RIGHT medicine for such purpose, the best and greatest blood purifier, system
cleanser and regulator. It combines the fine tonic properties of a kidney medicine, stom
ach, liver and blood purifier with a genial regulating influence in the bowels. It will gently
urge the vital organs to a better and more complete performance of their duties, give them
strength and tone and restore healthy activity throughout the body. When the system has
'been cleared of obstructions and the kidneys resume fully their office of Purifying the
Blood, the general condition takes an upward turn. Appetite and digestion are improved,
the eyes are brighter, the hollow cheeks fill out, the complexion loses that sallow, muddy
cast, giving place to a clear skin and ruddy glow. These are the signals of returning
health, and they bring that thrill and joy of living and interest in life's duties that only
those in perfect health enjoy.
Some dealers will try to sell you something which they say Is just as good as l'KICKLY ASH itf
BITTERS. tfON'T TAKE IT. bet the genuine with the large figure 3 in red on the front label. CO
It will give you the results yeu desire. Put up in 19 ounce bottle9. Price, $1.00. y jf
Naillli Corner SPECIAL AGENT ' First Street f
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Mrs. A. J. Curlyn is reported sick
with la grippe.
i Mrs. W.H.Gardner has recovered
from an attack of la grippe.
Miss Leonora Gardner returned
from visiting friends in Milan Mon
day. Mr. C. W. Byrns, a good citizen
rf th Rives vicinitv. was in town
Mrs. Ed Crenshaw and Mastet
Walter are convalescing from their
recent illness.
Rev. P. F. Johnson goes to Mis
souri this week to engage in evan
' gelistic work. t
Mr, J. L. Coleman, of the Fre
mont country, was a pleasant caller
here yesterday.
Mr. Ike Kirby, of the firm of
Pressley & Kirby, Troy, was in the
city Tuesday.
The young men of the Elks Clut
entertained their friends at a hop
last Friday night.
Mr. T. D. Jackson, one of our
good friends from near , Crockett,
was here Monday.
Mrs. Williams and son, Charles,
and Mrs. Ollie Miller visited rela
tives at Dyer Sunday.
Mrs. S. A. Harrison is expected
home the latter part of the week
from Columbus, Texas.
Miss Nannie Howard, of Rives,
visited the family of S. J. Howard
last Friday and Saturday.
Mr. J. V. Chambers, ot Heloise,
, Tenn., is a new student at the Un
ion City Business College.
Rev. Paul Prfessly, of Anderson,
S. C. is in Troy visiting his mother-in-law,
Mrs. A. P. Moffatt.
Mr. and Mrs. Evans, of Nashville,
are occupying the new W ilson cot
tage on Ury street, in East End.
Rev. T. P. Pressly, wife and
daughter, of Troy, left Monday via
M.& O. R. R. for High Springs,
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hamilton are
spending the week with the latter's
brother, editor J. L. Holbrook, at
Messrs. j; E. Cleek and Robert
Fluty, of the country near Clayton,
were here Saturday, calling on The
Mr. J. A. Escue, one of the lead
ing farmers and stock raisers near
Spout Spring, came in to see us
last week.
Miss Myra Nolen is in St. Louis
bis week reviewing the nev styles
in millinery and preparing for the
spring trade.
Mr. B. W. Godsey, of Old Fre
mont, one of the well known citi
zens of that vicinity, was in to see
us yesterday.
A little son of Mr. Finch died at
his home near Eastview Cemetery,
and was interred Wednesday morn
ing in Eastview.
Rev. W. S. Long- was here last
week returning to Cottage Grove,
Tenn. He has been holding serv
ices at Troy and other points.
Herman Dietzel, Jr., left Wednes
day for Lexington, Kv., to purchase
a fine trotting stallion for the H.
Dietzel stock farms near this city.
Mr. J. V, Shapard, a very excel
lent gentleman and popular citizen
bf the country near Hickman, was
in town yesterday giving us a call
Mr. C. W. Williams, of Hender
son, Tenn., was in Union City this
week as a guest of his old-time
friend, Mr. R- E. McKenney, and
The stork sailed down from the
moon Monday evening and left a
pretty little baby at Black Run
ranch near Rives, Dr. Holloway's
Miss Rose Dean, who has been a
student of the Union City Business
College for the past sixteen weeks,
has accepted a position in Judge
W. H. Swiggart's office as stenog
rapher. Depfty County Court Clerk G. R.
Kenney was called by telegram Sat
urday to the bedside of his brother,
Dr. J. R. Kenney, Dover, Ark., and
left on the 3 p. m. traiu. Dr. Ken
ney is over seventy years old, and
having a severe attack of pneu
monia, grave fears are entertained
as to his recovery. j
Mrs. Ollie Miller and Miss Bessie
Carter are in St. Louis for a few
days' stay.studying the latest styles
in dressmaking and ladies' tailor
ing. They will be absent about
ten days.
Mr. and Mrs. Richardson, of St.
Louis, are in the city visiting Mrs.
Richardson's mother, Mrc. F. W.
Preston. Mr. Richardson is assist
ing in the work of publication in
the Democrat office.
Messrs. D. N. Walker. W. W.
Lovelace, E. Wilde and T. J. Shoff
ner were in Rives Tuesday attend
ing a conference of the members of
the C. P. Church who favor the
union movement.
Mr. JoeL. Shive, lately appointed
express manager on the M. &O. R.
R., was here this week for a few
days. Joe is one of Union City's
best young men and we are always
glad to hear of his good fortune.
Miss Minnie Brown has opened a
studio in the rooms occupied by Mr.
R. D. Todd, the piano man. Miss
Brown is giving piano lessons and
has several pupils. She is qualified
in every way to instruct and is
quite a talented player.
The superintendent and teachers
of the First Christian Church Sun
day School ask the co operation of
all the parents-in that church in
the building up of the school. Let
every parent come and bring the
"The Indwelling Christ" will be
the subject for. the morning service
at the First Christian Church Sun
day. The night service will begin
at 7. 15 o'clock and the theme for the
sermon wilL be "Sin the World's
Greatest Detective."
Academy of Medicine.
The members of the Union City
Academy o Medicine held a very
interesting meetiog at the Elks
Club rooms Tuesday night.1 This
is a local organization of Obion
County's practicing , physicians.
Meetings are held every Tuesday
night in this city and are very inter
esting and instructive to all mem
bers. Dr. D. M. Pearce is presi
dent and Dr. M. A. Blanton secre
A Splendid Promotion.
Mr. J. W. Temple, manager for
the Cumberland Telephone & Tele
graph Co. of the local exchanges
and county toll lines, was notified
last week that he had been pro
meted to be the company's special
agent in this section of the State.
Thirteen years ago on the 13th of
September Mr. Temple took charge
ot the Union City exchange with 13
subscribers. By the force of per
sistency and capable management
he has to-day a list of nearly six
hundred subscribers, with 13 opera
tors, exchanges at Troy and Rives
and toll lines extending through
the county in every direction. The
company has just recently read
justed the city wires, replaced the
old poles with large and substantial
new ones. They now own their of
fice building, which is furnished
throughout with antique oak fix
tures and a new apparatus supply
ing a metallic circuit, inese new
arrangements are not quite com
plete, but in a few weeks they will
be ready to take the place of the old
exchange appliances and then Un
ion City will be as well equipped
with telephone service as any city
in the State.
All these things are substantially
due to Mr. Temple's efforts in Un
ion City.
The gentleman who is thus pro
moted was reared at Henderson.
Tenn. He served as a Confederate
soldier with a gallant record. He
was married at Henderson and lo
cated in Unidn City about eighteen
years ago. His character and stand
ing as a citizen are firmly estab
lished, and he epjoys the highest
esteem of his neighbors'.
We congratulate Mr. Temple in
this change. His duties, we pre
sume, will carry him to various
points where he is to look after the
company's interests. His successor,
we understand, will be Mr. R. L.
Carter, the present assistant. Mr.
Carter has been in the novice here
for several years. He is a young
man, capable and worthy in every
way, and we believe will fill the po
sition as well as any man they
could name. Mr. Carter came here
from Clinton, Ky., and has demon
strated that be is a workman ol
ability and a good citizen.
The change will go into effect id
a few weeks.
Bankers in Nashville.
Mr. Lea Garth went to Nashville
Wednesday to attend the reception
given by the First National Bank
ot that city commemorating the
opening of the new sky-scraper,. the
magnificent steel and marble struc
ture, twelve stories high, built
through the eff jrts of Mr. F. O.
Watts, the popular president, and
his associates in the banking busi
ness. The building is owned by a
combination of interests, the lower
floors to be used by the First Na
tional Bank and other portions of
the -building for offices., It is a
monument to Mr. Watts' enterprise
and business genius. He it was
who projected the scheme and led
it to successful completion. Frank
Watts is a product of Union City
talent, from whose borders so many
young men have , distinguished
themselves. His is one of the most
conspicuous ot all these successes.
His career began as errand boy and
collector and to-day he stands at
the very top rung in Tennessee
The new structure is his crowning
effort and he and his associates are
taking advantage of the occasion to
entertain their correspondents and
From this county there are also
Mr. Geo. P. Hurt and Mr. Preston
Shore enjoying the reception.
St. James Church.
The services at St. James' EpiRco
pal Church for Sunday, Feb. 25, are
as follows: 10 a. m., celebration of
the Holy Communion; 11 a. m.,
morning prayer and sermon; 2.30
p. m., Sunday school; 7 p. m., even
ing prayer and sermon. The Rev.
Mr. Rhames will conduct the servi-;
ves. A full attendance is desired,
especially at the celebration of the
Holy communion, when the new
chalice and paten will be used for'
the first time.
Bought Beckham Buggies.
The stock of buggies, traps, etc.,
owned by Mr. B. F. Beckham, was
sold this week to Mr. Geo. Nash,
who will conduct the business here
after at the same stand. Mr. Nash
is well known to the citizens of
Union City and the country about
Jordan where be formerly resided.
He is a successful agriculturist,
stock man, and a most excellent
gentleman. He is esteemed among
our citizens and business men aa a
young man of the highest charac
ter, and succeeds Mr. Beckham, we
believe, with very flattering pros
pects. We are glad that Mr. Beck
ham has a very worthy successor.
Paralyzed, v
Mr. Mark Carter, an aged farmer,
living four miles vest of Union
City, was stricken vrith paralysis
last Monday. Mr. Carter is 76 years
ot age and has no family. He ia
well known and highly respected,
and the community sympathizes
with him in this affliction. It is
understood that there is very little
hope of his recovery.
Died In Paducah.
Mr. Shoffner, of Paducah, brother
of the late D. P. Shoffner of this
city, died at his home last week
J from heart failure. 41is death was
unexpected, taking place at night.
Mr. Shoffner is well known here.
He was engaged at the head of a
medicine business, aud came to
Union City frequently.
v Improving. '
Mrs. Beck is having the residence
occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Sears as
a boarding house, enlarged and im
proved with a two-story addition,
the lower floor to be used as a din
ing room. The house will be oth
erwise improved and made attractive.
Chapel Bemces.
Rev. R. A. Forrest and wife, ot
Atlanta, Ga., accompanied by a
missonary, will begin a series of
services at Alliance Chapel next
Sunday, Feb. 25. Services at 2.30
and 7.15 p. m. All are cordially invited.
The John B. Gordon Chapter, U.
D. C, will meet with Mrs. P. V.
White in Union City on Thursday
afternoon, March 1, at 2.30 p. m.
Members are urged to be present-

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