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Drs. Moores & Long,
E. Church St., Union City
j Telephone 1U.
j Drs. Moores & 'Lor.?,
j E. Church St., Union City
j Telephone 141.
fnton City Commercial, efUblishpl 1990. 1 rnnmn,, i-tefl Sent. -r 1 1S97
Weil Tenocnoe Courier , Mtsblithrd lenfj. ConoUited SepU. . r 1, law.
VOL. 17, NO. 20
Give Your Street and
Number with your order. This saves much time. We make a special effort to get
OULSf? V0UI order out on time and every minute saved means a great deal during the day.
J Vutv v ye car. still handle a few more orders, so let us have them.
i .
i !
1 1
Phone 100
We claim that for good value in
we cannot be beat. That we succeed in
pleasing the most exacting in point jof the .
quality of the goods, and that our prices are
right, is proved by the increasing number of
our satisfied customers. Join them.
Two Wagons
Wins Fayetteville Suit Chancellor
Bearden's Decision.
r1 -ed in the Cum berland Presby-
k Unurcn cane oy naoceiior
sehdi r ' earden has been re
Q here and, as the exact lan
n;r of the court may be of
i , interest to many members of
ghureh, it is given in full. It
Woe noted that both sides pray
not e Prante an aPPe&l t0 tne,
i .Vme Court. The style of the
death-tls ra kandritb. vs. J. L.
ja ins et als. , and the full de-
vj is as follows:
Landrlth et ale. vs. J. L. Iludtfins
H alrf. Final decree.
vis cauo was heard on this, Auj?
i o7 , a well a on former " days
,.'(VO deati.tuit adjourned special term
C .Greate',Uf l- brfnre Chancellor Walter
wbic Jon ll')0tl tlie tnoan8Wer
ue defendants, exhibit tiles, form-
lroceediu and the whole record.
, J"ter arpuiucntor counsel heard and
';, w onsidi'ratJou, the court is of opin-
that t lie efjuitles alleged In the
fever'1 u"'fc ftncl den,ed b thc acswers
i fre not sustained by the proof
0 6 1.1 accordingly now ordered, ad-
oid q(i decreed that said bill be
'C(fpfit?is hereby dismissed.
l'ie petition tiled against Dunaway
l-.l others In the Jackson cburcb mat
4 r Is dismissed and the arrested de
m'nti are released and discharged,
jxrp satisfactory regions and in view
sumi'pcal, the court, orders and de
.. s 'hat the partes have and enjoy
.e rights, of alternate use of the
?)urchr"pyipcvt1es at Fayetteville,
' Kd'l 1 " iIcVenzleas hereinbefore
, jinber term of t,a of that
People of'ct' ''uWe Tpr to iuodifica
.m.utual conseO ., ", '
v , ...is wiil paythecoctof tiioir
Aabhvuerti ar)(1 complainants wil
to Spnntrn
view rejra .
ton C
. ,. .ft. ! ' A rfn '
t ,i " '
"J ViJl)aTwo Delivery Wagons. F? F A n Hi IP AHQ One Phone-14-.
Two Phones 66 and 462
pay the remaining costs, inludlog all
the cost of the petition case relating
to the Jackson case.
From the foregoing decree, ex
cept the portion adjudging costs
against defendants, complainants
in the original bill and petitioners
in the petitions for attachment for
contempt pray an appeal to the
Supreme Court of Tennessee, sit
ting at Nashville, which is granted
upon complainants, being said pe
titioners, giving bond for costs as
required by law.
And defendants pray an appeal
to the next term of the Supreme
Court at Nashville from so much
of the foregoing decree as taxes
them with any of the costs of the
cause;, which is granted upon the
execution of proper appeal bond.
By consent thirty days is allowed
both complainants and defendants
to prepare their appeals. Nash
ville American.
Unveiling at Antioch
The crowd attending the unveil
ing of the Billy Boston monument
at Antioch Sunday is estimated at
2,500, a great tribute to a worthy
citizen. There were about two
hundred and forty Woodmen in line
and a number of Odd Fellows. The
orators of the occasion were A. Y.
Simmons! State Secretary, and Rev.
C. C. Brown, of Obion. It was
probably the largest of a similar
gathering in the county, The day
was fine and a magnificent dinner
was enjoyed. s
St. Louis-Chicago.
Cheap excursion ratesover I.O. R. R
on Saturday, A ugust 17. Tickets will
be on sale at Gibbs as follows: Round
trip To Chicago, 12; St. Louis, ;
Louisville, $9.50; Cincinnati, 811.50.
Final limit Sept. L. For further in
formation call on
A. R. Pace, Agent,
Gibbs, Tenn.
Farmers Want Experiment Station
in Obion County.
Farmers in West Tennessee are tak
ing hold of Commissioner Thompson's
idea to have the elements of agricul
ture and practical culture of the
plants more generally taught in the
public schools, with great interest
and enthusiasm. This has been de
monstrated in the meetings which
have been held in a half dozen of the
counties of that division this week.
Commissioner Thompson, of the De
partment of Agriculture, has just re
turned from West Tennessee, where
he has beenfor the past week attend
ing the county Institutes.
"I am highly gratified," said the
Commissioner, "at the great Interest
which the farmers are manifesting in
the work of the Department, and at
the large attendance which every
where has greeted our speakers. All
agree that the institutes have never
been so largely attended as they have
been this year. The most encourag
ing feature of the institutes to me
has been the manner In which the
farmers have taken hold and the in
terest which they have taken in the
debates. ' "
; "Another significant and encourag
ing feature of the institutes has been
the enthusiasm with which the idea
of giving more attention to the teach
ing o! agriculture in the public school
has been endorsed. . This .suggestion
was met with unanimous approval at
every meeting but one, where a lone
farmer arose in opposition. Resolu
tions endorsing such a law have been
oeen passed everywhere. I am ex
pecting splendid results from the
f'The farmers down In West Ten
nessee, and especially in the trucking
section, are enjoying prosperity to an
unusual degree. The profits from the
truck crop this year have been so flat
tering that everybody seems to have
the trucking fever. There have been
some good rains recently and crops
generally are in fairly , good condi
tion." Nashville Tennessean.
The Farmers' Institute was held
in this city Friday and the above
notice appeared in Sunday's daily.
This notice, however, does not ap
ply to the session held in this
When the chairman rapped for
order and announced that Dr. F.
M. Mellee would deliver the wel
come address the Doctor suggested
that the Institute take recess for
two hours' and give the farmers
time to gather, less than a dozen
being present. At ten o'clock a
few more had come in "and the
work of the day commenced. The
talks of the day by the gentlemen
on the program were highly com
plimented, and well received by
the few who happened to be in at
tendance, At one o'clock, when
there was an even dozen men pres
ent, a little piece of cheap politics
was attempted. Hardy C- David-1
son, of Number Nine, appeared
with a set of printed resolutions
endorsing Madison Coonty as the
proper location for the West Ten
nessee Experiment Station. He
read his piece and sat down. Then
the Hon. J. Henry made a speech
urging the adoption of the resolu
tion, which was done, six men
(Successors to W. C.
participating in the farce.
This kind of thing has killed
farmers' meetings in this county,
as well as crippled the old Confed
erate soldiers' gatherings.
Obion County has been and is
to-day an applicant for the Sta.
tion, and everybody thought we
bad a good chance to land, as we
undoubtedly have the best agricul
tural county in the entire State.
But Hon. J. Henry, during his
remarks, stated that Obion didn't
have a "ghost of a show," that the
Governor had so stated, and that
the proper thing to do was to rec
ommend Jackson.
What he knows about it, and
when he commenced to hob-nob
with the Governor, we do not
know ; but we do think Governor
Patterson is a man, an honorable
man,, a man who will fulfill his
every promise, and we are here to
say to the Hon. J, Henry that
when the Governor complies with
his voluntary promise, made and
repeated time and time . again, to
give Gibson one commissioner and
Obion the other, Jackson and Mad
ison County won't have a shadow
of a chance.
The farmers and citizens of the
county, upon hearing what had
been done Friday, met in mass
consultation Monday. Short talks
were made by Hons. Seid. Wad
dell, Geo. R. Kenney, F. M Mc
Ree, John White and Morris
Miles. A resolution by Mr. Miles
was passed. It provides that Obion
County stay in the fight to the
finish. "Madison may have the
cards stocked," said Mr. Miles,
"but Obion - wants to 'see' the
hand." Every one present seemed
to be of the opinion that it would
take kings or better for Jackson
to win. ; '
upon motion, tne cnair ap
pointed Newt Whipple, Wm. Stan
ley and beid Waddell a committee
on resolutions. These gentlemen
retired and in a short time pre
sented the following resolutionsj
which were unanimously adopted
Whereas, at a mass meetlna of the
farmers of Obion County, held at the
courthouse in Union City on August
5, 1907, the following resolutions were
adopted, to-wit :
Resolved, That the farmers of Obion
County earnestly desire that the Ag
ricultural Experiment Station for
West Tennessee be located in Obion
County. . , : i
Refolved, further, That it being
generally reported that at a meeting
of the .Farmers' Institute for this
county, at this place on August 2, cer
tain resolutions were adopted recom
mending that such Experiment Sta
tion be located in Madison County ;
such resolutions, if adopted at said
meeting, which was not attended by
a dozen farmers, we emphatically re
pudiate and protest against as not be
ing Jn accordance with the wishes
and sentiments of the farmers of this
county, who would greatly appreciate
the location of said station in Obion
County. .... J .
Hon. Rice A. Pierce was unan
imously endorsed , for Commis
sioner. , , r
Col. R. P. Whitesell was elected
chairman and members of the local ;
press as secretaries. ' ;
Reynolds Sons.)
5 E
3 rr-
1 - i
Office, Yard and Planing Mill gs
5 First St Union City, Tenn. g
2 Special attention given to the retail trade. 5
2 us figure on your house bills. 5
Union City Training School
Opens Monday, Aug. 26, 1807
. Sacra's Court.
Esq. Sacra was very busy Sunday
and Mondav. Geo. C. Buck and
Miss Clara Shelby, of Hickman,
were married at the home of S. F.
Howard. They came over in an
auto. C. A. Bradley and Miss
Maudte Watson, of Water Valley,
Ky., were also married by Esq.
Sacra here Sunday, and on Monday
he tied the knot which united Robt.
Young, and Laura B. Snow, of
Fulton. ' :
''" Wreck. ' '
A wreck on the M. & O. at Cayce
last week damaged a number of
cars and trackage, but no one was
seriously injured. Two sections of
85 were 'going north. .The first
section broke loose and the night
being clouded with tog, the next
section struck the train in front.
Our watch stock is complete.
Watches from $1 to $100. All guar
anteed for 12 months. Branstord
& Andrews. . ; '
Fire Near Glass.
The residence of Dr. I. N. John-
son, near uiass, . was aesiroyeu oy
fire last Saturday. The home was
formerly the property of W. F. Bar
ry, a handsome two-story building,
valued at about $3,500. The house
was insured.
Mr. Alton Maupin, of Fremont,
and Miss Lena McDaniel, of Crystal,
accompanied by Mr. DeBow Kice
and Miss Lizzie Bramham and quite
a number of friends and relatives
drove trom the home of Mrs. G. G.
McDaniel at 6 Sunday, August'4,'
and arrived at the home of Mrs.
Lafayette Glover at 6 30, and while
seated in their buggy were united
in marriage, in a .very Jmpressive
manner by Rev. H. E. Wattera, of
Martin, Tenn.
Immediately after the ceremony
the bridal party returned to the
home of the bride, which waB beau
tifully decorated in cream roses and
ferns. Delicious cake and cream
were served in the. dining room at
7.30. Only the immediate family
was present at the home, on account
of the delicate health of Mrs. G. G.
McDaniel.. ' ?
Miss Lena has been for sometime
quite a social favorite, being loved
and admired by a large circle of
friends.. Mr. Maupin well deserves
the prize he has won, he being a
young man noted for his amiable
disposition, honesty and integrity.
Mf. and Mrs. Maupin will begin'
housekeeping at an early date. May
the blessings of heaven rest upon
this union.

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