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Entered At the pot office at Union City, Ten
nenw, a eeconu-tians mail matter.
Telephone 103
FRIDAY, JULY 5, 1907
now serving in that capacity with
a good, commendable record. He
Marshall & baird. Editor nd Pubiuher is a good officer, qualified men
tally and physically for the duties
I of Sheriff. He made a good race
in the last election, ranking second
in the - number of votes. Tom
Noah has lots of friends. He is a
good Democrat and his candidacy
is subject p the action of the Dem
ocratic party. e take pleasure
in presenting his name for your
The following very complimen
tary notice of our esteemed fellow
citizen comes unsolicited from the
Covington Leader.. It is, of course,
a pleasure to reproduce it, but the
real, underlying facts in the case
are that it shows what kind of
men Obion County and this, sec
tion of the State have sent to the
Legislature and the advantage of
having good representatives in the
legislative halls.
lion. Seid Waddell, of Union City,
stopped off in Covington last Sunday
while on his way home from a fishing
We are authorized to announce S.R.
Iiratton a candidate for Trustee of
Obion County, subject to the action
or tne Democratic party, j
We are authorized to announce G.
W. Worlev a candidate for Trustee of
Obion County, subject to the action
or the democratic party.
We are authorized to announce Har
ris Parks a candidate for Trustee of,
Obion County, subject to the action of
the Democratic party.
j. n. SANDERS.
We are authorized to announce J. IT.
Sanders a candidate for Trustee of
Obion County, subject to the action of
the Democratic party.
Wo urn nnf.linrizfid tn nnnoiinpfl TJ,
N. Tankersiey a candidate for Sheriff ni hunting excursion In Aransas,
of Obion County, subject to the action his train having been delayed a few
hours by the burning of the bridge at
Rialto. Mr. Waddell is one of the lead-
of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce T.J
Easterwood as a candidate for Sheriff
of Obion County, subject to the ac
tion of the Democratic party.
t. r. NOAII.
We are authorized to announce Tom
P. Noah as a candidate for Sheriff of
Obion County, subject to the action
of the Democratic party.
ing lawyers of this division of the
State, and Is also known for his active
Interest in all public questions. He
thrice represented his senatorial dis
trict in the State General Assembly,
and as such was the author of many
of the good and wholesome laws on
our statute books. His worth wa
partly recognized by the senate of the
Fifty-first Assembly when he was
made speaker which office he filled
with credit to himself and honor to
the body honoring him. ' Mr. Waddell
tribute to the power of the country
press. It represents the constit
uency to which the representative
should be true and to whose inter
ests he should be alert and faith
f ul. It registers its sentiment and
indicates the rise and fall of the
political stock of the representa
tive. This function of a country
newspaper, exercised intelligently,
honestly and carefully, must make
for clean politics and pure Democ
racy. The Tennessean.
Should that time ever arrive when
that malevolent office and rainbow
chaser. John Tempie Graves, is able to
put Georgia in his vest pocket and
carry it up to Oyster Bay and, present
it to his tin soldier and pewter god,
Teddy Roosevelt, then perhaps Geor
gia may bang herself on a sour-apple
tree and Sherman return from
that heated climate which he com
pared to war, when he tried to march
through that State to the sea, in order
that, he might wash and cool off.
Maury County Democrat.
Local pride is the father of local
advancement. Dyer Reporter.
The defeat of the bonds does not in
dicate the voters of Dyer county do
not want good roads. It is up to the
County Court to devise some plan to
make a start in the direction of road
improvements for our county. Dyers-1
burg Gazette.
;::::::: ;: :: ::;;::;:g
Have You Tried
Ask your g'rocer for it.
aahnlie-Wallier Milling Go.
Ask us for prices when selling your grain.
been so kindly dealt with by Time.-
Covington Leader.
It is just about one year before
the next Democratic national con
vention, yet sentiment is gradually has a few personal friends in Coving.
and unmistakably centering on ton who were glad to take him by the
Bryan as the Dominee. No other hand and congratulate him on having
name has the power even to at
tract passing notice. It remains
n ..I :it L xti i I tl m . . . ? .
aiiogeiuer wan me ieuiusKuu i ovua xempie urraves is in print
whether he will step into the ring, again with a lot of lloosevelt cant
or, with sincere intentions, va- Graves is pining for notoriety and
cate in favor of a man whom he he has a malignant case. When
will choose and support. ever Tennessee and Georgia go
Witn absorbing interest we read Kepubiican it will not be on ac
his triumphal tour of Europe and count of anything Graves has said
Asia. We saw the star rising or done. With two such Demo
Free Silver forgotten and crats as Taylor and Carmack and
nothing dimmed its brilliancy. A a safe majority of Democratic
glorious welcome awaited his re- votes, and then talk of Graves
turn. People traveled from every making a present of the State to
quarter to see him the greatest Roosevelt well, that is about the
of all tourists from private ranks, limit. He'd better take care o:
What was the reception? his long-haired literary graft.
Government ownership of rail
roads, and the political horoscope
turned back in its flight to the ages
when Republics began to totter.
The heart of Democracy sank to
the depths of despair.
Government ownership of rail
roads for the republic of America.
What an incongruity what a
. i.. i
vy 1 , - The Power of the Country Press
xur wmv iwuiu iu . uaCttu The cQ jg eff H
X.l xnMitUn (Unn finrr rilmr nnA " n
aU 1UU uU ujr a j Q lej?isation than
ywi puisueu uy tu are the coUnty convention9i BayB
liuny, uu wuu, a recent writer on the rural press,
lueanupue W..p..u- anJ fae quote8 in support of his
ciples, attacking the foundations- ition the folIowi 6t&tement
lu"r ,r 1 i K . UUJCUU from a middle-west congressman:
Ihe publishers of this paper The power of the country preg8 ,Q
supported Bryan heartily in both Washington surprises me. During my
campaigns of 1896 and 1000. One two terms I have been impressed with
ViM tn tho thfinrv of Free Silver ' it constantly. I doubt if there is a
iw ihv AA nnt single ealm utterance in any paper in
' . , . the United States that does not carry
Now comes the Great Common- some welght ln Wa8bington among
er, the friend of the people, with the members of Congress. You might
a doctrine which will cripple rep- think that what some little country
resentative government and ulti- editor says does not amount to any
mately destroy the 1 voice of the tjng, but it means a great deal more
J , than most people realize. When the
people. , country editor, whq is looking after
But men believe in his honesty, nothing but the county printlng.gives
He has the magnetism to lead, expression to some rational idea about
whatever theories he mav esnouse. a national question, the man off here
.n,i th hll will fll I1 Congress knows that it comes from
il an ... . the grass roots. The lobby, the big
;bo it is that Bryan, if he chooses, raUroad ,awyerS( and Umt cas8 of
Will De tne democratic nominee, people, realize the power of the press,
and so it is that he will again meet but they hate it. I have heard them
defeat, and with the last crushing talk about it and shake their heads
4k ii- v,f ana say; "loo niuen power merer-
The newspaper boys of the State
sympathize with Editor Chas. W.
Rooks, of the Humboldt Chron
icle, in the loss of his mother, Mrs.
Bell Rooks, whose death occurred
at the family home in Humboldt
last Friday afternoon. The in
terment was at Dresden Saturday.
blow will totter
Jellerson built, the last hope
an undivided South.
The press is more powerful than mon
The writer goes on to empha
size the power of the rural press
The smallest editorial paragraph
tells the politician of the condition in
that paper's community, for he knows
that it is put there because the editor
In The Commercial this week
will be found tho announcement
of T. V. Noah as a candidate for
the office of Sheriff' of Obion
County. Mr. Noah is a native of has gathered the idea from some one
the country west of Union City whom he trusts as a leader-and the
, ... . . . . politician knows approximately who
and a citizen who has always that ,eader ,8 go ecountry ltor
iihouldered his part of the respon- often exert3 a power of whlch he
sibilities and duties which pertain knows little.
to the well being of his neighbors. The stacks of country weeklies
Mr. Noah has served as Deputy which may be seen on the desks of
Sheriff for several terms,
He is j congressmen attest the truth of this this advertisement. f 12
Haywood's lawyers say that Harry W' 'fS)' '0i'CSi'C3i'CSi'(Si'(S)'(S)'((8i (8i
uicnam ias uuou lying, uia tney
think anybody would expect them to
say he was telling the truth ? Knox-
ville Sentinel.
Memphis politicians care mighty
little what form of Government they
have. The offices and perquisites are
what they want. McMinnville Stand
Crop conditions for the past week
are favorable, and a marked improve
ment both in growth of plant and
cultivation. Reporter and Falcon.
The next Legislature really ought
to contain at least a few lawyers. It
is expensive to pay men to enact laws
which keep the Supreme Judges busy
declaring unconstitutional. II a r ts-
ville. Times.
The decision of the Supreme Court
holding the Memphis charter bill to
be unconstitutional carries with it no
reflection on Gov. Patterson or any
body else. Many Acts of the Legisla
ture have been held unconstitutional,
and many decisions of the Supreme
Court have been overruled. Infalli
bility resides ln no department in
human government. Brownsville
States Graphic.
uongregatronai singing in our
churches is rapidly going out of style,
even in small towns. At the speed it
is leaving the congregation and going
to the paid choir, it will be only a few
years till it will actually be against
the law to sing out in an audience.
Yes, you will be indicted before our
grand Juries for disturbing public
worship. Selah I Greenfield Times.
Where Will You Spend Your Vaca
By the seaside, mountainside or lake
sliore? No doubt you intend to enjoy
yourself at one of tliecool and delight
ful resorts North, East or West. Write
to Jno. M. Heall. General Passenger
Agent Mobile & Ohio 14. 14., St. Louis,
Mo., for full particulars regarding
rates, etc.
Greatly reduced rates via Mobile
& Ohio Kailmad to Seattle. Wash.,
account 23d International Christian
Endeavor Convention, July 10-15, and
kframl lodge Independent Order Good
Templars. July 16-22. For particulars
apply to M. & O. 14. 11. Aitenta, or
write John M. Beali, Gen'l Pass.Agt.,
St. Louis, Mo.
I. C. Bates to Exposition.
Jamestown Tercentennial Exposi
tion season ticket, Norfolk, Va.,?.'13.40;
ISO-day excursion, 2.".W; 15-day excur
sion, $23-75: coach excursion each Tues
day, 810.00. These rates are from
Gibbs. For further information call
on or address agent at Gibbs.
P. and A. M.
Union City Lodire No. 531. V. and
A. M meets on the tlrstFriday night
in eacli month at the lodge room in
the C. B. A. bulldintr. The nrosoncp.
of all members is earnestly requested.
v isiwng mruiiKTs aiways welcome.
14. F. Batts, Sec.
Physician and Surgeon
Office in the Nailling Building.
Telephone No. 231
Office 2 ringn; Residence 3 rinsrs.
'Union City, Tenn.
You've tried the rest, now try the
best bunstune Flour
, .... ...aga.
It's Wagon Wisdom that prompts a farmer to
select a Weber Wagon. He knows that the 61 years
experience in wagon building which stands behind
every wagon is a guarantee that when he buys a
Weber he buys the highest quality. Sixty-one years
of wagon building have resulted in the Weber wagon
of today, which, for correct design, excellence of
material and conscientious construction, stands with
out a peer King of all farm wagons.
Union City, Tarvn.
"Making the Dog Go Back."
Never a sign of Shep about
Ah, what a threadbare ruse !
Down the lane, to the gate, and out,
Sorry the scamp is loose ;
Visions of troubles close at hand,
Keeping one on the rack ;
Hard for a boy, you understand,
Making the dog go back !
Whistled to come, day after day,
Lured with endearments fond ;
Sniffing you up out in the hay,
Swimming with you in the pond ;
Chasing your foe with bristling mane,
not on the rabbit's track ;
Wonder it goes against the grain,
Making the dog go back ?
Ha, there he is, low in the grass,
Only his ears in view ;
Spying the way that you must pass,
Keeping his distance too ;
ITeedless alike to wile and threat,
Sneaking away to tack t
Small returns for your pains you get,
Making the dog go back! :
Another halt, a few rods on,
And a bootless chase the while ;
The homestead disappears anon ;
But, again, within the mile,
Shep's bland nozzle is peeking out
The gate's gaping crack ;
Ready to call it quits, no doubt,
Making the dog go back 1
Many a memory fond is there,
Dear days that now are o'er ; -
And ever the heart is fain to face
The old home-road once more ;
Only In dreams, I now may see
Old Shep upon my track,
And morning seems unkind to me,
Making the dog go back I
Kansas City Star.
FOR SALE A lot of thoromhhrpd
Berkshire pigs, weighing from 50 to 60
ounuseacn. iTice, ?u at my home.
all or write W, T. Bondurant, R.F.
sso. a, incKman, Kv.
Lumber and
Building Material
Can furnish for everything you want to
build from a chicken-coop to a beautiful res
idence. Our lines complete and our yards
convenient. Telephone 37.
Yards on First Street, south of Presbyterian Church
: . ' :
union vuy,
You Are ir
The next in MT
as the case rr
some minut
office, whi
this by 7
' ' f ''s
Union City, Tenn.
Money to loan on long time at low
rate of interest.
Office up-stalrs over Postal Tele
graph office. Telephone 255.
Office over Allen
Drug Co. '8 store i
Offiice Phone 283
Residence Phone 346
1 A -
m V -aV
!) MFui not ru '
(Effective April 14, 1907.)
No. 1, lv Union City 4.30 n.m
No. 3, (Havana Limited)... 4.18 a.m
No. 5, lv Union City 4.23 a.m
No. 15, leaves (week days). . . 8.00 a.m
No. 2, lv Union City ....... 12.10 p.m
No. 4, (Havana Limited)... 12.24 a.m
No. 6, lv Union City 11.59 p.m
No. 12, leaves (week days). . . 1.55 p.m
Only the handsomest of Pullman
Library Observation Sleeping Cars,
wide Vestibuled Coaches and Dinlmr
Cars, with Electric Lights and Fans,
are used in the Limited. For all in
formation call on your Home Agent,
r wrue jno. m. Mean, ueneral ras-
senger Agent, St. Louis.
v R. J. BARNETT, Agent.
R.V.Taylor, Jno.M.Beall.
Gonml Hsnngitr, (Mntnl Famngnr Agent,
MOBILE, AJ.A. ST. 1.01TI8, M(l
. 7.40 a.m.
. 3.0 p.m.
11.15 p. Ml
BOW. w ' " '-- .
No. 55, ar Union City..,.
wo. a, " ....
10. 53, " "

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