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!, Drs. Scores & Long,
i Drs- Moores & Lonj,
E. Church St., Union City
E. Church St., Union City
Telephone 144.
i J l. II A
JWSB" B"1 Mll"
iVU vH.
V ill V ii
i Telephone 144.
VOL. 17, NO. 35
Pfn a f
- li . li ii
s i vat
Drug Store
'Phone lOO
Which has swept the entire country, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, will soon
be over. In the meantime we are busy supplying the needs of the sick and
invalid. . We go on all the time--when the sun shines and when it don't.
Call and see us when you are sick. If you can't, telephone us.
Drug Store
Assignments by Memphis Conference
at Humboldt.
Humboldt, Term., Nov. 1. i wo
new pastors come to Memphis as
the result of the appointments
made at the conference Monday
Tiie new pastors are: C. A. Warter
field, of May field, Ky.t who is as
signed to the Madison Heights
Church, and the Rev. R. B. Swift
of Arlington, Tenn., who is as
signed to the Annesdale Methodist
church. '
Only two pastors now in Mem
phis will be stationed in other cit
ies for the ensueing year. These
are; The Rev. William C. Sellers, of
the Lenox church, and the Rev.
J. C. Kanaday, of the Pennsyl
vania Avenue Church.
The Rev. Lewis Powell is re
turned aa pastor of the First Meth
odist church. Other Memphis pas
tors who retain the same charges
are: The Rev. W. 15. Thompson,
Central Methodist church, the Rev
G. B Baskervill, Second Metho
dist church; the Rev. J. C. Wilson,
Harris Memorial; the Rev. John T.
Meyers, South';wlemphis church;
the Rev. S. M. Griffin, Olive Street
The complete list of the Mem
phis Methodist churches and their
pastors assigned them lor the en
sueing year follows:
Annesdale The Rev. B. B.
Swift, of Arlington.
Central The Rev. W. R. Tbomp
" son. ; '
First Church The Rev. Lewis
Harris Memorial The Rev. J. C.
Lenox Church The Rev. G. H.
Martin, who has been pastor of the
Mississippi avenue church.
Madison Heights The Rev. C.
A. Warterfield, of Mayfield, Kv.
Mississippi Avenue Churcb
The Rev. E. B, Ramsey, who has
been pastor of the Madison
Heights Church.
.New South Memphis The Rev,
John T. Meyers.
, Olive Street Church The Rev.
S. M. Griffin.
Pennsylvania Avenue The Rev.
U. S. McLemore, who has been
pastor of the Annesdale church.
Second Church The Rev, G. B.
The Memphis pastors trans-j
ferred to other Memphis churches
follow: V
The Rev. , B. S. McLemore, pas
tor ot the Annesdale church, goes
to the Pennsylvania Avenue church.
The Rev. E. B. Ramsey, pastor
of the Madison Heights Church,
goes to the Mississippi Avenue
The Rev. G. H. Martin, pastor of
the Mississippi avenue church,
will be pastor of the Lenox church,
T J Newell, Presiding Elder.
Alamo Circuit, T S Stratton;
Bells and Stanton, Yates Moore:
Braden Circuit, W D Dunn; Bel
mont Circuit, Geo T Sellers;
Brownsville Circuit, B L Nor,
man; Brownsville Station W G
Heiley; Bradford Circuit, R C
Whitmell; Clopton and Macedonia,
T C McKelvey; Dancyville Circuit,
, II Estes, Jr.; Dyer Circuit, TJ
Simmons; Dyer Slation, A F Stem;
Humboldt Circuit, W T Holley;
Humboldt Station, -"E S Harris;
Maury City Circuit, W F Acuff;
R W Thompson, Supernumerary;
Milan Circuit, T H Davis; Milan
Station, C Brooks, Trenton Cir
cuit, W H Neal; Trenton Station,
W C Waters; Woodville Circuit,
R E Humphrey; Missionary to Cuba
WENewell; Conference Mission
ary Evangelist, G A Kline; Stu
dent to' Vanderbilt University, R
E Bright. ,
II B Johnston, Presiding Elder.
Booths Point Circuit, A D Ran
kin; Covington Circuit, E J W
Peters; Covington Station, " W D
Jenkins; Curve Circuit, A W
Walker; Dyersburg Circuit, R S
Harrison, A S Taylor, supernu
merary; Dyersburg Station, A J
Meaders; Elbridge Circuit, C E
Normrn; Fowlkes Circuit, J J May-
nard; Friendship Circuit, T F
Cason; Halls Circuit. W F Barrier;
Henning Circuit, S H Blackwell;
Lake County Mission, E W Maxe-
don; Mount Zion circuit, R W
Newton; Mack circuit, W L Drake;
Newbern circuit, A C Moore; New-
bern Station, J J Thomas; Pros
pect circuit, I S McCorkle; Ran
dolph circuit, L H Howell; Ridgely
and Crockett Chapel, W F Maxedon;
Ripley circuit, C A Coleman; Rip
ley Station, Warner Moore; Tipton-
ville, Salem, T GLowery; Taberna
cle circuit, J C Cason; Trimble cir
cuit, J B Winsett.
J H Roberts, Presiding Elder.
Bolivar Station, E R Overby; Be-
mis Mission, T F Saunders; Betha
ny circuit, J L Weaver; Denmark
circuit, T J Featherstun; Hender
son Station, J V Freeman; Hickory
Valley circuit, J B Pearson; Jack
son, Campell Street, II C Johnson;
Jackson, First Church, A M Hugh-
ett; Jackson, Haynes Avetue, L
D Hamilton; Jackson, Middle Ave
nue, E A Tucker; Medon circuit
R A Morgan, Supply; Medon and
Malesus, S B Love; Medina circuit
G J Carman; Middleton circuit, R
L Prince, Supply; Pinson circuit,
W F Tuten; Saulsbury and Grand
Junction, J G Williams; Somerville
Station, W A Russell; Whiteville
and Mercer, W J Carlton; White
ville circuit, A C McCorckle; Presi
dent M. C. F. Institute, A B Jones.
R. W. Hood, Presiding Elder.
Adamsville circuit, W H Collins;
Bethel Springs circuit, W A Banks;
Bethel and Selmer, A H Dulaney;
Bethel circuit, O H- Harden; Cam-
dem circuit, E M Mathis; Camden
Station, J W Wardlow; Decatur
ville circuit, B M Crump; Enville
Mission, E W Nelson; Hollow Rock
circuit, IM Page; Huntingdon and
Mt. Zion, Walker; Holliday circuit,
J W Carnell, Supply; Lexington
circuit, A L Dallas; Lexington Sta
tion, J M Pickens; Miffin circuit,
H L Johnson; Saltila and Sardis,
T E'Foust; Scott's Hill Mission,
J P Lashley; Selmer circuit, Geo.
M Jenkins, Supply; Shiloh circuit,
W M Holland, Supply.
J G' Clark, Presiding Elder.
Cavce. circuit, E K Bransford;
Columbus Station, J T Baebv:
I 1 hC ACfTi Oi 1
Sn Flour making has been reached in our
High-Patent Flour.
More people use it to-day than did yesterday.
More of it will be used next week than this week,
and next year than this year.
It never disappoints.
That's the reason.
Do you use it? Respectfully,
I Hardy Grain Company J
Crystal circuit, to be supplied;
Fulton circuit, B J Russel; Fulton
Station, W A Freeman, Jere Moss,
Supernumerary; Greenfield Sta
tion, W W Armstrong; Hickman
Mission, R B Freeman; Hickman
Station, J W Waters; Hornbeck
circuit, J B Maxedon; Kcntcn and
Rutherford, S F Wynn; Martin cir
cuit, J E Jones; Martin Station, W
J McCoy, J R Bell, Supply; Mos
cow circuit, E B Graham; Obion
circuit, S R Hart; Ralston circuit,
T F Maxedon; Sharon circuit, R
M Vaughon; South Fulton circuit,
E II Stewart; Tro circuit, J W
Joyner; Union City circuit, C C
Newbill; Union City Station, W C
Sellers; Water Valley circuit, V D
Humphrey; Student McFerrin
School, E M Peters.
, H W Brooks, Presiding Elder.
Alamo circuit, S A Karris; At
wood circuit, J S Carlj Big Sandy
Has the exclusive sale in Union City of the
Golden Gate Coffee 1
Teas, Spices and
They are guaranteed to be the best ever offered Ri
. C 1 iiV r . i i
iur taie 10 me people oi ims county.
(j You will find our store headquarters for all
the good things to be had in any market v jgj
Two Phones--204 and 230
Grlssom 1
Three Delivery Wagons
o :::;
Physician and Surgeon.
' Office Phone 413 ,
Residence Phone 41
(8) Hours
to 10 a. m.
to 4 p. m.
circuit, G W Florence; Big Sandy
Station, J M Jenkins; Cottage
Grove circuit, H L McCamy; Dres
den Station, J W Irionr Ea9t Paris
circuit, S G Nunly; Farmington cir
cuit, T M McNiitt, supply; Gleason
and Liberty, R P Duckworth;
Hazei circuit, W P Prichard; Henry
circuit, T N Wilks; Kirksey circuit,
A D . Maddox; , Manleyvili circuit,
C Brooks, supply; McKenzie circuit
T R Riddick; McKenzie Station, R
H Fields; R W Thompson, Super
numerary; Murray Station, M F
Leake; New Providence circuit, J
CRudd; Olive circuit, N W Lee;
Faris, First Church, W T Boiling;
Paris, West Paris, C L Smith;
Puryear circuit, T. E Calhoun;
West Murray circuit, W E Hnm
phrey; student in Vanderbilt Uni
versity, Dr. B'Beene.
J W Blackard, Presiding Elder.
Arlington circuit, J L Hunter;
Bardwell station, W D Pickens;
Barlow and Wickliffe, G W Evans;
Benton and Hardin, U S McCaslin;
Briensburg circuit, J G Jones; Clin
ton circuit, T J McGill. Clinton
Station, G VV Wilson; La Center
circuit, W A Watts; Lovelaceville
circuit, A E Scott, supply; May-
field circuit, T P Ramsey; Mayfield
Station, W W Adams, T W Hardin
Supernumary; Milburn circuit, WA
Dungan; Oak Level circuit, R E
Spears; .Paducah, Broadway, G T
Sullivan; Paducah, Third Street, J
H B Terry; Paducah. Trimble
street, G W Bands; Paducah cir
cuit, W J Naylor; Reedland circuit,
J T Owens, Supply; Sedalia circuit,
E L Wright; Spring Hill circuit,
S L "Jewell; Wingo circuit, J R
Womble; Woodville circuit, R E
R C Bell, to Texas Conference.
J R Hardin, to Texas Conference.
T C Pettigrew, to Texas Con
ference. .
C L Martin, to St. Louis Con
J C Thogmorton St. Louis Con
ference. .
J T Picketts, St. Lsuis Confer
3 L Lucas, to Arkansas Confer
ence. J D Canada, to Oklahoma Con
ference. J R Nelson, to White River Con
ence. -
Preliminary Exercises and Services
in Progress.
Humboldt, Tenn., Nov. 17.
Numerous Methodists arrived on
every train this morning; with the
hope of hearing Bishop E. R. Ilen
drix preach at 11 o'clock at the
Methodist Church. A full hour
before the appointed time, how.
ever, every vacant seat in the large
church was taken and scores were
disappointed. The Bishop's great
sermon was one as is heard in
Humboldt probably twice in a cen
Kev. V. E. Thompson, of Cen
tral Churcb, Memphis, preached a
great sermon at 11 o'clock to an
audience of 500 people the seat
ing capacity, of the house and a
number also failed to gain admit
tance into the church. At the
Cumberland Presbyterian Churcb
Dr. W. T. Boiling, of Broadway
Church, Paducah, delivered a char
acteristically strong address to an
audienca that filled the house to
Dr. J. II. Stevenson, of Nash
ville, preached at the PresbytorUn,
Church; Kev. J. W. Watera at the,
Christian Church and Kev. 15.' L.
Smith at the C. M. E. Church at.
11 o'clock.
Among the big lay delegates td
Memphis Conference whose faces
have been often seen in Humboldt
during the past five days are Edi-
tor Jack Keeves, of the Hardeman
Free Press; Hon. W. S. Coulter,
of Dyer; Judge K. Bond, of
Brownsville; Hon. T. li. King
and John K. Pepper, of Memphis,
and Jerry Porter, of Clinton. .
"It doesn't ; matter how much
money a Methodist preacher takes
to annual Conference, be always
goes away broke," was the remark
of a prominent lay delegate, upon
witnessing a collection being taken
up for some charitable purpose.
He was right; the preachers al
most run over each other to give
their money to any cause that
boars the earmark of worthiness,
and there may be a rich preacher
and a poor one the first day of
Conference, but the two leave it
on an equality.
At the anniversary of the Board
of Education of the Memphis Con-,
ference last night, Dr- Collins Den
ny, of Vanderbilt University, made
a notable address in which he im
pressed upon hi hearers the value
of helping the youth to form a
high ideal. ,
Following are some extracts
from Bishop. Hendricks' address:
Selfishness is the bridge where
man goes back to the animal; self.
sacrifice, the wings whereby he'
flies back to heaven. Friendship
of man is stronger' than friendship
of woman. Of man it is the friend
ship of the high reason of women
the friendship of the laborer. Of
man it is the friendship of the bat
tlefieldof women the friendship
of Klie home.
(Suocetsora to W. G. R.vnolds a 4on.)
We offer, for Cash only, until Oec. 1: 0n3 box ClalreKe Soap, $3.60; 7 bars for 25c, 15 tars for 50c. One box Lenox Soap, $3.60; 7 bars for 25c, 15 bars for 50c.
One Box Brown Soap, $3; 7 bars 25c, 15 bars 50c. One Box Long Tom Soap, $2.25; 7 bars 25c, 15 bars 50c. One Box Ark Soap, $2; 12 bars 25c, 25 bars 50c.
OnlyTwo Delivery Wagons.
One Phone "J -4-.

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