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Mrs. Lydwell Garner, Editor.
(Phone 201)
Eeview Club.
Miss Gertrude Wallace was the
charming hostess of the Review
club on Tuesday afternoon. The
lesson was a continuance of "Politi
cal Austria" and, as usual, proved
very interesting- and instructive.
Instead of the magazine lesson
there was a lecture on Austria,
which was delivered by Mr. Katz, a
native of Austria, who is working
here with Mr. Harry Robinson. He
told many interesting things about
his country in a pleasing and de
lightful manner and charmed very
one who heard him. The members
of the club appreciate very much
his kindness in speaking to them.
A delicious ice course was served.
The next meeting will be with Mrs.
Laura Wells.
The Review club was entertained
by Mrs. Rice A. Pierce, the vice
president, last week on Friday even
ing. Mrs. Pierce was assisted in
receiving by Mrs. D. A. Edwards
and Misses Mayme and Bess Gard
ner. Portions of "As You Like It"
were read by different ones, also
1 selections from humorous authors.
YThe guests were served with punch
is they arrived by Miss Hattie
gationsibbs. Refreshments in the nature
son, Smlan ice course were served later.
&d",,m club colors were violet and
iy white. Mrs. Pierce is famous as a
hostess and her rufita on this nr.
0 - .
casion found her in her happiest
Columbian Club.
Mrs. Harry Robinson is enter
taining the Columbians this after
noon. -
J. U. O.
Miss Lucile George most delight
fully and charmingly entertained
the J. U. G. club at her borne, cor
ner Third and Washington avenue,
. last Thursday afternoon. The par
lor was beautifully decorated in cut
flowers. There were five card tables
' and quite a number of interesting
Flinch games played. (Miss Kate
Flack won first prize, a pretty bot
tle of perfume, and Miss Hazelle
H. Hardy captured the consolation,
a bottle ot toilet water. Bon bons
were served during the game and
afterwards a lovely ice course was
moil i
v.. 1
m on
iue sen
Moore at her pretty home three
mwes trom town, r linen was
played and four pretty prizes given
The first, a lovely Gibson picture
was captured by Miss Laura Cath
ey. Envelopes containing cards
were then passed to each guest
Mrs. John Bransford was given
beautiful hand-painted bon-bon
dish lor drawing the lucky card.
Mrs. Clifford Joyuer received the
consolation, a pretty silver bon bon
spoon, wijile the visitor's prize
beautiful belt, went to Miss Bessie
Rowland. After the game a lovely
6aiad course with iced tea was
served. The following visit on
were present: Mrs. B. C. Bram
ham, Mrs. Herman Howard, Mrs
Florence Harris, Mrs. J. J. Castle-
berry, Misses Bessie Rowland and
aiary sorter, me atternoon was
a most pleasant one, and every one
voted Mrs. Moore an ideal hostess
Hay Bide.
Quite a number of young people,
chaperoned by Mrs. C. P. Hardy,
enjoyed a delightful hay ride to
Alliquippa last, Friday night.
Lunch was enjoyed there and then
a charming ride back to town
i nose making the party were
Misses Hazelle and Pauline Hardy,
Ella Griffin, Vera McKinney, Floy
Coble, Kathleen Gibbs, Carrie
Walker; Messrs. Granville Sanders,
Richard Sanders, Will Penick.Thad
Lee, Vernon Verhine, Avrie Coble.
Miss Kathleen Gibbs leaves this
afternoon for Trenton, whre she
goes to assist her father in the new
store there.
Miss May Crockett has returned
from Paducah after a pleasant visit
of two weeks.
Lowney's canaies at Dahnke's.
Lost Plain gold bracelet about
one inch lit width with buckle and
black ornaments. Missed at opera
house Wednesday night. Finder
will please return to The Commer
cial office and receive liberal reward.
served. The color scheme of th
afternoon was brown, pink and
white. Pretty lunch cloths were
spread and chocolate cream in tiny
flower pots and block cakes iced, i
pink and chocolate, were the dainty
refreshments. In each pot was
pink or white rose and these served
as sweet little souvenirs. Quite
number ot visitors were present
Misses Dora Bradshaw, Ida San
ders, Kathleen Gibbs, Annie Lee
Taylor, Kate Flack, Mary Porter,
Nettie Miller Carter, Mary Turner
Daudie Pardue, Carrie Catron, Mrs,
J. J. Castleberry, Mrs. B. C. Bram
ham. Miss George's entertainments
are always enjoyable ones and she
and her mother make charming
hostesses. .A short business meet
ingof the club members was held
after adjournment. The club has
two new members, Misses Mary
Turner and Daudie Pardue, and
are indeed glad to welcome them
into their midst. Yesterday after
noon the club went to Sulphur
Springs for an atternpon's outing,
They left on the 3.06 train, return
ing at 7.45. The afternoon passed
most pleasantly in various ways
and at 6 o'clock they had supper on
the ground, which was a delightful
treat. Those composing the party
were: Misses Ella Griffin, Hazelle
and Pauline Hardy, Bessie Glass
cock, Mary Turner, Vera and Jen'
nie May McKinney, Mary Adams,
Messrs. Pace, Granville Sanders,
Bennie Deitzel. Will Penick. James
Ownby, John Moss, Miss Elsie and
Mr. Russel Gardner, of Dresden,
and Mr. and Mrs. Lydwell Garner.
The club meets next week with
Miss Glasscock.
J. F. F.
At her pretty country home, on
Wednesday afternoon, Miss Marga
ret McRee, in ber always charming
manner, entertained the J. F. F.
club. Whist was played and Mrs.
Herman Howard won first prize,
while the consolation, a pretty fan
cy talcum box, went to Miss Mary
Swiggart. A delightful ice-course
was served. Last week the club
was entertained by Mrs. Wallace
High School Commencement.
The Union City High School com
mencement opened last Wednesday
night at Reynolds Opera House
with the presentation ot certificates
to the High Grammar School class.
A large assemblage was present
and the exercises began with pray
er by Rev. Castleberry. Supt. Dar-
rah, assisted b y Miss Brevard,
awarded certificates as follows:
Marene Allen, Eura Clark, Ulla
niee Cobb, Emmie Locke, Louise
McConnell, Nell Nailling, Idie Lee
Turner, Helen Verhine, Harry Har
per, Fulton Moffett, Murry Woody,
Bowden Chambers, George Posey,
Horace McMichael, Frank Elliott,
Harry Campbell, Pierce Pardue,
Chester Whitley, Leslie Johnson,
Vernon Forcum, Ralph Quinn,
Vivian Reynolds.
The pupils are ready to enter the
High School at the fall term. In i
examination average Fulton Mof
fett led the grade for the year
making an average of 93. Emmie
Locke was a close second in exami
nation average and ahead in daily
recitation, so the contest for the
medal was considered a tie and two
medals were presented, one to each
The class exercises at the opera
house Wednesday night by Miss
Mayme Miller were heard and en
joyed by a large audience. The
program was selected and arranged
with a great deal of taste and tact.
and the manner in which it was
executed was not only a surprise
but a revelation. It seems that
Miss Miller's accomplishments in
clude the art of instruction as well
as reading. Every member of the
class acquitted himself or herself in
the most creditable manner, not in
the usual way, but far better than
ever seen here before by boys and
girls of the same age. The follow
ing names comprise the class: Ara
Edwards, Edward Parks, Laurice
Edwards, Lillian Bird Whitesell,
Lala Edwards, Hunter Whitesell.
Genevieve Nailling, Pauline Cald
well, Mildred Eliot, Donnie Rainey,
Barry Alexander, Annie Laurie
Caldwell, Kathleen Watson, Par
neicy Hale, Ida Lee Turner, Lois
Carter, Clara Parks, Jessie v hite
sell, Leila Reeves, Katie Mayes,
Jessie Gibbs, Annie Laurie Griffin,
Nell Jackson, Floy Coble, Pauline
Jackson. The class was assisted
by Miss Dickson Sandling and .iss
Bessie Rowland.
Good Service Desired.
We want to give our patrons the
very best service possible, and 10
assist us in doing this we kindly
urge them to report to our office
any want ot attention or discourte
sy on the part of our drivers or
other employees. We have correct
cales on all our ice wagons and
ask our patrons to insist on seeing
the ice weighed it they have cause
to believe that our drivers are giv
ing thim short weight.
Kindly have your refrigerators
ready, and do not keep our wagons
waiting when thev call on you, and
you will greatly facilitate prompt
coal. .
We are now m position to offer
you coal at bummer prices that are
but little higher than last season
(although the strike now cn has
advanced coal considerably). We
can deliver this any time before
Oct. 1, but we prefer having your
order promptly so we can have an
idea of how much to contract tor.
The old reliable Bon Air is still the
best and cheapest in the market.
Cumberland block is second only to
lion Air and we can furnish this at
a price we consider the cheapest
coal in the market.
We offer Diamond D (best Ken
tucky grade), as well as Battle Ax,
to parties wanting a cheaper grade
of good domestic coal.
Remember that we screen all coal
for domestic purposes, hence you
pay for no dust or dirt.
Thanking you kindly for the many
favors shown us in the past, and
soliciting your future kind consid
eration, we are,
Yours to please.
Union City Ice & Coal Co.
By Geo. Dahnke, Pres.
Telephone No. 150.
Fifty Dollars Reward
For any one finding out and prov
ing who broke open my photo dis
play case on street and from same
stole two photos, one of Pauline
Jackson and the other of Miss
Gable, of Trenton, during the night
of May 30. A. J. Maoritz,
union City
First Cumberland
Presbyterian Church,
Sunday school at 9.30 a. m., D
N. Walker, Supt.
Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7.30 p
Junior Endeavor at 2.30 p. m.
Endeavor prayer meeting at 6:30
Mid-week Devotional Service at
7.30 p. m., Wednesday.
If the pastor of this church can
be of any service to any citizen or
stranger, he will take delight in
doing so.
Rev. J. L. Hu6iks, Pastor
Phone 276. tf,
On All Seasonable, Stylish, High Grade Colored
Low Shoes.
Notwithstanding the unusual and most noteworthy character of the offerings
enumerated below this is not an effort on our part to indulge in sensational. advertis
ing. We are simply acting upon a modern progressive business principle, nVmely:
That of keeping stock in good condition by making regularly quick disposition of
odds and ends, badly broken lots and discontinued brands. After an unprecedented
spring business by far the largest ever done in Union City it is but natural that
we should find such accumulations in our stock at this time. Therefore these great
price reductions. Don't judge of the quality, stylishness or desirability of these
goods by our present prices, rather by the goods themselves. They are of reliable,
tested brands most of which are familiar to you. The styles are among the best of
the season and with but two or three exceptions the goods were bought especially for
this season. Our usual guarantee goes with every pair. Eastern fashion journals
state that this class of goods is growing in popularity every day as the warmer weath
er approaches and that colored leather shoes will be worn more this summer than in
several years, uwing to tne numoer ot lines ana great variety we can snow you
practically every size and all the desirable styles.
from reputable nhysl
ten fold to
Beware of Ointments For Catarrh
That Contain Mercury
As mercury will surely Jestro the lense of
smell and completely derange the whole sys
tem when entering it through the mucous nr
faces. Such articles should never be used ex
cept on prescriptions from repnta
clans, as the damasre they will do is
the good you can possibly derive from them
Mall uatarrn cure, manufactured oy e. 1.
Ch' ney A Co., Toledo, O., contain no mercury
and is taken iBteroally, acting directly upon
tne blood and mucous surfaces or the system
In buying Hall's Catarrh Core be sure you get
the genuine, It is taken internally and made
in Toledo, O., by F. J. Cheney & IX Teetimo
Dials free. Sold br Druvtteta. price 75c per
Dome. Hau s ramuy nut are tne oest.
Price 75c. per bottle. Sold by all Druggists
Hau s family nils for constipation.
Marriage Licenses.
Ben Rogers and Ora Wade.
Odie Ganibill and Dill McCorkle.
W. II. Williams and Emma Fryar
W. T. Elliott and Laura Scott.
Tobe Berry and Kate Falkner.
W. F. McCraln and Ola Finch.
R. L. Teal and Anna G. Walsh.
Harvey Simmons and Glen Dugger,
J. D. Gordon and Nellie Box.
T. J. Whitesides and Jessie Fergu
C. B. Patton and Daisy E. Lasley.
W. B. Miller and Elma Hicks.
Everyone Knows When He is Consti
pated and Everyone Should Know
the Risk He is Running When
He Fails to Promptly
Correct it.
Any Disease Epidemic or Otherwise to
Which He or She May be Exposed
is Sure to Result Seriously.
yi Pairs tan American Girl ox-
fords, forme price $2 50, now tt fa
per pair )lOU
f Pairs fine tan blucher ladies
oxfords, former price, $3.00 tt
now, per pair . ...N''
JC Pairs Stacy-Adams mens tan
oxfords, former price $5 00, j? 3flf
now, per pair ...... pO UV
Q Pairs ladies ribbon tie turns,
IO former price $3 75, now.per 2 jjQ
6 Pairs ladies brown suede rib
bon ties, former price $4 00, ff
now, per pair .J.ll
Pairs Stoughton mens tan cx- '
fords, former price $250, (
now, per pair aJJleiJ
Pairs Stoughton mens tan
oxfords, former price $3, ff
now, per pair
Pairs ladies ribbon tie welts
former price $3 85, now tt' CA
per pair PX.UJ
Pairs mens Eclipse tan ox
fords, former price $3.50, CO CA
now, per pair PX.il
Pairs ladies Sailor tie welts,
former price $3 50, now.per QQ
v Hare Just Received a New Lot ot Gray and White Embroidered Canvas Oxfords.
vMoram-VerlhiiiTie Co.
jHnii'ilTi).y iiiii.HHM .11 iMi, miH.jiM, ., i ill hi i,,in ii mi nil. HI Hi J I I. llmMfc
,ntiiiili..i.i ii-.n',rl.tta.im-ini iM.mi,iiilrm ! f . mm
This is the largest Dental Concern In the world Thlrty-ono offices In toe 0.
will pay the fnre to Memphis of anyono In this town who will come to u for
$5.00 ml of letch, crown or bnUgo work. kLemi the conditions oil lht coupon attached .
Cut ont this coupon and s that It It stum pad
by your ticket agent with the name of your
town. Oa entering ear offices Rive It to our
reception clerk who will reirlster year name
and address, and see that your railroad fare Is
zur TMie out!
Look! Best Patent Flour
at $5.25, at mill. Strictly
guaranteed or money re
funded. Dahnke-Walker
Milling Co.
There are two ways to remove const!
pation; the wrong way is to drench the
bowels with a powerful, griping, drastic
cathartic that injures the coating of the
bowel channels and produces an early
return of the trouble in a more chronic
form. The right way is to use a natural,
easy aud mild laxative that tones up and
strengthens the bowels and leaves a
healthful influence behind it. Prickly
Ash Bitters will empty the bowels just
as thoroughly as the harsher cathartics,
and combines all the tonic and strength
ening properties necessary to perma
nently cure the habit.
Accept no substitute. Insist on having
the genuine Prickly Ash Bitters with the
large fig "1 i in red on the front label.
Sold Cverywubre, Price $1.00.
ALLEN DRUG CO., Special Agents
W. M. Freed, Administrator, vs Mrs.
Delia Cly mer et al. In t be Chancery
Court, Obion County, Tennessee.
In obedience to an Interlocutory
decree heretofore rendered In this
cause, I will on the
30th Day of June, 1906,
sell at public sale at the courthouse
door in Union City, Tennessee, be
tween the hours of 1 and 2 o'clock
p.m., the following described proper
ty, to-wit: Beginning at a stake with
gum pointers, the northeast corner of
the said Clynier tract, thence north.
87 degrees west, 121 poles to a stake
near a small rea oaK, J ii. uiymer's
nortneast corner in Barker's south
line; thence south, 9 degrees east. 127
poles and 10 links to a stake in center
of iane; thence north, bl degrees east,
106 poles to a stake in Jeton's west
line; thence north, 3 degrees west,
wiih Jeton's west line 127 poles and
10 links to the beginning, and con
tains 92 7-8 acres in district No. 9 of
Obion County, Tennessee.
bald land will be sold on the follow-
log terms: One-half of the purchase
money will be paid In cash on the dav
of sale, and for the balance of said
purchase money the purchaser will
execute his note, with good security,
ue 12 months after date, and a lien
will be retained on the said land until
paid. Said note will draw Interest
until paid.
This May 31st, 1906.
G. A. GIBBS, C. & M.
, F. W. Moore, Counsel for Com
plainant. -
Hats Gleaned.
and made new. Why boy a new
hat when I can fix your old one op
and p:! it. Isto tta latest style at a
nominal cost ?is-
Have your Panama cleaned,
bleached and returned. '
Remember I positively do
not use acids of any kind.
1 guaradtee all my work.
201 i E. Main Street, '
iat Meat
The Popular Liver Medicine
Will Keep You Well
A GUARANTEED CURE for all diseases produced by TOR
PID LIVER and IMPURE BLOOD. Do not fill your system
with Arsenic, Calomel and Quinine. They act as rank poisons
which vitiate the blood, debilitate the system, and leave a trail
of bad symptoms which require years to obliterate. HERB
INE is purely vegetable and contains no mineral or narcotio
poisons, is absolutely harmless and is the simple remedy of
nature. It carries off all poison in the system and leaves no
injurious effects. ,
Mr. L. A. Hicks, Iredell, Texas, says: ' X wis
tick in bed for eight months with liver trouble, the
doctor seemed to do me no good. I was told to try
' Her bine, and it cared me in a abort time. I cannot
recommend this wonderful medicine too highly.''
Ballard Snow Liniment Co.
Telephone Growth,
The Cumberland Telephone & Telegraph Company has issued
statement showing growth of its business as follows:
Number subscribers April 1. 1906.. . . 149,950
Number added during; month . ,.5,443
Number discontinued : , 2,728
Net increase lor month . . , ,. 2,715
Total subscribes May 1, 1906.
. 152,665

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