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If you contemplate taking
or renewing your subscription
for a State paper send us your
name at once for the
Nashville Banner
and give Miss Dautie Pardue
the benefit of your vote as one
of the candidates to visit the
Tamestown Exposition. The
Banner clubs with The Com
mercial (Union Citv) at the
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One year .... .... $3.75
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Tailoring Co., the largest
Made-to-Order Clothing
House in the worid. These
garments are made to order ,
at the same price you pay
for good ready-made clothes.
- Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Over Bransford & Andrews
E. L. Bowers, Ext'r of Abia Crltten-
don et als., vs. Homer Alexander
et als.
In the County Court of Obion County,
t4 , Tenn.
In this cause It appearing to the
Cleric from the return of the Sheriff
made upon a subpoena to answer in
tins cause, that the defendant, B. II.
Word, Is not to be found after diligent
fcf arch, and that he is now a citizen of
m Issouri. so that the ordinary process
of law cannot be served upon him . It
Is therefore ordered by the Court' that
publication be made for four consec
utive weeks in The Commercial, a
newspaper published in Union City,
Vnnessee, requiring said defendant
xx appear before the County Judge on
the ,
First Monday in August, 1907,
and make defense to the bill filed
against him et als., wnicn is sworn
to; or said cause will be set for hear
ing ex parte as to him. .
This June 17.1907
8. F. HOWARD, Clerk.
By II. M. 'Golden, D. C.
Geo. R. Kennet, Sol, for Conipl'ts,
Cordio Ionia Slegles vs. Andrew Sleg-
Pending in the Circuit Court of Obion
tJounty, renn.
In this cause It appearing from the
bill, which is sworn to, that the de
fendant, Andrew Slegles, Is a non-res
ident of the State of Tennessee, so
that the ordinary process of law can
not be served upon him : It is there
fore ordered by the Clerk of this Court
and he is hereby required to appear at;
tiie nest term of this Court, to be be
gun and holden on the . " -First
Monday in September, 1907,
at the Courthouse in Union Clty.Ten
nessee, and plead, answer or demur to
complainant's bill tiled against him
for divorce, on the 17th day of June,
1H07, in the office of the Clerk of this
Court, by Mrs. Oordie Ionia Slegles ;
or the same will be taken for confessed
and proceeded with ex parte as to him.
This, June n, 1907.
By T. L. Lancaster, Dep. Clk.
Pennsylvania Democrats in conven
tion at Harrisburg recently nomi
nated John G. narman, of Columbia
county, for State Treasurer, and tabled
a resolution indorsing W. J. Bryan
for President. .
Hamilton county, Ohio, is awarded
back taxes to the amount of 8S2.000
against the Union Central Life Insur
ance Company by a decision of the
Superior Court. The lack taxes are
on the company's bank deposits.
Harry Vaughan and Edward Ray
mond, convict9 sentenced to the peni
tentiary from St. Louis, and George
Ryan, a convict sentenced from Kan
sas City, were hanged in the County
Jail at Jefferson City, Mo., for killing
Prison Guard John Clay during a con
certed attempt to escape from the
E. II. Harriman, the millionaire
railroad magnate, was arrested by
Government officials on the Thames
river, near New London, for persist
ently getting on the course in his
launch when the Yale-Harvard boat
race was being run. Mr. Harriman
was later released, but his boat wasj
tied up. xaie's. crew won tne race
after a magnificent struggle by a
boat's length, amid intense enthu
si asm. ,
Martin B. Rice, of Davidson county
has been appointed Warden at the
main prison. Theterm of the Incum
bent, Capt. Luke McMeneway, will
expire on next Saturday, the same day
that Commissioner Hartford Is to be
succeeded by Henry B. Morrow, and
on that date Mr. Rice will be induct
ed into office. He will also at the same
time receive the title of '-Captain,'
that title being a part of the perqul
sites of the office. Mr. Morrow wil
receive the title of "Colonel," since
the higher rank always goes with the
office of commissioner. In fact, every
body at the penitentiary wears a mil
itary rank, and this fact, no doubt
accounts for the numerous applicants
for places there.
According to officials of the Treas
ury Department, the manufacturer, of
trunks with false bottoms, for the
purpose of smuggling valuables into
this country, has developed Into 8
thriving industry abroad.
Replying to requests made by attor
neysforthe Standard Oil Company,
Judge Landis, in the United States
Court at Chicago recently refused to
recall the subpoena issued for John D
Rockefeller, and declared that the Oil
King must appear in court and give
his testimony.
Rev. Dr. D. T. Eaton, editor of the
Western Recorder, pastor of the Wal
nut Street Baptist Church in Louis
ville, and the Baptist chief champion,
is dead. Dr. Eaton was 62 years of age
Advices from London show that
Mark Twain is the lion of the hour,
Twain's reception by the Britons, from
King Edward down, is equal to that
accorded the late Charles Dickens on
the occasion of the great English au
thor's visi t to this country.
Jno. T. Walker, Pres. H. Dietzel, V.-Pres. D. N. Walker, Cashier
Commercial Bank
of UNION CITY, TENN., at Close of Business January 29, 1907.
Loans and Discounts
Overdrafts ...
Banking House, Furniture and Fixtures
Sight Exchange.............. $34,433 39
Cash on hand .. . 13.645 47
Sight Drafts, Bills Lading attached 4,304 43-
$168,789 42
4,264 26
7,000 00
52.38S 29
Total Resources .
..$232,441 97
Capital Stock paid in , .. $50,000 00
Surplus and Undivided Profits.... .. , 18,525 07
Individual Deposits subject to check r 162,488 90
Certified Checks and Cashier's Checks outstanding 1,428 00
Total Liabilities..
$232,441 97
I, D. N. Walker, Cashier of above named Bank, do solemnly swear
the foregoing statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
, D. N. WALKER, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this July 1, 1907.
Forty5nine centB per room and up
for wall paper. Bell Furniture Co.
phone oil). .
To Teachers, Directors, Patrons, Etc.
The County Institute for Obion
County will convene at Rives,
Tenn., Monday, July 8, at 1 o'clock,
and close Friday, July 19. Every
prospective teacher who expects to
teach in this county, and have not,
on July , either an Honor Koll
Certificate or a State Primary Cer
tificate, secured this year from
some one of the State Institutes,
must attend the County Institute
at Rives for the whole term, and at
the close pass an examination on
the required subjects, either Prim
ar or Secondary. Those teachers
holding: a State Primary Certifi
cate, but who attended no Mate
Institute this year.' will have their
certificates renewed without exam
ination, However, such teachers
must' attend the County Institute
and listen to all the lectures made
during; the Institute. I trust that
all the teachers will thoroughly
understand the above rules and
regulations. No exceptions will be
made. W. H. Cook,
County Superintendent,
American and Foreign Marble and Granite Monuments
Get our prices on all kinds of Cemetery Goods, Curbing,
Building Stone, &c. All work finished in first-class style.
West of Semones & Sons' Foundry. UNION CITY, TENN.
America Boiled Down.
America has from time to time
been accused of being unduly pom
pous that she claims all in sight,
the largest, sinalIest,longe8t, short
est, richest, most beautiful, as the
case may be, of everything, and
that she the United States,f that
is has even appropriated to her
individual use a designation to
which Canada and Mexico .had
equal title "America."
But then, after all, doesn't she
back up most of her claims de
liver the goods? Of course, it
might be argued that a lace hand
kerchief might be worth more
than a blanket ; but a citizen feels
that he at least has breathing space
when he reflects that Uncle Sam
dooryard embraces 3,026,789 miles
square a slight increase, by the
way, over the 827,844 square
Reelfoot Catch
Red Fish, Red Snapper,
Spanish Mackerel, Reelfoot
Lake Fish of all kinds at
Everybody Clean Up Their Premises.
I have been requested to name a day
for the people of the town to unite
and clean up not only their own prem
ises, but the streets and alleys as well.
Mr. J. P. Adams, chairman of the
Sanitary Committee f th Hty, l
particularly anxious that this shall
be done, and will not only co-operate
with the 6treet force in this move
ment on the day nanred, but will ase
the city wagon in hauling away all
trash and refuse that may be collected
by the people on that day.
Io pursuance of the above plan, I
name TUESDAY, JULY 9, as the
day when all may work together and
not only clean up their own premises,
but cut the weeds down In front of
their property along the sidewalks as
well. Jno. T. Walker, Mayor.
miles 01 law. in that same year
of 1800 the population was 5,308,
483, a number which would scarce
ly be missed from the 84,154,009
of the present day. We don't fee
crowded in most sections now with
"Zi.l inhabitants to toe square
mile : so that it must have seemec
a bit lonely with 6.41 at the begin
ning of the nineteenth century.
And when it comes to the al
mighty dollar, there is where
America certainly shines: She is
worth $107,104,211,071 in real or
or personal property, or $1,310.11
per capita. , If you haven't got
yours, try to save it up out of the
$2,736,646,628 in circulation,
which is $32.32 for every member
of the family. If you are partic
ular you may choose it out of the
$668,655,075 of gold ; the $188,-
630,872 of silver; the $516,561,840
of gold certificates ; the $471,520,
054 cf siver certificates; the $335,
940,220 of United States notes; the
$548,001, 238of national banknotes,
or in small change from the $7,
337,320 drifting about.
It is true that there is an inter
est-bearing debt of $895,159,140,
... t . ... .
tne annual interest on which is
$23,248,064 ; but no one worries
much about that, when it amounts
only to 28 cents a year to the cit
izen and the peanut crop promises
to be good. Besides, certain prov
ident members of the community
have deposited $4,055,873,637 in
national banks, and 8,027,192 have
put $3,299,544,601 in the saving
Then there are the farmers.
There are 10,438,219 of therewith
5,739,657 farms worth $20,514,
001,838, the products of which are
worth $3,764,177,706, and who
feed not only themselves and the
rest of the 84,000,000 Americans,
but send 117,718,657 bushels of
wheat, to say nothing of 13.919,
048 barrels of flour to foreigners.
The foreigners pay $62,061,856 for
the corn, and $28,757,517 and $59,
106,869 for the wheat and flour.
That the National Government
will be able to keep up the pay
ment of interest on the public
debt without having to call on the
individual citizen for his 28 cents,
is evident when it is considered
that although the net ordinary ex
penses of the federal . machine
amount to $544,746,223, there is
an income of $594,454,122.
That our "infant industries" are
at least promising babes, is evi
denced by the fact that there are
wheels going round in 216,202
manufacturing establi s h m e n t s
which turn out goods to the sum
of $14,802,147,087. That there
were a few sickly youths, how
ever, is proved by the fact that
10,682 passed away last year, for
which there was mourning to the
tune of $119,201,515.
We always were a "scrapping
lot, and have always been willing
to pay for it. For the contests
already held we have paid $3,459,
860,311 in pensions, and are pay
ing $141,034,562 a , year now, to
say nothing of the $117,946,692 to
the army and $110,474,264 to the
navy those are their yearly sal
anes wno are Kept on hand in
case of need.
Americans seem fond of riding,
and for this purpose aud to haul
her freight operate some 217,341
miles of railroads. Of this oppor
tunity for rapid shifting of scenery
745,447,671 citizens took advan
tage last year, conveyed in 30,777
cars. The freight hauled one mile
amounted to 187,375,621,537 tons,
which required 1,767,657 cars. If
these freight cars were coupled
into one train it would make
very neat belt for the earth at the
equator. We had 23 miles of rail
road in 1830.
We appear to write a few more
etters in these days than in 1800 ;
at least at that time there were
only 903 postoffices, against 65,600
at the present time, which bring
in receipts of $167,932,783, as
against $280,804 for that ancient
year. The expenses of operating
the postal service are somewhat in
excess of. the receipts, being $178,
440,779, but this isn't bad, consi
enng the fact that 478,711 miles
of . post routes are covered, and
that a letter might travel the whole
distance for two cents.
But even the mail doesn't move
quickly enough for the American,
so he sends 96,987,140 telegrams a
year, or something over one to
v X '. .
.'-.. :" HARDY
We have one of the Best Elevators in the State.,
We can handle 50,000 Bushels of wheat per day.
Our turning capacity is so great it is impossible for
the wheat to heat or wevil damage. '
For storage terms, etc., apply at our office.
Very truly,
I Have You Tried
the citizen. A good proportion
of these are considerably above
the quarter limit too, being news
dispatches to the 22,326 newspa
pers which manage to find sub
Like a certain ancient people,
It makes old furniture look like
5 new 25 ana 50 cent Domes, uive
H it a trial, and if not satisfied you
3 get your money back.
Brill! Liber niir
: PHONE 285
we are always seeking something
iw, and the Government admits
to. 31,965 a year that they have
done so and issues them patents.
It is much to be regretted that
we nave 0,240,00 illiterate citi
zens, ten years of age and upward,
but there is a ray of hope in the
fact that we are spending annually
some $291,916,660 on our public
schools, which aro being attended
by 16,468,300 pupils, who receive
instruction from 460,269 teachers.
And then there are 453 colleges
and universities.
UI course it may be true, as
hey say, that we brag a bit : but
America must look good to the
oreigners after all more so every
year, as in 1820 only 8,385 immi
grants thought it worth while to
give us a trial, while last ' year
,100,753 entered our ports.
No, after all, , we don't brag
merely state facts. St. Louis Re-
public Sunday Magazine.
$100 Reward, $100.
The render of thin Winer will be Pleased to
learn that there is at least one dreaded disease
that science has been able to cure in all its stages,
and that is Catarrh. Hall' Catarrh Cure is the
only positive cure now known to the medical fra
ternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease,
requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly
upon the blood and mucous surfaces ot the sys
tem, thereby tf-stmytng the foundation of the
disease, and giving the patient strength by build
ing up the constitution and assisting nature in
doing its work. Tho proprietors have so much
faith in its curative powers that they offer One
Hundred Dollars for any case that it fails to cure.
Send for list of testimonials.
Address F. J. CHENEY ft CO.,
Sold by druggists. 75c. Toledo. O.
Take Hull's Family Pills for constipation.
Let tne help you plan it. T may be able to make
suggestion that will save yon money. Write for
Summer Folder describing resorts in the Ten
nessee mountains, including Monteagle, Sewa
nee, Beersheba Springs, Estill Springs. Plyant
Springs, Bon Aqua Springs, and many others. If
you are going to the janw-stown Exposition write
for Jamestown folder. Liberal stopovers allowed.
W. J,. MMtiV, u. 1". A..
N. C. & St. t. Railwny,
Nashville, Tcna.
i Whooping Cough. ;
This disease commences very much
the same as an ordinary cold, but may
soon be Identified by its peculiar
cough. The principal danger is from
the accumulation of tough, tenacious
mucus in the throat, choking the child,
or the prolonged and violent cough
ing, rupturing the tiny air cells of the
lungs. When neglected complications
arise. That is, it leads to other and
more dangerous diseases, convulsions,
pneumonia, etc., which often results
fatally. ''Coussen's Honey of Tar"
will keep the the cough loose and the
expectoration easy, allay the Irrita
tion and tickling in the throat, mak
ing the fits of coughing lefs violent
and less frequent. The reason this
remedy has bad such phenomenal suc
cess in the treatment of "whooping
coughs is that the manufacturers of
of Coussen's Compound Iloney of Tar
are the sole proprietors of the process
of manufacturing Castaolne, a power
ful alkaloid obtained exclusively from
Castanea Americana, or the American
chestnutleaf. This almost speclflcrera
edy for whooping cough, taken from
the chestnut leaf and added to other
valuable medicinal agents: -hoar-hound,
wild cherry, squills, blood root,
mullein, tulu, honey, tar, etc., makw
the compound prescription, known
since 18C1 as "Coussen's ComDound
Iloney of Tar" The only 3blsolute
and positive remedy for the distress
ing cough known as the Whooping
cough. Ciive it a trial. Sold by Ee'd
Cross Pharmacy, Watson & Kiinsey,
Wanted Second-hand, fire proof
safe. Apply at this office. tf
Fob Rent Good new fife-room
house, large hall on North Second
street. Apply to C. T. Moss.
Baptist Young People's Convention.
Spokane, Mich., July 4-7. Greatly
reduned rates via the Mobile & Obi.
R. R. For particulars apply to M. &
o. K. ii. Atrents,
Iieall, Gen'l Pass
or write Jno. M,
Agt., St. Louis, Mo.

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