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. i.i CiLs Llui7i.iL ;
Our stock of fine silver-,
plated ware is at, its best. , -
We have a broad assortment
of the latest and most attract
ive pittiijuauf lea-sets,baking
dishes, bread trays, etc., that
the leading makers have pro
duced. It is fine heavy quacU
ruple plate of ..the makes that
have a wide reputation for
quality and wear.
: Our always good assort
ment of Meware, spoons,
knives, for V and serving
piecesrhas rt ?ntly been re
inforced; staV lard, popular
patterns have been replen
ished and new es added
So if you tot h anywhere
along the silverwv e line your
needs as well ai your ideas
as to pricewill be pretty
certain to be met
The Jewelers.
L 8. Barrett fi Co.
Sewing Machines
and Supplies.
We have a large lot and vari
ous kinds of machines.
Domestic, Household, Wheeler &
Wilson Nos. y and -8. Crown Ma
chine," Improved White, Old Style
White, St.. John Diamond, Hart
ford, Improved New Home, Sinper
Dressmaking1 Machine, Singer Vibrating-,
New Royal. Davis, Singer
in. t), ot. John, JNew Monitor.
We rebuild all kinds of machines
No better work done in the State
than we do.- Our umbrella depart
ment is a complete success. We
make all kinds of new ones and re
pair fine umbrellas. Key fitting"
and gun work done.
. New Cobb Building
Phone 431.
L. S. Barrett & Co,
nn-"- -ir ffhr-1 tti n wifc-ffitiilm Jj1rn ijfWiiii i mi J
A I k "4 Ml At J.
TIjb Perfect and larmier Beautifier
Never failsi. to remove the worst
cases of Brown, Liver Snots, Freckles,
Pimples, Blackheads, Wrinkles and
Disfiguring Eruptions. Price 50 cts.
Sold by Watsor. &T K-'uizey.- and all
. druggists and by mail.
Dept. C bt. Louis.
J. C. Reynolds,' Mr. .
Une iNignt uniy .
CM, f:0VE!.:ZER ft
K i tht . Sheri H an 's O reat Coi n edy-drama
,Sg to
- .- Mv
: . -'A
(one to Jackson.
J. R. Thompson, formerly pro
prietor of the park drug store in
this city, who sold some time since,
went to Jackson this week to fill
the position of prescriptionist and
salesman (or the Jackson Drug
Company, one of the leading drug
houses at Jackson. ; Mrs. Thomp
son" and little son are at present
located in - Metropolis, 111, 7. Mr.
Thompson was one of our best
druggists and citizens and we trust
he may find the change both pleas
ant and profitable.
All jockeys bae special days for
trading, viz: First Mondays, etc.,
but Robinson, Branstord & Co, are
one price and give bargains every
day; theretore they have no special
days. " .
Will Attend Father's Funeral.
C. F Dahnke received a telegram
this morning from Nashville, 111.,
to the effect that his stepfather,
Mr. William Kaufman, died at that
place to-day and would be buried
to-morrow. Mr. Kaufman, who
was about 78 years of age, had
been ill for long time and his
death bad been expected for some
time. He had been a citizen of
Nashville for many ' years and is
survived by a wife and several
several grown children besides his
step sons.
Mr, Dahnke will leave to-day to
attend the tuneral and will be join
ed near Cairo, by his brother, Geo.
Dahnke, of Union City, ; who will
accompany hini to Nashville. Ful
ton Leader, Nov. 13. . v .
Remember Wallace has moved
west side First street, second door
south First National Bank., 44tf ,
Death of Mrs. Carr.
Cahsta Duvila Carr was born
June 2, 1833, died November 12, 1905,
age 72 years 4 months and 23- days.
She was married to J. D. Kerley in
August, 1858. They were blessed
with six children, three boys and
three girls and only one boy and
two girls-survive the father and
mother. Two years ago the father
was laid to rest and on his death
bad said, 'Diss, I am going to rest;
Heaven is my home and it won't be
long until you will follow me."
She professed religion at an
early date and united with the
Methodist Church, being a member
until death. The deceased had
been a sufferer for more than two
years with heart trouble and drop
sy and prayed for the hour to come
to release her from pain. She said.
"Grieve not, my dear children; I
m going to rest; meet in .the
sweet bye and bye."
The funeral took place Monday,
services Deing conducted . ry the
Rev. Sam Wynn.
, Return to Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Spradlin leave
this week for Del Rio, Tex., to
spendthe winter. They were in
Texa9 last year and ; so much
pleased with the climate and coun
try that they were induced to return.
Next spring they will be back to
Union City again. "'"' J '',
You'll' be happy when you breaR
n our double soled leather, lined
shoes. You needn't break 'era in
though for they fit right away and
are a dressy walking shoe. Robin
son, Bransford & Co. One Price-
Second Crop of Apples. '
Judge Morris left us a couple of
second-crop June apples last week,
which were raised on his farm near
Hickman. The apples were about
as large as a who plum, smootn
and very well matured. They are
the second growth this year.
A Small Fire.
One of Mr. C. E. Cobb's houses
near Scates' grocery store caught
fire last Saturday, originating from
the burning out of the flue. ' Very
little damage was done. The flame
was soon, extinguished.
The Frosty Mit was never a knit
proposition. Knit gloves go with
the Glad Hand in frosty weather.
Knit gloves, 25c to $1, at the One
Price store.
The Survivor of the Fittest. .
My Friend from Arkansas, which
will be seen at the Reynolds Opera
House Monday night, November 20,
k is ine nnai survivor or more man
twenty of the so-called rural plays
tffered the public during the last
feix years. It is natural to presume
that this is because the great pub
r, the final arbitratorsof all things
this country, have given My
' ?nd from Arkansaw a higher
:e in tueir estimation tnan an
ra combined and paid more
a million dollars to prove" their
lation of its merits.
your luccb at Dahnke's.
Miss Armstrong, of v. . s:
terect the Union City Bus.
lege Monday.
Mrs. R. A. Napier, of Protein,
was in the city this week visitin
homefolks and friends.
Anns !!ie Mnrreii, oi ilickiuau
was in the city last week as a guest
of her friend, Miss Lncile Morris
Mrs. Jas. Carson, of Jackson, was
in tltity the first of the week, the
guest of Mrs. T. F. Stubbs on Di
vision street.
Mr. Darnell, of Obion, and her
sister, Misa Mary Cunningham, of
Glass, were Mrs. J. L Chiles' visit
ors last Monday.
Mr. Ed Inman, of Jackson, spent
a few days in the city last week vis
iting his sister, Mrs. J. C. Rey
nolds, at the Palace Hotel.
; Principal Johnson, of Bethel Col
lege, McKenzie, and a body of stu
dents visited Principal Austin, of
Union City Business College, Fri
day. ''' vV' ' , '
Mr. Herschel Brown and Miss
Alma Haydon, representing the
local Christian Endeavor, attended
the convention at Dyersburg last
week. .' -Mr.
Fred Smith, of Number Sev
en, is now employed as salesman
in the clothing department of the
Hardy Bros.' & Sherrill stores in
this city. '
, Mr. and Mrs. Miller Waddell, of
Memphis, were in the city this week
as the guests of Mrs. A ..P. Wad
dell, Mrs. Seid Waddell and Mrs.
Mrs. M. B.' Carson and grand
daughter, Miss Belle Barclay, of
Mississippi, are in the city as the
guests of Mrs. J. C. Reynolds at
the Palace Hotel.
Attorney F. W. Moore was last
week retained as local attorney of
the M. & O. R. R. Co. Mr. , Moore
held this position before his recent
retirement from law practice.
James Russell, son of Mr,' J. H.
Russell, of the country near Gibbs,
who has been ver-y sick of typhoid
fever for three or four weeks, is re
covering, so his father informs us.
Andy Totten, colored, was badly
crippled at the Hardy Grain Com
pany's mill last week. The palm of
his left hand was lacerated in a very
serious way wbile operating the
machinery. "
Mr. W. A. Taylor, of Kenton, is
the 'latest recruit to Coble & Clagett
Company's sales force. Mr. Tay
lor is employed in the dry goods
department. He is a good man
and the company's interest will be
much advanced by his work.
The Presiding Elder, Rev. Bas
keryille, Rev. Mecoy, Rev. Wynn
and Mr. Fry went to Mayfielct this
week to be present during the meet
ing ot Annual Confeience., As
soon as the list ot appointments
are announced they will be pub
lished in this paper.
Arthur Norton and family, who
have been located at Moorehouse,
Mo., for some time, have moved
back to the country near Spout
Spring on Reelfoot Lake. Obion
and the prospects of this country
look better to Mr. Norton than
those of Missouri. He will prob
ably buy a farm and settle here
Mr. M. N. Walker, train dispatch
er for the Cotton Belt road at Mt.
Fleasant, Xexas, was in the city
the first of the week visiting his
uncle, T. F. Stubbs, The Com
mercial regrets to learn that Mr
Walkers wife died a few weeks
ago of consumption. She had vis
ited in Union City and was known
and loved by quite a number of
friends. ' .
Esq. T. J. Ogilvie, of Obion, was
in the city Monday returning from
a visit to his son at Brownsville.
This gentleman, who is one of the
of the stanchest and most reliable
Democrats in the county, has been
mentioned as a probable candidate
for the State Senate to represent
this group of counties in the Gener
al Assembly. Mr. Ogilvie informs
us, however, that he has no inten
tion ot entering a contest for the
honor. He would relish the privi
lege ot representing Obion County
in the Senate for the reason that
he thinks it the best county in the
State and believes he has some
ideas if molded into laws would be
of great advantge to the county,
but does not cais to make an air
gressive canvass.
' :.h the Label. .
e h subscriber to The Com
ur name is printed on a lit
LUI. On this label is
. io which your sub-
- IH! !. !,nok it up and if
" f ...yt! u we want
noui.' may l small, but
nlr iiiali a whs mean
I ' .is. Tin ('oiutnercial
, .., izzz, tut J. m
a;,,..--... -;
will attend u this n
fayor will be doubly
ittiT to-day the
Dangerous Accident.
Little Helen, baby daughter of
Mrs. Cordie Garth, hal her right
hand and face accidentally burned
last week. She threw some paper
into the grate and pieces dropping
on the hearth set fire to her skirt.
The top skirt was thin and burned
all the way up to her chin, which
was badly blistered. Her hand
was badly burned,. The accident
might have been fatal but for the
help of her older sister, Jeanie, who
made quick work of smothering
the flames. The underskirt was of
wool and that was scorched all
over the front. A fender was in
use, but this was moved by the lit
tie girl.
the way is hewn for the most
careful buyer. 'Tis mid-fall and
the best things have provpn their
value. Still a good lot here to se
lect irom. Don't wait too long,
however. Robinson, Bransford &
Co. One Price.
Bucket Shop Man Arrested.
Monday morning Sheriff J. T.
Chiles arrested T. W. Palmer,
charged with operating a bucket
shop in Union City without license
He waived examination and Squire
H. S. Sacra bound him over to the
circuit court in the sum of $500,
which was readily given.
Many children inherit constitutions
weak and feeble, others due to child
hood troubles. Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea will positively cure
children and make them strong. ' 35
cents, Tea or Tablets. Martin-Allen
Drug Co. , '
Thankugiving Service.
Thanksgivlwr &ervice will be held
at the Methodist Church this year.
The sermon will be preached by
Rev. Castleberry. Service opens at
10.30 a. m.
Energy all gone? Headache? Stom
ach out f order? Simply, a case of
torpid liver. Burdock Blood Bitters
will make a new man or woman of you.
Moss i'uarmacy.
0. P. Church Notes.
Large audiences were- present at
both preaching hours last Sunday.
The reorganized Y. P. S.C.E. has.
tarted off well and all the young
people of the church should fall in
line at once. The services are held
at 6 p. m. eveiry Sunday.
The Junior Society, under the
management of Misses Ola Allen
and Katie Flack,is doing fine work.
It meets at 2 30, Sunday afternoon
and should be attended by all jun
iors and many parents.
The special Bible class at 3.30 on
Sunday afternoon has proven itself
interesting and helpful. All Sun
day School teachers and officers
and any others who care to do so
are urged to attend.
Regular services next Sunday.
The'morning sermon, will be from
Golden Text of the Sunday School
lesson. An opportunity will be
given to any who may wish to join
the church.
J. L. Hud&ins, Pastor.
Bed Cross Pharmacy's Emancipation
Act that Will Free Thousands.
Red Cross Pharmacy, Union City's
leading druggists, are ready to restore
freedom to many who have been in
absolute slavery.
No one appreciates better than the
victim of indigestion that he is an ab
ject slave to his stomach, and the Red
Cross Pharmacy, in guaranteeing that
Ml-o-nawill strengthen the stomach
so that you can eat wnat you waDt
and when you want it, removes all
fear of further bondage.
The storflach is to the body what
the foundation is to the,house, and
when it is weakened or diseased, one
organ after another Is affected until
the heart, lungs, kidniys and liver
will all be Involved. Indigestion
causes nervousness, sleeplessness.
headaches, backaches, distress after
eating, furred tongue, and general
weakness and debility. -
Mi-o-na is not a mere temporary re
lief for indigestion, but a positive
remedy for all stomach troubles, pro
moting good digestion, stimulating
the secretions, and restoring health.
Ask the Red Cross Fnarmacy to
show you the guarantee under which
it sells Mi-o-na. A large box of the
tablets sells for 50 cents, but custs
nothing unless it cures
or Actual Wholesale Price.
Every barrel guaranteed to
give perfect satisfaction, or
money refunded. Now is
the time to lay in your flour.
Leave order at Dahnke's
Cafe or 'phone No. 31, and
we will deliver to any part
of the city.
A. H. Briggs has the shelves of the North First Street Gro
cery well filled with all kinds of Fresh Groceries that will suit
the taste ot the robust and the delicate, and for every dollar's
worth you buy from that store from now until December 1 you )
will receive a ticket which will entitle you to a chance at this
dinner set. Groceries delivered to any part of the city.
First Street.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office Nailling's Corner, near Postoffice.
.HouBsrr"4-.-: (3)
9 to 10 a. m.
2 to 3 p. m.
American Beauty Corsets
proportions that an AMERICAN BEAUTY
CORSET gives its wearer cannot be'produced
by any other make of corset.
preme com
You Are in Union City
The nextin MEMPHIS. NASHVILLE or NEW OTlI. ' ,
as the case may be, where you talk with a correspondent for
. some minutes, and a second later you are back in your own
office, which, in fact, you have never left. When you can do
this by TELEPHONE, why travel or telegraph, or write?
Cumberland Telephone & Telegraph Company.
.-, v. -: .4
Telephone 275-2.
' ' ' A
KhOHf 4
graceful contour and perfect
comes wi
tK tK.
etr use.
.filling Co.
Kalamazoo, Michigan.
- ,a
--" I.
' re
, ig'
. tstena
s v
' IB'
rt '
4ved to
' 1
m. '
All I J
, '. r
; . .

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