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Miss Penick, of. Martin, paid a
recent visit to Miss Inez Cloar.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Caldwell vis
ited relatives in Troy last week.
Mr. Will Davis, of Union City,
was here last week taking insur
Mrs. Joe Green and Mrs Salli
Webb, who have been very sick, are
Mr. Sam Bassett and wife have
returned to their new home at
Edward Jones, of Bessie, was
here last week for the purpose o
buying a farm.
Mrs. Mollie Caldwell and children
are soendinr the week with rela
tives at Fulton and Bardwell.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Wilson, of
Hornbeak. were eaests last week
of Mr. and Mrs. Will Caldwell.
Quite a crowd of young peopl
enjoyed an ice cream supper at the
borne of J. A. Killion Saturday
night. -
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Tucker, who
have been visiting relatives here
for some time, left last week for
their home in Kansas.
, Mr. Clarence Clay, of Union City,
and Miss Enola Caldwell, formerly
of Fremont, but who has been
working for the Cumberland Tele
phone Company for the last three
years, were married on the 23d inst
Rev. Ed Watson officiating, at his
borne in Union City.- After the
ceremony, accompanied by Mr.
Jackson and Miss Willie Clark,
they drove but to the home of the
bride, .Mrs. Ruth Caldwell, where
an elesrant supper awaited them
These young people are very popu
lar and we wish them along aud
prosperous life.
to a large crowd, and the supper in
every way was a financial and so
cial success. Though Miss Mary
Ella Harris won the beautiful ham
mock as the most popular young
lady. Mr. WillMcNeill was a very
much sought after young man.
Eggs at Half Price.
1 will sell einrs during the summer
months from my fine strain of Buff
Plymouth nocks at 7oc Tor it.
Mrs. S. E. Rosson,
R.F.D. No. 4. Kenton, Tenn.
Mr. Grover Petty, north of town,
is convalescent. ,
Mis Lillian Hutchinson, of Paris,
Tex., is visiting Mrs. Laura Hutch
inson. -
Mr. and Mrs. Mat Hovis have
moved to the Robinson home, south
of town. ..
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Shropshire
spent the Sabbath withAunt Jane
Dickey, ,
Miss Mary Ella Harris is in May
field this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Woosley were
here Tuesday. '
Miss Alma Morris has returned
from Middle Tennessee.
Mrs. Charles Paine, we are glad
to report, is convalescent.
Mr. and Mrs. Anselmo Harris
want to May field on the Fourth.
Miss Jennie Pluxco, of Bartow,
will be with Miss Eudora McCaw
several weeks.
Mrs. Mary Moore and daughter,
of Waverly Place, Nashville, are
here visiting friends.
Misa Martha Cummings, who has
been visiting relatives here, has re
turned to her home in Prescott,
Ark. :..
Quite a number went over to
Union City on the train -Thursday
to hear the famous divine, L. B.
We had a splendid rain Monday
night, giving vegetation a vigorous
growth. A good corn crop is now
almost an assured fact.
Miss Martha Pickard, after a very
pleasant visit to her brother. " Y.
pie-- ' t !" " is
Misses Ruth Marshall and Grace
Caldwell visited Misses Angie and
Annie Phebus, ot Hauser Valley,
Saturday night.
Mrs. T. J. Williams and son,
Clarence, attended services at Fre
mont Sunday.
Mrs. R. E. Shipp is on the sick
list this week.
Miss Grace Tbrelkeld visited her
cousin, Miss Nina May Wheeler,
last week.
Miss Stella Williams is visiting
relatives in Fulton, Ky.
Earl Marshall visited his cousin,
Noal Park.
Mrs. Bettie Caldwell is visiting
in this vicinty this week. . '
Mrs. Maggie Edwards and chil
dren, from Mississippi, who have
been visttiner relatives here, have
gone to Memphis to reside in the
future. ' - - Star
Simple Way to Kill Catarrhal Germs
in Nose, Throat and Lungs.
The only natural and common sense
method known for the cure of catarrh
al troubles Is Hy-o-meI. It Is breathed
through an Ingenious pocket Inhaler,
so that Its medicated air reaches the
most remote air-cells of the nose,
throat and lungs, killing all catarrhal
germs, soothing the irritated mucous
membrane, and restoring a healthy
Hy-o-mei goes right to the spot
where the catarrhal germs are pres
ent in the nose, throat and luDgs and
destroys the germs 60 that perfect
health is soon restored.
A complete Hy-o-mei outBt with in
haler costs but $1.00 and is sold by
The Red Cross Pharmacy under guar
antee to refund the money unless the
remedy gives satisfaction.
Mr. F. G. Cunningham and fam
ily were the guests of Jim Fayette
Glover and wife Sunday.
The infant child of Mr. Richard
Rayburn has been dangerously ill,
but with Dr. Napier s care he is
Children's day will be observed at
Beech Grove Church, five miles
south of Hickman, next Sunday.
Everybody invited.
Well, what have become of Willie
Cute, Aunt Dinah and that joking
boy of Harris? We missed them
last week and this.
Mr. James Self and sister, Nan
nie, ot near uickman, were guests
of their sister, Mrs. D. J. Spark
man, Saturday night and Suad y
Mrs. Ida Wilkerson and children,
ot Troy, and Mrs. Bertha Ham
mond and little daughter were the
guests of Mrs. Emma - Sparkman
Farmers are certainly hustling in
this vicinity. Some are taking up
hay ; some cutting wheat ; some
plowing corn the first time some
laying it by.
Mrs. Johnie Cunningham has re
turned from Nashville, where she
baa undergone an operation. She
is at her daughter's, Mrs. Dorrel
Harris, and will return to her home
as soon as she can gain enoujn
The W. O. W. erected the monu
ment of Sov. Wm. Boston at Anti
och Saturday and it will be unveiled
the first Saturday in August. The
Union City Band will render music,
Everybody come along and bring
your baskets, for we are expecting
a large crowd. ,
Miss Jennie Kerlin has been ill
for several weeks, but is improving
Miss Margaret McAdoo and Miss
Annie Carter left Tuesday for a
visit to Rives.
Mrs. Will Nash, of Union City,
was the guest of Mrs. Jno. Alex
ander Sunday.
Mrs. Clyde McAdoo has returned
to her home in Dyersburg, after a
visit here to her father-in-law.
Mr. Owen Bondurant is traveling
in the interest of the new nursery,
with which his father is connected.
Messrs. Jas. Murphey, of Union
City, and Billy Murphey, of St.
Louis, spent Sunday with their
sister, Mrs.' W. T. Bondurant.
Miss Farrar McConnell and her
guest. Miss Clara Waynick, of
Troy, went to Hickman Monday
night to visit the family of Dr. Will
Bright. ,
Mr.Olie Kerlin, alter having spent
several weeks here with his family,
will leave this week for Memphis,
where he will engage in the insur
ance business.
Mesdames C. V. McDaniel, A. K.
McConnell and Miss Louise Mc
Connell left Tuesday for Dawson
Mrs. McConnell has been sick for
some time, and we hope the trip
may prove very beneficial.
The temperance service at Mt,
Zion .Sunday was largely attend
ed by the young people. The les
son, I. Cor. x. 23 33, was read by
Miss Minnie Bowen. Short articles
on temperance were distributed in
the audience and references given
by the leader, Miss Clara McCon
nell. A story portraying the evils
of the "Social Drink" was read by
Miss Kitty Mott Glenn. Miss Ma
mie Barham read an extract from
letter from Robt. McCulloch, Vice
President and General Manager of
the United Railway Co. of St. Louis
A recitation was given by Miss
Katie Mayes. This was pronounced
the most interesting meeting we
have had, and we trust that it may
be the most effective. The next
subject will be "The Devil."
Range Free
It goes to the little girl who can draw the best reproduction of The
Buck's Stove & Range Company's trade-mark.
It is a perfect little stove 22 inches long 11 inches wide 23 inches
high. It has a reservoir for heating water an oven for baking a high
warming shelf and is splendidly ornamented with a generous supply of
silvery nickel. Added to this there is a miniature skillet a poiling pot
a nickel plate'd lid lifter a towel rod. It will burn fuel, bake and cook
just like a big range.
It is now on exhibition
see it and don't fail to get
in one of our show windows
a booklet telling all about the contest
Don't fail to
attractive booklet printed in colors is free for the asking at our store.
There Is a Heap of Solace in Being
Able to Depend Upon a Well
Earned Reputation.
For months Union City readers have
seen the constant expression of praise
for Doan's Kidney Jfills ana read
about the good work they have done
in this locality. JNot anotner remedy
ver produced sucn convincing proor
or merit '
Mrs J. A. Prieto, 424 Washington
Avenue, Union City, Tenn.. says: "I
have used Doan's Kidney Pills for a
disordered and irregular condition of
the kidneys, and my experience with
them has taught me that they act up
to the claims made for them. The
condition of my kidneys when I first
commenced using Doan's Kidney Pills
was very bad, the secretions were
weak and unnatural, being thick and
full of albumen. They gave me relief
at once, and continuing their use all
the distressing symptoms gradually
assea away until 1 was cured."
m a statement given in 1903.)
" 1907, Mrs. Prieto con-
1 statement as fol-
four years since 1
Pills and was
return of the
o again use
I should
esort to
Mrs. Anna Laura Ratliff is on
the Bick list. '
Mr. Linell Wheeler, of Number
Three, spent Saturday night and
Sunday with his grandfather, Mr.
T. H. Park. .
Misses Rosa Huff and Nina
Isbell and brother went to Union
City Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Coleman and
baby, of Fremont, spent Sunday
with R. H. Ratliff and family.
Mrs. N. B. Fluty spent Tuesday
with Mrs. J. A. Huff. .
R. H. Ratliff went to Clayton
Mrs. R. H. Ratliff and children
spent Tuesday with Mrs. T. M.
Park. '
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Lechenet
and children, of Fremont, spent
Sunday night with Mr. J. Jordan
and family. " R6sfi.
Elected as Principal.
J. W. Burney.'of this city, has
been elected as , principal of the
Rives Graded School to succeed
Prof. Watson. Mr. Burney is one
our good citizens and a gentle
yho has had extensive experi
the1 conduct and manage--hools
and as a tutor. The
pen as usual in Septem
tr. Burney 's care will
ioy the reputation
'zed the school as
1 the county.
x Amusement Co.
Telephone 164.
Southwestern University
After sixty years testing, leaves no uncertain judgment as to the
character and ability of the men and women who go from her walls.
She prefers to be thorough rather than superficial. She does not
place chief emphasis upon cheapness (though the expense or board
may be had at cost.) nor upon short and quick results, knowing that
foundation work in character and real scholarship require time and
patience. Free scholarships to young ministers and to bona fide
teachers, r or catalogue and oooKiet write
President J. W. CONGER, Jackson, Tenn.
Satisfied Customers
6-5-4 V
6.6.4 Me mA) nrmtntilnn that tm
suitable, for use on Gas, or Gasoline,
Cooking Ranges, because it destroys
fust, is mater and grease proof, dries
in 10 minutes and is applied like paint
t your denier hasn't it, the Union City Ilnrdwnre
& Furniture Co., ham.
unss t. . w n fB
mum i csu w unew
lit and
"' '''fi.'.v
There is real pleasure in chewing
the best tobacco grownwhere the
best tobacco growsin the famous
Piedmont Country.
Only choice selections of this
well-matured and thoroughly cured
tobacco is used in making
and others of the Reynold's brands,
as shown by the Internal Revenue
statistics for a fiscal year, made the
wonderful growth of six and one
quarter million pounds, or t a net
gain of one-third of the entire
increased consumption of chewing
and smoking tobaccos in the United
States. '
Evidently, chewers cannot resist
the flavor and they cheer SCHNAPPS
because SCHNAPPS cheers them
more than any other chewing to
bacco, and every man that chews
SCHNAPPS passes the good thing
along one chewer makes other
chewers until the fact is now es
tablished that there are many more
chewers and pounds of tobacco
chewed, to the population, in those
States where SCHNAPPS tobacco
was first sold than there are in the
'States where SCHNAPPS has not
yet been offered to the trade.
SCHNAPPS is like a cup of fine
Java coffee, sweetened just enough
to bring out its natural, stimulating
qualities. SCHNAPPS pleases all
classes of chewers: the rich, be
cause they do not find a chew that
really pleases them better at any
price ; the poor, because it is more
economical than the large 10c. or
15c. plugs and they get their mon
ey's worth of the real snappy, stim
ulating flavor so appreciated by to
bacco lovers. All imitations con
tain much more sweetening than
SCHNAPPS. They are made that
way to hide poor tobacco improp
erly cured.
For the man wfro chews tobacco .
for tobacco s sake, there is no chew
Sold at 50c per pound In 5c. Cuts. Strictly 10c. and 15c. Plugs

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