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ts.' te? 'es'
ss?." W- s? i '
i . t il . TT-fAT .1 . 1 i
want to nave ine dxvoj. me maricei anoras
for Dinner THANKSGIVING, don't you?
Call nn ,Mm"-m
ILam, ?1 .
We can supply you with Fresh Oysters, Celery,
Cranberries, Fine Fruits, Salad Dressings,
Catsups, etc., etc. The place to get the BEST.
, f 13 DY
; ; ' v
Fate Owen and family visited
Wat Cherry and family Sunday.
Ed Marshall is baring- his house
remodeled, making a new one out of
the old one.
Miss Ella Idella Smith visited
A Rogers and family near Star of
Bethlehem Saturday and Sunday.
We are very sorry to say that Mrs.
Mary Marshall is suffering very
much with rheumatism this week
Mrs. Edna Masrhall and her two
children, Lonell and Earl, visited
in the Clayton neighborhood Sun
Mrs. Nannie Bell Boston failed to
get the Mrs. RutLue Caldwell farm
by Walter McMurray raising her
bid. .
Misa Eula Douuell, who has been
attending school at Martin, visited
her parents, Mr. and fr.rs. George
Donnell, Saturday and Sunday.
Wild Plum.
1 Nearly All of our Christ-1
. , 1 1 1 ,
I mas Goods At
Now is a good time to select your Christmas Goods,
have them engraved and laid away. Will have two
engravers during December who will engrave all gccrl sold fcy cs FREE.
Who is Your
We want to remind you (1) that
the First National is a national
bank, and as such is under the
special supervision of the United
States Government; (2) that it is
the only national bank in Obion
County; (3) that it ia the oldest
bank in Obion County; (4) that it
is the largest bank in Obion County;
(5) that it baa larger surplus and
profit than any other bank in Obion
County; (6) that it furnishes to its
depositors the largest security of
any bank in Obion County; (7) that
it has $213,000 in deposits; (8) that
its total resources are more than
$340,000, and (9) that its liberality
' and fair and generous treatment of
its patrons (and frequently to those
not its patrons) is unsurpassable,
extraordinary and worthy of more
than a passing remark. Every
statement herein made is not made
4n any vaunting or boastful spirit
, but because it is true to the letter
and capable and susceptible of
sworn to documentary proof offered
by the First National through any
of its officers. Think over these
things soberly and candidly when
you go to choose your banker and
to select a secure place to deposit
your money.
Mrs. Mollie White visited aunt
Jane Wade Friday.
Mrs. S. E. Agnew is visiting rela
tives in Missouri.
Misses Bonner and Martha Wade
were in Union City shopping Tues
day. '
Miss Willie Caudle will be the
guest of Hickman lriends next
Virgil Benton, of Texas, is here
among old friends and acquaint
Miss Ethel Latimer, of Obion,
was a recent guest of Mrs. Oscar
Mrs. Reynolds, oi Kenton, is vis
iting ber daughter, Mrs. Knox, at
this writing.
Miss Beatrice McCaw, of Jordan,
visited homefolks here Saturday
and Sunday.
Misses Agnes Palmer and Willie
Caudle were in Union City shop
ping Tuesday.
Mrs. Tom Cummings and little
daughters Sundayed with the for
mer'a sister, Mrs. W. E. Warren.
Prof. Burch Adkins and mother
have moved on Caldwell Avenue.
Rives givea them a hearty welcome.
Miss Marguerite Brown, of Mis
souri, ia staying with Mrs. E. P,
Lindsay and attending school here.
The many friends of Miss Ola
Kathryn Petty will be glad to learn
that she ia rapidly Improving from
aer recent illness. '
Sam Mills and sister.ofLawrence
ville, 111., who have been visiting
relatives here for several days, re
turned home Thursday.-
And an Appeal to the Public for Fur
ther Help.
Having received such liberal rec-l
ogonition from many of our people
as a free will offering for the pur
pose of building a home for super
annuated preachers and the widows
iting her aister, Mrs. Westerman.
Miss Lela Howard spent Sunday
with Miss Eula Darnell, of Clayton
Farmers in this locality are busy and orphans who are claimants on
gathering corn and picking cotton. I the Memphis Conference of the M
D. D. Kirk, of Union City, was M- Church, bouth, we, as acorn-
transacting business in this locality rnittee, desire to publicly express U.
Charlie Kirk and family contem
plate movin? to Union City in the
near future.
E also fit .Glasses
g7 and gaarantee the
ZZ price and the fit.
We have one of the best
Repair Departments
in the State, and all work
ig guaranteed.
We have the largest and
most up-to-date stock of
Jewelry there is or ever
was in Obion County.
We ask you to call and
inspect our goods and
see that we havn't made
an extravagant state
ment. We will be glad
to show you whether you
buy or not.
All the HEW iliings.iii
Belt Pins
Hat Pins
and everything in gold
filled and solid gold
Jf .vv 1 y
as cheap as you
can buy them any
wherequality is
DY buying in large
- quantities like we
do and paying spot cash
for our goods, we are able
to offer you goods at
prices that no other Jew
eler can undersell and
few can equal. We in
vite comparisons on our
goods and prices.
We are agents for one of 3
the BEST Engraving J
concerns in the United ZZ2
States, and take orders
for WeddingJ Invlta- z
tions, Calling Cards,and 3
Monogram Stationery. jj
Not how cheap, but how 3
good for the money, is 3
our motto.
pur appreciation and thank each
individual contributor for his or her
donation; also we wish to thank
the press of Obion County for be- j
Silver Novelties for Christmas and Sterling Silver g
anrl Dlot-c-H ilnnrie. HnnH-Pfiinf fH (Thinn flnrl C.iti filncc f
1UIVU v v aa.aiv m wa vwv wamaaBt UliU wt-at. VllUiJk? -
incr so Wind an tn nuhlieh rennrts
.uu uimuuuB mu. Ma.ijum, j fn a, .unnnrt through their
Viola, is lying at the point of death I lumna to ' n1r,tei!. hut
ai iui wmuug. tiio-l,.. itntwtant tnatis.
. .. I - b-'J -"r
MissesiMiiauarneuana una war- It i8 a wen-known fact that many
shall, trom Hall-Moody institute, o our ministers wore themselves
were nome bunaay visiting tneir out m the eervice of God and man,
parents in Clayton. and in olrt aEfe wheu no ionger abie
Guy Ward, the champion shot, is to serve the church or to take care
visiting in this locality for a few of themselves, they are left without
days, shooting ducks. 1 a home or means of support. It is
Miss Myrtle Butler and Grover to supply this emergencey that we
Wilson visited relatives in Union are asKing help of a generous pub-
City Saturday and Sunday. lie.
We have a warrantee deed to
Mallard ducks. GO cents per pair beautitul lot 150 by 150 feet, loca-
p for Wedding. Gifts
New line of Parasols from $5.00 to $25.00. When yoil buy goods
from Bransford & Andrews you don't have to know the quality- ZZZ
The Dependable Jewelers and "Opticians.
ted in Obion, donated bv W. M.
Wilson, who in addition to this has
made a most liberal contribution,
but we lack between three and four
hundred dollars of having a suffi
cient amount to complete a build
ing of sufficient dimensions that
Wayne Thomas was in this lo
cality Tuesday.
3. R. McCane made a flying trip
to Minnick Sunday.
Miss Nellie Lee Escue visited
Miss Dora Howard Sunday.
We welcome Vincent Andrews
acd wife back in their old home.
Miss Ora Nettles, of Troy, is vis-
Mr. Fred Bondurant, of Fulton,
was at Mt. Zion Sunday.-
Mesdames R. Y. McConnell and
Will Sowell spent Monday and
Tuesday in Hickman, the guests of will fully answer the purposes for
Dr. and Mrs. H. E. Prather. which it is intended.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Davis, of Un- We make an earnest appeal to
ion City, Mr. and Mrs. Cato Davis, every one who feels interested in the Ch Williams
- t It fl . ftjrMI- 3 . A miAM. 1 I
oi noouiauu iviiiiB, our. ana ivirs. uu niuuwa auu uiuuaus m Wollrr
Sam Alexander, Mr. Howell Pal- for a small contribution to the end
mer, of Union, City, were among the that the building may be pushed
Piano Contest.
Public School..... 51,112
Concert Band .42,427
Training School . .39,092
Womans Bldg Fair Grounds ... 400
W. E. Walters:. ......364
Jno. R. George 10
. 10
visitors at Mt. Zion Sunday.
Rev. Wynn preached his last ser
mon at Mt. Zion Sunday morning
to a large and appreciative audi
ence. In the afternoon be installed
the officers and members of the Ep
worth League. There were twelve
charter members with the follow
ing officers: Walter McMu'rry, pres
ident; Miss Clara McConnell, first
vice president; Sam DeBow, sec
ond vice president; Miss Kitty
Mott Glenn, third vice president;
Miss Mayme Barham, fourth vice
president; Lyle Shuck, treasurer;
Miss Bernie Roberts, secretary
Agents for Era have not yet been
appointed. The ceremony was one
ever to be remembered, both be
cause of its beauty and impressive
to an early completion. Let each
one who subscribes par his sub
scription to the Commercial Bank
of Union City, or the Bank of Obion,
Obion, Tenn, Each name will be
reported and publication made,
giving the amount paid in by each
v T. L. Bransford,
M. P. McMurry,
' Thos. J. Bonner,
Prof. Masters 3
Bowden Chambers... ....2
Lara Caldwell. 1
Auditors Winnie May Custer,
Mayme Rippy.
Note. Contestants tailing to
earn votes per wees win De
dropped from list.
Send your orders for meats of all
kinds to Will Walters. He has a
new market with Herman Scatesin
A Little Care Will Save Many Union
City Readers Future Trouble.
Watch theKldDey secretions.
See that they have the amber hue of
The discharges not excessive or In
Contains no "brick dust like" sedl
Doan's Kidney Pills will do this for
t?. 1L. i. .it l . I J""
ror me iourm time uaieo 'ow- ot.h .h. irMni
A i ,L. 4 1 ii. .il . . I -..v-Mwja
ucauuutluC icuucr memory mai erB Was DUt On tria at Georire- t.hAm nhon t,hfivr slr.lr.
eacnieu lor mm, wuo aiter ave town, Scott County. Monday, for G. W. Hawkins, Ex Deputy Mar
years among ua as our pastor had alleged complicity in the assassi- 8ha1' 123 Second St., Union City,
come to perform his last act of love - o ' tn v;niom n-.Ki Tena . 8ay9- "l 8ave a statement for
and service. Rev. Wynn not only atl0n fenator William Goebel, publJcatlon ln 1903 teiimg what
preachea good sermons, but he lives w wuv- Doan's Kidney rills bad done ror-me,
what he preaches. May God's rich- ernor8mP 01 encny in 1VW. and I can say to-day, May 11, 1907,
est blessings rest upon him and "oeoei was snot Jan. 3U, 1U00, dy- ma'' a swu mm very uiguiy oiinem
I a n . I a a 1 1 T I J t A 1 A. A . A .
hia wherever their lot may be cast. " eb. 3, lUOO from the wounds. anu CUB:m'u
Swellest line of band painted par
lor tables at Bell Furniture Co.
Three Teara For 25 Cents.
Farm Progress, the biff farm and
agricultural monthly of St. Louis,
I said in that state-
The fatal bullet is alleged to haw Pr,,, "1nnww5r,iDMiro?
rv w I f rtH Irnia lama DAhtnnp haplr a 1ar araq Ir
come from the office of Caleb Pow- actl0ls of the kidney secretions with-
ers, secretary or Estate under Ke- out any perceptible success. I pro-
pubhean Governor Taylor, and cured Doan's Kidney Pills at the Red
although he was in Louisville on Cr089 DrUK Store.and after using them
the day the shooting occurred, it for a he kidney trouble was
Kjtfffii fhaF5ef .thaLhe l0aned . other 8 the PeHed. I consider that Doan's Kidney
(Effective April 14, 1907.)
No. 1, lv Union City 4.35 p.m
No. 3, (Havana Limited). . . 4.04 a.m
No. 5, lv Union City 4.09 a.m
No. 15, leaves (week days). . . a.m
No. 2, lv Union City 11.40 a.m
No. 4, Havana Limited). . , 12.24 a.m
No. 6, lv Union City 2.15 a.m
No. 12, leaves (week days). . . p.m
Only the handsomest, of Pullman
Library Observation Sleeping Cars,
wide Vestibuled Coaches and Dining
Cars, with Electric Debts and Fans,
are used in the Limited. For all in
formation call on your Home Agent,
.r write Jno. M. Beall, General Pas
senger Agent, St. Louis.
R. J. BARNETT, Agent.
B.V.Taylor, Jno. m. beall,
(team! Mnir, twoml Vtwfngrr AgMit,
N-. C & St. L. TIME TABLE.
No. 55, ar Union City. . . .
So. 3, "
To. 53, " " ....
No. 62, ar Union City....,
No. 4, " "
No. 54,
7.46 a.m.
3.0H p.m.
11.15 p.rui
0.44 a.m.
12.40 p.nii
7.52 p.m.
Help the Horse
' No article U more useful
bout the eUble than Mica
Axle Rrcaae. Put a little oa
the enindlet before von ' 'book
op" it will help the home, and
bring the toaa came quicker.
wart will better than any
other rreaae. Coata the axle
with a hard, amooth lurface of
If powdered mica which reducee fl,
I friction. Ask the dealer for t j
1 . Mica Axle Create. I
y1f,,,Ms"iK-i.: 1
price will be advanced to 25 cents per
year ueifinuinif January i. iaus. umi
that date the subscription will be a&
year beslnnina Januarv 1. 1908 nnLii '"J' lo uls onice so mat me mur- Pills cannot be excelled for similar
cepted at the old rate of three year atAtwl hv hia winrlr.
for 25 cents. Farm Progress is one of 8land D? b18 wmdow
the best farm papers ln the country, Powers denies this,
and well worth the advanced asked
three years subscription. If
&ena in cents at once to pay for a
i years suoscrmtion. ir vmi t
already paid up in advance send in
derer or murderers of Goebel could troubles and cheerfully recommend
z and Indorse their use, It has been
I i 1 j t- tr i j
arA alaM ,uur JcarB 81tc uscu uttu uey
, i j ,i . . , . , I a. ilia auu iucio uas wcu uu liujc oiut,c
he had nothing to do with the then that I needed anj kidney medi-
are snoounz. rowers cnarges the ju- cine, and for this reason 1 have much
cents and have vnur Mm Tt.nriH W8 "ciuiure iryinz mm nave aa ' vuis reuaoie remeay.- or
three yeai s longer. A beautirui fruit been comnosed mostlv nf Dmn. by all dealers. Price 50 cents Fos-
plcture, size 23x29 inches, will be sent crats and that ho nnt ter-MUburn Co., Buffalo, New York,
tor 5 ceo t9 additional to cover cost of ' uo w,na uul Klen
I J - -rvyv4 V W UiUUUl UlUCti
Don't think that dies can't be Put al lne coming trial.
cured. 'Anousand of obstinate cas&n
Vrtn Wftti' rairraf ...iiiff i.a qKM.f
have been cured by Doan's Ointment. FOR SALE-Sfvpral hnn Uour .anniiea for ThanV.o-irir.o-.
pounds nice honey. B. D. Coulter. We have the best. Dahnke Cale.
50 cents at any drug store.
Illinois Central
No. 1, Paducah Junction.... 8.06 p.m
No. 3, " ..... 5.37 a.m
No. 103, " " .... 6.15 a.m
No. 105, , " .... 3.46 p.m
No. 133, " " .... 5.51 a.m
Trains No. 105 and 1SS ara accommodation!
nd atop at Paducah Junction to receiye or dia
charge paaaengera.
No. 2, Paducah Junction.... 9.45 a.m
No. 4, .. .. ....12.15 a.m
No. 104, " ....12.05 a.m
No. 106, 12.10 p.m
No. 134, " .... 9.10 p.m
Traina Ko. 134 and 106 are accommodation.
TIcketa and particular! a to ippHfic rata
limit and train time of jonr home ticket agent
C. fi. Colllna, Faducah JancUon.
f. W. BARLOW, D. f. A., LoaUTUi.
A.J. McDOCQALL.D.P. A., KewOrlean
a. wo!i. a. r a., mo. a. aoorr. A.e.r.A
Chicago. klemphit
Kidney and Bladder
Ta a tt knnwn and rmarkif!
effectlva remedy for the cure of all
Kidney and bladder Diseases. It
cures when all else fails.
Jnd for Bmek of Parilomltr
and learn about thit great scientific
DfU7?istt tell It at SO eta. r,A 1 on
pet bottle. Prepared only by the
Bamphls, Tann.
A lay. M.HHf.fHr.r. a, fl. V . 1 . - in
Cure, bold t? druggist ai Wet, per bottle.
Gaaranteed under tb Pure Food and Drue.
McMichael DrUfcrCo.
A fie bottle of Dr. Thacher'a Liver ao4
Blood Syrup will be sent to any reader of
thU paper who will write to the Thacher
Medicice Co., ChatUoooga, Tea a.

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