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Is the one Jl which many people decide on their spring outfits. Are you ready; for your summer vacation ? Go ! on
thing is certain YOU'RE NOT READY, nb matter where you're going, unless you're PROPERLY PRE
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TpHE PEST clothes for yoA to wear the BEST clothes for any man to wear the
BEST . CLOTHES MADE we can show you in our carefully selected stock. The
garments that will fit you body, mind and pocket-book, you'll find ' us ready with them,
and with all the furnishings necessary to a well-dressed man.
The latest hats in the market we Will have on display this week.
Our selection of shoes and oxfords is very complete, and we invite your
close inspection.
The Quality, Style and Fit
of all our productions is the BEST that can be produced, and the selection is very complete.
We make a specialty of dressing men, and for them keep the BEST that's made, and the
cheapest that's good.
We believe that our One-Price-Every-Article-Guaranteed method of -d?Hg
business is the fairest and most beneficial, both to you and us.
f s jj w
i.i r,WM
Please remember that at all times you are CORDIALLY WELCOME, and we 'are glad to serve you in any way.
- '' ..iitV , .
- -1- I Tilt'
Just rece ve"?"), UVther
The Clubs.
Mrs. Lydwell Payne Garner enter
tained the L' Allegro Club at home
in the city last Tuesday afternoon.
The game was rook and the prizes
won as follows; Miss Lucile Morris,
first, a nice umbrella; Miss Nell
Jackson, consolation,, a box or
handkerchiefs. Mrs Albert Pace,
visitors prize. Mrs. Hunter Griffin
served punch. Refreshments were
served in two courses. The rooms
were decorated with roses and the
ccasion very pleasant. Mrs. Frank
Glass vill entertain the club
'next week at home of Mrs. Chas.
Mrs. C. H. Cobb entertained the
Wednesday Club this week with
whist. There were five tables and
three prizes were given. Mrs. R.
M. Whipple won the first, one-half,
dozen Ramekins; Mrs. Boyd, of
.Nashville, the consolation, a nice
rasol; Mrs. Hassler the guests
... . . i , i.i
ie, a snirt-waisi ana uulkic,
ich she presented to Miss Jack-
rru .afroclmipiita wpr.1 in
Jeral courses, including salads
Vfices, altogether lovely. The
scored another pleasant event.
!iss Irene Dahnke' entertained
4f wppU in honor of MissCothran,
Fulton. The hostess also enter
.', tained the Entre. Nous Club as the
j ! guests ot Miss Inez Dahnke. Miss
Dezzie Brown, Miss Agnes Coble
oni Mica Rpssie Glasscock were the
prize Winners. The club prize was
presented to Miss Cothran.
; The Review Club met at the home
of Mrs. Keiser this week with Mrs
W. H. Swiggart as leader. The
, meeting next week will be'with
; Mrs. H. C. Stanfield. Mrs. Laura
. - Wells will be the leader and the last
lesson in Literature will be used.
Mrs. John Bell entertained last
Thursday in honor of her 6ister,
Mrs. Harry Trevathan, of Chicago.
Quite a number of friends were pres
ent enjoying a game of rook. Prizes
were given and refreshments served
in elaborate courses.
Mrs. Henry Hassler will entertain
at whist tp-day in honor of Mrs.
Boyd, ot Nashville, and Mr. Hub
bard, of Fort Worth.
; Buy a 5 year guarantee set -of
spoons and get a phonograph free.
NaiUing-Keiser Hardware co.
Fitzgerald vs. T. S. Boys The Return
The largest crowd that was ever
upon the Training School grounds
at one time assembled there last
Friday evening to witness the re
turn game between the T. S. boys
and Fitzgerald. Many of the prin
cipal business men of the town were
out, and the seats which lined the
school grounds were packed to their
fullest extent. Even after the game
had begun people continurd to flock
in at the gates, and the crowd al
rtifcly inside gained in bulk. Every
body was enthusiastic. Some car
ried megaphonfiffor the purpose of
cheering on to victory their favored
side and others sported gorgeous
school colors which waved and float
ed in the sunlight joyously.
About 4 o'clock the umpire called
out to "Play ball," and after a time
the great game began. The first
few innings that the T. S. boys were
at the bat they ran in four or five
scores, but when they had lite field
they played bum. The fumbles that
each made seemed to be contagious,
and it wasn't long before the dis
ease had spread. The rest of their
playing was a succession of errors.
Fitzgerald soon had the home
team outstripped and was running
in score after score. Their dexter
ous playing won great applause
both in the field and at the bat.
The game came to an end 7 to 17 in
favor of the boys from Trenton.
The T. S. boys have never before
given such an exhibition of bad
work as they gave Friday. Prac
tice 6eems to have grown foreign
to them. Indeed it can well be said
that the main feature of the "whole
game that evening was the grand
lack of practice which the T. S. boys
showed. It is to be hoped that the
boys will realize the necessity in
the future of putting forth .some
effort, in order to Win a game at
anything. ,-
W. B. Hamilton.living three miles
west ot the city, this week bought
of Beckham & Mayes one of their
auto-seat, two in one, up-to-date
genuine George Delker Buggies. He
left happy and said he was going
to make his best girl see and have
a good time.
Use Dahnke-Walker Milling Co.
flour, a home product, and guaranteed.
Passed by Negro on Number of
Merchants at Fulton.
Fulton, Ky., April 27. Saturday
night a number of business men
here were victimized by cashing
forged checks for a strange negro.
The checks were drawn on the City
National Bank, of this city, and in
favor of Frank Brown and Eugene
Bell, with the name of Will Hill, a
prominent contractor of this city,
signed to them. The forgery was
not discovered until Monday, when
the various merchants who had
taken the checks, went to the bank
to deposit tbem. No trace of him
has been obtained.
Mr. Mack Thompson, of near
Hornbeak, purchased of Beckham
& Mayes the past week an up-to-date
Delker Bike Buggv and. set of
Harness. He made $5.00 by coming
to Union City and left us some cash.
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Just receive'
dusters. BeVl
Police T.
warrant oifi,
E. J. Only.r
taurant, pjk
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men, J
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until 8
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Co. - 1861
Our Honored Veterans.
On the 10th, 11th and 12th of June
will again assemble together the
remnant of "our hoys who wore the
gray." The number is getting less
each year. From our own immedi
ate section some have "crossed the
mystic river" since our last reunion.
Many from all over our great South
land who met and enioyed hearty
j handshakes then wi.1nt no more
MHh brave comrarUJQlts",)n this
Mtn, and now n linintlrens
. ID -"
"'lining to sue R ,
SS hoped T52.50 suits'ti.
Card of Thanks.
To the people of Obion County and
Qnion City; I want to express my
feeble thanks for the kind treatment
I have received at the hands of the
good people of Union City while I
have been in the infirmary at this
place. I came here Feb. 21, a very
sick man. I had very little money,
out mends came to my assvnce
financially until I was a0'
me worst part on uju
np"i I can "' tjJP-'
i in
bill tie
llce he
1 SB', i r .i
ty in
, the (,r be sJL
(Successors to CHAS. DIETZEL)
Furniture Palace
Funeral Parlors
Day Phone 2,
s 126 - -432
ay rope I
s fol-
fsay v
'no moreio
srmemoer j
kjW-'. flade by pi,w
Nashville AmevCarf.i
report of the meetingf refers a
lows to a Clarksville teacher;
At the close, of Dr. WycluVs re
marks, Miss Josephine Tardiff, of
Clarksville, one of the most gifted
Tennessee teacners, read a most
excellent paper on "How Best to
Organize Primary Schools." To
bacco Leat.
er blu,
We have an immense stock of
Buggies and Harness. It's been
raining, the roads have been bad,
but all the same we have been do
ing business. We are selling at
small profits and must selltwohun
dred BuggiesMhis season. ,We
opened up our entire 6tock Satur
day, April 18, 1908. We have sent
.n our second order for Harness.
The people are all alike in wanting
to save money. We bought our
goods ten per cent less than others;
we are giving our customers the
benefit. The George Delker Buggy
is built of good material, runs light,
is -up-to-date and well made. Our
own make is likewise good and we
guarantee our wheels two years.
" . Beckham & Mayes.
he grieved
.eep no dear net
, 'dead of
'aid come to my
s getting aiong
me some sootiiingj
V?e tny pain, and Dr.
fin come each day give
attention and words of en-
' Alter leaving the hospital I went
to Mrs. Brown's house (the mother
of Dr. Brown) to be treated. As I
said before, mere thanks will not
express jgjV feelings for those two,
s them
so I hopv at God wilr-Mes
'abundantly "Vvitiey h
and prospet1- tlV' ' 11
ever a friend
it jail rc?
Union CityaH
i. fenVBlackhead
Deatn of JoiAi-'olk
John Pender Milbur'.1' II
sumotion at the home t
in Union City on Friday'jTA'pril 24.
The young man was born Jsept.
8, 1885. Those whoi knew speak of
him as a good an obedient son.
He bore his afflictions with forti
tude, never complaining of his mis
ery. His great desire was to get
well and show others how easy it
was to serve the Lord, to be good
and do good. His last hours were
full of this testimony. Dear readers,
let us all try to live a better life
than we have and may God bless
you all.
A Friend.
JL. y-r--
I ; ,.n

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