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-. i
A well-known Atlanta manufacturer of Agricult
ural Implements ayi :
I hire ued Mslyi Lma Elixir for 10 or 11 Tear la n fimllv. tar the Stom
ach, Liver and Kidneys, and I find it u ilu test mrdutnt i kavt ever utid. It U alao
aura apect&c for pain (a the back or under the shoulder. I have recommended it in
numerous case to my workmen when tick and unable to work and it haa always
givea perfect satisfaction. U. 1. TBK.RfiI.lt, Pres. Atlanta Plow Co., Atlanta, Ga.
Carta Blliousnesa, Constipation, Indirection, Sour Stomach, Foul Breath, Sick and
Ttervous Headaches. Lou of Appetite, Sleeplessness, Nervous and General Debility.
Prevent and cures Fevers, Malaria and Chills. Produce natural and thorough organic
regulation for Women.
50c ina $1.00 par Botils at all Drug 8 tors.
Tuesday Afternoon at Troy.
Miss Annie Taylor was hostess
of the Tuesday Afternoon Club on Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Wilson, of
i i .
Julr the seventeenth, and this one. 1 ro7 spent Monday night and
like all other entertainments in her Tuesday with the former s uncles,
hospitable home, was quite pleas- Messrs. L. L. and J. M. Caruthers.
ant. The guests, upon their arrival, Thej were accompanied home by
were served with delicious frappe tneir daughter, Miss Martha, who
in the reception hall bj little Miss been here visiting- for several
Aileen Taylor. After the study, days
the last chapter of Evangeline, Col. R. P. Whitesell is in Missou
which was ably led by Miss Clara ri looking after business.
rrr I - . 1 1 I. - : , J I
iM,u., iwuuv lwsu.8luCl Misses El en and T.iz! fi.,
the story of Red Riding Hood in spent Tuesday at their A hnm
Delivered promptly. Telephone 150
and be comfortable.
Coal and Seasoned Wood
Rebus, which was conducted by the
hostess. Miss Irene Wheeler won
the club prize, a lovely needle case,
I in club colors, while Miss Young
of Tipton county, received the
guest prize, a dainty embroidered
bankerchief. Delicious refresh
menta, in club colors, were served.
place and with the family of H. C.
Holloway, near Rives.
Miss Maymie McAdoo, of Hick-
man, spent Tuesday with Miss
Fairy Naylor.
Misses Rabecca Gillis and Norah
Thomas accompanied Miss Bettie
after which the club adjourned to Crenshaw to her home in Missouri
meet with the Misses Waynick July i,lwnaaJ
the twenty-fourth.
Ask your
neighbor about Dr.
Musical in Number Seven.
Mr. fcarvin Chapel and his sister,
Miss Emma, were visitors in the
city last Tuesday. These young
people entertained a company of
friends at their home in Number
Seven last Friday night, as follows:
Misses Effie and Salhe Carter, Vesta
Nearly all the wheat in our part
of the country has been threshed
out, and if weather permits all will
be soon. The yield is generally re
ported fine.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Fisher have re
turned to their home in Arkansas,
alter an extended visit to Mr. and
Mrs. Bill Fisher and Mr. Hardy
Allen and family.
Mrs. Icenberger, who recently
was thrown from her bup-o-v and
"F a n n o
Mail Order Promptly Filled.
Wholesale Distributors
The Gobb & Nichols School
Davis. Esther Carter. Ruth Halev.
Nannie Howard, Pearl and Leiron LbadIJ bruiaed' 18 said to be improv
Colev. Lillie and J RRi Cnnn. Vin. inS nicely under the care of Dr,
me Walker and Dora Bell; Messrs
Floys Carter, Carmi Davis, Jas. A
Howard, J. H. Roby, Taylor Flack,
Lebron Clement, Ruby Harrison,
Willie Wright, John Walker, Claud
J. U. O. Halev. Soence Stovall. Bud Jackson
Miss Mary Turner most charm- and others. The occasion was
ingly entertained the J. U. G. club termed a musical and there was
last Friday afternoon at her home, music of different kinds piano,
corner of Third and Lee Streets, violin and voice. Misses Ruby Har
T l i i .
juuu moss, who, oy tne way, is
working up a nice little practice.
We have always predicted and still
believe John T. will some day
make his mark.
An ice cream supper at Bethle
hem has partly been decided upon.
Watch the date.
Most disfiguring skin eruptions.
The meeting, for feasible reasons, rison and Nannie Howard w e r e fcrpfula, Pimples, rashes, etc., are due
was postponed from Thursday un- among the principal performers, ters Is a cleansing blood tonic. Makes
til Friday. The weather's Blight anu inc ana,r wa8 a aengnuui sue- you ciear-eyed, clear-bralned, clear
..4. u... i- -r teas. I sKiiiueu.
luvibuiwutr ajji uul ycijr lew ut
those who were invited at home. I Mr
A High Class Training School.
Healthful location; cultured and
refined people. Honest, thorough
work is our motto. No (aft)nortnal
course; no catch penny methods.
For further Information write
We areanthortsed to announce T C Gordon
as a candidate for Floater to represent Weak
ley, Lake and Obion Counties in the General
Assembly of Tennessee, subject to the action
of the Democratic party.
J. W. Broach and wife, of
and indeed they were doubly repaid Gleason, were in the city Tuesday,
, '.t wr,..t. having their eyes examined by Dr.
v iui.il hi ts ' A L was kij lai luc
sweetest entertainment that the
club has had for some time. The
prettily furnished parlor was deco
rated in cut flowers. Flinch was
played, and by building both ways,
the game was made unusually inter
esting and exciting. The tallies
J. F. F.
Mrs. Harry T. Edwards enter
tained the J. F. F. Club at The
Oaks Wednesday afternoon. The
game was whist and Mrs. Warns
Parks captured the club prize, a
beautiful picture. Miss Nora
Star of Bethlehem.
Mr. and Mrs. John Wyatt, of Ar-
lington, Ky., are visiting their pa
rents, Mr. sad Mrs. Ben Wyatt.
Misses Zora Flowers and Flor
ence McBride are on the 6ick list
this week.
air. ana Mrs. James smith are
the happy parents of a fine boy.
Miss Ethel Bedford has returned
a'Pffl ntitf nnintiA Kp t rt nr marlii fn
1 W MS-SI VI MV WiUI. U1UUW V . . , A . t
i. j ... . ti Gardaer won the consolation, which hnmi. afi tn.n,i;n(r nu,c,
represent a pond with water lilies , j, ' . nome atter epenaing a tew pleasant
s 3i was a pretty enameled hat pin. A m.r-m . i...
game won a liny
When you want to rent a house,
store room or dwelling, call on
18-tf'' C. E. Cobb.
For Sale on Easy Terms.
Good house and lot, convenient to
business portion of city. Apply at
this office.
The Baptist Church.
Regular servi:es at the Baptist
Church Sunday morning and even
ing. Preaching by the pastor at 11
a. m. Union services at 8 p. m.
Rev. Evans preaches. All are in
vited to attend.
Edd L. Watson, Pastor.
Kidney Diseases Are Too Dangerous
for Union City People to Neglect.
The threat danger of kidney trouble
is that they get a firm hold before the
sufferer recognizes them. Health is
gradually undermined. Backache,
headache, nervousness, lameness, sore
ness, lumbago, urinary troubles, drop
sy, diabetes and Krltfht's disease fol
low In merciless succession. Don't
neglect your kidneys. Cure the kid
neys with the certain and safe reme
dy, Doan's Kidney Pills.
Mrs. W. H.Gillmore, wife of W. H.
GUI-more, carpenter, residing at Fer
relltown, Humboldt, Tenn., says: "For
a number of years my husband suf
fered with kidney trouble, at times so
severely that it was actual pain tor
him to stoop or lift anything. Not
only did his back give him a great
deal of trouble but he was frequently
distressed with most severe headaches.
Doan'8,Kldney Pills attracted his at
tention and from the statements of
others who had made use of them he
was led to believe they were a remedy
that was up to the representations,
lie procured a box and before he had
usen all of oue box there was a won
derful improvement in his condition.
We consider Doan's Kidney Pills wor
thy of recommendation to anyone."
Plenty more proof like this from
Union City people. Call at any drug
store and ask what customers report.
For sale by all dealers. Price 50c.
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.,
sole agents for thp United States.
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
Get your lunch at Dahnke's.
in it tor eacn frame won a
frog was put in the pond. There
were eight very close games, at the
end of which Miss Bessie Glass
cock was found to be the winner of
the largest number of games
Three handsome prizes were given
The first going to Miss Glasscock,
was a lovely gold hat pin set with
a pearl. Miss Hazelle Hardy re
ceived as the consolation a pretty
silver tea bell. Mrs. Hunter Griffin
drew the visitor's prize, a silver-
bandied tooth brush, but immedi
ately presented it to Miss Vena
Littlejohn, Miss Hardy's guest.
Chocolate bonbons were served on
the card tables and grape juice
during the game. Afterwards a
delicious ice course was served
orange sherbet in oranges with
angel food. The entertainment was
novel in every way and was very
much enjoyed. Miss Turner is a
new club member and is to be con
gratulated on her first attempt.
pretty enameled hat pin.
salad course ot refreshments were
served, xne nonoree ot tne occa
sion was Mrs. Binford, of Missis
sippi, Mrs. Edwards' sister. This
club also disbands for the summer.
Don t forget that you can now
find plenty cut flowers, roses and
holly at the greenhouses.
J. K. Postma.
weeks in Mayfield with her aunts,
Mrs. Mollie Blasingame and Mrs.
Hannah McBawley.
Mr. George Bedford's family
were in the vicinity of Ararat visit
ing Saturday and Sunday.
All the World
Miss Maiden Entertained.
Misses Annie Laurie and Pauline
Caldwell entertained a few of their
little friends last Thursday in honor Ballard's Snow Liniment is a living
knows that Ballard's Snow Liniment
has no superior for Rheumatism. Stiff
Joints, Cuts, Sprains, Lumbago and
all pains. Buy it, try it and you will
always use it. Anybody who has used
of Miss Mignon Maiden, daughter of 5faA i fc. d,;iA11 e, &stoi
i j u .j , j mi i . vou '9 to fret a trial bottle. Price 25c,
juage Maiaen, or Dresden. iue uost- g0c and 1-00 Sold hv ...
50c and $1.00. Sold by Allen Drug" Co.
Miss Ina Royer and little sister,
Miss .Virginia Swiggart at Home.
Ab:mt fifty of her companions en-
Joyed Miss Virginia Swiggart's hospi-
She makes an ideal hostess. Those tality Saturday afternoon, the 7th
ess was assisted in receiving by Miss
Harriet Beckham and Miss Ruth
Wells. Amusements were enjoyed on
the lawn.
Visit Dr. McMichael's optical of- toarrar v-Af-i, ;0;toj
instruments known to opticai tives at Walnut Log last week
science. Extensive preparations are beinrr
made down here for engaging in
the lumber business in the near
Wants to buy or store your wheat.
We will pay highest market price and
unload your wagons quickly, without
your assisting, at the East side of our
New Elevator, away from all railroad
tracks, trains, etc.
If you desire to store your wheat we
can furnish room in our elevator, where
our facilities for turning rapidly and
keeping in perfect condition are unex
celled, and the insurance rate is lowest
in the city. Our storage rates are rea
sonable. Come to see us before you. sell or
store your wheat.
Heading Bolts
& GO.
Union City, Tenn
We are in the market for Whiteoak Heading Bolts and
will be on hand to take up same on and after August i,
1906, at the old stand. We will pay usual prices and give
a square deal to all. Get your bolts ready and haul them
in. For further information call on or address
Union City
One afternoon lately while on the
present besides the club members inst., on the lawn at the Swiggart lake we had the pleasure of seeing
were: Misses Ida Sanders, Dora
Bradshaw, Vena Littlejohn, Mrs.
VV. Hunter Griffin, Mrs. Ed Kirk
land, Mrs. Clifford Joyner.
Mrs. Mamie Watts was the hos
tess of the Columbian Club last
week. The meeting was exceed
ingly delightful, one the club's
state occasions. Mrs,
home. Amusements of various kinds the champion marksman, the great
were enjoyed, including swinging and
croquet. Miss Lucile Wells was the
graceful punch-bowl maid. The out
of-town guests were Miss lone Bondu
rant, Cairo; Miss Lucile Cary, Cairo;
Miss Nell Bondurant, Hickman. Nice
refreshments were served.
assisted in receiving by Mrs. Posey,
Misses Josephine and Eliza
beth Watts presided at the punch
bowl and Miss Lucile Posey kept
the score cards in a very graceful
way. The game was flinch and
Mrs. John Wheeler captured the
club pin. Mrs.
Remember that Dr. McMichael is
a specialist of sixteen years expe-
rienre. and has a record of twelve
v atts was hundred cases since residing in Un
ion City, and not a single failure.
Chafing Dish Club.
M Iss Bessie Rowland was the charm
ing hostess of the Chafing Dish Club
Thursday, last week. First prize in
the game of whist was a pretty fan
won by Miss CI in tie Harrison, of
Hardy Ligon held Dyersburg, and second, a box of sta
the trophy since the last meeting, tionery, by Mrs. Wallace Moore. Lake
The refreshments as well as every and cream were served. Jsltors were
other feature of the entertainment M,ss Addle Chitwood, Miss Ruth Li
were tempting and beautiful, and gon, Mrs. K. Kimberlin, Mrs. Wallace
everyone present showered praises
upon the .popular hostess. The
visitors present were Mrs. Sbeffer,
Memphis; Mrs Robt. Nailling, Mis
souri; Mrs. Chas. Ligon, Mrs.
Smith, Mrs. B. F. Beckam, Misses
Florence and Nina Keiser, Miss
Bonnie Reeves, and Miss Ruth Li
gon, Mrs. John Bell. With this
meeting the club disbands for the
Thrown from Buggy
Late Wednesday evening Harry
Beckham was thrown from his buggy
on Division street. He and his brother
were driving a spirited horse. They
were passing the Baptist Church com
ing to town. The horse started sud
denly and wheeled, turning the buggy
and the occupant were thrown out.
Harry's head was bruised considerably,
but neither was bai'ly hurt.
est amateur in the world, Mr. Guy
Ward, make some shots. He was
winging birds, and it is needless to
say that every time he raised his
gun a bud tell. We also had the
pleasure of seeing a very large and
beautiful Sterling silver dish pre
sented to Mr. Ward by a firm
Messrs. Quince Taylor and Ed
Knoerr, of Hickman, were visitors
at Walnut Log Sunday. Mr. Tay
lor said that they came just to get
out of town, but it is likely that
they carried back some fish.
Health is very good.
No, indeed, Uncle Bildad; Sylvan
does not contemplate making this
her future home, by any means. We
like to hear a good Baptist sermon
occasionally. Our children are in
school. The nearest church is Mt.
Manuel, four miles away, and Reel
foot Church, seven miles.
Picking and canning blackber
ries is one of the chief industries
in this vicinity at present. They
take their stoves and cans to the
berries and can them in the fields.
RU-MA-GO makes Rheumatism
GO. Allen Drug Co. sell it '
And during the PRODUCTIVE period of
his life he took a Life Insurance Policy.
REVERSES and SICKNESS came, finally
DEATH- The Policy was promptly paid,
furnishing READY CASH when most need
ed, enabling me to pay off the MORT
EXPENSES, and to feed, clothe and educate
my children, while the head that planned, the
hand that guided, and the heart that loved his
family, are cold in death. I shall never for
get him, nor the benefits derived from Life
Insurance, and ever teach my children to
father, who so thoughtfully provided Life
Insurance Protection.
The National Life Insurance Go. of the U.S. of A.
Davis, Bramham &. Co.
Are the Agents, Union City, Tenn.
The City Council.
The Board o5 Mayor and Aldermen
met in regular session last Tuesday
After the regular routine theStreets
and Sidewalks Cernmittee to look Into
the matter of securing gravel for the
streets reported. The prices of Illi
nois gravel was submitted. Mr. Troy,
who lives on the Tennessee River, also
made a proposition that if the Board
would use a roller on the streets ac
cording to his recommendations.be
would furnish ten cars of gravel as a
sample free of cost. Mr. Semones be
ing absent, the committee was con
tinued. The committee will proceed
at the next meeting to secure gravel
whether the menrbers are all present
or not. Mr. Semones was In St. Louis
looking after business for the city.
On motion of J. C. Reynolds and
carried the Committee on Water and
Lights was Instructed to receive bids
on a new Corliss engine and extension
of the building for the electric light
plant. The improvements,-it is esti
mated, will cost about $3,300 and the
Board will proceed at once to have the
work done. It is the purpose to use
both the old and new dynamos, and
instead of replacing the engine now
in use with a larger engine, to buy a
small engine and use both the old and
the new one.
The citizens living in the southwest
tiled a petition for the extension of
water pipe to that part of the city.
The cost was estimated at 11,100 and
a proposition Is to be wade to the peo
ple of that part of town who want to
furnish work and material that same
will be credited on their water tax
after tte Improvements have been in
stalled. The petition was referred to
the Water and Light Committee.
A petition for a street light near the
residence of Mrs. Voorhies on Bell
street was also referred to the Water
and Light Committee.
Itching piles provoke profanity, but
profanity won't cure them. Doan's
Ointment cures itching, bleeding or
protruding piles after years of suffer
ing. At any drug store.
Death of Mrs. Fisher.
Mrs. Malinda Fisher, aged 89 years,
died of Infirmities incident to old age
on Wednesday, July 18, lOOfJ.
Mrs. Fisher was one of the pioneer
residents of the county. She lived
with her son, William Fisher, and
leaves also three daughters, Miss Bid-
die Fisher, Mrs. Conner and Mrs.
Strange. The deceased was a member
of the Baptist Church. She outlived
the span of life by many years, an Il
lustration of the fact that her years
were full of honor and devotion.
Services were held by Rev. Henry
Thomas, and the remains were laid to
rest at Bculah Church.
Wanted A white man, 30 or 40
years of age preferred, to work
crop. Apply to A. C. Reeds, Union
Look! Best Patent Flour
at $4.75, at mill. Strictly
guaranteed or money re
funded. Dahnke-VValker
Milling Co.

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