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. "V.
omwir ttM, u. k met oe., chmmo
Exclusive Local Reproentatlv of
Ed. V. Price 0 Company
Merchant Tailor, Chicago
Hardy Bros, & Haguewood Co,
i" The Pay - As -You - Go PALACE
I. BahnKe's Cafe I I
Oysters, Fruits, and Fins Candies. Ice Cream and fj?
4 Cold Drinks the Year Round. g
Hi Makers of the Celebrated Cream - Bread.1 Give us your orders f$
$j for Club and
Telephone 109.
Of JJ ! I I JX Q
We Carry Only the Best
We are expert judges of meat and select noth
ing but the Primest Beef, Veal, and Pork. You
will need more meat during the cold weather, and
there is no reason why you shouldn't have the best,
when it is ready for you.
Remember the best is always the cheapest to
use. Yours to serve satisfactorily,
To Patrons and Friends :
I have move to my new quarters I
and will not be disturbed for 10
years. Our friends, tell us we
look better than ever. Come in
and see us; make our store
your headquarters; we enjoy
good company, and will appre
ciate vour calls. We will al
ways be grateful to the people
of Union City and Obion coun
ty for their patronage. We can
show yon fine line of Valentines
and local Postal Cards, which
are now in season. Wall Paper,
and Picture Moulding. Stock
can't be surpassed in West
Ce Me rtf fp on What
to Wear.
Creys In fancy patterns and Blue
Series will be the cloths for this
Until one has seen, the new Spring
samples of EJ. V. Price y Co., the
Chicatfo Merchant Tailors, they
have no conception of the variety
of shades and assortment of pat
terns that can be designed in these
Greys in all shades of plain weaves,
in stripes, in fancy silk designs.
Creys in over-plaids, shadow
plaids, club checks, in endless
Blue Serges in broad, medium and
narrow weaves. , Blue Serges in
Novelty designs, over-plaids,
stripes and checks.
Not a dozen or two but five nun-
dred styles to select from. The
choice fabrics from the leading
loom s of the world, gathered
together by this enterprising firm
of Merchant Tailors, from which
we can make you beautiful suits
tailored to fit your form for $20
to 35.
Don't be the last man in town to
put on new clothes.
Call and see
5280, 5297.
fabrics 5220, 5262,
Social Affairs.
Union City, Tenn.
14 and 134.
Our school at this place is pro
gressing nicely.
Miss Jettie White, who ha9 be;n
in Union City several months, has
returned to ber home near this
Miss Maude Palmer, of tins place, chant o claytotli wa8 last Wednes
visited her cousin, Miss Mary Pal- & narried to Miss Florence
mer, of Number Thirteen, Sunday. Woods ot Number Twelve. We
Miss Brinnie West, the fourteen
year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
George West, died on Monday of
last week. Brennie was a sweet
girl and loved by every one that
knew her. She was a member of
the Methodist church. The funer
al services were conducted by Rev.
Wynn, of Union City. The remains
were laid to rest in the Stanley
Cemetery, Tuesday at 10 o'clock
The Two Friends. I
I reckon the many subscribers,
and especially the "Cousins," will
bi surprised at the return of Cy
clone, as cyclones are frightening
things. But we would say in the
spirit of gentleness, there is always
a sweet for every bitter and a calm
after the appearance of a cyclone.
So let jour hearts not be tioubled
at the return of Cyclone.
The bright sunshine of the past
three or four days, after so much
sleet, snow and rain, would have a
tendency to modify and fill the
heart ofademon with kind thoughts
and meloncholy reflections. So let
us all be thankful for the present
and look not on the past, but cheer-
ish the future for what good it will
bestow upon us.
The people of Fulton and Fulton
County for the past week have been
forced to travel in their airships if
they went at all, on account of the
extreme mud, which would mire the
shadow of a butterfly and was of
sufficient depth to hide the carcas
of an elephant 6hould one become
entangled in it.
The city officers captured a fel
low in Paschall's drug store last
Saturday night who had broken in
to four other business houses, who
said he was from across the coun
try. He languishes now in the
Hickman jail.
There was a walkout at the Cum
berland Telephone office at this
place last Wednesday of five girls,
lineman and messenger boy. There
was no disturbance on account of
service, wages nor dissatisfaction
in any manner, excepj me rorce oi
hands at the office demanded a new
mnpr (nrrM.nn. ;,,,tifi:ki,
6 J
the part of the office force, some of
whom had been with the comoanv
, v,: i r-. c
A rousing meeting was held at the
City Hall last Saturday in connec
tion with the good road movement
throughout Fulton and Obion Coun
ties, and much enthusiasm was dig
played. There seems to be a lever
floating across the country along
the good road line that has a tone
connected with it that will bring
developments, at least we hope so.
; We hear. that our friend, VV. A
Forester, has returned from Okla
homa, declaring Obion County to
be the garden spot of the earth,
which is about right.
The widow Cyclone is predicting
a trip across the universe, and has
decided her first 6top would be at
Gibbs, changing cars there for Un
ion City. Ste has obtained some
railroad folders and secured one of
Rand-McNaUy maps of the globe.
Sn her friend alnncr th .n,.rn,.
.,, , . ,
(rail Ve hA 1 I 4- n I
... yao v.. ui
ber, as sne is a widow woman and
will probably need assistance.
P. S. Mother Gipsy is very silent
I have seen
no notice of a Gipsy
For prices on any kind of marble,
stone curbing, etc., visit the new
West Tennessee Monument Co
corner Church and Second streets.'
, Mrs. Dora Cherry, who ha been
very sick, is better.
Miss Willis Park is spending the
week with relatives in Number
Mrs. Buster Hawkins spent last
week with her mother, Mrs. Gray,
near State Line.
Miss Mittie Bird left Monday for
her home at West Plains, Ark., af
ter an extended visit to ber sister.
Mrs. Dora Clack.
Miss Murlie Cloar is visiting rel
atives in the Beech vicinity this
J. L. Glover, of Woodland, was
here Monday buying hogs.
Marshall Kirk, of Old Fremont,
and Mr. Ed Roberts, of Kedrom ,
have exchanged farms will and be
gin moving in a few days.
S. tK, Barnes, formerly ot Fre
mont, but now a very popular mer-
wish them many years of wedded
Miss Asia Lee Williams went to
Old Republican Sunday to see her
8jster, Mrs. Bud Williams, who was
danp - eronsl? sick.
O T -,Vi--..' '
Chuck and Dolly Ktllion sold and
delivered a fine drove of hogs to'
Jones & Alexander Monday.
Use Sunne Flour. None better
Cooper Preparations Leading Topic in Cincinnati-
Cincinnati, O., Feb. 14. The nnt
interesting feature of the enormous
sale of the Cooper preparations, uow
going on in thiscity, is what the tued-
lciues are actually U'comnlislmig
among the people of Cincinnati.
At the commencement or his visit
here Mr. Cooper prophesied that dur
ing Ihft latter oartoi Insslav he wuu 1
receive hundreds of callers daily who
fame simply to ttianK turn Mr what
the preparations had dune. He also
stated that stomach trouble m the
foundation for a great many diseases
and that his New Discovery, as it is
called, would prove very effective In
all cases or rheumatism simply by get
ting the stomach In working order.
1 uat tuts prophecy has been lui-
filled cannot be doubted after a half
hour spent at the young man's head
quarters listening to what his callers
have to say.
A reporter, who watched to ascer-
tain, If possible, some light on tiie
reasons 101 me immensity oi coop
er's success interviewed IhhiI twenty
of his callers yesterday afternoon.
The statements made by those seen
Indicate that physicians who claim
that Cooper is merely a passing fad,
have not looked into the Tacts.
Some of these statements were as
follows: Miss bailie Middleton, liv
ing at 1957 Central Avenue, upon be
ing questioned, said:
1 have been troubled with general
weakness, dizziness, headache, sleep
lessness and stomach disorders for a
number of years, suffering all the time
with my kidneys and back. I had tried
a number of medicines and visited sev
eral doctors , but none helped me. I
heard on all sides of these Cooper
remedies and decided to try them.
Any one wu0 8ay8 that ti,ev are not
wonderful medicines, does not know
what they are talking about. After
I 1 narf t.Vua tirut. hnt.tlo T rmf.lrori a Ha-
cided improvement. 1 have taken three
Dottles oi the JNew Discovery and I
I ... ,. 11 , i I
uuw ieei as wen as i ever nave iu my
dn? for years, and I am happier than
Esq. W. B. Stovall is visiting
Number Seven this week.
C. S. Talley went to Selma,
Tenn., this week on business.
J. L. Holt went to Trimble this
week to visit his father who is very
Mr. and Mrs. H. P. NaNlor, of
Cayce, were here Saturday and
Sunday visiting friends and kins
folk. Miss Camile KingciPBlvtaeville,
Ark., has been visiting- the family
of Mr. and Mrs. R. D. McGauffh
tuis week. -
The citizens here have been work
ing the roads this week, there be
ing some places which were abso
lutely impassable.
. rl"ull"8 dl 't"wn ,asl oun
T1MAHM1.!UM i. -ft- rr' 1 i n
out those who were present
were compelled to ride hoeback in
order to get there. Services will
be held at Beulah next Sunday
The young people here enjoyed
a 6torm party at Mr. and Mrs. L
This man bought a supply of tobacco with
out acquainting himself with tlie distinctive taste
of SCHNAPPS Tobacco, which has the cheering
qualities that gratify his desire to chew, and at
less expense than cheap tobacco.
SCHNAPPS has been advertised in this
paper so that every chewer has had an
opportunity to get acquainted with the
facts and know that drugs are not used
to produce the cheering quality found in
the famous Piedmont country fiue-cured
tobaccos, and that SCHNAPPS is what he
ought to chew. Still there are chewers
vTsO accept other and cheaper tobaccos
that do not give the same pleasure.
at Young Man's Meadquar-
ters Interviewed.
I have been for a long time. I haw
come here to thank Mr. Cooper fur
what he lias done for me."
J he statement of Mrs. M. K. Kmer
son, living at b:!0 West Court street.,
was as follows:
I have suffered with stomach trou
ble!) and const ipation for a year or so.
Wlieu 1 ate 1 would have bloated
spells, sour stomach, fermentation,
bad taste In my mouth. In the morn
ing 1 was as tired as when I went to
bed. 1 had a dull pain in the lower
part of my back. 1 have taken almost
one bottle of the New Discovery and
i am so wonaerruliy improved that 1
have come down lKre to thank Air.
Cooper in person and obtain more of
the medicine. '
Another statement was made Mr.
E. Luken, living at lOOti (Jest street,
who said: I have been a sufferer
with rheumatism for several years. I
could not walk or stand on my feet
when Mr. Cooper came to Cincinnati.
Nothing helped me in any way and I
despaired of finding relief. 1 was in a
general i un down condition, also, and
had some stomach trouble Hearing
of his wonderful work my father con
sulted him regarding my case and
purchased a bottle of his New Discov
ery. After 1 had finished that one
bottle 1 was able to walk down town
and see him myself."
"I have continued to take this won
derful medicine and I am now with
out a sign of rheumatism. My gen
eral health Is also greatly improved
ana i nave not reitso well ror years
I would uot have believed that there
was a medicine on earth that would
do what this has done for me. lam
so much happier that I am very
grateful to the man that has made it
possible for me to regain my health
He his the most wonderful medicine
that I know anything about."
Other statements taken from those
who had previously used the medi
clnes seem to Drove that Cooper's
success throughout the country J
E Corum s last Tuesday night.
Everyone had to come horseback on
account of the mud. Messrs. Box-
ley and Baty were the musicians
assisting the entertainers.
State of Ohio, City op Toledo
I.vcasj County. i s.
Frank J. Cheney ninkes onth that he I Jtenior
pnrtntr of the nrmot K J. Lhcney Jfc Co., lom
irtUiincwt in the city of Toledo, County nnd State
nforemud, nnd that sunt hrm will piiv the utn of
ONE HUNKK1 DOI.I.AKS for each and every
case of catarrh that cannot tie ciirrdjby the use of
HiiH'h Catarrh Cure. , FRANK J. CHKNF.Y.
Sworn to liefore nie nnd nnlscrilied in my pres
ence, this 6th day of December, A. I). ISSA.
. (Seal.) A. W. ;i,KASON,
Notar V PVHI.IC.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inleriial1y.nnil acts
directly on the blood and mucous surface of the
s stem. Scud for testimonials free.
F. J. CHKNKV & CO., Toledo, ),
Solo by nil ciruirKists. 7Sc.
Take Hull' Family Pills for ConstUxitiun.
Wanted -Salesmen for this and
adjoining towns. Can give steady
and profitable work. Special ty lines.
Men with dry goods and notion ex
perience preferred. Do not throw
away jour time and money to an
swer if you can't sell your home
merchants. No samples for sale.
Address O P. Wilson, Humboldt.
Get your lunch at Dabnke'w
rrG SJ' 01
Some day they'll get a taste of the real
Schnapps they'll realize what enjoyment
they've missed by not getting SCHNAPPS
long ago then they'll feel like kicking
themselves., ' ,.
SCHNAPPf is sold everywhere in 5
cent cuts, and' 10 and 15 cent plugs. Be
sure you get the genuine.
If vou want correct time call oa
B J. Wade!
Allen Wade, of Union City, visit
ed hotnefolks Sunday.
Miss Willie Caudle spent Sunday
with Miss-Edna Clark.
Mr. Bud Reevt s, of near here, is
very ill at this writing.
The infant child of Rev Thomas
is very ill at this writing.
Mr. Geo. Stovail, of Number Sev
was on our streets Monday.
Geo. Carter, of Luxora. Ark., vis
ited bis family here Sunday.
Miss Prudice Marshall, of Fulton,
is visiting Miss Mary Ella Harris.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Holland took a
flying trip to Newbern Sunday.
Mrs. Medie Malcomb was very
sick last week with the la grippe.
Supt. W. H. Cook was a welcome
visitor in our midst Saturday and
Mr. Andy Nelms and bride are
expected home in a few days from
Sacramental service was observed
last Sunday morning at the Metho
dist Church. '
We are sorrv to learn that Miss
Flora Agnew is suffering from in
flamed eyes. . ;
Mrs. Holland Bittick, who has
been sick for several days, is now
much improved.
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Callicott, of
Pleasant Hill, visited in Rives Mon
day and 1 ueaday.
Misses Bessye Morris and Laura
Thome spent Saturday night with
Miss Emma Clark.
Miss Miriam Clemmons, tf Pine
Bluff, Ark., is visiting her mother,
Mrs, E. Clemmons.
Mr. Dave Bond, of Southern Illi
nois, spent Saturday and Sunday
with his family here.
Mrs. Harr? Webster, of near Un
ion City, Visited her sister, Mrs. ,
Hubert Shore, the first of the week.
Mrs. Callie Benton has broken
the record on hatching chickens,
from a one hundred and fifty egg
The farmers are using many in
genous ways of laving in supplies.
To see so many of them with packs
of burden upon their backs, one
might say that we had become a
community of peddlers.
The cantata at the college
Thursday night was very entertain
ing, banishing some of the winter
gloom, which a few daysagoof snow
and water soaked roads have caus
ed to settle over this vicinity.
Southern Rives was all excite
ment Tuesday morning, when the
residence of A. Harris caught fire
by a defective Hue. The bucket
brigade was soon on the spot, and
the fire was extinguished, with verv
little damage. Maria.'
Don't Put Off
until to-morrow what vou can do to
day, lr you are suffering from a tor
pid liver, or constipation, don't wait
until tomorrow to get help.
Buy a bottle of Heroine 'and get
that liver worklngrlght. Promntncss
about health saves many sick spells.
Mrs. jaa wresnatn. j'oint.Tex , writes:
"I ised Heroine In my family for six
years, and tlnd it does all It claims
to do.' bold by Allen Dm Comcanv.

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