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Business in Force
..JL21 U
In Jno. B. Wheeler's Company, the National Life In
surance Company, U. S. A., of Chicago, Illinois.
This Company writes all forms of insurance
and has no equal, when it comes to making
prompt payments of death claims. Claims are
paid ordinarily the very day death proofs
reach the Home Office of the Com pan j
John B. Wheeler, General Agent.
W. D. Bramh'am. Local Agent.
"J. N."
The "Immortal J. X." has been,
bo it is reported, placed in the
county poor-house near Bucyrus,
Ohio. "J. N." will be remembered
by many people throughout the
country as a peripatetic crank who
in a harmless way went about from
place to place "lifting the veil"
and "removing the pressure." He
called himself a philosopher and
made short and incoherent har
angues, which conveyed no definite
idea of purpose, and caused only
amusement mixed with sympathy.
"J. N." seemed to have free course.
He was well supplied with railroad
passes and appeared to live with
out money and without price. Oc
casionally he created some excite
ment by an exhibition of fierce
ness and resentment, but usually
he was content to insist with vague
intensity upon lifting the veil that
was never lifted and removing the
pressure that was never removed,
whatever it might have been. His
self imposed itineracy was extend
ed, and there are probably few
places in the country on railroad
lines that be has not visited. And
when be visited a city or town
there were few points in it at which
his almost ubiquitous presence was
not noticed.
His name was Jacob Newman
Free. He was born at Tiffin, Ohio,
the son of a Presbyterian minis
ter. .It is said that in early life he
acquired a remarkable knowledge
of languages, and that he acumu
lated a fortune of $50,000, of which
he was robbed by his partner.
Afterward he engaged in the prac
tice of law nt Cincinnati. It is
said that he lost his mental balance
in the excitement of a criminal law
suit. In his queer form of demen
tia he has gone on his continual
round until age and infirmity have
brought him hopelessly to the
poor house, in which he will end
his restless and useless life. Nash
ville Banner.
The Urgent Need of Prompt Restora
tive Measures is Something
That Every One Should
m J
"A Stitch in Time Saves Nin."
Miss Kathleen Reynolds, Editor.
(Pbone 201)
Review Club.
The Review Club held a most in
teresting meeting Tuesday after
noon with Mrs. J. C. Reynolds, at
the Palace. The club has decided
to meet here every week for some
little time, until the weather settles,
The study in art and the magazine
lessons still prove most interesting
Slight disorders in the kidneys or uri
nary organs are more serious than most
people think. The first warning symp
toms should receive prompt medical
treatment to ward off Bright's Disease
or some other dangerous malady. When
the kidneys are ailing and the symptoms
become sufficiently pronounced to be
noticeable the condition calls at once
for prompt measures to stay the progress
of the disease. Prickly Ash Bitters is
the remedy needed. Taken on the ap
pearance of the first symptoms, such as
pain in the back, puffincss under the
eyes, irregularities in the urine, digestive
disorders, it will save the victim incal
culable misery and suffering, mental
torture and expense. Used at the begin
ning of the trouble it cures quickly.
Used in the more advanced stages it will
win back health and strength as rapidly
as circumstances will possibly permit.
Accept no substitute. Insist on having
the genuine Prickly Ash Bitters with the
large figure 3 in red on the (rout label.
Sold at Drug Stores, $1.00 Per bottle.
Allen Drug O., Special Agents.
Dr. J. Frank McMichael
Optical Specialist
Hoh's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollar Reward lor
any case of Catarrh' that cauuot be cured by
Hall' Catarrh C'nrre
V. J CHEN EY A CO., Toledo, O
We. the undersigned, have known P. J.
Cheney for the Ian! 16 yeara. and believe him
perfectly honorable in all business transaction
and financially able to carry out any obliga
tions made by their firm
Wkht Tntux. Wholesale Urnggtats,' Toledo, O.
Wai.oino, Kinnan. it Mahvim, Wholesale
Drnggista, Toledo, O.
Ilall'a Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, ant
Ins; directly upon the blood and mucous sur
faces of the system Testimonials sent free,
frice 750. per bottle. Hold bi all Druggists.
Hall's Family Hills for constipation.
Low Eates to Nashville.
The N., C. & St. L. Ry. will sell
tickets Feb 26 28 to Nashville and
return at $4.85, good returning to
March 10, on account of Student's
Missionary Convention.
VV. VV. Lovelace, Agent.
Miss Mattie Hancock has returned
and wishes to announce that she is
now .located in the southern part of
the city near the postoftice and is
prepared to do all kinds of dress
making. Mardi Gras, Feb. 22-27.
Low round trip rates via Mobile
& Ohio Railroad to New Orleans
and Mobile. For particulars apply
to your home agent or write Jno. M.
Beall, G. P. A., M. & O. R. R., St.
Mardi Gras, New Orleans, February
22-27, 1906.
Hate one fare plus 25 cents for the
round trip, that Is, 114 25. Dates of
sale Feb. 21-26. Inclusive. Return
limit March i. For further particu
lars call on agent I. C. E. R., Glbbs.
Complicated cases especially
Eves tested. Glasses fitted
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Office: Nailling Corner. Telephone 223,
Mr. McMichael, City:
I find the jj lasses you made for
me perfect. I recommend you to
all people that need glasses. .
D. P. Caldwell.
Dr. McMichael will not fit glasses
afteir March 3rd except on Saturdays.
Mrs. Ollie Miller
With Coble & Clagett Co.
Perfect satisfaction and prompt
and courteous treatment
W. C. T. U.
The W. C. T. U. will meet with
Mrs. Gus White Friday, March 2,
at 3 p. m. sharp. All the members
are requested to be present.
Mrs. M. E. Edwards.
Dissolved Partnership.
Pursley & Clarke, engaged in the
transfer business, have dissolved part
nership. W. A. Pursley will conduct
the business hereafter and he desires
to return his thanks for past favors
and solicits a continuance of same.
All work promptly attended to at
customary prices. Phone 415.
5-4t W. A. Pcrsley.
J. U. G.
The J. U. G. was most delight
fully entertained last Thursday
afternoon by Miss Lucile George.
The most interesting feature of the
alternoon was a "conundrum con
test," which was entered into with
much zeal. The prize, a beautiful
Japanese vase, was captured by
Miss Pauline Hardy. Lovely re
freshments, consisting ot a dainty
salad course, were served. Miss
Kathleen Gibbs was a guest. The
club did not meet this week on ac
count of Thursday's matinee.
The Sans Souci. v
The above club did not meet last
week, having decided to meet only
once every two weeks. Miss Hattie
French- is the hostess this after
noon. Columbian Club.
.The Columbians, for various reas
ons, have not met for some time,
but will meet this afternoon with
Mrs. Henry Stanfield.
J. F. F.
Miss Laura Catliey was at home
to the club Wednesday afternoon
and on account of the season the
parlors were decorated with nation
al flags and pretty flowers, com
memorative of WashiLgton's birth
day. The game was flinch and the
ladies contested every pa.of the
ground for first place. Mrr M.
Blanton finally won, . receiving a
beautifully designed comb for the
hair. There was a tie for the conso-
lation and flags were used to draw
with. One of these bore a bust ot
Washington on the back. This was
drawn by Miss Mary Swiggart, the
winner. A booby was also given
in the shape of a hathcet with han
dle draped in the national colors.
Mrs. J. A. Whipple won the latter.
The score cards were made also
with the hatchet design. Refresh
aients consisted of a salad cours,
and the occasion classed as a very
popular event.
W. B. E. C.
The West End Euchre Club met
Tuesday evening with Mrs. Fope
Herring at the Herring place near
town and enjoyed a very interest
ing game and a most delightful oc
casion, there were present Mrs.
Callie Whipple, Mr. and Mrs. Robt.
Whipple, Mrs. Ella Whipple, Mrs.
D. Williams, Mrs. Foster French,
Mrs. Will Garrison, Mrs. T. R.
Massey, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Thomp
son, Mrs. W. H.Gardner, Mrs. Wm.
Martin, Mrs. Robt. Joyner and Mr.
Watts. Mrs. Robt. Whipple cap
tured the first prize and Mrs. Robt.
Joyner the consolation. As it was
on the eve of Washington's birth
day the score cards were made in
artistic conceits showing the fam
ous hatchet, the National emblem
of truth. The refreshments were
enjoyed and the event noted for its
pleasure and hospitality.
Entertained at Hickman.
Mrs. B. F. Beckham and Miss
Lizzie Tarns, of this city, enjoyed a
reception given at the beautiful and
palatial home of Mrs. F. M. Hub
bard in Hickman from 2 to 5 o'clock
last Wednesday afternoon. Mrs.
Hubbard is a very popular hostess
and quite a number of Hickman's
leading families and society young
people were present. The decora
tions and refreshments accompany
ing the event were very extensive
and attractive.
Entertained at Osceola, Ark.
At the mask ball given on St.
Valentine evening by the young
men of Oscola nearly 200 guests
from neighboring States and towns
accepted the handsome invitations
sent out two weaks ago, and the
expensive costumes worn showed a
a desire to make the affair a memo
rable occasion. Festoons of gay
colored paper were suspended from
the focr corners of the room, to
which were attached hearts of every
size and color, pierced by Cupid's
darts. Beautiful bunches of mis
tletoe were used in the decorations,
forming an attractive background
for the Indians, cowboys, gypsies,
sailors, cavaliers, lords and ladies,
who made a bright picture of mov
ing color, unrivalled only by the
rainbow. At 11 o'clock the masks
were discarded, and the exclama
tions of surprise and wonder fully
repaid each participant for his
trouble in securing a disguise. A
costumer from Memphis enabled
the dancers to secure handsome
costumes of every description, and
the various costumes presented
every phase of life. The out of
town guests were the Misses Hud
son, Mioses McBride, Misses Parli
and Bland, Messrs. Hoyt and Rob
erts, Memphis; Misses Margaret
Bransford and Nell Jackson, Union
City; Misses Mary Roberts, Mary
K. Joplin, Hattie Lewis and Mr.
and Mrs. A. C. Tindell, Caruthers
ville, Mo.; Harry Odgen, Chicago;
Miss Adams and John A. Fox,
Blytheville, Ark ; Miss Mary Berry,
Messrs. Perkins Berry and Hunter
Johnson, Marion, Ark.; John J. Mu
lany, Baseett. Ark ; Miss Ethel
Krenson, Jonesboro, Ark.; Miss To
lisa Rollwage, Forrest City, Ark.
Memphis Commercial Appeal.
In Southern Texas.
Messrs. L. S. Parks and R. P.
Whitesell, with Mesdames Parks
and Whitesell, and children, left
last Monday to spend the remainder
of the winter in Texas and West
ern points. They will visit Corsi
cana and Galveston, and will prob
ably extend their trip to other win
ter resorts before retiming to Un
ion City.
To Visit Mexico.
Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Radebaugh
leave this week to spend some time
in the South. They will first visit
Texas points, including, Dallas,
Fort Worth, Houston and Galves
ton; thence they will travel through
viexicoand visit the capital, Mexico
City, remaining there a few weeks.
They will then continue their jour
ney through some of the Western
States. '
Guy Freeman, of Fulton, was
here Thursday.
Mrs. Clifford Joyner visited Mrs.
G. W. Tomerlin this weok. !
Mrs. W. P. Casey is visitii.g- rela-j
tives and friends at Bells and Gar
den. Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Moss and
family left Monday to visit rela
tives in Middle Tennessee.
Mr. Gentry Reynolds, of Kenton,
spent Wednesday here with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Rey
nolds. Miss Lillie Etta Perkins, of Mar
tin, was the guest of Miss Chris
tine Robinson Wednesday nd
Jim Ownby came down from Mar
tin and spent Monday and Tues
day in the city with his sister, Mrs.
C. D. Moss.
Miss Birdie Waddell left this week
to visit Mrs. A. F. Dantzler at Moss
Point, Miss. Miss Waddell will
not return till spring.
Miss Margaret Branstord, a pret
ty young lady of Union City, Tenn.,
who has been visiting her 6ister,
Mrs. Herman Cross, left Tuesday
to visit friends in Osceola.--Blythe-ville,
Ark., Herald.
Miss Kathleen Reynolds returned
home Monday morning from a de
lightful visit of two weeks with her
cousin, Miss Vivienne White, at
West Point, Miss., where she was
charmingly entertained.
Mrs. Gentry Reynolds and Mrs.
Chas. Montgomery and daughter,
Evelyn, ot Kenton, and Mrs. Knox
Harper and baby Ruth, of Rives,
are here this week visiting relatives
in and about Union City. They
were the guests of Mrs. G. A. Rey
nolds and Mr. Tom Reynolds north
of town for a few days.
Miss Reynolds asks us to state
that she would be very glad to have
any one who knows of any enter
tainment or any society news or
locals to telephone her about it, and
their doing so would be very much
appreciated. The Commercial al
ways appreciates anything of a
society or news character and we
would respectfully ask you to lavor
Miss Reynolds in any way. Your
entertainments or personals are al
ways welcome. Her telephone is
201, or The Commercial 103.
Seed Potatoes and
I Garden Seed 1
Just received. Full line Onion Sets, Bulk and Pack-
age Garden Seed. Prices rock bottom.
HE Phone 180. Washington Ave. 3
Two New Farm Wagons
For Sale at Cost.
Exclusive Agents For The
Try one of our Country Hams and Shoulders.
Yours for business,
Union City Grocery Co.
Phone No. 77. H. LIGON, Manager.
MR. K. W. Rope, St. Louis, Mo. Richmond, Ini., Not. 20. 1N6.
Dkar HlH: The charity patient In whom I am an much lntretl
was seven! y-tire yearn old at the time that she txKftn the useof "Zmu,"
3 2"i"-'u,,uv si,'
'J fl .into. ro. A C
! tCZEMA m
1 i 1 ? M 1 N ' v u I
1 'LwaostHtmrmtco
3 ti imhs mo i
I L jznmxjiiiix J I
and herwetKht waa IIKI Iba. Uer heulth has been pour for noma timeuAftt,
sutferinff mainly from aplnal trouble, according to the dlUKtioals of the
docU)r In attendance. Hho baa been a hard worker all hr life, having
made the llvinit for her .'amlly keeping boarder Somewhat over a year
ano eceiu& began to trouble ber. It arudualiy grew worse and worse
until her entire body waa affected, the lega being a Diana of aorea con
stantly separating. The itching and burning sensat ion waa so dreadful
at times that It waa Impossible for ber to sleep day or night. The doctors
(two of our bent) pronounced the oaae Incurable, and when I ankcd
permission to use 'v.eino" promptly said, "It would delight us to tlnd
something to cure this dear old sufferer." "Zemo" viis first used on the
npper part of the body and soon relieved the pat lent of the terrible dis
tress caused by the Itching and burning. The doctors had been dressing
the legs every dar, but as soon as they saw the wonderful change In the
skin where"Zemo ' bad been used, thev gave consent to nitre It used on
the legs. Gradually they began to Improve and are now almost aa
smooth as the face. It was probably about a mouth before much ret. of
waa experienced in this part of the body, t hen skin scaled off. Itching,
burning and aching gradually ceased. It seeina now an If a testimonial
might be given, but the patient thinks that she had better use "Zomn"
a few weeka longer before saving that she Is cured. However, she la
very grateful to all who have been Insimmenta! In securing your won
derful remedy and thiuks that it has a great future before it.
Respect fully,
(MRS.) MARY PERRY B ELLIS, Nun in Hospital,
No. 208 N. 8th St.
"A Square Deal to Every Man."
That is Just the wiiy
18 601(1
Every purchasar get-1 a "square deal." We tell you it will cure rheu
matism, and ask you to pay 50c ftr a bottle.
BUT we also tell you that after taking it, if you .cr not convinced,
come back and get your money. In that wjuare? ,!
If you have rheumatism, why not try a bottle? Von run no risk.
merican Beauty Corsets
He easy graceful contour and perfect
proportion tnat an AMERICAN BEAUTY
CORSET gives its wearer cannot be produced"
by any other make of corset.
r. nr.
preme comfort comes wi
tk tk
eir vim.
Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Look! Best Patent Flour
at $5.00, at mill. Strictly
guaranteed, or money re
funded. Dahnke-Walker
Milling Co.
f TTT'
13 urn More
Don't mit? tlM hljrft aalarid tmr. Tak
onr counts In actual bualocaa and brn-nm
ttmd to earn big marj jouraeU. Our cat.
-it teu im crura.
em. use,
VtO A. .
of any
power 1

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