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Up The Chimney is Where
Half Your Fuel Money Goes
You Can Save $100 to $300 in
TheNNext Three to Five Years
1 "
I -
Think what this great savin? means.
It will furnish two or three rooms In
your house in elegant style.
It will repaint and repair your house
and barn, or build an addition to either.
It will buy the best piano made, or send
your son or daughter to college for a year.
You know the ordinary stove cannot be
made proof against air-leaks, because the
joints are plastered with stove putty.
As soon as the putty dries up, and falls
out, the air is sucked in through the cracks
and the gases which should be burned,
and a large part of the heat escape up
the chimney.
Poor radiating surface and leaky Joints
mean many dol
lars' waste in high
priced coal.
Imperfect com
bustion means a
loss of the best
heating half of
soft coal, the Gas
Cole's Original
Hot Blast Stove
saves all wasted with other stoves. A hat
full of the cheapest coal, costing one cent, holds
fire over night.
We will set one up, backed by our and
the manufacturer's guarantee at prices
from $10 and up.
Cole's Original
Hot Blast Stove
1 We guarantee a saving of or hard coal pat In the
one-third in fuel over any stove the evening before,
lower draft stove of the 4 We guarantee that the
same eize with toft coal stove will hold fire with
or slack. eoft coal thirty-six hour!
3 We guarantee Cole's Hot without attention.
Blast to use less hard coal 5 We guarantee a uniform
for heating a given space heat day and night with soft
than any base burner made coal, hard coal, or lignite,
with the same size fire-pot. A We guarantee every stove
8 We guarantee that the to remain absolutely eir
rooms can be heated from tight as long ae used,
one to two hours each T Weguaranteethefeeddoov
morning, with the soft coal to be smoke and dust proof.
Twelve years' continuous experimenting
has developed Cole's Hot Blast a stove
which burns any kind of fuel, and saves
all the beat.
Avoid imitations
none of them
have the patented
Hot Blast con
struction, the pat
ented Steel Collar
Connection for
the elbow casting
to stove body,
maklnc an ever
lasting tight Joint which cannot open by
action of the fiercest heat; the patent
ed compound hinge for ash door ; the
guaranteed smoke-proof feed door and
other patented features which are essen
tial to the success of this stove.
Our free booklet on scientific combustion will solve the fuel problem for you,
and tell you how to heat your home twice as comfortably at one-half the present cost.
yE guarantee
aV ' Mm
WE guarantee
r jrr er" a
any bai
I larantee ythl
"""" the soft pf ardJo
m I m
e-third in fuel over any lower draft stove of the same size,
or slack.
St". Blast to use less hard coal for heating a given space than
niade with same size fire pot.
rooms can be heated from one to two hours each morning with
al put in the stove the evening before.
ntee that " the stove will hold fire with soft coal from Saturday evening until
iday morning without attention.
uniform heat day and night, with soft coal, hard coal or lignite.
ry stove to remain absolutely air-tight as long as used.
feed doors to be smoke and dust proof.
j . II U f jg?
If you want a cheap stove, we) Heating stoves are moving.
t I I .
a.ru e ser naruwai ibomoan
PROTEMUS. n' hjjwa t Antioch and a faitlifuiiwrswi wwiMMMraMMMMia atwiMijr)
I rt teiroT1 1 he Ouality tl
pv 1 t' . vhc Henderson "
NIsjsP 4 VMes. na. I YV R Wo Itac Ds-nn - O WW
I i abscei bverythmg first l-Gra-
f Mr. B2& Vv hiiu rrci- 'JlOf
ton Fridal O
A Verner l
.1 JF TOViirooiHo 1
J this Uunday. 1
fST-fK jitter, Mrs. tki
bboro. Ark. J Z-
here Suncf.f
Mr. Cliff Wall is on the sick list
this week.
' Mr. Herman McDaniel was here
Wednesday on business.
Mr. Sam Grooms and family vis-'v-
ited relatives at Troy Sunday.
Miss Opal Wall was the guest of
Miss Nannie Sanders Sunday.
Mrs. Sam Shaw visited Mr. Lonzo
Garrison and family Wednesday.
Mrs. Minnie Cherry, of Route
Seven, was here' shopping Wednes
day. Mr. Dick Muse, of Mineral
Springs, transacted business here
Mrs. J. C. Sanders and daughter
were the guests ot Mrs. Sam Shaw
' . Mr. Claud Grady and niece. Miss
Ethel Lindsey, visited relatives at
x Troy Sunday.
Mr. Vernie Garrison and fr
Mr. Jefferson Morris,
Mr. Joe Lee, of Horn!
through here Wednesda
to Uuion-City.
Miss Lillian Shaw, ot C
ited her father and fami
days this week
Miss Jennie Lee Cleak ai
Miss Annie, of
Monday shoppin
Miss Artie
. Miss Jo
friends h
Aunt CwjfNU
City Mojf
l S1L
1 i,yi
i 1
tk ps, V1S-
V ew
were 1
Mr. a
ted Mr
Mr. a
week to v
Bob Darnell, ot Jone
The League Sunday night was
one of the most enjoyable we have
ever had and one of the largest
Mr. Murphy Bondurant, Misses
Jane McConnell and Nannie Mc
Murry visited friends near Fulton
from Friday till Sunday.
s Nannie McMurry will enter-
,the Senior League next Fri-
vening. There will be a short
rogratn on Thanksgiving, which
ill be conducted by the pastor,
... . . . m. rr r
lev. C V. JNewDiu. i neomcers 01
e Senior League of Union City
Jte been invited and will be asked
Mrs. Ma1
is here-in
Dick BumpS
'join in the discussion of -the best
methods oC?nproving the different
departments of the League.
Restored By Vinol.
'"tfSof Lewistown,
r , .T?,
e, says: "jcor
io feeble thn
:led arc.
f-lpd Rror
6y setti
the 'jT
I "ef
the h
ited N

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