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i !
' M
of the
ajestic r.lalloablo and Charcoal Iron Range Begins lOfl.AY. JAfl.-27,:s;
id will continue
uugn me weeK
Facts? About the
TTzr O If 173 T7
i O N
With every. Majestic Range sold during
this Cooking Exhibition, we will give abso
lutely FREE one handsome set of . ware as
shown. . This ware is worth $7.50 if it is .
worth a cent. It is the' best that can be bought.
We don't add $7.50 to the price of the rarige
and tell you you are getting, the-ware free, but
sell all Majestic Ranges at the regular price.
You get the ware free. Remember this is for
exhibition week only. Ware will not be given
after this week. This ware is on - exhibition
at our store and must be seen to be' appreciat-
Come in any day during the week. - Make
our store your headquarters. Have coffee and 'j
biscSits with us. .
Come if you intend to buy or not; the.
information gained will serve you in the
future. . "'
r C. s& Yf -
"""Li ' ' il fjSims '' I Nickel PWal (a
IS GuanWzWy5cal. -I ' ' f JjJ. S 5 j Coffer Coffae Pol
Pl . ffplff T' !
,1 -t ,L ' " T'LZf I UW Covet
Ls.-a Pet S Covor V ' ' t ; ' iu-il. r"J7n I - iOra BoK-oaw
Cs .', :l?-'-:V','t-?-?tPaieni Neverbarix -Wir&d Drippin-cr Pans.. '
vjy-v '.llLllll: -ill- .jiB- i- ' 1 -r;i..r.--
: l 111 1 -i
It is the only n rige in the , world made of
malleable and cha. al iron.
It has, beyond ari question of doubt, the
largestand est reseWir.
It uses. al)out half fuel us'ed on other
ranges, and does betteiVork by far.
The Majestic All Copper Nickeled Reser
voir, heats the water quicker and hotter than
any.pther. It is the only reservoir with a re
movable frame. .
The Charcoal Iron Body of t the Great Ma
jestic Range lasts three times as long as a
Steel body.
Being'made of non-breakable ninterial,there
is practically no expense for repairing the
Majestic. " 1 .. .
As for baking, it is perfection," not von?y for
a few months, but all, times to come. .
A Great Majestic Range lasts three times
as long as a cheap range, but it don't cost
three times as much.
I Everybody Welcome I
PROOF We don't ask you to take our word for
the above statements, but if you will call at our
store, a man fromthe factory where Majestic
Ranges are. made, will prove to your satisfrction
that these are absolute facts, and will show you
many more reasons why the Great Majestic Range
is absolutely the best that money can buy.
Everybody Welcome!
. Union City Hardware Company
Miss: Maggie Maya has returded
from a visit to Trenton.
Mrs. Nannie Gray has returned
from a visit to Jackson.
Miss Pauline Jackson is confined
o.her room with la grippe.
, Miss Rebecca McKinnis, ot Beech,
he guest,pt Mrs. McAlwain.
TT. Chiles, of Obion, spent Tues
1 night with Mr. and Mrs; J. M,
is the guest of
John Jolly, at
ander Forester's farms near the rail-1 ' NOKTHSIDE.
Misses Meda Mabry, from near Mrs. Vili McClanaban is on the
Beech, and Lizzie Newman, are the sick list.
guests of Mrs. W. W. Mays. Lagripjfe prevails throu g hout
Prof. Willie Wilkerson, of Ken- Northside.
ton, spent Saturday night and Sun- t. S. Carmack was in Hickman
day with his family at the home of on business Tuesday.
Mr. ana Mrs. J. w. (Jloar.
. Ogle
It Mrs
Miss Mary Lee Love left Satur
day afternoon for her home in Alex
andria, La., after several month's
visit to her aunt and uncle, Mr. and
Mrs W. S. Jackson.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Glover enter-
their friends
'of Satnburg
mother, Mrs. C.
VI trans-
V s Pies-
d to .
..aide in tb
-f informs tis
'ys institt
rger thai
tained . a' " few of
at their "beautiiul new suburban
home on the evening of the 8th'
inst. It was Mr. Gipsy's, and my
pleasure to take supper in that hos
pitable home that night. About parents, Mr
t.M tneir iriends oegan to gather -r
in and among those from a distance Miss Inez!
were Mr. and Mrs. Haydon Thomas- dan, was
son, ot JNew Orleans. Everyone poie, a tew.
n - j . i r I ' Tt
Beemea ugai-neariea ana in ior
some fun. Presently the tables
were drawn forward and then for
a nice game of flinch, which we all
enjoyed very much. During the
game we listened to some very nice
violin music, and at a late hour Mrs.
Glover, assistedby her beautiful lit-
' Miss-
R. P. Whitesell was in
last week on business.
C. J. Watson, ot J
Friday night with Man
John A. Todd, of M
with relatives in
Miss Lula Hare
nesday in the cit
gie Johnson
Robert Car'
Mrs. John Malcolm is reported
better at this writing.
, iviis8 tiatne May uiemmons is
yisijr.jW-jjes in Texas.
. wir, from near the
fJatives near
er, Friday
l tV.' J TTTM .'
u vv iima
list the
jr a
tie win re-
Jnse ;v
m u.
f 5gs, who has
ieda Pruett, re
: near Dresden
.ent Ttur(aithM&v
Hoiran spent
T. R. Reynolds neJr Mt. Zion.
Mrs. Maggie Moss has returned
home atter an extended visited to
relatives in Thompson Station.
Miss Ruth Warterfield returned
tie daughter, Grace Truman, served Tuesday from an extended visit to
-artkey, who has been
fnpjks mother, Mrs. Jane
LTefds a' nas returned to his home in
delicious refreshments. After bid-
M add tw ding the kind host and hostess good-
In the orin
f t. nite
raphy an
s obtainal J
t ' . fine
an. 14- Jst""'
jb Source of ,tlfton
?y, Conjuncd little
I Eveninp enter-
'A. lamily
in the
now awill
night we left for our home, wishing
that at an early date it would be
our pleasure to spend another hap
py evening in that pleasant home.
Mr. Sam Wade passed by our tent
Tuesday with some of his fine blood
ed chickens which are on exhibition;
at the poultry show. Among them
were the Brown Leghorn and two
kinds of game, the Whitley and the
Arkansas Fame, besides a pair of
fine Embden geese. I'll venture to Mrs. J. H. McDowell has fully re
say if neighbor Wade don't capture I covered from her recent illness.
some nice prizes it will be a won
der to me.
friends and relatives in Memphis
w. ivi. warxerneia was down on
a visit from Nashville to his father
Dr. A. P. Warterfield, a few days
last week.
Miss Mary Burrus has returned
to her home on the State Line, at
tera pleasant week with her sister,
Mrs. James Moss.
$100 Reward. $100
Tli rmtlpn r thi nanr will he rleafiel tn
beiD2' ickllearn that there is at least one dreaded disease
I that science has been able (o cure in all its stasres,
Wlth tvffC- I and that is Oitirrh. Hall s Catarrh Cure is the
r ari '4 onl pes'tiw cure now known to the medical
'T' . . I fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional dis
lo Visit tl I ease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's
ire rr"ri Catarrh Cure is taken internally, nctinjr directly
' i-L npoa the biood an(j mucous surfaces of the sys-
r'JUi- fern, thereby aestroying tne iounaauon or ine
i ,';sense, and nivinir the patient strength by build-
the constitution ana assisting nature m
The proprietors haw so much taith in
Mrs. H. L. Parks, Robt. Marshall
and little Lonelle Marshall are those
on the sick list.
Miss Katie Lawrence, of Fulton,
Ky., was the guest of Miss Roberta
Marshall last week.
Miss Ruth Marshall is spending
the week with her sister, Mrs. F. W.
Watson, of Union City.
Harry Lawrence, of Fulton, Ky.,
t .nnwrt thut Ihfiffeplln Hundred
!-iy case that it fails to cure, send for I spent last Thursday night with his
1-iials. Address ,
Swellest line of hand painted par
ior raoies at tseu Furniture Cp.
Mrs. Harper is sick. " . ".
We had a nice little snow.
Mrs. Fannie Joyner is sick.
Mrs. Sarah Osborne is sick.
Mr. Stevens isn't any better.
Mr. Keys is improving 6lowly.
Mrs. Harmon is improving slowly.
The weather looks like farming,
We are sorry to bear that Mrs,
Laura Chapel is very sick. ,
Miss Eulah Compton is getting
some better. i
Mrs. Sims will return in a tew
days from a trip to Missouri.
Mrs. Mollie Sikes, who has been
quite sick, is improving slowly.
There has been a great deal of
sickness here. Dr. Parka is going
all the time. "
LOST A Scotch Collie Shepherd
Dog. Color, deep brown, small stripe
between the eyes and down the nose,
with white ring around the neck.
White front feet with a very heavy
white-tipped tail and wears a collar
lined witti Diue ieit ana iastenea, whd a
a lock. The person returning tliT
will'be given a reward of $2.00f
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Aus Crad
dock last Thursday, a girl.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim McCain,' of
Arkansas, are here on a visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Morris at
tended the burial of Mrs. Susie
Coonce at Clayton Sunday.
Mrs. Biddie Glover and children
returned to their home near Paris
Monday after an extended visit to
relatives here.
Mr; and MrSi-F. B. Caldwell en
tertained quite a number of young
people at a leap year party last
Thursday night. All report a very
enjoyable time.
Nath Cummings had a very fine
hcjrse to fall in the creek near Pow
ell Glover's home Sunday afternoon
and it was so badly crippled that it
died in a short time. , -
Quite a lot of sickness prevails
throughout this neighborhood.
Nearly every family is: afflicted with
lagrippe, and Drs. Parks and Glov
er are riding night -and day.
pisses May and Elsie Caldwell
t - " tk.
and Messrs. William Cook and
Roger Caldwell' left Monday for
Dickson, where they enter school.
They have many friends here whose
best wishes are with them in their
school work.
Fremont is on a boom again.
There are ara two new barber
shops going up, Chuck Ki'lion and
Tom Vincent are building a . new
house on the Vincent, lot, and Pete
Clack has his barber shop in, "one
end of his store room. . . ."'
V Violet.
-V- - : : ' -
A Coin Reception.
Mr. and; Mrs. George Hardy re
quest your company at a reception
under the'auspices of. the Foreign
Missionary Society Friday evening,
Jan. 17, 1908?;.' The ladies have ar
ranged a nice"; piagramme, both
musical and literary. A cordial in
vitation is extended the oublic.
Hours, 7.30 tall o'clock, j
The following programme will be
nstrumental solo Miss Richards
cal solo.. Mr. A. L. Garth
This begins our seventh year as
a Commercial cousin and we hope
to see some of the old names in,
the columns again.
The negro woman, Mary Cothrell,
who was struck in the face with an
ax, by Walter Arch Merriwether,
an other negro, just before Christ
mas, is improving rapidly and now
it seems as though she will recover.
She was rendered unconscious by
the blow and did not regain her
senses till Wednesday of the past J
week. She asked what had ailed
her, saying she knew something
was wrong our. am not Know just
what ic was. Merriwether ii at
large, as he committed the dead
while she was asleep and rushed
her off in the darkness.
Once more we have passed out the
old year and closing the door behind
us we have crossed the threshold of
a new, one. We hope he will prove
a real good friend to us and serve
us to our great good advantage. As
we cannot forecast what is held in
store for us, we must be patient and
accept whatsoever he pours out. to
us. Let us forget, in as much as
is consistent, the trials and misfor-
tunes that overlook us in the re
cently closed year and treasure up
in memory the many kindly acts
and blessings that we received. And
now let me wish all who may
chance to read this happiness, pleas
ure, health and success; let your oc
cupation be whatsoever it may so
that it is legitimate and an honest
and honorable endeavor.
We should look back into the
months that have just glided into
the annals of the past,cull our mis--ej
deeds and terae that pain or mis
fortune and use them as a warning
signal to prevent us from thus err
ing again as there are none on earth
that are so perfect as not to err.
As we write to-night the snow is
falling fast and the wind is roaring
through the, few trees ,-that are i
standing as sentinels over-looking
the fields that are - white with un
picked totton, and the waves on the
ruffled breast of the mighty Missis
sippi are leaping high and lashing
ferociously and can be heard for
some distance. A few more days
and the great Hickman and Lake
County levee will be completed and
we will have an opporturhtv to real
ize its great benefit it thre comes
such floods of water that have in
the past flowed down tbit mighty -stream.
If this great levesi protects ;
the country it is inter d-"" 4
not 't r- vv HO fit 0 J. 1
No. cVS9.3'.)),
.teres in
i chenev & co., xoieoo, urio. i iriena, rs.ooeriiuaiBud.il.
:ursistj.?sc, I . - Star;

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