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r v.
Society. ,
New Year's Reception.
Mrs. Malcolm R. Patterson, the
bride of the Governor pf Tennes--see,
was cordially - welcomed by
Nashville society at a large and
brilliant New Year's, reception giv
en by Mrs. John Thompson. 'About
200 representative "tn a r r i e d : and
young women attended, .filling i"e
hafldsome residence during the're-
ception hours of 3, to 6. The smart
est mid-winter toilettes were worn,
hieing in their artistic tints with
the floral beauty in the house.
-Every room was radiant with color,
and opening into each other, they
made a vista, of space' and luxury
. which few residence in the South
' can duplicate. ,
Tones of red and green were em
phasized in the decorations, which
were chiefly of American Beauties,
poinsettias, Richmond' roses and
red carnations, although some of
Uhe gift .flowers added varying
shades of color, and one room dec
orated entirely in potted pink be
v gonias ave an exquisite variety
color, wetore'eacn of the large pier
mirrors banks of flowers awl ferns
rtflectea themselves, repeating the
ciTect of their beauty. Mistletoe
wns ui-fd in large chatelaines that
from the doorways and arches
V, ribbons. ' The decorative
he. diningroom was es-
':;-.t i : ,;c. The serving table
, -j .i of red carnations and
,s its length, and on each
re were silver platters ot
us. and candelabra with
ies. A smaller table in an
room was also' decorated
.'..rs-'rvirifir ices, those who
).,:,- M;s. John P. Wil
Elizabeth Thompson
. . ;;.7fc bi:'4 Sara Morgan.
.. ... ,,:.: Mrs. Joseph H.
-did it ever occur to you
trade-mark, which vou have so
seen, has a very direct bearing
yourdomestic economy?
-it means to you the possibility
tm m . .. A. '
of reducing your fuel expenses
Met 'Us- show yoti how this
be accomplisned, and we shall also
be glad to demonstrate to you the ;
many other distinct' advantages of
these exceptional stoves.' "
-see them today.
Jr., with Mrs. J. M. Dickinson, Mrs
Hugh L. Craighead, Mrs. James E
""S" -&
Caldwell, Jr.. Miss Allison and Miss i
Marv Lou Harris.
- Mrs. Patterson, whose graceful
dignity and charm . make her an
ideal personage to grace "the po
sition of first, lady of the State,
wore an artistic and very rich gown
of ifary chiffon, handpainted., with
pink roses over pale green silk.
The corsage was almost entirely
of poinWde Venise finished with
pipings of pale green rep silk, arid
the sleeves of frilled Valenciennes
were trimmed with -narrow black
velvet bands. She wore a diamond
and pearl brooch and carried a bou
quet of American Beauties and an
other of double violets. Nashvitle
i., '"'"- ' '
EntertainmenW ; v
Miss Nor'a. Thomas entertained a
few of her friends last Thursday
night from 8 to IV Those present
were: s Misses JIellie and Muller
Connie, -Bessi, George, Mora Pru
ett, Grace Board and Lilly Clay, of
Union City; Angel Balkm and Inez
Spellers, of . Hickman; Topsy Clay,
of Carutherslie, Mo.; Messrs. Bil
j,e oorg?, -Ir"in Stanfield, Roy
Coleman, Cacy. Yates, Harry Pru
ett, Clarence Board, of Union City;
Dave and Charles SpillerB, Drew
Leap, Jim and WiU Pruett, of Hick-
man; Pruett, of Woodla'tad.
The crowd of young people was
chaperoned by Mrs. Clinkey, of
Union City. At an early hour re
f'resnmeiits were served, consisting
of fruits. All reported a jolly time
and au evening long to be remem
bered. , A Guest.
You've tried the rest, now try the
best Sunshine Flour
The Board Banquet
Mayor V. IT
host ut a dln.iw
Cafj Monday
A V. . ' i I'.. .;
GarJ.-ut was the
partv at Dahnke's
Tn.. ;t; Members
.--..r and Al-
:a, aUo the Board
- f-r -sent and sev
. --.:s were
' ;-..,t affair
.-a kin-
to a
'By the omission of the word stick
' i i
my article in last weed's Commer
Pellet advertisement, a far'
of Jthe, imagination, when
fact occurred just as I stat
my little bright-face, f riw
principal actor in it can t
as to hia producing the sj
on which he' so gaily rodci
not .venture to say.
Christmas ' with, its bri
beautiful toys has-just pas
while I have heard of Sa'lly'i
ing with unchanged motherlj
tion to the old rag doll in. sp;
the alluring prettiness of a wa.
beauty, I have yet to learn of t..,
boy who will leave a new red wagon
or bicycle to ride a stick horse.
The omission of this word set me
to thinking of the -power in words
to express our thoughts and feel
ings.,; Have you ever seen the stern
care-worn face of -a man soltened
by the mention of the word mother?
Have you 'ever felt the "magic,
awakening of sweet memories jat
the Word home?'.- ' ; f V"t -;
Why this is so we are taught in &
mosi : beautiful ''Doctrine, of ; Re
mains' that during tne years ot
infancyvand childhood in the iamost
chambers of the memory is s'tored
up not only the good and truths
which a man has learnt from his
infancy out of the Lord's word aud
which is thus impressed oil his
memory, but they 'are ..likewise all
states thence derived; statesof inno
cence from infancy, states of love:0
ward parents, brothers, teachers
I" i '-
t .IV
! .
L 1 5
y to-
: ercy
w -A,
Je r
mg- to
brawn you p
cles from ! -.
CXr XiltikJ U4K
ry and i ;
15 red into your
f 'of the collie
....'1 out in the vfor-
F catching' trains, and
laces of boy'" h iiieu'I.-
an..' 1 may nave wimeun n.'
ue c lddcn calm of death or drifted
1 i
far away into inaccessible parts. of
the giant humanity, ...but all. you
were and had remains. - v--,
So mother, no matter how' patch
ed the trousers or darned the stock-
ings, what richer are ours? (God's
Holy Word, the sense of right and
wrong, sense of fair play, love -A
father,' mother and home, loyalty
to : friends, sincerity,' temperance
in thought, deed and play, ' What
an inexhaustible, supply . to, build
the noblest manhood of the race.
Let us do our part and lqave the
rest to the Lord and the angles for
their angels do behold the face of
my Father. " ' -t
The Execution to Take" Place Satur-
Day, January 18. ,
A few minutes after noon yester-
day Attqrney General D. J. Cald
well received a message from Gov
ernor Patterson granting Lee Hold-
er nine aays more in wnicn to iie
and'ttreD'are himself for the future
V ' J ! j. ' - V'
The Gi6vernor stated positively that
this was not to be understood as a
respite, but it -was don-m behalf
of Mrs. Holder and Leeitbeinffi' '
tne nrsi iinte mai ciiuei uau cu
Tliiti iq thfi informitioii
obtained direc from General
well. The attorney, Mr, Pierce, vas i1
very active 'yesterday in-behaH" of
the vounor'.man. doin? everytiiiair
possible thit an attorney' couid do
for his client." A large - crowd ot
people were ,in town to: see what
they could of the execation.', ,
The eallows was erected at the4
northwest4 corner of , th6 - court
house with an Enclosure about
twelve feet square and' fif eeu leet
high. The trap w3b (.-instructed
as usua with a rope which is to
be cut when, trap is sprung, releas
ing and suspending the primmer by
Jin pc1
UunderstanJ "5 v.ere
idc c iiwri '.ig the
a cor
, Gt
Out Oi,',., , . .
try to learn tj.-j . . .j, ..oove
al, live a Christian hlc, to when
you come to die you will, have noth
ing to dread, for you know not when
jour time may coilie. Try to make
all of the children as happy as you
can, arid you have nothing1 to lose
by it. I have but a few more hours
left to live. I would like to 6ee you
once more and talk with you, for I
could tell you more than I can write.
It is hard to die the death that l am
doomed to die in only two more'
days, but I will make the best of it,
and I am going- to be in heaven in
a few days, so will be better otf
than on this earth. ; I send you one
nickel, or five cents, that I have
kept for a' long', time. You keep it
for me for lite. ' If I bad anything
elseJ would send." it to you Yes,
I have some pictures you may have
them,, and Miss -.Florence . Callis'
picture: don't never let it get de
stroyed, for my sake'keep it. ' .Now
try take' this advice and 'make a
and friends,
ward neighbor;
to the poor an;
alt states oE goo,v
.As another says
ljr were in youth r.
Latin and Greek v.'
colleges tnay have j
the tablets of ,
AXAKot ic mpHirinf fnr? To Ct!
But one medicine will notW
medicines act on different parts
another to the spine, Wine of
' . rV r
has proven so efficacies
"X Mrs. Wrru Turner, of Br
V.thout relief. My back and
vok Wins of Cardul and '
woman. I-must miy v. o-i ')
to you until we meet its ac;ivcuf ,U u i
I hope we will do. I will say gu ;
bye, good-bye. As P am io die, I
cannot write any. more. .Iay. the
good Lord bless and keepycm js'm'y
prayers. I am your brother. ' .
r Withjove to you,'gooil-tye.
LrE IIoi.der.
Union City, 'Tfenn. Ja'n.'Tl.-1908
Mr. Earl Holder, My. Pear I'kother:
I now try andsay a few vstda to
you. would like tr vee you and
have a talk, but that i.-' impossible,.
JT write. . Karl try -nd irake-.a-
n of yourself, try to dd all .(bat
you can to help mamma and try. t
do all that you can. to'- pjeajseher
and - the other children. Llways
do what y.ou can in the.'ngM 'way
and never drink any dr!uks "oJ iiuy
kind, lor it is, all for the bad :uid
therejs no good la it.. Neven srr.ofce
cigarettes, for tlicfy -are $ot otily bad
on your health but the? miij.l,.alo,
And don't swear, for it,is n a gor 1.
I Always try to live a manly life aud
you get in the nghPwEv
the otilv wav In tbts life
' -t it is
. w try
. ' f a m
' i have
- -.1 1
,t : 'ived
to follpw this, for I kn: . ;
saying. You "know". J, ' '
wenl, through vail the '
have done everything.: I -a
rough life all the way ....
and vou see what it has i ,
1 ia t
and not only ia jail but t v u.
after to-morrow, and you know
it is nara to tDinu oi ii um il
K an
it comes. Now don't you follow my
life the way that 1 v have nvet a uut
fn Ha tVio r(&ht vaavi c I OW talv S my
advice and do the clean thing, jfake
rare ot mamma ana. 'tne cm
and vou will be better Off i
InnVr run . : WrtlW t til list R3 V
welt to .your torever, ,a9 i musrc aie,
I anl with love to yoivas ever,)our
brother. LJE ilOLDLR,
TriTTPltf A T.TR1W A Tin T.TW.R A TltJRE
li. CV Wello, the English ntvel
iKt, recently, shocked, literary Eng-
,mp'' by declanna: that literature is
J and journalism will be its
s.i., ,. .into. Furthermore he. re
Call-IcenMy" expressed regret ' that jfate
Had prevented him from haying
.such a training that he calls him-
.-elf a iournali&t. .In the opinion of
iMn- ells lue oiuy nuierence i
tween iounialism and literature ig
that journalism does not pretend
immortality, while , literature
does. ' , i ' . ' -
Like Mark Twain, Mr Wflls
has'ao p:itience with the modern
tendency to decry .all present day
w riling and
worship the prot.U'1n,.pCBr)'
iters loner t,ince 0
fiorm cf 1 ritors lon
- v " - - , . n . -'
v'orshfp cf the greatnesy
past la'u ved by Mr '
bo greatly overd-
London dailiei are. haw
hard 'time reconciling the ideas ol
Mr. Wells with the advice of most
scholars, that young persons bhoul.l .
rcaa c imiig Avmcn na not been
jti'-tlI bytijue.'- ButwVlr.", Wells
is r..t worried by the cjitici&ms of
his pff ilion and . reifrralcs that
xilu'atuie is not an 'intellectual
'tre-tt or relaxation t. which men
M'Vuiiitn' ?an ' witi.firay as to
vt i-rrr
,.4Wt'hieni''. ' !n . L
T' 'We' have n" Od in'our home Palmer's "PKIN-PUCCKF." .-i-for
4lB years, and Uavo cured a cumber of bftA caava ot .Ten au .i(
ieEl'inanyietng of long standing. A lady friead Buffered U'iUi Ec
In tva worst forin, had triod many physicians and remedies: her fact
WlJad she never yeaturad. out I cured her entirely with your remei ,
snort time and' tHera has bean no return pf the disease. She hlgfc
reebmmenda the palmer, "SUCCESS" Trea'uaiect and I glacUy endorse t
V ' ' I ' a.; -- G. O. GEUAET1. ;
r-- . " . v " . WaaatogtiOorH.T '
Diseases' are pHctucMe' of corruptions and ill-health 5 ' they' ae
u. - r ! 1,11 o rA'rc cuctAm of trp&tmer.t Which
draws out the pofson; then purifies
Thcse'3 Great Cures comanse the Trcalmcnti ointment, ?c and 73?., Som 2. Remedy. fSfc.
mJ&X? wy-Vg -1 km Ptees tt T'i.e Morgan Drug; Co., Atwnti
. a j.- UIid
Outline"! -isoop- tusHveuj .
' ..II L
;-. 'of
; l!ia f
j ! iL .
No Ito.-i :t
I of &re ,1. t
dead genera
these nnr;
if !
L ery ago r:1 t meet and face and . j
solve its jv, . problems. Et'ery p,
rijUt rediscover th ancient s-,!
sanities of ii..-j'a existence. Every 1
ef-c nd of ti:-e seesa whole uni-x .
run fi-P!it. I n. tvhri - iintvfirso , : ,
,vn defence of modern literature
Mv. Wells Ltaintains . that no liter-
ature can pr iitvhe'lp for an age ,
to which it iaiuapger. He be- ; ,
lieves that this age offers progres-.
sion and, problems unheard of in '
the past,' problems which must be f ;
written about by a living author
for a living public. He holds that
a live journalist is far better than
a dead classic and says "the mod-: j
ern novel is a revelation of a new
age to a new man." u ' , " ,
Mr. Wells holds that no. m?M'-' '"
who desires to play a .pqble'-paft
in attairs or io-aay can anoru
neglect the literature which .sots
forth present-day conditions. 4-
lhis view is sane, but carried to
hold one's nose, arid wade . thrbugh :. -V,
self for the effusion on Newport V v
society, wuica u lou oiiaciair isa j
more inspiring reading tlian 'raost . -of
the musty volumes hsIples.8'8tuV
dents are co m pel led tg-Tvade,'
through before theyire adVrteT
to American colleges. :'d. V. .
reads a noy&l which is'" a' j l, old '
istiot further ,0-ff the, Atufi-" than '
thecir bial-'-.r "yho 'J -Jvuei
thatro bojk l.-'Sc:. ifi's ''
ten jvear.-j old.-' W;tk r '.uouS :are ,
beincr , wiitten ro-dav. t h ivere
y iil.uu..AUi lil.iv
of the- chaff and
a mo Icrato dicJ
clu'--Jics.-rXashv v
tTse Bell furnitu.
at 25cts a bottle and j;
Belt Furniture Co. v..
Special, sale ftf
11. We will !-'. ' :
Statutes. Salj -.i
Five and i.n CtN"
? nr f t f :
d Blood
internally and heals externally,
Kjairitou Av..a. Braui-yo, WW HOIK city.
. , , .. ,,

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