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attest its wonderful carmtir
and health-giving properties
nd servo to sUow that it
baa no equal as a cure for
Constipation, BHIousne,
Indigestion, Sick Headache,
Kidney Troubles,
and all other ills arising
from a
Being1 strictly a vegetable
compound, it has no harmful
effects. Its action is gentle
but none the less thorough
cleansing the bowels of all
impurities, a ul toning up the
entire system to a healthful
condition leaving the per
son feeling good, because
every organ is made to per
form its part perfectly.
30c tnd $1.00 par Bonis tt Drug Stortt
Atlanta, Georgia
The Fight Is On!
The next four months will wit
ness the fiercest struggle between
the two leading parties in lennes
Bee mat has occurred tor many
long years.
The Nashville Banner
published at the capital city, the
political headquarters of the state,
will give the lirst, fullest and most
reliable reports of the gubernator
ial contest of any paper in Tennes
Bee. If yoa want to keep up with
the titanic struggle for political
supremacy remit one dollar and
the Daily Banner will be sent to
you by mail until after the No
vember election.
Made of brass or aluminum.
Save vou many times their'
cost. Send for catalogue. . '
' G. C. DRURY& CO.
306 Union street. Nashville, Tenn.
lit! Jlfcs vattcriusi
'"! m .ai
1 11 1
nig EkI ind Cheapest oa Eaiiu
Kt tmmn 1 1 nniKt Itl
Ctanm lan I k HSttT KKTUU
nwMHTcte to cm
dEimtansm, Cans!lpa'lm Infijtstloii Stents,
Hjspepsla. ami Kldaaf Trams .
prices too Tatxr ron i
For sale by Watson & Kirnzey.
....Southern made for Southern
work, they arc standard
throughout the South. If you
would know why they outsell
and outwear other wagons send
lor our illustrated descriptive
catalogue covering arm wagons,
lumber wagons, log wagons and
dump carts. . . . .
nnin IT. th cold dire that d.os th
lllvlr "1 1 wor 8 Hours. anl will
not make you sick- Try H
JStxrxi IVXor-o
Don't trnry the high alH(Mi one. TaJta
our counw la w.tuid bunloew. and towom.
fitted to wrtk Dig mnwj jrounmU, Our ct-
toga, w ae-ii teua uw truco.
( , H I01IKEIS
-a. m w n r j j i r
Mrs. Guy Lee spent a lew day
last week in Rives, the guest
Mrs. Lon Wright.
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Coulter spent
Sunday in Hickman.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hefley spent
Saturday night and Sunday at
Mr. Robt. Hutchison, of Glass,
spent Saturday night with Ellis
Messrs Ed and JohnMcCorkle, of
Glass, were the guests of J. M
McCorkle while in the city Monday
Mr. D. D. Kirk, of Walnut Log
was a welcome visitor at our home
Mrs. Lizzie Orr, of Paris, has re
turned home after a pleasant visit
to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W
Mrs. J. C. McCall and children,
Louise and Coulter, of Washing
ton, D. C, were the guests of their
uncle and aunt, Col. and Mrs. J
M. Coulter, last week. They will
visit Mayfield before returning
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hammond, of
Clayton, spent Sunday night and
Monday in Southside.
Mrs. Robt. Wheeler and little
son, of Paris, are the gusts of their
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Tem
Miss Nora Jackson is the guest
of friends at Fulton and Pierce this
Misses Ruby and Elisabeth
Crutchfield, two pretty young la-
dies of Mayfield, are the guests of
of Misses Leone and Mary Web
ster this week.
Mrs. Henry Corum, of Woodland
Mills, spent Sunday with Mrs.
Sam Wade.
Mrs. W. R. Webster and daugh
ter, Miss Leone, have returned
from a ten days stay at Dawson
Grand-ma Odom is the guest ot
relatives at Woodland Mills this
week. ' '
Misses Martha Hefley and Pau
line Jackson and Mr. Wilbum Hef
ley attended services at Rives Tues
day night. ...
Mr. and Mrs. Clive Lannom are
the proud parents of a fine baby
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clark
spent Saturday and Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Mabry near
Mrs. Jas. Bransford returned
home Wednesday from Louisville
Mrs. Tom Reeves and Miss Davis
are attending the protracted meet
ing at Rives this week.
Mr Tom Mays has returned
home from a visit to Waverly.
Well, Cousins; as we can't agree
on the time and place of our picnic,
it is now all Left with the editors
They .will please set a time and
name the place, and then let each
and everyone come and brinsr a
basket well filled with good things
to eat, and let's all do our best to
make it a day long to be remember
Editor: The cousins may won
der why we have been quiet about
the picnic, but the truth is we
feared that too few of the corre
spondents were taking an interest
in the matter. Last year we bad a
nice crowd of friends at the Lake,
but not more than five or six cor
respondents, or cousins, as they
dub themselves. This year we
waited to see how many would vol
unteer to go, and yet only a few
have responded to Gipsy's invita
tion. Now that the great sensa
tional trial is over and crops are
laid by we would like to know how
many would join us at Reelfoot
Lake or some other good point
(the lake seems to be preferred)
should the picnic take place early
in September some Friday and Sat
urday. Unless the correspondents
generally take an interest in this
affair, we do not see the advantage
in calling it a cousin's picnic. Of
course we would enjoy any kind of
picnic, but if it is a cousins picnic
we would prefer to make it a suc
cess along that line. If not. then
might as well try some other name,
or none at an just a picnic for
those who want to go, correspon
dents or others. We would be
glad to hear something definite
from the correspondents.
Look out for malaria. It is season
able now. A few doses of Peickley
Ash Bitters Is a sure preventive.
Allen Drug Co., Special Agents.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hubbs, of Har
ris, spent Sunday with Hon. and
Mrs. J. C. Potter.
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Moss are
spending a few days withx Mrs. M
A. Moss.
Miss Marr Cunningham, after a
week's visit with her cousin, Mrs.
Dorrell Harris, returned to her home
in Polk Monday.
Mr. Leslie Cunningham, of near
Protemus, spent a few days last
week with his sister, Mrs. Dorrell
Master Dewitt Caruthers is im
proving rapidly from a tussle with
Gordon Elected.
The Floterial Committee for the
counties of Dyer, Obion and Lake
met at the courthouse in Union City
yesterday and canvassed the vote
for the primary election held Thurs
day, August 2. to elect a Floater
for those counties. Gordon's ma
jority was 231.
Death of Mrs. Bay.
Mrs. Ella Ray, wife of Thomas
Ray, residing on Palmer Street,
this city, died of consumption last
Saturday afternoon about 3 o'clock.
Mrs. Ray was about 36 years of
age leaves two children, Clara and
Millicent, both little girls. This
lady was reared near Gleason. She
typhoid fever and we hope ere many was a Miss Brown and her marriage
days the little fellow will soon be to Mr. Ray took place about ten
O. K.
Mrs. Alf Taylor and son, Dick,
spent Wednesday in Northside.
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Corum Sun-
dayed with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Har-
Miss Verna Calicoft, alter a few
days visit to her mother, Mrs. Mary
Calicott, returned to her home in
Rives Saturday.
Mr. Alfred Reid and family, near
Lucknow, spent Sunday with Mr.
Millard Reid and family.
Soothes itching skin. Heals cuts or
burns without a scar. Cures piles, ec
zema, salt rheum, any itching. Doan's
Ointment. Your druggist sells it.
Mr. and Mrs. Giles Mitchell were
the guests of Mrs. Lola Pelzer last
Mr. and Mrs. Arnett Pursley vis
ited the family of J. M. Caruthers
Mr. John Moss and sister, Miss
rene, and their guest, Miss Lucy
Burrus, ot Woodland Mills, joined
a party of young people from the
Brevard neighborhood, consisting
of Miss Hibbits, ot Smyrna, Tenn
and Misses Mayme Brevard, Vir
years ago. Soon afterwards they
located in Union City. About four
years ago Mts. Ray suffered from
an attack of pneumonia. From
this she never fully recovered, and
by degrees consumption developed
until life was extinct.
Mrs. Ray was a member of the
Christian Church. She was a true,
good woman, a kind neighbor, a
devoted wife, a loving mother. She
was all these and more. She was
the inspiration of the home. She
made it sacred by the ties of true
affection and tender care, and all
the joys and sorrows of the hus
band and little ones were shared
with her, and through her ministra
tions it was "Home, sweet home.
The remains were shipped to
Gleason Sunday morning-, accom
panied by friends and relatives, and
laid away in the neighborhood cem
Don't Grumble
when your joints ache and you suffer
from Rheumatism. Buy a bottle of
T M mmTfm f n n m W
V A ! 9
Wants to buy or store your wheat.
We will pay highest market price and
unload your wagons quickly, without
your assisting, at the East side of our
New Elevator, away from all railroad
tracks, trains, etc.
If you desire to store your wheat we
can furnish room in our elevator, where
our facilities for turning rapidly and
keeping in perfect condition are unex
celled, and the insurance rate is lowest
in the city. Our storage rates are rea
sonable. Come to see us before you sell or
store your wheat.
MaAino -Unite By H. FOflCUL!
& GO.
Union City, Tenn
We are in the market for Whiteoak Heading Bolts and
stant relief, a rsi tive cure for Rheu- will be on hand to take up same on and after August "i.
yme Brevard, Vir-L., K ' nhfisV Atc ' Mr I t lWr 1006. at the nlrl stanrl.' We will rmv usual nnVfe artA o-iSr
ginia Thompson, Allie May Apple- a prominent merchant at Willow L -11 r-.t v . t. i- j j i. i ,f
uiuai umi iu an, uti juui uuiia 1 tau duu ua.Ul liiCUX
in. t or further information call on or address
gate and Messrs. Walter DeBow,
Cyrus Brevard, Sam DeBow and
Alwyn Brevard, chaperoned by Mrs
Mary Crenshaw, drove over to Hick
man, Ky., where they enjoyed the
hospitality of Miss Marie Brevard,
who entertained them most royally
for a few hours in ber pleasant
home, and later in the evening the
party took a stroll out to "Lover's
Leap." While there the party were
served with a picnic lunch and a
delightful ice course.
Point, Texas, says that he finds Bal
lard's Snow liniment the best all
round liniment he ever used. Sold by
Alien Drug co.
Miss Jane Wilson began Bchool at
Harper's Valley Monday,
Mrs. T. W. Easly, of Kenton, is
visiting in Rives this week
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Pleasant will
attend the campmeeting at Curtner
C. S. Moores, one of Rives drug
gists, will move to the Cummings &
H. MUM & CO.,
Union City
Write today for catalogue of
the Southern Business College,
Huntingdon, Tenn. Best work
done In the state. Strong facul
ty. Literary branches free. Ex
penses low. Position certain
when you have finished. Gradu
ates in all parts of the country.
Your parlor, bed room, adjoining Harper old stand
k wixi luiuiaiivu ai Oiiia.il ,USl Oil TIT. O A TT: . J tUiU
tt, i:t,,o a, t..,-:.. Mrs- s- A- ovi8 and little son,
Co. f ield, oi ayetteviue.wno were vis
iting Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hovis, of
Rives, were called home, Mrs. Hovis
to the bedside of ber husband, who
is ill.
cius A. Hovis. after spending
a pleasant week with parents, rela
tives and friends, returned to Mem
phis Monday.
Just in from factory, about a car-
Unclaimed Letters. load of new dining chairs, porch
List al unrlaimpH lotWa remain, rockers, settees, iron beds and dress.
iug u u c uu.un w,uy 8umce ior cit Hardware & Furniture Co.
wcck. enuing j uiy ai, iwo;
Anderson, Miss Clatia; Big-jrs, Notice.
Mr. Ira; Boxley, Mr. M. G.; Brooks, Curtner Springs camp-meeting
Mr. Will; Brown, Mr. Thomas H. ; begins Friday, August 10, and will
continue for ten days. Hack line
from Obion Station to the camp.
Hotels and other accommodotions
on the ground. Keeltoot Lake is
an ideal place for an outintr. Rev.
W. H. Evans ("Wild Bill"), ot Dal-
1 las, Texas, will do the preaching.
A great fight tor Bible truth is on
and a wonderful victory is expected.
Come praying for the Holy Ghost
to have the "right of way."
J. Tom Alexander, P. C.
Rev. G.W. Wilson, D.D., P. E.
says the doctor to many of his lady patients, because he doesn't
knew of any medicinal treatment that will positively cure womb or
ovarian troubles, except the surgeon's knife.
That such a medicine exists, however, has been proved by the
wonderful cures performed on diseased women, in thousands of
cases, by
Woman's Relief
It has saved the lives of thousands of weak, sick romen, and
has rescued thousands of others from a melancholy lifetime of
chronic invalidism. It will cure you, if you will only give It a chance.
Sold at every drug store in $ 1.00 bottles. Try It.
hildress, J. D.; hilds, Miss a
tet; Docker, Mr. J. R.; Dickson,
Miss Pattie; Ethridge, Mr. O." E.;
Freeman, Miss Hattie; Ferguson,
Mrs. H. M.; Fulks, Miss Jennie;
Hargrove, Mr, John; Henderson,
Mr. F. W.; Henderson, Mr. Eddie;
Higgs, Miss Jennie ( ol.); Home,
J. C; Jacobs, Big Henry; Jones,
Mr. S. H.; Lygh, Mrs. Stella; Mar
tin, Miss Nellie; Moss, Miss Mary
IS.; McAdoo, Mr. R. F.; McCar
mack, Miss Lillie; McKinney, Mr.
Isaiah; Olds, Mr. Arthur; Partee,
Rev M. D.; Poore, Richard; Reed,
Mr. J. W.; Reagan, Mr. J. A.; Rob
inson, Mrs. J. .; Sanders, Miss No
ra; Stitt, Mr. Sam; Swift, Mr. Dan;
Thrikeld, E. H.; Todd, Dick; Tur-
well, Mr. Laura; Tacker, Mrs. Net
tie; Wall, J. lt Wells. Mr. Walter;
Wellington, Miss M.; Wilans, Mr.
Frank, . G. T. Taylor. P. M.
Why Fret and Worry
when your child has a severe cnlrl.
xou need not-fear nneumonia or other
pulmonary diseases. Keep supplied
wiuu xanaru s iiorenouna Syrup a
positi ve cure for Golds, Coughs, Whoop
ing Couirh and Bronchitis. Mrs. Hall.
of Sioux Falls, S. D., writes: "I have
used your wonderful Ballard's Ilore
hound Syrup on my children for five
years. Its results have been wonder
ful." hold by Allen nrnr Crnnmnv.
' -o r-"j
Cheap Eicursion, August 18,
Via Mobile & Ohio Ry. Round trip
rate from Union Citv to St. Louis.
$8.00; to Chicago, $12.00. Tickets
wiu oe soid tor trains leavinsr Mo-
freIy and frankly, in strictest confi
dence, telling us all your troubles.
kWe will send Free Advice (in plain,
sealed envelope). Address: Ladles'
Advisory Dept., The Chattanooga
Medicine Co., Chattanooga, Tenn.
"I wore a supporter for years, -for
ray wwnb, which had crowded every- '
thing down before it, writes Mrs. S. J.
Chrlsman, of Mannsville, N. Y. ' I suf
fered, untold jnisery and could hardly
walk. After taking Cardul I gave up
my supporter and can now be on my
feet half a day at a time." .
Vacation Trips
Made delightful and comfortable to
the famous resorts in Colorado,
Utah, Pacific Coast, Hot Springs,
Ark., Yellowstone Park, Texas
and Mexico via Missouri Pacific
Railway or Iron Mountain Route.
Through sleepers, dining cars, elec
tric fans. Low round-trip rates now
in effect. Liberal limits and stop
over privileges. Reduced homeseek-
era' round-trip rates first and third
Tuesdays each month to the West
and Southwest. For descriptive
literature, tolders, rates, etc., see
nearest Ticket Agent or address R.
T. G. Matthews, T.P.A., Missouri
Pacific Railway, Room 301 Norton
Building, Louisville, Ky.
W. E. Walters
Successor to Harry McMurry & Co.
Staple and Fancy
share of your patronage will be ap-,
predated Prompt service.
Telephone 421. - Free Delivery.
We have fifteen to twenty extra pood
work mules for sale; all good sizes and
ages, at market prices.
11x1001? sc u.,
29tf ' Union City, Tenn.
Estray Notice.
CCO. B. WILLIS, Genarewl Manager
Dealers and Man
ufacturers of Mar
ble and Granite
Cemetery Work
Given Careful
ml J I 1 -.
a to j . . x unco up uu uusieu iu jiisriui iku.
bile August 18 and will be good to 6( O5ion fcoUnty; Tenn., by W. S.
return leaving St. Louis or Chicago Mills, one light bay mare, blaze face,
until and including Sept. 2, 1906. two white fore feet. 12 or 15 vears old.
Appiy to jvi. & v. K, K. Agents tor valued at 120.00.
further particulars. 1 28-4 Tnos. R. Bakrett, Ranger.
Estimates given on plans for Building: Stone, Sills, Lintels, Steps, &c.
Cemetery Curbing. Prices and Work Guaranteed Satisfactory.

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