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Drs. Turner, Parks &. Hughes :
Mary Street, Union City :
Telephone 144. j
Drs. Turner, Parks & Hughes
Mary Street, Union City'
Telephone 144.
Union City Commercial, Mtabll.hel Con.olM.ted September 1, 1897.
West Teanetiea Courier, eitablUhed WW. (
VOL. 16, NO. 42
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' Tollett in the Senate and Cunning-
ham in the House
The name of Hon. J. J. Bean did
not go before the State Democratic
caucus as a candidate for Speaker
this morning1, and Hon. E. G. Tol
lett of Cumberland County was
elected as the Democratic nominee
by acclamation.
After nominations had been plac
ed in order and the name of Mr.
Tollett bad been placed before the
caucus Mr. Bean arose and said
that, as he believed that the ma
jority desired Mr. Tollett for pre
siding officer, he would second the
nomination of Mr. Tollett.
Gov. John I. Cox, who will be in
the Senate after he vacates the of
fice of Governor, participated in the
caucus. He moved that Mr. Tol
lott be elected by acclamation, and
it was so ordered.
For Chief Clerk, Ed Thomas was
re-elected on the first ballot. E. H.
Burks was also re-elected as As
sistant Clerk.
It required thirteen ballots to
elect an Engrossing Clerk, Miss
Barrv finally winning over three
competitors. For Sergeant-at-Arms
there were four candidates,
Sullivan winning on the sixth bal
lot. Mike Madden and Frank Hal
lam were elected pages.
The caucus completed its work
in less than an hour and a half and
adjourned sine die about thirty
1 minutes before the time set for the
convening of the full Senate,
The House caucus did not have
as easy sailing as the Senate. Sev
eral snags were run against after
Mr. Burkhalter was elected Chair
man and the body got down to bus
iness. While nominations were being
made for Speaker, Representative
Marr, of Davidson, one of the can
didates charged that a deal had
been made whereby three commit
tee chairmanships were to go to the
Davidson delegation in exchange
for Cunningham votes. This was
denied by Representative Peay of
Davidson and the little breeze soon
blew over.
The first ballot for Speaker show
ed that Representative Cunning
ham of Montgomery County had a
decided lead with Representative
Cummins of Hamilton, a rather dis
tant second and Gordon third. Rep
resentative Marr of Davidson failed
to develop any initial strength.
Cunningham gained on the second
ballot, coming within a few votes
of the nomination.
Representative Cunningham was
nominated ou the third ballot, his
choice being made unanimous aftet
the roll call showed a victory for
the Montgomery' Countian. Mr.
Ed. Martin was unanimously nom
inated for Chief Clerk of the House,
he having no opposition.
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o o o o u u
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section of Tennessee
everything you may need
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To Act as Japanese Interpreter at
El Paso, Tex.
R. L. Pruett, of 45 Tucker ave
nue, has been notified of his ap
pointment as Japanese interpreter
under the Bureau ot Immigration
of the Department of Commerce
and Labor of the United States
Government, and has been directed
to report to El Paso, Tex., for duty
at once.
The official communication in
forming him ot his appointment
was received by Mr. Pruett yester
day, and he will leave to-night for
El Paso to assume the duties ot
his position.
Mr. Pruett spent ten and one-half
years in Japan in educational work,
and while in that country mastered
the language of the Japanese. His
residence was in Tokio, but his
work carried him to all the sea
ports and in fact practically all
over the Japanese empire.
The appointment of Mr. Pruett
as interpreter was made by F. H
Lamed, acting commissioner of the
Bureau of Immigration, and the
accompanying letter directs him to
report to T. F. Shumacker, inspec
tor in charge at El Paso, where it is
probable a Japanese interpreter will
be needed permanently.
Mr. Pruett arrived in Memphis
from Japan last spring. Some four
months ago he made application
for appointment as an interpreter
Under date of Dec. 8 the Bureau
of Immigration wired him with ref
erence to the matter, and the ap
pointment followed by mail, reach'
ing Memphis Monday night. Com
mercial Appeal.
Mr. Pruett is a native of this
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Union City
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u u u o o o v o
in this
o i UV tv o y yv
In Kemper CouDty, Miss., the
three white ruffians who murdered
the negro Nicholas, a peaceful and
industrious citizen, who had the
respect of the community, have
been indicted, and Gov. Vardaman
has offered a reward of 1500 for
their apprehension. If caught, it
is expected that justice will be
promptly meted out to them. A
year or two ago a white man was
legally hanged in Mississippi for
killing a negro.
Noting the efforts of the whites
to capture the murderers of Nich
olas, the Washington Post, whose
editorial writers are thoroughly
familiar with the South, and es
pecially the Far South, says: "The
South is the place fpr all such ne
groes as this Nicholas is reputed
to have been the cotton South.
There is not a day in that section
that white jurors do not return
verdicts for black litigants in law- j
suits between scamp white men!
and honest black m e n, such as
Nicholas was. In no other coun
try can the sober, industrious,
harmless negro do so well as in
the cotton country. Cotton is his
crop. It requires less skill to til
it than any other crop, infinitely
less than does tobacco or corn
Just scratch the ground, plant
hoe, cultivate with 'bull tongue,
then fiick, and you have the staple
that will fetch the cash in ten
thousand markets. Cotton and the
negro are a happy combination,
and the best satisfied and most
contented people on earth are to
be found in the negro cabins of
the cotton South. But it is a bad
place for your political or your
professional negro a bad place
for your vagabond, criminal ne
gro a verT bad place, indeed."
The truth of this will not be
disputed by those familiar with
the facts. The negro gets a fairer
deal in the South than aDywhere
else, and has a better chance to
succeed, to earn a living, to work
at a trade, to own a farm or ac
quire property than anywhere
else. And if he shows himself
worthy he will. find plenty of
white friends to stand by him.
Thousands of negroes will testify
to this. Nashville American.
Accident Shot.
While returning from a Christ
mas entertainmept, during the hol
idays, Miss Lida Moore, daughter
of B. Moore, was accidentally shot
by a young man named Briggs.
We are informed that the young
man had in his possession a blank
pistol, and had loaded it with 22
calibre cartridges instead of blanks
as intended for the gun, and in
carelessly shooting it, a ball enter
ed the limb of Miss Moore, just un
der the knee. The wound was not
serious, however, and is getting
nicely. Hickman Courier.
Kirkland's Red Hot is the popu
lar eating place.
The announcement that it has
been determined by the President
to send all the negro troops com
posing part of the regular armv
to the Philippine Islands, for serv
ice there, can but add to the acute
phase of the issue already exist
ing betweeD the Executive and
that branch of the Republican
party in Congress championed by
Senator Foraker. In the ab
stract, the movement has much to
commend it. One regiment of
this class of troops has been serv
ing in the archipelago for the past
year, and the official reports of
its service there represent that
they have proven, in all respects,
efficient and diligent in the dis
charge of their duties. Two con
ditions are favorable to such ef
ficiency. In the first place, the
natives, while not of African type,
are of a colored race, and there is
none of that tendeny to racial an
tagonism that would exist were
they brought in such contact with
a white race. Being a part of the
American military force intrusted
with the duty of keeping good or
der in the islands, they are held
under good military discipline
and made to realize their duty and
superiority to the native element.
These conditions of discipline and
active service tend to impress the
the troops with a sense of re
sponsibility and self respect, and
as a result, to elevate tbem both
as individuals and soldiers. In
the second place, they are re
moved from the baneful influence
of that political radicalism which
is such a constant stimulous to
troops of the same color, in home
service, to depart from the rules
of military discipline, by the ex
hibition of such racial excesses as
have occurred recently among
negro troops stationed at various
posts at home.
But, despite the arguments by
which the President and his friend
may seek to justify the policy thu
inaugurated, it needs no prescience
to foretell that the adoption of
this policy will greatly intensify
the antagonism already developed
against l resident Kooseveit on
account of his discharge without
honor, of the battalion of negro
troops for their action at Browns
ville. '
The feeling ugainst him, within
his own party, as voiced by Sen
ator Foraker, is unmistakable in
its intensity and earnestness. In
the debate which took place just
before the recess the position ta
ken by the Ohio Senator was not
only antagonistic, upon the lines
of military and civic law, but
had all the semblance of a politi
cal issue, with an appeal, if not a
demand, to the members of his
party to rebuke the President for
his action. That it had a visible
effect was evident to anyone who
read the full debate, no political
ally of the President venturing to
take issue with him, Senator
Lodge, who took part in the open
ing of the debate as apparently
the champion of the President,
wilting under the stinging rebuke
of criticism and abandoning the
The attitude which the case has
presented since that debate is that
the President need not look to his
party adherents in the Senate for
vindication from the attack of
oraker. Senator Spooner is the
onl" one from whom such friendly
service could have been expected,
but the indications are that the
issue has been made so sharp, that
or any defense of the President
recourse will have to be had to
the Democratic side of the Senate.
This, however, would only be
playing into the bands of the Ohio
Senator, who is making a party
issue with the President, and
would be glad to put him in the
attitude of seeking such defense.
The indications are quite plain
that, as matters now stand, Sena
tor Foraker's resolution provid
ing for an investigation into the
Brownsville matter and the Presi
dent's thereon will be adopted.
In fact, it does not require much
acumen to interpret the aclion of
the President in ordering the ne
gro troops to the Philippines as a
recognition of the situation in the
earl' passage of the Foraker reso
lution. In making that order he
is apparently taking time by the
forelock and providing against
the recurrence of such acts as led
to his late order and have oc
curred since at Fort Keno and
other places. Courier Journal.
The Missouri Girl.
"The Missouri Girl" is a comedy
drama that produces more genuine,
hearty laughter than anything yet
written. In connection with a
strong and interesting plot, it con
tains the most ludicrous situations
ever conceived. The company pre
senting the play this season is com
posed of some of the best known
people in the theatrical profession,
who are fully capable of extracting
this fun and dealing it out to the
public in a most satisfactory man
ner. Nine of the old favorites re
main in the cast. Some of them
have played their respective roles
continuously lor the past eight sea
sons. This guarantees a first-class
performance. The new people added
this season were selected for their
peculiar fitness for the roles they
were to assume and it is safe to
predict that a "better than ever"
line can Bafely be added to the ad
vertising matter.
The vaudeville portion of the show
has been enlarged and strength
ened. The same "Zeke" with his
famous "clodhopper" dances, the
bame "Daisy" with her original
songs and a lot of new specialties
never before seen in the play will
be introduced in the "birthday
party" scene.
This production will be seen in
its entirety at the Reynolds Opera
House Tuesday night. Jan. 15.
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Yards on First Street, south of Presbyterian Church.
Union City, Tenn.
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Caterers for Club
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UNION CITY, - Tennessee
To Dock Congressmen.
Representative Gaines, of Ten
nessee, declares that he will insist
upon the consideration of his bill
providing that members of Con
gress who absent themselves with
out a good excuse shall be subject
to a reduction of Hilary for every
day's non-appearance, lie- thus
hopes to abate the scandal of a
frequent want of a quorum to
transact the public business. But
what can he expect to accomplish '
by a new law whein an act of lik
character has lon been on tle
statute book ? Sonle members pre
ore conspicuous and more HC.
ful, perhaps by it heir abnce
from the House. They are 8eeu
to be of little or nX service Except
to make a quorum.) As for Jepre
sentutive Gaines, llhere can be no
question as to hi indufry' and
faithful attention to hi duties.
Yet some people, tV fal7rom giv
ing him credit for bP sdmty, are
ill-natured enough0 Sy that his
name appears too if e? in the Con
gressional KecordJn yd that there
is many an occas; jfin which the
House could dif!,ase with his
counsels. It is a tffr day in which
his name does no jjequently grace
the pages of the ucord as an in
terrogator in th Rebate, no mat
ter what may b tinder consider
ation. Yet in t ite of all this in
sidious dispara? ment the Repre
sentative from ' nnessee is a most
valuable memljr, and his contin
uous election iTiows that his mer
its are thoroughly appreciated by
his constituents. Long may he
continue to serve them! Phila
delphia Record.
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Herblne and you will have bushels of
joy. You need not be blue, fretful
and have that bad tasto In your
mouth. Try a bottle of ilerbine, a
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year, and find it a tine regulator. 1
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