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On last Tuesday night, at a late
Lour when all was still, a bunch of
Kight Riders visited the home of your
humble servant and asked him to
write to The Commercial and say that
they were only people jklng for what
is right, and if JudgfJarris.and his
fellow colleagues viiuld withdraw
their lake law suits and all injunc
tions and allow any man to fish on
the lake and sell his fish to whom be
pleases that is the West Tennessee
; .Land Co. stop all proceedings in re-
gard to controlling te lake and its
contents; let the lake and the fish
ermen alone; let them run the bust
ness as they please; let men go on the
lake free and untrameled, to run
their business as any other branch of
business is run, that they will stack
The Captain said they whipped
Esq. Wynn, of Lake County, but that
they had a cause for it; that they had
no ill feeling toward Tiptonville or
Lake County; they only wanted what
was just and right, and if those in
junctions were withdrawn and all law
suits stopped, that they would then
stop all night riding that they were
only out for justice between man and
man. E. M. Tate
By order of the Night Riders.
Just received new stock feathe
dusters. Bell Furniture Co.
Changed Hands.
The Union City Steam Laundry
has changed ownership, J. E. and
P. M. Cummings succeeding- Allen
Wade as proprietors of that enter
prise. Cunnings Bros, assum
control last Monday, the name of
the institution to remain as hereto
fore, the Union City Steam Laun
dry. In connection with the change
we are informed that the machinery
is to be thoroughly overhauled, new
machinery added and the laundry to
be better equipped and in better
shape for all kinds of work than
ever before. These gentlemen have
also secured the agencies at Ruth
erfood, Hickman and other points.
Mr. John Harrison is to have charge
of the mechanical department
which is a guarantee of fine work.
The new owners are well known
in Obion County. They are natives
of the Rives locality and both citi
zens and business men of the best
character. These gentlemen and
their families are now located in
Union City and are indeed welcome
to come among us.
Buggies you buy of Nailling-Ker
ser Hardware Co. are the standard,
A Big Reunion.
The Leonidas Polk Chapter, U.
D. C, The John B. Gordon Chapter,
U. D. C, and the McDonald Biv
ouac met recently and arranged a
very interesting and appropriate
proAjL-l3d ay of June in
Par,.lrPAth hirth.
"Mfc- ' T "
Copyright 1908
The House of Kuppenheimer
for is that our store may be recognized as
The Leader in Quality, Style, Value and High
grade Goods.
Friends tell us that we have succeeded, and our
ever increasing sales, the constant gaining of new
customers and more perfectly satisfying the old
ones indicates most clearly that our ambition is
laudable and that it is recognized.
We want ydu and everyone else to feel an un
measured confidence the instant our threshold is
passed. We would rather please one customer
than reap a profit on twenty others not fully sat
isfied. Our satisfied customers form an endless
chain of advertising: in
That we may
all clothing of acta
as nearly perfect
produce, and it see
to chance satisfact
. Jttil 11
The famous "'i
tress at Bell Fu
ruSfk of 4
ess ourvw--:u
We wish to e
and extend our heartfelt than
inose wno Derrienaea ana assi
us in our recent misfortune
death ofMaxLeFils. Especiall
we wish to remember with ojdc
ing hearts the good worworwho
came to our relief in time qifelfetress
It was like a visit fro'' a; angels
from th,1 oat White
f ' -
). . i -via
I Wei
HZh 1
ilrhom I
9 u Luc , r
J-.LE lal
jtr. i m i .r trv
' .T "'ffsH' U1 S .... J.ur
we offer to
12' '
excellence, which is
'rlA Ml 1 '1
.Tinea tailoring can
njuless risk for you
j.ess able than we
our entire
vernnst" rertainlv
N11' ice and worth
esrjr, - o j
i Tt
I lin Killll. k.-:- .' rt.
e oL
vf He
Frenc' c
Vrttiv 'hi K,i'ream freezers run
igV. 1 a ain three minutes.
Union Citfrw. Co. Phone 164.
Icing Cars.
The Union City Ice & Coal Co. is
now in the heart of a busy season
icing cars tor strawberries at Ken
ton and Ruthertood. The average
is four to five cars a day. Next
Sunday will be what is known as
big Sunday in the berry business.
Use Dahnke-Walker Milling Co.
flour, a home product, and truaran-
..Jots I nnrv frr
Smartest Colonials Nobbiest Tan Pumps
Dainty two and threeee Ties
Snappy Tan Oxfords
Graceful Pumps in Patent Leather
Boots and oxfords in all leathers, tans, blacks,
patents and ooze calf and low cuts, in buckle, bow
and ribbon effects. Let us fit your feet.
Made By Alleged Horse Thief and
Partners Arrested.
Two alleged horse theives were
arrested Monday, one at Dyersburg,
one at Memphis, charged with the
theft of a pair of fine mules from Mr.
King, an Obion County farmer.
Miles Tanksley was riding one of
the mules, which he deserted when
hard pressed, and wa9 run down by
G. W. Simpson'B bloodhounds.
Tankley made a full confession and
told where his partners,. Claud
Summers and Joe Wells could be
found. Summers was arrested and
held in Memphis. Tanksley and
Wells were brought to jaU here to
await the action of the grand jury.
North Star" Refrigerators will
save your ice. Union City Hard
ware Co. Phone 164.
Eeelfoot Fish Co. Dissolved.
It being the purpose of the West
Tennessee Land Co. to enjoin any
one infringing on their rights on
Reelfoot Lake, and not wishing to
be a party to any more litigation
over Keelioot taue, tne Keenoot
Fish Co. have dissolved partnership
and canceled their lease or contract
with the West Tennessee Land Co,
This releases J. C. Burdick, Walter
Pleasant and John Shaw, compris
ing the Reelfoot Fish Co. from any
connection whatever with the Reel
foot Lake suits and relieves them
to a ereat extent of the recen
The proposition as it stands can
be stated as follows; The West
Tennessee Land Co. do not propose
to allow anyone to fish for profit in
the waters of Reelfoot Lake with
out paying a royalty for the privi
lege. Against this the Night Riders
say that no one can fish for profit
on Reelfoot Lake if they do pay the
West Tennessee Land Co. or any
one else for the privilege. Of course
this does not in anyway concern the
right to fish for pleasure.
met in regi
night with'
Water an(
ending MayJ
fayor and Aldermen
session last Tuesday
Be touowing oubiness;
flight report for month
; $1572 69
......... ..667 29
Supplies J. . . . ... . . . . . , . . . 46 32
$2286 30
Expenses 1441 23
$845 07
Chairman of finance committee
report for month Ending May 1:
General purpose fund. . ,
Streets and sidewalks,.
Interest fund. , . . ;,
, .$10,547 02
. . 1,775 06
,. 4,811 29
,. 7.335 58
$24,468 95
. .$ 4.268 83
, 2,848 71
, . 10,824 42
Savers & Scovill buggies are sold
at Nailung-Keiser Hardware do
Circuit . Court,
Judge Jones and General Caldwell
convened Circuit Court here last
Monday. Business so far trans
acted has been of no great impor
tance comparatively.
The following is a disposition of
a number of civil cases:
T. J. Vaden vs. G. T. Taylor, ap
peal, pending.
John Seigtned vs. 1. C. K. K., ap
peal, set for Monday, the 18th inst
Geo. J. Gardner vs. Wm. Stanley,
appeal, verdict ior plaintiff against
defendant for $201.80.
R. F. Haynes vs. G. W. Puckett,
appeal, judgment for plaintiff, cost
taxed as set forth in judgment.
Tucker & King vs. W. N. Scott
and Cumberland Telephone Co., ap
peal, set for Friday the 8th inst.
J. S. and Reece Alexander vs. M.
& O. R. R. Co., appeal, dismissed
before clerk.
J. M.Polk vs. W. C. Cloar, ap
peal, set for May 27.
Bank of Troy vs. W. A. Butram,
Bob Barnett, Sam Barnett, appeal,
set for May 27.
W. G. Morris and J. H. Deadman
vs. Joe Cravens, appeal, set for May
Mrs. Oscar Partin vs. John T.
Walker et al., damages, dismissed.
Geo. Welch vs. M. & O. R. R. Co.,
appeal, set for May 19.
R. O. Fisher vs. American Ex
press Co., appeal.
J. M. Owens vs. D. W. Hogan.ap
peal, continued by consent.
S. L. Beaird vs. I. C. R. R. Co.,
appeal, dismissed by plaintiff.
5,000 rolls wall paper at Bell Fur
niture Co.
Broke Into Store.
Burglars broke into Geo. Jordan's
store at Fremont last Saturday
night, and goods amountfng to $40
were missing. Part of the stolen
articles was a lot of ginseng sold
to A. E. Caldwell & Co., this city.
Three men of the neighborhood
were arrested and two acknowl
edged their guilt. They were ar
rested by Officers Butler Caldwell
and Berry London and brought to
The leading buggies are the Sta
ver, found at Nailling-Keiser Hard
ware Co.
To whom it mav concern: On ac
count of so much sickness and rain,
children's day at Mt. Manuel has
been postponed until the fifth Sun
day in May. Everybody specially
invited. R. p. Hicks, Esq.
BARGAIN One Square Grand Pi-
aDO, JKmerson, nne tone, good repair.
Cash in bank. . . ,
y Credit. ,
School fund. .
Water and light. . .
Sinkinar fund.. ..
Cemetery fund ........... 506 50
School bond sinking fund 6,020 49
. ' " 1 f $24,468 95
A fee of $600 each was allowed
Attorneys Fry and Swiggart in the
Partin suit. ' ,
Dr.F. W.Watson tendered his resig
nation as a member of the Board of
Education, which was accepted.
R. F. Tisdale was elected as a
member of the Board of Education
to fill the vacancy caused by the
resignation of Dr. F. W. Watson.
The terms of two members of the
Board of Education having expired,
D. N. Walker and J. W. Woosley
were re-elected to membership on
the board. '
Appropriations, $2,715. 83. ' .
China and
Just received from
Japan a new stock of matting,
est prices at Bell Furn. Co.
. Patterson Club.
A Patterson Club was organized
at Woodland Mills last Saturday,
May 2, with seventy-nine enrolled.
There were about fifty members
present and all were enthusiastic
for Governor Patterson. Mr. T. D.
Berry was elected president with
N. W. Whipple and E. G. Malone.
vice presidents. C. A. Davis was
elected secretary and Turner
Preuett assistant. An executive
committee of the following mem
bers were elected: W. H. Sanders,
L. B. Isbell, H, L. Curlin, R. T.
Preuett, J. M. Honeycutt, A. J.
Preuett, Geo. Luton, I., N. Bram
ham. Cato Davis, Sr., M. F. Garri-
gan, w. u. Flack, li. is. israssheid,
Jas. Hefley. Resolutions were adopt
ed endorsing Gov. Patterson.
A nice two story eight room resi-
dencetor sale. Centrally located.
City water, lights, smokehouse and
barn. Low price, easy terms.
J. W. Burney.
To Teachers.
All teachers desiring to apply for
positions in the public schools of
Union City will please nle their ap
plications with the secretary of the
Board or Bducation on or before
May 20, 1908, in order that they
may be properly considered. '
J. w. woosley, Sec.
By order of the Board of Educa
Reward For Nifelit Eiders.
The County Court of Lake Coun
ty met this week at Tiptonville and
appropriated $1,000 as a reward for
the an est and convictions of "Night
Riders." The money is to be ap
portioned as follows: $500 for the
arrest and conviction of the first
one and $100 for each subsequent
one up to the $1,000. The citizens
also subscribed and placed at the
disposal of the bank $1,000 for the
arrest and conviction of any one
Night Riders. As has been before
stated in the Banner, the German
Fire Insurance Company has also
offered $100 reward. This makes
$1,600 for the arrest and conviction
of the first.
Money to Loan.
I can make farm loans at the rate
of 5yi percent, per annum on first
class improved farming lands. Not
more than halt the cash value of a
farm will be loaned. Loans made
for five years with privilege to bor
rower of paying same after two
years in full or making any size
partial payment desired at inter
vals of six months after the expira- ,
tion of two years from date of loan.
Atl'y at Law, Union City, Tenn.
Children's Day.
Children's day will be observed at
Mount Zion to-morrow with exer
cises by the young people and chil
dren and addresses by Revs. Sellers
and Waters. The graves will be
decorated in the forenoon and dm-
ner on the ground. Everybody in
vited and welcome.
No extra charge to hanjr shades
bought at Bell Furniture Co.

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