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11 wants
I tie one that comes right
at and gays so. That is
hat we want aDd is what
we are trvini? to Imnrps
t L - .
on you. .... V
The deposits of thisjmnk,
have now reached 1200,000.
We have a long list of well
satisfied customers. If you
are not'at present a patron
of this bank, please con
sider this a personal invi
tation to wake this your
banking heme in the fu
ture. -
Others are pleased with
the service we have to of
'fer you will be also.
U. 0. T.
1 Agairst
. JNon-Eesldent Notice.
Barbara Kagin.wldfwof W. M. Raffln,
deceased, vs. W. II. Ita?ln et al.
In this cause it appearing to me,
S. F. Howard, Clerk, from complain
ant's bill, which is sworn to, that the
defendants, Li?zie Trigg and Thomas
' ' Trigg, are non-residents of the State
' of .Tennessee And residents of the
bl'ate of Illinois, and a granddaughter
whose name and residence is unknown
but is a non-resident of the State of
Tennessee, so that the ordinary pro
cess oi jaw cannot oe served on them.
It is therefore ordered by me that said
defendants, Lizzie Trigg, Thos. Trigg
and the unknown granddaughter ap
pear before the Judge of the County
,ouri; io oe noiaen in UDlonCity
xeuuessee, on uie
First Monday is May, 1908,
and plead, "answer or demur to com
plalnant's bill, or the same will be
.taken for confessed as to them and the
cause set for hearing ex parte.
F. no WARD, Clerk.
'iG, R. Kenney, Sol. for Complts.
Noa-Resident Notice.
Mary Maude McConneli, et al., )
- vs.- ,.
Everett McConneli, et al. )
In this cause - it appearing to the
Clerk from the bill filed in this cause,
that the defendants, Everett McCcn
nell is a non-resident of the State of
Tennessee and a resident of the Ter
rltory of New Mexico, F. F. McCon
neli is a non-resident of the State of
Tennessee and a resident of the State
of Texas, Samuel McConneli and Ka
tie McConneli are non-residents of the
State of Tennessee and are residents
of the State of Keutucky, so that the
ordinary process of law cannot be
served upon them. It is therefore or
dered by the Court that publication
be made for four consecutive weeks in
The Commercial, a newspaper pub
llshed in Union City, Tennessee, re
qulrinor said defendants to appear be
fore the County Judge on the
First Monday in May, 1908,
and make defense to the till filed
against them et al.. which is sworn to
or said cause will be set for hearing
ex parte as to them.
This March 28, 1908.
8. F HOWARD, Clerk.
By II. M. Golden, D. C. ,
Non-Resident Notice.
. Edith Miller
' vs. .
R. S. Miller.
In this cause apnearing to me, J. M.
'.Hickman, Clerk of the Circuit Court
of Obion County, from the bill, which
is sworn to, that the defendant R. S.
Miller is a non-resident of" the State
of Tennessee, and that personal serv
ice cannot be had upon him, and an
order of publication being prayed for,
It is hereby ordered that publication
issue for a period of four consecutive
weeks in the Union City Commercial,
a weekly newspaper published in
Obion County, commanding said R. $.
Miller to appear before the Circuit
Court of Obion County at the1 Court
House of Union City, Tenn., on the
First Monday of May, 1908,
and that he be required to fully an
swer the bill tiled against him in this
cau-o for a dfvorce, or upon the de
fault the allegations therein will be
taken as confessed and the cause set
apart for hearing ex parte. ,
J. A WinprLE. Sol. for Com.
Real Estate Transfers.
D. A. Peeler and wife to Mrs.
?nme Boston, lot in Union City,
Mrs. S. A. Carbarn et al. to Jas.
T. Fuzzell, ( acres in No 2, $475.
R. W. Neel and wife to Wood and
Allen, t cres m No. 1, $375.
Mrs. Rallie PaschalPto O.
Abernathy, lot in South Fulton,
W. M. Wilson to Thos.Finney, lot
la Obion, $50.
Clemmie Gates et al. to John Foy,
lot in No. 16, $100.
A. M. Moultrie et al. to A." Wil
son, 33 acres in No. 15, $3,170.
J. A. Ferrell to M. J. Ferrell, $6
.acres in No. 16, $1,200. . .".
A. L. Keith to P. W, Williams,
lot in No'. 5, $700.
S. Scores 11 to
Last Saturday night the Train
ing- School boys went down to Tren
ton and scalped Fitzgerald in a moet
interesting ball game of the season.
The score was 11 to 1 in famr of
U. C. T. S.
Sherrill pitched great ball tor the
spectators. His arm was in excel
lent condition for the game and he
succeeded in disappointing many of
Fitzgerald's heavy sluggers. Only
two hits were made off ot him which
happened about the first of the
sixth inning and the opposing team
ran in one score. The Training
School boys began to do business in
the last part of the sixth. Some
one led off with the hitting id
everybody followed bis example.
Fitzgerald's pitcher was swatted all
over the field. He was swatted out
of the box and another took his
place. Everybody hit him too. It
was plain that U. C. T. S. had it in
for Fitzgerald and by the time the
ninth inning . had come around
Fitzgerald was down and out.
Crockett made a great hit on first.
as well as many at the bat. With
Johnson behind the bat and Calla
han on second, the opposing, side
found it dangerous to stay too far
from first. Briggs held third with
equal advantage. Hale, the can't-
be-beat, worked in the rifle pit, exe
cuted his labor with the desired ef
fect, and with a rapidity which vap
palled the spectators. Out-fielders
Jones, Palmer and WaddelLwere on
their toes during the game and
starred many times.
. Batteries for U. C. T. S., Sherrill
and Johnson.
Batteries for Fitzgerald, Greer
Attention Mothers.
We desire to call attention of
mothers the wish of "Our W. C. T.
U. ladies to perfect an organization
of .the Loyal Temperance Legion
known as the L. T. L ' We wish to
state this is like the W. C. T. U.
undenominational. It is through
the kindness of the pastor and mem
bers of the Baptist congregation,
that we hold our meetings at. pres
ent in their church. This organi
zation tills the place with the ctiil
dren along temperance lines, that
the children and young people's so
cietles fill in the churches. Uewish
the parents to know we do not in
tend to mislead the children, but
train and educate them in total ab
stinence. This means much to the
future temperance characters of
children just as the Sunday Schools
and religious societies.rruean to their
religious lives. We herewith give
the L. T. L. pledge, Trusting in
God's help, I solemnly promise to
abstain from the use of alcoholic
drinks, including wine, beer and
cider, from the use of tobacco in anv
form and from profanity; and to en-
deaver to put down indecent lan
guage and all coarse jests, and to
use every means to fulfill the com
mand, "keep thyself pure."
This may seem to be a very strong
pledge, which in fact it is, and if
practiced and taught in every home
we would have no bad boys or bad
men. Mothers, give us your sup:
port and help in the effort of chris
tian women to do a great work.
Rec. Sec.
Warning to Fish Dealers.
The situation with the Reelfoot
Lake Nifht Riders, becomes more
interesting daily and this town is
considerably wrought up over the
situation. Mr. J. C Burdick re
ceived a letter from the Night
Riders that he must' close up
his fish business in this city and
that he had but a short time
to do so. They also went to
the agent of Judge Harris, who
lives bctsreen this place and the
lake, and required him to deliver
up to them all notes and other
papers and contracts in his posses
sion between Harris and his several
tenants, and these they burned.
A latter report reached here to
the effect that the negro farm hands
inLake County had been warned to
leave and that they had all been
frightened away from their work.'
The following is an exaet copy of
the notice sent to Mr. Burdick.
Office of Justice Br order Post:
You must close p that fish busi
ness, never to be opened a train, urr
aer penalty pt death, hell and the
grave. If you think this is a joke
try it aew days longer and see.
, Yours for who Bhall live the long.
(Drawing of a coffin.)
ueing in tten you may raise up
your eyes it you aon t ooey.
A number of our young
went to Hickman Easter.
Mr. Alfred McDaniel, of Florida,
is in this vicinity, the guest of rela
Misses Jane and Farrar McCon
neli went to Louisville Friday to
visit Dr. and Mrs. H. E. Prather.
The Senior League at Mt. Zion
Sunday was well attend. Mr. Per
ry and Miss Browden, of near Ful
ton, and a large number froraBeu-
lah were present. The leader Miss
Burnice Alberts was absent and the
service was conducted by Miss Clara
McConneli. The mext meeting'will
be led by Miss Kitty Mott Glenn.
Use Sunshine Flour. None better,
New linoleum and floor oilcloth,
lowest prices, at Bell Furniture Co.
dog trail Suspect.
Bam Supposed to Have Been Burn
ed by Incendiaries.
Dyersburg, Tenn., April 16. The
barn of Dr. I. N. Ra wis and the hay,
corn and farming implements of
Mr. Murray and a pair of mules in
the barn' belonging to J. M. Chil
dress were destroyed by fire Friday
night at about 11 o'clock.
The fire was supposed to be of
incendiary origin, and the dogs of
W. Simpson, which have done
such effective work in this section,
were put tn the trail at 3 o'clock,
and by 4 o'clock they had trailed
and bayed a party. No arrests have
been made as yet, as the party has
always hitherto borne a good reputation.
The property destroyed by the
fire was worth about $1,500. Mr.
Murray had hia barn burned at this
same place last year, but never disv
m m
covered the incendiary.
Boys Will Be Boys
and are always getting scratches, cuts,
sprains, bruises, bumps.Dumsor scalds.
Don't netrleet such things they may
result terkus If you do. Apply Bal
lard's Snow Liniment according to di
rections right away and it will relieve
he pain and neat uie trouoie. rnce
25c. 50o and li.oo. or saie dv iea
Cross drug store.
Mr. Arnie Gore went to Spout
Spring Sunday. -
Miss Mjtgie Hftyes, of Liberty,
was here Friday. ;
Mr. Joe Lee; of Hornbeak, was in
Jthis burg Wednesday.
Mr. Herman McDaniel transacted
business here Wednesday.
Mr. Rollie Lindsey made a flying
rip to Bethlehem Tuesday. '
Miss Maggie Barnes, of Liberty,
was here shopping Wednesday.
Mr. Wiliiam Prather, of Talley's,
was here Thursday on business.
Miss Edith McAnally was out
driving for her health Wednesday
Miss Jennie Fluty, of Crystal, was
the guest of J. D. Killion Monday
night. v
Mr. W. P. Stubblefield and wife
attended the play at Hornbeak Wed
nesday night.
Mrs. J. C. Sanders and daughter
visited Mrs. Norman Lindsey and
daughter Tuesday.
Miss Vallie Wilson, of Bethlehem,
was the guest of Mrs. W. P. Stub
blefield Monday night.- -
Mrs. Guy WalEer and daughter,
Miss Artie, were .the guests of Mrs.
Norman findsey and daughter
Monday. , ' , 1
Misses Mollie and Nell Wyat and
Miss Zora Flowers, of Possom Trot,
accompanied by Miss Dee Hickman,
were the guests of Miss Nancy Mc-
Bride Thursday.
Miss Esther Garrison and Miss
Nannie Sanders, two young ladies
of this place, were out horseback
riding for their health, we suppose,
Sunday afternoon, for they made the
round trip from Protemus to Liber
ty, then to Mineral Springs, from ;
there to Mill Town and returned
looking refreshed indeed.
A Correspondent.
We had a very nice letter from
Star of Bethlehem last week, but
was not received until Friday after
noon, after The Commercial bad
been published. Communications
for the paper must be mailed early
in the week in order to reach us on
time for publication, The paper
goes to press Thursday at noon and
if the correspondence is not mailed
so as to reach us on Wednesday the
opportunity to publish that week
is lost. ; ,
There was one item of the above
letter, however, which should not
be overlooked, and it was an enter
tainment given by Mr. and Mrs.
John Cole on Saturday night, April
11. The visitors attending were
Miss Altie May Bryant, lone Brown,
Lucy May Bell, Adele Thurman,
Elsie Hampton, Jessie and . Nell
Rogers, Virgie Hampton, Mrs. Nan
nie Bell Boston; Chess Williams,
John Rathff, Albert Newell, Kerie
Tooms, Fred Jethro, Ras Owen,
Jas. Woods, Lester Hays, Walter
Cole, Ernie Cole. A nice time was
No extra charge to hang shades
bought at Bell Furniture Co.
LOST At Public School building
a parasol with a chair handle. Finder
will please return to this oince.
FOR RENTs30 acres of fine corn
ground not a a stump in It one half
for the other.
Edwood Evans,
R. F, D, No. 3, Union City, Tenn.
clay bank mare about 12 years old.
Missing since Monday. Liberal re-
ward,. Notify this office.
, Eggs For Sale.
Light Brahmas, prize winners and
fina stock, $1.00 for 15. Address Ike
Wade, II. F. D. No 1, Uulon City
memo .
Under new management.
ru''rs solicited. Traveling men
lovitAru. Best meals in town at 25c ts.
J. W. COLE, Proprietor,
lie also has a nice line of
Groceries, Drugs, Notions,
Cigars, Tobaccos, Candies
and bruits
next door from office. Call on him
and don't fail. Both city and country
people Invited.
Miss Bess Whitson was in our
midst Sunday.
Madam Rumor says we are to
have a wedding soon.
Miss Nell Marshall is convalescent
from an attack of appendicitis.
. Mr. and Mrs. Joelsbell entertain-
ed several ot their relatives Sunday
Dr. liar Glover and wife, of Troy,
visited Mrs. Glover's parents Sun
day. . f
Miss Prudence Marshall is teach
ing a flourishing school at Green'
Miss Rivers Cloar, of Missouri, is
the guest of the Misses IsbeU this
Misses Roxie and Alvincia Luton
were shopping in Union City last
week. 1
On account of so much rain tbe
farmers are s6mewhat backwards
with their work.
Several young people from this
community went to Hickman Sun
day to enjoy the Easter services.
Mrs. Alvin Brevard went to Union
City Saturday to assist in the Eas
ter market given by the U. D. C.
Those on the puny list are Mes-
dames George Luton, Harmon
Houser and little Pauline Marshall-
Mrs. Roach gave an Easter egg
hunt to the children Sunday after
noon. All reported a pleasant time.
Mrs. Stefling Stone has been suf
fering from a severe rising on her
wrist, but under the care of Dr.
Prather is getting along nicely.
$3.00 $3.
"Queen Quality "Shoes have teen ten years lefort
tk ' public. In that tints the sales have Irohen all "
records. The factory has he en enlarged till it is now
the largest women's shoe factory in the world. Ten
thousand airs are sold every day. This great growth
could only come from superior merit. Why don't
you wear them once! This Store has the sole agency.
Phone 111 & Union City, Tenn.
Representative Hayes of California
Says Job Is Uncle Sam's.
"Somebody has got to lick Japan,
and I am very much afraid that the
unpleasant duty will fall upon us,"
said Representative Hayes, of Califor
nia today, after a visit to the White
House. He continued: "Unless she is
licked, and well licked, there'll be no
living with her in the world.
"Who do you suppose is In Japan's
eye while all this preparation is going
on in her shipyards and gunshops?
What nation is she spending $100,000,
000 a year to war with? It is the
United States of America, and there's
no use trying to fool ourselves into be
lieving anything else.
"She has licked Russia off the' face
of the ea,rth. Englaad is her ally.
There Is only one other power that she
could declare war upon, In the natural
course of events, and the natural trend
of the international game, and that is
the United States.
"We are bound to be called upon to
fight Japan, and the sooner we get
ready to do it and tike sooner we quit
trying to cos vises -vurselves that
Japan is friendly, the better it will be
for us and the rest of the world.".
...WE OFFER...
Good Lumber Values
in every sort of building and finish
ing lumber you're apt to require,
no matter how large your opera
tions. If you're "at all interested
"it's up to you" to investigate this
statement! for your own sake. We
welcome a tour through our yard
and all the questioning you like.
South of Presbyterian Church
Contractor for Pipe Wells and
Complete Water Fixtures.
Ivitest mnchinery fo'r nitiktiiir Tit Well. I enn
wive you monej on the following (tooils: Wind
Mills, Gnitotine l'.nifitsen, Hot Air Rneinei. Tnnk
Iwith Tubs, Pipe, Pmnpn nnd all I'liinilierV Uooiln
Get my price lie fore buyintf. '
All work and material Kuaranleed.
"My little boy was horribly afflicted with Salt Rheum. The disease
which covered hia body was like a living coal, while about the neck it was
eo bad It bled. A friend advised the Palmier "SUCCESS" Treatment, and
I tried It. At first the eyinptons appeared worse, but I persevered and
now he Is entirely cured. I cannot speak too highly of your remedies
for they saved my baby's life".-MBS. B. U CLAfiK, Wild wood, N. H.
Out of ten thousand cases of skin diseases reported In ordinary
practice, 4484 were diagnosed as Eczema of which Salt Rheum Is a
form. , The "SKIN-SUCCESS" Remedies expel the Impurities In
the blood, by driving the poison to the surface.
The 3 Great Cure comprbe th Treatmenb ointmeot, S8e. antf TBc., 8op. Be. Reme. We.
irwri fMMfi, W'MIN andSl. At all bruffgintt. Write for booklet on
WTtWJ '?? 'Ni.'B '!M-TTfTI ITTyTj Skin I)lieae. to The Motrmi Drug Co.. Atlaotie
!&an Dd X""1 Brooklyn, New Votk Utf.-
Recommended by RED CROSS DRUG STORE.
13 DY
The Commercial
Job Department , is a bumper
and no mistake. All jobs will
be printed promptly. "v
I .

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