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" W'- Wf tr iw TW- W" -wr -v -r -v -f V WW W W V US" P V )P F ff W Wl" Tr W Vff W W" VT P
o O
'nl. It is better to have Insurance and not need it
ffk than than to need Insurance and not have it.
We can SAVE YOU MONEY on 11FE, do as WELL
oLay in a g'ood supply of, Tub Goods during' 1
Office over Niles' Drug Store. Phone 486.
o the next few days, for they will soon cost more mony o
0 . : 0
John Semones was in Chicago last
week. ,
W. G. Clagett ha9 returned from
Editor Turner, of Martin, was in
the city Monday.
Mrs. B. D. Irvine, of Fulton, was
a visiter in the city last week.
Mrs. Emma Cloyes and son, Cher
ry, visited Paducah this week.
Mrs. II. C. Stanfield is in Mem
phis visiting relatives and friends.
Have you eat any of Walters' new
Captain J. C. Reynolds will be at
home from North Carolina to-morrow."
Mr. and Mrs. John Hughes re
turned from a visit to Dawson last
Dr. R. S. Parka, of Memphis, was
in the City this week mingling with
Editor Johnson, of the Paducah
Labor Journal, was in the city last
Iadian made clothes hampers
$ 1.50 up, at Bell Furniture Co.
Mrs. G. T. Taylor and sons, Robt.
and Wood, have returned from a
visit to Dawson.
, Mrs. J. V. Hefley, of Fulton, was
Jn the city last week visiting rela
tives and friends.
Mrs. B. D. Mills, of Paducah, was
in the city a few hours Tuesday en
route to Trenton.
Mrs. Mary Crenshaw and Mrs.
Henry Dahnke are at Dawson
Springs this week.
-You've tried the rest, now try the
best Sunshine Flour
Mrs. Laura Hodgson, of El Paso,
Tex.", arrived here last week to visit
Mrs. S. T. Hay don.
Dr. Maney Bell and George Bell
have returned from the mountains
of northern Georgia.
Lea Garth and Miss Maggie John
son attended the union revival serv
ices in Troy last Sunday.
Mr. Campbell, of Cayce, who has
just returned from Jamestown, was
in the city last Saturday.
Indian made clothes hampers
fl 50 up, at Bell Furniture Co.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Robinson were
in Columbus, Ky., this week visit
ing relatives ana friends.
Miss Bondurant, ot Cairo, was in
the city this week visiting her sis
ter, Mrs. John W. Bransford.
, Miss Sadie Hall, of Chattanooga,
was in the city this week visiting
ber cousin, Miss Mary Andrews.
Misses Reggie and Lillie Flem
ing, of Hornbeak, were in the city
this week visiting Mrs. Sam Wynn.
Ladies, call and see the hand
painted parlor table Bell Furniture
Co. gives away at the Fair Sept. 26.
Supt. A. C. Nute and Miss Mary
Lawson enjoyed a visit to the Mam
moth Cave ot Kentucky last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil McCord and
family left this week to locate in
Texas, in the country west of Fort
Worth. ,
Hon. Finis J. Garrett, of Dresden,
passed through the city Sunday go
ing to Trenton to look after the in
terests of a client.
Cobb & Nichols Scfeo 6
Board in dormitory will be furnished at actual
cost. It will not exceed $10 possibly less.
Nichols & DeBow, Principals
Mrs. Wright Phebus, of East
End, is visiting friends in the coun
try this week.
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Watson visited
their sons, Chas. and Vernon, in
Memphis last week.
Mrs. Rebecca Brummell, of Lilac
street, is the guest of her daughter,
Mrs. Frank Barnes, in Paducah.
R. C. Coldwell, of Louisville, was
in the city this week visiting his
sister, Mrs. J. F. Howard, and fam
Dr. M. Bell went to Woodland
Mills Tuesday and spent a day or
two with his friend, Charlie Shep-
ard. .
Watch for Walters' potato vine
window display.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Glass, of Shar
on, were in the city last Saturday
attending the funeral of Willis J.
Rev. J. L. Hudgins will go to
Gleason to assist Rev. Jackson in a
meeting which begins the first Sun
day in September.
Robt. Nailling, of Kennett, Mo.,
was in the city attending the funer
al and burial of his brother, Willis
J. Nailling, last week.
All orders given to o u r bread
wagon on Saturdays for" Sunday
will be appreciated. Dahnke.
Mr. and Mrs. John Garth and fam
ily are in Paducah this week and
will visit Winona Lake before re
turning to Union City.
Willis Williams, son of T. J. Wil
liams, of Maple Grove, returned last
week from Oklahoma, where he has
been located for some time.
Dan Glenn, the popular salesman
at the house of H. T. Robinson &
Son, is this week enjoying a vaca
tion in the vicinity of Mount Zion.
China Matting cheap, at Bell
Furniture Co.
Rbv. A. I. Owen,1 of McKenzie,
was in the city this week, going to
the lower end of the county to look
after his farm near Mount Moriah.
Mrs. Lou Field and daughters left
Monday for Colorado Springs, re
turning home. Mrs. Field is snow
engaged' as teacher in one of the
city high schools.
A wreck on the M. & O. at Oko
lona, Miss., last Monday caused
No. 2 to be seven hours late. Con
ductor Gherry's leg was broken and
two messengers were injured. '
Folding bed and cotton mattress
only $13.50, at Bell Furniture Co.
See it to-day.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schmidt left this
week for Poplar Bluff, Mo., to re
side. Mr. Schmidt will be employed
in the tailoring business there -vith
Geo. Lutz. We wish them 'well.
Mrs. Henry Mayers and daughter,
of St. Louis, and Miss Mary Shack
elford, of Trenton, were in the city
last week visiting the family of
Judge and Mrs. Swiggart on Main
street. ' ' ' "
China Matting cheap, , at Bell
Furniture Co.
-Mrs. Cordie Garth and children
left Tuesday morning for Corpus
Christi, Tex., to spend a few weeks
visiting the family of Mrs. Garth's
brother, R. H., Marshall. E. H.
Marshall accompanied them as far
as Memphis.
0 '
0 ;
0 Notwithstanding White
0 Goods are advancing in
0 price every day, all odd
0 lots and odds and ends
0 must be cleared regard-
0 less of cost.
o Daiisie anu
0 the GREAT
Job JPrinting Plant Sold.
The job printing- department of
the Obion Democrat has been sold
to F. W. Preston. The job presses
and material will be moved to Cald
well's book store and will be oper
ated by Mr. Preston in the rear of
the building.
Died in Indiana.
Elmore Williams, son of T. J.
illiamB, of the country west ot
the city, died of typhoid fever in
Elnora, Ind., on Monday, the 12th
inst. The young man. left here a
w' years ago and has been engaged
farm work. . He was convalsscing
from the fever and ate a piece of
fried chicken in the absence of his
riends. The result was fatal. The
remains were buried in Indiana.
Mr. Parks as Baffles.
While in Nashville last week L.
. Parks enjoyed the sensation of
being suspected as the celebrated
Raffles. Raffles is a character which
s appeared and baffled the police
all the larger cities. He is not a
minal, but comes and goes in a
mysterious manner here now and
out of sight in a twinkling leaving
10 trace of his whereabouts. The
ast heard of Raffles in Nashville
was that be had on a blue suit. Mr.
Parks passed that way dressed in a
ue suit and the newsboys and
bootblacks began to crowd around
im. The fun lasted some time be
fore the mistake had been discov
ered. But it was a little unusual
experience for the Obion County
banker and citizen.
City Schools. ,
The primary and grammar grades
will convene at the school building
Friday, August 30, at 9 o'clock, for
registration and book slips. All
pupils wishing to take delinquent
examinations must report at that
time. The Commercial and Art
Departments will be open for in
spection on that day, and all pupil9
planning work in either of these
departments will consult with the
principals at that time. All pupils
entering the city school for the first
time will report that day also.
Pupils already , entered in the High
School Department will come pre
pared for work on September 2.
Workmen are busy at the build
ing finishing with the installing of
Semi-Annual Sale
Odds and Ends
All the odds and ends and
broken lots which have ac
cumulated during: our spring
season must be disposed of.
Better values have never
been offered.
OPPORTUNITIES this occasion offers. 8
offices for the Commercial Depart
ment and re-decorating the building
throughout. The heating plant is
being remodeled and made more
efficient. Several feet of new black
boards have been added to the reci
tations rooms. Several new pictures
have been added to the High School
Department. A complete set of
Johnston's maps have been pur
chased to further aid the grade
work in geography. A complete
set of Ross' mensuration blocks will
put new force into the teaching of
mathematics. The public are cor
dially invited to inspect the school,
which is distinctively theirs with
its present high standard won
through their co-operation.
1 I
See our wonderful Rug and Drug
get values. Bell Furniture Co.
Ed Commercial: I wish to express
my most hearty endorsement of your
recent editorial concerning an article
which appeared In a Fulton paper re
cently, which indulged in severe criti
cism of one of the most popular und
beloved ministers of this town Elder
J. J. Castleberry. I want to say that
I have known this gentleman inti
mately ever since his first arrival in
our town. I have been glad to have
him at my home and to be associated
with him in various other relations,
and 1 know him to be a true, conse
cYated christian, and an honest, hon
orable citizen, and no minister In
Union City stands higher In true
esteem, confidence, and love of our
people in general than Bro. Castle
berry. I was a constant attendant at the
Cates meetings, and 1 feel safe in say
ing that no one person, layman or
preacher, worked with more earnest
zeal aud religious enthusiasm than
did Elder Castleberry. When the
writer of the article applies the terms
"hypocrisy" or "ignorance" to Bro.
Castleberry, he displays gross ignor
ance of his theme and uncovers the
real animus In the matter, which is
bigotry and prejudice.
: "Mkthodit Thibtt Years.".
When you want to buy or rent
property in or around Union City,
see Carter & . White, Real Estate
and Insurance Agents.
At the Palace Hotel on the 15th
inst., Fred H. Reese and MUsDick
erson, of Belknap 111., were united
in marriage by Rev. II. B. Johnston.
. iivjd uvn iuc 015
After Trial at Fulton He ia Acquitted
of Killing Charles Martin.
Fulton. Ky., Aug. 16. -Bert Black
ford, the young barber charged with
shooting and mortally wounding
Charlie Martin, another barber,
Monday afternoon, was brought
over from Union City yesterday and
given a trial before Esquire J. T.
From the evidence it seems that
Martin had threatened the life of
the defendant, and when they met
Martin made an effort to draw a
gun and abused Blackford unmer
cifully, when Blackford pulled his
gun, shooting at Martin three
times, only one shot taking effect,
which caused Martin's death. After
weighing the evidence well, the
Justice declared that Blackford was
justifiable in defending his own life
under the laws and acquitted Black
ford. The court room was filled to suf
focation, both with men and women.
When the Judge gave his verdict of
acquittal the cheers of the crowd
could be heard for half a dozen
block m. -
Canning Factory in Operation.
The Union City Canning Co ,
owners of a new plant in Union
City just completed, started the
machinery last Saturday and canned
the first installment of tomatoes.
It is slid that everything works as
sleek as a button. The manager,
Mr. Nagle, bas a life-long expe
rience with canneries, and with the
gentlemen behind it who have pro
moted the industry this concern is
a fixture. This year the business
will get a reasonably good start,
and by the time another year has
passed the canning industry in
Obion County and Union City will
flourish. People are getting tired
of experimenting alone with wheat
failures. They want a crop that
will bring good returns. The to
mato and truck business is a suc
cess, and it is bound to be profitable
here where the land is as rich and
fertile as any that can be found in
the State.
Don't let the baby suffer from ec
zema, 6ores or any itching of the skin.
Doan's Ointment gives instant relief,
cures .quickly. Perfectly safe for chil
dren. All druggists sell it.
Now for a lively
Ail the odd lots, all the
summer surplus to go
J. quickly and at prices that
will do the work.
Men You Should Know.
In the picture gallery of the Butte
(Montana) Miner, a flourishing
daily newspaper published at Butte,
under the head6f "Men You Should
Know," is. a perfect likeness of
Wallace W. McDowell. It is a
brobdingnagian head on a lillipu
tian body and shows the miner
holding a nugget in each hand.
One of them shines like a diamond,
but we presume it is only copper.
Mr. McDowell is interested in sev
eral copper mines in the locality of
Butte. He has been operating in
that country for a number of years,
beginning under the direction of
the great Marcus Daly, who as-,
sisted him in many ways. Wallace
has traveled in the principal cities
of Europe and the United States
selling mining stock, and the pre
sumption is that he has accumu
lated some of the world' wealth.
Be that as it may, ' he is one of the
men who boast of early training
and first business lessons in Union
City. It is a sort of competitive
race between these former citizens
to make the greatest financial
achievement. Frank' Watts has
built a skyscraper in Nashville and
is manning one of the biggest banks
there. Russell Gardner is the best
advertised man in St. Louis, re
puted to be a millionaire. Ferd
Thomasson s banking and commer
cial interests are growing like a
mushroom in Hattiesburg, Miss,
Will Moore, in Chicago, who was
handicapped for many years ' as
leader of the "400," is a coming
man. Will Edwards has finally
abandoned the routine of railroad
business in St. Louis and is seeking
larger opportunities in the opera
tions of grain. Will Warterfield,
in Nashville, is also interested in
one of the grain industries, and
bas been climbing the ladder of
success. Several other erstwhile
Union Cityans are aiming at the
stars, and back in the old town we
watch their careers with consider
able interest. Tbere are others
from the county of whom we will
speak later on.
Constipation causes headache, nau
sea, dizziness, langour, heart palpita
tion. Drastic physics gripe, sicken,
weaken the bowels and don't cure.
Doan's JleKUlet act gently and euro
constipation, 2ocents. Ask yourdrug
gist. . "

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