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Drs- Mcores & Lcr.,
E. Church St., Union City'
Telephone 144.
' TT
! I). Church St., Union City
1 Telephone 144.
'11 iiii
Onion City Commercial, esUbllibei 1890. t rv,nartiM.uu 9ntmhi l 137
We.t TennV.ee Courier. emblitfaed isa7. J ConsoUJmted September I. ls7.
VOL. 17, NO. 23
Drs. Moo res & Long,
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oes If "Goneem You?
Phone 100.
WATSON &, KIM2EY, Proprietors
Groceries and Meats
Fresh and of the Highest Possible Grade, at prices
that make friends. All the provisions we carry are
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Country Buttery
ne'wly-laid Eggs, Potatoes, Fresh Vegetables of all
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Two Wagons Two Phones 66 and 462
With Two Others He Was Detected
in the Nick of Time.
Jackson. Tenn., Aug. 24. A bold
attempt at jail-breaking was dis
coveied about 4 o'clock Thursday
morning by Jailor C. E. Givens.
Lee Holder, who is confined await
ing action of the Supreme Court,
which meets here in special session
September 5, was convicted in the
lower court of the murder ot his
father, Rev. Holder, ot Troy, and
sentenced to be hanged, ait appeal
having been made to the Supreme
Court. He, with two other prison
ers; Ab Wilson and Fletcher Black
wood, confined to jail for misde
meanors, made the attempt.
When discovered, they bad in
some-way cut two bars, thus escap
ing from the cell in which all three
were placed, into , the main hall.
They had then dug through the
outer brick wall, which is tour
bricks thick, and had they not been
discovered when they were, their
escape would have been effected.
It is said that when the prisoners
were confronted by the jailor and
City officers whom he 5 had sum
mored to his aid, they were hud
dled in a corner of the jail, joking
about their failure to carry out
their ( purpose. A rope made of
blankets had been made by the
prisoners, with which to reach the
Toutid. One of the prisoners state-that
they had worked all night,
muffling the noise as best they
could with the means at their com
mand, and remaining quiet when
they heard any movements, to pre
vent discovery.
Don't let the baby fuffer from ec
zema, sores or any itching of the skin.
Poao's Ointment gives Instant relief,
cures quickly. Perfectly safe for chil
dren. All druggists sell it.
Tennessee Shots Ready for Match
, Col. Harvey Alexander, who is
in command of the Tennessee rifle
team selected to represent the State
militia at the Sandusky, O., match
writes that the boys have been do
ing some regular practice work
and that the record made this year
will doubtless surpass that of last
year at Seagirt, N. J. The Tennes
see shoot , will take place Aug. 28
and 29, and the result will be
awaited with much interest by al
the Guard members at, home a
well as by TenDesseans generally
The team is being coached by Capt
It. S. Henry, of Chattanooga, and
is composed of the following shots
Col. Alexander, team captain
Capt. Henry, coach; Col. Spence,
Maj. "Phillips and Lieuts. Nanki
veil and Stevens of the Third Reg'
iment; Dr. Moore, Sergt. Epper
son, Corporal Hasslock and Pri
vate Jones of the First; Capt.Seay,
Corporal Fulghen - and Private
Warmath of , the Second; Lieut.
Hyde of Troop A and Sergts. Hope
and Rahkio of Troop a, Nash
ville Banner. - ;
, Hundred Professions.
Fulton . Ky., Aug. 26. Nearly
3,000 peorle attended services atthe
Tabernacle Sunday. It was the
largest crowd that ever attended a
religious meeting in this section.
There were nine conversions and
more than a hundred professions.
Five hundred dollars were taken in
as a free-will offering. Rev. E. E.
Violett, an evangelist of national
reputation, is conducting the meet
ing, Oscar Marks, of Canton, Mo.,
is directing the choir of 100' voices.
All orders given to ourl bread
wagon on Saturdays for Sunday
will be appreciated. Dahxke.
- ' '
Bryan Replies to Recent Declaration
of War Secretary.
Lincoln, Neb!, Aug. 26. Wil
liam J. Bryan's reply to the speech
of Secretary Taft at Columbus, O.,
was given out to-night. Secretary
Taft is condemned as a "straddler"
on nearly all the important issues
and criticised for not taking ad
vanced ground in reform. Mr.
Bryan complains also that his own
position has been misrepresented
by the Secretary. Mr. Bryan says:
- "Secretary Taft'e speech will
prove a disappointment to those
who' expected a clear bugle note
in favor of reform- There is not
a single question on which he takes
a strong advanced position. , ' ?
"On the railroad question he Is
in favor of preventing watered
stock, opposes the consolidation
of competing lines and the dupli
cation of directorates. So far so
good; bu't he does not advocate
the ascertaining of the value of
the roads or the reduction of rates.
He even defends the President
from the charge of favoring the
reductions made by the States.
The railroads may object to his
rhetorical demolition of abuses,
but they will hardly be .scared by
his remedies. . '
- "On the trust question be thun
ders at. unlawful trusts, but not
only does not recommend new leg
islation, but takes the position that
a monopoly may not be harmful.
He seems to lean toward the idea
that it must be convicted of some
harmful act and this throws the
burden of proof upon the govern
ment. ; y' - . -
"He recognizes that 'restraining
is more difficult' when one corpora
tion swallows up a lot of other
corporations t h a t 'it involves
enormous labor on the part of the
government to prosecute such a
combination because the proof of
the gist of the offense lies under
neath an almost limitless variety
of transaction,' and yet he is op
posed to the license system which
would enable the government to
absolutely prevent amonopoly. In
other words, he gives the benefit
of the doubt to the corporation
instead of to the people.
"He thinks that putting one or
two trust magnates in the peniten
tiary .would have a healthy effect,
but he uses so many qualifying
words that one is left in doubt as
o what he really favors.
"He makes out a strong case in
favor of tariff reform, but when
he gets to the remedy he goes no
arther than the Republican lead
ers have gone in former campaigns.
He wants enough tarin to cover
the difference in cost of labor here
and abroad, the excuse given for
the present tariff, and be wants the
tariff reformed by its friends.
"Tariff reform bv the friends
of the tariff is a farce and a fraud
and the Secretary runs away from
the conclusions which would nat
rally be drawn from the statistics
which he presents."
Jefferson Davis' Daughter Relates
Father's Comment Upon It.
Colorado Springs, Colo., Aug.
24. When Mrs. Margaret Howell
Jefferson Davis Hayes, daughter
of the President of the Confed
eracy, learned that a member of
the righting Fifteenth Pennsylvania
Cavalry, attending the reunion
here, had hung upon the walls of
the Antler's Hotel a copy of the
old proclamation offering a reward
of $300,000 for the arrest of her
father and other Confederate lead
ers for alleged complicity in the
assassination of President Lincoln,
she immediately raised a protest
to Gen. William J. Palmer, the
host of the reunion.' ' ,
Before her protest had been re
ceived, however, Gen. Palmer had
heard of the proclamation and
ordered that it be taken down, out
of deference to Mrs. Hayes, who
is the wife of J. A. Hayes, a banker
in Colorado Springs. '
"I was a small child at the time,"
Mrs. Hayes wrote, "and, like most
Southern children, I looked upon
Lincoln as the arch enemy of my
country, Af the servants and
guards around us were thought
lessly rejoicing, 1 ran to my father
with what I supposed would be
good news to him.. He gravely
and gently took me in his arms
and explained to me that this ter
rible deed was done by a .crazy
man, who, no doubt, thought he
was the savior of the South, but
was really her worst enemy.
"'Always remember, my little
daughter, no wrong can ever make
a right,' he said. 'The South does
not wish her rights to come
through dastardly murders, but
through fair fights.'
"Then he sighed heavily and
said: -
" 'This is the bitterest bW that
could have been dealt to the South
ern cause. Lincoln was a just roan
and would have been fair and gen
erous in hi 8 treatment of the
Southern people. His successor
is a man we can expect nothing
from."' :
. . .
5 Office, Yard and Planing Mill,
-J-- First St Union City, Tenn.
i Special attention given to the retail trade. C
3 ''' ' " Let us figure on your house bills. HE
St. Louis Daily Republic
. (Rural Route Edition) , '
The Commercial
For $2. SO a Year.
Union City Training School
Opened .Monday 114 Pupils
New York Democrats are groom
ing a candidate of their very own.
He is Lieut.-Gov. Louis Stuyves
ant Chanler of that State, who is
said to be a most suitable man.
He is described as being a man of
"advanced'', views touching cor
porations and trusts, as also a man
whose originality, learning, culti
vation and independence are un
questionable. . He also enjoys the
distinction of having been elected
on the Democratic ticket to the
position he now occupies, when
the Democratic candidate for Gov-
ernor was defeated. He received
718,642, votes, while Hearst re
ceived but 691,105. Hughes de
feated Hearst by a plurality of
57,897; his plurality over Chanler
was 40,360, while Chanler's plu
rality over his Republican oppo
nent was 5,574.
Mr. Chanler may be all right,
but as yet Marse Henry, of Louis
ville, and Mr. Bryan, of America,
have not given him their distin
guished consideration, consequent
ly New lork's dark horse must
remain in the bushes until one or
the other of these masters of Dem
ocratic ceremony tell him to "gid-
dap" and show himself. Commercial-Appeal.
We are better prepared than ever
to take care of our customers. Two
graduated opticians, two expert
watch makers and two engravers.
All work guaranteed. BranstordA
Interesting Social Event at Obion.
Obion, Tenn., August 24. One
Of the most interesting social events
ot the season was the Hartbert
Hart wedding, solemnized at the
home of the bride's parents, at 8
o'clock last Thursday evening. The
ceremony was performed by the
father of the bride, Rev. S. R. Hart.
The attendants were Miss, Nell
Shell, of Majfield, Kj.', and Mr. ,17.
H. Kerr, of Savannah, Tenn. Tbe
bride was attired In a tailored suit.
Tbe skirt was of shadow-checked
voile over tan silk; coat of cream
and brown checked silk and hand
made lingerie waist, with hat of
harmonizing shades of brown. The
bridesmaid wore a creation of silk
tissue elaborately trimmed with
baby Irish lace.
The popularity of the young
couple was proved by an unusually
large collection of handsome pres
ents. They left immediately after
the ceremony lor a visit to tbe
groom's parents, near Morris' Chap
el, after which tbey will go to Sum
rail, Miss., where they will make
their borne. t I
Tbe bride is a very attractive girl
and has won hosts of friends bv
her charming personality and is
much admired for her beautv. Prof.
Hartbert is president of 'Sumrall
College, Sumrall, Miss., and though
young, is alteadv one of tbe leading
educators ot hi State.
Viis- St - i - -
(Successors to W. G. Reynolds fZX Sons.)
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And Deliver themlQuick
Two Delivery Wagons.
One Phone "j -4-.

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