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Helps Digestion
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character sustained, witness saying
that Miss w alker's conduct was al
ways exemplary. Witness tcild of as
sisting Miss Walker in carrying her
trunk from the first to the econd
story when the latter left to join Ed
wards i n New York. Witness said
Edwards called to see Lola frequently
took her riding and driving.
Edith Fyles' deposition was read.
Miss Fyles was one of the members of
that memorable tallyhu ride, when
Col Edwards gave her port wine which
made her drunk. Witness went from
Columbus, Ohio, with her sister to
Asheville for the latter's health.
Told of members of boarding house
of Mrs. Cullen, in Asheville, and char
acterized them all as ladies and gen
tlemen. Lola always conducted her
self as a lady. Said that several bot
tles of beer were drank on the tallyho
ride, and that another bottle, sup
posed to contain an intoxicant, was
given to Lola by Edwards, and that
she acted queerly after she had drank
it, and that when the bottle was
passed to Lola's aunt, Mrs. Cullen,
Immediately after Lola had drank,
she smelled of it and threw It into a
, There were several depositions, and
one of the main questions was as to
W. N. Cooper's attention to Mrs. Cul
len. The. answers were that Cooper
called at the house on a general visit
The witnesses had supposed Mps. Cul
len a widow, and didn't know that she
had a husband living in Chicago, but
that Mrs. Cullen had always conduct
ed herself decorously, and several of
those who had made depositions had
never seen her receive attentions from
any young man. Miss Laura Fyle's
deposition was then read, and, like
the others, many objections were made
by counsel for defendant, some of
which were overruled and some were
not. Witness told about the same
tale as the others as to the respecta
bility of Mrs. Cullen's boarding house
in Asheville. , '
Counsel for plaintiff have rested
their case and yesterday afternoon
witnesses and depositions for the de
fense began with their sine of the
Walker-Edwards case, which will ap
pear in next week's paper.
Dr. McMichael will be at his of
fice daily for sixty days. Exami
nation of the eyes will be free of
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preciated Prompt service.
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(Continued from first page.
The first witness put on the stand
Wednesday morning was Mrs. Annie
Bauer, of Chicago, aunt of the plain
tiff. Before the questioning began the
Jury was excluded and Judge Felix
Moore, of counsel for plaintiff, made
complaint that newspapers had been
dropped in front of the jury, but that
the same had been secured by the
Deputy Sheriffs who are guarding the
jury, and that none of the Jurors had
read the papers. Judge Swiggart, of
counsel for defendant, deprecated the
thoughtless action of the one who
dropped the papers, and Judge Maid
en, after the jury was recalled again,
warned them against communicating
with anyone but each other, and to
read no newspapers should the oppor
tunity present Itself.
There was not much of interest in
the testimony of Mrs. Bauer, who
told of her past life, places of resi
dence and other minor details, includ
ing the school life of the plaintiff.
She stated that Mr. Walker, father of
the plaintiff, died at the Great East
ern Hospital in Chicago; that she had
engaged In the millinery business this
year, as had Lola. Witness believed
that Mrs. Waiker had married a man
named Short, and that she was Mrs.
Short, but that she had always called
her Walker. Short had never lived
with her to her( knowledge. Bauer
had operated a saloon at 1843 Wabash
avenue, Chicago, and was also pro
prietor of the Columbus Hotel, sanie
city. Witness emphatically denied
knowing that the houses run by her
husband were of ill repute, where dis
reputable characters congregated and
met. Witness said that at a meeting
she had with Thos. Flyun, in Chi
cago, that Flynn had said that if the
defendant secured lits deposition that
he would have to pay for it. Witness
stated that Flynn was a dishonorably
discharged policeman. Questioned as
to what Flynn was to testify in the
case was objected to and sustained.
Witness said that she knew Mrs. Ellis
Melvln at Beardstown, 111., before
Melvin went to Chicago and took
charge of the McCampbell Hotel,
where Lola boarded awhile. Mrs.
Walker had never worked for Mrs.
Meivln. The maiden name of the
witness1 mother was Miss AbbyToo-
Ion. Witness was asked if Mrs. Walk
er, mother of plaintiff, had not been
arrested in Peoria for shoplifting.
Answered that she did not. Question
objected to, and jury retired. Witness
didn't know anything of Mrs. Walker
ever having been pulled for shoplift
ing. Witness had seen Cullen about
two years ago, at which time he was
an invalid. Mrs. Bauer said that she
never went about her husband's saloon
in the Windy City nor about the Co
lumbus Hotel.
After being cross-questioned, Paul
Jones, of Chattanooga, was placed on
the stand. Witness stated he had
been a Pullman conductor the past
eight years. Jn August, 1903, he was
running between Saulsbury, N.C., and
Memphis, Tenn., on the Southern. He
first saw Miss Walker, the plaintiff,
about 2.50 a. m. Aug. 21,1903. Plaintiff
in the case got on his train at Bilt-
ruore, two or three miles out of Ashe
ville. The girl asked if a berth had
been reserved for her and he informed
her that one had been reservtd for a
Mr. Weaver by theaeent at Biltmore.
Lola was shown to this berth, lower 9.
She presented .to Jones a railroad
ticket for Morristown and paid for
the berth. At Asheville, Mrs. Cullen,
aunt of Miss Cullen, through whom
the suit against Edwards has been
brought, got aboard the train and in
quired for her niece. This was the
first time witness had ever seen Mrs.
Cullen. Witness went to the office
after his report, and upon his return
to the sleeper found Mrs. Cullen en
deavoring to induce her niece to leave
the train. Miss Walker made her es
cape from her aunt and locked herself
In the ladies' toilet room. All queries
as to Mrs. Cullen calling to her assists
ance two policemen to remove Lola
from the train was objected lo by
counsel for defendant and sustained.
Mrs. Cullen remained on the train un
til It reached Newport, about seventy
miles from Asheville. Witness said
that Mrs. Cullen interceded with him
and with the regular conductor to as
sist her in removing Lola from the
coach. Witness was asked if Miss
Walker informed him where she was
going and for what purpose. She in
formed him that she was on her way
to New York to meet and marry a
man named Edwards. After Mrs. Cul
len left the train at Newport he also
had a talk with plaintiff, who reiter
ated her intention of going to New
York and marrying Edwards. Several i
propounded to this witness, who was
not permitted to tell in full of his con
versatlon with the eloping girl while
she was on his train. After that event
ful trip witness saw nothing more of
Miss Walker for two years. Witness
said that plaintiff told him that she
would stop at the Hoffman House In
New York Witness stated that he
had no Interest in the case. He was
in Chicago on his summer vacation
His transportation was over the Illi
nois Central through Memphis. He
had sent Mrs. Cullen a souvenir card
from Chicago, and she had extended
to him an invitation to stop by and
see her in Union City, and as it was
only three miles off the train line he
concluded to do so. Court adjourned
with Jones' testimony until afternoon
The evidence was resumed Wednes
day afternoon by the reading of depo
sitions, about five of which were read,
and which consumed all of the after
noon, as nearly every question was ob
jected to by counsel for defense, and
the jury had several times to be ex
ciuaea. Avery men pi grouna was
fought over by the attorneys.
Among the principal depositions
was that of Miss Mary Willis Miss
Willis found the people at Mrs. Cul
len s Doaraing nouse in Asnevnie as
good as any people she ever saw in her
life. Witness said that Mrs. Cullen
conducted herself while witness was
at her house as decorous as she ever
saw a lady in her life. Witness did
not know of intoxicating drinks ever
being served in the house of Mrs. Cul
len at Asheville. Question as to char
acter of Mrs. Cullen's home at Ashe
ville was objected to but overruled. A
great many of t h e best women of
Asheville rode astride. Witness never
saw Miss Walker with a beau, except
Edwards. Never knew anything det
rimental to the conduct of Miss
Walker. Did not know that Mrs. Cul
len was assisting Lola to go to New
York. A number of questions in
which Weaver, the liveryman of Ashe
ville, who assisted Miss Walker in
getting out of Asheville when she
was going to Edwards in New York,
were objected to and sustained. Wit
ness went to Mrs. Cullen's as nurse
for Mrs. John Gaber in July, 1903, and
remained till September. She had
known Lola since 1903; did errands for
her. and always found her to bea per
fect lady. The people who boarded at
Mrs. Cullen's, in Asheville, were the
objections were raised to questions j very best of people. Objections as to
For Committeeman.
In a letter addressed to the voters
of the Thirteenth Civil District Mr.
Oce Spradlin announces that he is
a candidate for the position of
Committeeman as a member of the
Democratic Executive Committee
of Obion County.
Mr. Spradlin made this announce
ment after Hon. L. S. Parks had
eriven out the statement that he
would not stand for re-election,
bavin? been pressed by a number
of leading Democrats to make the
The election takes place on the
same day of the regular August
election in a seperate box. Mr.
Spradlin is a Democrat who does
not know what it is to desert the
party or the ticket. He has no axe
to grind, except to serve the whole
party. There is no compensation,
but, if elected,, he offers his best at
tention and energy to the duties of
tbat office.
Mr. Spradlin has already given
much of his time to party work and
he simply asks the honor of being
your Committeeman. He is quali
fied way in every for this office and
there is no doubt that he .would fill
it to the utmost satisfaction of ev
erybody. The gentleman would ap
preciate heartily your vote and in
One Bottle of Ru-Ma-Go Cures
Prominent Attorney of Bowling Green, Ky.
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