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AT.T. 1
Office of DR. GULLEDGE
j& J Phone 223
I 1 J I l .T"
Non-Eesident Notice.
J. II. Handling vs. Tom Bynuin et als.
In the County Court of Obion County,
In this cause, it appearing to tlie
court that the defendant. Emily Sul
lioo, and her husband, Hea Stallion.
I.ruee, Charlie and liarry Hynum and
Lou Ella Bynurn. are all non-residents
of the State of Tennessee, so that the
ordinary process of law cannot be
served on them; It is therefore ordered
by the court that publication be made
in The Commercial, a newspaper pub
lished Id Union City, Tenn., for four
consecutive weeks commanding the
said Emily Stallion and her husband,
Ken Stallion, Bruce Ltynuin, Charlie
Bvnum and Harry Ilynum to appear
before the Judjre of the County Court
of Obion County at Union City, Ten
nessee, on the
First Monday in October, 1907,
and pjead, answer or demur to said
orlirlriHl and amended bill or the same
will be taken as confessed as to them
and the cause set for hearing ex parte.
This August 13, 1007.
S. F. HOWARD, Clerk.
County Court Land Sale.
E. L. Bowers, Exr., of Abia Crltten
don, deceased, vs. Homer Alex
ander et als.
In obedience to an interlocutory
decree made and entered in the above
styled cause, I will sell to the highest
and best bidder, at the Courthouse
door In Union City, Tenn., on
Saturday, the 7th Day of Sept.. 1907,
atl o'clock, p. m., the following de
scribed tract of land, situated in the
7th Civil District of Obion County,
Tenn., and bounded and described as
follows, to-wit: On the north by the
lands of Willis Walker, deceased, on
the east by G. W.Phebus, on the south
by C. B. Jackson, on the west by Joe
Jackson and G. W.Stovall, containing
135 acres more or less; minimum price
on this tract 82,500.
Also one house and lot in Union
City. Tenn . being in Block No. 14,
lot No. In Campbell's addition, front
ing west on Second street, running
back east 100 feet to an alley; bounded
on the north by lot No. '8 In said
block, on the south by a lot owned by
Dick Caldwell.
Also the houses and lot in the town
of Hives, Tenn., District No. 4, bound
ed and described as follows: Begin
ning at a stake on the west side of the
Hives and Troy road, running north
with said Rives and Troy road, 92 feet
to a stake at the northeast corner of
Harris' mill lot, thence west 162 feet
to the I. O. R . R. right of way, thence
southwest with said right of way to a
stake, thence east 200 feet to the be
ginning, there being 2 houses on said
lot. and includes and excludes the lot
on which the Roller Mill stands.
Tkkms of Sale- One third cash
one third In six months, and one third
In 12 months from date of sale. Notes
for the deferred payments will be re
aulred with approved personal se
curity, bearing Interest from date
and alien retained as further security,
This the 14th day of August, hmvt.
S. F. Howard, Clerk.
Geo. R Kinney,
Att'y for Complainants.
Union Cit :
The Union City air will be held
on September 25 to 23 inclusive.
The Fair was rained out last year
and it is hoped that they will have
better weather this year. The cat
alogue is a nice piece of work, and
contains a well prepared list of pre
miums. Union City does things
not by halves but in the right way,
The promoter deserve success
and will attain it if the weather is
suitable. Hickman will send a del
egatiqn. R. A. Tyler offers some
special premiums, as follows: Best
Alfred G. yearling-, $30; best Alfred
G. foal of 1907, $30; best Handy
Andy yearling, $10; best Handy
Andy foal of 1907, 510. Hickman
Just arrived, 42 to 100-piece Din
ner Seta 5 and 10c Store.
Sears Hotel Changes Hands.
On September first Mrs. Rowland
will take charge of the boardin
house conducted for several years
by Mrs. A. D. Sears. This house
haa for several years been more lib
erally patronized than any privat
boarding house in the city. Dut
ing this time Mrs. Sears has made
many warm personal friends among
her patrons who very much regret
to see her retire from business
Mrs. Sears and Mr and Mrs. Joh
Pitts will keep house, occupying
the Moss cottage on Second street
near the Training School.
Got anything you want
gies at
Nailling-Keiser Hardw. Co.,
Successors to H. Dietzel
Non-Besident Notice.
Mary Dean Wheeler vs. S. B. Wheeler,
Chancery Court Obion County, Tenn
In this cause it appearing to the
Clerk and Master from the bill or com
plaint, which is sworn to, that the de
fendant. S. B. Wheeler, is a non-real
dent of the State, so that the ordinary
process of law cannot be served upon
film: It is therefore ordered that he
appear before the Chnaceiy Court at
Its next regular tprm, to be held at
the courthouse in Union City on the
first Monday of October, 1907,
and plead, answeror demur to the said
bill, or the same will be taken as con
fessed by said defendant and the cause
set for hearing ex parte. It is further
ordered that publication of this notice
be made In The Commercial, a weekly
newspaper publislied in Union City,
Tenn.. for four consecutive weeks.
This August 10, 1907.
Clerk and Master,
Pierce & Fry, Sol's for Compl't.
Non-Besident Notice.
Mrs. Sallie Scott Gillis vs. J. A.
Chancery Court Obion County, Tenn.
In this cause It appearing to the
Clerk and Master from the bill, which
Is sworn to, that the defendant, J. A.
Gillis, Is a non-resident of the State
of Tennessee, so tha t the ordinary pro
cess of law cannot be served upon him;
lie Is therefore ordered to appear be
fore the Chancery Court of Obion
County, Tenn., to be held at the court
house at Union City, ia said State and
county, on the
First Monday of October, 1?07,
and plead, answer or demur to the bill
uieu agaiusii mm in uie Huoetayieu
cause or the same will be taken as
confessed by him and said cause set
" for hearing ex parte.
It is further ordered that publica
tion of this notice be made in The
Commercial, a weekly newspaper pub
lished in Union City, for four consecu
tive weeks. '
This August 12, 1007.
Clerk and Master.
Jamestown Tercentennial Exposi
tion season picket, Norfolk. Va.,:u.40;
iO day excursion, tf.W); 15-day excur
sion, ;i-"5: coach excursioneach Tues
day. 10.00. These rates are from
Giijbs. For further Information cail
on or address agent at G ibbs.
Ice Cream Supper; "
The Second Regiment Band gave
an ice cream supper last Tuesday
night at the band rooms on Wash
ington avenue. A very large crowd
of the band's friends was presen
who enjoyed the affair immensely
The band executed a very interest
we proeram of music. 1 he supper
was the revenue feature of the pc
casion. A voting contest was held
and Miss Lucile Morris selected as
the popular young lady of the occa
a ion. , Afterwards an impromptu
hop was given, a number ot visitors
joining in the dances.
Nailling-Keiser Hardware Co. has
the best line of cast stoves in town
Gorhain silver is the best. Han.
died only by Bransford & Andrews
Prot Len D. Williams, principal
of the High School at Cloverdale,
was, on Saturday night, Aug. 10,
united in marriage to Miss Grace
Dowd, of Mayti, Mo. ' Miss Grace
was visiting a friend in Lake Coun
ty where the ceremony was per
formed by the groom's father, Elder
John R. Williams. News-Banner.
49 cents a room up for Wallpaper,
at Bell Furniture Co. . Phone 530.
Ligon et al
vs. Robert L. Ewlng
et al.
In this cause It appearing to the
Clerk from the bill fllea in this cause,
that the defendant, Robert L. Ewing,
is a non-resident or the State of Ten
nessee and a resident of the State of
Illinois, so that the ordinary process
of law cannot be served upon him.
It Is therefore ordered by the Court
that publication be made for four con
secutive weeks in The Commercial, a
newspaper published In Union City,
Tennessee, requiring said defendant
to appear before the County Judge
on the
First Monday in September, 1907,
and make defense to the bill filed
against him et al., which is sworn to,
or said cause will be set for hearing
ex parte as to him. .
This August B, 1SK)7.
S. F. Howard, Clerk.
By II. M. Golden. D. C.
will do more to help a man's credit
than other ohe thing, and a check
ing account is indispensable to the
business man. It enables him to
keep his funds far more securely
than in his house or office safe, and
it places at his disposal all the
facilities of the bank for handling
his financial affairs without risk
and annoyance of making pay
ments in currency.
Union. City, Tenn.
Jno. T. Wa!ker,!Prest. D. N. Walker, Cashier.
H. Dielzel, Vice-Prest.
Joint Will Close.
Fulton, Ky., Aug. 16. The noto
rious "Ino',' joint, owned by R. S.
Murphy, Jr., and operated on the
Tennessee side ot the city, is to be
closed shortly, according to a state
ment made by Mr. Murphy, It was
in this place that Bert Blackford
shot and killed Charlie Martin last
Monday. The people of the town
will be heartily glad when the den
is closed. Some talk of closing it
by force was made, but when Mur
phy agreed to close as soon as his
stock of goods was disposed of no
action was taken.
Now is the time to buy refrigera
torsreduced prices.
Nailling-Keiser Hardw. Co.
Successors to H. Dietzel
Western Union.
The Western Union telegraph
wires have been conuected with the
Union City office again. The trouble
grew out of some false reports made
concerning the local operators
This was corrected and the wires
were immediately restored.
Died at Waverly.
P. V. Rogers, an aged citizen of
Waverly, died last Saturday, the
17th inst. Mr. Rogers was once a
resident of Obion County. He is
well known here, having land'hold
ings ot an extensive character in
the county.
Our watch stock is complete
Watches from $1 to $100. All guar
anteed for 12 months. Bransford
& Andrews.
Meeting Closed.
Revs. Potter, B. P. Smith'and C
Rhodes have just closed a meet
ing at Bethel, resulting, in the con
version ot twenty to twenty-five
persons, with several additions to
the church. Baptismal service will
be held next Sunday.
To Protect the Grass in the City Park
and Prevent Nuisances Therein.
Section 1. Be it Ordained by the
Board of Mayor and Aldermen of Un-
ou City, That It shall be a misae-
mpanor Tnr nnv nerson or nersi.ns to
go to sleep on the grass or benches in
the Park, or to otherwise tramp around
on the grass therein or scatter papers
or other trash over the grounds.
Sec. 2. Be it euacteel, 'mat any per-
son or persons convicted of any of the
above offences shall be tinea not less
than one dollar nor more than rive
Sec 3. That this ordinance take
effect from and arier its passage, the
public welfare requiring it.
J mo. T. WALKtu, Mayor.
J. W. Woosley, Recorder.
The Twice-a-Week Republic Now fo
50 Cents Per Year.
The Twice-a-Week Republic, of St.
Louis, his reduced its subscription
price from $1 per year to 50 cents.
This Is one of the oldest and best semi-
weckly newspapers published Jn the
United States, and at the price of 50
cents per year no one can afford to be
without it. For 50 cent you receive
two big eight-page papers every week,
101 copies a year, at les9 than one-half
cent per copy. Your, friends and
neighbors will surely take advantage
of this opportunity. Don't fail to tell
them all aboil t it.
Send all orders to "The Republic,"
St. Louis, Mo. -
The Commercial clubs with The
Republic as follows: The Twice-a-Week
Republic and The Commercial
one year, 1 4i: The Twice-a-Weqk
Republic and The Commercial, for
three years, for $4.00; The Daily lie
public (Rurul Route edition, 6 day3 a
week) and The Commercial, one year,
for $2 50. Address all club subscrip
tions to The Commercial, Union City,
Tenn. .
Miss Willie Caudle is visiting in
Miss Ola Petty visited Miss Edna
Clark Monday.
Dr. P. M. Joyner was here for a
few hours Monday.
Miss Grace Harris, had company
trom Mayfield Sunday.
J. W. Thome made a hurried trip
to Union City Tuesday.
Mr. Lee Wade has his' venerable
father with him this week.
Miss Missie Harris was taken sud
denly ill Sunday afternoon.
Miss Addie May Clark was a re
cent visitor of Miss Pauline Thome.
Misses Watters, of Trenton, were
recent guests of Miss Aletha Bon
ner. Miss Dessie Nichols, of Union
City, was in our little burg Tues
Mrs. Herbert Shore visited her
6ister, Mrs. Harry Webster, Tues
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Moffat, ot
Obion, were here the first of the
week .
Mr. and Mrs. Harrv Webster, who
are both ill with fever, are reported
no better.
Grady Palmer and sister, Miss
Cora, attended services here several
days this week.
Mrs. Maggie House and Miss
Leiron Bonner were in Union City
Monday shopping.
Mrs. Bud Reeves, who has been
sick for several weeks, is reported
to be some better.
Miss Georgie Coggins and Miss
Martha Wade were recent visitors
of Miss Alice Dickey.
Miss Cletie Young, who has been
visiting Miss Effie Reeves, returned
to Denver Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Stacy Thompson
and children have returned to their
home in Columbus, Ky.
Misses Aletha Bonner and Mina
Wright were visitors of Miss Agnes
Palmer Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Ethel Latimer, after several
days stay with Mrs. T. P. Palmer,
haa returned to Union City.
Miss Alma Morris and others of
this vicinity, who were on the lake
last week, report a pleasant trip,
Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton,' of Num
ber Seven, spent the day Tuesday
with Rev. and Mrs. C. P. Lindsay.
Mr. Moody Norman and brother,
Roy, of Clinton, Ky., visited rela
tives near here Saturday and Sun
Mrs. Pad Nolen and children, of
Union City, were guests of Mrs.
Anseltno Harris several days this
Mr. Harris, formerly of this place
but now of Mason Hall, is visiting
his daughter, Mrs. Tom Cunning
ham, and others.
Miss Bertha Smith has gone home
for a short vacation before visiting
the northern markets for advanced
styles in fall millinery.
W. G. Petty came in Saturday
afternoon from a sad visit to Pine-
wood, his old home that of wit
nessing the burial of his brother,
Mr. John Petty.
All of the home preachers were
here Monday and Tuesday assist-
ng Rev. Hudgins in the revival
services which are being conducted
under a tent in Caldwell Park.
A party composed of Esq. J. B.
Caudle and daughter, Miss Willie,
and Mr. and Mrs. Chester Irwin will
leave in a few days for the James
town Exposition and other points
north. i
I ! i PI Pi
I . ' V ' III
AE HAVE an expert shoe-
maker and repairer1 and
are in position to do all classes of
work promptly and satisfactory. s
organ-Verhine Co'y
A good cigar is not measured by its length, nor the price yoa
pay, but by the contentment that steals over the smoker as he puffs
away. You'll enjoy the cigars that you buy at our case. We sell
reliable brands only. We keep our cigars at just the right tempera
ture, keeping them always in perfect smoking condition. We jpmt
your cigar taste exactly, for we have no cigar slot machine, and can
give you a better smoke for your money than a dealer with a slot
machine on his, case.
D a lira Re's Cafe
The place where all good smokers go.
Loaded Black Powder Shells
Shoot Strong and Evenly,
Are Sure Fire,
Will Stand Reloading. '
They Always Oct The Game.
For Sale Everywhere.
lliir E-hnl nr. 1 1 horrtn (Via flrct I -- f TX "T T T"X
Monday in September with Prof. U''dS'HZHZV
B. Atkins, of Gleason, as principal.
Miss Sadie Fry will have charge of
the secondary and primary grades,
while Miss Dixon Sandling, of Un
ion City, will instruct on the piano.
lolin, mandolin and guitar.
Miss Coulter, of Pyer, and Miss
Annie Fain, of Rutherford,, were
ntertained (last Tuesday night by
Mrs. Joe Nailling at her home in
the city: Refreshments were served
and the kindness of the hostess
ery much enjoyed.
Is by Long Distance Telephone.
For rates apply fo Local Manager.
Cumberland Telephone & Telegraph Company.
I moow pouat m o.

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