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i FeBcinat ion fiH IPt nV:
-You may draw women into the store by a window display of novelty fabrics,:
but when it comes to buying the woman wants to know qualities. "Will the
goods wear well ?" "Will it fade ?" "How will it look after a summer shower?":
The fascination of our dustproof, shower-proof, 42 inch, allwool
Panama Skirt Goods is great, and the facts convincing
:Read on and come to OUR GREAT DRESS GOODS SALE:
These Dry Goods Specials Should Interest You
Pongee, Brown, New
28-inch Seco Silk, in all the wanted colors
Blues, best dres silk of the season.
Special price, per yard
40-inch Shadow-striped Panama and Mohair, black
and colors, good for separate skirts. Special, per yard,
44-tnch India Linen, sheer and fine.
.Special, per yard
Red Raven Dress Gingham, solid, stripes, etc.
Per yard
30-inch Guaranteed Black Taffeta Silk,
$i.oo value; special at ;
36-inch Allover Lace for waists; cream, ecru and butter
75c value; special at ;
1000 Dozen Pearl Buttons
10-c value; special at,per dozen
64-inch Mercerized Table Linen
50-c value; special at
3000 Yards Lace and Hamburg Embroidery
all at one price; special, per yard
16-Button-Length Silk Gloves
$1.50 value; special at
Misses' Black and Tan Lisle Thread Hose
20-c value; special at
Great Sale of Matting and
Room -Size Rugs
After-Easter Prices on Ladies' Tailor
Made Suits
Special Sale continued on Ladies'
Muslin Underwear
....Special Prices
All Marked Down
...Special Prices
The Fashionable in Men's Suits.
Our lines of men's clothing are invested
with a grace and individuality seldom seen
in ready-for-service garments. Every fash
ion point equals the smartest tailor's expen
sive productions, while best possible work
manship and finish impart to it the ear
marks of high-class, custom work. Our
spring and summer stock includes a broad
diversity of patterns and styles, so that we
can readily meet every requirement and
every taste.
If a suit is wanted at a moderate price,
we have it..
If the desire inclines towards a better
quality, we have it.
If the superlative in fashion and ele
gance is sought, we have it.
From SI 0.00 to $27.50 Suit.
All Ladies Tailored Suits at Cost &. Less
Included in this offering is a lot of fine French Linen Suits, in white and natural color
that arrived only last week. We want to close out all our Ladies' Tailored Suits and
make these unusual price reductions in order to do so at once. All the desired shades
weaves, materials ind new models nre tn lie ii
v "- - "--"- i. v-wiiin tiiciioi vc ctaaui uiucUL.
I i- i j
-uuceu 10 $I320
atluced to $15i00
fuced to..... $1700
Miced to Rio.no
fay nigjced to. V$20.00
tebus fCed tO ?c aa
ivtjJtced to """""""S.35.oo
half i
tea Se
ihe g,
rd in
(f0 did
as the
was his
i that, w
uck a bio
: uirougi
Ce "SenaW
ho7 to
te of a n
.pons! bill ti
na tie trraDD
r .
der ana
little suits for service, well made,
rcktra good linings and all wool.
f HI
1 1 1 1 i
1 1 i x
X ...
.Announces Self Firm Believer
State-Wide Primary.
Numerous inquiries from friends
in Tennessee with regard to his at
titude towards the gubernatorial
contest bet ween Gov. Patterson and
ex-Senator Carmack have caused
Senator Tajlor to make the follow
ing statement:
"I have said nothing since my
interview in which I disagreed with
the State committee upon the meth
od of holding the election. I am
tor a State-wide primary, just as
Carmack and I had it out, and I
shall fight for it in the future.
"The majority of the Democratic
party in Tennessee should make the
nomination of every officer, and I
hope that no man will be elected to
tbe legislature this fall who does
not openly declare for a primary law
giving the majority of the people
the right to say who shall be nomi
nees. 1 am opposed to any manip
ulation which takes from the peo
ple that right."
Senator Taylor said that he
would not be a candidate for dele-
. gate, to the Denver convention an
honor which he thinks should go to
one who has not been complimented
by his party.
Dahnke's Salted Peanuts.
.Sold everywhere.
Killing in Lake County.
At a dance at Hortense in the
Eight Civil District of Lake County
John Tanner was shot and killed by
Alvin White. Tanner lived at the
old Glay mill site "and White at
Tyler's handle-factory, in Kentucky.
Hortense is some two miles from
the Kentucky and Tennessee line.
The homicide was committeed some
time in the small hours of the night,
about 4.30 a. m. Tanner leaves a
wile and two small children. White
is single.
Date For Primary.
The Obion County Democratic
Executive Committee met Monday
and fixed June 27 as the date for
holding the primary for all county
officers and State Senator. A reso
lutionthatin case there was but
one candidate tor any omce ne
should and would be declared the
nominee of the party by the com
mittee was adopted.
First Cumberland Presbyterian
Eev. J h. Hudgins returned from
Savannah, Tenn., at which place be
held a very successful meet
ing recently, Thursday morning,
and will be in his own pulpit next
Sunday both morning and evening.
Peanuts for
I parties.
Salted Almonds and
club socials and card
Showing Results of tho Democratic
Primary For the Senate Also.
Dyersburg, Tenn., May 2. The
Democratic primary election was
held in Dyer County to-day to nom
inate candidates for Legislature
and county officers. The returns so
far received show that S. B. Tatum
was nominated for a second term in
the State Legislature over Squire C.
W. Walters by a small majority. C.
C. Dawson was renominated for
sheriff of Dyer County over J. B.
King by a majority of 200, and W.
T. Wilson was renominated for
Register over William Baker. Geo.
T. Johnson, incumbent, defeated
Lawrence Tipton for County Court
Clerk by a large majority, . and
Thomas Ferguson was renominat
ed for County Tax Assessor over
John B. Walker and J. H. Lucas by
a small majority.
The Senatorial primary election
was also held to-day in the Senato
rial district embracing the counties
of Dyer, Lauderdale and Crockett.
W. H. Ward, an attorney of Dyers
burg, is reported to have carried all
three counties over H. C. S. Sugg,
' ir. A3E"irIy
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fff J 11 lie sin,
Tf Vlace if"
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t the 1 CVlfl 7
iCK. 1)011 X. " I
.ft 1 m.
ii fiVlLL. suits, prices aownia
w , v .
o "C- 13 I J Vtr- III!
iwashisl -X. "
orDk -rsay -eep not, dear lie;. ' I
succuSt j"uo more fa&,the darling t I
orbesJL yf ,nMhP, !. L ' ' a I
K gfo hk J? Jr.rmrj. jo-., I
Theses C b ed du qHNTe;,
V..Ti q, r , n, T
Good workmanship guaranteed
at Wallace W. Moore's repair de
partment. Call and and see Ben
leflance he
; p a Brougham
-"tirspicuiiy in
en i t. all tlie
'coie the RlirhtV.
f shall be vr
entered againorD the pgrfT-
have justice as a ks, rt'SRumj to
t find out the trutb - '
Government occasionally JJnion
ed to spend many times the an unt
of money involved.
One of the most curious claim
cases ever known to Congress was
that of Senora Feliciana Mendiola,
who lived at Angeles, Pampanga,
Philippine Islands. The Senora
rented a house to Uncle Sam for
the use of some of his teamsters.
When the mule-driving contingent
moved out of the house after a
short occupancy the senora de
clared under an oath that some of
the siding boards were missing
from the kitchen wall, and she
asked for $200 in gold to repay her
for the damage to her property.
This case of Sendra Feliciana
Mendiola fills fourteen pages of a
House of Representative docu
ments, it. contains a long letter
from the Secretary of .War on the
question of the r- kitchen'
sidinas, ano.t v l
out ripe
af's'ession fdKf.ocl whips
bers coming '.pj rf
to attend. One teamster '?S'
Langworthy by name, swore
the senora's kitchen sidings weT2
cuewea up ana eaten by red ants.
aoauioict ouuimervine swore
that, in his opinion, the boards
dropped out of place by their own
weight. Teamster pickle said
them board was punk."
The army board which sat on the
case thought it was very doubtful
m strict justice if senora Feliciana
should be allowed any money, but
nnauy tne members granted her
the sum of $30 in gold. This ac
tion, of course, was not .final, but
the Committee on War Claims in
House and Senate approved the
finding. , -
The senora received $30, and
doubtless it gave her some satis
faction to known that Uncle Sam
had spent about ?1,000 to get
Is a well kn andrkablv
etiective remedy ior iuc - jt
K-idney and iilaaaer -cures
when all else fails. ,
Jnf fa,B,ok ofPartilrt
and learn about this greatVientific
renn,iet pH it at 50 cts. and
"."Sf. , K ir
bott e. rreparea vmj i ; ,
Memphis, Tenn.
.... TN.il- I
Also manotaciorCTB m - - h y
Cure. Sold by druggist, at 60
Rn,n.hH under tba Pure Food vf
Act of J one SO. V
v i

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