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Drs Afoores & long,
E. Church St., Union City
Telephone 144.
E. Church St., UmWCity
Telephone 144
Drs. Moores ftng,
rt )
Union City Commeroh j establlshe! 1890.
West Tennessee Conrie f, established 1897.
THE NAlLLlNG DRUG CO. have.made important changes in the management of their business. The public has shown its appreciation of merit, and this store is now doing the largest dfrug business in
this section of the state. The mail order feature has added a sreat volume to the business. Tou can make no mistake by' placing your drug trade, personal or otherwise, with them, as they are in
business to stay.
Office of DR. NAILLING. jZ? NAILLING DRUG COMPANY & Nailling Building. Phone 223.
Will Go As Delegate To , Denver
;. Dallas, Tex., May
2. After
campaign ejer known in the polit
ical history of the Southwest, dat
ing from March 28 and ending last
night, returns from the Democra
tic primaries of this State to-day
to name delegates at large to the
national convention show that the
ticket headed by United States
. Senator Joseph Weldon Bailey has
received a majority.
Two years ago inthe primary elec
tions held by the Democrats, less
than a score of the estimated 292,
000 votes cast - were against the
Senator. Some time afterwards
the fight began, and, rising gradu
ally until it permeated the outer
limits of' the State, increased
month by month until the session
of the last legislature.
At this session Senator Bailey
was re-elected, to his seat in the
Senate,and within a few days more
faced an investigating committee
which probed charge's of connec
tion with the Waters-Pierce Oil
Company, the Standard and other
combinations. The lower house
committee exonerated the Senator.
The ujjper' house committee was
discharged from its duties before
a decision was reached, and Sena
tor Bailey's enemies claimed open
ly that the vote was forced in the
Senate of the Texas legislature be
cause; a majo'rity has expressed
themselves against him.
bailey's famous threat.
Then Senator Bailey made his
famous speech in which he promis
ed unrelenting warfare against his
Has the exclusive sale in Union City of the
Golden Gate Coffee
Teas, Spices and
They are guaranteed to be the best ever offered
for sale to the people of this county. jgj
: '
You will find our store
the good things to be
Two Phones204 and 230
Three Delivery Wagons
a ::::!
Only One
"V .
j coneollJed September 1, 1897.
J . '
opponents, in which he also declar
ed that none of his opponents
sifould attend the next national
Dpmnnrntir. nnnvonttnn that nana.
. ,1 a: :
England's Great North Road Is Two
Thousands Years Old.
Before we reached Hatfield, a few
miles out of LondoK, we had already
been impressed wRIi the magnificence
of this Great North Road, which is
said to have beeri built by Mr. Caesar,
whose headquarters, were in Rome at
the time. It is tlki&irect route from
London to Edinburgh, and has been
traveled for so many centuries that
the earliest histories of England con
tain accounts of the movements of
tfroops upon it. It is a great thorough
fare for vehicles of all sorts, motorists
and cyclists, and in these modern
days there are well-known footpaths
alone either side for pedestrains. We
passed scores of motors, and I was told
while in England that the popularity
of motoring had noticeably diminished
the number of first-class travelers by
rail. We found the road for its entire
length-of 400 miles in perfect condi
tion. In many portions the macadam
is said to be nine feet thick. Long
sections of the road are oiled.andon no
part of it wasi there any appreciable
dust. There are few sharp cur ves.and
the grades are so slight that it had be
come a great thoroughfare for speeders
with the result that there are many
police traps for which one has to
watch. We found that we could stop
in almost any little village, and get
information as to just where the traps
were located as, for instance, they
told us at Biglewade, which is a bet
ter looking place than its name, to
look put for traps just the other side
of Buckden and again in approaching
Weston. Frank Tresbrey, in Outing
Your watches, clocks and jewelry
repaired in first-class style by Ben.
Dietzel at Wallace W. Moore's.
headquarters for all
had in any market
1l - Is- -2s
(Successors to W. G. Reynolds O. Sons.)
Phone No. 14-.
Picks Platform Which He Thinks
Should Be Crafted.
Louisville, Ky., May 2. Declar
ing that Secretary of War William
II. Taft is to be the Republican
can nominee for President, and W.
J. Bryan the Democratic standard
bearer, Henry Watterson in his
paper to-day outlines what he be
lieves should be some of the planks
in the Democratic platform.
"State rights under the consti
tution, equality of law for the or
ganized few no less than the organ
ized many, the lid off the franchise
corporation and all combines,
whether political or capitalistic;
publicity, the sure safeguard
against conspiracy; no sumptuary
laws; the complete separation of
church and State; and a tariff for
revenue only," are the chief issues
which th'e editor says Democrats
should urge.
He says, in effect, if he can sup
port Bryan no Democrat should
be able to find an excuse for fail
ing to do so, and tells of his former
opposition to the Nebraskan. He
says the newspaper forces which
are trying to defeat Bryan are com
mitted to Taft anyway.
Watterson's message in full to
the National Democracy is as fol
"Well-advised observers know
already that the lines of the ap
proaching campaign are laid and
the leaders as good as named. The
nominating conventions will meet
only to record the ascertained will
of the constituencies. Mr. Taft is
as sure of the Republican nomi
nation as Mr. Bryan of the Dem
ocratic nomination. Those who
quibble in either camp are either
politicians playing for their own
advantage, or else enemies in dis
guise. "If we cannot elect Bryan, we(
can elect nobody. The time for
alternatives went long ago. There
is but one course open for sensible
men and good Democrats to pur
sue, and that is to quit nair-split
ting, to close ranks and rally round
the donkejT and the flag, on which
still appears the Democratic le
gend, 'Equality for all men; exclu
sive privileges for none.'
"If we can get to Bryan, surely
the most disaffected ought to be
able to reach him without much
trouble in case they be Democrats
and not Republicans. We fought
a good .fight against him, and we
fought it to a finish. We fought
it sincerely, openly, frankly, un
sparingly. Not until money, mys:
terious and unexpected, took the
field after we had plead in vain
for some intelligent, disinterested,
popular response did the news
papers of New York City begin
to open their eyes to sit up and
take notice. It is too late.
"But what matters it? Most of
these newspapers were long ago
FRIDAY, MAY 8, 1908.
committed to Taft. Not one of
them is a Democrat by principle,
by predilection, or by habit.
"We hope that our words do not
lack either for plainness or specifi
cation. We mean them. On the
eve of a national battle which is to
determine for an era the destina
tion of oi party politics which
is to decide, itjtnay be, for all time,
between federalism and statehood,
between home rule and centraliza
tion it behooves the Democrats
of the United States in case there
are any, and we believe there are
yet a plbnty to gird their loins,
to study the horn-books of their
history and their faith; if they can,
to read the very starff
"These are axiomatic tenets of
Democratic gospel, sufficient, if
put into practical effect, to scotch,
if not to kill, the plutocracy;
enough, if boldty proclaimed by a
Democracy stripped to the girth
for the death struggle, to sweep
opportunism of the Taft-Roose-velt
variety ringed, streaked, and
striped from the face of the earth,
aDd once again to establish the
saints in glory!
"In short, and in fine, Demo
crats must get down to business
and out of the anti-Bryan habit.
It is Bryan or nothing. Except
that too many fools got to the
front, the party might have been
saved in 1896. Jtcan be saved
now if too rialsVand fttGo not go
to the rear'-'-s
the do
1 the
ck, no
che grl
tl.rd in
) did a
.as tbefci
riswas his
veu that,
hacck a bio
ie Senate
17 t,n
JUU1 'nf a. iioti
I Id . . . .
ntten ret lie grapp
he admoD
took t.
fianci" lif Bra
his courtesy a Brougha.
senger left a Nspicuity in
Between thZ- in Pr
hesitated. ""opucal
"Yes," I said. the
lie bowed apologetici.tne
or be s:
left and took the vacant
shall be wrfr
before leaving the car 1 1
him. "lie di
ver niece into his hand. savii'lT the nprlH
get you a nice luncheon with wpgar", .,
memory of old V irginia." r?,
I'll hnn r cm. mi.-tin 71 kn n;J-
oneuuig ms nauu w iuuiv me nutie
gift and then closing it.
J left the car with a sunnier feeling
in my heart because of the chance
meeting, but no t hought that I should
ever again hear of my old v lrginian.
That afternoon 1 received a bunch
of arbutus which had been left for
me by an old colored man "fer the
tall lady with a long blue coat an'
white hair in memory of ole V lrginia
an' clem old time days." Liippincott's
r r,vNLbttB nearly
ris wc5ij3ia days
1 raB
L Tin lit
1 r-ir: n
1 v cm
1 ..
- K
Cincinnati Grand Jury Reports on
Lengthy Investigation.
Cincinnati, May 2. N i n t e e n
separate indictments, charging
thirty-four well known business
men with operating"bucket shops"
in this cit', were returned by the
grand jury this morning and war
rants were immediately issued for
the arrest of the men. However,
a truce was declared until Monday,
when all will apear in court.
The indictments are the result of
months of tireless work on the
part of County Prosecutor Ruli
son. In addition it was intimated
that there are some more indict
ments to come, as the prosecutor
has information ' against others
which will have to be presented to
the grand jury later. Among these
indicted are:
Lewis W. Foster, E. Bultman,
John W. Ballman, Joseph V. Mac
key, Charles Frank, William
Brown and Alexander McDonald
Brown, Samuel Hill, John Bren
nan, John J. Ryan, Joseph Brill,
Hiran de Camp, George H. Stap
ley, John A. Payne, George W.
Bennett, Edward H. Bryson, Har
ry Furst, W. C. Dudley, John
Gorman, Henry Warren, Joseph
E. Chuck, Robert C. Losey, Wil
liam R. Todd, Ramey Field, Bing
ham H. Morehead, William D.
Klausman, Thomas N. Rutter,
Morehead and Company, Harry
M. Foster and Louis L. Applegate,
the Phoenix Grain and Stock Ex
change. The indictments charge that the
brokers "did unlawfully keep a
:::::::: ::
little suits for service, well made,
l I 1 4
fektra good linings ana an woui.
50 suits, prices down
, ifo iK A? JT Th. w
v ironri h ied ductr s-c m I
9 Mn1thropeL,' g 1
'1 whips-,. Jqf .
ahnke-WalkBFnilins Co. i
Ask us for prices when sellinarniir srrain.
roi roi ro foi ffJ) roi rr (m (fsi rra frti
T a Rn irny a a .si.
H i. ..
V'()u18, NoT
bucket shop and place wherein
was conducted and permitted the
pretended buying and selling of
shares of stocks and bonds of cor
porations, pretroleum, cotton,
grain and produce on margins,
without any intention of receiving
and paying for the property so
pretended to be bought or of de
livering the same so pretended to
be sold."
MAY REACH $500,000.
Report of Express Robbery Near
Pittsburg Not Made Public.
Pittsburg, Pa., May 3. More
gold coin and more gold leaf, part
of the plunder stoler from the
Adams Express car on Thursday
night, was picked up to-day by
boys in the vicinit' of Walker's
Mills, on the Panhandle railroad,
where the robbery occurred. This
afternoon hundreds of boys, and
some men as well, searched all
over the neighborhood looking for
gold and money which might have
been "cached" by the robbers.
Scores of Pinkertons are scat
tered all over the neighborhood.
That they are completely at sea
was admitted this afternoon at the
office of the Pinkerton agency.
They have a number of clews
which they are working on, they
say. The officials of the Adams
Express Company to-day practi
cally admitted that the sum of
money stolen was large, but they
refuse to give the amount. It is
reported, however, that instead of
being $80,000, as has been rumored,
the sum may reach 500,000. Noah
Roshon, the express messenger, in
whose car the robbery happened,
left to-day for Columbus. He will
resume his duties with the com
pany. :: :::::;:
7 .. OU'-fci
rw wi YrAv; i
- " '
I i i
tflkSl.75 1
.jr -v . ill
. vm. mmmF i imi w
ifhe grieved cM
sayveep not, dear liei.

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