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Oef Guarantee
Half Your Fuel Money Goes
You Can Save $100 t
The Next Three to
aftoOO in
A 4tEE:
hard coal put In tha
va the evening before.
Va ruarentee that tha
ve wiil hold fire with
Think -what this great savin? means.
It will furnish two or three rooms In
your house in elegant style.
It will repakit and repair your house
and barn, or build an addition to either.
It will buy the best piano made, or send
your son or daughter to college for a year.
You know the ordinary stove cannot be
made proof against air-leaks, because the
Joints are plastered with stove putty.
As soon as the putty dries up, and falls
out, the air is sucked in through the cracks
and the gases which should be burned.
and a large part of the heat escape up Twelve years' continuous experimenting
the chimney. has developed Cole's Hot Blast a stove
Foor radiating surface and leaky joints which burns any kind of fuel, and saves
1 We guarantee a savim
one-third in luel over
lower draft etove of
aame aiza wtjtfoft ccXai
or siaoa. at apeaw' vort coat tmriy-aix noura
We guarantrt W without attention.
Blait to use Ic, J We guarantee a uniform
(or heating a T"rwi heatdayandnightwithioft
than any base. burner made ooal, hard coal, or lignite,
with the aame size fire-put. 6 We guarantee ettry stove
8 We ruarantee that the to remain absolutely air
rooms can be heated from tight as long as used,
one to two hours each T Weguaranteethefecddoor
morning, with the soft ooal to be smoke and dust proof.
mean manv dol
lars' waste in high
priced coal.
Imperfect com
bustion means a
loss of the best
heating half of
soft coal, the. Gas
Half. .
Cole's Original
Hot Blast Stove
saves all wasted with other stoves. A hat
Ml of the cheapest coal, costing one cent, holds
tire over night.
We will set one up, backed by our and
the manufacturer's guarantee at prices
irom iu ana up,
Cole's Original
Hot Blast Stove
all the heat.
Avoid imitations
none of them
have the patented
Hot Blast con
struction, the pat
ented Steel Collar
Connection for
the elbow casting
to stove body.
- making an ever
lasting tight joint which cannot open by
action of the iiercest heat; the patent
ed compound hinge for ash door ; the
guaranteed smoke-proof feed door and
oilier patented features which aro essen
tial to the success of this stove.
and tell yoi
5 ijCGkie on scientific CGiubUKLiuii will solve the fuel problem fop you.
u in
yyE guaraiy (
- with!
I WE guarantee? iSi
I 7l Joe heated I two hours each mormntr with i
I . I" i the stove theV (before.
If jfa hold fire withj I 'from Saturday evening until
v attention., (
ay r.nd uight, C hard coal or lignite.
vX ,s pemain absolutely ai "ong as used.
. ... , K I . ito be smoke and dustl T?
umc jh EtuitJiitint; uiuuusliuii win uivw uie turn piuuieui jut Juu, Bfi v & i . I
ow to heat your home twice as comfortably at one-halt the present cost. Q f " I
If von want a cbo stove. Sk 11? ristoves are moving.
in i i r ' v . cy -
s"v -ot. "fl"" iC dif nin
iaiiL1 icici imiuwk vtwtPtiipmi
! -k f ' - f 'J
HABEAS CORPUS CASE. at BA - SThree- The Farmers' School. I sassafJ
. . V. f ,. I ft r V tu. tt: :.. corner oft
D18 disposal -viB i'i ic- t J Y J"vcioiLy ui xeuubssee, j,uwlPe r
pellin any itMsL feState, Fort U MondayAah Kjfifyille, offers five short winter piq'
and to aup;ress alj A VjL 6 free to all desirino; to tak'Jy
mobs and tber li V J HeJ'ST They consi8t of "Soils andf
semhlfSs. whef b"!!A fc-J 4 Iff, -Live Stoi&T
3 I aHdU v and Fruit'
Kan kin; 1
'Aoverjty lower draft stove of the same size,
heating a given space than
Judge Matthews Holds Commitment
Irregular. Case Set for Dec. 2.
In the case of the State of Ten
neseee ex rel. vs. Sam H. Bonnn,
. Sheriff 'Of Davidson County, bet
ter koown as the Keelfoot Lake
Nightrider habeas corpus case,
Judcje TboSi EMattbewe, siltino;
- in the First CircuibCourtof David
sou Count)' Tuesday mornicheld,
in sutstance, that while the arrest
ard -commitment of Tom Johnson
and the other eight alleged Might
riders vow being held in he Dav
idson County jail hytjfy and
executive authority wu$X. tular,
that further examAtiorJ the
nine iending..i ic'jes I fad-
' '.rr' at m.
l the
nii ni time
to be held iruS( Davidson I l)unty
-iail. and .lr ti DecembtV2 be
bha'U ex jaVnce con
journed untij'pCembei
nine petitionlyin the id
ableiie cMlTtMOit
his disposaV i
polling any itrvslL
and to auppress allj
mobs and ither Ur
Bern hirsts, whe
immivi that
shall be too formi
cal countv autho;
threaten, to any
the immeliat8 if Jr the
State. He is ami keep
said force, or so Vswrffu tQerf.ot ajj
he may deem necssary, in iJetjT
ploy or the btnte m long a;T
ist." ' f
Argument was comple
forenoon. Mr. Sparre
counsel for the defendant'
for his side, and Hon. L
Pierce of Union i.i, of
for petitioners,
for hisside. .1
wit hi
twise the petitioner!
1 ! I 1
jo arscuargeu. i
Ji eSfct of this opinih
are chsuter li'J. A
r. a 1
fyonstitutiooaJ an(
TJovernor io hoi
4u a
IV pnsonersrV.
jssT- - 1
yin crowr
f in the l
lion CV'

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