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Special Announccmer;
With greetings for a Happy New Year,
we take the privilege of thanking our friends
and customers for their generous patronage
in the past and solicit a continuance of same.
Union City Ice & Coal Co.
Special Announcement
With greetings for a Happy New Year,
we take the privilege of thanking our friends
and customers for their generous patronage in
the past and solicit a continuance of same.
We take the opportunity also to announce
that on and after January r, 1907, we will do a
strictly cash business. No books kept and no
credit to anyone. Yours respectfully,
'"" ' " V Jt' i 1 1
I J..S .
.... it .. - yf ,
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1 -
Dr. Id L.on2", 01 Ubion. was m
the city Wednesday.
Mrs. John T. Walker ha re
turned from a vis.it to Martin-
Harrj Kimzey, of Jackson, waa
here this week visiting' homefolk.
W. F. Barry, of Jackson, was in
the citv Wednesday mingling with
Mrs. Joe Rogers has been visit
ing hometolk at Kenton during
Clarence Latimer left Wednesday
for Wickliffe to epend a few days
with friends.
Walker Martin, who is in school
Isle of Spice.
Jack Leslie, who plays the part
of one of the sailors in the "Isle of
Spice," has signed a three years'
contract with B. C. Whitney, who
will send bim out as the star of a
j new musical comedy next season.
Knifed at Eivea.
Andrew Wallace was badly cut
in the stomach with a knife by an
other negro named Newhouse at
Rives Tuesday. It was a Christ
mas spree and resulted in a scrap.
The wounded negro is doinsj well
to far.
'' ljl Elitrtt wm& jfc Siii3 KiL
0 OA
at v anderbilt, was home this week Rev. J. L. Hudgins was the Good
visiting Mr. and Mrs. John T. Samaritan uniting in bonds of mat-
Walker, rimouy T. A. Vallandingham and
Mrs. Hermoa Cross, of Bly the- Miss Dee Chumley, of Bardwell,
ville. Ark., is the guest of her par- ivy., Wednesday, lne marriage
ents, Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Brans- took place at Mrs. Allen's residence,
Makes more heat than any Coal Mined
in the South. You buy Coal by weight,
you burn Coal by measure.
A ton of ordinary Coal measures 25 bushels. . A ton of
BON AIR Coal measures 26 1-4. The facts and figures
prove conclusively that BON AIR is Best and Cheapest.
Place your order now and get Summer Rate which will
certainly save you money. Sold only by
We also carry a large supply of cheaper Coal and Seasoned Wood.
this city.
There will be a mask contest at
the skating rink next Monday
Two prizes will be given, one to
the couple having the best costume,
day, enjoying a leave of absence and one to the pair having the most
comical make-up.
No one will be allowed to skate
ford, in this city. ,
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Boaz, of Jack
son, are here visiting Mrs. Boaz's
mother and sister, Mrs. Gardner
and Miss Addie.
Messrs. Robt. and Hoyt Moore,
of Martin, were in the city Wednes-
Reynolds Opera House
Thursday, January 3, 1907
I 3 La Ez
from editorial duties,
Miss Nora Jones was here visit
ing ner motner and sister tnis
week. She has charge of a music
class at Wickliffe.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson, of
Oklahoma City, were here this
week as the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Dick Harrison.
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Quarles, oi
Oi.rn mcra in th. .If. tV,o
'siting the family of Mr. B. F
La.a&.on Church street.
Mr. and Mrs.
returned from a
and are in the city with Mr. and
Mrs. Cave J. Crockett
Mrs. J. D. Porter, of Nashville,
is in the city visiting her parents,
Judge and Mrs. VV. H. Swiggart
except those in mask
masks are removed.
until the
Isle of Spice.
l ne success that nas been ac
corded the "Isle of Spfce" which
will appear here at the op:ra bouse
Thursday, Jan. 3, is something phe
nomenal. Theatre goers and the
press have been one voice in saying
that it is sparkling musical comedy,
with a bright dialogue, pretty cos- ()
!!!.!.'!.' !! '' !'''!'
Have You Tried
!! S mrm as, J JA. ML M. JSL M. S3B
in Taylor have tumes, magnificient scenery, sensa
visit to .Trenton tional electrical effects, and above
all a remarkable pretty bunch of
maidens, who move about the stage
in a bewitching and captivating
manner to the delight of all.
Christmas Wheel.
V . i r i i
miuu owl"' l urccnwwu' 'A very unique affair was the en-
BiiH., e cuy visiung nis tertainment at the Baptist Church
parents, nr. auu mrs. vv. i.
Scates. '
Christmas eve. A wheel was con
structed after the pattern of the
Miss Alhe B. Whitley is visiting Ferris wheel. It was equipped
friends in Bardwell, Ky., this week. with electric lights in red, white
Her brother, Claude, will join her and blue and operated with a mo-
her bunday. tor. The wheel was loaded with
Rev. W. S. Long, of Cottage Christmas presents tor the chidren
Grove, Tenn., has been visiting his of the Sunday School, the members
parents at !- Pleasant Hill. Rev. and friends ot the Baptist Church.
Long wl.M'reach at 'oy Sunday Santa Claus was on hand to look
morning. ter tnis part ot tue worK. tteiore
w. re SratP. whrt ha. hn n. tt?V distribution of presents the
P-ae-ed at Bardwell. Kf.. in the ctnat renaerea some cnoice music,
' i - i '
Ask your grocer for it.
Dalrte-lVato Milling Co.
Ask us for prices when selling your grain.
::::.::: :: ::::::::::
west tennesseImonument CO.
Dealers and Mao
drug line, will go to Hickman the and4uring the evening Miss Miller gffJ"; 1;
20 song hits of the
Xthe oeer of all musical comedies.
v Wchestra of 6o people. Entire production rightly stagaa.
hardsomel)' gowned, cleverly acted, perfectly presented
Company and sptciH
The Season's Event
Mr. V.arren Moody is very sick.
Mr. and Mrs. Enloe Chiles have
.returned from a visit to Obion.
Houston Craver. of Dier, is in
the city.
Mr. Brown, of Texas', is visiting
friends in the city.
Mrs. John DaUnke is visiting rel
atives in Nashville, 111.
J. N. Bradshaw, of Hickman, was
in the city Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Fry have re
turned from a visit to Fulton.
Miss Lady Bransford is visiting
a school chum in Danville, Va.
Chas. Moore and family, of Hick
man, were in the city this week.
Jas. L. Haguewood has been
very sick at home for several days.
I f.v'-!i.riavis was home this week,
fepc li.f 'Christmas with his family.
Tom Whitnell and 'Jesse Jeffries,
of Martin, were in the city Wednes
day. Miss Katie Lawrence, of Fulton,
was a visitor in the city Wednesday.
Miss Bertha Farmer, of Fulton,
was Mrs. Zach Corum's guest this
Johnnie Cloyes is here this week
from school visiting homefolk and
friends. ' "
Miss Lizzie Stitt is in Covington
this week visiting her sister, Mrs
Joe Herring was one of the guests
at the Dobbins-Murphy wedding in
Miss Ollie Clark, of Nashville, is
in the city visiting Miss Bessie
Jack Hudds, ot Mayheld, was
here this week with friends and
Will Mitchell and Miss Nell Ma
jors, of Martin, were in the city
Mis Delia Davis, of Nashville,
waa a guest of Mrs. Mary Dean
Wheeler this week,
Miss.Yiary nmma v-atron was
here this week from West Point,
Miss., visiting homefolk. ,
Dr. J. L. Dickson, pastor of the
C. P. Church at West Point, Miss.,
was in the cfty yesterday.
J. W. Garner, the telephone man
ager, went toTullaiioma this week,
accompanied by his family.'
Miss Mollis Bourne, of Hickman,
was here during the fiollidays with
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Crenshaw.
J; A. IJppc, one oAoBT Memphis
friendA, was here Christmas visit
ing his mother and friends."
Misses Lillie Etta and Emily
Perkins, of Martin, are in the city
guests of Miss Belle Waddell.
Mrs. and Mrs. Robt. Whiteside,
ot Dyersburg, were here this week
visiting Mrs. Fannie Reeves.
Clarence and Hal Haydon were
here this week visiting their par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Hayden.
first of the year to be prescription
ist in the T. T. Swayne pharmacy.
T. B. Greer left this week for
Fort Worth, Tex. He will open
up the new hardware business
there and his associates will follow
Hon. Geo. R. Kenney will leave
gave' a reading, it was all very
fine i'bd greatly enjoyed by the
largtj'ludience present.
CEO. D. WILLIS, Cear.l Manager
1 I N
Cemetery Work
Given Careful
Attention. .
Estimates given on plans for Building Stone, Sills, Lintels, Steps, &c.
Cemetery Curbing. Prices and Work Guaranteed Satisfactory.
To Postmaster's Mule.
A fine two-bundred-dollar mule
was stolen trom u. i. i ayior s
barn last Sunday night. The ani
mal was traced by Mr. Taylor and
next Monday for Nashville to be on x. P. Noah to the country two miles
hand at the opening of the Geneial south of Dver. where the ttiiet had
Assembly. Senator F. M. McRee I stODoed to tride wjlh a farmer.!
., , . - . . . i .-
win aiso leave m a aay or two. The m9B WWinule swapped
A' p a r t y comprising" Messrs. i bay , inare atiQ $42.50 in cash tor
Parks, Wolf, Scoggin, Watson, and it. Mr. Noah interviewed him and
Misses Swiggart. Glasscock. Cham- Hound out that the fellow, or the
bers and Clark were entertained at thief, he traded with was tall.
a dance in Fulton Wednesday smooth shaven with thick lips,
night. sandy hair, and about twenty-five
Rev. Maddox, the new pastor of years of a This party said his
I nama xim a VV 1 1 enn firm rnar Tia I i tt p r.
at Greenfield. He will no doubt be
located soon.
APalnless Cure of Curable Pain
Never resign yourself to suffer pain. Women's
pains are curable. They are the sign of dangerous
conditions of the female organs, which should be
promptly attended to or dangerous results will follow.
the Moscow circuit, has moved his
family to this city and they are
now comfortably located in the
Kefser cottage, neantbe college
A family reunion was held at the
The Churches.
Next week the churches of the
citv will observe the week of uni-
. t .Y. fS T- .......I'
nome oi vv. a. .uong m tne vicinity versal orarer. The services will
of Pleasant Hill last Wednesday rotate among the churches, and the
evening, x ne enwaren ana grana- following will be the program:
cnuaren were an present ana a
glorious time ensued. The partic
ulars will arrive later.
WT. J. Edwards, wife and cbil
dren, ot St. Louis, who have been
spending a few. days in the city as
guests at the home of Mr. Ed
ward's parents, Mr. and Mrs, J. M,
Edwards, returned to St Louis
Monday night at the Methodist
Church, led by J. G. Clark.
Tuesday night at the Fifst Chris
tian Church, led by J. L. Hudgins.
Wednesday night at the Baptist
Church, ltd by S. F. Wynn.
Thursday night at the Cumber
land Presbyterian Church, led by
E. L. Watson.
Friday night at the Methodist
Jfo TAKE- y? , r
whenever she suffers from any of woman's biting and weakening pains,
it not only compels the pains to stop, but It follows up and drives out
the cause of the pains, which prevents them from coming back.
It makes you well. Try it.
Sold everywhere In $ 1 .00 bottles.
freely and frankly, In strictest confid
ence, telling us all your symptoms and
troubles. W will send iree -Jvice
(in plain sealed envelope), hov to
cure them. Address: Ladies' Advisory
Dept.,Th Chafltanooga Medicine Co.,
Chattanooga, Tenn.
writes Mary Shelton, of Poplar
Bluff, Mo., 'I cn do my housework,
although, before taking CAPDUI, two
doctor had done me no good. I can
truthfully say 1 was cured by Cardui
1 want every suffering lady to know of
this wonderful medicine."
Litte Helen Verhine. daughter of Church, led by J. J. Castleberry
Mr. and Mrs. 3. P. Verhine. held Sunday night at the First Chrii.
the luckv ticket in th little tian Church in which all tbe
- -
contest at the Union City Hardware
& Furniture Co's. Ticket No. 335
drew the stove and little Miss Ver
hine had the nearest number 339. -
Walter Morris, of Sioux Falls,
S. Dak., is here visiting home and
friedds. The young gentleman is
a son of W. P. Morris, at Pleasant
Hill. He is now traveling for N.
K. Fairbanks & Co. in the West,
and growing up with the thrift, in
telligence and manhood of that
country, and we takeieasure in
his success. i-
Lowney's canaies at i)ahnke's.
churches will unite in a temper
ance service, ana u. u. jounston
will preach.
All the church people and the
public geuerally are 2aviid aad
urged to make these services a suc
Next Snnday at the First Chris
tian Church the service will be in
the nature of a fellowship service
for the new members, and all tb
members are requested to be prg
ent. The night service williegin
at 7 o'clock and will laust one
hour. A warm welcomwin be ex
tended to all.
You Are in Union City
as the case may be, where you talK with a correspondent for
some minutes, and rt Mconl later yon are back in your own
office, which, in faA. you have never left. When yoa can do
this by TELEPHONE, why travel, or telegraph, or write?
I 3 t T- 1 t. ft -
'2 tils fb iJL'Ttitf fArW m' (oi JW tsr .f f-y I
1 "-- ' " wi U I
' 1 M
- 1 -. -
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