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MARSHALL & BAIRD, Editor and Publisher
Entered at the post office at Union City, Ten-
""ih ei;uua-ciaea man mailer.
Telephone 103
FRIDAY, JUNE 21,1907
We are authorized toannouuce S. R.
Uratton a candidate for Trustee of
Obion County, subject to the action
of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce G.
W.AVorlev a candidate for Trustee of
Obion County, subject to the action
of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce Har
ris Parks a candidate for Trustee of
Obion County, subject to the action of
the Democratic party.
j. n. SANDERS.
that the rock in the lake bills
would be just as practical as that
which Mr. Troy is using on the
streets in Union City for road bed
purposes. All we would need in
the way of gravel would be the
cement gravel forsurface work.
So. we say, that with the expen
diture of $50,000 by the citizens
of Union . City, we could have
graveled roads connecting Union
Cith with Samburg and graveled
roads leading across the Obion
River in Number Seven.
Union City can get along very
well for some time with the amount
sponded in the same manner
latter gentlemen jiopeu to nave a
large packing plant in a few years,
and to see the mercantile and man
ufacturing interests increase in the
future at a rate exceeding largely
what they are at present.
Everybody is busy in the har
vest this week, and there is little
time to study about our fall fair.
ft . t . m
iNevertneiess, tne est lennessee
Fair Association is getting ready
for that event. The wheat pros
pects at the present time give us a
The ;;;;;;;; ;; ;; ;;;;;;;;
Have You Tried
more hopeful view of the fair, and
of streets she has already contract- Mn a ew days the committees will
ed for. The county roads propo- begin to advertise the fall meet- gj
siiion is worm iar more to ustnan ""'""s luo ucw ictuuieo iu
street improvements in Union be introduced this year is a com-
City. Everybody knows that. petitive drill, m which every pub-
Let some man take hold of this I school in the county is invited
. I t a t i m- i a a a
movement. It would be worth 10 iflKe Part. me drill win be un-
untold benefits to Union City and dr the management of Supt. W.
Ve areautliorized toannminceJ.il. UDe territory east and wst of us. H. Cook. Prizes will be given
for the best drill, both first and
RETAIL MERCHANTS ASSOCIA- second nlar-as. The, srhnnls urn trt
Ka ndmittfid frp rf oharrra in trio
The Retail Grocery Merchants fair grounds on Wednesday Sen-
Association held a very interesting tember 25, and the drill will take
place cfo that bay. The yoman'8
Department will be the greatest
Jour? .
Sanders a candidate for Trustee of
Obion County, subject to the. action of
the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce E.
N. Tankerslcy a candidate for Sheriff meeting at the City Hall last Mon
or Obion county, subject to the action day night. A number of the mem
of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce T.J.
Easterwood as a candidate for Sheriff
of Obion County, subject to the ac
tion of the Democratic party.
It is understood that Route No.
7, Rural Free Mail delivery, will
be discontinued July 1, next. Do
not understand the causes leading
up to the change, but presume the
. residents of the Seventh District
have made application for better
mail facilities. They will there
.'fore get their mail by the way of
Terrell. The facilities for hand
ling the Number Seven mail here
are all right when the weather is
favorable, but with such roads as
we bad last winter, it is impossi
ble to get the mail over the levee
to the people in that district. This,
""of course, is odb of the arguments
in favor of substantial roads
hard ' roads, if you please. The
citizens of this place could afford
to go down in their "leans ' and
ocrs were present and everyone this vear ever seen in the nnnntr.
had something to say for the good and it is also the nurnose to make
i iL. ... t... . ..I ,r '
01 me oraer. in mis connection a specialty of the agricultural de-
we want to speaK or the tact that Dartment. There will be a nnm
there is an impression to the effect ber of new features, announce
yvwV i mem or wnicn win ne made as
Ask your g'rocer for it.
lalrte-Walta Hilling Go.
Ask us for prices when selling your grain.
Where Will You Spend Tour Vaca
tion? By the seaside, mountainside or lake
shore: No doubt you intend to enjoy
yourself at oneof tiiecool and delicti t
f ul resorts North. East or West. Write
to J no. M. lSeall. General Passenger
Afc'ent Mobile & Ohio R. R., St. Louis,
Mo , for full particulars regarding
rates, etc. -
Greutly reduced rates via Mobile
& Ohio Railroad to Seattle, Wash.,
account 23d International Christian
Endeavor Convention, Jutv 10-15, and
grand lodge Independent Order Good
Templars. July JO 22. For particulars
apply to M. ,v O. R. It. Aeents. or
write John M. Ueall, Gen'l Fass.Agt.,
St. Louis, Mo.
I. C. Rates to Exposition.
Jamestown Tercentennial Ex-nosi.
tion season ticket. Norfolk. Vn...t. nv
tiO-day excursion, $25. !K); 15-day excur
sion, $ 23-75: coach excursion oach Tum.
day, Hiooo. Tliese rates are from
Gibbs. For further Information call
on or address agent at Gibbs.
:::::::: :: ::::::::.:
ganized for the purpose of estab
lishing a uniform system of prices,
in otner words that the Union
City grocers bave formed a com
bination to control prices. That
impression is absolutely without
any foundation. The Retail Gro-
time progresses.
lhe spirit of improvement
hasn't 6truck First street yet.
When the business men begin to
have the old faded fronts painted
and the old lumbering, rickety
eery Merchants Association is the awnings displaced with' some new
only organization our grocers imprpved, adjustable awnings,
nave, and instead of agreeing on then the infection will begin to
prices, the Association positively take hold. Some of the fronts here
prohibits the question of prices to haven't been painted since the
enter intots rules or proceedings, flood not the flood last winter
The question of fixing or agreeing but the old fronts look bad enough
on prices is discountenanced bv anyway, iou are ffettmsr some
In and around Union City at Rock.
Bottom Prices to sell quick.
the Association. Rather has the
Association encouraged compe-j
tition. '
The real objects of this Associ
ation are these, as one of the mem
bers expressed it: First, to create!
- i " - 11.- t . . !- . .i
make a gravel road across the letmug among inose en-
river bevond the levee district. ga2ed ,D the grocery business;
thereby inducing travel from that 8econd and chiefl' .to h6d the
country to Union Citv. The neo- memoers irom lDe "nposmon
pie along the road
good streets now; why not dress
up and brighten the fronts of your
business houses? The expense
won't be much and the improve
ment will be great.
Mr. Sam Stone, one of our sub
stantial and enterprising citizens,
was elected last .Tuesday night as
a member of the Board of Alder
men to fill the vacancy caused by
members from the imposition of
- , . , , . rii i . . . I - ' "
would help us - "Tr "" au . . ntlDluFlD the resignation of J. C. Reynolds.
m k . - I tr nil T hio m.in(i1.C1 tlrlth..nt nn I "
with labor and hauling, and they lw . . m,u, A eood man we qualified and
would be glad to do it if a good "T""1"'" l"co 01 inu- admirably suited for the position,
is Mr. Stone, and we feel that con
We -want Agents to represent
The Mutual Benefit Life Insurannce Company
In Obion and adjoining counties,
F. and A. M.
Union City Lodtre No. 531. F. and
a. ji., meets on tue nrst Friday night
in each month at the lodge room In
the C. B. A. building. The presence
of all members is earnestly requested.
Visiting members always welcome.
T. E. MAHsnALL, VV. M.
. R. F, IUtts, Sec.
Physician and Surgeon
Office In the Nailling Building.
Telephone No. 231
Office 2 lings; Residence 3 rings.
Union Cify, Tcnn.
Union 'City, Tenn.
vloney to loan on long time at low
,e of interest.
Office uft 4r Postal Tele-
raph office M(QmeW
Office over Allen Drug Co.'s storei
Offiice Phone 283s
Residence Phone 346
road is made. It is a long way ment8 nas onlJ one cnance to
off to the time when the county U18 V nn ne
11. i j . 1 r t At
will build good roads. They must Deais rePoris lce Iaci l ine 8ecre
spend money and years experi
menting before they do it. The
fact is, hose who favor the pres
ent system of road work, believe
they can get good roads' with very
little cost comparatively, but time
will settle that matter.
'In the meantime. Union City
needs a good road to Number
Seven and one to Samburg, and
she needs them badlyr
Is there a man or set 01 men
with nerve and backbone enough
to set in motion- a movement 10
build two such roads as these 'i
There are plenty of men in Union
, City who have foresight enough
to see what such improvements
would be worth, but would they
have the manhood to lead such a
T , m A
when we would guarantee, and it
has not been long ago, a sum ag
gregating $50,000 - for & railroad
passing through Union City to
wards Tiptonville. A' hard road
to haul on. leveled, traded and
graveled, would be worth more to
Union City and to the county than
& railroad over the same territory.
Why ? Because the freight rate
over the railroad would be exces
sive. No railroad company would
undertake to operate a railroad
through that territory at a rate
that, would be practical, and' we
know from the experience of other
branch lines what we are talking
about. '
With asimilar amount 150,000
Union City coiild build a gravel
t oad to Sambttrg and one across
the Obion Rijer to Number Seven,
with thend.':tion of outside help
1. Every resident
v wouia neip us, anu
tary and the secretary informs all
the members of the Association.
The next time that man wants gro
cedes he is compelled to pay cash
in advance for them or trade some
where else. No reasonable objec
tion can be made to this by an hon
est citizen.
gratulations are in order, both on
behalf of the Board and the citi
zens in nis election.
The Carman & Murphy City
Directory came from the press
this week. It is the first directory
probably ever issued in Union
City: practically complete, and
The advantage in this therefore a very creditable work.
custom is two-fold. , It protects Usually these things improve with
iL. i I ... 1 ,L.. .1 .. . . . n
me grocer iroui losses ana mereoy succession, but tne hrst one in
enables him to sell cheaper to those Union City is good enough.
who pay promptly for their gro
ceries. Another is tn nrnter-t the uwiLftAii iwn.
retail man from short nifinsnre and
fi xt-: j 1
ers and wholesale people; another 25 the V ashingten police court
to nrntMt the retail man from rom- ,ast -Thursday on the charge of ere-
Carter 6t White
Phone 486.
Union City,. Tenn. g
petition with the goods retailed by
the wholesale merchant; in otheij
words, to prevent the wholesale
merchant from selling to consum
The aforementioned are the ob
jects of the Retail Grocery Mer
chants Association of Union City,
and not to fix or establish a sys
tem of prices. .
A vote of thanks was tendered
to W. O. Reynolds, who is with
drawing from the retail business,
for the interest he has taken in the
organization and its work. Mr.
Reynolds was about to retire from
the Association, but the members
agreed that they would not enter
tain such a proposition, but in
sisted that he continue as a mem
ber in full standing and fellow
ship, lie had been a great advan
tage to the members in buj'ing
and shipping produce. Mr. White,
Mr. Briggs, Mr. Stone, Mr. Woos-
ley, Mr. Whitley, Mr. Peeler, Mr.
Howard, Mr. Cummings, all made
addresses, kindly referring to Mr.
Reynolds' association with the or-
, Reynolds re-
ating a disturbance at a saloon.
A verdict of guilty was returned
last Tkursday in the case of Mayor
reuses to believe ganization, and Mr
Lumber and
Building Material
Can furnish for everything you want to
Schmitz of San Francisco, who has ud from a chicken-coop to a beautiful res-
idence. vjur lines complete and our yards
convenient Telephone 37. : ;
Yards on First Street, south of Presbyterian Church.
Union City, Tenn.
the chargo of extortion. t
District J udge Mcrherson at
Kansas City on Thursday, the 4th
inst., granted the petition of eigh
teen railroads for a temporary
order restraining the State offi
cials from putting into effect both
the maximum freight rate and the
two cent passenger rate law.
Attorney-General Hadley filed
an application in St. Louis lately
simultaneously with similar action
in Kansas City, and secured in
junctions against eighteen of the
principal Missouri railroads, com
pelling them to obey the two-cent
rate law and maximum freight
rate law now in effect.'
Several houses and lots and a few
vacant Iota io different parts of the
city for sale cheap. Will make terms
to suit. Carter & White, Real Es
tate and Insurance Agents.
You Are in TTnion City
as the case may be, where you talk with a correspondent for
, some minutes, and a second later you are back in your own
office, which, in fact, you have never left. When you can do
this by TELEPHONE, why travel, or telegraph, or write?
Cumberland Telephone & Telegraph Company.
0RLEAN3 vs'J'm.ijuhviiu
(Effective April 14, 1907.) i
No. 1, lv Union City 4.30 p.m
No. 3, (Havana Limited)... 4.1Sa.m
No. 5, lv Uulcn City 4. a.m
No. 15, leaves (week days). . . 8.00 a. in
No. 2, lv Union City ...... 12.10 p.m
No. 4, (Havana Limited).., 12. 24 a. 111
No. 6. lv UnioQ City ll.f.p.m
No. 12, leaves (week days)... 1.55 p.m
.Only the handsomem of Tulluiao
Library Observation Sleeping Cars,
wide Vestlbuled Coaches and Dining
Cars, with Electric Lights and Fana,
are used in the Limited. For all in
formation call on your Home Agent,
ir write J no. M. Heall, General Pas
senger Agent, St. Jouls.
II. J. BARN ETT, Agent.
B. V. Taylor, Jno. M. Bcail,
General Manager. Genanl Vtitrat't Agrnt,
No. 55, ar Union City...... 7.46 a.m.
No. 3, " " ...... 3.0p.m.
To. 63, " " ...... 11.15 p.m,
No, 62, ar Union City 6.44 a.m.
No. 4, " . " 12.48 n.m.
No 54," 7.62 D.m.
Illinois Central
1, 1'aducah Junction..,
8.00 p.m
r " - ,
.1.-1 n.m
5.15 a.m
3.4(1 p.m
5.61 a.m
No. 3,
No. 103,
No. 105,
No. 133,
Tniini NO. KM And 1S3 rn Ofnmrnr,f1i, Mr.,,.
nrf (top t Fadncata Junction to reciy of di
charge pHeoger.
No. 2, Taducah Junction.... 0.45 a.m
No. 4, " ....12.15 a m
No. 104, " ....12.05 a.m
No. 106, " v " ....12.10 n.m
134, ' .... 9.10 D.m
Train No. 134 and 106 are aesommodation.
Tickets and partirnlnra m
limit and train time of yosr home ticket ai?ent
I. W. HARLOW, P. P. A , toal.vllle.
A.J. McDODOALL, D. P. A., New Orlnani
, H. HKWiON, . r A ISO. A. OOTT. l.Q. A .

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