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Vivid Description of Great Ervp
tiou Which Rivals Pom
jreii'a Destruction.
The Famous Italian Novelist, Marion
Crawford, Telia of the Terrors of
the Big Volcano History of For
mer Eruptions.
The whole world looked on,,awe-
struck, at the recent fierce outbreak of
stupendous and devastating force In
the Iiay of Naples. The eruption of
Mount Vesuvius ia believed to be the
most destructive since the days of Pom-
peii, A. l)., 79.
Tha whole story of the eruption of
lane is a sorrowful tale of stricken vie
tinis, devastated . vineyards, ruined
. homes and terror-stricken, flying peo
ple, and It is hard to realize that the
same scenes have been enacted there bo
many times before.
I'liny, the noted ancient historian
described the eruption of Vesuvius in
the year '79, In a series of letters to
Tacitus. This letter described a dark
cloud rising in a single pillar from the
crater of the mountain and from this
a column spread, and upon it rested
a great roof, built by invisible carpen
ters, nesting ever on its single pillar,
like a great mushroom, this roof shut
out the sky from all those wide acres
extending sixteen miles away. The
light ashes of the fire from Vesuvius
descended like snow upon Pompeii,
burying it to great depths. Hercu-
laneum was drowned in a sea of vol
canic mud.
Those who have read the letters of
Pliny find similarity in the description
written by the noted novelist, Marion
Crawford. There is probably no other
American living who is so well ac
quainted with conditions as they exist
In Italy. He has taken up his per
manent abode in the Italian hills. The (slopes of Vesuvius.
In prehistoric days Vesuvius was
probably twice as high, the top having
been blown off centuries before the
eruption that destroyed Pompeii. Since
tne year liJl Vesuvius has never been
wholly at rest In that year 18,000 lives
were lost. The clouds of steam that
came from the rush of water into the
hot mass below the surface condensed
and fil in a boiling rain that scorched
everything with which it came in con
tact. The very sea drew back the skirta
of its dark blue robe and then swept
forward again far beyond its old linrtts.
The last of the great convulsions be
fore the recent one occurred in 1872.
Then, like this one, there was a great
lava flow, together with throwing up of
burning rock and the fall of ashes upon
the surrounding country,
Vesuvius is one of a group of similar
mountains in the Mediterranean Sea,
its comrades being Ktna, Strom boll
and Vultano, which last gave the name
to all mountains of this kind. That, In
turn, was called after Vulcan, the god
who made the armor for the fighting
deities of the ancient world and forged
the very thunderbolts of Jove himself.
His workshop was under Mount Etna.
There the inhabitants of the hillsides
heard him shaping great masses of
iron with his terrible hammer stroke
while the nameless slaves of the forge,
dimly imagined creatures of that old
day, blew the gigantic bellows and held
great bars in place, while the master
worked. The Greeks with even their
learning, did not inquire Into the scien
tific reasons for the mighty utterings
of the mountain: they knew what the
awful roar of those volcanic mountains
meant. And our wise men, with their
figures and books, know little of what
Is going on in the fiery caverns under
the earth's thin crust.
Nature . soon heals her scars. Al
ready, we are told in dispatches, spots
of green have appeared on the black
ened sides of Mount Pelee, and it will
not be very long before the olive and
the vine and the clustering villages
will find their way back again to the
Destroyed by an Earthquake
On the morning of December 8, 1S12,
all without warning, came a great catas
trophe. While the church was crowded
with kneeling worshipers a ebocK of
earthquake visited the valley and top
pled the great stone tower over upon
the roof, crashing through which it
buried the congregation beneath the
wreckage of beams, tiles and stones,
and upward of forty Tbuman beings
lost their lives In the twinkling of an
eye. This earthquake ranks in sever
ity with that of Charleston, in 1SS6.
So great was the disaster that, although
the mission continued to be conducted
so many years. He never ciice looked given my infant sou to mv youter
back. For a few seconds Alaric King- brother James, who win "hrin t.r.
K -1 '
! ; . -
- I 1
if. '.- 1. ftii - i I
jmEi- ii ii i ii i 1 1 i i i in sKS
life, customs and mannerisms of the
, Italian have been pictured by him in
etories which have made him famous.
In his cabled description to the New
York Times Crawford stated that the
recent eruption of Vesuvius had been
grumbling for many weeks before the
outbreak which did the incalculable
Smoke Two-Miles High.
"An enormous volume of black smoke
rises to a height of two miles above
the crater," he wrote. "Incandescent
masses of stone are thrown up 3,000
' feet. A continuous southeasterly wind
carries the ashes over Naples, which
Is so completely enveloped In darkness
that for three dayB our communications
bv sea have been cut off.
"Fissures have opened far below the
cone, emiting many streams of lava,
one of which has completely destroyed
the town of Boscotfecase, which had
10.000 inhabitants. Another has reached
te outskirts of Torre del Greco. Others
have destroyed thousands of acres of
fertile cultivated land, with farmhouses
and stock.
"The great cone of Vesuvius col
lapsed with awful thundering and
flames, and the cable railway, the ob
" iBervatory and the large hotel near it
were all totally destroyed. The lava
.carried vast masses of burnt stone and
sulphur on Its surface like dross on
melted lead, and nothing was visible
toward Boseotrecase but endless acres
of dark scoriae, broken here and there
by the greenish curling smoke of sul-
"At one point we found a great pine
tree, torn up by its roots and turned
to black charcoal; the air was almost
unbreathable; the heat Intense, 'ine
faces of the people who crowded upon
the edge of the arrested stream ex
pressed terror of exhaustion from re
cent panic.
Feeble Attempt of Man Useless.
"When the stream of Are threatened
Boseotrecase soldiers dug a wide ditch
across its patch in the hope of divert
ing its course, but the molten stream
advanced like a colossal serpent of fire,
turning its head to the right and left
as a snake does, but keeping its general
direction toward the fated town. It
was not till it reached the first house,
sending up great showers of sparks,
that the people flnajly fled for their
lives. -
"I saw men, women and children, and
infants whose mothers parried them at
the breast or in theiraprons. Dogs,
too. and cats were oni the carts, and
sometimes even chickens, lied togeth
er by the legs, and piles of mattresses
and pillows, all white wlth dust under
the lurid glare. We ourselves could
hardly breathe."
This dispatch Corresponds exactly in
flaming mountain and 6haking earth,
the same stifling smoke and ashes, the
same terrifying darkness and the 6ame
helpless, distracted crowd stretching
vain hands to their gods for succor.
Originally Vesuvius wag in the form
of a single cone. Later eruptions have
broken down the southern side of the
original crater, leaving the northern
semi-circle, which Is called Monte
Smama, ' A smaller central cone had
grown up within the ancient, ruin. It
Is this inner cone that had its top
fclown off. Before the recent eruption
the lielght of the mountain was about
1.100 feel '
San Juan Capistrano Will Live Again
After Long Years of Silence.
All who have heard of the picturesque
old Franciscan Missions of California
will be interested to learn that San
Juan Capistrano, the most poetic of all
these ruined structures, which, contrib
ute so much to the foreign look of "our
Italy," Is soon again to " be made the
centre of religious activity, and that
after nearly a century of neglect its
buildings are to be restored to their
original estate.
This mission is on the railway line
between Los Angeles and San Diego,
and by reason of being visible from
the railroad is to Eastern travelers per
haps the best, known of all California
missions, except Santa Barbara and
San Gabriel, which are among the
regulation sights for visitors to South
ern California. With the restoration
of San Juan Capistrano and the re
sumption of residence there by the
Franciscan Brotherhood, it, too, will
no doubt soon become a tourist resort.
The first year of the American In
dependence saw work begun upon this
ancient edifice in what was then a vast
wilderness, inhabited only by Indians.
The site Is in a lovely, sequestered val-
for twenty-two years longer, no at
tempt seems to have been made by the
padres to restore the church edifice,
and it and its adjoining buildings and
cloisters have remained to this day an
imposing and beautiful ruin. Touched
gently by Time's hand, dignified in out
line and rich in color, it is replete with
subjects for the artist and is the ad
miration of every traveler. With the
restoration of the buildings the in
tention is to create here a college for
the priesthood as at Santa Barbara,
and to make of San Juan Capistrano
an important factor in the work of the
Roman Catholic Church in Southern
California. -
scote stood looking after him, then.
with a strangely fierce gesture, th
young Xellow Hung off his rough tweed
coat, removed the Cardigan waistcoat
that covered the breadth of his chest.
and turned up the sleeves of his
coarse flannel shirt. ,
At the foot of the oak lay the wood
man's huge axe that was to be the in
strument of death, that was to rut
short the growth of centuries.
Alaric Kingscote swung the great
Lweapon aloft, and the cold starlight
ran along the shining steel. Like
some Viking warrior of old like the
re-embodiment of one of his Saxon
forebears, Alaric brought down the
tool of destruction with a blow that
gashed deep into the corrugated skin
of the oak. The doom of the Kingscote
Oak had been proclaimed.
As he stood braced up for the second
stroke, the bulging sinews of his fore
arm responding to the generous rise
of chest and thigh muscles, a curious
sound from behind him caused him
to swing round with a faint cry. Then
ne lowered the axe with amazing gen
tleness '
Another figure had 'appeared upon
the scene the figure of a woman, clad
in a cloak of fur that hid the contour
of her form.
"Damaris." The word fell from the
young man's lips like a caress.
Beneath the outflung branches of a
mighty oak tree, a giant who had
stood sentinel in that lonely dip on
the wolds for twice three hundred
years, two men were standing, their
figures made more or less distinct by
the rays of a big, conical lantern of
antique pattern that the elder of the
two carried in his gnarled and blood
less fingers, a figure strangely akin
to the giant tree beneath which he
An aged man was Zachary Doy, his
back bent by year3 of hard labor such
as few of the modern generation of la
borers know; a man who had been an
experienced farmhand, while the man
beside him, his master, was still
puling infant. -
The old fellow set down his lantern
On. the iron-bound earth. His quaver
ing voice slabbed the silence. "Now,
do 'ee harken unto me, Master Alaric."
he said slowly. "I ve served ee faith
ful, "you and your feyther afore 'ee,
for nigh on fifty year, and I tell 'ee
master, that what 'ee do purpose for
to do is again all right and reason
This yere oak tree the Kingscote
Oak, as all the country-side do know
her for to be ha bin here as a land
mark and a pride for longer than us
poor souls can reckon. To cut her
down do mean, as I be right well as
sured.'that Kingscote ' luck will fail
wi 'un. ' If so be
"So""you've come." he said softlv.
"You see I am as good as my word
The Kingscote Oak must go. It is the
last link between me and the work
house for it-almost comes to that."
It was evident that the relatlonshio
between these two was something
more binding that the ordinary ties
existent between casual acquaintances
of opposite sex. Each Beeme to ac
cept the situation as inevitable. Then
the girl went on, hurriedly:
ou u catch cold, Alaric. dear. If
you stand still without your coat in
this bitter cold. Iet me hold the
lantern for jort while you work."
She snatched up the light. He.
obedient to her injunction, applied Kingscote love. Answers,
his weapon with renewed vigor. The
lamplight threw a warm glow over
his weather-tauned face and muscular
arms. ..
my son as his own.
"Thus it may come "to pass that the
ui-aivnudnia oi Aigt'l, my son, may be
passed over in the right of succession
u-', lue aescenuants of Hichard. the
eluest son of my younger brother
James, who stands well in the eye of
v-iuiuwru me regicide and renegade
aiiu inai mis be true, and that
NTlp-.il en niv u. ..I . .
V. ' ""Ki'w-'vu ,iuuu;er son oi J a rues
kingscote, or Kingscote Manor, be
really the eldest son of Nigel Kings
cote, eldest son of Alaric Kingscote
father of Nigel and James and thpr!
lore neir to tne Manor of Kintrsentn
its hereditaments, messuages, and all'
that do thereto appertain, and his
seed hereafter him. if so be there
should be any, I do most solemnly
swear and protest in the presence of
witnesses. To which I do set mv
hand and seal this sixteenth dav of
Marcn. one thousand six hundred anl
Signed: Nigel Kingscote, in the
presence of Rupert Mainwaring,
Knight Banneret of Mainwaring Hall,
m tne county or Berkshire, and
Anselm Wolf, Priest."
The parchment fluttered crisply
from the girl s nerveless hands.
"Damaris," cried Alaric hoarsely
"Damaris!" Coherent speech he could
not find.
The girl raised her head.
"It is true It is true!" she said
brokenly. "We, father and L are the
usurpers! Kingscote Manor is yours,
and we are paupers!"
"Not paupers, dearest, but partners,"
answered Alaric, and in his eyes there
was that which told her how Kingscote
love stood wind and weather as
steadily as Kingscote Oak.
Squire Kingscote now sleeps with
his fathers in the little Berkshire
churchyard. But ere he died. his de
clining years were brightened by the
generous forgiveness of "the undesir
able poor relation.
A young and sturdy sapling oak now
fourishes on the spot where stood
the ancient tree- a true symbol of the
lasting power of Kingscote luck and
Glorious Hair
Grown Free.
A Wonderful Preparation Which
Turns Back the Hand of
Time Makes the Old
Young and the Young
Free" Samples of the Greatest Hair
Tonic ou Earth Plwtrlbntcd bjr
Well-Known Medical Inatltnte.
For a time he labored on. his whole
being concentrated on the performance
To renovate a shabby wicker chafr
first cleanse the wicker thoroughly, us-
therefore he has brought his batteries
to bear upon me and mine. All that
he could do to ruin me he has done,
and heaven Knows that he had been
successful enough.
The girl's eyes brimmed over With
tears. Alaric was quick to note her
ready sympathy and, he gripped his
axe anew, the silence vibrating once
more with the ringing cadence of his
rhythmic blows.
Presently he rested once again.
"Damaris," he said, "did you ever
hear the legend that runs in our
branch of the family, that but for
some strange whim of chance I should
have been in the squire's place today,
the ruler of the destiny of Kingscote
Glebe Farm? From father to son the
tradition has been handed down that
Nigel Kingscote, the cavalier, juggled
in some unknown way with the laws
of succession that it was not the son
of the eldest son who was your own fa
ther's- ancestor, but mine; that could
the truth only be known aright I should
be reigning at Kingscote Manor in
stead of being what I am-a pauper,
fated to cut down the family tree to
raise a pitiful sum of money that must
be procured."
Damaris stood speechless and Alaric
once more resumed his heavy task
Finally, after long and weary toil
the end came. With a cry to the girl,
Alaric flung down his axe and leaped
backward. His hand sought hers,
Side by side drawn apart from the
tottering giant, they stood as though
spellbound, the only spectators of the
end of so many hundred years of
silent, strenuous majesty.
And even as the mighty tree went
shuddering to its tremendous fall, a
crack as of a pistol shot, foreshadow
ed its overthrow. The noise came
from the one rotten bough that the
tree had possessed a huge limb some
! half-way up its stem, which now de-
! taching first from it parent crashed
: down at the very feet of the wonder-
: ine couple.
Nor was that all. A metallic tinkle
accompanied the crash. Damaris was
the first to recognize the solution of
the puzzle.
It was a metal canister a long,
time-stained box of rusted tin, closed
at both ends a thing of mystery, of
'untold possibilities. She picked it up,
and as she did so one end fell away.
The canister contained nothing but
:XiiJiLkifi.-.i it. 'i -Xigk- rjVSSs&l upon which something was written
-l-.l,i,i..-.,-T r --m ., ii r tj . 1
Alaric Kingscote broke in upon his
garrulity with a forced laugh.
"If Khigscote luck could fall lower
than It has, Zachary, he said bitterly
"you need have little fear that I
would touch bark with axe. Now, hear
me, old friend. This tree represents
the last thing upon the farm that can
bring in the money I must have to
tide over the bad times in store. The
merchants have offered me two hun
dred pounds for the tree. There's only
one rotten limb upon it. . They'll
come tomorrow with their carts and
take it away." He laid his hand upon
tho old man's shoulder. "Get you
home to bed, Zachary," he added gent
ly. "You can do nothing here. I ts
9 o clock now. By midnight, witn
or his. herculean task. After a space mg a scrubbing brush and pleuty of
" v" uu ,eai. a great wouna on 8oap and water. When dry, the chair
the mighty bole of the oak showed can be varnished, or it can be greatly
how sure had been his strenuous improved with a coating or two of
': . . green stain.
vv nen ne ceaseu sne broke luto For the seat make a cushion of green
quick speech. - linen or a pretty greenish cretonne.
It seems incredible." she
ed. "that you, a Kingscote, of the same hiked, and is easily made. Make it of
Z ', , i m 1 as ourseivea- the same material as the seat cushion
should be forced to toil like this like and of has Rlutno. longer than wido.
a common laborer," The man came ht may be fastened to the chair by
iu,t"'' lorwaru, ana nung nis arm means of tapes sewed at tho top and
aiwuuu urr.wmsu . i utur iips met in I bottom.
a Kibs mar couia not oe mistaken for if a loose cushion be preferred, a
a mere cousinly salution. - pretty yellow linen, would look njee
wmaua rwuBscuue, ne saia, and contrast well with the green,
steadily enough, "let us be frank one Make the case slip fashion, so that it
with the other. What are the facts? can be easily washed. An unbleached
I am the poor relation the blot on calico bag will be good enough for the
the family 'scutcheon of the squire, nown wita which the cushions are
vour tamer, jie resenis my proximity; filled,
loames rne very idea or our love
A search light is being erected at
Montreux, France, which will have a
brilliancy of 30,000,000 candle power
and will project Its rays fifty milea.
it. AmTti. ,Jt, Jtj. k 4S'
We can cnr you of bnldnetm, hair fMHnjr,
scanty nartinR, H disease of the scalp, stop
hair fallmK and restore gray and faded hair to
its original color.
We don't want you to tnke our word for this.
VV'e will prove it to yun AT OUR OWN KX
PENSE. A I-KFE PACKAGE of our wonderful treat
ment will pet your euse under control and
limke you happy.
Our remedy is NOT A DYE nor a nuir color
mtr, but a marvellous nd natural Hair Food.
You cannot make a mistake in trying it. for we
ship it to you prepaid at our own expense, and
do not ask vou for a cent of money unless yon
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It makes not the slightest difference to us how
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Think what it promises tor those who have lost,
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W will restore your hair, make it long and
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A copyrighted Folder (approved by the Commissioner of Pen
sions) "Aids in Determining Title to Pension." A "Red Rope
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Taber & Whitman Co., Attorneys, 38-40 Warder Bids., Washington, D. C-
ley. which, beginning back in the can-
yons of the coast range, winda among
grassy knolls and great treeless nuis
out to the Pacific, upon whicn it opens,
three miles west of the mission. With
the aid of fhe Indians, over whom the
padres exerted both temporal and spir
itual dominion, the Franciscans estab
lished here the most pretentious of all
the California mission churches.. In
stead of being constructed of the cus
tomary adobe brick of the country, it
was built of stone, laid out in the form
of a Latin cross, with a great, cloistered
quadrangle adjoining. : Here, besides
administering to the spiritual welfare
of the Indians and gathering them into
the fold of the church, the fathers set
them to th care and the cultivation
of the land, 'Which yielded great wealth
of cattle, 6hce, train, grapea and
olirca, ' .
luck, tho Kingscote Oak will be down."
The old fellow looked wistfully In
to the handsome face of his young;
"Master Alaric," he said hoarsely.
"I've- fifty-five "pun, three ehillin' and
fl'pence 'apenny laid away In a hole
in the floor o'my cottage. If siT"fc as
that'll save the , Kingscote., Oak,
why -' -
"Go home with you Zachary." Broke
In the young man roughly, though his
roughness hid an emotion almost too
deep for any words "Go home, and
God bless you, old friend."
Zachary thrust his roughened hand
across his eyes. Without another
word, a strangely pathetic, bowed old
figure, he turned .and shambled off
across the field toward the stile Into
fet a close and crabbed caiigrapny,
archaic, hard to decipher.
Alaric swung the lantern up from
tic ground. "
"What Is It, Damaris?" he -asked
Slowly, laboriously, the girl read out
the following amazing declaration:
"Mayhap a day will come when that
which I, Nigel Kingscote, do set down
here In writing, in the year of Grace,
1647, and do hide in the hole of the
Kingscote Oak, may be sete out In
the cleare light, of day. And even as
Esau of old did sell his birthright, BO
do I. Nigel Kingscote, head of the
house of Kingscote, renounce my right
and the right, of those who come after
me to be the true and lawful possess
ors of the faire lands of Kingscote
MartoT. .
"Yet not voluntarily doe I thls,"1mt
for the life of him, my son. Know,
ttmn. that I must fee the country.
Crfmwell. the teglolde. hath dcreed
Kaeti Bt-teon
tAitm : SBallK,
S Klllttl,
Havy Arches
BtakM, IBank
Ruiei. 1 ttove-
tailed ltix,hinsfpl foTer. tin eteiruNt
set. Oivwi Fere for Selling 2d
article.! at la cents eaeli.
FflR CM I INf! Dlin Fi!T .SCI I IMRN
iimmiHi Ki. iiiK i n-i v n I in i-i-n i v fcflru r iili l m i inn mi i . w v
- - jniuiuLLV Ml iuvh.ii IV fc.rimi.
V.., .ir tlii.i It, nna A;v 1 rr"11 . .
AVUU.... .. . ......
No uionev required : ne trt jou.
Snd your ltmue and aildioss, we
will fvml ynu the hi li. -Ifii by muil.
soil tliuni at )'. Anl return u the1
irmuev. Then we. will senil you thni
Premium you chootso. We take
Unck g'UMls not soM, Pornl your
tai rani wiu ui.
834, Boston, M
lorilor now, a
F'h Outfit
contains 23
In Bali C pi
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