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Ha Energy. No Will Power. No
Ambition. Losing Confidence in
Self and the Confidence of.
Friends or Employers.
Jk State of Health That Needs Prompt
Treatment to Ward Off
Serious Disease.
Do you notice a large reduction in
your vital energy? Are you losing hold
cm your place in the social world? Is
your strength gone, constitution weak,
appetite poor, digestion deranged, bow
els costive, with uneasiness and symp
toms of derangement in the region of
the kidneys? Such a condition is the
preliminary to Bright's Disease or some
ether serious kidney trouble. If this
describes the state of your body, we urge
tipon you prompt action before your
lealth is entii-ely beyond recovery
rrickly Ash Bitters is the remedy you
Deed; it has a four-fold restorative effect.
It stimulates the torpid liver, restores
health in the stomach, strengthens and
cures the kidneys, and through its
Peculiar yet agreeable laxative char
acter it clinches the good work by thor
ouguiy cleansing tne Dowels, it is a
certain remedy for kidney and liver
Accept no substitute. Insist on having;
the genuine Prickly Ash Bitter with the
, large figure in red on the front label.
Sold by Druggists. Price $1.00 per bottle.
Fine Pianos
and Organs
Phone 505 Union City.
If you want to
drink real coffee,
buy a sealed pack-
age ot rbuckles
A 1 lit
ARIOSA and grind
it in your own
kitchen as you want to use it.
Roasted coffee loses its strength
and Savor if exposed to the air,
and even its identity as coffee
after grinding. Loose coffee sold
out of a bag, bin or tin is usually
dusty and soiled by handling.
Don't take it!
Cwnphfa wih all Rquucmenn of the National Pim
Feed Uw. CuaraatK No. 2041, Hod at WaalUntfoa,
A "sovereign remedy for
Chilis, Fevers, and all ma
larial troubles. Cures chronic
chills, dumb chills, periodi
cal fevers and all diseases of
a malarial origin.
Sand for Book of Wondorful Curat
a Druggists sell it at 50 cts,
per bottle. Prepared only by
Memphis, Tenn.
Manufacturer! ot Dr. Nott' celebrated
Melon-Seed Com pound Kidney and Blad
der Remedy. Sold by diugmtt at 60 cti.
and (1 per bottle.
Guaranteed under the Pur Food and
Drug Act ot JuneSd, ISMtf.
Foh Rent Gd new five-room
house, large hall on North Second
street. Apply to C. T. Moss.
mk km
- w
Election Called. to Vote on Bonds for Build
ing Steel
Ordered by Quarter! County
County Court at its July term,
1907. that an election be held in
each Civil District ot Obion County,
Tenn., according to law at a day
fixed by this court, which shall be
on the 26th day of October, 1907, to
determine whether the county shall
issue bonds of $100,000 in blocks of
$25,000. with which to build steel
bridges in Obion County.
Ordered that T. J. Hunt, W. T.
Orvill and Robt. Harper superin
tend the repairing of levee running
east from Rives, cost not to exceed
$1,400; of this amount $600 having
been subscribed by the citizens of
Nos. 4 and 7, said repairs to extend
to foot ot hill near Spence Stovall'a.
S. M. Fields and E. M. Tate were
appointed to let out repairing of
Lake levee, cost not to exceed $500.
Ordered that lumber on Stanley
levee be sold and funds turned over
to county.
Ordered that County Court Clerk
be instructed to buy two wheels
with which to measure roads.
Ordered that Road Commission
ers be authorized to assess inciden
tal damages in fixing width of pub
lie roads.
Ordered that W. W. Casey have
levee across Obion River, between
Nos. 7 and 8, repaired, cost not to
exceed $50.
Ordered that E. W. McCorkle
have bridge across Richland Creek
on Troy and Dyersburg road re
paired, cost not to exceed $15.
Ordered that T. A. Smith have
repaired bridge across Richland
Creek near Jack Beard's, cost not
to exceed $50.
Ordered that W. C. Cloar and J,
F. Holloway have bridge built
across Davidson Creek and east of
Polk, cost not to exceed $150.
Ordered that W. W. Casey be ap
pointed to have repaired levee east
of Kenton and one bridge on said
levee, cost not to exceed $400.
Ordered that A. G. West be ap
pointed to superintend repairing
bridge on lower Trimble road, cost
not to exceed $7.00.
Ordered that F. B. Carpenter be
appointed to let out building of a
bridge across Clover creek on Troy
and Stone's Ferry road, cost no t to
exceed $2 per foot.
Ordered that B. G. Glover be ap
pointed to have bridge built across
a small creek on road near his farm
in No. 3, cost not to exceed $60.
Ordered that line be changed be
tween Nos. 5 and 9 so as to place
farm of W. W. Litton all in No. 5.
Ordered that W. C. McDaniel
have bridge built on 'Troy and Pro
temus road, near vV. W. Nipps
farm, cost not to exceed $30.
Ordered that B. W. Tull have
bridge built and levee work done on
State line road at G. W. Whipple
place, cost not to exceed $100.
CP. Wilson, A. Wilson and J.
M. Moore were elected Notaries
A new school district was made
from parts of No. 52 and No., 34.
Ordered that Ernest Jones, B. P.
Simmons and T. D. Jackson have
repaired levee across Mud Creek on
Union City and Kenton road, cost
not to exceed $300.
Ordered that T. R. Reynolds and
S. R. Bratton have steel bridge
built across Grove Creek on line
between Districts Nos. 1 and 13,
cost not tb exceed $400
Balance school fund unap-
nortlonedin Trustee's
hands..... .'....813.676 33
Balance road fund In Trus
tee's hands 1.694 73
uaiance scnooi runa due dis
tricts 20,640 73
Balance road rund due dis
tricts... 4,679 04
uaiance county rund are the
county.... ., 6,979 38
Total funds in Trustee's
possession $47,060 21
County and green warrants
outstanding and unpaid.. 650 50
1 Frank Stanley, Chas. Nay lor.
2 L. M. Glover, Chas. narris.
3 II. L. Carpenter, John Ray.
4 J. B. Caudle, K. Jones.
5 A. J. Johnson, J. M. Wallace.
6 T. N. N.eely, R. J. Sanders.
7 R. II. Davis, W. I. Davis.
8 W. T. Mathews, W. M. Roberts. '
9 W.A.Carter, Lum Cunningham.
10 1. P. Morris, J. M. Julian.
11 J. E. Ruddle, S. M. nopper.
12 A. R. Caldwell. J. R. Haves.
13 J. C. rotter. J. F. noward.
14 John Loyd, Ed Fox.
15 Bud Wicker, R. O. Baxter.
16 Jim McDade, J. D. McKinney.
Grand Jury.. ,
Trial Jury.....
S. A. Lancaster, D. S..
D. D. Kirk, D. A
John Handling
Henry Howard
J. E. Finch, sheriff....
T. P. Noah, D. S .
Josh S. Adams, D. S. . .
F. B.Caldwell, D. S...
J. T. Neel, D. S
J. B. Norman, D. S. . . .
W. B. Holloway, D.S..
Jesse Walker, D. S
Bert Clement, D. S. . . .
T. A. Renfro, D. S ...
L. B. Crain. D. S... .
Tom B. Lannom, D. S.
J. M. Hickman, clerk..
a S
232 50
516 00
30 00
32 35
16 60
9 50
48 00
34 00
46 00
2 85
1 50
2 80
1 05
2 30
5 10
1 50
1 30
15 00
6 70
Total $1,005 05
T R Reynolds $
3 50
3 00
2 20
O L Weaks
W H Sanders
J C lsbell
4 20
I B Bruer
5 80
6 20
RP Hicks.......
J F Holloway
M M Miller
SM Fields ..
E M Tate
5 00
4 10
7 90
8 40
5 40
J M Brlce
W HPyles
WH Walker...
5 40
6 00
6 20
4 40
6 20
6 80
6 60
J J Jackson....
T J Hunt
W W Casey....
W A Midyett..
T M King ....
E O Carroll...
WH Cutler...
W II Caldwell.
W J Harper.. . .
W W Pierce...
J C Lee
J M Moores
II S Sacra
R Polk
S R Bratton...
W W Hall
E N Moore
N C Graham...
T.J Lovell
A Wilson
R P Dyer
J M Chambers.
J T Futrell....
7 60
10 00
4 20
4 30
7 40
6 20
7 40
6 60
5 40
6 00
169 00
Pink Marshall, drift I
M V Brice, bridging........
12 00
257 50
5 00
Obion Cooperage Co
J 11 Gray, repairs
Lee Wade, drift
95 00
10 00
J II Carter, bridge
Ernest Jeans, repairs
Turner Joyner .....r
46 00
15 00
1 00
5 00
3 00
4 00
4 (0
6 CO
5 (0
22 50
266 00
Walter satterneld, work. . . i
John Wilson, repairs..... .
J S Henderson, drift
J N Garrison, drifi
George Lay, drift
M F- Matthews, drift
ML Lacewell, bridge......
Frank Ellinor. bridge
H B Fleming, bridge
John Forester, hauling..;.
Ne:il Jackson, hauling
RLPhebus, road
C W Bryan, lumber
R M Lennox, repairs.
J C Taylor, repairs
Asklns-Dircks Lumber Co. .
W II Pyle
RP Hicks
Tom Wilson, bridge..
JR McCain
Bank Hornbeak, road ......
J M Rldgeway, drift
G W Jackson, repairs
WTCorum, levee
J M Foulks, bridge :
J S Shaw, repairs
Sam Sherrill, bridge...
J A Nichols, lumber
IGore, drift
J W San ford, repairs
Farrls & Stovall, wk on levee
13 50
2 80
1 00
13 60
37 40
15 00
25 00
345 86
1 50
1 50
50 00
2 00
74 00
5 00
. - 5 00
12 00
64 00
8 Oo
25 00
6 65
5 00
12 00
1,000 00
Total ........ $2,472 81
JM Brlce $ 5 00
W F Roberts, MD...:.... 5 00
E C Carroll : 5 00
J L Wright, M D 5 00
W M Freed, guard 6 00
TWFerrell .6 00
II L Park, M D 6 00
S M Fields... 5 00
J W Yarbrough, M D. . . . . . 6 00
j J Jackson 5 00
G W Hudgecock, M D 5 00
856 00
Nailing-Keiser ndw Co ...8
Shore Bros..
71 20
6 80
47 22
42 76
2 00
30 30
3 15
1 00
7 50
Semones & Son, mdse
C E Smith, work
jNues urug uo
Nalling-Kelser Ildw Co....
Columbus Wilson, work.... i
M A Blanton, M D
Total 8210 93
Issuing orders, etc .$ 251 50
" ...jiii, '.IIJ.I,...1JB1WUUIUII,.IIUWIIIM,,'JJ'J)JIJII1I)--U'1IJI'JM'""'J quii.au mill Ihiu.U.lLiL
Revenue Commissioners.... 8
J M Moore, surveying
George F Hughes, prisoners
Poll tax refunds
District 11, for County
E A Byrd, tax refund
N J Ooruru, refund
J T Chiles, prisoners
Phil Brown, refund
R N Tankersley, guard....
John Cunningham, refund
J S Adams, wait on Court. .
W S Jackson, refund
Ed Wells
Poorhouse Com
West Tenn. Hosp. for insane
J H.Wilson, refund
Special election No 8
L S Caudle, refund.... ...
J W Darnell, refund
II D Gibbs, conveyance....
Pauper Coffins
20 00
3 00
6 00
6 00
84 00
5 75
10 25
7 50
2 00
15 00
2 00
4 00
5 25
2 00
112 50
332 61
2 00
6 00
11 79
2 00
3 00
21 00
Total 3063 65
3. TB. TINCH. ,
Board of prisoners 8
610 20
1 50
Chancery Court
14 00
Circuit (jourt
20 00
Total $645 70
Obion Democrat $ 96 00
Brandon Printing Co 105 55
McQuiddy Printing Co.... 15 80
Foster, Webb & Parks 69 85
Marshall & Bruce Co 68 50
The Commercial 15 00
Cartan Printing Co 6 35
Q F Carter, record ribbon. . 3 75
Total.. $380 00
Charity 260 00
Th e Voice of the ' Hello" Girl.
"Hello, Central ! give me Mr. So-and-So,"
rang in the ear of the tired
little telephone girl.'
"Call by number, please," was
the patient reply.
"Number ! 111 be if I do !
Give me what I want, or I'll have
you fired !"
Twas the same old tune "fired
tred, fared ! Morning, noon and
night the refrain had been sung in
to ner neaci until tne impression
was stamped on the brain aye,
burnt as if by fire and yet she
must be untiring, unceasing in her
effort to bring the great throbbing,
pulsating, gossiping world of hu
manity in touch with one another.
Kings, Rulers, Presidents, Sena
tors, Governors, doctors, lawyers,
ministers, teachers, farmers, me
chanics, laborers the great mov
ing mass of humanity must be put
in connection. How I why 7 by
whom ? By means of the telephone.
Because businessdemands, and gos
sip (represented by two tattling
women) has thundered forth, "We
must talk !" By whom ? Ah, there
you have struck the keynote. Go
with me to the central office., See
the long line of operators girls
hardly out of their teens, earning
their existence by catering to every
whim of the public.
What is the telephone? One has
said, "The vein of commerce." If
this be true, the central office is the
heart, and the long misjudged cen
tral girl must be likened unto the
muscles which, contracting, cause
the blood to flow into each and
every vein and artery. Have you
given her one thought, except it be
how much may she serve you?
Pause one moment, great busy
world, and think of her even one
ot the least of your children. Get
in close touch just one heart-to-heart
talk.- Throw formality, pride
and social status to the winds,
Speak in the language known to
the heart, wherein soul communes
with soul, with no one to witness
save Him who said, "Judge not,
lest ye be judged." Ah, methinks
you will realize that the same God
created you both.
Listen, then. .When you call for
a number, speak kindly. Remem
ber that '-Inasmuch as ye did it
unto the least ot mine, ye did it
unto me," and that the King of
kings hath said, "Blessed are the
A woman wanted to repay a bo-
cial visit. Ringing central she ex
plained that the baby was asleep,
but the transmitter was by the cra
dle, and if the dear child awoke, to
What is medicine for? Tqre you, if sick, you say.
But one medicine will noff cure every kind of sickness? because different
medicines act on different pahs of the body. One medicine goes to the liver,
another to the spine, Wisfe of Cardui to the womanly
6 -
has proven so fficacious in most cases of womanly disease. Try it.r
Mrs. Win. Turoer. of BartonvlHe. II, writes : "I suffered for years vlth female diseases, and doctoreJ
without tetief. .My back and head would hurt me, and I suffered agony with bearing-dova pains. At last
i ioo w mo oi uarauj ana now i
The First National JBank
Loans and Discounts '. f...
Overdrafts . ;
Banking House, Furniture and Fixtures
United States Bonds
Premiums on United States Bonds
Drafts, (Bill of Lading attached) " " " '
Cash and Sight Exchange
uue ironi unuea auues 1 reasury
Total Resources..
Capital Stock
Surplus and Profits
v-irtumuun 50,000 OO
DePsitS , 195-384 73
' Total Liabilities .... u $321,854 01
I, Walter Howell, Cashier of the above Bank, do solemnly swear that the
above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
Sworn and subscribed to before me, this June 29, 1907. '
E. V. CALDWELL, Notary Public.
Corrf-t Attest: ,
L. S. Parks, E. V. Caldwell, II. A. Beck Directors. , '
Union City Bank and Trust Co.
Loans and Discounts fc .... ..... .'.'$69,99: 8
Overdrafts ."........3."".3.'.'.': 574 85 '
Furniture and Fixtures.. .........Z;"."".." 3,496 00
Due from Banks and Bankers '.Z.SS.'Z2Z'.'.Z"Z' 57999 56
Drafts with Bill of Lading attached ZZZZZ.ZZZZ'.ZZZZZZZZ 4,343 35
Checks and other Cash Items ZZZ'ZZZZZZZZZ ' 304 20
Specie ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. 2, 597 92
Currency ; 474S 00
Total Resources .....$137,852 75
Capital Stock ; $35,000 00
Surplus and Undivided Profits . 3,795 II
Individual Deposits ..ZZZZZZZZ 98,988 64
Cashier's Checks ...."1.........."." 69 00
Total Liabilities ..$137,852 75'
I, J. A. Hefley, Cashier of the above Bank, do solemnly swear that the
above statement is true to the best of
Sworn and Subscribed to before me,
please call her, as it was not best
for baby to cry.
A minister, one ordained of God,
reqvired central to "ring again"
twtnty-one times finally awaking
a sluraberer in order to ask if it
rained. And then the man of God
wondered why the telephone girl
did not come to hear him as he
stood behind the sacred desk. Ab,
why? Echo answers, "Why?" .
One man reported central for
ringing in his ear while he stood at
the telephone chewing a twist of
home-made tobacco not realizing
that central had other calls besides
But this is the dark side. We
must be optimists. God is good;
bis sunshine is glorious ; song birds
flit from tree to tree ; all nature is
alive gloriously beautiful, radiant,
adorned as the Queen of Sheba as
she steps forth from her royal pal
ace. Is this a time to be sad ? All
nature whispers, "Be glad, be
glad." Tired little telephone girl,
"There is some (rood weet will
Left in this cold world still"
oses among thorns, an oasis in the
desert, wheat among the tares.
How do I know? Ah, that is im-j
whence corneth the breeze, so ycu
feel its soothing power? Tbere
are tnose wno realize that the girl
who sits at the board, ever jpeady to
serve, has a soul and is something
above and beyond a mere "'hello'
girl one to be honored, not scorn
ed loved, not despised spoiien. to
kindly, not abused. Zs
Reader, little do yi know how
1 "If you please'Vor "Thank you,
central" is appr
iated by the cen
6 DI
am in good health." Sold everywhere, Li
Writ today for a fr. ropy of vjmbl (A-narm litrrti Bex 1tr WonM. M oa M-d MMViJ
Advlc. describe rour iywirfora, uttn ace, and
I a s ua. mtnrm nivivmi y wpi nc VJwnaininn rHWJH J"W
$178,429 10
- 4,000 00
50,000 00
1,000 00
10,996 55
. $70,760 57
2,500 00 73,260 57
.$321,854 01
; ; ( $50,000 00
. 26 46q 2S
my knowledge and belief.
J. A. HEFLEY, Cashier.
this July 2, 1907.
C. V. JONES, Notary Public.
tral girl. Methinks He wtiejakej?.
thought of the sparrow's fait the
Infinite Being who created you
both, knoweth of these things ; that
the gentle word or kindly answer
given to the telephone girl is regis
tered in the Lamb's Book of Life,
and your little telephone girl, with
her many, faults, will be under
stood, for now we see through a
glass darkly, but then face to face.
Ah, when the last call is answered;
when the nations of earth are called
to be judged; when time shall be
no more, at the just God's call,
there shall arise a mighty throng
of white-robed redeemed ones, who
as the stats shall shine, and the
telephone girl will reap her reward
in the'paradise of God.
A Southern Girl.
Everybody Clean Up Their Premises.
I have been requested to name a day
for the people of the town to unite
and clean up not only their own prem
ises, but the streets and alleys as well.
Mr. J.' P. Adams, chairman of the
Sanitary Committee of the city, is
particularly anxious that this shall
be done, and will not only co-operate
with the street force in this move
ment on the day mi.fu'edttwill use
the city wajoV'in hauling away aTi
UjshjinilYeruse that may be collected '
by the people on that day.
In pursuance of the above plant I
name TUESDAY, JULY 9, as the
day when all may work together and
not only clean up their own premises,
but cut the weeds down la front of
their property alonsr the sidewalks as
well. Jno. T. Walker, Mayor.
Baptist Young People's Convention.
Spokane, Mich., July 4-7. Greatly
reduned rates via the Mobile & Ohio
R. R. For particulars apply to M. &
O. R. It. Aifents, or write Jno. M
Beall, Gen'l Pass. Agt., St. Louis, Mo
organs. So that Is why
$1.00 bottles.
rwsl nrtll ha rnt ta sUtln sealed cavekM.
1 Co., Chartanoeea. Tenn. i'
r fit

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