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YL- ;
The Bank
That Wants
is the one that comes right
'.'out and' says so. That is
what we want and is what
. , we are trying to Impress ;
. on you.
The deposit s of this bank
have now reached $200,000.
,' We have a lgnjr list of well
satisfied customers. If you
a re not at present a patron
" of this bank, please con-
. '. sider this a personal invi
tation to make this your
banking home in the fu
ture, Others are pleased with
the service we have to of
fer you will be also.
We send many a basketful of
to pleased customers. Pure foods
only. Fragrant Coffees and Teas,
Freshest Butter and Eg,cs, and
Jams that delight the palate. We
are conservers of the public health,
happiness, and pocket-books every
day of the. rolling year.
(jrlad to add your name
list of pleased customers.
Fine Frft
State Democratic Convention.
The State Democratic Con
vention met in Nashville Tuesday,
nominating Malcolm It. 1 atterson
as a De m ocratic ; candidate
to succeed himself as Governor,
B. D. Bell for the Supreme Court,
A.' B. Lamb for Court of Civil
Appeal 'Frank A vent for Rail
road Commissioner and Benton
McMillin and Chas. A. Stainback
for Electors for the State at large.
A . platform was also adopted
much the same as the State plat
form two years ago. The temper
ance plank is about the same. Fol
lovingvare the names of members
of the State Executive Committee:
First District, J. Frank White, of
Claiborne; Second District, J. F.
Bnndren, Jefferson; Third Dis
trict, T. S. Wilcox, of Hamilton;
Fourth District, A. Algood, of
Putnam; Fifth District, J. C.
Beesley, of Kutherford; Sixth Dis
trict, W. M. Brandon, of Stewart;
Seventh District, W. A. Knight,
of Humphreys; Eighth District,
C. G. Gathings, of Henderson;
Ninth District, E. Kice, of Dyer;
Tenth District, Hugh II. Huhn, of
Shelby. f
Come tcL dsou County where land
is cheap a, buy a home. Apply to
G. W. YVacfU Trenton, Tenn.
TakT ' Depositions.
Fort y-tw., witnesses
were sum-
moued to a
iear before the Clerk
and Master of the Chancery Court
tins week and be examined with
reference to the burning- of the
property in Shaw's park on the
night of April 11 and other depre
dations committed in the name of
the Night Riders.
The Fire Marshal, representing
the State, is making an investiga
tion, to conform to the law, rela
tive to the origin of the fire. The
laws of Tennessee require the in
surance companies doing business
in the State to deposit a fund for
this and other purposes, and the
investigation now being carried c.i
is to comrjlv with the law.
Depositions are now bem.tak-eirv
Thev run so easy ana
'quick. -jUnion City Ha
ito-v.-' . I. I
.ers From LaKe Coyrjr
Say Sher
tff&'ie XJPunty to take
'.xsv sniers wnicn esca
i- -JT ...
5f,3Wre held by,
, Wvl- m.
V . ..
Yl - x ' ' : "'I ' j n
I ' ' v - - n
W ; & s. . ,' ' li jfSti. Jsi-i tit A-is-ui I& Jff
V'- '.v v" 1
, -e:.ine -s. , t-
for r " !
7 .vi-r-..-
r ... s
-ot citizens
ra number of talks made
ie, all pertinent and all
iwith the purpose of
v?mmodations for the
wlsa t0 ae a"van
fschool. A proposition
ti-ci. in view of the fact that
isasmitoiy had been provided, to
lopt the cottage boarding plan.
a nucleus was at once started
hat purpose.
lis plan embraces the leasing
iting pf a Mmfeiof cottages
icient to. all the
lila .ifc? jf S? to
v i'i
! -ft;
ool and get com-
at a reasonable
the same basis
other places hav
The plan is to have ten boys to a
ottage with one teacher or mem-
bet of the facultv to each one of
thelfe cottages.
This plan met with general ap
proval, and arrangements have al
ready been made to secure the serv
ices of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Briggs
to take charge of the cottages.
The selection of these good people
will be another great advantage in
this movement. No better home
could be secured than with Mr. and
Mrs. Briggs. With them all the
home and Christian influences will
be enjoyed.
This is very encouraging for the
' - t I V
thMipc-eors to
urniture Falace
Fine Line Furniture, Druggets and Lace Curtains
Globk-Wernicke Hook Oases.
They're too valuable to be strewn about the room or
house exposed to dust and damage 1 Of course you .
can't help it, if your book-case Is full and of the old
style solid construction. , Better get rid of such a case,
or start a new one that will always accommodate your
books without being either too large or too small one
that grows wi'h your library and always fits it. . The
"Elastic" Book-Case
Is the original and only up-to-date sectional book-case
and is made by the largest manufacturers of such goods.
In the world. It's furnished in a variety of grades, sizes-
Complete Stock of WINDOW SHADES
in all sizes and colors. No extra charges for hanging shades bought hei'.e
Complete line of Caskets, Robes, Shoes, Burial Suits
ranson & son
NIGHT PHONES 432, 126, 328, 518.
:::::::: :::: ::::::::
Have You Tried
Ask Your
aUe-Wato Milling Co,
Ask us for prices when selling your grain.
:: :::::: ::
future of The Union City Training-
School. Quite a number of pupils
have signed for these boarding
quarters and the prospects that all
or nearly all the quarters will be
filled by the time school opens on
the 27th of August.
Union City has a good prepara
tory school in the Union City Train
ing School. The school in the past
two years has accomplished very
flattering results and the prospects
at this time are much better than
ever in the history ol the school.
The facultv this year is much
stronger and encouragements of
the -most satisfactory nature are
being given to the school.
Every pupil, or parent who has
sons or daughters contelnplating
going away to school, will do well
to investigate 'the advantages of
this school before final arrange
ments are made for the coming
All kinds of fruit jars at Union
City Hdw. Co. Phone 164.
"That 266Dound halfback wants
$10,000 to matriculate at Harvard."
Well, beef is getting high."
Kitchen Cabinets
ana prices, adapted to
any and all requir
ments. It's a system of
units, each unit fitted'
with the perfection dust-
proof roller - bearing
door. But we'll be glad
to show them if you call,
or will send illustrated
catalogue on request.
JZ? Day Phone 26
Grocer for it
The Baptist Church. "
The Lord's , Supper, will be
observed at the Baptist church next
Sunday morning. The evening serv
ice will be evangelistic. Thirty
minutes given ' to "prayer and
praise. We extend toou a hearty
welcome. The pastor preaches at
both hours. E. L. Watson.
You've tried the rest, now try the
best Sunshine Flour
Covington Hotel Fire.'
Covington, Tenn., July 6. Fire
broke out in the basement of the
hotel Lindo, the chief hostlery of
Covington, yesterday afternoon.
The flames followed the elevator
and soon reached the third story,
and for a time a disastrous confla
gration was threatened. It being
Sunday, members of the volunteer
fire company were at their homes,
and there was much delay in get
ting them together and the water
in play. The building is owned by
a stock company, ot which Col. W.
A. Owens, Dr. G. B. Gillespie, W.
L. Shelton and others are the prin
cipal stockholders, and is occupied
by Mrs. Kate Hicks. The damage
is principally from water and is ful
ly covered by insurance.
i :; i 't . ft

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