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, - i .
Garrett visited in Obion.
Xott, Paris, was at the fair.
season now on at Dahnkes.
.tAxtorney Kenney was in Troy
A Mr. D. C. Grimes visited in our
J city Sunday.
The Union Station has a new
coat of paint.
Jas McAdoo, of Hickman, was
here last week.
Rush order work a specialty.
Union City Steam Laundry.
F. M. Woody, of Mississippi, was
etg this week. Jr
"iPrather, y
last weelf f
I Shelley
st wee i
,was in
s a vis-
f Obion, was
foot, attend-
s, of Martin, visited
Killough visited home
I Sunday.
. y
jffelets will suit you. Wal
Sloore. f K. C. Reynolds, of Terrell,
I the city Sunday.
visited in
Essie m
Id, Ky.,
K 3
S. L. C5k 'Memphis,
s in the city
Attornei Waddell rfffae a busi-
n'essttrip to OS Tuesday
.are so recog.
everywhere. B
inotchers in
quality in mate
places them in
and service as
braces all the
sou nats an
range for sel
the head, ey
S are the very limit and
ted by the best dressers
not only , are they top
there is a measure of
s and workmanship that
front "rank for comfort
. Our immense stock em
models in both stiff and
ffords the widest possible
We are prepared to fit
d purse of the most critical
erials are sold at on price
ases in III
fessor to HI
fas re- III
fe a busi-
j' Mr. G. B
r of raft?
r I
It1 'V J
J 0 4A
' ft i
l t ' ill
f I Imperial 11 at .
IKS Styles for
" " Fair & Winter
I 1 1 1 1 Ufc
rt Uf $s.oo 1 J
At 2 30 Sunday afternoon Miss
Mildred Lockhart was married to
Grover Shlifer, both of this city
The wedding was a very quiet ajf
fair and was witnessed only byf
In Memory. .-.;
the darkness of night drew
tae'home of Dr. and Mrs. Cox
eaih Angel came and 'claimed.
eir oldest daughter, Mrs. Leola
rnes, wife of Mr. Bob Barnes,
tew relatives and a few specii fey were living wiih Mrs.Barne:s
friends of the bride and groo (rents. Mrs. Barnes was 19 years
Rev. W. C. Sellers officiating. Misy jage. She was a beautiful girl, a.
Lucile Morris and Mr. R. E. Brans
ford were the only attendants.
The bride was beautifully gowned
in a tailored suit of ruby red cloth
with hat and gloves to match.
The bride is the daughter" of Mr
and Mrs. L,. H. -Uockhart and is a
lovable young woman with many
accomplishments The groom is a
prominent young business man and
is connected with the Dahnke-Walk
er Milling Co. Tiey left immedi
ately after the ceremony for Mem
phis to attend the Tri-State Fair
This popular young couple re
ceived a -number ot bridal gifts,
among the number a beautiful cut
glass water set from R. E. Brans
ford, a kwel clock from Miss Mor
ris, set"of silver knives and forks
from Mr. and Mrs. Thad Lee, an
elegant embroidered lunch cloth
from Mrs. F. White.
They are now at home to their
friends at No. 433 Harrison street,
''or. Sale. We have 250 Native
,bat are bred to fine Bucks
Hardy Grain Co.
W. 0. T. U.
iW. C. T. U. had a rest
Tsir last week, the effi
lent, Mrs. W. L. White,
li permanent hostess
lis department of work
a part of the national or
lifion for years it has only .re-
been adopted by the unions
great success met with at
tte fair last year encour-
smaller unions to take up
pth p
Dnncan, pf Corin
guest of Miss B
Haley, Murray, K
eman, took i ou
sie i!
i Sun-
tent used here while
jfficiently large to hold
jiLlows. wasn stand and
and dunna- the
fed woman and
rest and quiet
)py. Two great
shade made it
i a large rug just
the table i with
Iribution and a
llaced. This,
to one of the
inans tsuild-
tcation, and
and perse-
it, Mrs. W.
ire was dis-
:mbers add-
now num-
fristilns, work-
Is of others for
ubition of the
its annihilation."
'ok place in front of
fteT und was witnessed by a
re of people. The Methodist
Itmnister-and his good wife stood
just ouKSjde the door, screened in
pn each side by two large stands of
ferns. The young couple on the
rug in front surrounded by friends
made a pleasing picture, and as
we looked upon it we thougt if the
young couple wi
turned toward
temperance we'.
A Mem
we b
week it
The Be'
Met in
sion on
Rev. E. L.
clerk; T
to the roT
e , wort
st year
eceived by bapti
)7. Total receiv
raised for Associ
$1,750. Five new
eaniaed an ri
low snip d
11 kee
1 Mx
p tneir taces
stianity and
re that for
long life ot
loving wife and daughter, loved' by
all who knew her. She had such a
sweet disposition. We all loved her,
of course, but God loved her more
She was too good to stay in this
world. She had done all the good
aimed for her to do, and. He said,
l!,eola, come up higher and rest with
me. Oh the sweet songs she sang
and the good byes she said as she
was sweeping through the pearly
gates to a better world beyond.
Weep not, dear father; mother,
brother and sister, for Leola is at
rest. She will know no more of sor
row, and, dear iriends, let us all live
like her, so that when our life work
is ended we can go out of this world
singing sweet songs as Leola did
and fear nothing. She was laid to
rest at Ebenezer the 2d of October,
1908, by the side of her little babe.
This lovely bud so young, so fair, '
Called hence by early summons
Just came to show how sweet a
flower ,
la Paradise would blWm.
Ere sin could harm or sorrow fade
Death came with friendly care,
The opening bud to Heaven convey
And bade is blossom there.
A Friend.
Skating rink open Tuesday, Fri-
day and Saturday nights, also Fri
day and Saturday afternoons. Mu
sic every night.
J. F. Fuzzeix,
Real Estate Transfers.
J. A. Maupin to L. Maupin, Nacres
In No. 10, $800. t -
O. P. Smith and wife to Sanders,
land In No. 7, 82,040. '"
James Weddlngton to L. H. Brans-
ford et al., lot in No. 13, $100. '- ,
G. H. Stiller et al. to A. B. Owen,
land In No. 3, $1,700. . '""
J. H. McCaw to R. L. Phebus, lot in
No. 4, $100.
G. T. Reeves et al. to J. F. Houser,
4 acres in No. 4, $400.
Davy Crockett et al. to S. C. Fitz
gerald, 45 acres in No. 6, $2,100.
S. S. Cashdollar to L. A. Willough-
by, lot In No. 9, $5.
J. M. Call and wife to O. J. Basliam.
lot in No. 9, $80. .
O. J, Bashaoi and wife to R. n.
Bond, lot in No. 9, $50.
J. M. Hammond to D. J. SDarkman.
711 acres in No. 3, $1,800.
V. Rouritree to J. B.Collins, lot in
No. 2, $130.
Denver. Col., Oct. 1. At the
meeting of the Executive Council
of the American Bankers' Associa
tion held here to-dav. F. O.
Watts, President of the First Na
tional Bank, of Nashville, was
unanimously elected Chairman.
.he Executive Council is the
governing body of the American
Bankers' Association, and has en
tire charge and control of its do-
ngs. It is composed of over fifty
members selected from the lead
ing DanKers in, all parts of the
United States position of
Chairman jsr Ighest honor
within its d certain pro
motion to hey of the
AssocjMi Chairman
of Jr is always
and the '
l oecome

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