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v J roi v
Mr; Dan Wood, of Beech, spent
Monday night with friends "here.
Rev. Burgess Cunningham will
preach here next Sunday at , 11
o'clock. - . . '
Messrs. M. and D. 'beeves and
Newt Tune went to tl lake Sat
urday. . A
, Mr. and Mrs. Belton zell visited
their son, John, in Hickman Sunday
and Monday. . -
Mr. Alton Nipp and wife and
Mrs. Charlie Brown, were recent
guests' of Mr, and Mrs. Ezell.
Mr. M. O. Garrison and family, of
Mineral Springs, visited Mr. Marion
-Seeves and wife Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Reeves, of
Hornbeak, were the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. David Reeves Sunday.
Rev. Burgess Cunningham and
sister, Miss Kate, were guests of
relatives at Polk Monday night.
Mrs. Henry Callis, of, Pleasant
Hill, is sick at the hone of her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam McGowan.
Mrs. Nannie Cunningham and
daughter, Mrj.Wincie Dickey, were
shopping in Union City one day last
week. , ,
Mrs. Esther Reeves spent several
days of this week with her grand
daughter, Mrs. Adron Nipp, near
Mrs: Ira McDaniel, of Mineral
Springs, spent Saturday and Sun
day with her mother; Mr. Sarah
Jane Tooms. .
Mr. Kirk Brown has returned
from Clearwater, FlaM where he
ppent the winter and will make his
home with bis daughter, Mrs. Nan
nie Cunningham. .
" Mr, Paul Isbell and daughter,
Miss Marion and Mr. John Cun
ingham and sister, Miss Lulie, at
Igfaded the Singing Convention at
Cloverdale Saturday and Sunday,
returning home Monday. While
there they were guests of Mr. Doak
Cunningham and family.
- '-' . Gayle. .
Nailling-Keiser Hardware Co.
handle the standard lines of buggies.
,i LOST Party who got my wrap at
tore Monday tn exchange will please
return same to the store and get their
own wrp.' , Mrs. Pearl Walker.
y The
i A I -
Mrs. Anna Hudson visited in
Martin last week.
Miss Eula , Bell and brother,
Hoyt, visited relatives at Troy last
week. '
Will Caldwell and wife visited rel
atives near Hornbeak Saturday
night. J- ,
Archy Darnell and family moved
to Hickman 'last week where- they
will reside. ' ,' ,
Charlie Caldwell and wife was in
Union City Tuesday on a trading
Milton Downing and wife, of
Hornbeak, visited at the home of J.
E. Cloar Sunday. .
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cole.of Union
City, were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Harve Tooms here Sunday.
A. C. Scruggs, of Troy, was here
the first of the week representing
the Raleigh Medicines and Ex
tracts. . "v
Miss Johnie Stanfield, of near
Union City, was the guest of her
aunt, Mrs. Jim Stanfield, last
J. E. Caldwell and J. H. Grooms
attended the I. O. O. F. celebration
at Reeves last Saturday and report
ed a fine time. . ,
The drug inspector was here last
week and caused a good deal ot
trouble and expense with some of
our merchants. V
Raymond White and family, of
Bethlehem vicinity, visited at the
home of T. B. Underwood Saturday
night and attended church at Anti
och Sunday.
Miss Inez Cloar, who has been
sick with pnemonia at Martin for
some time, arrived here -Monday
not very much improved. " She was
accompanied by her brother, J. P.
Cloar and her sister, Miss Murlie.
A Happy Father
Is soon turned to a sad one if he has
to walk the floor every night with a
crying baby. McGee's Baby Elixir
will make the child well soothe "its
nerves, induce healthy, normal slum
ber. Best for disordered bowels and
sour stomach all teething babies need
It. Pleasan to take, sure and safe, con
tains no harmful drugs. Price 25 and
50 cents per bottle. For sale by Ked
Cross drug store. '
The friends of Gov. Johnson
have opened headquarters in Chi
cago and have begun a campaign
to make the Minnesotan the Dem
ocratic nominee for President.
Their chief claim for Mr.' John
son is racial. They assert that be
cause he is the son of n Scandina
vian he can capture the Swedish,
Norwegian, and Danish vote of Il
linois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and
the Dakotas. This vote is normal
ly Republican.
This is a narrow platform. The
national question should not be a
reason for or asrainst any man. If
Gov. Johnson's friends have noth
ing else to recommend him to
the voters than that he could cap
ture a big foreign vote because he
is of Swedish blood, then Gov.
Johnson is not of Presidential cal
Neither race nor religion should
be elements of a Presidential cam
paign. .
Outside of this Gov. Johnson's
friends are too late.
If they had felt that their candi
date had in him the material for a
Democratic Presidential nomina
tion, they should have begun their
fight months ago. ,
It now looks like a movement
to stringhalt Bryan.
, Bryan has the nomination in his
If he lives Bryan will be the
choice of the Denver convention
unless there is a revolution of pub
lic sentiment, and we do not be
lieve there will be a revolution.
If Johnson was ever an available
candidate his sponsors slept in their
tents while the Bryan men were
gathering in the delegates.
in JNew xork otate there are
forces behind the Johnson move
ment that are not Democratic.
They believe in the divine right
of the Privileged Rich to exploit
this country for their own aggran
They want the government to
exist as a money-making machine
for themselves. They have fought
Opt loioxtt
Our Spring Stock is Now Complete, and We Invite Your Inspection.
Pearl Earscrews at.
See our Red Dwarf Ink Pencils the latest thing in the fountain pen line.
We have a full line of everything for weddings, as well as the largest
assortment of Watches and Jewelry ever shown here at this time of the year.
We employ men of experience in our Repair ipartrnent, and we guar
antee satisfaction.
Our Optical Department is complete, and we will fit you in glasses or
no pay.
We handle only the best grades of goods in the market, and you
that if an article bought of us is not right we .'ll gladly make it right.
Telephone 39 an ge the correct time.
It will be
Union City Hardware Co.'s
General Hardware, Stoves,
Queensware, Ranges, Wag
ons, Buggies, Harness, Etc.
for your early spring wants.
puOur line of Farm Tools will comprise the most
up-to-date Implements to be had.
Union City, Tenn.
Telephone 164.
every Democrat?,! lua ad"
voeated e
under the
If thev f Inef : dieting
Johnson thi he3C7r U!ueilfcim
just as the
tive tariff
gag fih
rrnf& 8
I ures to-
j .
poison .
Gov. .
but this)
iso a cm-
is most oO
ers, and tnu
those Democ
test they showed themselves to be
the same o 1 d Mammon-serving
There is a chance for the Demo
crats to take these policies rejected
by the Republicans before the peo
pie incorporated in a Democratic
platform and win.
Bryan is good as nominated.
Then let's get together and go
out to win,
Let Gov. Johnson and Gray and
Harmon and theoth:?iDemo-
ats enlist this trip . jDem-
Ia limn im
ic victory, lb" '""""Vgar-
I be BryFo n o..;c&i.
Why should not the "comfo
T.hA "trnnri nhaaf"
posed to lie in their
laMj fed!!
tb r
Lees down t
ail wivesf v4eart
tb! O'SVjduc-
i lfc-nUb-
i.V no
il Iffc JT 1
licensee were found violating this
edict, his license would be imme
diately and permanently revoked.
We read the unnouncement with
great thankfulness and then imme
diately added, "But why?" If the
saloon is so beneficent an institu
tion why should not the communi
ty be favored with its ministra
tions at this,its time of direct need ?
or be :
shall be wri
i r.
pce ne wa
I U Ug 11 it
ity in
n pro-
toh ical
TVioro is a. ornnrt i"6
ocratic victory his-,
pain issues have bo
Consrress this week.
Roosevelt has, on the stipd
voeated many Democratic
trines. Republican politicians i;
Congressmen shouted for a chanc.
to put his doctrine in the law books.
len days ago Roosevelt sent (Jon
gress a message and asked that the
! things he recommended be made a
part of the law of the land.
lo use slang of the street, Roose
velt and the Democrats called the
Republican bluff.
Ihe Republicans in the Lower
House got word from their masters
and stood pat for the old order of
thing. They even asked to put
wood pulp on the free list. Can
non answered by offering a reso
lution to investigate.
Leader Williams offered another
Democratic measure suggested by
the President.
The Republicans retorted with
a gag' rule.
Williams began a fallibuster, the
Republcans introduced cloture
rules that a Russian duma com
posed of grand dukes would be
ashamed of.
The Republicans have talked re
form for .two years. Put to the
k-een not, dear net
UUL, V.. w
no more iar.Ui .-y i
iff '-''
ductN . t i time like
IVLJVT. intjse the di,sas
as not'h'r.9"-
. !
LltairaJi relief is PTseTti,Lw
froufl is rover the btaterevfinfne i JpnJip
white i.obon faces of Massachu
setts have been among the first to
go to the rescue. Chelsea has a
large and active union, and several
of it members are among the suf
ferers. Therefore it is not strange
that the State headquarters should
be turned into a temporary relief
station and that the usual Easter
work of the flower mission should
be augmented by this large draft
upon the sympathies and helpful
ness of the sisterhood throughout
Boston and the immediate suburbs.
But there is a special lesson with
reference to the temperance reform
which this disaster ought to teach
the people of Boston who, with all
their reputed learning, are slow to
read the signs of the times. The
first action on the part of the citv
government on Monday morning
was to close all the saloons m East
Boston and in that part of Charles
town contiguous to Chelsea, with
the solemn warning that, if anv
They knew
acCLwer pnn l nrp.
ae ravages of every
QKlorror of drunkenness
u-t added to t.hn hnrrnrs
u$ existing. And so without
waiting, to consult the pleasure of
tne peope, with no thought that
they weri5fynpling upon the in
herit righvajd sthe saloon as well
a3 those rights tlfev had ac.'sd
bythe payme, IXneJtlvV..
nve mousana aolj
treasury, the satire?
and this brings tl fenvaickhead
and still more msisas folk"
why if an institution wt
in time of peril should it-
rated at any time. ver' -
Why if the purchase of a license
grant the right to devastate
homes, should not tnat right be
paramount to any other interest?
Why should prohibition be recog
nized a sa simple necessity in a time
public calamity and then bo scoffed
and sneered at as obsolete when
used as a means to avert calamity?
In other words why are not city
governments why is not the
American nation logical? Wbv?
Union Signal.

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