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Absolutely ONE PRICE
Every Article Guaranteed
We believe the one-price system the fairest way to
do business, both for the merchant and the custom
er. As the pioneer one-price clothiers, we have
thoroughly tested it and found it good.
Does it look good enough to you to try it once ?
Every customer must be satisfied that he gets his
money's worth. We absolutely guarantee each and
every article to be worth the moi ey you pay for it,
and should you have occasion to test this you will
find our money talks, as well as our. advertisements.
Purchases for Spring' have been carefully made, and in all our departments you will find the
latest styles and choicest materials. The selection of patterns for the Tailoring Department is larger and
handsomer than for many seasons, and the grays, and tans for Spring look all the brighter in the somber shades ot
winter ' . '; . . ,e .
Our efforts will be untiring to supply the young men with the newest things in haberdashery, and in so doing
will in no wise neglect the wants of those of more mature years.
Rrom the Cheapest that's good to the best that's made will always be ready for your inspection in
all our lines.
XHe One Department to which we call your especial attention is our clothes for boys. We have
made an especial effort to please you in this line, and invite your inspection of our Boys' Knee-pant suits for Spring.
The Shoe Department is rapidly being fiilled with the best shoes we can find in the markets, and the
spring line will be as complete as any in the city. ,
HI. T . R B I NSON - , SO. N '.
j w w w j w w w w w w w j w j sj w w J
1 o
Let us have your order for an Easter
Get busy. It is up to you.
We have the exclusive sale of
Kuppenheimer Clothing
It is the limit.
We are also showing a beautiful line of
woolens from Ed V. Price & Co., the larg
est tailors in America. We guarantee a per
fect fit and absolute satisfaction. We can
also save you a good per cent, on the price.
It is your move.
See Jerry or Fred or Enloe. Let them
, tell you how it happened.
j y w w w u w w w sj w w w w w
Hardy Bros. Hag'uewood Cop'y
" " Mrs Adams. .
Mrs. Ellen Adams died at the
family homestead east of Union
City last Sunday eight about 11.30
o'clock. The deceased enjoyed
sound health most of her life, and
yas comparatively well when sud
denly overtaken dt ring the night
with heart failure or a general col
lapsing. She woke with a smoth
ered feeling, called for water, and
expired shortly after calling Will
and Will who were living with her
at home.
Mrs. Adams was when a girl Miss
KUen Thompson. She was a native
of Macon County, Tenn., and was
born September 10, ISS. She
was married to Robert A. Adams
November 22, 1855, and moved to
Ibis country trom Macon in 1856.
Mr. Adams died a few years ago.
For 51 years she was a resident of
this community, having reared a
large family, of whom five sons and
t vrtuKnicrs survive as follows:
Archibald, Joshua, John, Wil
liam. Clinton. Mrs. P. J. Bartoldus
and Mrs. J. F. Chambers.
i.. .a. Adams became a follower
f her Master in Wrly childhood
;.id twenty-four years ago with her
husband united with the Christian
Ch'-rch, being faithful until the end.
Slie -vas 9 devoted mother, a good
lVAwm, a strong, wholesome cbar
a. . a living example of the life
from which springs honest men and
. " .
women, a mother whose home was
her sanctuary. Such as these have
given to the nation its courage, its
strength and its honor, The be
reaved family have the sympathy of
the entire community,
The funeral services were con
ducted by Rev. Castleberry, and
the remains interred at the City
Daniel Spain.
. Daniel E. Spain, who has been a
resident , of Union City for many
years died suddenly last Saturday,
Feb. 9, 190, from heart failure at
the home of his daughter, Mrs,
Dave Yates. Mr. Spain had been
suffering with dropsy.
The deceased born in Davidson
County 6 years ago. He came to
West Tennessee and located in
Madinon County in 1874. ..-...-Be lired
there tour or five years and then
came to Obion. His wife died in
November l'K)4. . . .
The family resided in Union City,
but Mt. Spain spent about twenty
five years on Keelfoot Lake engag
ed in fishing. Four children sur
vive as follows: Felix, Mel via,
Mrs. Mary Yates and Mrs. Mattie
Sherrod. There are also nine
Mr. Spain joined the Methodist
Church in Middle Tennessee, but
did not unite with the church here.
He was a man of xiuiet habits and,
sturdy nature, honorable, kind and
much respected by those who knew
His death was unexpectedly. He
was sitting on the front porch when
the collapse came, and he died a
few minutes after walking back to
the room.
The funeral took place at the
City Cemetery.
Mrs.Guyaud Misa Birdie Caruth-
ers nave reiurnea irom a visit 10
A Wonderful Cow.
S. N. Matthews, a very well known
citizen of the country adjacent to
the I. C. K. K. at Gibbs, has a very
valuable cow. The animal is of the
Jersey species,the finest butter pro
ducers in the world. A young calt
was born to this Jersey on Cnnst
mas eve, 1905, and up t December,
1906, Mrs. Matthews sold 272 pounds
of butter at 25 cents a pound, ag
gregating $68, and milk to the
amount ot $17, besides what milk
and butter the family used. This
included butter and milk which was
taken to market only once a week.
The calf aleo sharing the cow's
milk is now valued at $25" and
will be giving milk this summer.
The cow received oidinary treat
ment only, being fed bran once a
day and pastured a portion of the
The directors of the Minnick
school last week elected Miss Mary
Tidxow assistant teacher for their
school, wno entered her work lm-
Miss Mary WMkersou closed a
successful shool at Garrigan'a near
Woodland Mills last week and left
this week for Dickerson to pursue
her studies in tne normal.
Miss Emma Chapel, after teach
ing an excellent school a t Hol
man's, in District 16, has ceased
her work. Miss Chapel is one of
tne best educated secondary teach
ers of the county. .
EJucationally our colored teach
ers are showing evidences of new
and renewed life, and have organ
ized a Colored. Teacher's Associa
tion tor this county, to meet at
Obion cn March 2.
. Many are asking if a State Insti
tute will be established in Obion
County for this summer. This is
a pertinent inquiry and should re
ceive the immediate attention of
those interested. Other counties
are organizing for such work.
Evidently , many of o u r small
school districts should be conbined
ere the new terms begin next sum
mer, hvery child in the county
should have equal advantages, but
this cannot be done in our present
system. To lllutrate, there are two
primary school districts, each ad
joining the other. , In one district!
there are 36 pupils, in the other 98
The per capital is .$4 50. That
means about four months school in
one district, and a ten months school
in the other. Comment is unnec
The family that keeps on hand and
uses occasionally the celebrated Trick
ly Asn Bittkus is always a well-reir-
ulated family. Allen Drug Co., S. A.
Lowney's eanaies at Dahnke's.
Death of Mr. Klmberlin.
Matthew Kimbeflin, an elderly
citizen residing at State Line with
his ' daughter, Mrs. Maddox, died
Sunday, Feb. 10, 1907. "Cause of
demise was probably due to heart
failure. Mr. Kimberlin was born
Dec. 24, 1824, and therefore over 82
years of age. He was a member of
the M. K. Cburcn, aoutn, ana me
Masonic fraternity. He was born
and reared in Fulton County. Mrs.
Kimberlin, his wife, died about
three or four years ago. He leaves
a on, Ben, and a daughter, who
pay the last sad tribute to their be
loved father.
The remains were interred at Mt.
Zion, funeral services being held by
Eev. S. P. Wynn.
Some Turkey.
Harry Tindall, who lives on Esq
Tom Reynolds' farm, brought to
town Wednesday the largest tur
key ot the season. The gobbler
weighed 40 4 pounds and was sold
to VY. G. Keynolds & Sons.
The West Tennessee Monument
Co. invites you to pay them a visit
Installation of Officers.
At the next meeting of the "Gol
den Cross" the following will be in
stalled into office: G. W. Tucker,
N. C; A. J. Murphy, V. N. C; L.
H. Thomas, K.of R ; T. R. Smoot,
F.K of R.: R E. Roper, W. H.;
W. Friel, W. I G.; Tom Brown.
W. O. G. ; A. L. White. Prelate; W.
h- White, Treas ; J. B. Akin, P, C.
West Tennessee Monument Co.
invites you to inspect its work.
Obion County Medical Association.
The members of Obion County
Medical Society are requested to
meet at 10 o'clock, in Union City,
on Wednesday, Feb. it, 19U7, tor
the purpose of electing officers and
the transaction of other business
that may, come before the Society.
A full attendance is much desired,
as matters of especial interest will
be considered. Respectfully,
J. B. Sharp, Pres. '
M. A. Blanton, Sec.
New designs, fine marble, fine ex
hibit by West Tennessee Monu
ment Company.
Looks Good.
Tennessee capitalists who arrived
in the city last Friday night and
went to the Metropolitan Hotel in
clude Chas. Dietzel, Herman Diet
zel, Joe L. Herring and Dr. P. M.
Joyner, of Union .City, and J. D.
Killion, Mayor of Protemus, Tenn.
They will remain in Fort Worth
over Sunday and will then go to
southwest Texas and Mexico.
Plans of the party are not defi
nitely made, the object of the trip
being to look over the situation in
Texas with a view of settling, if
matters can be arranged satisfac
torily. Fort Worth Telegram.
For aclearcouiplexion, bright spurk
ling eye and vigorous digestion, take
Prickly Asn Bitters, It puts the
sytemin perfect order. Allen Drug
Co., S. A.
Our wagon passes your door every
day; or phone 109 for bread, cakes,
fruits and everything good to eat.
For Kent,
Three new rooms over store.
W. G. Reynolds & Sox.
There Will Be Less Sleeplessness
When Union City People
Leara This.
Can't rest ut night with a bad back,
A lame one. a wenk or aching oik;.
Dunn's Kidney Pills me for bad
They cure every form of kldnpy Ills.
From common back ache to diabetes.
They are endorsed by Union City
Mrs. Nancy F. Burcham, widow, re
siding on First street, say: "A con
stant dull aching pain In my back and
hips caused by my kidneys,-annoyed
me for years. If I stooped or overex
erted myself In auy way I felt sharp
twinges In the small of my back. At
night I was afraid to turn in bed
for fear of stitches catching uie. If I
did turn pain set in and I was restless
and nervous, and would He awake for
hours and rise in the morning more
tired than when I went to bed. I saw
Doan's Kidney Pills advertised and
got a box at Moss Drug Store, I found
after using them that the pain was
lessened and the kidney secretions
which had been very annovlnir und
distressing were greatly relieved. In
fact, I felt great improvement every
way. My son alsu used Doan'8 Kid
ney Pills with splendid rennlts."
For sale by all dealers. Prlco fx)
cents; Foster-Mliburn Co.. Bulfalo.
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take rto other.
Everybody goes to Dahnke's for
When YOU Want
Buttons, Watch Pictures, Me-
dalions, Cutf Buttons, Oval
Photos, Hit Pin; Photos En
larged to life size, we make
Ihem in Crayon, Oil, Sepia,
Photo Brown or Water Color.
a share of your work. Satis
faction guaranteed when first
class work is wanted.
f Photographer
Over Reeves Grocery,
WaslsiRglciT Avenue. UKiCH CITT. TEMH.
Lost Watch charm, Roman gold
and heavily chased o a the edges.
Monogram on back, diamond on
front. Leave at M. & O. ticket of
fice or Bransford & Andrews and
receive reward.

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