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E. P. ' G
f i 1
Has the exclusive se in Union
City of the
1' Golden Gate Cofife
: :
t .
. ."-....;.''" 1 . '" i- - - v ..-- - t : .. ,
They are guaranteed to be the best ever " offered
for sale to the people of this county."
You will find our store headquarters for all
, the good things to
Two Phones204 and 230, '
1L. P. Grissom
Three Delivery Wagons
on long 'time; Low
rates. See or write ;
Union City, Tenn.
A Delightful Entertainment.
Miss Mary Jane Andrews most charm
ingly entertained a crowd of young peo
ple to a masquerade' party at her, .home
on Fry street Saturday 'flight. ; '
Tlie young people began coming at
8 o'clock- and were met at tlie door by
Mrs. Gill Bruton; All were dressed to
represent something, a fev of which
were: Misses Kubv Littleton, as the
Kummfr girl; Kuth .Isaacs, as Eed Cross
trained nurse;; Blanche -Roberts, Arrah
AVanna;Lu ciluPosey college girl; Gm
.. vieveNailling, Bunhea'm; Mary Andrews,
' moon goddess; E nth McComiell, West-
cm girl ; Leila Eceves, nun. Tlie young
men were Messrs! Herman Briggs as
Doctor' Lasses - i bharlie Scott, soldier
A boy; Will Morris Hardy, cowboy; Er-
jiest Johnson, iest; Bob Marshall, the
hfcly; Earl Bariioy, Sliakespeare; Will
-j Andrews," soljjier boy; Glen Davis llar
: -per, George Iosey.
Jl The prints for the best masked were
given to Vliss Leila Reeves, a Persian
veil pinnd to Mr. Ernest Johnson, a
prettyie! .Many games Were played.
Tk' f;(hnients were served at a late hour
?.Misses Jeanie Garth and Agnes An
w Jiews. All left voting Miss Mary a very
jf charming hostess. A Guest.
Telephone 150 when
hurry for coal.
you are in a
Lyman Twins.
, The Lyman Twins returned to Union
City on their third annual visit la.
Monday night, and a large audience
greeted them at Reynolds Opera House,
The company is about the same, so far
as the principals are concerned, with
the exception of Miss Ethel Vanbrook
tlyn as Blossom. Tlie chorus is mud
larger, a little more tuneful, lithesome
and graceful.
I Whether due to the presence of Intel
limit ; and responsive auditors, there
s considerably more of chic and spirit
iseJ and a epontaniety of good hu-
r. -
i There was quite a diet of entertain
Jneiit, dashing and scintillating over the
,4ootl'ghts, sugar-coated' with a measure
I of sparkling melody and comely scenes,
The Twins, Mr. Sterling, Miss Rosa
and the entire company have a very
warm spot in the estimation of the
Union City theater public, and a return
welcome is always in waiting. " " . '
Marriage Licenses. -
H. C. Neal and N. E. Cathey.
Jas. Copeland and Pearl Payne.
Andie Jackson and Lottie Oaks,
G. C. Clark and Bessie MeCIure.
' A. Jordan and Claylic McMillon,
G. W. Oldham and Peggie Jones.
Mitchell Brewer and Irene Walker.
. Fernando Fuzzell and Lena Hogan.
Rupert Wiikerson md Beulah Tryor.
" J. E. Wood and Hannah Cummings.
W. G. Harris and Lillian M, Blanton.
J. W. Williams and Miss A. M. Smith.
T. 1). MeWhirter and Rebecca Taylor.
Uni. n City Ice A Coal ,Co. Pell all
kinds- of fuel.
Spices and
be had in any market
Wayne Musical Comedy,
It takes a Word like snap", to aptly
describe the Wayne Musical Company
which will be seen in high-class musi
cal comedy at the Reynolds ora
House Saturday matinee and night,
Jan. 23. The opening bill for this en
gagenmnt willte "The White Hat.'
This cleverest musical comedy is the
work of Mr. Fred Wayne. In so far as
its conspicuous service to the public is
concerned has been placed in the same
class with1 The Social Whirl" and oth
er jBUitnar attractions. i"rom tlie mo
ment the curtain rises on the first act
to the end of the play there is not a
dull moment. The play is full of gin
ger, spirit, speea auu me. it is one
panoramic view of hilarious fun, a con
tinuous routine in uncontrollable mer
Dainty girls in pleasing dances
flit before the eye, witty comedians with
droll sayings keep the soul joyful, while
1 i . , t
ue ueauunu aim costiy scenery iorms
a picturesque background of marvelous
Deauty mat noius tlie spectator spell
bound with amazement. This is the
secret of the unprecedented success of
"The White Hat." Reynolds Opera
House Saturday matinee and night,
Jan, 23, Prices matinee,
cents; night, 25 to 75 cents.
25 to 50
Big Muddy Washed Nut Coal is best
for cooking. At Union City Ice & Coal
Jo. .
The Columbus, Miss., Wedding.
1 n a special from Columbus, Miss
it is learned that the marriage of Mr,
Vivian Murphy and Miss Lillian Shults
took place at the home of the brid
one of the best in the city, in a parlor
lavishly decorated with ferns and flow
ers ana among tlie company of special
guests. The wedding was on Sunday
the 10th inst., ceremony by the Rev,
Lewis, of the First M. E. Church. The
bride is a young woman popular in Co
lumbus for her social accomplishments
and personal graces. Mr. Murphy js-
wen Known nere ami there are numbers
who extend congratulations.
Their home will be in Columbus,
Use Dahnke-Walker Milling Co. Jer
sey (. ream .Hour, a home product, and
Goes to Mobile.
Trice Bradshaw, who has been for
some years chief yard clerk for the M.
& O. R. R. Co.. this city, has gone to
Mobile, having been transferred to that
place, and there are many warm friend
of the young man here who wish him
the best of success. Wesley Bransford
is promoted to fill the vacancy.
A Silver Cup. :
The handsome medal offered by the
Obion County Poultry and Pet Stock
Association was awarded to L. F. Alex
ander at the show here last week. Mr.
Alexander had the finest cockerel inthe
exhibit, the grade being about 95 out
of a possible 100.
J. R. Wilson and Miss Mattie Belch
er, of the Tenth District, were married
on the mtli inst. I he young people
are well known and highly esteemed. ,
Mules and Horses for Sale.
Sixty head of five-year-old medium-
ize mules, also ten young work horses.
Will sell for cash or on good note pay
able Dec. 15, 1W9. Further particu
lars address J. F. & S. L. Dodds Co. or
E. Dunnell, Hickman, Ky. 43-4
The Wayne Opera Co.
Whitesell Harpole was in Evahsville
last week. ;
Jerry Malone was in New Orleans
last week.
Editor J. M. Brice, of Troy, was here
Monday. .
Fresh oysters at Dahnke'e.
Mrs. Ira Shelton has been sick with
Editor Johnson, of Obion, was in the
city Saturday.
Dr. J. J. Wells, of Glass, was a Mon
day visitor in town.
Bon Air Coal is best. Telephone 150.
Mayor Hugh Barr, of Dresden, was
in the city Saturday.
Mr. H. T. Haynes returned from
Murfreesboro this week. -
J. w. Kamsey, ot irenton, was a
visitor in the city Monday.
J. N. Bradshaw, of Hickman,
visitor in the city, last week
S. R. Bratton has returned
mle-buying trip to Missouri.
Miss Mary Swiggart was
. i
Rock last week visiting relatives.
'Call 150 wluai you want Coal
of any
supt. Kj. i,. jxiuings was m iNasiivnie
last week attending the Teachers Asso
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Wheeler and
family go to Florida to spend the re
mainder of the winter.
New Michigan Celery arriving week
ly at Dahnke s. .
Supt. A. C. Nute and a number of
county teachers attended the Teachers'
meeting at Nashville last week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Semones left last
week for Pomona, Cal. , to enjoy a win
ter's stay on the great Western slope.
You've tried the rest, now try the
best Jersey Cream Flour.
J. B. Lane, Esq., of Kenton, is here
at the home of Mrs. Ira Shelton, very
much enfeebled from a decline in
health. .
Mr. Gil Bruton, of Ripley, was in the
city last Sunday to visit Mrs. . Bruton
and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. R.
Andrews. - " -
See "Happy Hearts" at Bransford &
Andrews. ' ;
Wallace Moore, the jeweler, has an
nounced his intention of moving to
Jackson and opening an electric-fixtures
supply house similar to the Harrison
Electrical Co. business.
Mr. Murphy, editor of the Spring
field Herald, was in the city ths week
as a guest of Rev. and Mrs. , Castleber- j
ry. Mr. Murpny assisteu tne pastor in
his Sunday services, taking part with
the choir in the singing. - :
Bon Air Coal, best and cheapest, Un
ion City lee & Coal Co. v -
L. H. Lockhart returned this week
to his territory as traveling salesman
for the house in Cincinnati with whom
he was recently engaged. Mr. Lock
hart is a good man and a good sales
man and we trust that business will
come to him in hunches.
Every Mother-' .
is or should be worried when the little
ones 'have a cough or cold. It may
lead to croup or pleurisy or pneun ";
then tosomething more serious ' 1
lard's Horehound Syrup will cure tun
trouble at once and prevent any compil
' Hi
in "The White Hat" at Reynolds Opera House, Matinee and Night, Saturday 7
-Matinee, 25 and 50 &nts; Night, lower floor, 50 and 75, cents; balcony, 25 and 35 cents.'
William II. Taft in an address to ne
groes at the colored Y. M. C. A. at Au
gusta, la. , said that the race question
was one for the negroes themselves to
solve and that they could do it by be
coming industrious citizens and making
themselves indispensable in the com
munities in which they live.
Should Senator Foraker receive from
the Secretary of the Treasury the re
quested information as to how the
emergency fund of 1899, amounting to
$3,000,000, was expended, he is expect'
ed to make another speech that may re
introduce the Brownsville affair. ;
The recommendation of the Rivers
and Harbors Congress that the Govern
ment issue $500,000,000 in bonds for
improvement of inland waterways has
met with public acclamation according
to a . prominent member of the Con
gress. ' ' ' ,. - '
a Siv coniniittees of both branches of
Congress are busy with the work that
has fallen to them as a result of the
clashes between the President and the
national legislative body. ' ";.
Miss Violet Cliarlesworth, whose dis
appearance aroused England, has been
located in Scotland. Her family had
given out that she was killed in an au
tomobile accident.
Fire destroyed six garages and be
tween three hundred and-four hundred
automobiles at Boston. No lives were
lost. The damage is estimated at $800,-
000.'. - ..v :',,, v: . ' , '.; .
A convention of Bible students, for
the purpose of pushing the adult Bible
class movement in Kentucky, will be
held in Louisville February 11 and 12.
The schooner Swallow, of St. Johns,
N. F. , was wrecked off Blue Point, L.
and it is believed her entire crew of
twelve men perished.
No Cure, No Pay, is a Most Generous
,. - Offer. -' , .
To get an antiseptic strong enough to
kill catarrh germs and not destroy the
tissues of the membrane at the same
time, has. been a problem which was
never solved until the discovery of Hyo
mei (pronounced High-o-me).
Hyomei is prepared from eucalyptus,
the most powerful yet healing antisep
tic known. -Breathe it through the in
haler over the inflamed and germ-ridden
membrane four or five times a day, and
in a few days the germs will disappear.
The inflamed condition will go, too,
and the snuffling, hawking and offen
sive breath, and the discharge of mu
cous and crusts in the nose will cease.
Then why should any catarrh suffer
er hesitate, when the Eed Cross Drug
Store has such faith in Hyomei that it
offers to return" your money if after a
fair trial Hyomei does not cure catarrh,
j A complete Hyomei outfit, including
the inhaler, costs $1.00, and extra bot
tles, if afterwards needed, cost but 50
cents. Hyomei also . cures asthma,
croup, Sore throat, coughs, colds or
Cures Dyspepsia.
Your money back J !t don't Gives im
raediate relief from heartburn, sour rtom
tch, ttomach distress and sick headache.
5 G cents a large box at
Red Cross Drug Store.
.v J
. New
Wash '
In Plain and
with , or without borders.
New Cambric and Percales
with plain and fancy. Borders.
All New White Goods
swing into line, at low prices.
New Fancy Embroideries -
. ' for shirt: waist fronts, in blue,
'pink and V white.-'
We will continue to sell all
winter stock at reduced prices.
AH our .Millinery Stock
at less than half prices.-
Remnants and Odd Lots
you will find on our counters
. at bargain prices.
Few Tailored Suits
former prices, $12.50 to $15.00at $7.50
u Q
American and Foreign Marble and Granite Lfon?
Get our prices'on all kinds
Building Stone, &c. All work finished ir ?rst-class sty j
West of Semones & Sons1 Foundry. - v
an.' 23.
With Linen Knees, Heels
and Toes, Nothing Better.
Fancy - Ginghams,
of "Cemetery Goods, CurbiD
ation. Sold bv hauling Drus Co. )

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