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K. P. Wluteaellbas returned from
. Editor Griffin is at Gibson Wells
tbis week. - ; ,, .
Prof. A. C. Nute has returned
from Monteagle.
Mrs. E. M. Long- visited friends
at Obion this week.
Dr. Palmer," of Rives, was. here
on business this week.
Mrs. Mary Webster aud childreu
isited Cairo last wek.
, Mrs. D, A. Luten and children
are summering at Monteagle."
Mrs. Haynes, of Beech, was the
guest of Mrs. Craddock Friday.
Look out for the new red front on
Main street.
Mrs. Hunter Elam has returned
' from a visit tp her mother at Cairo.
' 0 Price Bradshaw left-, this week
for a short, trip to Hot Springs,
Ark. -. "L.
Mrs. Morris Miles left Saturday
- to visit her parents in .East St.
Louis. '
Brayna-rd McDonald, of Nashville,
was here Wednesday visiting
J. D. Killion and Joe Herring- have
returned from a visit to Dawson
Springs. ' -
x Mrs. Walker Pickard is this' week
visiting- relatives and friends at
Waverly. - : :' ' ' '-' -'
For Bottle Coco Cola in case lots
'phone 77 or 180. F. P. Glass &'
Co., agents. .:
Miss Nora-Bradshaw is enjoying
a few days visit .to Gibsou Wells
this week. .
Judge .and Mrs. H. O. Head and
son, H. 0. Head, Jr., leave for the
East to-day.
Mr. Joe Kempe, of Greenville,
Tenn., is the guest of friends on
Lilac street.
Misses Nina and-Daisy Keiser
are visiting their sister, Mrs. Arnn,
at Mounds, 111.
Miss Lena Caskey, of Lynville,
Tenn., is the giiest of Mrs. R. F."
Batts this week.
EAT Dahnke's Salted Peanuts.
Sold everywhere.
' Arthur Norton, who lives near
Salem, was a business visitor in I
town Wednesday.
Mrs. James Keiser,. of Rogers,
Ark., is spending the week mthe
city witk relatives, ' ' ' f
Mr. Fonse White celebrated his
birthday the 10th inst. at his resi
dence near the city.
John Finley, of Greenville. Miss.,
is here visiting Harry Edwards at
his home, East End.
Mrs. Ab Parr, of Laurel
Miss., is spending the week here
relatives and friends.
Land can tie bought from $10 to
? to $40 per acre in Gibson County.
Apply to G. W, Wade, Trenton,.
Tenn., for full particulars.
Miss Annie Rogers, of 'Trenton,
is this week visiting Mrs. Frank P.
Glass on Main street.
Mr. and Mrs. St John, of Obion i
after several days in the city, re
turned home this week.
Miss Josephine Bow-den, of Lilac
street, is the guest of her sister,:
. Mrs. Somers, in Gleason.
Mrs. A. C. Bro.wn, ot East Church
- street, has returned from'a visit to
Mrs. T. P. Palmer at Rives.
Mr. and Mrs. Millej Waddell, of
ClarksdSffTSliss., are in the city
Visiting relatives and friends.
Miss M. L. Watkins, who has
'been visiting Mrs. Rice Pierce, has
gone to Nashville for a visit.
For Bottle Coco Cola. in case lots
"phone 77 or 180. F. P. Glass &
Co., agents. .
Mrs. Eunice Wilson and Master
'. James Russell are with Spout
'' Spring friends for a few days.
Mrs. Grace Moss and children, of
Texas, are in the city visiting- Mrs.
JMoss' mother, Mrs. Lula Curry.
. Miss Nell Kirkland and Miss
Clara Parks, of Paducah, are Mrs.
George Reaves' guests this week.
Miss Moutez Hennme, of Fulton,
was in the city this week visiting
her friend, Miss Agnes Andrews.
It is better to have insurance and
not need it than to need insurance
and not have it. .Insure now with
- Carter & White.
Mrs. Ab. Parr, ( "Laurel, Miss.,
- and "Mrs. Ramsey,!' Trenton, were
, 'in the city this wr k. visiting rela-
- tives and friends.V Mrs. Parr was
formerly MissBiri ;k Craig.
jz? FOR j&
here's Your Chance to get
Expense. Jfe're to Make the Sacrifice on Prices Just
Show You What REALLY
You want good clothes for your money; you'll find
all the best fabrics of a very smart season in this lot;
you'll see browns and grays and tans, stripes and
checks and plaids all over town, but not like these.
Here Are Some Figures; the Goods Look Better Than the Prices,
Finest grade all wool, serge-lined, silk-sewed, stylish pattern,
single breast, at $14.75
122.50 Suits
In browns, grays, stripes and
values .
$10.00 Suits
Men's two-piece Outing Suits,
cmpre nf rnnl rnmfnrf
" v-nv.
$12.50 Suitt
Worsteds and Cassimeres, in
all the year wear.
L r v r l : 14" i l- 4-
,'Cf ali
rrv Mofflofnn Pntof PnH Uno Ii4Dnfr
4.00 American Gentleman j.rj;
3 00 Dittman's Patent Colt, lace
J.50 Hanan's Vici Kid, lace -.Jf
3. Co Reed's Patent Kid Oxfords fe
.co Tan Oooze Kid Oxfords Z
2.00 Patent Colt Oxfords
1.7.5 Jrvici uore uxioras -
It Pays to Dress Well.
Acquainted with Quality Clothes
a' .1
. Texas, 4
'tne pm
'wb' ivy
'f 9
the fi&J
sp xS8 acres IW-iv.. a r,?!
v-wxi cneaDer .
. iioiionian-vnth it
JT' V s Hurt, 53 acres inJJo. "
all wool yexcelleit
.Jm-00 '
- lime ii iv"n e R
4iut .now he d vKev s 1
a ..ied by 3,1 ' - At sh3WA
U, Idling of bi-t fore .'VthemN H
t J 1 A&rno er
L... .
Miss Parham, of Hickman, was
in the city this week visiting the
home of Mr., and Mrs. A. J. Murphy,
Mrs. D, A. rCockrill. Miss Addle
Gardner add Miss Lizzie Stitt will
return from Chautauqua to-morrow,
Mrs; M. B. Carson, of Greenville,
Miss., is in the city visitiiyr at the.
homeot Dr. and Mrs. WS?- Ed
wards. .,-
Mrs. Hunter, who has been ill at
the home of her daughter, Mrs
Robt. Mitchell, will go home this.
week, accompanied by her sou from
Sikeston, Mo.
Taken from my barn, 50 ft. rub
ber hose, pair traces and lines from
I my buggy harness. I will pay the
money back to person who bought
i them. It D. P. Caldwell, j
Miss Mary Barnell, of Ceutreville,
Tenu., is in the city as a guest of
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Walker on
College street.
Mrs. W. M. Murphy and family,
.of St, Louis, are in the vicinity ot
of Fulton and Union City visiting
relatives and friends.
Miss Bertie Harbison has re-
! turned from Newbern and wiil
leave in a few clays to visit friends
in Middle Tennessee.
Miss Willie Belle Mays and Miss
Charlotte Alexander, of Arkansas,
are the guests of Miss Bertha
Browder near Fulton
For Bottle Coco C
in case lots
phone 77 or ISO. f
P. Glass &
H. R. Chears, of yletnphis, was
in the' city this week as a guest of
the home ot Mr. and Mrs. M. Glass
cock on Exchange street.
Miss Louise Crittsndon, of Green
ville, Miss., is visiting the home of
Dr, and Mrs. T. D. Edwards as the
guest of Miss Ara Edwards.
Mrs. Edna Perry and Mr. Dan
Perrv, her son, and Miss Mary
Whitaker, of Pembroke, Ky., are
in the city visiting relatives.
Miss Gladys Gray has returned
to Farming-ton,'' Mo., after a very
pleasant visit to her friend, Miss
Laurice O'Donnell, in the city.
Carter & White represent some of
the very best fire, life and tornado
Totaf companies, call on them
need ot insurance. , Fnone
men ,,Rebecca Reeves atjd grand
flrri-ie-uter, Olivine, and JNieiiannie
all, of Shelby ville, T;
isiting the home of
?an- .'Were
Mr. and Mrs. D. A about
... -w
amily leave. tJ,iIeF at his
, and ...aty Sunday
was a married
wife and
,oms was
'U . .All i
jM J W I 1
seven Al .tiV- V
.-, h T -1tJ5-LI to
Wheat was quoted at 90 cents- in
the local market vesterday. The
wheat in the county grades a little
above the average, but the ' crop .is '
very small. . The price is slightly.
better this year, but there is a con-
siderable falling off in the returns '
on account of the small acreage. .
J. W. Ferguson, who lives near
Clayton, was in the city Wednesday
and informs us that he saved his
wheat crop, all except about 75
bushels which the hogs damaged.
Some of our reporters made it ap
pear that his crop was a total loss,
but that was a mistake. Mr. Fer
guson made nearly a full crop.
Havinir sold practically all of our
Merry Widow pins we will offer
some special values in cut-jrlass
bowls: S5.00 Bowls for $3.98 while
they last. Bransford & Andrews.
The L'Allegro Club was enter
tained by Miss Mattie Schuerer
last Thurs-day afternoon. First
prize at rook was the club pennant
won by Miss Ida Sanders. The
consolation was a club pin won by
Miss Bessie Glasscock. Miss Jesssie
Killough won the visitor's prize, a
bouquet of flowers. The club
colors, lavender and white, were
carried out in decoration. Refresh
ments were served.
We are offering some rare bar
gains in both city and country prop
erty. It will pay you to look over
our list if you intend buying prop
erty Carter & White.
Quite a number of ladies and gen
tlemen attended the ice cream sun-
per at the residence of Mr. and Mrs.
A. L. Brevard last Tuesday even
ing. The supper was given by the
Leonidas Chapter, U. D. C, for the
monument fund. Mrs. Brevard is
always active in this work and when
the monument is finally erected she
will also be remembered as well as
the Confederates of the county in
whose names the tronument is to
be dedicated.
$100 Reward, $100
The nailers of this paper will bo pk-a.scd to
learn that there is at last one dreaded disease
that science has been able to cure in all itsstajies.
and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the
only positive cure now known to the medical fra
ternity. Catarrh beinvr a constitutional disease,
reipiires a constitutional treatment. Hall s Cu
tanh Cure is taken internally, acting directly,
upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the sys
tem, thereby destroying the foundation of the
disease, and divine the patient strength by build
ing up the constitution and assisting nature in
doine; its work. The proprietors have so much
Faith in its curatives powers that they offer One
Hundred Dollars for any case it fails to cure.
Selfd for list of testimonials.
Ad.lress: K. J. CHKM'.Y it Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by Drujrifisl, 75c.
Take Hall's Family rills for constipation.
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