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Bob Cu mining's spent Sunday in
T. H. Puryear has returned from
Memphis, v
Webe Hawes went " to Obion
E. C. Hawes is in Helena, Ark.,
this week.
John Dahnke and wife spent the
holidays in St. Louis.
Mrs. Reuben Green has returned
" from a visit to Mayfield.
Miss Katy Flack visited her fath
er in Tiptonville last week.
Miss Mattie Hancock has re
turned from a visit to Obion.
Mrs. R. Thompson is the guest
of her son, Arnet Thompson.
. Robt. Lewis is now engaged as
salesman at Niles Drug Store.
Oce Harris, of Hickman, spent
O.. w. : fVia -if tr nrittl fnpnHs.
OUUUdJ 114 ku. "
Miss Genevieve Nailling is con
fined to her room with lagrippe.
4 -Mrs. .uayourn isunuu, vi r unuu,
visited her parents here Sunday.
'.Mrs. Annie Harris is occupying
the Smoot cottage on Ury street,
j MissLotta Pleasant spent part
;i of the holidays with Obion friends.
, Stanley Brown begins the new
year as salesman at Dahnke's Cafe.
Miss" Mary Emma Catron attend
ed a dining at Harris last Vednes7
day. ; ' v V . '
Mr. and Mrs. Gambill are visit
ing relatives near Lane's Ferry this
General D, J. Caldwell spent a
few days in JIashville this week on
Arthur Fletcher is absent from
his place of business this week, be
ing quite ill.
Mrs. Wallace Moore and sister,
Miss Chntie Harrison, are visiting
in Memphis. ,
Misses Bess . and Ruth Whitson,
visited relatives in Gardner during
r-e holidays. .
D. Keller lias returned
,X en'tv. . whore lie
remembered .tU.t'
if . " , .:',
-did it ever occur to you that
this trademark, which you hate so
often seen, has a very direct bearing
.upon your domestic economy ?
""x j J
it means to you the possibility
of reducing your fuel expenses to a
let us show you how this can
be accomplisned, and we shall also
be glad to demonstrate to you the
many other distinct advantages of
these exceptional stoves.
see them today. ,v
Mr. Chas. Roberts, of Missouri,
is the guest of his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. R. T. Roberts. " 0
Miss Polly Green, of Martin, was
a visitor in the city Wednesday en
route to Dyersburg. V
Mr. Paschal Harrison andfamilv
of Kennett, Mo., spent the holiday
with relatives here. .
Mrs. Marv Lou Moody has been
very ill for several days, but is te
ported a great deal better. "..
Mrs. E. B. Little entertained
company of friends on Wednesday
evening at 6 o'clock dinner. ;
John Wilhelm, of the Paducah
Register, was in the city Tuesday
spending the day with friends. "
Mrs. R. Green visited the family
of Mrs. Amanda' Harelson Friday
at their country home, Longview,
Miss Eula Dickers' J.after a vis
it to relatives in the city, has re
turned to her home, in Clarksville,
Vernon .Verhine will entertain
a company of young friends at the
Verhine home on Church street to-
night. "
Robert Daugberty was in, the city
Tuesday visitirig his sister, Mrs.
Herman Scates, while en route to
Cairo. - -
The Review Club met with the
Misses Robinson last Tuesday. The
next meeting will be with Mrs. W.
H. Swiggart; f . , ;
Miss Alice Garner of West Point,
Miss., was in the city this week as
a icruest of her broth.. Lt P. Gar-
ner.and wife. v v " .-
Attorney George R. Kenney and
little -daughter, - Martha, have re
turned from.a trip to Bellbuckle
and Nashville. . ' ; V
Miss Pearl McDamel returned to
her home at Dyer Wednesday, af
ter spending several days visiting
friends in this city.
M. W. Barney, the whip jnao,
soent the holidays- with his family
t home and '. will return to his terr
itory, leavmg'next Monday. i ;k ,
Supt. C. Kute was, during the
alidays, presented wth a magnif-.
pnf ci'ti riast lv 1 hv the facultv
EcbcvL The nresen
-Jeribk fi.Vrtiaao
"-iU look.
Mrs.'Ella Britton and Miss Ber
tie Harbison have returned from
Newbern, where they spent Christ
mas with iriends and relatives.
- Mr. and Mrs. Will Imnati, of
Murphy sboro, T1,a " Tcc:v
urphysboro, Tl.tA T,c;t
is week as t"?---l1
Mrs. J. C.
John Cf'vn tJ
Miss.r wapfe
holidays viif rodti
and Mrs.
ly, returnfls brS
week, assif Sally'ii
Meyer Brcfnotherlj,
year's work'Jl in spi
the rrew yearf a wa.
SamMgMurV" of LV
Miss., as ' man4d wagon.'
Union Telegrapfffe- htl,.
friends of the vouneline out -
Unifn Citv wishim v?tJ tr to learn
nve a
' 'Mrs. F. Mr Woody
...11 n,. fli. .
w r 1 1 1 . 1 .1 1 111 l'ii j 1 1 1 in is i wrrK.
but is this -week, rapidly gaining
.... r , . ,
ji ; I
her strength. This intelligence
brings'pleasure to many households
in the city.
" W. Tv. Mays and family will move
to the city and to the residence now
m J , T TXT Cl
uy X. . OLUUC d 6UUU d.
Mr. Stcme and family move to their
farm at Pleasant Valley. Pleasant
Valley is growing to be almost a
town within itself. The tomato
and cabbage industry is developing
there perhaps more than in any
locality in the county, and if it
continues that community will con
tinue to grow. .
t. 1 I tl F 1 MB -. II
County Court con reties next Mon
day and the subject of -taxes and
county revenues will probably' re
ceive considerable attention. : Jit is
more than likely that-the county
tax rate will be increased in order
to meet contingencies,
W. N. Waggoner, of Obion, who
succeeds A. R. Pace as agerlit of the
I. C. R.R. Co. at Gibbs. hasmoved
to this city, accompaniedoy his
wife, and they are located in a cot
tage'near the corner of Home and
Grove streets, northeast.
Attorney Rice A. Pierce was in
Nashville this week in behalf of
Lee Holder. The time of the hang
ing is drawing near, and Mr. Pierce,
as Mrs. Holder's attorney, is doing
everything he can for his client to
stay the judgment of the court.
Otis Freeman, a ; well known
young man of Martin, will be with
Morgan-Verhine Co. this year, as
salesman, Mr. Freeman comes
among , Us as a man of business
character and reputation, and no
doubt his services will be very val
uable to the house.
jE. M. H-inning left this week for
Alexandria, La., to manage the in
terior marble works of a two hun
dred thousand foliar hotel which
is being built at that place. Mr.
Henning expects to be back Feb. 1
to take his place with O. E. Milli
ken Marble & Granite Co.
Dr; J. F. McMichael returned last
week from a business trip to Ama
rillo, Tex. The Doctor informs' us
that he has never intended leaving
Union City, as was suggested in
the paper. He expects to open an
optical office as early as practica
ble in the city and to resume his
work in.that profession, giving it
his entire time and attention,
W. P. Davis and W. D.. ramharn
of the Davis, Bramliayt Insurance
Co., were down m. the"-southern
portion of the county fnis week in
the interest of the company. Two
insurance lines in Union City are. in
.thorough, live , and progressive
hands, and there is not a - more
wide-awake, and t rotable company
in the county than Davis.'Brainbam
& Co. - ' ( , -1-
. All- the schools opened . last Mon
day. So far this has proven the
best school 'year; as far as numbers
are concerned,; of any it. the history
of Union 'City .-in our knowledge,
and: we - have, no- reason to doubt
tUat they are developing along the
hnes of adv'ancsment in educational
.-,1-j-iiards as well. Last Monday
the register at the -Public High
School, building showed an enroll
ment of 760 pupils.
he superintendent and teachers
irst Christian Church Sun-
hool ask ua to state that next
Vogins six months study of
stament and every par-
person in the church
rt into the Sunxiay
the children with
ly otners wno are
cted with some
School. Every
d,' should be in
fternqpn Clul
vynippie on
p.sday after'
of whist
a,! ,,i,es were mc-
lo Q t
... r jijr yvuu uv mio.
b . . m w ' t . mm
f ,',.."
iw. o. raits ciuwii
SMThe consolation by
Mrs. Chas. Biirchard. A salad
course was served. Mrs. Morris
Miles, Mrs. Henry Hassler and
Miss Bessie Morgan irere prfesent
as guests. The meeting next week
will be with Mrs. R. M. Whipple.
We had the pleasure of a call and
becoming acquainted with Mr. H.
L. Davis, who is in the city repre
senting the interest of the Perfect
Pantry Co., of St., Louis, Mo., a
firm engfajjed in the manufacture of
a household article that, is rapidly
becoming a necessary part of a good
housekeeper's kitchen. In invent-
You naturally would prefer to treat yourself at home, for aiJv T' r e
trouble, wouldn't you? Well, it can be done. No reason whyS5'
be able to relieve or cure your suffering, as thousands of ot'i
done, by proper use of the Cardui Home Treatment. '- Begin Jjjn'sI -
j - tLa Jli
the well-known female tonic-
Joe Moorhead, of Archibald,
your advlco, I gave her the Cardui
If III I L, UJ 11 L.L.I 1
Nailling' Comer,
.We guarantee perfect and promptservice, purity
and accuracy in dispensing -all prescriptions.' .When
you are, dissatisfied." elsewhere,- cometo us, and we JJ'
will prove, our superiority.
Full Line of Perfumes and
ing the Perfect Pantry the manU:
facturers have succeeded in combin
ing the extremely useful with the
ornamental, which is indeed, a hap
py combination, but of courser it
must be seen to be appreciated.
The gentleman is located at Nail-ling-God
win Drug Co.,', where the
Perfect Pantry is on display and
the merits and convenience ' of the
article will be fully demonstrated,
A cordial invitation is extended to
call and be convinced, but if incon
venient to do so he will take pleas
ure in sending one out to your
house for inspection. jk.
Merchants are .taking stock this
week," the batiks will have their
stockholders meetings': next week
and then business will open up in
earnest for the new year Already
the signs are more hopeful than has
been expected, and is confidently
predicted that by the middle of this
month business of "all kinds will
resume its normal shape, not the
kind which: has produced artificial
values, but on a rational, safe and
sensible basis. '
.Mi9S' jSella Moss entertained
few friends Tuesday night.
Miss Siddie Lewis has returned
from a pleasant visit to Obion.
Mr. and Mrs. Knox Everett en
tertained their friends at dinner
last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Jackson
spent Saturday night and Sunday
at Woodland.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McCorkleand
children spent a few davs at New
bern last week.
Mr. Richard Hicks, of Paris,
spent the holidays with Mr. and
Mrs. Clive Lannom.
Miss Katie Carter was the guest
of Misses Effie and Ivie Corum near
Woodland last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Scott enter
tained 35 of their friends to a fine
dinner during Christmas.
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Love and two
sons;. E!i?rett'ind Beecher, ot
Gru'tcnfield.'Ky., wets welcome vis
itors in Southside during the, holi
days. ' - :' . V
Haabeenrecognlzedforov f
Antipruritic and Local AntF-
IW nutrient to the Involved! "
tiVO BCDllcatlon known for nil fn
Psoriasis, Scrofula, Ringworm, Blackjfl r '
Inflammations of the skin from whati .Jl - (
PAlMEW A pure, sweet detergr 'J i J '
'Jl'B.-HIJiii.K ' slcln uealthfu 1 1' ; ;
aiil't'niliiasi'il la especially recommsi I :
tooap- requires a NON-irrit7j 4 "
Blotches, Eczema, Scall-head, MilY- EtTCCES.f:
softens the skin, frees th pores tt? ' of Tetter au;
antiseptic. Where impurity of the I uffei,ed With Et -
nmrr tatious.acr
mDiooa: ic overnomo?,
and when used in harmony with the
' Palmer SUCCES.fPs ci'th-
Possesses grreat merit, each being a spejC astonishing, t4
caused by an impure or Impoverished i! L n j r1
pimples to Scrofula and its kindred horroiV -DiO0
Ointment. 25c and 75e Soap, 25c. Remedy, 25c. RnA''4i the - 3lt?j,
let on ' Skin Diseases and How to Treat Them," to efw . .J 7
Kingston Ave. Brooklyn. Hew York CMy. . iTk'tnCntVV'niCn
Eeeommended by BED CBOSS DKUG
., . '.' , . ,
r ,
til i .3 .,, -P...' BLl 't
For sale at all drus stori
!. T., vrites: "My vlfa had suffered u I
e- .,
Home Treatment, and notf sha
Write fodyfcffre copy of CInaHe.w
vice, describe your svmptoms. st if t X
Aaares: iioies Aavtory iett.. K
v j,r i
wiij mm c
Phone 223
: .
Toilet Articles, Cigars, Etc.
Mrs. Jim Mays, of Eton, passed
through the city Sunday en route,
to .Waverlyto visit her brother. .'
Rev. L.H. Mills. and wife, of
with J. W. McCorkle and family. -
Mr. and Mrs. 1. W. Cloar spent a'
few days with Mr?.' Will Hammond,
aear-Clayton '.durinir Cbrict.',, ,. .
. Mr, anrt Mrs.. iuniR Alartui cu
tertiiiued qute 'a number of their
tnends at dinner Christmas day.
, Mrs. Willie Wilkerson and chil
dren, ot Troy, are the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cloar this
; Mr. Charlie Kirk and family have
moved to Southside from Walnut
Lost. We welcome them to our
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wallace and
children, from Samburg, were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs, C. II.' Mar
tin during the holidays. t
Miss Mary Love will have soon
for her home at Alexandria, La.,
after a visit of a few months to rel
atives in and around Union City.
Miss Nora Jackson and her cous
in, Miss Pokie Harris, of Columbia,
who has been her guest , for the
past ten days, went to Obion Christ
mas eve to spend the holinays with
relatives and friends. ' .
Rev. Freed, of Henderson, will
begin his year's work at Exchange
Street Church the second Sunday.
Services at 11 o'clock and at night
every second and fourth Sunday.
Everybody is cordially invited,
The old year has passed out and"
the new year has rolled in. Of
course it is welcome, but oh how
we love the old year. We know
what it had in store for us, but who
knows what the new year will
bring? So let us all be up; and do-,
ing and try to make the year 1908 .
the best year of our lives, Let all
the cousins come each week with a
long newsy letter.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Cloar spent
Tuesday night with Mr. and Mrs.
J. M. Cole. Uncle Jerry and Aunt '
Ann were in fine spirits, as they al
ways are. Both have enjoyed the
holidays from start to finish. They
have entertained several of their
friends and havebeen highly enter--
a : j l. , . iv . .
Lainea ai several airrerent aomes
during the holidays. As -.everyone
knows, it . Certainly is a. Jreat : t-
nave Uncle Jsrry and Au r-nrt -,t
be their guests, as the
the hnest and best ped
i '
She higf
trir- r a3Wiigtoa, it.
STOBeroi;j;terfV ' 1 "I
' - yj - " . - r
iSe. .
-T K,oi.i,-t on k
tfew vii " V
M I.JI J I j ..IIIM. INI. I INI II I., I - . .-
'.nreV., ---
,- -, p-

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