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r:, floores & ion?,
Cb.rch St,, Union City
Drs. Moores & Lcr,?,
E. Church St., Union City
Telephone 144.
i jaw lit A
H II i
"inn ' : f Commercta
VOL. 17, NO. 31
!,! Ti'nnsMn Courier
rt!g Store
Li'one, 1 0 O
Previous - World's ; '-Record -.-'Smasiied
Prominent Union City man claims world's championship for his hens in egg-laying contest. He says, "I
had five hens that were not laying, so I got a package of Dr. Hess Panacea from the Red Cross Drug
Store to see what it would do. After feeding this to them for a day and a half, the next day the five hens
laid seven eggs." Beyond a doubt, this is the greatest egg producing medicine on the market.
Prices 25c and 60c. Sold only by the Red Cross Drug Store.
Drug Store
Reelfoot Lake Lands Established
1 s " f
and Vested In
h:. : ; crated Under the Laws of Tennessee, Pending
Confirmation by Chancery Court.
"(tract and titles which havede
fed frfcm the Dougherty heirs
others, numbering forty or
different claims, have at last
acquired by the West Ten
i Land Company, incorpor
Tii.t Union City by the follow
' named gentlemen: Deason &
ki.i, It. Z. Taylor, F. W.
- )ie, John Shaw, Walter Pleas
i, FcM Waddell, Judge Harris.
A number of injunction suits
. t! Lcea filed and dissolved, hav
, rt ference to the rights of par-
ink rested in hunting and fish
- mi the lake for profit. These
t t.Mi.l of it remained for the
,1s to adjust the property
U in the land. Litigation has
, in progress for about six
in which the lands covered
tbo lake and portions of land
.cant are involved, ending in a
'..iiicnt made any mutual agree-
t a few weeks ago, subject to
uition by Chancery Court.
! nursuance of the agreement
. i. puny' was organized in Union
' 1'i-t Friday, known as the
t Tennessee Land Company,
. the following officers: Judge
ns, resident; F. W. Moore,
lrowdcnt; Seid Waddell, sec
: y und treasurer; Deason, Kan
uud Elder, general counsel.
capital stock is 1125,000, with
jioo shares at one dollar per
;e, Judge Harris being the
-t stockholder with 65,000
i u iwded in this agreement are
:hing and hunting privileges
li Lave been leased for a term
3 3 curs to the Reelfoot Fish
, i'.'iny, otherwise J. C Bur
., ,'. S. Shaw and Walter Pleas
. ho have the exclusive rights
. King and hunting for profit
..Vfifoot Lake. The agree
l also embraces a con
i to deliver all the fish and
into J.C. Bordick at Union
Tenn. There is also a clause
h provides that fishing or
M'ng for sport shall not be in
red with, leaving these mat-
. practically the same as they
. o In fore the agreement.
.rveys, maps, titles andexhib-
uioall complete and conclii
, a ivl everything has been done
comply with legal require-
; s. The transaction is there
ready for judicial sanction,
!i w ill complete and forever
it iWt the long, tedious and
pine suits which have been in
stituted over the possession of
Iieelfoot Lake lands almost as far
back as the time when the lake
was sunk by an earthquake in
1811-12, historical sketches and
6tories of which have been pub
lished from time to time in the
newspapers all over this and oth
er States.
As we stated before there are
about 65,000 acres of land, nearly
all of which has been covered from
time to time with water and over
flow from Iieelfoot Lake. In me
dium water the Jake is approxi
mately 25 miles in length and in
width varies from one to eight
I Y.lt Ala it 1
mues. it is run or islands, cy
press knees and deadenings. The
channel of Iieelfoot Creek courses
through the main body of the lake,
and for as many years it has been
noted as a hunting and fishing re
sort, abounding in all kinds of
game. It is estimated that 10,-
000,000 pounds of fish are taken
from the lake every year for sale
and shipment, and ducks ha ve been
known there in flocks covering the
face of the water for hundreds of
yards. '.-.
Fish and game are still abun
dant, and we are informed that it
is the purpose of the West Ten
nessee Land Company to build a
modern, luxurious and commo
dious clubhouse at Shaw's park,
plans of which are now being
formulated, and later on to make
it a summer resort, with shoot the
chutes, roller coasters, tunnel rail
ways, merry-go-rounds, music and
other like attractions. The sub
ject of gravel or suburban roads
has also been mentioned, but it re
mains to be seen what the future
will bring forth. It may be said,
however, that some great improve
ments will be made, and that there
is no question that the property
surrounding Reelfoot Lake will
be greatly developed at no distant
lay. ' '1L: : .'',
The finest singing-, the newest
novelties, the best dancing and the
most laughable comedians, headed
by the ever popular Dan Holt, who
is retained this season as premier
comedian with J. A. Coburn's Great
er Minstrels, and who cornea with
an entire new budget of funny sto
ries, new songs and foolishness
which has justly earned for him
the tittle of "The Georgia Cotton
Blossom." NexJ Saturday night,
Oct. 26, at Reynolds Opera House.
f j n
Let us make your Sunday cake.
Dahnke's Cafe.
With Every Pot Boiling
all kitchens are now busy pick
ling and preserving. Now let
the wise housekeeper wend her
way to our stock of
Where all her needs can be quickly
filled best qualities, nothing lack
ing to make a complete stock. If
high grade quality and reasonable
prices appeal, we're winners for
public favor every day. Our best
service at your service.
Two Wagons Two Phones 66 and 462
Office, Yard and Planing Mill,
First St Union City, Tenn.
Special attention given to the retail trade. j
111 1 11 1,1
I Let us figure on your house bills. 3
Physician and Surgeon.
Office Phone 41
Residence Phone 41s
9 to 10 a. m.
2 to 4 p. m.
My fellow countrymeD, it has
been said, and it is strictly true,
that "Man's inhumanity to man
makes countless thousands mourn."
The jjcldca rule still lives "Do
to everyone aa you would that they
should do to you." "Thou shalt
not kill," and it is also said by the
Master of all that it is far better
that ninety-nine guilty ones escape
than that one innocent one should
perish. ' j .
l am making this appeal to the
public in behalf of Lee Holder,
said Holder having been sentenced
to die by the courts. The verdict
was sustained entirely on circum
stantial evidence. 1 do desire that
those who read this will reflect
and take it home to themselves.
He is a youth. We have all been
youths and are aware that youth
does things that mature manhood
would not think of doing. You
may say it's clear that he is guilty
of the crime. So thought the jury
that hanged the innocent young
man in California for the supposed
killing of the two young women
in a church steeple. Time and
confession proved him innocent.
The victims were slain by their
preacher, so the papers say. Give
a criminal a life sentence in prison
in case of circumstantial evidence,
but for the sake of humanity and
your own conscience don't kill,
for you can't tell what may at an
early date develop.
" It is not the wish or desire of
any of the signers of these peti
tions that the said Holder should
be released. But place him where
he can't harm humanity, and there
let him remain the balance of his
natural life. It's really a greater
punishment than death, but gives
time and opportunity for him to
prepare for an after life. ' :, -
Friends, just think for a mo
ment what his mother has under
gone and is undergoing. II us
band murdered, one son in State's
prison ana another condemned to
the gallows. Take the matter
home to yourself and think, think!
Now to persons who have peti
tions in different parts of the coun
ty, be up and doing, and know
when you are working in behalf
of humanity that you are in the
service of the Master. He said
that charity is the greatest gift be
stowed on man and outweighs them
all. W. A skins.
Seats on sale now at Wallace
Moore's lor J. A. Coburn's Greater
Minstrel." Remember this is the
"Great Barlow" company under a
new title, adopted by Manager Co
burn to protect his patrons and
himself from the cheap Imitations
who are trading upon his reputa
tion. Everything new this season,
an entirely new performance, and
with his absolute guarantee as in
the past ten years. He has never
disappointed, always reliable. ...
Use Dabnke-tValker Milling Co.
flour, a home product, and guaranteed.
Of the Cumberland Presbyterian '
Church Met Hera.
The West Tennessee Synod of the
Cumberland Presbyterian Church
met in Milan with the local congre
gation last Tuesday night, October
the 15. ... ' ,
The West Tennessee Synod of
the Cumberland Presbyterian
Church is composed of four Presby
teries, the Hopewell, the Obion, the '',
Madison and the Memphis. There
are within the bends of the Synod
192 congregations, 82 of these being
represented by ministers and elders
and the remainder ot them were
reported in an organic and work
ing order. In addition to the regu
lar representatives composing the
Synod there were a large number
of visitors in attendance. '
The Synod was organized by the
election of Rev. Allen Foust, of Mc-'"'
Kenzie, as moderator, Rev. P. F.
Johnson, of Dyer, as clerk and treas
urer, and Rev. A. S. Johnson, of
Trenton, as assistant clerk. The
opening sermon was preached on
Tuesday night by Rev. J. H. Thom
as, of Rives.
The reports on the several de
partments of work fostered by
Synod showed much interest and.
enthusiam throughout its boundaJ
Much loyality to the Cumberland
Presbyterian Articles of Faith is.
being manifested in every local con
gregation of the Synod. The work
of missions was emphasized in the
deliberations of the body and ad
vanced steps were taken for the
next year's work.
The report on temperance was cm- ,
phatic and strong against the liquor
traffic and heartily endorsed the
work of the W. C. T. U. and of the
Anti-Saloon League of the State.
The Synod pledged itself to the sup
port of all temperance legislation,
both State and National.
In the report on Education the
interest centered around Iiethel
College of the Cumberland Presby
terian Church located at McKenzfe.
The Board of Trustees of this
College reported that at the present
they are maintaining a splendid
school in a rented hall. The facul
ty of this school is said to be unsur
passed by no school of similar class,
while the work being done is the
very best. A collection of $540
was raised for the school. Several
members of the Board of Trustees
and the PreBidtnt of the school
were present and gave splendid ad
dresses. - '
The Synod adjourned Thursday
afternoon with an old-time hand
shake and prayer.-Milan Exchange
Marriages. V
A very Clayton and M vrtlc M' n.
era 11. ;
W. S. Phfpps and Carrie Purvis.
Lee Featherston aud Maymlc Way
nes. Bob Barkley and Carrie Wiley.
FraDk Lee and Ina Via. .
Lonnle Earner and Octa Simpaon.
L. C. Bolton and Jesl Brown.
Chas. Vaughn and Emma Stephens.
George Dameronaod Mary Rutledge.
The key to health Is the kidneys
and liver. Keen these organs active
and you have health, strength arid
cheerful spirits. Piuckly Ash Bit
teks 1 a st imulant for the kidneys,
regulates the liver, stomach and bow
els. A golfk-n household remedy. Al
len Drug Co., Special Agents.
ii Ji ilLl
(Successor to V. G. Reynolds GX Sons.)
rant, Sorglmm, Cranberries, Grapes, Apples, Oranges, Celery, I
Two Delivery Wagons.
One Phone 1 s.

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