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This Is The Question
Whether it is better to keep
your money in a drawer or
safe and dole it out in pay
ments of accounts and hills or
to bank it and pay by check?
There can be but one answer
to this bank it, and check
it out. :: :: :: :: :: :: ::
Open an Account With Us
It will systeraatizeyour affairs,
teach you economy and bring
you into contact with the best
people of the community. ;:
Four Syrian" Children Cremated at CATABEH CAJT BE CURED.
Fulton, Ky., Apl. 22. The worst Kill the Germs By Breathing Hy-o-
fire Fultou has experienced in re
mei. Gives Quick Belief.
Many people who Lave suffered with
catarrh for years naturally think they
cannot be curedfcand become discour
aged. The reason they have failed of cure
and are as follows : Phillip, aeed 7 j ,.u . . , j tt
. . s disease with tlie local remedy, Hy-o-
years . joe. agea s ; ivorence, aged mfi, whU.h , hP(Jat,1A(1 ,i,mi!1,h a npt,
cent years occurred last night, as a
result of which four Assyrian cbil-
area were cremaiea ana tueir mo
ther seriously burned. The dead
were all children of Jodn Haddad,
3; Louis, aged 2. The mother, Mrs.
May Haddad, and two older chil
dren were rescued by neighbors.
Her face and hands were badly
burned. ,
6he and her six children retired
at an early hour last night, and
Mr. Haddad went to visit friends a
short distance from his home. A
little while later Mrs. Haddad was
aroused by the noise of the fire.
The room was full of fire and
pocket inhaler so that its healing med
icated air reaches the most remote
air-cells, kills all catarrh germs and
restores the mucus membrane of the
nose, throat and lungs to a healthy
Catarrh is really a local disease and
to cure it, it must be treated by a rem
edy which reaches every spot in the
nose and throat where the disease
germs lodge. Hy-o-mei does this and
gives relief from the first day's use.
A complete Hy-o-uiel outfit cost but
W 'vM 'iV 'iV ft W 1 W "jf W f W
r : : i
smoke. Crying aloud to arouse the $1.00 and Red Cross Pharmacy give a
Jno. T. Walker, Pres. H.Dibtzbl, Vice-Pres
I). N. Walker, Cnshier.
Killed Near Clayton.
W. M. (Billy) Boston was killed
last Tuesday morning at his home
near Clayton. Mr. Boston was out
looking after the stock and getting
ready for the day's work, and while
feeding the mules one of them
kicked him, striking him just over
, the heart. Death resulted almost
instantly. He fell into the arms of a
man standing just behind him. Mr
BostoiXwas formerly an employe of
the Di'jnke-Walker Milling Co..
and wa& Negarded with the highest
esteem oy those who knew him.
He leaves a widow and two little
children. He was an excellent gen
tleman and a very kind friend and
neighbor. The burial took place
at Clayton.
Buy Dietzel Mattings.
Do it now
Leased Fountain.
Mr. Carman Hughes has leased
the soda fountain, apparatus, and
fixtures In the McMicbael Drug Co.
. establishment. Mr. Hughes will
Hssume , control and continue to
dispense popular and refreshing
drinks' at this stand. He has
thorough knowledge of the business
and will give his customers the lat
est and best. -
If you want a buggy, see Frank
Carter's stock at the buggy and
harness store.
Leonidas Polk Chapter.
Leonidas Polk Chapter will meet
with Mrs.' Cave J. Crockett on
Thursday, May 2, at 2 30 p.m.
U - v
I cn tell person wh it constipated
on sight. Tbcir complexion is pasty
or yellow. Their
eyes are dull, and
they look and feel
leepy. No wonder
they do. The
bowel are a tewer.
They carry away
the poisonous re
fuse. If they dont
act the poisonous
matter is absorbed
by the body, and
headaches, dull
nest, bad complex
ion and eventually
serious trouble re
suit. '
There is no better rule for good health
than that the bowela should move eyery
day at the same hour if possible. Regu
larity can be acquired by making a habit
of this. Foolish people neglect this and
when chronio constipation effects them
they take pill every few day to force the
bowels to perform their natural function.
A years go on they require more and
mote pill. This should be stopped.
Cooper' New Discovery will build Up
the stomach and cause the bowels to act
naturally. While taking the medicine get
the habit of regularity, then gradually
stop taking the medicine.
Here is a sample of letter from those
who have tried it:
"For aixteen yeara I have suffered from
stomach and liver trouble, and chronio
constipation. I had frequent headaches
and always felt tired and wtrn out. I
beard of ; Cooper's New Discovery and
began its use, After I had finished one
bottle I was wonderfully improved. Con
atipation gave way to a pleasing regularity
of the bowels and I ate better, slept bet
ter and felt better than I had for month.
It is the greatest medioine I have ever
known." Samuel Booren. 1742 Munsey
Ave., Scranton Pa.
, i ii H
Our customers who have used them say
the Cooper medioine do the work. We
ell the.
Red Cross Drug Store.
sleeping children, she tried to find
a door or some means of exit. With
her clothing on fire and half stran
gled with smoke, the poor mother
finally tound the door, but to her
horror she tould not open it. At
this juncture Borne one forced the
door from the outside, and Mr.
Haddand and the two oldest chil-
dren, who still clung to their mo-
tner s -skirts, were dragged out.
rri r . .. ....
me iour hoiaiier cniidren were
overcome by the smoke and tell in
the house. Just after Mrs. Haddad
was rescued her husband reached
the scene, and it required several
strong men to restrain the frantic
father from rushing Into the burn
ing building. To-day he .is bereft
of reason, and it is feared his mind
will be permanently impaired.
t The victims were buried at the
City Cemetery,
Haddad is a naturalized Ameri
can and possesses large business in
terests here. His home was val
ued at $1,000, with about $400 in
guarantee with every package to re
fund the mocey unless it cures.
V J J)
n v
Our Entire Stock of
General Hardware, Queensware, Stoves
and Farming Implements
n jr ji
1. t '!
a vir J - -
Bell Furniture Co. odd dressers, t afl
iron beds, felt mattresses, e-ood MJCtitU!,c vciy i
China mattinc. Pleasing- oricea. elements needed to rebuild
Phone 530.
Wants Operators. feebleness with strength. hbt
Mf. Will Patterson, who is re- We return money if it fails to benefit MJL
membered as having been employed Red Cross DrU2T Store. 5V
in the M. & O. telegraph office here, Watson & Kimzey, Props.
and is now manager of the Frisco
Telegraph Department in St. Louis,
writes to Mr. W. C. Morris in this
city that he has vacancies for two
operators and to send him two good
students at once. Mr. Patterson
remembers Mr. Morris's success as
a teacher, and that explains why
he calls on Mr. Morris for the men
Students and those contemplating
a course in telegraphy will do well
to remember that positions like
this are to be had by a course with
Mr. Morris. Enter the school at
once if you want a place.
Carter's buggies are always reli-
W. 0. T. U. Program.
The W. C. T. U. and Mothers
will meet with Mrs. R. T. Curlin
on Friday afternoon, May 3, at 3
o clock.
Scriptural Reading Deut,xl:l-26.
Prayer Pres. Mrs. F. M. Woody.
Keadmg minutes.
Unfinished business.
Discussion: What traits and qual
ities necessary in me ouiiding up
ot a child s character?
"We walk beforerour children as
living models of character."
Bell Furniture Co. odd dressers,
iron beds, lelt mattresses, eood
Mica Axle Grease
Best lubricant for axles in the
world long wearing and very ad
hesive. Makes a heavy load draw like a
light one. Sires half the wear on
wagon and team, and increases the
earning capacity of your outfit.
Ask your dealer for Mica Axlt
T .'3s-." Zr - 1 .
S ft w
Our line of Farm Tools embraces everything needed on the
farm. . ,
See our Flintstone Enamel Ware--guaranteed ten years.
The only perfect fence is the PITTSBURG PERFECT.
The MAJESTIC RANGE continues to be the best range
made and always gives satisfaction.
SALESPEOPLE Chas. T. McDaniel, A. J. Haynes,
J. F. Gregory and Miss Dautie Pardue
ii Citf Harflware & Fniilm Ci.
Telephone 164. Union City, Tenn.
China matting.
Phone 530.
Pleasing prices.
Sunday Wedding.
Mr. M. Forester, of Obion, and
Mrs. Dora Pate, of Rutherford, were
united in marriage in this city by
Rev, C. C. Brown, of Obion, on Sun
day, April 21. The parties all met
here Sunday afternoon and were
married at the Palace Hotel. Mr.
Forestea is one of Obion's well
known and mo3t excellent citizens,
and his bride is a very charming
and highly esteemed lady.
Buy Dietzel lace Curtains. Do
t now.
Camp to Meet.
Members of the Warren-McDon
ald Camp are requested to meet at
the Band Room, over Peeler's gro
cery store, Union City, on the first
Monday in May. Matters concern
ing transportation to the reunion
at Richmond are to be considered,
in addition to other business, and a
arge attendance is desired.
J. E. Cwar.
Phone 530 about window shades.
Biggest assortment in town extra
sizes in stock always. Pleading
prices. Bell Furniture Co.
The protracted union meeting at
I this place is running over with en
thusiasm, preachers, religion and
converts, and the devil will have a
cold reception in Fulton when the
meeting is brought to a close.
Some of the best people in town
have made professions.
We attended a funeral not long
since, and during the burial ever-
cises we were deeply impressed
with the grave being completely
banked with floral offerings. These
things are appropriate, and, ac
companied with tokens of respect
and friendship, are a tribute that
To be Presented at the Opera House is thankfully received by every one,
Tuesday Night. and should be. But we thought
For the benefit of the U. D. C, the while we stood there and gazed up-
old-time popular and great dramatic Ion that mound of dirt how much
success, "Esmeralda," will be pre- better it would have been if flowers
sented at Reynolds' Opera House in had been banked on the life of such
Union City Tuesday night, Apr. 30, one while they had an opportunity
by Miss Mary Lawson's most excel- to enjoy -it while living. I want
lent company of home talent. The your sympathy while living, and
play will be given to-night with the have no objections to placing flow
Mr. Elbert Rogers M r. Tecumseli Hudgins
Mrs. I,yddy Ann Rogers Miss Mary Iawson
Miss Ksmernlda Rogers Miss Lucile George
Mr. Dave Hnrdy Mr. Orover Shlifer
Miss Nora Desmond Miss Ruth Crenshaw
Miss Kate Desmond Miss Carrie Catron
Mr. Estabrooke Mr. Vivian Murphy
Mr. Jack Desmond
Mr. John Drew,
"The Marquis" Mr. Harry Leigh
Tickets on sale at McMicbael
Drug Co.'s store. Prices 35 and 25
era on my grave, but I am in earn
est when I Bay it either has to go
undone, let it be the grave. Pay
me the tribute while I am living,
thereby helping me to be a better
man ; increase my enjoyment while
here, and better prepare me todie
when the time comes for me to
leave the tribulations of this wicked
world. Bank the flowers about me
when I can see their beauty and
smell their fragrance, and thereby
brighten and spread sunshine in
my life wile living, for no man can
hear or smell or appreciate any
thing after he is dead.
W. A. Forester, of Union City,
was the guest of "Cyclone" and his
family last Sunday.
Some twenty-five oi; thirty of
Union City's young people attended
the union meeting here Sunday and
Sunday night.
When the train from Memphis
arrived at the depot Sunday morn
ing our city marshal discovered a
man occupying the blind baggage
ing trom his actions he was drunk.
But on investigation it was discov
ered that he was crazed from a
poisonous dose ot medicine he bad
taken with suicidal intent. He was
taken to the city hall, where be
died. His name was Gilbert and
he was on his way irom Ft. Worth,
Tex., to his home in Murray, Ky.,
where his brothers lived, his father
and mother both being dead. He
looked to be about twenty-five years
old and is said to be of a prominent
family. His brothers arrived here
Sunday and took charge of him.
Our heart was made 'sad when
the news reached here of the death
of Mr. A. T. White, one with whom
our relations bad been so pleasant
a number of years, and we would
have been pleased to attend the
funeral bad we known it in time.
We extend rympatby to the be
reaved family left behind.
FOR SALE Good surrey. Apply to
4-3t. M ARTIN ScnSlIDT.
Wanted Reliable, energetic man
and proceeded to arrest him, think-1". " ; .h
r'ul,"uvu "' nainta in Obion and adiacant coun.
i i
ties. Salary or commission.
Stetson Oil Co., Cleveland, O.
Complie with all requirements of the National Pure Food Law, Guarantee No. 204 1 , filed at Washington.
Get the pay cash habit, it's best.
Dahnkes Cafe.
To Decorate.
Thursday before the third Sun
day in May is set apart to clean off
and decorate the cemetery at San
ders Chapel, All who are inter
ested, come, and bring your dinner.
W. F. Latimer,
J. C. Taylor
J. D. Kersey,
John Kersy, Com..
Tne young man witn tne nice
buggy is vise in his time. You
can get a good one at Carter's
buggy and harness store.
' FOIi SALE 60 acres of tine land
in lower corner of Obion County, six
nines souin or xiicxman, Ky., witn
convenient 4 room boue. srood cistern
and orchard, for $1,500 cash. Address
Mes. Mary Eakes, nickman, Ky.
writes , about AU- ' ftVA SSL0 m S
protection or consumers, toasted V I
An old soldief
ARIOSA Coffee: "Your coffee
is the best and richest coffee I ever
drank since I left the service, from
'61 until I received yovir coffee
yesterday. A soldier knows coffee
by the taste, and the way it makes him
feel, and would sooner go without
"his bread than without .his coffee.
Arbuckles ARIOSA was the first
roasted, packaged coffee, packaged for
fief- r2 r&sz mufflm
and the pores of eachberry sealed with
a coating of fresh eggs and pure sugar,
io hold the goodness in and make the
coffee settle clear and quickly. Better
than "fresh roast." Warming a
little develops the flavor and makes the
grinding easy, Our enormous coffee
business, exceeding the next four largest
nrni3 in tho world together, reduces our
average cost per pound, and enables us
to give you better coffee for your
money thau you can buy in any other
way. There are more packages of
ARIOSA sold in tke United States
than all the other Coffee packages
If your grocer will not supply, write to
tie Yoik Gty.

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