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o Weak People !
If you are thin, pale, lack energy,
suffer with indigestion, nervousness
and irritability, cannot sleep and
f have no appetite, we guarantee that
"Vinol" will make for you rich, red
blood and restore your health and
strength. If you will try "Vinol"
and it does not help you, we agree
to return your jnoney. This shows
our faith and fairness. Will you
Red Cross Drug' Store
WATSON & KIMZEY, Proprietors
Phone 100 East Side ' Free City Delivred
era Cf
...Southern made for Southern
work, they are standard
throughout the South. f you
would Icaov why they outsell
and outwear other wagons send
lor our illustrated descriptive
catalogue covering farm wagons,
lumber wagons, log wagons and
t dump carts. .
Houm and Lot For Sale.
All of the F. W. Kelser property
that was advertised for sale in these
columns a few weeks ago has been sold
except one house and lot. This one
will be sold at a bargain if sale enn be
made quick. There are ten rooms Ira
the house. It is located on Hell street,
one block north of Public ScIkjoI.
Call on or write
O. Spradlin,
6-tf Union City, Tenn.
ir ill. iwrni
Tkla la terfmt law uneiim In tb
varldpmUaf Ulrtj t1imliilli0A.
T S?1
Bjubsb Wokx
W will fm.f th fci ktfwrtbli f .oy.n,
10 tbli towa h, wMlom fop 9&.0U of
iMth, erw r fcrld. sx. I4 Um wdlUsu
lh. oupott aMd4.
MAlNMUNIO IS Entnuaoe-on Union
f-i -
dm ufc this 6tipoan4Mttilt I iitm red hy
year ticket Mnt with rm of jour town. On
catering ear mt (ttrt i to the rieption flier k
wbe will reflnter your emmwend idrtanandM
l j - WMfMrmw ' ,
H S3.98
T0 m
Tb maimlflfnt Tailored Pklrta (exaotly
ilka illiMirution) coma in a light gray club
mixture, Utiht wvlftut woolen material, 1
strk'tly niKii tftiloreil, with 2 row, of btiuona
down Miq front, it aelf fold at the bottom, and
are faahlwed In tl new circular aijla.
Thoaa aklrta ara SH.W ml una, but as aa In
ducement to set jour mall order buslneaa,'
w will aend them by exprww, chaivea pro.
ald anywhere in the United Blabs for$3.W.
Jamea Brown came home for the
Miss Luara Nichols, of Kenton,
visited friends here this week.
Miss Mattie Crutchfield, of Troy,
visited in Court Square Tuesday.
A. W. Reeds, a good friend from
Samburgv was here for the Fourth.
Miss Rosamond Curlin, of Mos
cow, visited Mrs. A. J. Curlin Fri
day. - - . .,
Miss Birdye Hilliard, of Martin,
this week visited Miss Hattye
Johnson. '
Mrs. James Young, of Bowling
Green, is visiting her cousin, Miss
Mattie Rhinehart. "
Mrs. Chas. Merryman and chil
dren, of Martin,' were the guests ot
Mrs. Burke Wednesday.
At the Methodist Church next
Sunday morning the sermon will
be especially for children.
Mrs. Sanders and charming little
daughter, Miss Mollie, of Kenton,
visited friends here this week.
Misses Ida and Lela Cole, of New
bern, were in the city this week
visiting their sister, Mrs. Sol Ford.
Miss Alma Glover, of Baird.Tex..
arrived Friday and is spending a
few weeks with relatives near Crys
tal.""' -" "' "'-
Mr. and Mrs. Wi. M. Murphey,
of St. Louis, spent few days this
week visiting kinsfolk and friends
here, v
Miss Geraldine Gibbon, of East
End, left Monday to spend the sum
mer with her grandmother at Pa
ducab. Mr. Fay Scott, vf Memphis, was
in the city Tuesday, accompanied
by his cousin. Miss Agnes Palmer,
of Rives.
Captain Albert Kimzey, of Yale,
vras here during the Fourth of July
festivities visiting his parents and
Mrs. Parks, of Obion, and her
granddaughters, Misses Ruth and
Clara, left Tuesday for a month at
Misses Myrtle Turney, of Bard
well, Ky., and Kate Haste, of Tren
ton. are the eueets of the Misses
Whitley this week.
Mr. W. M. Turner and Mrs. Mat-
tie Turner, of Texas, were here
this week as the guests of Dr. and
Mrs. W. M. Turner.
A homing pigeon returned to its
owner in Blackburn, nng., last
week, after an absence of two years
spent on the Isle of Man.
Mr. Wm. Crabtree, of-Yoakim,
Tex., conductor on the S. A. & A.
P. road, was here this week visiting;
his sister, Mrs. P. W. Johnson.
Mr. J. T. Harpole, of Dyer, was
here on the Fourth and enjoyed the
sham battle and other features
while on a visit to his relatives.
If not entirely aatlKfactorr you can return at
our expenan and will aend joit money bark,
the full amount paid, KI.98. H nitre to aeutl
Get your lunch at Dahnke's.
All Tan Shoes for Men,
Women and Children re
duced to exactly half of
original price at Hardy
Bros. & Haguewood Co.
Parties who intend to buy any
thing in the line of monuments or
cemetery work see Geo. B. Willis,
manager of new marble works.
Look! Best Patent Flour
at $4.75, at mill. Strictly
guaranteed i or money re
funded. Dahnke-Walker
1 Mr. J. H. Rone, of Sikeston, Mo.,
is spending a few days with old
friends in Obion county. He is
stopping in bis old neighborhood a
few miles west ot the city.
. Itching piles provoke profanity, but
profanity won't cure them. -Doan's
Ointment cures itching, bleeding or
protruding piles after years of suffer
ing. At any drug store.
Lost A valuable leather line,
which was taken from the U. D. C.
float on the fair grounds Wednes
day. Finder will receive reward.
Your attention is called to the
Bank Statements in this paper.
The items attract attention to our
splendid banks and the business
done by them. Read them.
Parties intending buying ceme
tery curbing, will do well to get the
prices ot new marble yard. it
Miss Annie Daniel, of Dyersburg,
and Miss Mary Gregory, of New
bern, were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Clifford Joynerthis week. The
young ladies were tendered a recep
tion by Mrs. Joyner Sunday with
dinner and luncheon.
Drives Out That Ollious, Lazy Feeling.
Makes You Bright, Active and Cheerful.
ALLEN DKUU (JO., Special Asrents.
Stop earache In two minutes; tooth
ache or pain of burn or scald in five
minutes; hoarseness, one hour; muscle-
ache, two hours: sore throat, twelve
hours Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil, nion
arcti over pain.
West Tennessee Monument Co,
Geo. B. Willis, manager, opened for
business this week in temporary
neadquarters Cobb building, on
Mary street. It
Mr. Wilkes Hatch, of Nashville, a
former Union City business man
was here on the Fourth.' Mr. Hatch
formerly conducted a store where
Mr. Whitley now keeps, and was
one of Union City's pioneer busi
ness men.
Richaline Tonic, a powerful altera
tive tonic, Increases the red globules
of the blood, builds up the weakened
tissues, counteracts malaria, aids di
pes tion and assimilation, useful in all
anemic conditions of the system. Man
ufactured by Hichaline Medicine Co.
Union City, Tenn.
Our wagon passes your door every
aay; or pnone iw tor oreaa, cakes,
fruits and everything good to eat
Mr. J. H. Sanders, of Kenton
accompanied by his wife, and
daughter, was in the city this week
visiting at the homeot his brother
Capt. Calvin S. Sanders. Mr, San
ders now has a position as prescrip
tionist with a leading drug firm at
Kenton. While here he paid us a
pleasant visit and informed us that
he expects to be in the race for the
Democratic nomination for Trus
tee of Obion County two years from
now. He was reared in the county
is very popular and will make an
exceediogls strong candidate.
Everybody goes to Dahnke's for
Most disfiguring skin eruDtions
scrofula, pimples, rashes, etc., are due
to Impure blood. Burdock Blood Bit
ters in a cleansing blood tonic. Makes
you clear-eyed, clear-brained, clear
skinned. -v.
Fresh line of porch and summer
rockers and settees just arrived at
Union City Hardware & Furniture
Co. s low-price stores. 23-tf
Mr. W. K. Miller has tendered
his resignation as principal of the
Union City Public High School
mis was not on account ot any
dissatisfaction whatever, but be
cause Mr. Miller has been offered
and accepted the pnncipalship of
the Knox County High School, lo
cated at Fountain Citv near Knox
ville, a school which stands second
to none in the State and which is
to be put on the same basis and ef
hciency as the big schools in the
Eastern cities. The buildings cost
$50,000 and faculty is composed of
six teachers. Mr. Miller has been
chosen for the reason that he i
eminently qualified to take charge
of this character of a BChool. His
salary is nearly double what it was
here and the prospects are that it
will be increased shurtly. Of course
we can not blame him,' but Union
City never bad a bigger, better,
brainier school man than Mr. Mill
er, and it is like parting with the
best we have to see him go. We
wish him, however, all the success
in the world. We know he de
serves it.
All the World
knows that Ballard's Snow Liniment
has no superior for Rheumatism. Stiff
Joints, Cuts, Sprains, Lumbago and
ail pains. Buy it, try it and you will
always use It. Anybody who has used
Ballard's Snow Liniment is a living
proof of what It does. All we ask of
you Is to get a trial bottle. Price 25c,
oOc and J1.00. Sold bv Alien Dm Co.
All Tan Shoes for Men.
Women and Children de
duced to exactly half of
original price a t Hardy
Bros. & Haguewood Co. j
CUT GLASS-The Ideal Wedding Gift
We illustrate below two pieces of CUT GLASS that have been selected
from our stock as being especially suitable Weddine Presents. ....
We have contracted with the manufacturers for their entire output of
al m. . a . ... .
uiesc two pieces ana are tneretore enacted to quote them at
prices far below their ordinary cost ....
These Pitchers
each cut on a
perfect, clear
white.flint class
blank without
defect of any
kind. Heretofore
sold at $12.30,
$8.50 -ca
This 8-inch Bowl
is a new and popular
pattern cut on perfect,
clear white flint glass,
without defect. Never
sold before at less than
$5.00, we offer at
Packages for out-of-town are carefully packed in Byrd boxes, safe delivery guaranteed. We will prepay express charges
on either of the above articles for SO cents extra. . . We carry the most complete and largest stock ol dependable high class
Jewelry in the South. If you are in a hurry call us over long distance phone at our expense. Request for charge accounts
will bt honored when accompanied by mercantile references.
C. L. BYRD & CO.,
Statement of the Condition of
of Union City, Tennessee,
At the Close of Business June 30, 1906.
Loans and Discounts $169,784 61
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured .... 4,335 05
Banking house, furniture and fixtures. . 7,000 00
Due from banks and bankers. ... 27,010 19
Checks and other cash items .... 228 75
Specie - 2.554 61
Currency 9,927 00
Capital Stock paid in $ 50,000 00
Surplus and Undivided Profits less ex
penses and taxes paid .... . ., 16.943 73
Due to Banks and Bankers 5,000 00
Individual Deposits subject to check .. 148,455 48
Cashier's Checks outstanding 441 00
Total ., ..$220,840 21
Total $220,840 21
I, D. N. Walker, Cashier of the above named Commercial Bank, do solemnly swear that the above state
ment is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. D. N. WALKER, Cashier.
Subscribe J and sworn to before me. this July 2, 1906. Howell A. Bransford, Notary Public.
Statement of the Condition of
First National
0 Union City, Tennessee,
At the Close of Business June 30, 1906.
- t
Loans and discounts . ; $178,165 30
Overdrafts.. 12,366 53
Banking house, furniture and fixtures . . 4,000 00
United States Bonds 12,500 00
Dfafts, Bill Lading attached.. 23,660 76
Cash and sight exchange. 42,485 ib
Capital Stock 50,000 00
Surplus and Profits 25,397 79
Circulation ........... 12,500 00'
Deposits 185.280 56
,.$273,178 35
Total ' ' , t"i1 1?Q ic
n 1 ijiiij
I. Walter Howell, Cashier of the above Bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the
best of my knowledge and belief. ' WALTER HOWELL, Cashier.
Sworn and subscribed to before me. this July 2, 1906. How ELL Bransford, Notary Public.
Correct Attest: L. S. Parks. E. V. Caldwell, H. A. Beck. Directors.
R. P. Whitesell, Pres.
Seid Waddell. Vice Pres. J. A. Hefley, Cashier.
Statement of the Condition of
The Union City . Bank
A. L. Garth, Ass't. Cashier
& Trust
of Vnion City, Tennessee,
At the close of Business June 30, 1906.
Loans and discounts , .$ 81,678 49
Overdrafts 642 10
Due from banks and bankers ......... 24.071 62
Furniture and fixtures 2,706 83
Currency 4,113 00
Checks and other cash items 1,996 31
Specie ' 1,884 56
Capital stock, $ 35,000 00
Individual deposits 79,353 65
Undivided profits.... ... . ...... , 2.370 51
Cashier's checks........ 368 75
.$117,092 91
$117;092 91
I, J. A. Hefley, Cashier of the above named Bank, do solemnly swear that the foregoing statement is
true to the best of my knowledge and belief. J. A. HEFLEY, Cashier.
Sworn and subscribed to betore me, this July 5, l'W6. C. v. Jones, Notary Public.
We want your businessA dividend of 5 per cent, was declared,
and subject to check July 1, 1906.
Directors 3. P. Howard. Dr. T. E. Marshall, Seid Waddell, Jos. Harpole, E. A. Clover, J. A. Wheeler, Dr.
J. Fi. Hibbitts, W. J. Mayes, J. P. Adams, R. H. Driskill, Dr. F. M. McRee, D. A. Luton, W.A.
Forester, R. P. Whitesell.
w G3.IP-IT
"'") D nt na yoa alck or
ad cures Iho Worst CI4
Ko uplatas, no Naraotln. Cures
in about boars. . . ,
Real Estate Transfers.
Wm. M. -Watson and wife to V. G.
and E. T. Jernfcan, lot In Obion, &S50.
Mrs. Wallace Crockett et al. to F, J.
Sniitju live sixths Interest In 1,588
acrf? u iso. , j,am.s..
Dealers and Man
ufacturersof Mar
ble and Granite
Cemetery Work
Given Careful
CCO. B. WILLIS, Cenaravl M&nasr
Estimates given on plans for Building; Stone, Sills, Lintels, Steps, Ac.
Cemetery Curbing. Prices and Work Guaranteed Satisfactory .-
t , 3Ci

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